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Sir Renault
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Sir Renault

Fallen Holy Knight, Disperser of Light, The Last Crusader

“Deus vult” (God wills it)
“Allow the purity of the light to guide you”


16 stone



The quest for the holy grail- Renault’s MO. He will not rest until his mission is complete—it is god’s will.

He says his cause is to enforce god’s will amongst both his brethren and people of other faiths throughout his quests.

*As a fallen holy knight with a shattered soul, his subconscious motive and ultimate endgame is to elevate his esteem by exhibiting the Code of Chivalry’s 12 virtues. He must do this through his trials, tribulations, and lessons learned in OSW—it is only then that he can truly attain the holy grail and become the man he was destined to be. These virtues he must exhibit, in no certain order are: faith, charity, justice, sagacity, prudence, temperance, resolution, truth, liberty, diligence, hope, and valor.

Catch/chain wrestling - Renault prefers to wear down his opponents on the mat; he is a clever, proficient technical wrestler who has a counter up his sleeve for most maneuvers

Cerebral - Renault has a game plan going into his matches and he will follow through on it to expose his opponent’s weakness

Brawling - Renault tends to struggle when a match breaks down or devolves into a fight

Bullheaded - Just like his self-righteous quest to prove his beliefs, Renault will follow his strategy to a T, and his stubbornness and tunnel vision prohibits him from adjusting on the fly during a match

Following someone else’s ideals or command- Renault solely serves his god and thus will not follow another man’s command under his free will. That is, unless he is offered security or payments; he is indeed open for business as long as it doesn’t conflict with his service towards the lord

Fighting on holy ground- It’s a sin to draw blood on holy establishments or cities

Violence towards women- a glimpse of chivalry remains inside of him… there is still hope he can regain his soul

Special Weapon
-Weapon of choice: “Lumos” (pernach mace)
-KIWF weapon: “Blinding Blade” (longsword)


Finishing Manoeuvre
The Last Crusade - sit out crucifix powerbomb (splash mountain bomb)

Special Manoeuvres
The Pentangle - Crucifix submission into one of five variations representing 5 virtues: choke (chastity), pin (piety), arm lock (friendship), backtake (generousity), or crossface (courtesy)

The Holy Trinity - rolling German suplex, into a half nelson suplex, into a bridging dragon suplex

KIWF Manoeuvres
The Holy Driver- Crucifix Piledriver


Theme Song:
Holy Wars… The Punishment Due (Instrumental, start @2:41)

The lights go out. Darkness. The heavy, crunching guitar in “The Punishment Due” begins playing over the speakers.

A lone spotlight shines down atop the stage, revealing Sir Renault in full body armor kneeling, his head down, and his hands clasped over the top of his upright pernach in front of him as the camera pans from left to right. A curtain of golden pyro showers down on Renault, engulfing him in sparks as the brilliant light reflects off his armor as the music intensifies.

Renault steps out of the sparks and saunters down the ramp holding his pernach. He climbs the steps and hurdles between the ropes to enter the ring.

Standing in the middle of the ring he slowly reaches for his helmet… and pulls it off to reveal a terrifying red and black mask. His golden irises pierce through the eye holes as he deliberately lowers his helmet daring anyone in sight to gaze upon him.


The gods are dead and all faith is lost, but there’s one man who believes there will be a second coming…

On an eternal quest for the holy grail, Sir Renault wills his way to get what he wants: and that is, in this instance, championship gold. A famous holy knight during the crusades in the Middle Ages, he was both revered and feared amongst allies and enemies alike. How he remains alive to this day is the subject of speculation: some say he found and drank from the fountain of youth; others say this man is not Renault at all, with consensus split over whether he’s a direct descendant of the knight, or if he’s simply an imposter who’s taken up the mantle. The chain mail mask that he wears veils his true identity beyond his chiseled physique and golden eyes. Legend has it that behind his mask is a handsome face, strong jawline, and long straight jet black hair the length of which provides him strength… but has the legend held up over time?

The years after the crusades ended were not kind to Renault, and ever since the gods were reaped by Death himself, Renault has been in denial. Some say he developed psychosis, for tales about him breaking each of the 12 virtues of the Code of Chivalry began circulating regionally, then nationally, and finally around the world. His reputation sullied, he disappeared from public view and into the fringe of society, wearing a mask to hide his identity.

He carries his trusty pernach mace “Lumos” with him at all times. It aided him through multiple crusades and countless other battles, and Renault will use it if he must, in order to prove his point. His “Blinding Blade” is kept sheathed, only to be used in dire situations or to kill. Legend has it that the radiance it reflects is so strong it can temporarily blind or disable an unguarded foe before it is even wielded.

He is strong, stoic, and despite his obvious character flaws he has an air of charm about him. Technical to a fault, his catch-as-catch-can style grounds his opponents until they’re weak enough to be brutalized with powerful grapples—setting up magnificent and decisive finishes.

On the flipside, he is self-righteous, belligerent, and often times immoral, blind to the hypocrisy he exhibits. Headstrong he is, and he can go too far in accordance to his beliefs and desires; he is his own worst enemy. A high flyer he is not, but he is known to take a high risk from time to time when absolutely desperate.


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