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Jessie Williams
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Jessie Williams

The Prince

"Groovy" "Come Get Some" "Bow To The Prince"


255 lbs

Elk Grove, Michigan


Jessie came to the Slaughterhouse originally to find his missing father Ash but following the gruesome death of his uncle Matthew Cories, it's clear there's some malevolent force sucking at the soul of OSW. Jessie's main goal is to hunt down any evil bastard that gets in his way, prove he can be just as much a hero as his dad, and find out what this darkness is here and kick it's ass

Pure Power - Jessie might not be the warrior that his father is but he’s a helluva lot stronger then Ash, a star athlete and damn near world class boxer before the world went to hell, even without the steel, Jessie has pure knock out power in his strikes and is damn deadly with every blow.

Technical Wizardry - Jessie’s mechanical intelligence and the insane amount of gadgetry he’s been able to implement into his father’s prosthetic is incredible, transforming Arthurian era steel into true cybernetical genius, transforming it from just a gauntlet and a place to put his chainsaw to a true utility belt’s worth of gadgetry. While Jessie doesn’t need the prosthetic, he wears it nonetheless and knows the thing inside and out, able to use it more effective in the ring then his dad ever did.

Speed - While power is Jessie’s main game, he’s deceptively quick for his size, track being one of the fields he was all star in during his high school days. You won’t see him springboarding up to the ropes with the greatest of luchadores but he can fly with grace that not many his size can.

Intelligence -Jessie ain't an idiot savant like his daddy, gifted with an eidetic memory from an early age, with every ounce of knowledge that the Williams family knew about monsters and then some forever implanted into Jessie's mind, while not very versed in the ways of grappling, he's always learning and adapting and what he's already absorbed through simply watching makes him very dangerous in that ring.

Inexperience - Despite being invaluable on the sidelines to Ash during the last year, the elder Williams refused to let his son fight with him, not believing he was ready to fight evil and despite some testosterone filled brawls in high school locker rooms, Jessie’s never even really been in a real fight and especially in the ring, he’s got his training wheels on.

Killer Instinct- Or Lack there of. Jessie isn’t like his father, he might be a sarcastic asshole but he’s a peaceful lad, much more willing to talk it out then punch someone’s lights out and although he knows he has to fight to find the truth of the Slaughterhouse, he isn’t out to hurt or kill and will hesitate to put down his opponent, leaving himself wide open.

Technical Wrestling- Amateur Grappling was one of the sports Jessie was god awful at, not knowing his wristlocks from his wristwatch and although he knows the basics of wrestling, he won’t be doing any real grappling any time soon.

Killing-Jessie ain’t a murderer and he won’t start any time soon. Death might be a true factor now but Jessie refuses to be a part of it all.

Special Weapon
The Williams family Boomstick is all Jessie needs, but no longer is it simply an amalgamation of scrap iron and 13th century technology but a technical masterpiece combined top of the line cybernetics with the very latest nanotechnology to create something near impossibly futuristic. The range of things he can do with the Boomstick are near limitless with the only block put on it thus far is anything that could be lethal.


Finishing Manoeuvre
BOOYAH - A super powered version of the Boomstick (Superman Punch), either used with terrifying force short-range or with the help of a rocket propulsion system, used as a deadly long range attack. The Short Range version has limited uses before it's power cells are depleted, but the Long Range may be used more frequently, although Jessie is vulnerable while the Boomstick comes back to him.

Special Manoeuvres
Hail to The King - Spinning Gotch Piledriver
Boomstick - Superman Punch
Call of the Chosen- Swanton Bomb
Groovy Eclipse- Jessie delivers a stiff uppercut, dropping his opponent to their knees, before rushing to the ropes, slingshotting off with a torpedo dropkick to the dome
Millenium Soul- Bodyscissors Dragonclutch

Occasional Finishers (Not Quite KIWF But more Knock A Mother F*%$er Out)
All Hail- Orange Crush Powerbomb

KIWF Manoeuvres

Apocalyptic- Jessie powers up the gauntlet before planting his right hand on the canvas and using it's thrusters to throw himself high up in the air. The Boomstick flying into place, The Prince sizes up his opponent for a moment before rocketing down with a brutal torpedo like Boomstick

Klaatu Veraadus- Created from the blood of several Deadites, Jessie synthesised a serum to help close the gap for his father and the evil he fought. A combat enhancer that allowed Ash to have every advantage the Necrinomicon gave the possessed (enhanced speed, strength, durability) and keep his sanity and soul in the process. Built into the Boomstick 3.0, either voice activated or a fail safe in times of great duress, activation of this serum will essentially make Jessie superhuman, able to achieve incredible feats of strength and speed far beyond his normal abilities and make the Prince essentially unbeatable during it's duration.

However not only does the serum take a physical toll on the body, it's highly and dangerously addictive and in the few times Ash took it, he might have been in full control over himself but his rage and viciousness was identical to the Deadites he fought, a side-effect Jessie was never able to fix. Thus while Jessie will use this, he'll only dare use it if he absolutely needs to knowing the risks and that he may not come back whole after it floods his veins.


Theme Song:
"Carry On My Wayward Son" Kansas

Carry On hits the arena as the crowd begin to go wild for the classic OSW theme song. The Prince slowly opens the entrance doors and walks out onto the ramp, closing his eyes as he soaks in the cheers for a single moment, a slight smile and content washing over his face before he breaths deep, focus in his eyes as he rushes forward.

Jessie sprints up the ramp, releasing his boomstick just as he leaves the steel, gripping onto the top rope a good ten feet away and reeling in as he slingshots forward, flipping into the ring, and landing on his feet. Jessie fixes up his gauntlet for a moment before stepping into his corner, getting ready for the war at hand.

An ordinary athletically and mentally gifted seventeen year old kid from the heart of Michigan, Jessie Williams thought he had his whole life ahead of him, the whole world open to truly put his mark on history...and then the world imploded.

Gods died, death and devastation rained down upon the innocent and an ordinary boy found out his bloodline was the only thing standing up against the forces of evil. The son of Ashley J Williams, who’d finally taken his calling as this era’s Chosen One, he took to the road with his old man, using his mechanical genius to power up Ash but was kept on the sidelines, Ash refusing to let his son fight unprepared against such forces of evil.

One summer’s day, Ash hadn’t returned from a hunt for days and fed up, Jessie went out to look for him...but didn’t get far. Maybe ten minutes down the road from the hotel they were in was the Delta, still running in a pool of black, viscous fluid with the Boomstick implanted into the hood and a single word etched into the windshield… ‘Slaughterhouse’.

Armed with the Boomstick and a book of every bit of knowledge his father had about demons, deadites and everything in between, Jessie has come to the Slaughterhouse for answers and to finally join in the fight he knows he’s ready for.

VHS x1

Semi Finalist 2020 Ring King
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