Something This Way Walks


Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

Cold open.

There’s no commentary and no sound. We open in the cold and damp Kingdom – still damaged and waterlogged from the near death experience they suffered here many weeks ago.

Felix Foley, Doom, The Yellow Python and The Blue Shark are the footsteps approaching. As they get closer, we can hear them talking.

Here?The Blue Shark asks curiously. He’s surprised that they’re back at the Kingdom.

“This is where the video footage was shot from,” Doom announces. “I think your friend is making a statement.”

The Yellow Python snaps, pushing Doom backwards.

“He’s not our friend!” He angrily yells.

Doom goes to step forward aggressively, only for Foley to put a hand out and stop him.

“I know you’re upset, buddy, but we’re here to help. You can’t go pushing around Doomy, or he’ll get gloomy.”

Doom growls.

The Python hisses.

“So, we’re nowhere?!” Shark complains frustratedly. He steps into the room, revealing a pool of dried blood where there shouldn’t be. It isn’t his. “Look..”

Python walks over, immediately grabbing his head with his hands. Doom and Foley accompany them.

“It isn’t enough blood,” Doom says with a knowing confidence, kneeling to inspect.

“What the heck is that supposed to mean, dude!?” The Yellow Python once again yells. “Do you want him to be dead!?”

That about does it for Doom. The World Ender grabs The Python by the throat, angrily lifting him into the air. The Blue Shark charges forward, only for Foley to drop him with a Big Boot before he gets close.

Felix looks furious with himself, slapping his knee in frustration.

“Listen,” Doom sneers angrily, grasping Python tightly by the throat. “I don’t expect your addled little brain to understand science, but should you push me again, I will do the job of The Black Panther for him and end you.”

Doom tosses him aside and storms off. Foley kneels beside Python, who’s grabbing at his throat, trying to catch his breath.

“What he meant was that there’s not enough blood to signify that your friend is dead,” Foley makes him aware with smile. “He’s still alive.”

Felix gets up and chases after Doom, leaving The Kingdom laid out at their homebase.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Wow! Welcome to NXT Level, folks. 

NICK DIAMOND: The Kingdom are a frustrated pair of kids, messing with the wrong one in Doom. How’re they gonna win the tag titles and save their friend, Johnny? 

JOHNNY GOMEZ: I just don’t know, Nick. I just don’t know.


The Offensive


In a surprising turn of events, Raven stands in the locker room backstage with Mark Hayes. Both men have been brutalised by Malakai Midnight in recent weeks.

“We can’t keep allowing ourselves to be assaulted,” Mark says angrily, folding his arms. “Malakai seems to know exactly where we’ll be and when. If we make it into Lambs to the Slaughter next week, we need to go on the offensive.”

JOHNNY GOMEZ: I think this might be the best way to defend themselves against Midnight. 

NICK DIAMOND: He’s a scary dude and going it alone would be a scary prospect.

Raven nods in agreement.

“He was at the grave of my…” he says, trailing off into angered silence.

Mark puts a consoling hand on his shoulder.

“I know,” he says with empathy. “But those mind games and attacks only work if we let them. We need to attack.”

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Mind games? Raven’s deceased fiancé not being off limits takes things too far. 

NICK DIAMOND: Don’t forget about the beatings, Johnny.

The Vigilante thinks about it for a moment.

“Have you seen Mud?” He says curiously, looking around. “Wasn’t he supposed to be here?”

“I told him to come but there’s no certainty with that guy – he’s a bit wishy washy. Lacks effort. We’ll just have to update him on the plan before Pandemonium.”

“Potentially just you and I then, Mark?” Raven asks with a shrug. Mark nods, offering a fist bump that Raven takes. “I have many questions about why Malakai has chosen us. I don’t just want vengeance… I want answers.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Midnight has a massive problem on his hands, folks.

 NICK DIAMOND: At Pandemonium, Mark Hayes and Raven are coming… and where IS Mud Mouth?

Mark nods.



JOHNNY GOMEZ: We have a banger of a contest here tonight as Narcissa Balenciaga faces off against Mud Mouth. Can the leader of the Uprising continue her roll or will the Creek Water King deliver an upset to the Double Feature Champion tonight?

The bell sounds as Narcissa rushes forward, nailing with some Opressive Liberty in the Wrap Around Headscissors.

Mud staggers up to his feet into a huge high kick that sends him tumbling through the ropes to the outside but he barely gets to hit the concrete before Narcissa rushes forward

NICK DIAMOND: FLIPPING MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE! Narcissa has been all over Mud Mouth here tonight.

Narcissa pulls Mud Mouth up to his feet, raking the eyes before BLINDING HIM WITH LOVE with a brutal STO onto the concrete. Narcissa doesn't cover instead pulling the apron up as she grabs a table out from underneath the ring.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Narcissa looking to prove a point here and possibly cripple the Creek Water King.

Narcissa places the table upright on the apron, pulling Mud Mouth up but he pushes her away, delivering the BUCKSHOT BLASTER! Superman Punch stuns Narcissa as Mud Mouth tries to put Narcissa through the table but Narcissa slips out of the Suplex,

REVOLUTION! RIPCORD SPINNING HEEL sends Mud Mouth face first into the table. It doesn't break but he falls to his knees as Hera backs up to the apron.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: CALL TO ARMS! RUNNING METEORA PUTS MUD MOUTH FACE FIRST THROUGH THE TABLE! That has to be it as Narcissa pulls him out of the wreckage, hooking the leg as Cole Holt counts the fall
















JOHNNY GOMEZ: Dominating victory by the Double Feature Champion tonight Nick as she sends a very clear message to any would be challenger, step up and get destroyed.

NICK DIAMOND: But will she be able to do that to Jash Khan next week or is this the last gasp for her title run tonight? 



Avenging Honor

We find Master Ken backstage, kneeling alone. His head is bowed and he is silent, reflecting.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Last week, the unthinkable happened when Blaze sought his own form of justice on Master Ken by setting fire to his dojo.

NICK DIAMOND: He was lucky that he wasn’t in that dojo. I don’t think it was just a fire that Blaze planned on setting. He was going after Master Ken’s life.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Look at the guy. He’s lost everything. But he’s a man of honor, what is the honorable response to Blaze’s murderous actions?

Master Ken’s concentration is broken as he’s joined by a second figure.

“Sensei?” The figure approaches, one of the survivors of the fire. “I received this anonymously, addressed to you.”

He passes a parcel on to Ken, wrapped in a brown paper wrapping. Master Ken opens the parcel and is drawn to tears. He says nothing, but he wears his emotion all over his body. Sensei and student embrace, sharing in the grief.

Inside the package, a ripped and tattered banner, folded to reveal a charred but visible Dragon Warrior Dojo logo. The very same banner that Nox retrieved from the fire and gave to Destructo Boy. There is no writing, no name. But Ken knows its meaning.

He takes the banner into his fist, clenching it around the fabric. His grief turns to resolve in that moment. He nods at his student, who takes the banner and ties it around his head like a Hachimaki headband. With that, the student bows and leaves.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: The very symbol of what he has lost. He fights for those lost to that fire.

But as he leaves, a second figure enters the room. Nox.

“Tragedy strikes, and you steel yourself in your resolve.” Nox starts, Ken’s head rising to meet him. “But the honorable thing to do is to fight, for a great wrong has befallen you, and for their honor you must strike. You need to know who is responsible for these actions.”

He offers a hand to Ken, who looks at it for a moment before taking it. Nox helps him to his feet.

“Anger is one thing, but it must be aimed in the right direction. Inside the Gas Chamber at Pandemonium.”

Master Ken agrees, nodding solemnly. “I cannot take this lying down. For honor, revenge must be sought.”

NICK DIAMOND: It sounds like Nox struck a chord there with Master Ken.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: The Sensei has sworn revenge on Blaze, and he’ll see him in the ring before too long.



JOHNNY GOMEZ: Master Ken is a man bent on revenge after his Dojo was burned down...but he must turn his focus to Mark Hayes in this First Blood Match!

Hayes quickly goes on the attack, but the Sensei fends him off before taking the Sharpshooter down with a throw!

Ken quickly follows with some kicks until Mark manages to get back to his feet...but the Master nails him with a thrust kick!

Hayes goes through the ropes to the outside, struggling to stand as Ken leaves the ring...but Hayes catches him with a forearm!

Ken barely gets to recover before the Sharpshooter follows up with some right hands...pulling the Sensei toward the ring post!

Ken hits the metal with a thud, and Hayes keeps on it by slamming his head against the post!

NICK DIAMOND: I think Hayes figured out the way to get that blood from the Sensei!

Except that Ken blocks a second attempt, swinging at the Sharpshooter for a spinning backfist!


Hayes is sent reeling, giving Ken the space to land a jump kick!

He follows with some hard strikes, trying to draw blood from behind Mark's mask in a fit of rage!

Hayes fights back, hoisting the Sensei on his shoulders for a fireman's carry!

He's going for the seated stunner!


Ken drops to the floor as the ref comes out, checking on him as Hayes punches away...with one final blow busting the Sensei open!

JOHNNY GOMEZ: The ref's calling it there, with Mark Hayes drawing blood from Master Ken for the win!


Strictly Business

We cut backstage, inside the office of Scott Sterling where we see the Authority talking to Jash Khan!

"So that's it, then?" asks the Authority, looking over a sheet of paper before turning his attention to the Raja Roadman. "A shot at Narcissa Balenciaga and the Double Feature Championship?"

Jash simply nods in response, drawing a smile from Sterling in the process.

"Consider the match signed for Pandemonium," he says, signing off on what we soon see is a contract making the match official. "I take it you're eager to take championship prestige out of the hands of the Uprising?"

Scott is caught nearly gob smacked by the response of Khan, who shakes his head at this.

"Nah, bruddah," he states. "This is strickly business, innit. There's a lotta value to holdin' one of the prizes of Olympus, and I got things to build--and rebuild--with the credits that come with bein' an ace here."

"That's the spirit, Mr. Khan!" Sterling exclaims, a smile forming on his face as he extends a hand. "An absolute pleasure, to be sure."

"The pleasure's all mine, bruddah," Jash replies with a smile of his own, shaking hands with the Authority before rising from his seat. He takes his leave from the office, heading down the hall before we notice someone watching from a distance...Narcissa Balenciaga.

NICK DIAMOND: Uh oh, Jash Khan's business deal may not have gone unnoticed by the leader of the Uprising!

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Even so, that's a whopper of a match signed for Pandemonium as Khan faces Balenciaga for the Double Feature Championship!



Prove Thy Faith

No Man's Land.

"Colt wasn't the key," the voice of Drewitt introduces the scene, War standing over a handcuffed Colt Ramsey. The Journo looks exhausted, looking towards the horizon, the rest of Apokalypsis speaking as though he's not even there.

NICK DIAMOND: Colt looks better off than I than I thought he'd look, Johnny.

JOHNNY GOMEZ:  They're smart, Nicky. He's a bartering piece. I don't like it, but Apokalypsis knows what they're doing.

"So we rely on the hope that it's Troy, then?" Vision speaks next, crossing his arms as he waits patiently alongside the rest of team OSW.

"Are you sure he'll show, Muerte?" Gemini glances to her fellow horseman, the Death Singer merely chuckling as he points a finger into the distance.

"Sí." All eyes follow his gaze as Lionel Troy once again steps foot into No Man's Land. His congregation follows him closely as he finally steps into the clearing in front of the door, a frown on his face as he stares down the people who invaded his church just one week previously.

"So," Troy says hesitantly, "what do I need to do for you to allow one of Zion's children his freedom?"

"Simple," Vision replies. "Place your hand to the door. Prove to us whether or not you're the key. Unless you have a problem with that."

The Children of Zion look at Troy expectantly, a bead of sweat forming on his brow as he thinks the situation over. However, after a moment, a smile spreads across his lips. "Am I the key? Of course I'm the key! And Zion would never, ever, allow me to let those evils loose into Arcadia to harm his children!" His followers gasp, Colt even looking to him in shock at the proclamation.

Lionel, however, waltzes up to the door! "And as the key, I shall not unlock this gate! By the power of Zion I shall preserve our paradise and lock the door so nothing may ever sneak past its threshold!" Troy raises his hand in the air, shaking it visibly before slapping it onto the door!

JOHNNY GOMEZ: He touched it!


There's a very pregnant pause, everyone watching with baited breath.


The light flashes red, the door doesn't open. And, with a flourish, Troy turns back to his followers triumphantly, the group cheering for his apparent miracle! Apokalypsis share a look, shaking their heads.

"Fine," Drewitt says, pushing Ramsey towards Troy. "You held up your end. Take him."

Troy and his congregation help Colt to his feet, the group leaving No Man's Land as quickly as they arrived. Apokalypsis, meanwhile, talk amongst themselves.

"So," Muerte begins. "Who's next?"



JOHNNY GOMEZ: It's time for our next match! This one features Malakai Midnight against Yellow Python in a lumberjack match!

NICK DIAMOND: That's right Johnny! That's not all of it though! These lumberjacks are all night owls worming for Midnight!

DING! DING! Yellow Python charges and nails a shotgun dropkick! He's trying to make quick work of the new arrival here as he mounts Malakai and starts throwing massive rights in the downed Midnight! Desperate choke from below to make Python stop!

It works as Midnight stands up while the choke is still clamped on! He marches forward towards the ropes and Python tumbles Over the ropes and onto the floor!

JOHNNY GOMEZ: This can't be good…

NICK DIAMOND: Sure it can… just for Malakai Midnight!

The night owls jump like a pack of wild dogs and start stomping away! They pick Python up and whip him into the barricade! One of the larger owls sprints at Python and spears him through the barricade! Python looks out of it as they pull him up and throw him back into the ring!

NICK DIAMOND: Midnight looks ready to pounce as Python pulls himself up!


JOHNNY GOMEZ: You were right Nick! Midnight got all of that big boot and makes the cover!


NICK DIAMOND: He's done it! Midnight continues his impressive beginning here with another win over Yellow Python!



We're Abominations

Months previously…

A singular drip repeatedly falls from the dark damp room’s ceiling, falling into the same puddle on the floor with a plop. A figure sits in the shadows, darkness covering his face. He doesn’t move to reveal himself.

A woman’s voice echoes softly.

“We’re abominations.”

The figure hidden by shadows cackles deeply.

“I’ve always been an abomination, but not you. Look at you, you’re beautiful.”

“Do you think so?” She asks in surprise.

“I do,” he grumbles. “People will always accept people of your beauty. You’ll always be welcomed.”

The woman laughs, which cuts the man off. He slinks back into the shadows, embarrassed.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” she asks kindly. “I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing because I think you’re beautiful too. I’m laughing because I find it inconceivable that you don’t see yourself like I do.”

The figure comes back slightly from hiding.

“R-Really?” He asks nervously.

“You and I together,” she says reaching her hand out into the shadows. He takes it, but we still can’t see who they are.Abominations.

Abominations, together,” he agrees.

The door suddenly swings open.


NICK DIAMOND: Who the heck are they, Johnny? 

JOHNNY GOMEZ: I don’t know but I get the feeling we might find out very soon. Someone is coming to Old School Wrestling. I’d put money on it.



Previously Recorded.

Pitch Black.

There is nothing at all for a few seconds, until a single spotlight appears in the darkness with a mechanical thunk. And in that spotlight is a small mahogany table, and atop that table is an old, dusty TV set.

A hand appears from outside of the spotlight and presses a button on the front of the TV, and it springs to life, mostly showing static and white noise. In between this fuzziness are occasional glimpses of…someone? Something?

A sparkling red gem, set into a gold and wood cane.

A deep red jacket.

A set of smirking lips, the red popping against the white skin.

And it’s on a close-up of those lips that the TV settles, still interrupted intermittently by static.

“Arcadia has had it wrong for so long,” comes the voice at long last, higher pitched and almost breaking at times.

“Everyone busying themselves striving for their idea of perfection. PERFECTION!”

“Perfection isn’t the boon people think it is. We like things to be a little broken. We like it when someone is kinda quirky. When they have a bit of something about them – some je ne sais quoi. You know? Some IMPERFECTION.”

The lips curl tighter into a smile.

“And boy do I see plenty of that…”

The hand reappears and turns off the TV. There’s another mechanical thunk as the spotlight turns off, leaving us once again in pitch black darkness.

And then, this time not coming from the screen, but from our immediate vicinity obscured by the darkness, that same voice, almost quivering with joy.

“Let us show you the Way.”



JOHNNY GOMEZ: The Pool Boys are going to battle! Can Destructo Boy recreate last week and score a victory over one of OSW's fiercest competitors in a Finisher Match?

The bell rings and Destructo Boy immediately explodes across the ring with a thunderous dropkick! Doom hits the turnbuckle and the Black Heart follows up with a leaping hurricanrana! Doom lands in the middle of the ring and rolls to his feet as Destructo Boy springboards!



James hits the mat in a heap and Doom follows up by deadlifting Destructo Boy and tossing him with a powerful German Suplex! The Kid rolls to his feet only for a big boot to keep him down! Doom peels him back up and whips him to the ropes! Destructo Boy ducks a clothesline!



The World Ender is out on his feet and gets dropped with a leaping DDT! Destructo Boy forces Doom up only to catch a headbutt to the nose! The Doctor fires off with rights hooks which Destructo Boy returns in kind!







Doom catches Destructo Boy's hand and hoists him up!



Destructo Boy hits the ground in a heap! Doom just nailed his finisher!

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Destructo Boy tried his best but Doom still stands tall here tonight!


John Says

El Mariachi Muerte walks through No Man's Land, his guitar in hand. Singing Death begins to tune his instrument, playing a few familiar chords with a small sigh. As he makes his way through the desolate wasteland, however, he pauses where he stands, hands still on the guitar.

His eyes glaze over.


Red Snow IX.

El Mariachi Muerte and Dr. Death lay in the middle of the ring, having given everything that they had to defeat the other.

"John says," Muerte's voice whispers quietly as we relive this scene.

For a moment, there’s no stirring of life from either man.

Just silence.

"John says."

Both men begin to stir at the same time, but it’s the Mariachi who is the determined one. Muerte, battered and bruised, crawls over to where Dr. Death lies, his expression grim and determined.

"John says."

He leans in close to Dr. Death, whispering something we cannot hear into his ear.

"John says."

Dr. Death, rattled by Muerte’s proximity and the weight of his words, tries to back away.

"John says."

Filled with adrenaline, he gets back to his feet, his eyes wide with fear. He stammers, attempting to protest, but Muerte’s grip on him tightens.

"John says."


We find ourselves once again staring at El Mariachi Muerte, the scene brought to an abrupt end. The horseman shakes his head in confusion, looking around himself as he tries to make sense of what just happened. After a moment, however, he begins to play his guitar again, still trying to make sense of what he just experienced.


JOHNNY GOMEZ: Up next we have Raven taking on Drewitt in a submission match! Who will be forced to surrender?

Drewitt charges at the Death Walker, laying into him with some hard forearm strikes that send Raven toward the corner.

He then goes running at Raven, who manages to evade just in the nick of time!

Drewitt collides against the turnbuckle, giving Vengeance the opening to lay in some hard kicks on the Explorer.

This sets up a chance to send War into the turnbuckle once again, which ends up dropping War to the mat!

Drewitt is propped up against the corner as Raven comes running, hitting a basement dropkick on the Explorer...who falls out of the ring from the impact!

Vengeance leaves the ring in pursuit, but Drewitt is already back to his feet for a chop against the chest, sending Raven right back into the ring!

NICK DIAMOND: I dunno if that was a ruse by Drewitt, but he's got control of this match as a result!

The Explorer slides in behind him, bringing Raven back up to his feet before laying in some more right hands...and then hoists him over his shoulders, stretching the Death Walker's arms back for a Gory Special!


Raven breaks free before the hold is locked in, taking War's legs out from under him...and turning him over for a Scorpion Deathlock!


Drewitt tries to reach for the ropes...but gets pulled to the center of the ring by Raven!

Drewitt's trapped...and he taps!

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Raven picks up the submission win over Drewitt after a valiant fight!


Just Another Victim

Jackson Cade stands in the middle of the ring, waiting for Jasper Redgrave. He has a microphone and is buoyed by the cheering fans at ringside.

Redgrave!He roars angrily. “Have you finished with him, is that it?”

He starts pacing in the middle of the ring.

What was he; just another victim?

"Please allow me to introduce myself.. I'm a man of wealth, and taste.."

The arena falls into darkness. A single stage light beams down on the entrance way as it begins to fill with a thick fog. "Sympathy for The Devil" by The Rolling Stones begins hammering the sound system and the fog slowly begins to part until the silhouette of a man stands just behind the spotlight.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: These two have a match up next… 

NICK DIAMOND: But Jackson wants answers.

The silhouette takes full form as "The Artist" Jasper Redgrave steps into the light. The crowd of Arcadians stare in awe at the killer as the music fades away.

“My relationship with your brother is a complicated and complex one, Jackson – much like it is with you,” he says with a grin. “Everyone has been asking me why I haven’t found him, why I haven’t rescued him... and the answer is simple.”

He stops to soak in the boo’s before continuing.

“I don’t need to.”

That makes Jackson irate.

“You’re a piece of shit, Redgrave!” Cade roars at him.

Redgrave shrugs.

“I taught your brother everything he needed to know about what I do and how I do it,” The Artist continues. “Look for yourself…”

Suddenly and abruptly, a severely depleted and injured CJ Thorpe steps out from behind the curtain, holding his midsection. He’s dehydrated and hurting, but stands beside his friend.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Thorpe is free!? 

NICK DIAMOND: But how!? Look at Cade’s face; he’s in shock! 

“Joey?” He asks in shock. “Are you okay?”

Thorpe taps Jasper on the shoulder and ignores his brother, turning to walk away.

“Now,” Redgrave says with a bigger grin than ever. “Do you wanna talk or fight?”

Jackson tosses the microphone aside and waves him on.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: We’re going! 

NICK DIAMOND: This is gonna be a fight!


Johnny Gomez: It’s the revival of one OSW and Arcadia’s most emotional rivalries as Jackson Cade takes on Jasper Redgrave tonight. 

Cole Holt calls for the bell and Cade explodes out of the corner… 


A Slingblade takes down Redgrave as Cade snaps back to his feet looking to capitalize The Officer scoops The Artist up.  Brainbuster… 










Cole yells at The Officer to let go before starting his count… 










Jackson backs away from the recovering Artist, staring him down, as Redgrave staggers to his feet… 



Jasper ducks the Superkick, spinning Jackson around.  Kicking him in the gut, Pedigree! 








Nick Diamond: Jasper Redgrave dodges defeat and picks up momentum heading into Pandemonium! 


Thinking Clearly, II

We find Blaze back in his family home, the charred remains and rubble of what is left of it. He’s angry, muttering to himself about his target escaping the scales of justice. At the slightest sound behind him, he spins on his heel, ready to fight. But he drops his guard when he sees Destructo Boy approaching.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Destructo Boy looks like he has some convincing to do. Nox gave him that concoction which will help bring clarity to Blaze’s mind.

“We hit Master Ken where it hurt.” Blaze begins, clenching his fists. “But it wasn’t enough. I need to regroup, next time he will not get away.”

Blaze laughs, but Destructo Boy does not follow his jovial response.

“Father.” He begins, cautiously. “These are not the actions of a man who is thinking clearly.”

There is a long pause, silence while Blaze considers the words of his son. “You may be right. A clear mind would have seen that it was not the opportune time to strike.” Destructo Boy holds the canister in his hands that Nox gave him last week. He presents it to Blaze.

“This is designed to help you. To see things more clearly. I fear that this quest for justice has become clouded in your mind, when you need to see the path ahead with clarity.” Blaze looks at the canister presented to him, wearily assessing his options. Destructo Boy looks into his eyes. “Please, take it.”

Blaze takes the canister, turning it over in his hands. He looks back at Destructo Boy, mulling. After a long time spent deciding on his options.

“You say this will bring clarity to my mind." Blaze's eyes twinkle with a smile. "Perhaps this clarity will bring about the end of Master Ken. He will pay for killing your mother, son.”

He brings the canister to his face and squeezes the nozzle directly into his mouth, breathing in the chemicals from within. He coughs and splutters, then settles, calming.

NICK DIAMOND: Nox’s gas has been ingested, but to what end, we’re yet to see.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Destructo Boy is convinced this will bring about clarity. Blaze is convinced this clarity will help him finish Master Ken off. Either way, this is heading to a climax at Pandemonium.



NICK DIAMOND: We have a very heated tag team matchup here Johnny as the Church of Zion go up against Apokolypsis here tonight. The Horsemen have been trying to make Lionel Troy do their bidding for the past few weeks and they stepped up the mindgames by kidnapping Colt last week.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Ramsey is here but a week with those monsters has to shake up anyone. Will the Church get some revenge tonight or are Apokolypsis getting one step closer to what they want?

The bell sounds as Troy and Ramsey sprint out the gate, both men landing stiff spears to Gemini and EMM respectively as the Church begin pounding down with heavy lefts and rights. Lionel rocks Gemini with a brutal headbutt before he and Colt lift EMM up off the mat and into the air.


The crowd cheer as Troy closes his eyes for a moment, taking in the words of Zion before patting Colt on the chest, pointing to Gemini. Colt goes to pull Nergal up to her feet but she was ready for him.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: SWARM! Nergal just unleashed the plague of insects at the Church. Both men are blinding, batting away as they don't notice Gemini springboarding off the ropes

UNLEASHED ONTO COLT! Brutal Tornado DDT takes the zealot out of the match. She rushes forward at Lionel, as he leans back on the ropes

CLOTHESLIONEL FROM HELL! Brutal Lariat wipes her out completely. Lionel pushes Gemini out of the ring, rolling out himself as he grabs a ladder and begins to climb.

NICK DIAMOND: Up above the ring is that key. A symbol of these past few weeks for Lionel but will he be able to grab it and deny Apokolypsis what they desire?

Lionel slowly climbs up the ladder, he's nearly at the top when Muerte leaps back into the ring, springboarding off

RIGHT INTO NEGATIVE EXPOSURE! COLT RAMSEY PUMP KICKS EMM OUT OF THE AIR OUT OF NOWHERE! The Zealot urges on Lionel who reaches up, pulling the key down as the referee calls for the bell.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: The Church win the TLC match here. Lionel pulled the key down but will he be able to resist doing the same to the door Apokolypsis need him to open? 


Follow The Jasper

Fresh off his huge match with Jackson Cade, Jasper Redgrave exits Olympus.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Looks like the number one contender is done for the evening, folks.

NICK DIAMOND: He’s got to adjust to a new opponent, that takes planning!

The Artist takes a convoluted route through several descending levels. The path is labyrinthine, twisting through lesser-known corridors and abandoned passages.

NICK DIAMOND: How do you think he’ll react to challenging Attano for the strap, Gomez?

JOHNNY GOMEZ: How does Jasper Redgrave react to anything? With violence.

Redgrave’s pace is deliberate, if a little slow, each footstep resonating with confidence and a touch of malice. As he navigates the subterranean complexity, his smirk never fades.

Finally, he arrives at a nondescript door tucked away in the deepest recesses of the Agora. He pauses, his hand resting on the rusted handle, and looks around.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: For a guy who doesn’t want to be found, he’s taking an awful lot of time standing there.

NICK DIAMOND: You don’t think?

Satisfied, Jasper turns the handle and steps inside.

The door closes with a soft click behind him, and for a moment, all is still.

The camera begins to pan back as a shadow looms into view, stretching far and long over to the door.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Someone followed Redgrave?

NICK DIAMOND: It’s gotta be Tombstone, no one has seen him since he lost last week!

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Is this what Igor Mortis meant by doing it his way?

As we cut away, the shadow begins to advance.


JOHNNY GOMEZ: It's time for the main event of the evening, the NXT Level Champion faces off against one half of the Tag Team Champions in our final spot before Pandemonium. Will Nox be able to breath his toxic fumes to momentum heading into lambs or will Felix Foley prove Pandemonium is about to become his Playhouse?

The bell sounds as Nox rushes forward, going low as he tries to chop down the stronger man with a chopblock but Foley scouts it, kicking Nox in the jaw with a stiff kick before gripping him around the throat


Nox hits the buckles hard, bone echoing off steel, a pain that's made a dozen times worse as Foley rushes forward with a brutal Avalanche Splash that squashes Nox into the steel.

Foley pulls the slumped Nox up to his feet, holding the ropes with both hands as the crowd begins to roar.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: FELIX FOLEY'S CORNER! Foley stomping a mudhole dry into Nox before lifting him up into the tree of woe as we all know what follows the Corner.


Nox flops out of the tree of woe, Foley quickly rolling to his feet as he pulls Nox up onto his shoulders, looking to bump his head but Nox manages to slip out

PARALYTIC PLEX! Snap Dragon drops Foley right on the back of his head.

Nox staggers back, shaking off the cobwebs for a moment before rushing forward as Foley gets to one knee, rocking him with a soccer kick to the jaw before pulling him up


NICK DIAMOND: And just like that, Nox has trapped Foley into his game. What lies next is methodic destruction of the bumbling fool.

Nox barely lets Foley hit the mat before he peels him up, stunning him with a stiff forearm to the jaw before spinning behind as he grabs his neck.

MODIFIED BACKBREAKER! Nox doesn't let Foley go though, delivering a second and then a third before spinning Foley around, double underhooking him and nailing not one...not two...but three consecutive backbreakers. Foley tries to collapse but Nox pulls him up, throwing him across the ring before grabbing him on the rebound.


JOHNNY GOMEZ: Foley has to have been broken in half allready from seven consecutive backbreakers as Nox drops down for the cover, Demi Sky sliding in to count














Nox pulls Foley up, delivering another spine shattering backbreaker before lifting him up high onto his shoulders, and stretching his spine nearly in half with the Backbreaker Rack. Foley screams out in pain but refuses to quit as Nox pulls back with all his strength, the crowd chanting Foley's name as he begins to fight out

JOHNNY GOMEZ: DDT! Foley manages to swing down, spiking Nox into the mat as he escapes the submission!

Nox stumbles to his feet as Foley rush forward, SHOWING HIM THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKING! Mammoth Big Boot knocks Nox for a loop as Foley tries to pull Nox up but his back seizes up, forcing him to his knees. Nox drills him with a hard elbow to the jaw before lifting him up high in a Powerbomb.

TETRADOXACT....NO! Foley manages to reverse the Powerbomb Backbreaker with a Hurricanrana at the last moment. Nox rolling to his feet as he rushes at Foley

NICK DIAMOND: RIGHT INTO THE PUPPETSHOW! Foley has the Mandible Claw locked in tight out of nowhere as this could be it for Nox

Nox struggles under the hold for a moment, his hands going wild trying to break the hold before he clicks something in his chest


Foley staggers back, clutching his face as he tries to wipe the blinding mist away. Nox stumbles up, catching his breath for a moment before rushing forward

JOHNNY GOMEZ: SHOTGUN DROPKICK INTO THE CORNER! Foley just crumpled in an agonising heap as that may be it for Mrs Foleys Baby Boy here tonight.

Nox pulls Foley out of the corner, throwing him onto his back before  slashing his finger across his throat and locking in the OXYGEN DEPRAVATION CHAMBER! The Modified Recliner is locked in tight, Foley's slowly losing conciousness but he refuses to tap out.

The crowd cheer him on, wanting Foley to survive but while the will is strong, Felix's body isn't as he slowly passes out. Demi seeing him go limp in Nox's arms as she quickly calls for the bell.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Brutal victory for Nox here, he had an answer for everything Felix gave him and while Foley has heart, even he couldn't survive breathing it in.

NICK DIAMOND: He's the NXT Level Champion for a reason Johnny, he stuck to his gameplan, slowly broke down Foley and made him pass out. If I was his opponents at Pandemonium, I'd be worried right now with how much a roll Nox is on. 



Albert Lamplight lays strapped to a canvas, looking up with vengeful fear at the man looming over him. Jasper Redgrave prepares a set of sharp, gleaming knives. The cold metal tools clink softly as Jasper lays them out meticulously on a nearby table.

"You see, Albert," Jasper begins casually, his eyes never leaving the blades, "since Tombstone lost the World title, you've become somewhat... expendable." He picks up a knife, testing its edge with a sinister smile. "It's been too long since I've done any real work."

Albert's eyes widen in terror, he tugs at the restraints, but the straps hold tight.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: This is not good for Albert Lamplight, Nicky.

NICK DIAMOND: Not at all.

Jasper steps toward him with the knife raised…


JOHNNY GOMEZ: It’s… Harold Attano!

NICK DIAMOND: The World Champion is who tracked Redgrave here!

Harold Attano storms in, fury etched across his face.

“It wasn’t supposed to be you!?” Redgrave says, caught off guard for once.

Without hesitation, Harold charges at Jasper, throwing punches fueled by a deep-seated rage. Jasper stumbles back, dropping the knife as he tries to fend off the assault.

"Time to finish this," Harold growls, landing another heavy blow.

Jasper scrambles to regain his footing. In a desperate move, he pulls another knife from his belt and hurls it at Harold.


Seeing his chance to escape, Jasper dashes for the door, slipping out into the darkness before Harold can give chase.

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Harold Attano will get his hands on Jasper Redgrave at Pandemonium, we know that for sure!

NICK DIAMOND: If this is any indication, it’s going to be a war.

Harold turns his attention to Albert, who is still strapped to the canvas.

"Get the hell out of here," Harold says as he releases Lamplight.