Rules and Regulations

How you're expected to behave in Old School Wrestling and the finer details behind your acceptance onto the roster.


Show up when you commit to show up. Promo by deadline.


Be friendly, courteous and kind. There's zero tolerance on being rude.

Trust the process

The creative team write the angles here, so trust your character to the process.

Keep us informed

Let us know when circumstances mean you can't keep commitments you make.

Be a winner

Be a winner even in defeat. No-one takes winning or losing seriously to the point of being uspet here.

Show Feedback

Show feedback is mandatory in OSW and must be submitted by the Friday 10am deadline.

Standard Deadlines

Our weekly show event has a deadline for promos of Sunday at 10am GMT. This only changes in the case of a live event on Twitch.

Staff Deadlines

Our staff deadline for submissions of match writing and creative is Saturday 10am GMT, unless the show is live on Twitch.

Live Show Deadlines

When OSW hosts a live show on Twitch, our deadlines for everything are Friday 10am GMT, when the show is live on Saturday.

Promo Judging

The Fedhead judges the promos based on match content and how much he enjoys the piece. Every promo must be about the match.

A TV show

OSW is a television show about wrestling. All characters are real in this world. There's no 'gimmicks' or twitter. These people live these lives.

Character Creation

Mostly anything goes in OSW. You can be nearly any type of character from monster to blue collar worker. Barely anything is off the table.

Check the ego

It doesn't matter who you are or what you've done, either in OSW or outside of it. Everyone gets a fair shake here. Everyone gets treated the same.

A family

We're a family here. We love welcoming new people into that. We have Saturday game nights and great camaraderie. If you come along and want to be in all, we'd love to have you as part of our family.

Promo Rules

OSW is a micro-fed, which means our promos are 500 words of whatever you like as long as it focuses on the opponent or match. There's a 30 word buffer to 530. 1 per show.