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Close your eyes…

Go to sleep.

Imagine a sprawling desert. Golden sand stretches in every direction as far as the eye can see. Close to the ground, the air appears to ripple like water in the blistering heat.

The carcasses of two travellers lie in the sand, having succumbed to their inhospitable environment.
Only the very hardiest of creatures can survive out here.

A vulture swoops down from the clear blue sky.

Happening across its next meal, the scavenger picks at the remains of the travellers—

With a squawk and a flap of its wings, however, the macabre bird retreats to the skies!

A hand emerges from the folds of one of the traveller’s robes - not dead after all…

Lifting his head, the exhausted man coughs and splutters. He’s severely dehydrated.

Mustering what little energy he has left, he begins to slowly drag himself forwards through the sand.

Before he gets very far, however, he stops. Turning around, he finds the hand of his not-so-dead companion grabbing his ankle!

The grabber lifts his head, too, and they lock eyes, exchanging a look of pure hatred.

Wrestling with his saboteur, the first traveller to have woken bends and twists his fingers in a bid to break his grip…

To his surprise, his aggressor releases him, instead staring off at the horizon with wide eyes.
Meeting his gaze, the man’s jaw goes slack.

A small body of liquid sparkles in the distance, reflected in both their eyes.


There’s only enough to quench the thirst of one of them, though…

Predictably, the men fight once more, scratching and clawing their way over one another and towards that glittering salvation.

As they draw near, the traveller in the back—it could be either of them—grabs a fistful of his cloak.
Forcing the traveller in front onto his back, he presses the folds of fabric over his airways!

Choking for dear life, whilst already so close to death, it doesn’t take long until the smothered man stops struggling.

With the road ahead clear, the choker scrambles towards the sparkling oasis…

You already know what happens next, don’t you?

This story is about you, after all.

The suffocated man enjoys a miraculous second wind.

Knowing it isn’t over yet, you’re prepared to fight to the finish for that glittering resource - yet you’ve been forgetting about someone…

Regardless of which one of you first reaches that glistening oasis, pursing your cracked lips to sip that crystal-clear elixir, the shadow of my wings will darken the skies like a thundercloud.

The vulture will descend once more, its beady eyes having scrutinised your fruitless struggle for survival from the safety of the skies.

Having already exerted yourselves, you’ll be far too weak to fend me off.

Only the very hardiest of creatures can survive this inhospitable environment, you see.

I will pick your bones clean.

I will have all that glitters to myself.

Sweet dreams, gentlemen.

One, two, Sandman’s coming for you…
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