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The Crow, The Hidden Blade, Timeless, The Black Hand

"For the greater good"


182 lbs



  • To carry out the schemes of The Black Hand
Stealth - a master of going unseen and appearing seemingly out of thin air.

Speed and agility - he is quick around the ring, agile as a cat, his style a fusion of martial arts, acrobatics and aerial attacks. Strong at evasive techniques and counter striking

Adaptable / Resourceful - he is always prepared, has an escape plan, uses tricks and illusions for deception (e.g. smoke bombs to escape). Makes the most of whatever is at his disposal (people or objects).

His cover is blown - used to working under the veil of anonymity, his mission in OSW requires much greater exposure than he would like.

Slugfest - he doesn't want to get into a toe to toe brawl. An effective striker but primarily to disable or stun, rather than overpower.

  • He does not kill indiscriminately or for pleasure. He's a professional, not a lustful psychopath.
  • Doesn't perform any powerful slams or lifts.
Special Weapon
Throwing daggers (these can be coated in oils that cause different effects on victims. Can be used to disable or kill)


Finishing Manoeuvre
Garrote - Rear naked choke (submission)

The Black Hand's Blade - RKO

Special Manoeuvres
Corvus Kick - Flash Kick

Cut Throat Driver - Hurricanrana Driver

Murder of Blows - Three strike combo: throat thrust uppercut, palm strike, jumping elbow strike

KIWF Manoeuvres
Fate's Fury (Corvus unloads daggers coated in a paralysing oil into his opponent. Corvus delivers a finishing blow - usually some sort of strike to the head - to finish the opponent)


Theme Song:
"Foreboding" by Adrian Von Ziegler

"Foreboding" plays and Corvus steps out into The Slaughterhouse. He points his arms to the sky then throws down two smoke bombs. When the smoke clears Corvus has disappeared. Cut to the ring where Corvus has taken a knee on one of the top turnbuckles. Another smoke bomb clouds the vision and when it dissipates Corvus is stood centre of the ring.

Corvus is a member (possibly the leader) of an ancient secret order known as "The Black Hand". However, very little is known about the person under the black hood. His identity is a mystery, as is his age, but a prominent assassin known as "The Corvus" has existed in the history books for over 1000 years.

The reputation of "The Corvus" is of a master of stealth and assassination, a silent killer capable of merging seamlessly into an environment as striking down victims as if it were their very shadow that killed them.

OSW Lore Overview

Corvus first appeared at the end of the Season 3/Vol. 2, assassinating Tyler Brooks at Red Snow VI following the culmination of the OSW v IWF match - in which Brooks, and his tag team partner CXDY, had turned on IWF in favour of OSW. It was revealed in Season 4 that The Butcher had hired Corvus to kill Brooks because of doubts about his loyalty.

Season 4/Vol.2

Corvus' competitive debut was at Wrestle Heroes 2021. His first adversary was Two-Face, who believed The Crow was the hooded figure that set off a car bomb at Red Snow VI, disfiguring Alton Whitlock and turning him into The Split. After matches at Game Over and Fists of Rage, Corvus provided Whitlock with evidence his old adversary, Berkshire Ellison Green, was behind the life-changing explosion.

Corvus appeared in the main event for the first time at Wrestling Gold, OSW's 7th anniversary show. Along with Voynich, Corvus challenged The Sandman for the OSW World Championship. It was Voynich's night as he took home the gold, however The Hidden Blade wouldn't have to wait long for another opportunity.

After winning the 10-man Level-Up Match at +1UP, Corvus challenged Voynich at Pandemonium. Once again The Crow came up short in his pursuit of the World Title and later in the show finished 8th in his Lambs To The Slaughter debut. After his contest with Voynich, Corvus was impressed by the World Champion's "mettle" and handed over an envelope containing information that was confirmed later in the season to reveal the presence of the life crystal in the immortal Darby Sorrow.

By this time CXDY had caught up with Corvus, intent on avenging the murder of his best friend at The Crow's hands. At Dead Pixels, in an epic duel, Corvus had to call upon all his reserves to overcome a determined CXDY. Later on the show, Corvus revealed to Redwing he was a member of The Black Hand, a secret organisation that were behind several major events in OSW's history, including the murder of Bill Kirby's (Redwing's alter ego) wife and son.

On the road to Ring Of Dreams VII, Corvus tried to recruit Redwing as a weapon of The Black Hand. Their conflict eventually led to a bloody Knockout Brawl in the very alley where Kirby's family were killed by Corvus. The Crow won that particular battle but Redwing outsmarted Corvus by capturing him and having him admitted to a maximum security prison.

Season 4 ended with Corvus' fate unresolved.


Assassinated Tyler Brooks at Red Snow VI
Level-Up Match Winner (+1UP, April 2021)
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