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Sanctus Bellator
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Sanctus Bellator

‘The Chosen One’; ‘Christ’s Forgotten Son’; ‘The Templar’

"Accipe lumen et imperti"


232 lbs



Carrying on the legacy and work of his father in this timeline, lumen accipe et imperti - to receive the light and pass it on. He is mission focused on bringing a broken world, responsible for the death of Yahweh to repent and turn back to the light it has lost.
Sanctus is convinced that the light will return, so the chosen will be led to salvation.

Luchador - Sanctus is a second generation luchador, trained by his father, Lux Bellator. His offense is unpredictable and high octane.

Faceless - Bellator is as much an idea as it is a person. He could be anyone, anywhere. He is a following. Even if on the wrong side of morality, Sanctus Bellator will draw a following of loyal lightbringers (they tend to enjoy dressing as druids).

Knowledge of the Future - Sanctus exists in one timeline of the future. He, along with Legacy, possesses a knowledge of this timeline that others are not privvy to. It motivates his mission, which is his primary focus.

Sole Focused - His mission is his sole focus. Somebody who can manipulate that, can manipulate Sanctus and wield him as their weapon.

Father's Shadow- He will always be compared to Lux. But this can be used against him.

Cannot meet his father or Uncle in this timeline.

Special Weapon
No specific special weapons.


Finishing Manoeuvre
Impertio - Spanish Fly (Moonsault Side Slam). Either from Turnbuckle/height or standin

Special Manoeuvres
Arm of God: - La Mistica - (Homage to his father)
Terra Tremuit - Top Rope Double Foot Stomp - (Homage to his uncle)
Yahweh's Sign - Running Crucifix Powerbomb (aka High Cross) - (Homage to Bellatorum)

KIWF Manoeuvres
Super Disciple Maker - Front Flip Piledriver off the Top Rope (or ledge): A supercharged version of his Father's own finisher.


Theme Song:
Theme: "Leche" by Mariachi El Bronx

The Mariachi music plays; an homage to the legacy of one Lux Bellator. Lights flicker around the Slaughterhouse in time with the bright music.

"Frozen like thieves in the night
Everything’s sacred gets lost in the night"

Sanctus, the Holy One, appears as a silhouette. The bright light behind him casts a shadow over his body, giving the effect of an aura of light around him. He makes 'Yahweh's Sign', the Catholic Cross across his chest.

"Save our souls
These are dangerous and desperate times"

His arms extend into a crucifix position and he falls to his knees in prayer. When he rises, he charges at the ring, leaping up onto the apron and front flipping into the squared circle. The legacy of Bellator continues this night.

Sanctus Bellator is the son of Lux Bellator and designated nephew of Solomon Rhodes – a man who was like an uncle to him growing up. They created a convent in the mountain, dedicated to the remembrance and study of Yahweh, hoping for his eventual return. Sanctus was trained by both Lux and Solomon and was brought in to The Templars at a very early rank. He worked his way up through the ranks through the years to lead The Templars in his Uncles absence. |

Tag Team Champion x1 (Legacy)

Won a big match etc.
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