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The Impaler
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The Impaler

Legion, Dread Pirate Roberts,

"I am Legion for we are many.” / "Until The Endless leaves, Legion’s playtime has arrived"


295 lbs.

Black Mist, Maine, USA



Impaler is a sadist living to toy with the people think they can stand in his way. He lives not to make the lives of others miserable but in his mind teach them a lesson and leave them the better for surviving or pruning them from his path.


Aged with Treachery - Learning from each iteration of Impaler before him, this variation to dawn the mask has learned the sublet art of manipulation.

Pulling the Wings off a Moth - While his size does impart a scary amount of strength The Impaler is actually an accomplished grappler, who enjoys using his grappling ability lock on submission holds and torture the people who step in his way.


Works Against Himself - Impaler wanting to not be seen as “just another big man with muscles”, Impaler will shy away from the one thing that can make him the most dangerous his overall power.

The Smartest Man in the Room - A fatal over confidence where he always believes he can out think anyone.


Teaetotaller/Straight Edge- Does not drink, smoke, or do drugs.

Special Weapon

One Happy Little Thing – A Ball Peen Hammer


Finishing Manoeuvre
Night City Blackout (NCB) - Running Single Shoulder Powerbomb

Special Manoeuvres
Adam Smasher - Running Lariat

Black Mist - A toxic blinding Black Mist that Impaler spew from his mouth.

Eve's Snake - Romero Special Transitioned Into Dragon Sleeper

KIWF Manoeuvres

Soulkiller- Top Rope Single Shoulder Powerbomb


Theme Song:
We Are by Hollywood Undead


As the marching drums from We Are by Hollywood Undead begins to play Impaler rises from a cloud of smoke head bowed and at the sixteen second mark into the song his head snaps up a sneer at the right corner of his lips. Impaler marches to the ring his head moving serpent like from right to left intime with his entrance music. Upon reaching the ring Impaler pulls himself up on to the apron and in a fluid motion he spins himself into ring and shedding his vest ending in a crucifix pose in the center of the ring.


The Impaler, some know him as the Dread Pirate Roberts of Pro-Wrestling. The Impaler having been around for over 60 years, his height varying from over seven feet tall to six-foot-two, the name and mask having been handed to Wrestlers deserving of the name. Whether left in secret as stipulation of will, being handed to young blue-chip prospect by a retiring veteran, or being given to next generation in a family's lineage no one really knows who has been under the mask or how many have. They just know that the name carries a legend, a legacy, and is to be revered. So, what is known about the man behind the mask leaves a lot to imagination.

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