Jasper Redgrave is a very peculiar artist, as he seems to paint with a different medium that most. It wasn’t until he killed his first victim that he had finally found the perfect shade of red he had always been looking for. Redgrave has become the most notorious of serial killers of this era, killing off victims and using their lifeless body parts and spilled blood to create his own masterpieces. He’s violent, sick and deranged, a man who doesn’t find the beauty of colorful art, but the beauty in death and despair.


The Artist

“With a stroke of my brush, you'll be my latest masterpiece!”

About Jasper Redgrave

"Paint it Black" Leo Moracchioli







In The Ring

"Paint it Black" Leo Moracchioli

The arena falls into darkness.

A single stage light beams down on the entrance way as it begins to fill with a thick fog. “Paint it Black” by Leo Moracchioli begins hammering the sound system and the fog slowly begins to part until the silhouette of a man stands just behind the spot light.

The silhouette takes full form as “The Artist” Jasper Redgrave steps into the light. He shoots a menacing glare to the throne area before bending at the knees suddenly and smacking the stage with his right hand.

Immediately, he bursts forward into a standing position with both arms raised in taunt before methodically making his way towards the steps that lead up to the stage..

Symphony Of Symmetry


Vanishing Point

Crucifix Powerbomb

Blood on the Canvas

Rope Hung DDT

Collage of Violence

A Superkick into the ropes, followed by a High Velocity Spinning Back Elbow.

Portrait of a Killer

Nightmare Pendulum