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Static covers the screen as a Play  symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.


Slosh. Thwap. Slosh. Thwap.

Blood spurts in every direction with every vile swing of the bat. Narcissa is covered in it – that and viscera. Brain matter. There’re clumps of it clung to her hair.

She stops swinging the bat for a moment to take a deep calculated euphoric breath.

NICK DIAMOND: I’m going to be sick… 

JOHNNY GOMEZ: That poor… what did he do to deserve that? 

The victim?

Lucky Landucci. 

Narcissa stands over the spasming body of Lucky, chuckling maniacally to herself. Has she lost it? The Uprising surround Apokalypsis, looking surprised. They didn’t know it was coming. No-one did.

“Failure is not an option,” she says, whipping her hair back behind her.


Attano stirs on the mat, trying to get to his feet as Lucky rushes over, trying to deliver one of his deadly right hands but Attano catches it, pushing Lucky backwards 


Lucky looks shocked as he quickly picks Narcissa up, trying to brush her off but she pushes him away, clearly hurting and pissed off. She orders him to leave. 

No Man’s Land.

“If I’m willing to do that to a member of the Uprising who failed me, what do you think I’ll do to you?” Narcissa swings the bat around and approaches Gemini. She puts the bloodied bat against her head and then changes her mind, walking over to Grimskull instead. “Last chance, spikey. What’s the door do?”

The Preacher, who’s arm hangs loosely and broken, defiantly shakes his head.

“Not a single soul among us will share the secrets you seek, girl. You can break us, bend us or kill us – our mission supersedes your casual desires,” he mutters angrily at her.

“Very well,” she nods.

NICK DIAMOND: Noo… please… not again… 

JOHNNY GOMEZ: This must stop!

Narcissa lifts the bat high…

STOP!” A voice booms from behind. She reluctantly turns around to see an unexpected face. A face that isn’t alone.

In fact, The Uprising are now themselves surrounded.

It’s Vision and The Third Eye. 


“Lower the weapon, or we’ll be forced to do it for you,” the leader of the Third Eye says with a snarl. Narcissa reluctantly does as she’s told.

“This isn’t your fight,” she growls back at him angrily. She isn’t a fan of being interrupted. “Turn away, blind man.”

“Even a blind man can see these people won’t tell you what you want to know and by murdering them, the answers you seek will vanish into the underworld with their souls,” he continues.

Narcissa and the Uprising step forward, standing toe to toe with The Third Eye members.

“But more importantly than that, Narcissa… and I sincerely want you to understand this, if your fight is with OSW, it is also with us.”

She smiles.

Now she understands the playing field.

“What now?” She wants to know. “A fight?”

Vision shakes his head.

“No,” he declines the offer. “Sterling has set the parameters of your demise. I won’t hasten it. Not today..”

She chuckles slightly, nodding to her crew.

“Let’s go Uprising,” she demands, walking away casually, blood dripping from the bat in her hand. “I think we know at least one member of Team OSW for Ring of Dreams.”

The Uprising carefully exit, following behind the casual Narcissa, leaving Vision to go check on Grimskull and Apokalypsis. 

JOHNNY GOMEZ: There’s so much history between these two men. A few weeks ago, Grimskull stopped Gemini from killing Vision and tonight, he stopped Narcissa from killing them.

NICK DIAMOND: Could this be a rekindling of their friendship?

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JOHNNY GOMEZ: We have here tonight a much anticipated debut Nicky as Master Ken makes his entrance into Olympus for his very first match. 

NICK DIAMOND: And it may well be his last match Johnny. Colt Ramsey has gone toe to toe with the very best, he’s a former champion and Master Ken may well find out the calibre of wrestlers here in Olympus far eclipses that of those he fought in the Olympics.

The bell rings as Colt rushes in, nearly decapitating Ken with a brutal running clothesline. Ken stumbles up into a second and then a third before he’s grabbed in a Full Nelson, Colt looking for the end early here but the Sensei manages to slip out, sweeping low with the STREET SWEEPER!

Colt staggers up to his feet, slightly limping into a flurry of hard blows from the strike master, a hard knee to the gut taking all the wind out of the former Journo before Ken backs up.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: ENTER THE DRAGON! A deadly scissors kick to the back of the head may be all she wrote there as Ken covers for the one…two…NO! Colt just gets the shoulder up 

Ken raises his arms, looking for that Crane Kick but Colt doesn’t get to his feet, instead swinging low as he pulls the Sensei throat first onto the nearby ropes. Ken staggers up as Colt grabs him in the Full Nelson once more

FIT TO PRINT! Colt nails the Full Nelson Facebuster as he quickly drops down, hooking both legs for the pinfall as Demi Sky begins to count 










JOHNNY GOMEZ: Colt using some underhanded tactics to secure the victory here tonight but loss or not, Master Ken proved he’s ready for the competition in Olympus.