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Wrestler Name

Real Name
Andrew Fish

Mr. Make Believe, The Toybox King, The Cackling Madcap

"It's time to play!"
"1, 2, SeeSaw's comin' for you..."


190 lbs

Prudence Place
Think of Fallout 3's Tranquility Lane; a grayscale dreamscape neighborhood developed by Andy's cracked imagination; filled with people and things that his mind creates. It seems like a well-established, coordinated community - but an eeriness is cultivated there, and it constantly shifts; legends says that the very first "Toybox" was built here, as well as its first set of playmates.


Fear and chaos. There's a perpetual vengeance that he seeks, captivatingly unpredictable and intuitive. A natural toymaker at heart, he is anxious to find all of the materials he needs to make more friends - nothing is wasted.

1. Excited delirium - While in combat, he is constantly in a crazed, fight or flight mode.
2. Hysterical strength - A phenomenon where a person can go outside of traditional human capabilities in terms of strength and endurance.
3. Laughing Through the Abuse - SeeSaw has a high tolerance for pain. He will typically cackle through the pain - either as a blocker or for intimidation.

4. Reputation - Let's face it, most know what SeeSaw is capable of; most know what the Toybox is all about. He has transformed the living into rotting collectibles, and in the most brutal of ways possible. Realistically, most won't willingly embrace the idea of seeing the lengths at which Mr. Make Believe is willing to go to. Special Weapon
Jack ("Jack of his Trade); this is a mangled doll, similar to a voodoo doll, is mostly made up of wood and pieces of his greatest playmates - the ones that entered the Toybox and never left.

Finishing Manoeuvre
The Big Wheel - SeeSaw will lift his opponent as if he is setting up a torture rack. He will then start spinning around, creating the aerial illusion of a wheel with his opponent, before grabbing ahold of the opponent's neck and transitioning into a vicious diamond cutter.

Special Manoeuvres

The Jack Attack - While opponent is down, Andy will attack with a cluster of driving fists to the opponent's head.

Flight of the Ornithopter - Aerial - SeeSaw climbs to the top turnbuckle, flaps his wings with a cackle, and body splashes onto his prone opponent.

Pop Goes the Weasel - A jumping piledriver.

Catastrophic Collider Cacophony! - SeeSaw has his opponent in a headlock, hits the ropes, and then takes leap, executing a massive flying bulldog.

Slapstick Claptrap - Double-Armed conchairto - SeeSaw will sling both his forearms to the sides of his opponent's head simulataneously. (This typically happens after SeeSaw irish-whips his opponent, front-first, into the turnbuckle and they are reeling backwards from the impact.)

Superfine Turbine Blast - A bull gore to the ribcage that's followed up with SeeSaW lifting his opponent into the air and executing a spinebuster.

Surprise, You're Dead! - Drop the back, right-hand upwards - similar to the Cody Rhodes/Goldust maneuver.

The Stretchy Armstrong - Submission - SeeSaw will press his boot against the middle of an opponent's back as they lay belly-first and yank their arms backwards, applying more and more pressure to the middle of the back in the process.

The Collection - These are moves that SeeSaw has taken from the people that met their conclusions in the Toybox:

Pin The Tail (Rune's Iron Skull) - Repeated headbutts until the opponent collapses.
The Freeman Blaster (Freeman's Middle-Rope Blockbuster - SeeSaw will make a "Pew Pew" noise before he hits the move.)
ChooChoo Bomb (Freight Train Freeman's powerbomb, over the top rope and to the floor outside.)

Imaginarium - Backbreaker, but the opponent will remain on SeeSaw's knee while he teeters them on that pivot before flipping them in one swift motion into their belly - executing a face-down slam in the process.

MEMORY SLUGGER - Similar to his "Collection" moveset, SeeSaw will occasionally carry his brand new Memory Slugger - a blood-stained, maple-based baseball bat, which has fragments of his most memorable victims embedded into it.

Common Manoeuvres

Snap-action DDT

Backbody Drop

Sidewalk Slam

Running Bulldog

Half Nelson Driver

Double-Handed Chokeslam

Over-the-Head Belly to Belly Backdrop

Samoan Drop

Gorilla Press Slam


Theme Song:
"X" by Poppy

The lights turn blood-red as the sounds of a million down-tuned guitars crash into eachother like the most violent accident you've ever seen. SeeSaw slowly walks through the curtain, a sinister smile on his face, as he puts his hands behind his back and stares at the ground.

Suddenly, the music changes. The house lights turn on, and there's multi-colored spotlights spinning around the arena. SeeSaw looks back up, gets down on a knee, and starts to wave toward the crowd with a far less sinister smile.

"I want to love everyone, empty every bullet out of every gun, please take - me - back to where we began - badababah..."


Blood-colored lights. Down-tuned guitars from hell. And SeeSaw slams his fist down against the stage before jumping back up.


With that sinister smile re-appearing, he quickly skips his way down the aisle, cackling the entire way, before reaching the ring.

He began as Andrew Fish.

Andrew was a lonely boy growing up, considered odd and socially complex. He didn't understand the concept of building friendships or conforming to crowds for the sake of establishing acceptance. In fact, it didn't matter to him. That's because Andy's most prolific friendship was within - his imagination. Inside of his imagination, there was no need to be accepted because it was a universe that which he owned. He didn't have to build bonds with fellow humans on "the outside" because he could create as many as he wanted on the inside.

His mother and father were rich entrepreneurs - owning several businesses that kept them away from home for almost the entirety of Andy's childhood, leaving him to be tended to by distant caretakers that let Andy interact with his exorbitant toy collection that his parents bought him through time because it kept him occupied with low-maintenance. From toy figurines, to stuffed animals, to sophisticated jack-in-the-boxes, to Hot Wheels, LEGOS, GI Joes, Etch-A-Sketches, and then all of the ultimately disturbing creations that Andy would make from the toys that were considered as "retired".

Of course, this didn't change as Andrew became a man. He vowed to never leave his imagination astray - even if that meant making bold, and often unusual sacrifices, for the sake of maintaining the empire he had created inside of his own mind. Andy even created a YouTube page that was entirely devoted to showing off his classic toy collection - and slowly realized that he was beginning to reel in a following mostly of children that seemed to find solace in his little imaginative world.

Then the comments started to show up. He was called a creep, a serial killer. They made fun of his face, specifically his sharp, long nose, shaggy hair, and hereditary attributes - such as his baggy eyes and the epidermolytic lchthyosis - which made the skin complexion on patches of his face and arms seemingly inflamed and scaly. He loved the ones that truly loved him for him - but feared that they would ultimately be influenced by the negative buzz surrounding his channel, so he decided to transform himself with makeup. He covered most of his face with a white base, created a sharp red smile with dark lipstick, and even dyed his hair blood-red. Inspired by a Ronald McDonald action figure that he obtained from a Happy Meal ages ago, he bought a pair of denim overalls and spraypainted them red - wearing them over a pineapple-colored dress shirt that he buttoned up to the collar.

As he stared at this new creation in the mirror, he realized that he couldn't be Andy Fish anymore. Andy lived on the outside - battling against everyone that considered him deranged for his child's play. On the inside, everything that he created; the toys, and everything that lived within them. Thus, he named this new creation after something that makes every child smile.


And once an identity had been erected, the flowers began to bloom.

"SeeSaw's Toybox" took off like skyrockets in flight. The children of the world fell in love with SeeSaw, because he was the exemplification and true embodiment of everything special about the imagination. Unfortunately, at the same time, the adult misanthropes bull-rushed the woodwork of SeeSaw's fantasy foundation like a cluster of starved termites. They go at-arms in the comments, begin reporting his content as inappropriate, and channels are birthed for the sake of bringing one down - SeeSaw's channel - Andy's pride and joy.

SeeSaw's adolescent following begin to act out - often-times reacting violently toward their parents after barring them from watching SeeSaw.

It only took one isolated incident with a little boy that lived in Holland - a dutch boy named Lucas Jansen. After being told by his parents that he couldn't watch SeeSaw anymore, losing his computer privileges in the process, he sets fire to their bedroom - mortally wounding both of them in the process. This, of course, catches media attention. Lucas is sent away to a troubled boys facility and Andy's YouTube channel is removed with a single click - as well as any privileges to create another channel.

All of the kids that strayed away from Andy when he was just a child himself were now the parents of the children that actually adored him - still recklessly attempting to rip away the only thing that was ever there for him, and thus tearing it away from the little ones that needed it the most - his imagination. In the midst of radio silence, Andy became more and more reclusive, believing that the adult world was out to get him. In that reclusive state, Andy started to convince himself that "the outside" was the enemy that seemingly afflicted the imagination of the youth and thus transforming them into soulless worker bees that punched into the day and punched out, forgetting about the small things that mattered the most beforehand.

Andy couldn't take it.

SeeSaw wouldn't allow it.

And thus, Andy made it his ultimate ambition to eliminate "the outside" by using the sharp, penetrating tool of his imagination. There were children that needed him - that needed the escape that only he could unveil, and he wasn't going to let another adult step in the way of that.

And if they tried, bad things would happen.

Things that only the imagination could manifest.

The things that lived in his mind - and in his toybox.

And with a static hum, and a pulsating florescent light that softly illuminated the basement of a residence simply called Tranquility Lane, Andy reactivated "SeeSaw's Toybox" in the deepest depths of the dark web - sending out transmissions to the children that defected from the oppressive rulings of their authority for the sake of playing with the toys that come to life in SeeSaw's world.
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