There was once a scared child who believed he needed to follow in the footsteps of those he loved who gave their lives for him. He entered Olympus to try and be the hero they raised, to try and follow their example and do things the right way. He fought mad scientists, malpracticing doctors and terrifying cannibals all while ignoring the truth about the one person he thought was a friend. And when the lie was revealed, that the old man trying to protect him was the father who made him believe he was dead, the shock barely got to register before he was dragged down to the Underworld.


The Black Heart

“Before true paradise must come destruction!”


About Destructo Boy







Doom Factory


High Flying

In The Ring

"All Black" by Good Charlotte

The lights turn out as heavy chords are heard. Thin streams of light flickering before a tight spotlight is put on one solitary man with his head down.

The Kid flicks his eyes upwards, beginning to sprint forward as he raises the Kingdom Blade high….

And then stops running to the immense boos of the crowd. ‘All Black’ begins to play as the Kid places the blade back on his shoulder, slowly walking down the ramp with purpose.

He gets to the apron, sliding into the ring with the blade before flicking his wrist as the metal wraps around his forearm. The Kid then settles into the corner, awaiting his opponent.

One Final Breath

Shooting Star KneeDrop to the Throat

Vengeful Destruction

Wrist Clutch Fishermans Buster

True Justice

Backdrop Driver

Broken Heart

630 Senton

See No Evil

Shining Wizard (Can hit from anywhere)