“And now, Old School Wrestling presents…”

[The Old School Wrestling logo flashes in neon, hung upon the wall.]

“Monday Night Showcase.”

[The unusual sound of fireworks explode throughout the small School Yard as our cameras switch to a sold out crowd, booing as if their lives depended on it. Only last week did Errol Flint do the unthinkable and become OSW World Champion.]

“Now there was a time,

When you loved me so.

I couldn’t do wrong,

And now you need to know.

See, I been a bad bad bad bad man.

And I’m in deep.


I found a brand new love for this man,

And can’t wait till you see.

I can’t wait.”

[“How’d You Like Me Now” by The Heavy trumpets into the arena as confetti begins to fall from the rafters, our World Champion stepping out onto the ramp and soaking in those boos. With the OSW Championship on his shoulder, he waits for Luther and Pig to step out and greet him.] [The crowd are almost deafening with boos as Flint makes a paced walk to the ring. All three enter and shake hands with one another, looking entirely proud of themselves. Luther retrieves a microphone for the Chairman and steps backwards.]

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” [He says forced to stop as the crowd refuse to give him even a moments peace.] “That’s alright, get it out of your system, please.”

[That incites this audience further and the decibels quickly rise.]

“Now if you don’t mind, your World Champion has a thing or two he’d like to get off his chest. The first, is that when Errol Flint guarantees something, you had better take note. Now I don’t know why James Hunter did what he did and I don’t care. That man has bought no favour in my book, that much I can assure you.”

[The crowd boo at the mention of Hunter’s name.]

“But at Pandemonium, there will be a Fatal Four Way Unification Match and it will be between Pig, The Scarecrow, James Hunter and yours truly, Errol Flint. I must admit, I hadn’t planned on becoming a fully-fledged competitor but I-“

[Suddenly, the opening lick of Steve Vai’s wonderful guitar playing from “For The Love of God” rings out over the arena. Mike Lane walks out from the shadows with no pomp and circumstance, looking like one pissed off son of a bitch. He storms straight to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope, getting back up and pulling out a microphone as Pig steps in to protect Flint.]

“You’re a son of a bitch!!” [Lane screams at him, his fury knowing no bounds] “But you didn’t do it alone Flint, you remember that. I’m amazed you can even walk tonight, let alone parade out here with MY Championship,” [He grimaces.] “And that’s the thing isn’t it? It’s my title. I don’t know what Hunter injected me with but you could have counted to a hundred and you know it!”

[Flint shakes his head, signalling ‘no’.] “I beat you myself, Lane! I pinned you one, two, three and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

“That’s where you’re wrong, old man. Every former World Champion is entitled to their rematch and I want mine tonight!”

[The fans absolutely explode at the idea, a massive “YEAAAHHHHHH!” chant echoing throughout the arena.] [Flint shakes his head furiously.] “Not a chance in hell, you son of a bitch!” [he yells to boos.] “Not even if you bent down on your knees and begged me!”

[Mike storms forward but Pig reacts with a right hand, crashing him to the canvas with a thud. The Shadowking pops back to his feet and is immediately downed by a MARCH OF THE PIGS! HEADBUTT SPEAR!! The Animal squeals in excitement as their bodies crash down onto the canvas. Flint closes in, standing over his future son-in-law – handing the microphone to Luther.]

“You’re done Michael! The Shadowking has finally endured all he can. As for Scarecrow, the very same son of a bitch that attacked my Pig last week, you have one week to surrender your RAGE Championship next Monday, or else your world comes crashing down! Tonight is the dawn of a new era here in Old School Wrestling. It’s the dawn of a new age, a new alliance and a Mega Corporation. James Hunter, you’re on the wrong side of the MegaCORP and tonight, inside Detention, we’re going to make you wish you did your homework!”

[Luther and Flint share smiles, loving that as “How’d You Like Me Now” by The Heavy once again trumpets into the arena. Errol adjusts his title and then his tie, stepping towards the ropes. It looks like Errol Flint is the leader of a new group, a new era, the MegaCORP!] [DING DING DING! Dorn and the Shark lock up, with Shark showing his new animal aggression, coming and biting at Dorn’s face. It catches Dorn off guard and Shark pushes him into the corner and starts choking him! The ref goes to break it up but Shark jabs thumb into Dorn’s eye before the ref tells him off. Shark bites at Dorn and smiles, showing blood in his teeth. Dorn shakes it off, trying to get his grounding. He charges forward, and nails Shark with a Discus Clothesline! He picks him up and whips him into the corner so hard Shark almost bounces onto the mat. He follows up with a RUNNING LIGER KICK! Shark is down! Dorn goes for the cover. ONE! TWO! KICKOUT!] [Shark leaps up and headbutts Dorn right in the nose! He follows up with a roundhouse kick and dropping knee to the downed Dorn! Dorn tries to recover but, Shark throws him into the ropes and knocks him back down with a leg lariat! He runs up to the second rope and bounces off to hit Dorn with a Hurricanrana! Dorn is on his hands and knees when Shark busts him open with a running knee! Dorn’s nose is bleeding out, and Shark starts going crazy, clapping his hands in delight, looking to ready to ACTUALLY take a chunk out of Dorn. Dorn fights back, delivering a strike to the Shark’s throat and following up with a SUPLEX BRAINBUSTER! He throws The Shark in the corner and delivers a running Yakuza Boot! STOMPING OUT THE OLD!] [The New Age is about to be brought in as Dorn signals for his finisher. He puts a knee right to Shark’s gut and gets him in the piledriver position but NO! SHARK REVERSES and hits a bulldog! DORN is down! ASYLUM SPECIAL! SHARK LOCKS IN HIS NEW FINISHER! DORN TAPS OUT!] [Recorded Earlier.] [The cameras are following an apparently frantic Bruce Van Chan as he speeds up his drive way and almost leaps out of his car. He runs to his front door and bursts through, the look of panic on his face as he walks in to see Paige with a police officer.]

“Is everything okay!?” [he panics.] “Where’s the kids? Is everyone okay?” [he says searching the room with his eyes a blaze.] “BJ? Bella?”

“Baby, calm down, it’s okay. What’s the matter with you? There was a burglary whilst we were out shopping but there’s not a whole lot missing.”

[The police officer steps in.] “And where were you, sir?”

[Bruce looks confused for a minute.] “I’m a wrestler. I just came from losing to Jake Jeckel and I thought something was wrong with my wife.”

“That’s exactly why I need you to come down to the station with me, Mr. Van Chan. I need to ask you a few questions about the burglary and how you knew it happened.”

[Paige looks stunned as the officer attempts to escort Bruce out of the room.] “Hold on, I can explain, I can, I swear it. Why would I steal my wives phone?”

“How did you know her phone was stolen? That’s it Mr. Van Chan, please come with me.”

[He grabs him by the arm and walks him to the door as Paige looks on in surprise. The scene comes to a close with Bruce having to be escorted down to the police station on suspicious of having his own property stolen.] [Maelstrom looks down at the diminutive Jenkins, a sneer visible even through his skull mask. He flexes his chiselled muscles. Jim responds in kind, flexing his jelly body to a surprise pop – SWEET SHIN MUSIC! Maelstrom hobbles on the spot, and Jim follows the devastating kick with a headbutt to the sternum. He pushes ‘Strom into the ropes and sends him across the ring. El Muerte Blanca barely has to leap for the sunset flip, but he can’t pull Jenkins down for the pin! Jim laughs as his cottage cheese thighs save him, and he starts Twerking Up – BOSTON TEABAG PARTY!] [MAELSTROM BARELY AVOIDS IT! Jim groans as he lands right on his tailbone, the one body part not protected by his insulation. ‘Strom kicks him in the spine, then tears into the ropes and DECAPITATES him with a ROLLING FOREARM! ONE… TWO… kickout by the Patriot! ‘Strom tries to lug Jim’s carcass up, but it’s like trying to lift a washing machine. He finally gets him up and hooks his arms—PURIFICATION—BUT JIM SPINS OUT! ‘Strom goes for a roundhouse kick but the 5’0 Jenkins ducks it with ease and rolls him up with a schoolboy – ONE… TWO… TH—kickout! Maelstrom almost got caught out there. A furious Maelstrom charges straight at Jenkins and LIFTS him up for the BLANCA MUERTE DRIVER, but Jim sandbags him!] [‘Strom is a fine specimen, but Jim’s proportions give him the same dead weight as a boulder! THUMB TO THE EYE BY JIM and he slides off ‘Strom’s wide shoulders. “I’VE HAD IT WITH YOUR FLIPPY MEXICAN MIDGET BULLSHYIT!” he screams. He stomps into the ropes and comes back with his OWN sloppy sunset flip on the blinded Maelstrom! Both men land in a heap. Jim gets on his hands and knees, but ‘Strom pops up with the MEANS TO AN END! Once again though, Jim’s unique shape prevents ‘Strom bridging back for the surfboard dragon sleeper! The rotund Patriot rolls backwards to break the hold – BOSTON TEA BAG PARTY! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [Jim Jenkins celebrates a patriotic victory over Maelstrom, who lies in the corner, gagging for air.] [Creeping Death is pacing left and right backstage in The Asylum locker room in anticipation. Creeping Death is antsy. Creeping Death whips his head around at sensing the presence of another. Doctor D’Ville steps out from the shadows with that eerie grin plastered upon his face.]

“What the hell are you smiling about? Why are you keeping me hostage in this locker room? I’m the CREEPING DEATH, and I’m being caged like some insignificant animal!”

[The Doctor’s smile falters for a second before he steps towards Creeping Death. As he approaches, Creeping Death lowers his head with a warning growl. The Doctor stops and withdraws something from his pocket before setting it down on the table beside him. The label reads Diet Pepsi as the doctor turns his back to the monster before him. Creeping Death chuckles at the sight of the soda.]

“You think that Creeping Death values something as trivial as a beverage? You must forget who it is that you’re dealing with. Corey Black is no more, only Creeping Death remains.”

[The Doctor turns back to him with a crooked smile.]

“I assure you, I have not forgotten. But you, my friend, have a thirst that is only quenched by two things: blood… and that soda. As for your captivity, you’re free to leave at any point. I only contain you back here to keep the mystery and mystique of Creeping Death alive. You’re a special attraction, and these people will pay big money to see you fight. To see you destroy. To see you win… Pandemonium.”

[The Doctor smiles before exiting the room. Creeping Death clenches his fists before turning to the ice cold soda sitting on the table. He turns away from it once, twice, before eventually succumbing to his desires as he wraps his hand around it and pops the tab.] [Two of the lightest members on the roster clash in the centre of the ring. Fast paced start and Kolibre takes Doubt to the mat with a dragon leg screw. Quickly followed by a cover. Doubt powers out around the 1 mark. Both men back to their feet. Doubt’s turn this time. Flooring Kolibre with a Spinning head scissors. Kolibre straight back up, he charges at Doubt, who counters with a hurricanrana. The fans sound off their appreciation for the two men. Doubt makes the pin attempt this time. Kolibre’s turn to power out at 1.] [Again both men in the horizontal position. Kolibre with a Olympic slam. With Doubt on the mat, Kolibre does not allow him a moment to breathe. Getting on top of him, he throws some mounted punches at Doubt. One…Two…Three… Four…. Doubt throws his legs up hooking them over Kolibre’s shoulders. ARMBAR. ARMBAR FROM NOWHERE!! Kolibre’s pain is evident, as Doubt pulls down. Looking to snap the shoulder. Kolibre has the ring awareness to swing the lower part of his body around. Nicely positioned he manages to just rest a foot on the bottom rope. Doubt is forced to release the hold. Not before holding on for slightly to long first.] [Kolibre holds his arm, clearly in pain. Doubt tries to take advantage of this with an arm toss but its blocked by Kolibre. Countered with a European uppercut. And another from Kolibre, finished with a spinning heel kick! Kolibre goes up top. DIVING ELBOW DROP! MISSES! DOUBT ROLLS OUT THE WAY LAST MINUTE!! Poppping up Doubt smells the victory just around the corner. Kolibre stumbles to his feet. Knee to the gut of Kolibre. EATING YOURSELF ALIVE!! KOLIBRES HEAD SHAKES WITH THE IMPACT. COVER… ONE….TWO…THREE DOUBT IS VICTORIOUS!] [The Patriot Jim Jenkins waddles backstage. He seems to be walking with a purpose. He spots something and gets a big grin on his face. He marches over to a door and walks in…. Then we hear a very feminine scream and Jenkins comes out of the room backwards, protecting his head. That’s when we see the blue sign with the little stick figure in a dress; it was the women’s bathroom. Paloma Ruiz comes out slapping at Jim. She runs off, calling him a pervert. He yells after her.]

“What! If I put on a wig and call myself a train-sexshual I’d be allowed in there! Damn queers!”

[She is long gone. He goes in the women’s restroom again and finds it empty.]

“Where is that feminist slut? Puttin’ all her period blood all over a up-standin’ American such as myself.”

[What is he talking about?]

“Vlad! Vlad! Where you at you tramp!”

[Suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, Vlad the Impaler drops from above in front of Jenkins. Jimmy flinches, but doesn’t run.]

“There you are you feminist whore! What kinda ugly-ass woman like you thinks she can…”

“I am not a woman, you imbecile.”

[Jenkins looks confused… then it dawns on him.]

“I knew it! I knew no woman, not even some You-ro-peen harlot like you could be so ugly. You’s wanna them train-sexshuals! I know yer just attackin’ me to try to sabotage Donald J. Trump’s presidential race…”

“I’m not a transsexual, either. I am a vampire.”

[Jenkins looks stumped.]

“What the hell is a van-peer?”

“A vampire, a creature of the night, a monster that will suck the life out of you.”

“So… like a hooker? I’ve been with some rough whores in my day, but…”

[A cloud of darkness appears from nowhere, and Jenkins starts coughing. When it clears, Vlad is gone, but his voice echoes through the halls.]

“You will learn soon, my dear.”

[The centuries-old vampire bears his fangs at the devious carnie. Vlad always was one to play with his food. Trixxster holds his hand up, inviting Vlad to a strength contest. Vlad bites, knowing he’s faster and stronger than his mortal opponent. Just as he grabs Trix’s hand, though, he’s pulled into an arm drag! The Son of the Dragon chuckles to himself as Trixxster dances around playfully – a RUNNING KNEE floors the Jester! Vlad goes to work stomping away at the devilish prankster. He picks him up and PLANTS him with a snap suplex! ONE… TW—Trixxster kicks out.] [Vlad drags his prey up by the hair, ignoring the referee’s scolding. He whips Trix into the corner and follows up with a KNEE TO THE FACE! Trix staggers out right into a bulldog and another 2-count for Vlad. The Impaler hoists him up and throws him to the floor. 1… 2… 3… Trix stirs as Vlad taunts the crowd. 4… 5… Trix rolls under the ring apron. 6… 7… Vlad is done toying with his dinner and goes to fetch him, only to realise he’s not there. TRIXXSTER EMERGES BEHIND HIM and rolls him up – ONE… TWO… Vlad kicks out!] [The Immortal storms to his feet but stops dead. Trixxster is… Trixxster is JUGGLING in the middle of the ring, but those aren’t balls – THEY’RE CLOVES OF GARLIC! The Mad Jester winks at Vlad before PELTING HIM WITH GARLIC! The cloves bounce off Vlad harmlessly, much to Trix’s chagrin. He recovers quickly though, and he charges at Vlad with his King’s finisher – OFF WITH THEIR HEAD! VLAD DUCKS IT – HE SPITS BLOOD IN TRIX’S FACE! The fans give a strangled pop of disgust as Trix stumbles around blindly, his face a mess of green paint and blood. Vlad scoops him up – TOTAL ECLIPSE! He buries him with the reverse Tombstone! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [The referee is afraid to raise Vlad’s hand, lest he get a faceful of blood too. Vlad enjoys a sombre cerebration as Trix still tries to wipe the blood out of his eyes.] [Backstage, a person could find much to do. However on this night, Brent Kersh sits alone in his locker room. He seems to be deep in thought as he ponders the events of the last few weeks. His concentration is broken when a knock comes at his door.]

“Come in.” [Brent warily remarks, his body tense for a fight as the door opens.]

“Dad?” [Dani Kersh pokes her head through the doorway, looking almost frightened.] [With her entrance, Brent immediately relaxes and rushes over to her to give her a hug. The two of them embrace for a moment, and Brent is relieved as the door closes behind Dani. Phoebe is not here with her at the moment. It’s time for the conversation he has needed to have for a long time.]

“Listen sweetheart, I just want to say I’m…” [Brent begins.]

“No Dad, let me talk please.” [Dani says, cutting him off. This seems to be very difficult for her to say.]

“Look, I’m sorry for lying to you about all this, I really am. I know that I should have come clean about Phoebe, about being a lesbian, all of it. It should never have been a secret from you, or mom, or anyone for that matter. I need to just be me and be all that I want to be.”

[Brent merely nods in understanding, placing his hand on her shoulder.]

“And that’s why I’m…” [Brent begins before Dani cuts him off yet again.]

“But you have to understand where I am coming from here, Dad. I knew that being Brent Kersh’s daughter meant I could be used by people, so when I met Phoebe, I kept it secret. I didn’t know how you’d take me dating a wrestler and me dating a woman. It seems you don’t take either too well, but I understand how it’s a shock to you. My big problem right now is that you bringing me to RetroActive to watch you is what pushed all this into motion.”

“I…” [Brent begins again.]

“So I just need some space right now. I know you can’t understand, so I want to give you time to think about it, and I hope I can still be your little girl.”

[A tear in her eye from the outpouring of emotion, Dani turns around to leave the locker room. As the door shutting echoes in the empty concrete room, Brent Kersh just slumps back down into the folding chair. Maybe a different approach will work.] [The opening bell rings and with it LH Harrison’s hand goes up above his head. He slowly steps in on Red River Jack, challenging him to tie up. RRJ smirks… Middle Kick! Low Kick! High Angle Kick!! And LH Harrison goes down. The crowd doesn’t love that but RRJ doesn’t seem to care. As LH finds his feet, ONE HANDED BULLDOG! RRJ takes him right back down. And he goes for the early cover, but LH kicks out after one. Harrison again attempts to pop up but again Jack catches him… FAMEASSER! And Red covers again! But again, Harrison kicks out at one.] [RRJ screams at the ref to count faster and as he does LH Harrison rolls behind him. Red turns, SUPERKICK! Jack stumbles into the corner from the impact and LH charges… STINGER SPLASH! Red stumbles out of the corner, SWINGING NECKBREAKER! And now it’s Harrison with the pin! But Jack kicks out at one. The two find their feet and tie up, and it’s RRJ with the upper-hand. He Irish Whips LH into the ropes and on his return, CLOTHESLINE! But LH ducks under! He hits the opposite ropes and returns towards RRJ, driving his boot into Reds gut!] [With Jack doubled over LH hooks his arms… A PLACE OF HOPE! LH pins… but Jack kicks out just before the three! Harrison can’t believe it. He runs RRJ to his feet, but Red catches him with a ROUNDHOUSE KICK! LH stumbles into the corner… A THOUSAND WORDS! RRJ hits his signature and rolls over LH for the cover… but Harrison kicks out right before three! Now it’s Jack that can’t believe it! RRJ runs LH to his feet, and now both men are slugging it out! Back and forth, fists flying… RRJ grabs Harrisons hand… SEEIN’ RED! And Jack covers! One! Two! Three! And RRJ takes this one down!] [In her locker room, Phoebe Outlaw is doing stretches to get her body primed for action. Her door opens and she raises her eyebrow as Dani Kersh walks in the room.]

“Hey you, sweet-ass, where you been?” [Phoebe asks, but her mood darkens as she sees the messed up makeup and tear lines on Dani’s face.]

“What happened, babe?” [Feebz remarks as she wraps her arms around Dani.]

“I talked to Dad again.” [Dani begins, regaining her composure.] “He didn’t even say anything to me, Feebz. He just stared at me with those hurt eyes.”

[Phoebe hugs Dani tight for a moment so that the younger girl cannot see the anger in Outlaw’s eyes.]

“Listen, he either will stop being a homophobe or he won’t. I’ve seen it a thousand times with guys like him. He has this idyllic lifestyle in mind for him and all his family, and you just shattered his precious little picture frame.”

[Dani takes a step back and looks up at Feebz.]

“I still don’t think it’s the lesbian thing. You’re being a hard-ass about it here, as usual.” [A smirk appears on Dani’s face for a moment before she continues.] “I think he’s just afraid that you’ll put me through what he put Mom through.”

[Outlaw merely chuckles before walking over to her travel bag.]

“I’m not Brent Kersh, Dani. Not even close. You don’t need to worry about that.”

[Feebz draws something out of the bag and holds it up to Dani.]

“Would Brent throw you a 21st birthday party?”

[The piece of paper in Feebz hand is an invite to a birthday party for Dani, to be held at Monday Night Showcase the week after Pandemonium! Dani seems extremely excited.]

“So we’re going to celebrate you turning 21 finally, and have a big party here at the show. You can even invite your old man if you think he’d be willing to make an appearance.”

[Phoebe doesn’t get to say anything else as Dani wraps her arms around her neck.]

“You’re the best, Feebz!”

[Dani holds the hug as we leave this scene of joyful lovers. In just three weeks, Monday Night Showcase will feature the birthday party of Dani Kersh!] [Million charges across the ring as before the last DING! Of the bell. Smiley is ready, ducks the attack and throws himself into the ropes. On the rebound, he connects with a forearm shot across Million’s face! Smiley rebounds again off of the ropes and nailing him with a dropping elbow! Smiley picks up Million only to drop him again with a SWINGING NECKBREAKER. He goes for the cover! ONE….Million kicks out, mad as hell!] [Smiley pulls Max right back up to his feet, but he counters! Quickly nailing him with an elbow to the midsection and throwing Smiley in a side headlock. Smiley powers out and lifts Million up…but Million flips out and hits Smiley with DROPKICK to the back of the head! Million drags Smiley into the center of the ring and locks in a Half Boston Crab! Smiley grabs his leg in pain, but looks to be almost enjoying it…Million releases the hold and goes back to giving big boots to Smiley’s face. He lifts up Smiley to his shoulders and flashes his own devious smile before dropping SMILEY ONTO HIS KNEE! BACKREAKER! But he’s not done, he drops down and locks in THE BAD INTENT! Is Smiley gonna tap??] [Smiley screams in pain and reaches out the for the ropes, but Million cranks the hold. He’s getting some ground, crawling towards the ropes….HE’S GOT THEM! Smiley grabs the ROPES! The ref pretty much has to tear Million off him. Million stomps in anger and stalks Smiley, ready to take him down. As soon as Smiley is on his feet, Million rushes in for a spear! NO! Smiley lifts his knee right into Million’s face! BULLDOG to Million. Smiley drops down to finish Million, but he jumps up COUNTERS! STOCK DROP! Million makes the cover ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Vinnie Lane looks on edge as he seems to instinctively check the walls and door frames for any possible nails, barbed wire, etc. He then hears what seems to be laughter, or playful giggling. Lane sneers and leaps into a nearby lockerroom, shutting the door behind him.]

“Come on, Vinnie. Let’s play find the shark…”

[The Shark’s voice is heard, and Lane shakes his head, putting his fists up.]

“I’ve dealt with enough bullshit today, Axel. Now get out here so I can-‘

“Not Axel! It’s the Shark, just the shark…”

[Lane moves forward and smashes a locker, doing so on others, checking for his aggressor’s location.]

“Get out here then, Shark. You scared I’m gonna beat you in a fair fight? I’ll make your teeth into a shark tooth necklace and wear it while banging your wife!’

[Slowly realizing what he said] “… If you have a wife?”

[The playful laughter stops abruptly, being replaced with growing annoyance from The Shark in the form of heavy breathing and what sounds like someone clawing at something.]

“Come find me, find me! The Doctor said not unless they bleed, not unless they bleed. I WANT THE BLOOD!”

[This comes as a surprise to Vinnie as the Shark jumps from a vent, putting any scene from Alien to shame as he falls onto Lane and begins attacking him, trying to bite at his neck, Lane pushing him off but getting a bite from The Shark to his arm for his troubles, a bite that draws blood. The Shark seems to go into a frenzy at this and a brawl breaks out with the two, one more fair than last week as the two duke it out in the open. It only comes to an end as Lane is able to push The Shark off of himself, fleeing the room, his arm more than cut open from the attack.] [The bell sounds as the three figures from the shadows circle around. Mike Lane leaps up for a SHADOW KICK, but Anna manages to get out of the way just in time. Anna whips around for a spinning heel kick that catches the off-balance Mike Lane in the side of his head. He falls just as Doctor D’Ville locks in a choke on Anna Goodchild! She’s throwing punches to deter him but he hooks her leg and nails a T-Bone suplex! He slinks back into position before dropping a plethora of stomps to the face and neck of Anna Goodchild!] [Mike Lane re-enters the picture with a springboard DDT that drills Doc into the mat! Anna tries to get up but is caught by ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE as she gets to her knees! Lane goes for the pinfall! One…Two…NO! Anna kicks out. Lane pulls her to her feet and whips her into the ropes before lowering his head. Instead of bouncing off of the ropes, she springboards off of them, hooks the legs around the head of Lane, and… REVERSE SPRINGBOARD FRANKENSTEINER! Lane is dropped right on his head as she hooks a leg. One…Two…NO! Doc breaks it up.] [Doc brings Anna Goodchild up and locks in THE 302! Anna is right in the center of the ring with nowhere to go! Doc tightens the hold against her resistance as she is seemingly beginning to fade! Lane gets back to his feet and Doc releases the hold. The two stand up toe-to-toe before they exchange blows slowly showing their fatigue. Lane with three rapid-fire chops! Doc with an eye gouge! Lane reaches for his eyes long enough for Anna to re-enter the picture! Superkick to Doc! Superkick to Lane! Both men are staggered!] [THE PURIFIER ON DOCTOR D’VILLE! She hooks a leg… One…TWO….TH-NO! SHADOW KICK TO THE SIDE OF ANNA’S HEAD! She slumps over as Mike Lane hooks a leg on her! One…Two…THREE!] [The Power of Positivity doesn’t seem so positive this evening as both men sit in the back room drinking water, both obviously more than one edge as they look at one another.]

“Did you do anything… off, since last week?”

“Maybe… did you?”

“I kept getting into really petty disputes, been really irritable.”

“I’ve been working out more, but that might just be me trying to keep my mind off of this.”

[The partners are too busy talking to notice the hooded man that is Doubt walk up behind them.]


[The duo jump a bit, confirming Doubt’s suspicions as he backs up from the very ready to attack duo. He hold his hand up to try and convince them to stop, to no avail as he finds himself back stepping out of the room, the duo chasing him into the hall- CROWBAR SHOT! CROWBAR SHOT! The two go down as Smiley, his precious crowbar in hand, the weapon appearing for the first time in months, stands over them. He leans down, Smiling at the duo, watching them as Doubt talks.]

“You two shouldn’t be so rash… after all, the pills might just be kicking in. What you may not know is that one of you two have drank water, the likes of which I spiked with the Doctor’s special formula. And I hope you two find out who I gave it to, after all, it’s in your best interest.”

[Doubt walks away from the duo, having to actively tell Smiley to come with before he leaves, the crowbar wielding sadist staring at the downed duo as he walks away.] [The bell sounds as Brent Kersh crosses the ring to go directly after Phoebe Outlaw, but he’s cut off by bumping into Vinnie Lane. Lane pushes Brent, but Kersh responds with a huge elbow strike! Phoebe and Ash lock up before Outlaw whips Ash into the ropes and lowers her head. Ash raises his knee and plows through Outlaw! Kersh wraps the arm of Vinnie behind himself and applies the chickenwing! Vinnie is trying to escape when Ash Williams notices him being hung up. Ash springboards off the second rope and spins his leg forward for a roundhouse! Vinnie ducks out it!] [Kersh takes the kick right on the chin as he falls to the mat. Vinnie catches Ash with a jawbreaker before lifting up Ash and nailing a HEART STOPPER! Ash is down as Vinnie gets back to his feet. He turns and is blasted with a roaring elbow before Phoebe wraps his arms and drives Vinnie’s face into the mat with a double-arm DDT! She goes for the cover, but it’s broken up by Brent Kersh! Kersh pulls Phoebe up to her feet before slapping her full-force! She recoils from the pain as her eyes are filled with rage.] [She’s about to do something when she’s caught off guard by a clothesline from behind! Outlaw is picked back up by Ash as he and Kersh hook an arm and hit a big double suplex. Once that move is hit, Kersh wraps his arms around the waist of Ash. As he lifts for a German suplex, Vinnie dots his chin with a superkick!] [Vinnie awaits Kersh to stand back up before leaping up into the air and grabbing his back for a lungblower! Ash springboards off of the second rope and… BOOMSTICK TO VINNIE! Ash goes for the pinfall! One…Two… THE NORTH STAR PRESS ONTO ASH AND VINNIE! Phoebe pulls Ash off and pins him down! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [After a brutal fatal fourway match, Ash struggles backstage… when all of a sudden three men in grey one piece tracksuits attack him from out of nowhere!]


[The crowd isn’t pleased, as Williams is too beat up from his match to fight back. Eventually the three mysterious men overwhelm him! And once they get Ash down, they throw a burlap sack over his head and drag him away kicking and screaming.] [Leaving us to wonder… was this Dr. Evil’s doing?] [The bell rings as Marvolo is slapping his biceps in anticipation and Lux enters the ring. They lock up in the center of the ring, but Marvolo slides to the side and trips Lux to the mat. Marvolo approaches but Lux kips his legs up and latches onto the sides of Marvolo’s head before nailing a hurricanrana! Lux staggers to his feet as Nox slaps him on the back to signify a tag! Lux and Nox stand off for a second as Lux exits the ring and Nox enters.] [Nox lifts Marvolo up, but Marvolo cradles himself into a ball. Nox tries to unfold him, but Marvolo isn’t moving. He extends an arm to which he pulls Nox down into a crossface! THE MYSTERY LAKE is successful, but Nox quickly gets to the ropes. Marvolo releases it and gets to his feet when he sees Jake’s hand extended outwards. He walks over to his partner and TAGS… PSYCH! Marvolo goes to slap but backs away as he moves the hand alongside his head in mocking fashion. Jake gives him some choice words as Nox is now on his feet behind him!] [Leg sweep! Marvolo comes back to his knees but… DARKNESS FALLS! The superkick nearly beheads Marvolo! Nox goes for the pinfall. ONE…Two…NO! Marvolo kicks out. Marvolo is pulled to his feet as Nox rams him into his own corner. He begins laying in shots when SLAP! Lux tags himself in as the two are nearly at the point of throwing blows. Lux hits the ropes as Marvolo steps out and… THE ARM OF GOD! Marvolo is in pain as he’s clamoring towards his partner! Jake has his arm outstretched before leaping into the ring and hitting an axe handle to the back of Lux’s head to break up the submission. Lux tries to charge Jake, but the referee pushes him back. Marvolo takes the opportunity and… TAGS JECKEL!] [The Juggalo King is on fire! Two right hands to Lux! A dropkick sends Nox off the apron! Jeckel turns around and ducks a clothesline from Lux! PONY DOWN TO LUX! Lux slowly bounces back up as Jeckel lifts him up… THE HATCHET! He goes for the pinfall, but the referee is refusing to count! Triple J looks at him with incredulity until the referee informs him that he never saw the tag! Marvolo climbs back in and pins Lux! ONE…TWO…NO! Lux gets a shoulder up! Marvolo pulls Lux to his feet, but Lux strikes him with a spinning backfist! He takes a step back and… DISCIPLE MAKER! Marvolo isn’t moving. Lux pins him to the mat as he stares at Nox. ONE…TWO…THREE! Jeckel is sitting on his apron with disbelief written on his face. Nox Bellator pulls Lux Bellator from the ring and decks him with a fierce right hand before dragging him up the entrance ramp! They just won this match, where are they going?] [We cut to an unfamiliar location underground. The ceiling and walls are all rough and jagged rock. The room is vast but practically empty. Two silver barstools sit off to one side, containing an unknown older man in a suite and next to him, Dr. Evil. The pair look… bored.]

“So… is he going to be here soon?”

“Yes, Dr. Evil. He’s on his way.”

“You said that a while ago… you wanna’ watch some Net-flix? Apparently they’ve cataloged quite a bit of cinema onto this… oh, crap, here he is.”

[Dr. Evil smirks as the three men in tracksuits from early drag Ash Williams into the room. Dr. Evil quickly gives the signal and they removed the burlap sack from his head. Ash looks confused and out of it…]

“Matty? What the hell man?” [Ash winches at the bright lights.]

“I brought you here, Williams, to reveal to you my Weapon of Mass Destruction. The tool I will use to leave you twisted and jerking… a condition I like to call, Twerking.”

[Everyone in the room chuckles, except for Dr. Evil and Ash.]

“#2… the Weapon please…”

[The older man in the suite calmly retrieves a small box from across the room, delivering it back to Dr. Evil.]

“Matt… are you in there!?!”

“Quiet Williams! You’re about to witness the item of your undoing.”

[Dr. Evil opens the box and reveals what’s inside…]

“It’s a perfect replica, of your Boomstick!”

[Dr. Evil reveals the metal hand, which looks identical to Ash’s own.]

“Listen, Matt… Dr. Evil, whatever! I know you think I’m responsible…”

“You are responsible, Williams! And with this… [Dr. Evil attempts to put it on.] “…this…” [He’s having some trouble.] “…metal, boomstick…” [He’s utterly confused.] “…is this thing solid metal!?!”

“You said an exact replica, Sir.”

[Dr. Evil shakes his head.]

“How in the heck am I supposed to get my hand inside it! Look…” [Dr. Evil smacks the metal against his hand.] “…it’s theoretically impossible for me to place my hand, oh the hell with this!” [Dr. Evil storms off.] “Nope! I’m sorry, I can’t…”

[#2 and the men in tracksuits look perplex.]

“Wait… well, what you want us to do with…”

“Take him back to wherever you found him!” [Dr. Evil shouts back of Ash’s fate.] “And give me a frickin’ metal hand I can actually frickin’ wear!”

[Dr. Evil disappears into a side door and #2 shrugs.]

“Matt!” [Ash calls out in vain as the men in tracksuits close in on him…] [Alex Reese smiles in his corner and bounces out to the center of the ring and reaches out for a handshake. Nigel Royal stares at the hand in disgust. Alex Reese shrugs and hammers Nigel to the temple with the hand instead. Reese repeatedly punches Nigel and backs him up to the ropes, then whips him to the far ropes. Reese follows and RUNNING CROSSBODY! He hooks a leg… One… Kickout! Reese quickly to his feet but so is Royal. Reese swings at Nigel, who ducks the punch and grabs Reese! BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! He covers… One… Kickout! The two gain their feet again and Reese smiles while Royal scowls.] [Reese reaches out for a Test of Strength and Royal obliges. They lock hands and Royal forces Alex’s back to the mat! ONE! The ref counted but Reese forces himself up, hands still locked in and KNEE TO NIGEL’S MIDSECTION! Reese tucks his head under Royal’s arm and SNAP SUPLEX! Reese sprints at Nigel who is climbing to his feet in the corner… THE EYE OPENER! Big Boot! Nigel stumbles from the corner… HEAD SPINNER! One… Two… THREE!! Alex Reese has gotten the first pinfall! Now he just needs a submission for the win!] [Reese is in control and pulls Nigel to his feet. He throws him to the ropes and bends for a BACK BODY DROP… but Nigel counters with a SIT-OUT POWERBOMB!! One… Two… Kickout! Nigel is getting a second wind and pulls Reese up quickly. Reese makes a wild swing and Nigel ducks again and slides in behind Reese! GERMAN SUPLEX! Nigel holds on for another! And ANOTHER! A FOURTH!!! ROYAL FLUSH!! He bridges! One… Two… THREE! Nigel Royal ties the match at one fall apiece! Both men now just need a submission!] [Nigel gets to his feet and starts taunting the crowd. Reese gains his feet and takes advantage of Royal’s distraction. CHOP BLOCK TO THE BACK OF NIGEL’S KNEE! Nigel goes down and Reese wastes no time and locks in A STANDING REVERSE FIGURE FOUR! Nigel squirms and is able to reach the ropes. He holds on to the ropes and the ref backs up Reese. Nigel rolls under the ropes and to the ground to regroup. Reese doesn’t want any of it and SUICIDE DIVE through the ropes at Royal! But Royal is ready!! He leaps and DDT’S REESE INTO THE GROUND!!!Royal rolls Reese into the ring and climbs to the top! SPITFIRE!! NO! Reese got his knees up and the frogsplash catches nothing but Royal’s gut!] [Reese, groggy, climbs to the top turnbuckle himself! He prepares to TOUCH THE SKY… but Nigel is there with punches to the gut! He climbs up to the top rope as well! Both men are standing on top! Nigel grabs Reese around the waist! BELLY TO BELLY FROM THE TOP ROPE!! The Suplex almost put Reese through the canvas!! Royal crawls over with everything he has left…. DUNGEONS OF LONDON!!! Reese reaches for the ropes, but he’s right in the middle of the ring! Nowhere to go……….HE TAPS!!! Nigel Royal with a huge victory in this Wrestling Classic!] [Having dragged Lux out of the arena earlier tonight, Nox Bellator and Pedro El Salvador pull up to a bridge over water. They both hop out of their van and drag Lux from within it, slamming him into the concrete wall of the bridge.]

“Did you think we were done, is that it? The devil himself may keep bringing you back from the brink of your salvation but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop trying to save you!”

[Nox grabs Bellator and throws him over the wall, keeping him balanced there on his back, ready to tip him over and ten feet below into the freezing cold water at a moment’s notice.]

“It isn’t Lucifer, El Salvador, it’s the Lord himself. He refuses to let you end me, don’t you see that?” [Lux swears it.] “You aren’t trying to save me; you’re trying to destroy me!”

[Pedro nods and Nox tips him over the edge into the water.] [Sploosh!] [With a massive splash, Lux falls into the water and immediately starts to sink. Within a few moments, we can no longer see him and he’s gone. Nox turns to El Salvador who peers over into the deep blue, smiling.]

“For we were all baptized by one Spirit so as to form one body—whether Jews or Gentiles, slave or free—and we were all given the one Spirit to drink.”

[Nox folds his arms.] “Into the baptized water he drowns.”

“Finally, we have released the demon from within Lux Bellator and when he rises again, he will have found his salvation,” [Pedro says with delight.] “Amen.”

[The scene comes to a close with Nox Bellator and Father Pedro El Salvador standing on the bridge, looking out into the water that Lux Bellator has apparently drowned in.] [With the Court at ringside holding the All-Star Championship hostage, King Konstantine Orwell taunts Bobby Neptune from the throne in the center of the ring. Orwell has already taken a seat and he demands to be bowed to.]

“ALL HAIL KING KONSTANTINE!” [Lord Tremblay calls from ringside.]

“HAIL THIS!” [Neptune responds, flying across the ring to nail Orwell in the face with his knee.] [With that, the two men are off to the races for this contest. Neptune picks up Orwell and levels him with a knee to the gut. However, the former Champ is able to block another attempt and send Bobby into the corner. He follows in with a back elbow, and Neptune staggers out of the corner. Orwell grins and takes his foe’s head to bash it into throne, but Bobby moves. With force, Neptune sends Orwell into the wooden throne, BUSTING HIS HEAD WIDE OPEN! A scream comes from his Queen as Orwell sits up to find a crimson mask on his face.] [With no hesitation Neptune quickly goes to pick up Orwell, but the slippery thick blood keeps him from being able to pick up the King. Konstantine quickly low blows Neptune and uses his momentum to throw him out of the ring. Outside, the King’s Guard quickly surround Bobby and begin to lay in with brutal kicks. Inside the ring, Konstantine takes his place on the throne and waits. Neptune fights valiantly against the Guard, but is left staggering around from the force of the three on one attack. Finally Bobby is able to get a moment, and he leaps up onto the steel stairs. RED GIANT TO ONE GUARD! A SECOND! A THIRD! The King’s Guard have been neutralized!] [Angrily, Neptune slowly walks up the stairs behind Orwell, who does not realize what has happened. Lord Tremblay gets in the ring to alert his King, but Orwell has already been seized from behind by Neptune, who begins to rain down shots on the opened cut. Blood is flying everywhere as Neptune exacts his revenge. Tremblay attempts to save his King, but Neptune quickly runs to the side and leaps off the second rope. RED GIANT TO TREMBLAY! That moment was all the King needed though, as he leaps forward at Neptune with the All-Star belt.NEPTUNE’S BELL IS RUNG!] [The two men are both staggered and hurt on the mat, crawling towards each other. Neptune doesn’t look like anyone’s home inside his head (not that he does normally), and Orwell can barely see from all the blood. The rise to their knees in the center of the ring and begin to exchange blows. The brutality is on display here as neither man yields to the other. This match will not end with a knock out, a submission, or a pinfall. One man will bow tonight. They fight to their feet, still exchanging blows and words, before Orwell smacks a bloody hand across Neptune’s cheek!]


[Orwell backs up and Neptune staggers after missing his punch. With a spin, Orwell launches forward with all of his strength… OFF WITH YO… NO! Neptune ducks the lariat and grabs Orwell by the hair, leaping towards the throne. SUPERNOVA! SUPERNOVA ON THE FUCKING THRONE! ORWELL HAS TO BE DEAD! Despite the blood splattered on the throne, Bobby Neptune takes his seat on it as Konstantine slowly rises up to his hands and knees and looks up at Neptune. KONSTANTINE HAS KNELT TO NEPTUNE! BOBBY WINS!] [The defeated King Konstantine does not know how to react as Bobby Neptune stands to his feet as a winner. Instead of retrieving his title belt, Bobby grabs Orwell by the hair and lifts him up. With a head of steam, he throws Orwell over the top rope to land on top of his recovering King’s Guard. Trixxster has vanished, apparently having abandoned his King in the sight of his loss.] [The crowd is buzzing as Neptune looks down at them, his eyes following as the King is carried, or perhaps dragged even, back up the ramp by his Court. Then, as if someone flipped a switch, a smile crosses his face and he turns around to find his Championship belt.] [THWACK!] [His belt found him, but not in the way he intended! He has been nailed in the head with it by none other than ANNA GOODCHILD! She holds the belt in her hands as she walks in a circle around Neptune, sneering down at him.]

“False Idols. Sodomy. Drug use.” [Goodchild recites, looking down with contempt on Neptune, who begins to stir.]

“For the wages of sin is death, Bobby Neptune.” [She kneels down and grabs him by his blue hair, making him contort to look at her.]

“Look up, Bobby!” [She mocks.] “For the Kingdom of God will never welcome a sinner like you! I must cleanse the All-Star Championship of its sin.”

[She slams his head down into the mat and looks down at the belt.]

“To do that, I must strip it of its sin. I must strip this belt of you, Bobby.”

[Anna looks down at the belt.]

“With God’s help, I will lead you to the light.”

[Without further comment, she leaves the ring, taking the All-Star Championship with her. Bobby Neptune barely stirs in the ring. He thought he had his Championship back, but now he is back to square one with a very dangerous foe before him.] [In the backstage Nigel Royal wing, High Society are celebrating with champagne after finding out who was torturing them last week on Monday Night Showcase. It’s been an interesting night for them tonight but it’s finally over. Nigel raises a glass with a smile from ear to ear.]

“Max, it took you a beating of a life time to come to the conclusion that Donovan Carter was the man behind our misery. We’ve been forced to fight, we’ve been brutalized, we’ve been tortured and gassed, yet High Society remains. Cheers to you, mate!”

[He raises the glasses and gets a clink from both Max and The Culture Boy. Max nods in agreement and looks towards the large security force that surrounds them.]

“Gentlemen, we’d like to thank you for your service to our cause but those services are no longer required.”

[The team slowly start filtering out of the room, leaving High Society to chat amongst themselves. Finally, a rather large burley man enters, with his Security Identification reading ‘Jon.’]

“Alright Mr. Million,” [he says in an English accent.] “Since you no longer require our services, we’ll need paying. You’ve had two months of protection, twenty-four hours unless otherwise scheduled – that’ll be three hundred thousand dollars.”

[The crowd ‘OOOHHH’ but that’s but a drop in the pond for these three men. Million whips a gold card out of his wallet and hands it to Jon who swipes it through a machine that immediately says ‘rejected’.]

“That’s been rejected, sir. Got another?” [Jon asks as Million looks dumbfounded.] [Nigel steps in, handing over a card of his own.] “Don’t worry Max, I’ve got this.”

[Jon tries that card but once again, it pops up ‘rejected’.]

“Nope.” [Jon groans.] [All three members of High Society quickly come together, talking amongst themselves. We can hear both Nigel and Max worriedly suggesting that they both should have more than enough to cover it.]

“There appears to be a problem squire,” [Royal finally pipes up.] “It would appear that we don’t have the money.”

[Jon furiously cracks his knuckles, only our scene skips to the outside were High Society are running away. The camera checks back to see Jon on his knees, hands on his groin, screaming at the rest of his guards.]


[The scene comes to a close with High Society escaping the arena and a security force they for some reason cannot pay for. It looks like it wasn’t Donovan Carter after all and whoever it is has flushed their accounts of money.] [What the hell will they do now?] [“Real American” strikes the audience and they actually respond with mixed cheers. Marvolo steps out onto the stage wearing his American gear and Raquel steps out behind him waving the American flag. He takes the flag from her, maybe a little more aggressively than necessary, and marches to the ring holding the flag high. He stands at the bottom of the ring steps, looking annoyed, and then yells at Raquel who was waving distractedly to the fans. She quickly realizes what she is doing “wrong” and shuffles up the steps in her heels and holds the ropes apart for Number One. He smiles condescendingly at her, and steps through. He retrieves a microphone and hands the flag back to Raquel.]

“Hello! Hello, to my wonderful future constituents! Marvolo is happy to see you all!

[Two chants start up, bouncing off one another – “VOTE – MAR – VO – LO” And “Marvolo Sucks!” Number One shows his politician smile. Raquel looks upset with the second chant…]

“Some of you may be concerned that Jake Jeckel has joined the race for Mayor of Las Vegas, but Marvolo knows… He knows!… that you good people,” [another smile] “The people of this wonderful town would never embrace a man like Jake Jeckel as your mayor. A man that has kidnapped Marvolo’s good friend,[a twinkle in his eye] Bruce Van Chan’s wife, and man that has shown himself to be anything but a model citizen. A man that…”

[Suddenly the screen comes to life. Jake Juggalo’s smiling face fills the screen. Marvolo is incensed in the ring.]

“Marvolo!” [Jeckel laughs.] “I’ve got some important news for you, especially on the subject of citizens. In fact, it’s fuc…[Intelligible talking from off camera. Jeckel sneers.] “It’s vital for your candidacy for mayor. You see I’ve done some digging, some… investigation, and I came across some interesting shi….. stuff.” [He holds a file up in the air and starts going through the papers.] “Ya see, it looks like Raquel is not a citizen of America… [Marvolo grabs the ropes and yells at Jeckel on the screen.] “In fact, not only is she not an American, she not even documented as being in this country at all!”

[Marvolo is losing his mind in the ring. Raquel’s eyes are the size of dinner plates as she grows more and more terrified.]

“Listen here, you painted freak, Raquel is…”

“NO, YOU LISTEN MOTHER FU… You listen! I know that you wouldn’t want anything to stand in the way of your candidacy for mayor, so I took it upon myself to reach out to the immigrations officials. You know, we wouldn’t want any controversy.”

[A wicked grin as several men in black jackets that read INS on the back come pouring from backstage and down the ramp. They enter the ring. Raquel hides behind Marvolo as the men surround them. Marvolo starts swinging the American flag at them, and they retreat a bit. But behind him, more officials have grabbed Raquel and started handcuffing her.]

“NUMBEHR!!!” [She screams.] [Marvolo turns around and sees them leading Raquel out of the ring. He runs for them but the others overpower him and hold him back as they lead her up the ramp. Marvolo spots Jeckel on the screen again. He’s laughing as Marvolo stares daggers at the Juggalo.]

“Have a number one kinda day!”

[The screen goes black as Marvolo busts free and runs backstage, but Raquel is already gone.] [James Hunter stands in the far corner of the classroom with his ax on his shoulder with a sneer across his mouth. Pig enters the confines with daggers being shot across the room into the eyes of The Question. The referee shuts the door behind him after he gets far enough away. Lots of history between these men before Pig’s injury and disappearance in January. Former tag team partners in The Solution and now bitter enemies after The Question threatened Luther. The school-bell sounds as The Question swings for the fences with his ax! Pig ducks under the blow rams Question straight into the teacher’s desk at the front of the classroom.] [The impact forces Question to relinquish his favorite weapon as he lifts up a ruler and CRACKS Pig over the head with it! Pig backs way before striking Question across the skull with a right arm and grabbing his leg before hitting a T-Bone suplex onto a student’s desk! The desk buckles a little but remains standing as Pig climbs up onto the teacher’s desk and leaps off for a SPLASH THROUGH THE DESK! Both men fall to the floor in pain as Pig is the quicker to get up.] [He pulls The Question to his feet before lifting him up for a powerbomb and rushing the chalkboard! Question slips over out over him and RELAX! The severe clothesline drops Pig as Question leans back onto the chalkboard to catch his breath for a moment. He looks around and finds a cupholder full of pens and pencils on the teacher’s desk. He pulls out a pen and lodges it between his index and middle finger just far enough that all that is visible out outside of his hand is the end. He leaps on Pig and begins tearing him up with BRUTAL right hands with the pen impacting Pig’s head!] [Blood begins to flow from the jabs as Pig reaches up and rakes the eyes of The Question in order to get some kind of release. Question gains his composure and comes back to Pig but PIG HITS THE MARCH OF THE PIGS! The headbutt to the gut knocks the wind out of Question as Pig seems irate as the blood flows into his eyes. He wraps his hand around the throat of Question and nails a chokeslam onto the teacher’s table which is still standing strong! He pulls Question around knocking all of the contents onto the floor in the process.] [Pig opens a drawer and searches around before grinning with a dark look in his eyes. He withdraws a STAPLER which he holds high above his head. STAPLE! STAPLE! STAPLE! Three quickshots with the stapler and three silver lines are shown on the forehead of The Question as he rolls away clutching at his head in absolute agony. Pig throws the stapler away before pulling Question back to his feet. LOW BLOW from Question as the desperation is beginning to set in!] [Pig leans over in pain, but Question grits through the pain in his forehead. THE CONTRADICTION! The inverted RKO drives Pig down into the floorboards of the classroom as The Question looks finished with this match. He puts the boots to Pig for a few before turning his attention towards the door. He’s just going to walk out of here unopposed?! The Question smiles to himself as watches Pig crawl after him to no avail. James Hunter stays a footstep of two out of the reach of Pig as if taunting him every step of the way. Hunter turns to the door and turns the handle to open it.] [CRRRRAAACCCKKK! The sound of wood being split is heard as an AXE crashes through the opened door with Luther at the helm of it! James Hunter is incensed as he was almost nailed by the strike! He wrings the collar of Luther and pulls him close with some not-so-choice words as the door slams shut again! THE GREAT DESTROYER! The pop-up superkick catches Question right on the chin as Pig is back to his feet with blood staining his cheeks and RAGE in his eyes! He begins delivering brutal rights and lefts until Question is leaned up against the wall covering his head with his arms.] [Pig takes a few steps away before charging in for a brutal spear against the wall! He pulls Question away and SMASHES HIS HEAD AGAINST THE TABLE! AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! Pig stands up and throws Question THROUGH THE WINDOW OF THE CLASSROOM DOOR! Glass shatters everywhere as Questions slumps to the floor. Pig isn’t finished as he lifts the lifeless body of Question up and slams him down on the teacher’s desk with a body slam. He steps back in anticipation of something big, but Luther grabs him by the arm to turn him around. Luther tells Pig to come on as the door is now wide open. Pig hesitantly follows but, just as he’s about to leave the room, he hears the voice of Question.]

“…to think… I used to give you credit for being a monster… but you’re actually… a huge BITCH!”

[Pig turns around with that fire fully restored as Luther tries to reign in his monster to no avail! Pig charges for another MARCH OF THE PI- NO! Hunter ducks under and pulls Pig head-first into the chalkboard! Pig is stunned in place as The Question slinks behind him and wraps his arms around his waist. GERMAN SUPLEX ON THE DESK! The desk is unbreakable! Hunter keeps his hands locked though! ANOTHER GERMAN ON THE DESK! The desk is still not budging in the slightest. Hands still locked. A THIRD GERMAN ON THE DESK AS THE DESK CRASHES IN AROUND THEM! THE IRONY is hit with full force as both men are absolutely spent on the floor. Luther rushes over and tries to wake up Pig, but Pig is really dazed from running into the chalkboard followed by three German suplexes.] [The Question sees this and the anger is practically dripping from him. He grabs Luther again, but this time there is no Pig to save him. He connects with a series of right hands bursting open the nose of Luther before lifting him and… THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY ON LUTHER?!?! The Question nails PIG’s Finishing maneuver on Luther onto a nearby desk as Luther is laid out. The Question is up and smiling but it’s then that he notices Pig is now back to his feet seemingly still stunned with his arms behind his back to keep his balance.] [James Hunter approaches him but gets nailed in the face by a chalkboard eraser! The impact doesn’t hurt as much as all of the chalkdust coats his face as he sputters and is blinded! Pig releases the eraser and lifts up a steel chair that had been sitting against the wall. CRACK! The impact floors James Hunter as Pig is seething! He pulls Question up and sets him in a desk as if enrolling in a class at The Schoolyard himself. Pig moves away before seeing Luther for the first time. His body shakes as he raises the steel chair once more.] [CRACK! Hunter’s face is nearly caved in by the strike as the steel reverberates against it! AGAIN! AGAIN! PIG IS RELENTLESS IN HIS ATTACK! Blood is pouring from the head of The Question as Pig is absolutely deranged in his attack! Hunter is helpless here as a referee enters the Detention area to stop Pig for fear of The Question’s life! Pig grabs the referee and lifts him up before nailing THE DAY THE WORLD ENDS on top of another desk as if a mirror image of what happened to Luther! Pig pulls The Question to his feet as the intensity could be cut with a knife here in this Detention Match!] [Pig pulls the lifeless body of The Question up BUT QUESTION STABS HIM IN THE EYE WITH ANOTHER PEN! Somehow Question picked up a pen from the ground during that assault or perhaps when the referee came in to aid. Pig staggers around in blind fury before James Hunter kicks him in the gut and… POETIC JUSTICE! Hunter is spent but he slowly crawls towards the door and manages to exit the room. He pulls himself up using the door-handle in order to lock the door. As he does so, the school-bell rings again signifying the end of the match!] [As James Hunter stands tall outside the Detention room, the lights suddenly shut off, sending us to pitch black.] [The wind howls.] [The camera peers through the darkness into the classroom via it’s broken window, a flash of lightning showing a figure stood outside the arena, looking in through the glass windows.] [Another flash, but this time the figure appears right in front of us! Holy fuck! James Hunter turns around to look at the window and are immediately dragged through it and back into the room!] [With each flash, another terrifying shot of The Scarecrow tossing Pig and James Hunter around the classroom in darkness, only the shadows of their bodies being ravaged can we see.] [Then silence.]

“You have sequestered me, Errol Flint?” [Says the voice of the Monster.] “You want what it is I keep locked away in my crypt, little birdie?”

[The Scarecrow walks towards us, finally appearing at the door once again, his features barely visible against the darkness that has befallen us.]

“You set your dogs on me, you and Luther threaten me, you demand that I lay my Championship down at your feet like Mike Lane; But you’re just another bird circling the wrong rotting flesh.”

[He takes a long pause.]

“And I will bring your nightmares to life. Where your eyes don’t go…”

[Another flash, The Scarecrow lunging at the camera and sending us to static.] [His voice though continues with the thud of the cameraman hitting the floor.]

“Fear The Scarecrow.”

[And Monday Night Showcase comes to a close.]