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"The Metal Shadow", "Kodokushi"


6' 7"

250 lbs

Odawara, Japan


To serve the orders of the Odawara clan to their fullest, and to defeat those in their way.


Mechanic-Magical: Created long ago by a powerful sorceror, made of magic and metal, and then upgraded when reawoken in the 21st Century, Tenchu does not suffer from humanity's flaws. Exhaustion is not something he can go under, pain is more dull, etc. There's nothing quite terribly human about him.

Skilled Warrior: Trained, and then experienced in the arts of combat, Tenchu has skills in several different ways of martial arts, weapon combat, and use of terrain to his advantage. When he reaches under the mat, tremble for what comes.

Master of Stealth: To become an asssasian, one must not be seen. To hide in plain sight, to use light and shadow against your foe, that is the way of ninja. And Tenchu hunted Ninjas.


Out of Time: Only recently reawoken from his artifical slumber, he's not quite there yet with a lot of the more modern things.

Mission Focused: When given a task, Tenchu has full attention to completing the objective, and will ignore anything not directly endangering him or the mission.

Tenchu follows the Odawara clan and their directives, and cannot harm them.

Special Weapon
The Blade of Shadow: An ancient blade forged back from when he first roamed the world.


Finishing Manoeuvre
Odowara Sent: a spinning inverted double underhook facebuster (AKA a Spinning Kamikaze)

Special Manoeuvres
Leathal Blow]: A Death Valley Driver
The Hidden Blade: A Busaiku Knee Kick, or a high jumping knee into the opponent from the ropes.

KIWF Manoeuvres
Tenchu just straight up unsheathes his sword and kills a dude. Would be the easiest. For a move however.

Final Strike: Electric Chair Driver, at full force.


Theme Song:
"The Voyage" by TYPHON

The introduction of The Voyage by Typhon begins as a mist fills the darkened stage, lights illuminating a form standing upon it. It goes dark as the song hits a lull before the base, with a sudden bright red light piercing the darkness just as the bass kicks in. The lights flick fully on, revealing Tenchu online, active, and ready to wreak havoc.


It was 1569, and Castle Odawara was once again under siege. The second time in less than ten years, the Odawara clan gathered in a council, and began to plan. They needed an advantage, something that could get them past their enemies. History has lost the name, only that a powerful sorcerer came to them with an odd solution. If they could not find a perfect warrior to win their safety, why not make one?

And in an arcane ritual, forged with the best smiths the Odawara clan could find and imbued with life from the sorcerer, came Tenchu. With a cold malevolence, he became the clan's shadow. They would arise to him inert at dawn, and their enemies in shambles. He was a marvel, used to take care of many enemies and threats. But when peace was settled in, he was rendered inert, sealed away to be used for the family in the case of a dire emergency. And there he sat, buried in the walls as the clan was forced out nearly sixty years later towards the turn of the century. Waiting patiently.

He wouldn't however, be reawakened until 2021, in which he had been excavated by the surviving descendants of the Odawara clan. They had once again come to the top of power, and needed an advantage for their dominance. Upgraded with new tech, refined in ways unavailable over 600 years ago, and now serves the new clan without hesitation.


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