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Luke Storm
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Hollywood Luke Storm

The Real f'n Deal, The Blockbuster, The Icon

"Cause I'm the Real fucking Deal, and ..."


197 lbs

Hollywood, CA


Forget what you thought about Luke Storm. Hollywood is out for himself. And he's a Bad Mother Fucker

Resiliency - Luke Storm always gets up (well, almost always). He digs deep to keep going when a lot of other men would quit.

Smarts - Hollywood subscribes to "work smarter, not harder." So his ass will cheat and stall at will.

Adaptability - The Real Deal is able to switch up his plan of attack (or defense) on the fly. He's able to thrive in differing situations.

Size - Luke's smaller than your average wrestler.

Poor reputation- Those that don't know him look at him like he's a fake, someone who looks good on screen but doesn't actually know how to fight.

Bigger heart than biceps - Luke always gets up. That's to his detriment most of the time.

- Luke is a momentum based fighter. No giant lifts or slams on any regular occasion.

Special Weapon


Finishing Manoeuvre
Gale Force - Stunner

Special Manoeuvres
Blockbuster - Buff Blockbuster
Downpour - Codebreaker
Lightning Strike - Superkick
Thunder - Moonsault

KIWF Manoeuvres
Storm Surge - Lui Kang style leaping Triple Kick


Theme Song:
"Stormbringer" Deep Purple

The lights begin to flash like a paparazzi's camera as Deep Purple's "Stormbringer" hits the Slaughterhouse. Smoke fills the entrance tube as the lyrics kick in.

Comin' out of nowhere
Drivin' like rain

There he is. Hollywood Luke Storm walks through the clouds like a lightning bolt to stand at the head of the ramp. He removes his sunglasses as he takes in the booing crowd, a cocky grin on his face.

With a nod and smile, the Real Deal marches down to the ring, ready for war. He slides in, going to the opposite turnbuckle to raise his fists in the air in defiance.

Ride the rainbow
Crack the sky
Stormbringer coming
Time to die

It's time for war as he drops down to face his opponent.

Luke Storm (born Lucas Newton) left his home somewhere in flyover country as soon as he turned eighteen. He traveled out west to California to be a movie star, his high school sweetheart Rachel in tow. He started working as a stunt man while he took acting classes, becoming a regular at several MMA gyms. During those stints, he learned several styles of combat. His stock rose in Hollywood after several videos went viral of him competing and winning in MMA matches across SoCal.

Thanks to his good looks, he soon found himself getting starring roles, breaking out from being a simple stunt man. His films weren't box office smashes, but they were sold to specific crowds. They were marketed on his credibility as a "real" martial artist and fighter. During this time, he married the aforementioned high school sweetheart, and they had a little girl, Scarlett. On top of the world, Luke Storm gained more and more of a following among action film fanatics. The next few years were full with his part time fighting career and his movies.

Then the real storm came in.

Luke's daughter collapsed while playing at school one day, and upon rushing her to the hospital, they discovered that she had a rare genetic disorder, one only passed down from a parent. Luke scheduled a battery of tests on himself, before his wife came clean that she was the carrier of the disease. She'd hidden it from him all this time, thinking he wouldn't want a tainted woman.

Sadly, his wife would pass away within several months, her body no longer able to hold out. Luke came to the Slaughterhouse in order to put food on the table for his daughter Scarlett. He knew about OSW because of his brother Edward's massive impact there.

Edward's death at the hands of the Sandman at Red Snow 2020 has brought about a massive change in Luke's personality.

Now he's joined up with Pyre and Zero to form the Bad Mother Fuckers. Luke Storm has truly gone Hollywood.

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2019 Ring King
Won the 2020 Eliminator
Defeated Edward Newton x2
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