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Leif Helvig
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Leif Helvig

“The Beast of Slaughter”

“Where wolf’s ears are, wolf’s teeth are near."





Special Note
Leif is not an accomplished wrestler. This is extremely important to his psychology. His Spear is violent, fast and brutal. It's like a freight-train. His Fall Away Slam is a ragdoll without care - it isn't precise and it's violent. Leif doesn't wrestle, he fights. Punches, kicks, throws, chokes, etc are all in his arsenal. He's a brawling fighter. He'll take every match to the outside and bounce his opponent off every damn thing he can find. You won't find him on the top rope or connecting fancy moves. There's no room for wrestling in his arsenal. A match with Leif Helvig is a fight for your life.

Leif is an extremely violent man. He loves making people suffer and watching them bleed. He has no scruples and is motivated by his enjoyment of watching others suffer.

Hati and Skoll - His two wolves are his biggest assets in any fight. They'll do anything he tells them to do.

The wolves will never disobey Leif. They're always nearby somewhere. No killing the wolves.

Special Weapon
Hati and Skoll.


Finishing Manoeuvre
Frigöra - High Velocity Spear

Special Manoeuvres
Gleipnir’s Bound - Leif will choke his opponent using the ropes by wrapping their head in it and squeezing.
Valkyrie Kallar -Fall Away Slam

KIWF Manoeuvres
Raseri I Slakteriet - A ground and pound set of violent right and left forearms, until the opponent is unconscious.


Theme Song:
"My Mother Told Me"

The slow hum of an instrument slowly filters into the arena as smoke begins to fill the stage.
“My mother told me
Someday I would buy
Galleys with good oars
Sails to distant shores.”

As the thumping drum of “My Mother Told Me” kicks in, Leif Helvig steps out onto the stage with a stoic expression. Slowly, Hati appears on his left and Skoll on his right. He first pats Hati and then Skoll on their heads, sending them towards the ring. They slowly approach the bottom of the ramp and take a direction each around the ring.

Leif grimaces, rolling his shoulders before making a paced walk down the ramp. He walks up the ring steps and enters the ring.

Leif Helvig is a violent, volatile and powerful man. He was born in Scandinavia, where he was kept bound in confinement. His captors believed he was the incarnation of Fenrir and that he would one day kill the returning Odin. When Leif broke his boundings and escaped, they feared the worse and to this day, hunt him. Leif will often be seen with his two wolves, Hati and Skoll, who’re rumoured to be sons, but this has never been proven. They act upon his command and in complete synchronicity with Helvig. Wherever you may find Leif Helvig, Hati and Skoll won’t be far behind.
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