Blaze was originally the legendary hero of Arcadia, Maxwell Rijen. He was the victim of an arson attack that took the life of his wife and nearly lost that of his son. As a result, he became the Burned Man, a horribly disfigured titan that wrestled to find the culprits of the atack on his family. However, despite searching for the better part of the year and reuniting with his son, who took up the moniker of Destructo Boy, he became no closer to finding the culprits and strained his relationship with his boy. When his child revealed his true colors after being dunked into the former Stubbins Doom's Odyssey Pool, he attempted to throw him back in and revert him back to his old self.  Gone is Maxwell Rijen, the legendary hero. Gone is the Burned Man, the mummy that was afraid of fire. Blaze is all that remains.


The Burning Man

“I will balance the scales of justice.”


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Doom Factory



In The Ring

"Justice Will Be Done" by Flat Black

The guitar of "Justice Will Be Done" by Flat Black slowly fades in as the lights begin to dim, leaving the arena in darkness. Suddenly a growl is heard ringing through the arena before the singer shouts

- "RIP IT!"

This causes the drums and bass to begin playing and the guitar to increase in volume. As if on cue, small explosions erupt from the sides of the entrance ramp and the lights turn back on with a red hue. Blaze suddenly bursts out of the curtain, a cannister of gasoline in his hands. After looking out to the crowd for a brief second, he suddenly pours the contents on his person and pulls out a lighter from his pocket, lighting his flame retardant clothes on fire. While engulfed in flames, he points in the direction of the ring and begins to march towards the ring. As he does, the fire starts to dissipate from his person. When he reaches the ring, he slides under the bottom rope before making his way to a corner. He then climbs to the top rope and looks out towards the crowd once more, holding his fiery gaze for a lot longer than before. Upon finishing his lookout, he hops down and waits for the bell to ring, music fading out all the while.

Tip The Scales

Spinning Uranage


John Woo Dropkick


Cross Arm Breaker hold with repeated elbow strikes to the opponent's head


Spinning Back Elbow

Phoenix Down

Diving Lariat


Spin Out Powerbomb