The Valley

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The Valley



I never understood why they loved him.


Everyone, dumbass.

Oh, you mean the ‘him?’

Let me tell you.

When he debuted on the silver screen, the world fell in love with him. His every flick was watched with baited breath. The people were with him for the highest of highs, and for the lowest of lows.

But when his biggest movie flopped at the box office, he fell into the deepest valley. That’s when his worst nightmare began.

Those people began to doubt him. They whispered behind his back that his star had fallen, that new attractions could take his place.

If he didn’t cut a blockbuster, he’d never escape this nightmare. Then his whole life was over.

His name was Luke Storm.

And Mordecai, that’s when you came on the scene.

Luke sought you out, offered you a supporting role in his next big movie. You hitched your cart to that horse, didn’t you? You tethered your ass all the way on his.

And it worked out marvelously.

Luke came out of the valley, and Mordecai, everyone now knew your name. You’ve had a few modest hits here and there, but your name will never get on the marquee unless you’ve got Luke Storm next to it.

It’s what you signed up for.

What you both signed up for.

But ole Luke Storm ain’t in the valley, no more. Nah, he’s gone Hollywood, shown that he is the baddest motherfucker at the box office, and he ain’t got no need for your ass anymore.

That just pisses you off, doesn’t it, Mordecai?

Trust me, Hollywood’s heard you knocking at his door. Each and every night, you stand there like a lovesick puppy begging me to take you back.

But truth is, I ain’t even there. I moved out of the slums to a big house in the nice part of town. You’re trying to get into a house that I outgrew. Into a mind that ain’t mine anymore.

When we met, Mordecai, I was in that valley. Sandman took my title, killed my brother, and stripped every shred of clout I had from me.

My allies turned on me. The people turned on me.

But you had a role for me to play. All I had to do was let you back me up. You tethered yourself to me so that you could make your dreams come true.

And you made both of us a fuckton of money.

Hollywood’s watched you run roughshod on the johnny-come-lately’s tarnishing the Slaughterhouse these days, but now you want another Blockbuster, don’t you?

Once upon a time, we needed each other. You needed me to tether yourself to, all so that you ride my ass to freedom from the doldrums of mediocre fantasies you used to rule.

But to me you were nothing but a ladder, a tool for me to stand atop as I scaled back to the mountain top.

And now I’m back where I started.

On top.

They hate me now. They’re going to hate me even more when I end your dream.

But I understand now.

They hate me, cause they ain’t me.
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