Lucky Break

The following interview has been transcribed by the weareosw.com team.

LUCKY CASSIDY: Welcome to Lucky Break. Joining me today in our inaugural edition of Lucky Break is our fearless leader, Zeus. Zeus, you’ve not been seen in halls of Old School Wrestling for quite some time, can you tell us why?

ZEUS: Family matters. These have since been resolved.

LUCKY CASSIDY: Any word on the war with the Uprising and what comes next?

ZEUS: I’m delighted to announce that the Uprising is no more, Luck.

LUCKY CASSIDY: [Stammering] I.. It is?

ZEUS: I’ve come to a gracious and careful understanding with my ex-wife, Narcissa. We’ve decided to give our tumultuous relationship another go.

LUCKY CASSIDY: That’s utterly astonishing news, Baron.

ZEUS: Even better than that, I’d like to announce that you’ll be seeing my face around Old School Wrestling a lot more in the future. In fact, you’ll see me and my wife at Vendetta.

LUCKY CASSIDY: That’s quite an announcement. May I ask, is there a reason you two made up? From the outside looking in, it seemed a tense situation.

[There’s a brief off the record pause in the recording.]

LUCKY CASSIDY: [Gulp] Well ladies and gentlemen, if you’d like to see the Baron live on Olympus, be sure to buy a ticket or tune into Vendetta, in just under two week’s time!

Lucky Ducky

All the latest news and rumours in Old School Wrestling from our resident ear to the ground, Lucky Ducky. Take these with a pinch of bread. Quack.

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Some very nasty rumours are circulating that Blaze and Destructo Boy met their grizzly end at Ring of Dreams. Sources state that neither man has checked into the Medbay.

Felix Foley is supposedly extremely down on his luck. Even a special tea party with best friend forever Stubbins Doom failed to cure his sadness. After his beating by Tombstone, one is left to wonder if Felix Foley will ever be the same again.

People have been left wondering whether they’ve seen both Hatchet and Candy Kane before. Trust this duck when he tells you… you have not. Nope. Definitely not. Trust the duck.

Klaus Way may find himself in more trouble than he realizes if he attempts to bring the circus into Olympus. Rumour has it that measurements of the tent didn’t fare well. An application for planning permission to increase the size of the Olympus building entrance has gone down faster than a one legged man doing the hokey cokey.

Whatever happened to Tony Vincino? He apparently goes by Gino Carelli now. That’s been his name all along, alright? You saw nothing.

And last but not least, rumour has it that Aurora may have torn down her bedroom poster of Draven. It’s unlikely to be replaced by one of Malakai Midnight, but if Harold Attano and George Cade reveal they were once in Zeus’ favourite boy band, things can change.