Facials Of Reason

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Facials Of Reason



Ever had such a fuckin’ argument with your girl that you’ve wanted to strangle the bitch?

Everything is like a game of Simon fucking says to her. She tells you how high to jump and expects you to be frogger.

For some reason she thinks she’s the smartest bitch on the God damn planet; she thinks she knows everything, does everything and is everything. When she speaks, you better fuckin’ listen.

And fuck me can that cunt talk.

On and on, yabberin’ and blabberin’ – and with me? It’s always been straight in one ear, out the other.

I’ve never been one to play Simon says.

I’ve never given a single fuck what Simon has to say.

What I do when a bitch gets uppity is stand my fuckin’ ground.

You don’t like what I’ve gotta say? Fuck you.

You don’t like my attitude? Fuck you.

You think I give a fuckin’ shit what you’ve gotta say? Fuck. You.

See, unlike Alton Whitlock, I’m not runnin’ round after a bitch called Simon with my dick in my hand, listenin’ to every single fuckin’ thing she says.

I’m not at her beck and call.

I’m not beggin’ and pleading with her like she’s everythin’ in my tiny ass little world.

Fuck that.

Fact is, we both know who the power bottom is in that relationship, right? We all know which side of the coin Two-Face flips to whenever Simon demands a taste and frankly, that might be your way of doin’ things, but it sure as fuck ain’t mine.

When a bitch gets in my face and lays down the law, I tell her straight how this shit fuckin’ works and open the door for her phat ass on the way out.

That sort of tough love gets results, boys, lemme tell ya.

Cause by the end of the night, she’s on her fuckin’ knees like the whore she is, beggin’ me within all reason to finish the job.

And I do.

I finish alllll over that face of reason.

At Invasion, you two bitches stand opposite Bad Mother Fuckers, demandin’ that we listen to every God damn thing you’ve gotta say.

Simon says give you our titles.

Simon says bend over and take it like a couple of sluts.

Simon ain’t sayin’ shit.

Cause just like I do at home is just like I’ll do in the middle of that ring. I’ll slap your bitch asses around, tell you exactly how the fuck it is and if you don’t like it, you can get the fuck out of my ring.

By the end of the night, Faces of Reason will be in the same spot every bitch who ever tried that game has been with me.

On their fuckin’ knees.

And I’ll do exactly what I always do.

Shoot my fuckin’ load all over those faces of reason.

Cause I’m a bad mother fucker…

And you bitches ain’t. shit.
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