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Welcome Bartholomew (Justin)

A little thread for those who aren't in or aren't active in the discord to welcome Bartholomew Finke, aka Justin, to OSW.

Welcome to OSW Justin! You won't regret signing up. I've been in a fed different feds recently and nothing quite compares to OSW.

It's lovely to see a fresh face. Welcome to the world of Old School Wrestling. I'm rarely on Discord but I do check it semi-regularly for just in case, so if you need anything, drop me a message.


Thank you, gentlemen

Welcome Justin.

I am on Discord, but I'm in a totally different timezone to everyone else so sometimes I'm not as active in normal parts of other people's days.


I'm Hayden, from New Zealand. Glad to meet you and looking forward to getting to know you better.

Welcome bud, happy to have ya here!

I think I said hi to ya back on the Discord, but I'll just say it again here!

Heya Justin! Welcome to our humble fed! Hope you brought snacks, 'cause we ran out.

Thank you for the warm welcome everyone