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Kaine Knightlord
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Wrestler Name
Kaine Knightlord

the Dark Detective, The HellBat, Shadow Bat, Nightscream

Welcome to the Night

Carpe Noctem


247 lbs

New York City


To protect the Masquerade at all costs. He fights a Beast inside of him, the primordial thing inside every vampire that drives them to feed. Kaine will do what he can to resist, and when he does feed he’s as careful as can be.

He’s a brooding individual. A great detective, the burden of the centuries and the fight with the Beast, he’s withdrawn from people.

Vampiric strength - Above natural strength compared to a mortal human.

Resilient - Being a vampire, he has the ability to take a lot of abuse.

Knowledge - being a 300+ year old vampire, he has collected centuries of knowledge and training that he uses to both fight and investigate

Keen Detective- Centuries being a Sheriff for the Camarilla vampires has given him keen insight as a detective. Very observant to detail.


Hunger - While he tries to feed as little as possible, he is still a vampire and if he doesn't feed his strength will wane.

Silver - He's a vampire. While it won't kill him, it does hurt.

The Beast - the thing that compels a vampire. The Beast is the vampiric hunger inside that wants to let loose. Kaine will struggle to keep it satiated without losing what remains of his humanity.

Daylight: While it won’t kill him, his strength is diminished. Many Vampires of his kind created stories to help them hide better. The inability to walk by daylight was one of them. He does try to avoid being seeing by day to avoid any problems.

Special Weapon

A bat-shaped double blade knife

Finishing Manoeuvre

Night Raid - A spinning Unprettier/Killswitch

Special Manoeuvres

Blood Driver (Steen Breaker) - Steen Breaker (Pumphandle Brainbuster to the knee)

Just a Bite - Just a Bite (A bite to the forehead) A taunting move, meant to intimidate/scare his opponents

Bloody Stream - Ripcord Clothesline followed quickly by a Northern Lariat

KIWF Manoeuvres

Grisly Wing -


Theme Song:
No One Will Save You by Aviators


As the opening beats of No One Will Save You begins, a flame lights up on the stage and forms a ring. Kaine slowly rises from inside it as red lights glow across the arena. Knightlord steps through the flames and walks to the ring with an unnatural grace.

As he reaches ringside, he walks up the ring steps before facing out to the fans. He glares over them before walking the apron and entering the ring.


A Vampire from the 1700s, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at him. Always in a black and red formal suit, a cellphone in hand and a badge on his hip. Kaine uses his age to his advantage as he is a detective on permanent night shift. Very few know of his “habits”. His has various powers, the ability to Dominate his adversary to force answers he needs, unearthly persuasion that he uses to manipulate. He struggles with the Beast inside of him. He fights to keep his humanity intact, while ensuring he feeds enough to keep the Beast quiet. He is part of a Vampire society known as the Camarilla, a traditional vampire society. He is a part of a clan known as Banu Haqim, the justice, lawmen, and assassins of his vampire society.

He prefers to be alone, not caring much for others. He almost looks down on humans, or Kine as he calls them, as they’re nothing but prey for him. He has a tenuous relation with other inhuman creatures as he’s involved more in their world than that of humans.


Being a vampire for the Camarilla, they have different terms for certain things. Kindred= Vampire, Kine= Humans (used in an insulting way) for example.


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