No Room for Gravediggers

In Promo by Jay Fury

Jay Fury stands next to his 1970s Dodge Charger staring at the Deadlands. The cemetery of the wastelands where bodies are buried in hollowed-out cars and windows are tombstones.

“I’ve seen enough fire to melt steel, enough blood to paint the sand red.”

A voice screams over gunfire in Fury’s head “Why are you hurting these people?!”

“Once I believed in justice, but the wasteland has a way of twisting ideals into something… sharper.”

A woman’s voice whispers in Fury’s head “Where are you, Fury?”

Jay Fury laughs humorlessly.

 “Crazy? Maybe. But in this world, crazy keeps you alive.”

The woman’s voice grows louder in Fury’s mind “You promised to save us.”

“The past keeps trying to take the wheel and steer me into a wreck, but I ain’t letting it drive.”

Jay grits his teeth the familiar voice screaming “You let us die !”

“You play silent shepherd for souls Gravedigger while the real party’s happening topside. Everyone tears at each other for scraps. Out here, survival is the only game in town, and burying bodies ain’t exactly a winning strategy.”

A distorted scream pierces his thoughts, a haunting echo from the past.

“You haven’t seen the real underbelly of this wasteland, sunshine. Compared to the hell  I’ve crawled out of, your little graveyard looks like a Chrome Citadel.”

“Dead men can’t touch me Gravedigger. It’s the living I worry about.”

Just then, a monstrous roar shatters the silence. A colossal, six-wheeled behemoth The Jackal crests a dune behind Fury, its engine a guttural growl, its occupants a horde of bloodthirsty scavengers.

Fury quickly hops into his custom 1970s Dodge Charger slamming his foot on the gas and hitting the  nitro boost.

“You paint a grim picture, Gravedigger. Out here it is a masterpiece.” 

The scavengers and Fury race through the metallic graveyard weaving past graves and bleached trees each vehicle exchanging gunfire.

“I have seen enough Graves to last three lifetimes and I must admit you are handy with a shovel Gravedigger.”

The scavengers throw a Molotov cocktail barely missing Fury.

“Daddio never showed, and mentors were a luxury this wasteland didn’t stock so Tombstone took you in under his wing. But I learned to improvise out here. Survival 101, taught by the vultures.” 

“This world didn’t need another lost boy. So I built myself into a man, brick by broken brick.”

Fury sees a cliff coming a glint of glee in his eyes.

Grinning Fury  lets the scavengers come up on his side of the charger prey luring in a predator for a trap.

 “Burying you, Gravedigger? Boring! Besides, why waste good dirt? You’ll be fertilizer for the next batch of scavengers who get this close. You’ll be lucky to find a single minnow interested in your sorry soul after I am done with you. There won’t be enough of you left to pay the Ferryman.”

“Catch !”

Fury throws a grenade into the Jackals passenger seat. The men struggle to grab it but it’s too late. The Jackal explodes.

“Enjoy the view !!”

The Jackal a ball of fire goes off the edge of the cliff.

Scene fades out.