In Narcissa Balenciaga, Promo by Narcissa Balenciaga

One of humanity’s most frustrating dilemmas is the evolutionary flaw of not enough appendages.

In layman’s terms, not enough hands.

For 120 days, I had an iron grip on that double feature title. I held on so tight, these knuckles became so alabaster, they stood out from the rest of this porcelain skin.

Then I had to loosen my grasp for a far more precious title, one hand on each, and I could feel both slipping away from me.

I had two options, hold on to both a little longer and lose them both or sacrifice one to preserve the other. I had to choose quickly, my hands were screaming in agony so internally loud it could compete with the cacophony of a playground.

It’s pretty clear what I chose to do, anyone would make the same decision.

Most of the decisions that we have to make in this life are far more convoluted and even more consequential.

For instance, most parents when confronted with the idea that they have a favorite child instinctively become defensive. Yet, if they were holding onto both over a bridge and had to pick one or another to survive, the dark truth that every parent has would be out in the light.

The favorite would be held on to as tight as possible while the other plummets into the deep with that forbidden knowledge being their last memory.

Picture yourself In that scenario, CJ Thorpe, no not the parent who has to make the worst of decisions, no, the role you were born to play, the child plummeting to their demise slightly faster with the added weight of inadequacy.

You have no control in the latter, Mr. and Mrs. Cade made that decision for you, you had to descend to the abyss I rescued from, a fate where death is an escape disguised as a punishment. Meanwhile, your brother was held tight, coddled, and got to taste glory without the world hating him for it.

No, you really only have two options in your role, accept your fate or fight to survive.

Choose carefully, you can be the Thorpe that fails so our cause can succeed, there’s an extra incentive for lying down, no drop ensures no pain. On the other hand, you can choose to squirm like a rat and force me to drop you like I have so many others.

I’ve always been the mother of The Uprising, once to all of Arcadia, I’ve had to drop more things than you could ever dream of carrying, what makes you feel like you’re special? Your own flesh and blood dropped you, I won’t even hesitate like they did.

Doubt me? What makes you different from Pym or Lucky or the man I saved you from, Max Meadows? If someone stands in my way to justice, they don’t stand for long.

This gold is our path to destroying the man that took so many things away from us, do the right thing and lay down to fight another day. I’ll even tuck you in like a good parent should, like your parents forgot to.