In Promo by Tag

“Every bimbo started out as someone lookin’ to give themselves an upgrade.”

“You know the type, right?”

“Scrawny, nerdy, and pitiful as hell. Can’t get a date and blame it all on a flat ass and a-cup breasts.”

“So what do they do?”

“They turn to the wonderful world of technology to give themselves that sweet boost in physical ability.”

“They go full bimbo.”

“Tired of your little tits not getting looks from guys? Bolt on some big huge unnaturals and watch as you go from zero to their dummy thicc hero.”

“Plump up those lips, raise up that ass, and show off that technologically enhanced body for all to see.”

“Those guys who wouldn’t look at you twice start getting real close real fast. They’ll grope, flirt, and play with you until they cream in their pants.”

“But after they’re done using your body to get their rocks off, what happens?”

“They leave you.”

“Because no matter how hot you may be, you’ll always be just a toy for horny groups of guys to use for their pleasure.”

“You got dick sucking lips, so suck.”

“You got a big ass, so shake it.”

“Anything to keep all eyes on you, right?”

“Growing up you were always the nerdy little guy, right? The kinda kid who could play DOOM in class but couldn’t get a date?”

“You didn’t have friends, and you wanted to change that, right?”

“So you got all dolled up in the sweetest electronics you could get your hands on.”

“Goodbye to those weak little noodle arms once you got a shiny purple piece of cyberware on your frame.”

“Eyes can’t see without glasses? Time to place some glass on your dome and show it off to anyone who will look at you.”

“You became the very thing that people wanted in their groups. You became the cybered up, upgraded bimbo of any man’s dreams.”

“BEG had you working his big, long USB stick as you took him in your rear slot.”

“BMF was in need of a big tittied- I mean robotic toy to knock down doors and hack into mainframes, so you polished up them glasses and let them get handsy with your data.”

“Even Sigil got you twerking that electronic ass for his amusement, saving him from Corvus with that dummy thicc clap.”

“But once BEG and Sigil were done with you, they dropped you like the toy you are, didn’t they?”

“And how long before BMF does the exact same thing with their washed up, cum covered bimbot?”

“That’s not something I’ve ever needed to ask myself.”

“My crew, my friends, will never kick me to the curb like the rest of yours have.”

“So upgrade yourself with bigger tits or a shinier arm, show off what that SD slot of yours can do.”

“In the end, you’re just a toy, and like all toys, you’re gonna end up used up and useless.”

“It’s over, Zero.”

“Now put your head between my legs and kiss your win goodbye.”