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"Author of Death" "God of the New World"

"It may be you who's page is turned.."
"Kneel before the God of the New World."


233 lbs

Parts Unknown


To become the God of the New World.

Agility - Deathnote is swift on his feet. One moment he could be standing in front of you and the next moment he's behind you with his arms around your neck.

High Tolerance for Pain - Deathnote has an amazing pain threshold, and even when he is depleted and battered, he somehow seems to find humor and pleasure in it.

The Notebook - Having possession of the notebook means Deathnote knows how long a person has left to live and what their cause of death will be. This leads to Deathnote being able to pin point certain weaknesses in his opponents.

Obsession - Deathnote is obsessed with becoming God of the New World and the world accepting him as such. Though this sometimes allows him to plan his attack better, more often than not this obsession can be used against him as alot of times he may look to try and prove a point rather than go for the win.

Grappling/Submission Defense - Being more of a hardstyle striker, his grappling leaves a bit to be desired. Though he's not terrible, Deathnote can be overcome by pure technical skills. His submission defense is terrible, thankfully he makes up for that by having the high pain threshold.


Special Weapon
The Notebook.


Finishing Manoeuvre
Turn The Page - Sister Abigail

Special Manoeuvres
Dying Wish - Burning Hammer
Gather Thy Soul - GTS
Kiss of Death - Double Stomp from top turnbuckle with a lot of height behind it.

KIWF Manoeuvres
Stroke of the Pen - Skull-crushing punt kick with full force.


Theme Song:
"Unsainted" by Slipknot

The arena plunges into darkness, only a single strobe light remaining to light up the entrance way in between vigorous pulses. The build to "Unsainted" by Slipknot begins to play as a thick smoke crawls across the stage. As the guitars begin, Deathnote slides out from behind the curtain and stands atop the entrance ramp, with his head lowered and his hair hung over his face. The lyrics begin, as Deathnote snaps his head backwards, peering up from side to side at the crowd through the flickering light before beginning his slow descent down the ramp way. He slithers under the bottom rope and crawls across the ring mat to his corner where he pushes himself into a Raven-esque sitting position against the turnbuckle, glaring across the ring.

What is a Shinigami?

Contrary to popular belief, Shinigami's are not demons, but God's of Death. They are beings that invite humans toward death. Shinigami are not responsible for taking the life of every person, but they may end a life in order to extend their own.

It is said that Shinigami carry notebooks, referred to as The Death Note. Within the pages of this book are endless pages, one for every person, detailing their cause of death and when it will take place. However, Shinigami are able to alter the pages any way they see fit, in order to shorten a lifespan.

So, what if I told you that one of these notebooks was right here in the material world?

What if I told you there was a living embodiment of a Shinigami right here within the walls of the Slaughterhouse?

Deathnote has descended upon Old School Wrestling with notebook in hand. He is here to bring death to his enemies. He is here to transform death into salvation and stake his claim as God of the New World.

OSW Rewind Championship x1

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