The Leadership

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Zeus is the unelected, undisputed Baron of Arcadia. He runs Arcadia like a dictator, doing anything and everything to maintain power and control.

He leads the Pantheon, a group of unelected committee members with Greek God codenames that are responsible for various aspects of Arcadian life.

Ares is the right hand man of Zeus; his best friend, confidant and master of war.

He leads the Army, who in turn control the populas, ensure that Zeus' will is carried out and maintain order. Ares will do whatever Zeus asks of him, no matter how nefarious or evil. He's loyal until the end.

The Olympus Team

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lead commentator

Bronco Blackwood


Matt Ruby

Bronco is a well respected former commentator of Thrashball in Arcadia.

He made the switch over to wrestling after Zeus personally asked for him to commentate in OSW.

He’s a well read, intelligent country man with a flare for violent sports.

Matt thinks he’s a ladies man. If it has a pulse and a vagina, he thinks he belongs inside it. British, hilarious, but entirely a self-absorbed asshole.

He always sides with the bad guys, unless the bad guys are attractive females, in which case he sides with them. Sarcastic, rude, demeaning and objectifying – always a winner, never a loser. 

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Scott Sterling


Lucky Cassidy

Scott Sterling has been installed in a position of Authority. What does this mean? It means he's the Commissioner. He makes matches and keeps order.

But Scott is a coward. Never one to get involved in a fight and sporting a constant neckbrace that reminds people he's ill-equipped for a fight.

British. Hoity. An asshole of the highest order.

When Zeus decided he wanted an interviewer for the in ring and backstage moments of OSW, he looked no further than the legendary Lucky Cassidy.

Cassidy, a former news anchor for the Arcadian News Network, was the top interviewer in his field.

Fair, reasonable and asking the tough questions. That's Lucky Cassidy. His defining feature however is that he's short.. quite short indeed.

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Mills Stanton


Demi Sky

Mills Stanton is OSW's head referee. He's a stickler for a good fight and takes absolutely no shit from anyone. Don't piss off Mills, or he'll make you regret it. His catchphrase if you? "I'll allow it!"

Demi Sky is the youngest of the OSW referee recruits and is somewhat naïve. She's easy to get one over on and isn't always in the best at judging characters.

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Cole Holt


River Moonfoot

Colt Holt is a crooked as the day is long. Some say that he's been bought and paid for, others claim he's for sale. If you ask Cole, he's right down the middle, but is always open to offers.

River Moonfoot is OSW's latest referee recruit. A Native former athlete in his own right, River is a fair, sporting, honest referee who doesn't take any shit and calls things right down the middle.