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"The Realm Walker", "The Collector"

"I have walked this path before."


220 lbs

The Outer Realms


Sigil is motivated by his need to do two things: Learn and collect. He wishes to scour this realm like he has all others and collect the artifacts that call it home. This ranges from powerful magical items to historically important documents, weapons, etc. He is not a thief, he is a collector and a scholar. This realm is merely his next stop.

Unpredictable - Through the use of his portals and the items in his satchel, Sigil is hard to predict in a fight and as such will use them to their fullest extent to win a fight.

Deadly Precision - Sigil's strikes aren't thrown out wildly, each one has a purpose and his precision is next to none. Each strike is to cripple or incapacitate.

Ancient Wisdom - Both in and out of the ring, Sigil shows knowledge of millennia past, being able to think quick on his feet at all times.

Pure Strikes - Sigil's grappling leaves something to be desired, he relies heavily on his striking and as such chain wrestling forces him to escape or get pummeled.

Ancient Ego - Sigil himself isn't purely egotistical, but he believes his wisdom means he does not make mistakes and as such can be taken advantage of.

The Collection - Sigil is protective of his collection above all else, he'll do anything in his power to protect it even if it means losing a match.

  • Sigil won't do any massive lifts or slams, his only major grapples are suplexes and backbreakers.
  • Sigil will rarely if ever go for a submission that isn't his signature.
  • Sigil will never, under any circumstances, remove his mask.
Special Weapon
  • His Mask: Sigil's mask is heavily durable and as such not only makes his headbutts hit harder but also protects him from any headshots.
  • His Satchel: Filled with artifacts from many realms and places in time, Sigil will occasionally bring out an item from it to help ensure his victory. Maybe even items we've seen before in OSW.

Finishing Manoeuvre
Planeswalker - Sigil rushes his opponent, leaping at them with a front dropkick that hits with such intensity that it's guaranteed to send them across the ring and bust them open.

Special Manoeuvres
For the Collection - With his opponent cornered, Sigil lashes out with a flurry of blows, going for the eyes, mouth, throat, and heart with claw-like blows. Used to set up other moves.
Cosmic Leap - Sigil has the ability to enter the pathways between realms. In his matches, he can do this to seemingly teleport from one end of the ring to another, or even teleport upwards and preforming a flying attack without the use of the turnbuckle. He tends to rush his opponent only to teleport behind them to get them with a surprise attack.
Finite - A leaping roundhouse kick to the jaw. Usually preceded by a Cosmic Leap.
Long Road Ahead - Sigil forces his opponent back first over his knee before barraging them with elbows to the face.
On Wounded Legs - A calf-crusher hit from anywhere.
Merciful - A harsh chop to the side of the opponent's neck. Usually hit from behind them, has the possibility of knocking someone out.

KIWF Manoeuvres
Journey's End - A German Suplex where Sigil preforms a Cosmic Leap with his opponent, the two of them plummeting from above the ring, the opponent landing neck first on impact. Never fails to end a match.
Realm Kinniku Buster - Sigil brings his opponent high above the ring into the rafters. He then hoists them onto his shoulders and leaps, preforming a Kinniku Buster on the way down.


Theme Song:
"Monumental" by Aviators

As Monumental begins to play throughout the arena the lights dim down to near darkness.

A plethora of portals open up everywhere around the Slaughterhouse. Around the ring, near the ceiling, towards the ramps. They all show strange and distant lands.

And finally, we see Sigil. The Void Walker can be seen for split seconds through each portal, walking from land to land before a final portal opens inside of the ring showing the inside of his citadel, Sigil walking out and closing all of the portals in an instant before slowly walking to his corner.

A man shrouded in mystery who has walked to our world from another, claiming to have walked the pathways between realms. Life, death, past, future? All are merely stops on his never-ending journey. His reasoning for being here is unknown, claiming to only be here to further his 'collection'. Upon one hip sits a satchel that is seemingly bottomless and teeming with interesting and fantastical artifacts. Upon the other is a large grimoire that seems to hold stories, findings, and itemized descriptions of his collection.

World Title x1
Tag Team Titles x1

Defeated Edward Newton.
Obtained the Time, Reality, and Love Stones.
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