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Catch and Release

In Promo by Mud Mouth

They say birds of a feather flock together. We’ll, Raven, baby… I ain’t that kind of bird.  You see, I been watchin’ you, that’s a fact. Sittin’ pretty high up …

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Scarred Ascension

In Destructo Boy, Promo by Destructo Boy

  There’s a saying that every scar is a ghost that travels with you the rest of your days. A mark that haunts every waking moment, a beacon that fuels …

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On Fire

In Jasper Redgrave, Promo by Jasper Redgrave

[A table.] [Atop this table sits the Sparta Cup. Scattered acrossed the table is different pieces of news media. All with different headlines that read the same.] THE ARTIST DEFIES …

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In Nox, Promo by Nox

My first experience with gases was fumigation.  We had these little cockroaches starting to invade our home.  Getting in our food with their carrying their illnesses and bacteria on their …

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In Promo by Roderick Pym

Three times in my life, I have faced the threat of a shutdown. These three times alone have I seen someone attempt to bring everything I’ve worked so hard for …

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In Haywire, Promo by Haywire

Haywire stands in the thick of The Groves cradling a knife. It gleams in the light of the sun as he twists and turns it in his blood-stained hands. Haywire: …

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The Crash

In Bartholomew Finkle by Bartholomew Finkle

Bartholomew Finkle stares out the window of his office on the campus of Cornell University.  Behind him, two men from The Nerd Squad are giving his computer an exam that …