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"The God King", "Carthic Incarnum"

"For Carthus, For My People."


500 lbs



Darklord's motivations are clear. He wishes to return to his planet as soon as possible, no matter what it takes. He has no allegiances to anyone but his home planet or anyone who can aide it. He will crush anyone in his way if they dare to oppose him or his rule.

Carthian Physiology - Hailing from Carthus, the gravity on his home planet is nearly six times that of earth. And as a Carthian of peak condition, he is nearly six times stronger than almost any human. He can leap further, hit harder, and move faster than someone of his size should.

Supreme Intellect - Darklord is immensely intelligent, being able to learn English in just a few days. What's more, he is a tactical genius. Every move is planned, and nothing is done without reason. This knowledge is what lead him to lead Carthus in multiple wars.

Stone Skin - Darklord's skin is immensely thick and durable. He can take immense amounts of damage and his skin is nearly impossible to penetrate.

Earth's Gravity - Though Darklord benefits from the lower gravity, it can also be his undoing as he goes further than intended or outright misses due to overcommitting to a move or strike.

Untrusting - Darklord is untrusting of everyone on Earth. While he is willing to make deals and alliances, one would have to be masterfully diplomatic to make Darklord show even the slightest bit of trust in them.

The Atmosphere - Darklord and his people can't easily breathe oxygen due to how light it is. While he can survive in it, he requires his mask which has been modified to change Earth's Oxygen into a more breathable gas.

  • Darklord should never be referred to as a man. He is a Carthian first and foremost and refuses to be referred to in any way that compares him to an Earthling.
  • Darklord will never hurt a child. He finds the very act to be a show of cowardice, be it a human, a Carthian, or an animal.
  • Darklord cannot remove his mask, it is his breathing apparatus and taking it off would hinder him in Earth's atmosphere.
Special Weapon
  • Void Bringer: Darklord's Warhammer. Too heavy for most any human to hold and made entirely of a Carthian mineral called Tazzerite, this hammer is nigh unbreakable and has become a symbol of Darklord's authority on his planet.

Finishing Manoeuvre
Event Horizon - Darklord puts his opponent in a painful backbreaker rack before dropping them into a piledriver. A Psycho Driver.

Special Manoeuvres
Warlord's Hand - A Chokeslam
Kneel! - A Spartan Kick
Black Hole - A Spin-Out Powerbomb
King's Grasp - A Rear-Naked Choke

KIWF Manoeuvres
World Ender - Holding his opponent in a suplex position, Darklord rushes the turnbuckle and kicks off of it with all of his strength, leaping insanely high and turning in the air as he drops down with a Steiner Screwdriver.


Theme Song:
"Statue of a King" by Avatar

The lights in the Slaughterhouse dim as the opening chords of Statue of a King play over the arena. The crowd looks to the empty entrance before smoke rolls out and a platform rises from the ground revealing Darklord himself, Void Breaker in hand.

The ruler of Carthus cracks his neck and walks down to the ring, ignoring the crowd as gets to ring side before, in a show of strength, he grabs the ropes, using them to leap onto the ring apron before effortlessly stepping over the top rope.

He spins his hammer in hand before slamming it down in his corner, shaking the ring before he sits back, waiting for the match to begin.

Darklord hails from a planet in a galaxy far removed from our own called Carthus. The planet is covered in rare and strange materials, as well as a plethora of wild life. The race of people who live there, the Carthians, are technologically years ahead of most other planets in their solar system. They've created renewable energy sources, developed cures for sicknesses and diseases. It is a utopia to all who view it.

And it got that way because of the one Carthian above them who unified all of the factions of a formerly war torn planet under his rule.

This man is named Darklord, and his compassion for his planet lead to him becoming a warlord simply so that it would not tear itself apart.

Born from a long line of leaders to the Ax'Theran tribe of warriors, Darklord's ancestors all fell in battle during the time of Carthus' great split. Factions fought one another, shed blood for no reason. And Darklord, even as a young Carthian soldier, had a vision for it.

He trained day in and day out, both mentally and physically. He took over leadership from his father when he perished in combat, and with it, lead his people in a wave over the land. Nations fell to him left and right, their leaders executed, insurrectionists crushed. And at the end of it all, Darklord came out the other side with a planet unified under one man.

And as the leader of his planet, he fought tooth and nail to keep invaders away from it. Anyone without diplomatic intentions were butchered without mercy. And those who wished to manipulate him met the same fate.

Though his world is a utopia, Darklord rules it as its God King, using his authority to keep any would be rebellion in line. And, of course, despite being seen as a benevolent ruler by his people, some of these who wish to once again break Carthus down into separate nations subsist.

And on what would have been a routine diplomatic trip to a far away galaxy, a saboteur caused his ship's engines to fail, and with it, the vessel was pulled into Earth's gravity, crash landing.

Only two Carthians were still alive once the smoke cleared. Darklord... and the saboteur.

The rebel was executed with impunity, his head torn from his body and his corpse left to rot in the wreckage of his ship.

Now, with no where else to go, Darklord looks for a way back to his planet, to reclaim his throne before his planet once again tears itself apart. And in his search for a way to get there, he has come to OSW.

He will do what he must, and my the God King have mercy on all who dare try to stop him from his goal.


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