John C. Willis was once an ordinary man leading a normal Arcadian life. A former member of Zeus’ Flying Circus, he starred alongside a team of talented acrobats known as The Jester Jets. The group would entertain audiences across all levels of Arcadia with their dazzling routines, until one day a death-defying stunt would backfire on Willis. His body would miraculously survive the fall but the impact would alter the mechanics of his personality forever. It would lead him to go on a three-day rampage, evading police and brutally butchering members of the public. He was eventually arrested by the APD after officers found him mumbling incoherently into the ears of two dead children cradled in his arms. With its reputation irreparably damaged, The Baron was given no choice but to dissolve his beloved circus for good. Following his capture, Willis was subsequently moved to Death Row where - following further acts of violence against guards and fellow inmates - he was transferred to the Sanatorium; bound to a padded cell with round-the-clock surveillance.


The Madness

“We’Re AlL mAd HeRe.”


About Haywire









Risk Taker

In The Ring

“Asylum” by Disturbed

The arena falls dark.


Flashing lights.


The opening beats of Disturbed’s ‘Asylum’ thunder throughout the arena which are soon followed by the unmistakable electric guitar solo. HAyWiRe appears at the top of the entranceway, smiling sadistically, and twisting his trusty wrench in circular motions. He pokes his tongue out and motions his wrench across his own throat, laughing maniacally, before sprinting down to the ring. He stops dead at the ring, sizing it up and down, before leaping onto the apron and somersaulting over the top rope in one swift motion. The lights continue to pulse at a frenetical pace as he stands in the middle of the ring with his arms stretched out, looking up to the skies he once soared through as a circus performer until full darkness and the return of the arena lights.

Personality Disorder

Cartwheeling Death Valley Driver

Twisted Madness

Wrench-Assisted Reverse DDT

A Touch of Madness

Shooting Star Press

Powder Keg


Basket Case

Springboard Hurricanrana