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Best Kept Secret

"The rest is history"


210 lbs

Graz, Austria


Find answers for the disappearance of his father and prove to the world the importance of archaeology...

Vision in the dark - Similar to night vision, Voynich is able to see almost perfectly in the dark. This is the result of several years of practice in dark caves, temples and tombs. He still needs his flashlight from time to time.

Chronestesia - Voynich has the ability to see fragments of the past life of any artifact or person he touches.

Voynich has also the also read extinct languages.

Acrophobia - Voynich is afraid of heights. A few years ago, his partner died before his eyes when he fell from a cliff during an expedition. Voynich vowed to never climb another mountain in his life.

By the book- Voynich's professionalism can be seen as a weakness. He follows the rules, respect authorities and rarely goes against the system.


Special Weapon
Satchel - Voynich always brings his satchel wherever he goes. It contains all of his archaeology gear, which can be useful in the ring. It includes a flashlight, a knife and a first aid kit which he can use to heal himself quickly.

Bullwhip -


Finishing Manoeuvre
The Eight Wonder - Sliced Bread Number 2

Special Manoeuvres
Ishtar Gate - Running Lariat
Monolith - Brainbuster
Hammerstone - Superman Punch

KIWF Manoeuvres
Tutankhamun's Curse - Salida Del Sol


Theme Song:
"Shadow on the Sun" by Audioslave

The slow sound of a guitar trickles throughout the speakers as the lights dim to show but a spotlight on the stage. "Shadow on the Sun" by Audio Slave soon begins to kick in.

“Once upon a time
I was of the mind
To lay your burden down.”

As the next lyric begins, Voynich steps out onto the stage with a look of focus on his face.

“Leave you where you stood
You believed I could
You'd seen it done before.”

He stops for a moment to soak in the atmosphere, waiting for the music to kick in with the chorus before making a fast-paced walk towards the ring.

“And I can tell you why
People die alone
I can tell you I'm
The shadow on the sun.”

As the crowd roar, The Best Kept Secret hops up the ring steps, wipes his feet on the ring apron and steps through the ropes.

Voynich’s father was a distinguished professor of archaeology back in Austria. At a very young age, Voynich immigrated to America when his father took a faculty position at a renowned university. He spent all of his childhood tagging along with his father on artifacts hunting quests allowing him to learn the fundamentals of archaeology and history. Over time, Voynich became an avid adventurer himself, embarking on expeditions fueled by historical events.

When his father disappeared under mysterious circumstances, Voynich took upon himself to complete his father’s work and try to uncover the secret of his disappearance. His journey sent him to the deepest parts of the planet and his latest findings led him to believe the OSW could help him on his quest for answers.
Tag Team Champions x1
OSW Champion x1

First French-Canadian to beat Chris three times.
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