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Indestructible Mountain

"Draw from the wellspring of the mighty mountain"


343 lbs

Tiger's Nest Monastery, Bhutan


Spiritual Discipline: Banzan sees his fighting as an expression of his spirituality. He will fight to defend his spirituality and ideals.
Lifeforce: He is connected with the earth in the sense that his power comes from living souls. He will fight to strengthen this lifeforce.
Positive energy: Banzan sees the world around him as lacking perspective. He fights to bring a positive energy to the dark or negative energy surrounding him. This balances the lifeforce and allows him to harness it.

Martial Arts Training - He is trained in Shaolin Kung Fu, from his life as a monk. This means that he can apply a range of strikes and submissions from this discipline. He uses the opponent’s own momentum and fighting style against them as part of this, adapting his stance to contrast or compliment that of his opponent.

Ferdinand the Bull Power - He is very powerful. However, he sees this power as a disciplined weapon to be used in moderation. When necessary, for a purpose. He does not fight with a traditional ‘big man powerhouse’ style.

Discipline - He is a disciplined fighter through years of training. He has studied the art of martial combat, meditates and this discipline helps him to harness his lifeforce power. Anger and frustration would cause the lifeforce to become imbalanced. Generally, he remains disciplined and fights with an analytical style.

Power - He is not agile or flexible by a high-flier’s standard, but for a man of his stature. This comes through his vast training. Some of his kung-fu stances require a high level of agility and flexibility.

Durability of the Wellspring - The more punishment he takes, the more his lifeforce grows. He is extremely durable and this increases as he adopts his meditative ‘Mountain Stance’. As a demigod, Banzan has the power of self-healing, though this draws from his wellspring so is not an unlimited power.

Speed - Although his strikes can be fast, he himself is slow moving. He may have Kung Fu skills, but he's not Bruce Lee in style.

Grounded– He is trained in martial arts, but not used to fighting against others that have an aerial offense. He himself is a grounded fighter and will not take to the air.

Charging Time – Banzan’s power is always there, but usually dormant. He requires time to charge the spiritual energy.

Stamina– He will likely wear out as a longer match goes on. However, he can withdraw into his ‘Mountain Stance’ to recover.

Taking to the air – He fights a grounded game and will not leap off turnbuckles. Every move is calculated as part of his kung fu stances.
Cheating – Banzan would not cheat to win or do anything that he would deem as negative energy.

Special Weapon
Lifeforce Power – A spiritual energy that charges the more Banzan takes punishment. A lifeforce energy that radiates from the souls of every living being, channelled through his meditation (this also possesses the power of healing self).


Finishing Manoeuvre
MAGGA Kinshasa (Running knee strike targeted to the temple). Magga means - in order to end suffering, you must follow the enlightened path.

Special Manoeuvres
Dukkha (Suffering Exists)- Saito Suplex
Samudaya (Attachment is the cause of suffering) - Shining Triangle Submission
Tiger ClawFive Point Palm Strike
Drawing from the WellspringBanzan stops fighting back. After taking a few strikes with no effect, he sits down, cross legged. A purple haze begins to form around him, like electricity that covers his body (Mountain Pose ONLY).

KIWF Manoeuvres
Can only be executed after 'powering up' from the Wellspring. Banzan harnesses his energy to his fingertips and forms a purple 'energy ball' in his fingers. This is thrust into the opponent's chest, rendering them temporarily paralyzed.


Theme Song:
"Wolf Totem" by The HU

A low pulsing purple glow fills the Slaughterhouse, pulsing in time with the music of "Wolf Totem". Dry ice fills the entrance stage, coloured purple from the lighting. The gravelly sound of Mongolian Throat singing cuts through the atmosphere and we see the hulking frame of the Indestructible Mountain as the chanting announces his arrival.

He breathes in the incense of his lifeforce, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. When he opens them once more, his eyes are trained on the ring. Slowly, he makes his descent.

Raised by the monks in the 'Tiger's Nest' Monastery - nestled into the very mountainside of the Himalayas in Bhutan, he is known by but a single name given to him by his adopted family. HIs parents, lost to the mountain he calls home. Banzan - a Buddhist word meaning 'Indestructible Mountain', a name inspired by the Monastery itself, that took him in as a young child. But as he grew, Banzan grew to become the embodiment of the name given to him.

Even as a child, Banzan showed a keen awareness of spirituality and was a keen student of the Monastery's Buddhist teachings. From an early age, he studied to become a monk himself and developing a connection with a spiritual life-force that is said to exist between all living creatures and the earth itself. It is this life-force that guides him in his spiritual walk. A walk that has taken him around the globe to further explore and deepen his understanding of this spirituality. The more he learned, the more the life-force grew within him and the more acute his spiritual awareness became. It is a journey that has seen Banzan study under many of the worlds greatest spiritual minds. The message of each teacher has become a piece of his own spiritual jigsaw, from the teaching of compassion of the Dalhi Lama to the Spirtual awareness of the best Buddhist teachers across Asia.

Banzan's quest for spiritual enlightenment saw him study in depth with the Shaolin Monks of China. It was here that he studied many different forms and stances of Kung-Fu. This allowed his spiritual life-force to be harnessed into an otherworldly energy, akin to drawing from a wellspring. Banzan harnessed this energy into a power which he wields in his very aura.

His journey of enlightenment saw him leave the monastery in order to pave his own path. Guided by his spiritual life-force, the spiritual energy within his soul, Banzan has become somewhat of a teacher himself - his journey now set on spreading the enlightenment that he has learned. He paves his own path, speaking teachings inspired by many religions and creeds.

Revealed at Heartbreaker 2020, Banzan is a demigod - though his true intentions may not yet be known. Come, gather and listen... Draw from the wellspring of the mighty mountain. |

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