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"The Gatekeeper of Dreams"


"Dream a little dream with me."




335 lbs.


The Dream Realm



- To ensure humanity's sleep remains peaceful and undisturbed.

- To bring the Nightmare back to the Dream Realm so nightmares no longer become reality.


Physically Strong - Mordecai is a strong man. After millenia of defending people from the creations of the dream demon, the Gatekeeper has built up quite a wall of muscle. As a result, most people can't lift him off the ground. Mordecai, meanwhile, can pick up many people and objects without much trouble

Mental Fortitude - Also due to fighting off the Nightmare's creations, Mordecai's mind is almost unbreakable. Not only would any sort of scare tactic not work against him, but he's able to see through any sort of illusion, man made or supernatural.


Large Heart - Mordecai is a very kind soul. If someone were in trouble assistance, he'll risk life and limb to save them, even if he'd be better off not doing so.

Plodding - The Gatekeeper likes to move at a slower speed than appropriate for a wrestling match. Since he's in absolutely no rush to fight anyone, it allows his opponents to recover fast and out pace him even faster.


No Shouting & No Swearing - Mordecai is not much of a yeller or a profanity user. In his experience, using language like that at such a volume creates traumatic experiences that birth harder to fight nightmares.

Special Weapon:




Hypnogogia: Back to Belly Piledriver


Neurosis: No Handed Spinning Backbreaker Rack

Reality Check: Pop Up European Uppercut (ala Cesaro's Very European Uppercut)

Myoclonic Twitch: Air Raid Crash

False Awakening: Pumphandle Sitout Powerbomb

Sweet Dreams: Swinging Cobra Clutch (ala Chris Masters)


Wish Fulfillment: Leg Hooked Back Suplex lift spun out into an over the shoulder piledriver (Omega Driver/Awful Waffle)


Theme Song:

"Tonight, Tonight" by Thought Beneath Film


"Tonight, Tonight" blares through the speakers as the arena loses any light it had. A few spotlights remain on though, dancing throughout the venue in tune with the drums.

As the drumroll plays, all of the spotlights make their way toward the center of the entrance ramp. Just as they all connect, lightning strikes exactly where they point, allowing Mordecai to appear at the spot. The lights come back on not too long after that.

Before the first verse begins, the Gatekeeper of Dreams makes a slow walk to the ring. His eyes are hard focused on the ring, never breaking contact with it for a second. As he gets close enough to the apron, he grabs the second rope and pulls himself onto the mat. He then pushes down on the top rope and steps over it.

Once inside, he makes his way towards his corner, where he awaits the bell to start the match.


Everyone remembers having dreams. What they don’t remember is Mordecai. Mordecai was the gatekeeper to ensure that people had safe and comforting dreams. When the nightmares crept in, it was Mordecai that woke you up to protect you from them. He gave you an escape from the real world.

But now the Nightmare is free and roaming the world; he's not just in your dreams, he's in your house, he's in your life; he's in places Mordecai cannot protect you from. Therefore Mordecai has found a way to escape the dream world and now looks to fight here to protect you instead.


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