[Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner] [The sound of digging can be heard as we pick up from where we left off with Mike Lane last week. He’s digging what appears to be a grave right next to the body of his friend Alex Reese. With sweat pouring off him and his t-shirt drenched in it, a six-foot hole is dug.]

“Have you ever spent time thinking about the things you’ve done?” [Hysteria asks.] “You’ve been a puppet for so long, you probably don’t know what it’s like to have an original thought. You’ve been spying on Errol Flint since the beginning, then you led Alex Reese to his grisly demise and followed Red River Jack too – twice. Do you really want to come after me, or is it the only thing you know how to do?”

[Mike grimaces.] “You killed my friend, you son of a bitch. He was trying to help you, Harrison. He was trying to find the man who killed your family. His actions brought Mortimer out of the woodwork. His actions brought you closure, not that you deserved it.”

[Hysteria is silent for a moment.]

“Get in the hole, Michael.”

[Lane thinks about it, shaking his head ‘no.] “If you want me in there, you come and put me in there!”


“As you wish.”

[The sound of a large bolt being dragged across a metal surface screeches throughout the hollow room, causing an echo as it goes. When the door opens and light pours in, Mike Lane makes a run for it, leaping into the air with a giant Shadowkick that connects beautifully with the jaw of who he thought was Hysteria.] [Only he looks down, and it’s not.] [It’s the detective who shut down Old School Wrestling in Las Vegas!] [Lane scrambles over his body to the exit, wondering what the fuck just happened. He turns back to hear Hysteria laughing.]

“You didn’t think I did this alone, did you? How else did I know you spoke with D’Ville?” [he admits through laughter.] “Run away, little puppy, run away. I’ll be seeing you at Casino Royal.”

[The Shadow reaches down and picks up his bosses’ gun, pulling it from his unconscious body. He runs back into the room, firing wildly into the darkness, screaming with every pull on the trigger. Bullets crash into a surface, a surface that Mike Lane hopes is Hysteria.] [Only when he goes to investigate – when he’s ran out of ammo, he stops in front of a plexiglass screen, realizing that The Mad Mastermind was never in the room with him at all.] [He drops the gun, taking a deep breath, before turning around and walking away.] [Casino Royal it is, then.]


[The Man-Eater looks to take a bite out of some fresh meat here tonight! Will Lucas Williams become part of a balanced beating? Or will the Shark get hooked?] [The match begins with the Predator licking his painted his chops. Williams eyes him cautiously, countering him on the attack with a Waist-Lock Takedown! He grabs a Front Guillotine; the Shark wrestles back to his feet. Lucas gets a Knee Lift and European Uppercut before the Shark Headbutts him! The Shark chokes him over the top rope, ramming head-first into the top turnbuckle. Lucas tries covering up against some ravenous Punches. The Shark whips him across the ring and– NO, WAIT! Williams counters; pulling him right and looking for the Rear Naked Choke! The Predators tries scrambling free, receding into the ropes!] [The newcomer looks focused; the Man-Eater looks hungry. The pair meet again in the center of the ring, Williams getting Double-Leg Takedown! The Shark again wrestles away– NO! Lucas scores with a Dragon Screw! AND AN ANKLE LOCK! The Brawler from Essex, England torques the webbed-foot of The Shark! The Predator snarls, violently hammering away at Lucas’ hands. Eventually the newcomer breaks his grasp. They scramble to their feet; Williams with a Headlock Takeover! NO! Like an eel, the Sharks slips free and– THE SHARK BITE! Williams cries out in pain! The referee counts; the Shark breaks, snickering…] [The Shark now with a Knife-Edge Chop, sending Lucas into the ropes… Dropkick! He covers! One… Two… NO! Williams kicks out; the Man-Eater hits a GERMAN SUPLEX! But the Shark doesn’t cover, instead eying his opponent like dinner….. He steps back, waiting……. SUSHI KI– NO! Dragon Screw by Williams! And he holds on; ANOTHER! AND ANOTHER! He then goes for a Knee Bar but the Shark’s got the ropes! Williams tries pulling him away and– NO! Enziguri! Lucas drops to his knees, dazed…… SUSHI KICK! The Shark favors his knees; he’s trying for the ASYLUM SPECIAL……… HE GOT IT! AND LUCAS TAPS!] [After the match, the Shark rises and snaps at the referee’s hand. He stalks his fallen foe forebodingly…. He put a good effort, that’s for sure!]


[Drip.] [Drip.] [Drip.] [Steam fills the boiler room as Stephanie Rose stands with her arms crossed a disgruntled look on her face. Her eyes dart from side to side as if waiting for someone.]

“Hello, Stephanie.”

[The chilling words come from behind as she turns around as she reaches for her mace on her hip, almost instinctively. She calms herself as the hooded mask of Doubt barely peers from the dark cloak surrounding it.]

“Damn… you scared the daylights out of me, Doubt.”

[Doubt steps out of the shadows and approaches. She takes a step back and raises her fist. Doubt stops and tilts its held slightly.]

“I apologize if frightened you. You did summon me with that note after all.”

[Stephanie Rose eyes the emotion before crossing her arms.]

“I did. Look, I’m sorry I didn’t make it to your party last week, but I was preparing for my first main event and against Red River Jack. Plus the way that Smiley acted, there wa-”

[The Masked Emotion’s head twitches at the mention of Smiley’s name as he holds up a gloved hand to stop her.]

“Smiley did what?”

[The abrubt ending of the word catches Stephanie off-guard as he hand reaches down and rests on the top of her mace.]

“He came into the locker room and swung his crowbar at me. I managed to keep him away with my mace, but…”

[Her words trail off as Doubt stomps towards. She pulls out her mace as it stops with a tilted head again.]

“Do you really think ‘mace’ will work against me? I’m not going to harm you, Stephanie. This connection… I feel… I will protect you. No harm shall come to you while I stand.”

“I don’t need your protection, Doubt! I just… I just want to be left alone.”

[Doubt thinks on this for a moment before walking past her and towards the door. As it pulls the door open, it turns back.]

“You’ll never be alone if I can help it, Syndi.”

[It leaves out the door leaving Stephanie Rose glaring at the door with an angered expression upon her face as she throws the mace at the door.]

“I don’t need protection!”


[Two terrifying titans are set to tangle tonight in a match sure to leave you with goosebumps! Will The Horror scare Manson straight? Or will the Street Rat claw his way to another victory?] [The match starts with both monsters sizing up the other… They power into a Collar-Elbow Tieup before The Horror BIELS Manson across the ring! The crowd’s stunned; David smirks. He steps back up, taking a shot to the gut before a Double Axehandle to the back. The Horror tries sending the Street Rat across the ring; Manson counters into a Short-Arm Shoulder Block! He hits a few more scooping the Beast up and down with a Powerslam! He covers! One… Two… NO! The Horror kicks out! Manson Slaps him across the back of the head….. Ooops, bad I idea.] [A LARAIT FLOORS THE BAD SEED! The Horror now muscles a bewildered Manson into the corner, pummeling him with Punches! HE BEILS HIM AGAIN! David’s getting manhandled! He stumbles up to his feet, eating a Big Boot! Manson though doesn’t go down– ANOTHER! Wait, NO! Spike DDT! UNSPOKEN WORDS! David quickly shoots the half! One… Two…. NO! The Horror kicks out; Manson grabs a Reach Chin Lock! The Street Rat now methodically slows the pace… He chokes at his opponent, putting all his weight against The Horror’s spine. Manson chuckles, but his opponent just looks pissed….. They work back to their feet….. NO!] [MANSON WITH A SAITO SUPLEX! The Horror’s seeing stars and David rolls him up into a cover! One… Two… NO! Manson now quickly puts the boots to the Beast. He Stomps right on his nose, bringing The Horror to recoil into the ropes. David does an Eye Rake, and then as The Horror clings to the corner, HE BITES DEEP INTO THE BEAST’S SHOULDER! The Cannibal takes his moniker seriously! REIGN OF TERR– NO! The Horror unfurls from his grasp……LAST FRIGHT! Manson gets DRILLED into the canvas! The Horror waits poised as he staggers up……. AND THE FEAR MACHINE! He covers! One… Two…. THREE!] [After the match, The Horror stands. The referee’s understandably hesitant to touch him…. David’s still trying to pick himself back up.]


[David Manson is once again seen in a room covered in bodies. A freezer room to be exact. He’s smoking, looking one of the corpses up and down as he holds a cleaver in his free hand.]

“That Shark had no clue how good he had it. All of this fresh meat, the easy victims. Now it’s all mine.” [Manson chuckles again, only stopping once he realizes that the frosty air of the freezer is turning red.] [Blood red.]

“These were my prey, Manson. And you stole them from me. But now, now you’re in my freezer, and in my element.”

[Shark snarls, Manson looking all ways as he tries to find the intruder. He whips his head toward a knock on the far wall, only to whip it back towards a swinging corpse.]

“I’m armed, little sheep. Asleep or not, you should know better than to mess with a cleaver.”

[Shark snarls again. And Manson swings wildly! An arm is cut from a corpse as Manson slices towards the sound.]

“I’m no sheep. I AM THE SHARK!”

[Shark leaps from the mist! He buries his teeth into Manson’s collarbone, causing him to yell in pain and drop his cleaver, realing from the attack. Shark throws Manson across the room, the hung up bodies falling to the floor from the impact.]

“You’re not taking my prey, Manson. This is my hunting ground. And you will leave my prey to me.”

[Manson gets up, backing away from the room slowly, the red mist obscuring Shark as he backs away.]

“I’ll see about that, sheep. Come Casino Royal, I’m going to show you who the top of the food chain.”

[The two men stare each other down as Manson backs away, the scene slowly fading out.]


[The crowd here in Miami seem to be at a fever pitch, the long anticipated debut of Hannibal Corvin is upon us. We’ll find out quickly if he measures up, he has a stern test tonight in that of Chase Hero. The two men pace back and forth, eyeing one another from opposite corners of the ring while the announcements are made.] [With the match underway Hannibal charges forward like he was shot from a cannon, immediately looking to make an impact he rocks Chase Hero with a clothesline that nearly turned himself inside out. It doesn’t keep Hero down for long, he quickly rolls to ropes and pulls himself up. Hannibal charges forward again but this time ‘The Savior’ has a plan he ducks under the Big Boot attempt and bounces off the far ropes, on the rebound he deliver a dropkick to the knee dropping Hannibal to the ground. Hero quickly picks Hannibal up to his feet and fires off an excellent snap suplex.] [Hero paused for a moment before following up to catch his breathe and that gives Hannibal a chance to make it to his feet. Chase Hero moves forward and he is hit with a jaw jacking SUPERKICK Hannibal quickly tries for the cover…. 1….2… KICKOUT! The two men scramble back to their feet and reset, Hannibal quickly fires off a barrage of right hands, sending Hero back into the ropes but he lunges forward and returns fire with his own set of right hands. Hero gains the upperhand by delivering a quick knee strike to the gut, it appears to have momentarily winded Hannibal] [Hero quickly secures the head of Hannibal and hooks him in…. PILEDRIVER! Hannibal is laying motionless in the middle of the ring but Hero doesn’t go for the cover, instead he picks him back up to his feet… HERO’S DUTY! NO! Hannibal slid off, he’s behind Hero now who spins around… BOOT TO THE GUT… POWERBOMB! Hannibal quickly looks for the cover 1….2….KICKOUT! Hannibal can’t believe it, he thought he had him, he slaps the ground in frustration. There’s only one thing left for Hannibal to go for and lifts Chris Hero back to his feet by his hair…. THROAT THRUST followed quickly by a STUNNER!! Hannibal covers 1…..2……3!] [A confident Hannibal Corvin stands victorious tonight, having sent a message that he was indeed a wise choice to Captain the Showcase team. What a successful debut!]


[An engine roars across slopped terrain; with a bewski in-hand, Cody Greer‘s ATV rips through the dirt. Suddenly he revs to a stop just feet away from home…. Standing at his ranch’s doorstep, Maaz Azim Salah and The Elder.] [The old man smirks dubiously.]

“Greetings, Mr. Greer.”

“What are you doing here?“

“Nothing, obviously.” [He peers around curiously.] “Lovely home you have. Paid for with your boss’ money?”

“No.” [Greer sneers.] “That racist SOB doesn’t own me… What do you want?” [He guzzles down his beer, stepping off his still-running vehicle.] “I’m threw with that. This is private property and you’re trespassing.”

“Trespassing? Interesting choice of words…. One might say you Americans are doing to the same to our land, and given how much grander our home is compared to yours, I think this is fair. Just like you, we come unarmed.” [Both present empty hands.] “After all, rifles are so…… impersonal. Right Mr. Greer?”

[The Elder’s eyes narrow.]

“Twice now you’ve assault the Hand of Allah.”

[The ATV purrs idly; Cody approaches them.]

“What’s you’re game?”

“Game? This is no game.” [Salah guards The Elder; Greer waits.] “You cheap-shotted Salah before, but this man is undefeated in new year of your arrogant Lord, and as you can see, he’s still standing. Try attacking him head-on, the same might not be said for you.”


[The muffled rage of Frank Harrison can be heard buzzing from under The Agents’ earpieces. Benson and Charles are watching covertly, behind a tree.]

“I told to you Secret Service SHIT-STAINS to take care of that old CAMEL-FUCKER like you did the HOOD RAT NI–“

“…. If it’s a fight you want, we’ll settle this on the hill.”

[Greer’s fists are clenched; The Elder shakes his head.]

“Today was merely about a message. We put bomb in your house.”

[Cody immediately charges but SALAH’S HATF LEVELS HIM TO THE GROUND!] [The Elder cackles.]

“Just as expected; the message came in loud and clear. [The Elder gets right in Cody’s face] That look…. That look you just gave us! It proves you’re no different than that ODIOUS POLITICAL PIG! Don’t fool yourself, infidel! All Americans are the same….”

[He drops Greer’s limp head.]

“The next time you duel with The Sword of the Prophet Muhammed, you won’t be let off so easy.”

[The pair then begin to leave; Cody’s left paralyzed at his doorstep. Harrison meanwhile is still cursing out his Agents. He orders them to follow Salah and his master as The Elder waves goodbye.]

“Your house is safe, Mr. Greer….. Your country is not!“


[Hysteria stands in the ring, looking at Thunk like the big man is a wild animal. He walks toward him, and pokes him with one finger. Thunk grunts. The bell rings.] [Hysteria nails Thunk with a huge right hand! Thunk barely moves! Hysteria hammers Thunk across the chest with a heavy forearm. Thunk barely moves. Hysteria laughs and runs to the ropes, returning with a FLYING CROSSBODY BLOCK! But Thunk catches him! He lifts Hysteria above his head and GORILLA PRESS SLAM! Thunk tosses the Showcase Champion to the mat! Hysteria arches his back in pain, as Thunk rips him up, just to toss him into the ropes and “Dead Prey!” Samoan Drop!! He hooks a leg… One… Two… Th..Kickout! Thunk quickly gets to his feet, but poke to the eye!!] [Hysteria gets distance between he and Thunk, and dives into the back of his leg. Thunk is wobbled! Another shoulder to the knee! Thunk goes down!! He sprints to the corner… THE CATACLYSM!! Moonstomp. Hysteria tries to lock in a STF… but Thunk is too big! Instead he drops a few knees to the back of Thunks head and then yanks him, slowly… to his feet. He tries to lift Thunk for THE MOCKERY, but instead gets BACK-BODY DROPPED across the ring! Thunk is recovered and marches to Hysteria…. TOOTH OF TIGER!! Hysteria is planted! One… Two… Thre…Kickout!!!] [Thunk yanks Hysteria up, and tosses him across the ring with a huge GERMAN SUPLEX!! Thunk gets up and beats on his chest, matching towards the Mad Mastermind. He pulls Hysteria to his feet and FROG FACE!! One… Two… THRE….NO. Kickout! THunk yanks him up again but… LOW BLOW! Thunk is dropped to a knee! Hysteria gets to his feet… SNAP DDT!! One… Two… Th….HYSTERIA IS LAUNCHED ACROSS THE RING AS THUNK KICKS OUT WITH FORCE! Both men climb to their feet, but Thunk is quicker… THUNK SMASH!!! One… Two… THREE!!] [Thunk has defeated the Showcase Champion! He pounds on his chest in victory! Hysteria stirs in the ring as Thunk walks away victorious.]


[Smiley is pacing in his locker room as tonight is a big night. A handicap match in the main event against Mike Lane.] [As he continues his pace, he doesn’t even seem to notice the extra body in the room.] [Not at least until it speaks.]


[The mention of the former name seems to jerk him to a halt as his face contorts at the very sound of it.]

“Who in the hell called me-“

[He stops mid-sentence as he turns to see his tag team partner standing there with its arms folded across its chest.]

“Why in the hell did you call me, Lee? It’s Smiley and you know that, brother.”

“So would you say I broke a promise by calling you Lee, brother?”

[Smiley’s eyes bore into him at the second mention of his former name. His mind quickly deciphering the destination of the conversation.]

“You talked to Stephanie, didn’t you?”

[Doubt nods.]

“She told me everything I needed to know, and how you threatened her with Smiley Jr. Why, Lee? Why would you break our promise?”

[Smiley’s neck turns at the mention once more.]

“Don’t call me Lee. I didn’t harm her, but I felt like you would want her at your party. After all, you said she reminds you of Syndi.”

[Doubt contemplates this but shakes its head.]

“No, you just feel some sort of connection to her that isn’t there. Lee, I need-“


[Smiley is seething as he has now raised Smiley Jr. above his head as if threatening Doubt. Doubt’s mask looks up at this before leveling back on Smiley.]

“This is over, Smiley.”

[Smiley’s face contorts from anger to… sadness as his smile is no longer there other than the remnants of the scars.]

“What? Doubt, we have a match tonight, you can’t just bail on us.”

“Tonight is the last night, Smiley.”

[With that, Doubt turns around and begins leaving the room as he yanks the door open and exits.]

“You can’t leave me! You can’t leave Knock Knock! What about The Asylum, brother?! WHAT ABOUT US?!”

[With no one to hear his anger, Smiley begins lashing out with Smiley Jr at the lockers and the chairs and just brutalizing the entire room as his shoulders begin to shake. His teeth are gritted as his eyes grow wide with fury.]

“You can’t leave MY FAMILY!”


[Tonight Maaz Azim Salah looks to smite yet another infidel. Will Dr. Panax feel The Sword of The Prophet Muhammed? Or will Dr. Feel Good leave the silent assassin sick and tired?] [The match starts with Maaz and the Good Doctor sizing each other up. The Elder is conspicuously absent…. The two combatants wrestle into a Collar-Elbow Tieup; Salah easily overpowers Panax. He muscles him to the mat before practically stopping his heart with a Leaping Elbow Drop! Spencer braces against the ropes, getting Irish Whipped– NO! Short-Arm Powerslam by the silent assassin! He covers! One… Two…. NO! Panax kicks out! Salah stalks him as Dr. Feel Good rises, throwing punches from the mat. He dusts off a few Shin Kicks– LEAPING KNEE STRIKE! Maaz is staggered, only to catch another kick!] [BIG Sideslam! He plants Spencer into the canvas, hooking the leg. One… Two….. NO! The doc gets the shoulder up; Salah with a blatant Choke! He throttles his opponent, breaking away just before “5.” Maaz continues to dish out the punishment, hammering away before slapping on the CAMEL CLUTCH! The fans BOO! Panax is in a world of hurt…. The referee checks to see if Spencer quits….. Eventually he starts pulling himself and the abominable Afghani closer to the ropes…… Can he? Salah wrenches back on Panax’s neck! IS HE GONNA TAP? The crowd cheers Panax on…….. YES! He grabs the ropes!] [Once again the referee starts the count; this time Maaz holds on. The official tries prying him off, earning a bone-chilling glare from The Hand of Allah…. Salah eventually turns back to Panax, propping him up in the corner and stepping back………. FIDDAH?!? NO! The Good Doctor dodged it; REVERSE EXPLODER SUPLEX! Spencer’s got a shot! Maaz is quickly back up, absorbing a series of hard kicks! ANTI-ALIGNMENT? NO! Salah easily shrugs him off– DDT by Dr. Feel Good! He stacks him up tight! One… Two…. NO! The doc though stands poised…….. ANESTHESIA! Spencer quickly covers! One… Two… THREE!] [The bell rings and Maaz immediately throws Panax off! The Good Doctor drops the floor… HE DID IT!]


[In The Chief’s office, our boss sits behind his desk looking through some paperwork. The door suddenly opens, a man rolling in across the wooden floor. The Chief immediately stands up, his brows raised.] [Then Corvin enters behind.]

“He requested an audience with The Chief,” [Corvin says, dragging him off the floor and placing him forcibly in the chair.]

“I thought I told you to take him to jail, Corvin?”

[Hannibal folds his arms.]

“Please, Chief, just hear me out, okay?” [Connor begs.] “I’m sorry I told him your name. I didn’t think about it, but I can make it up to you.”

[The Boss takes a seat on the next near him.]

“There’s a lot of weight coming into Miami in the next two weeks. The port commissioner has been bribed to let it all slip in under the radar, meaning if someone was able, they could take it all.”

[The Chief and Hannibal share an awkward look. The Chief looks like he’s been caught out; like he’s been outed.]

“You’re him, you know? You’re The Ghost. This could be-”

[Suddenly and abruptly, The Chief clobbers him across the face with a right hand that immediately busts open his lip. He angrily walks around the desk, opening a drawer and pulling out a gun.]

“Do you know how I’m able to conduct business?” [He asks.] “I’m a professional,” [he barks.] “That’s how. I sit in an office, I crunch numbers and I handle my business. I’m able to do that because no-one on the streets knows who I am.”

[Connor grimaces.]

“Except you.”

[The Chief cocks the gun and puts it to his temple. He looks up at Hannibal, meeting his eyes.]

“When I hire you to do a job, you do the job,” [the Chief says with a stern expression. He slowly pulls the gun away, hitting him as hard as he can in the mouth, breaking his jaw.] “Now take this piece of shit to jail. He ain’t sayin’ nothin’.”

[Corvin thinks about it for a minute but realizes that he’s been paid to do a job. He grabs Connor, who’s bleeding and moaning in agony, dragging him from the room and taking him to jail.] [The Chief remains, unbuttoning his shirt, clearly infuriated.]


[Former allies implode tonight as Our Wrestling Representative goes one-on-one with Cody “Mother Fucking” Greer! Will the ATV-ridin’, beer-drinkin’ Spear-givin’ SOB leave Frank paralyzed? Or will Harrison give Greer his personal Stamp of Approval?] [The match starts with the two staring dangers at each other. A cagey smirk arcs Frank’s lips. His Agents are missing but his arrogance is front and center… Cody starts, getting a shot to the gut and hammering Harrison into the corner. He pummels the politician down, whipping him across the ring! Frank slams chest-first into the turnbuckle, staggering back…. FALLAWAY SLAM! Our Wrestling Representative gets sent packing to the floor! Greer’s fired up, trouncing through the ropes. He gets a Headbutt, ramming Frank into the guard rail! Harrison’s hurt; Cody grabs a cold one from a front-row fan…] [BEER MIST! Harrison’s doused in liquid courage! The Guy with The Beer gets another Headbutt! GREER DRINKS TO HIS HEALTH! He shoves Frank back into the ring, tossing away the empty cup. He steps onto the apron and– THUMB TO THE EYE! Frank snarls, yanking Greer through the ropes by his collar. He unloads with violent, unorthodox shots to the face! Harrison’s lost it! He mauls Cody, pulling him in and…… FILIBUSTER? NO! Cody slips back onto his feet– PILEDRIVER! Harrison’s eyes roll into the back of his head! Greer covers! One… Two… NO! And Greer’s ready to end this!] [Frank’s slowly pulling himself back up when suddenly Agent Benson rushes to the ring! The fans BOO! The Benson leaps onto the apron, distracting the referee! The official tries to regain order; Greer gives The Agent a Right Hook! Cody then Guillotines him over top rope; Benson’s down! AND FRANK WITH A SHOT TO THE BACK! The referee got crunch! LOW BLOW TO GREER! Harrison gets a Small Package! Not like this! One… Two…. NO! Greer fights out; both rush back to their feet….. DITCH DIGGER! Cody hooks Harrison up high and tight! One… Two…. THREE! What a victory!] [BUT WAIT! The Agent assaults Greer immediately after the pin! HE SENDS HIM INTO THE RING POST! Benson batters Cody against the corner, buying his boss enough time….. THE STAMP OF APPROVAL! Greer crumbles to a mat; Harrison leaves him laying!]


[Cutting to the backstage area we find Chase Hero sprinting towards; his mannerisms displaying that of a controlled panic as he turns the corner only a few feet away.]

“I’ve got you this time you filthy animal!”

[Hero’s voice quickly trails off only to be quickly replaced by the roaring sound of Thunk.] [In the distance, at the end of the hall, is Thunk. Running as fast as he can run from the same direction from which Hero joined us. He is in pursuit.] [Mere split seconds pass but by the time Thunk turns the corner Hero has disappeared through the exit doors that lead out into the Tap Room parking lot. He pauses; noticing the movement of the exit doors as they slide shut. His eyes squinting as he takes a deep sniff and then it’s straight towards the exit doors he goes.] [We follow close behind as Thunk makes his way out into the dark parking lot. The lamps positioned throughout the area only providing partial light to the shadow filled automobiles surrounding our massive subject.] [Suddenly, head lights shine in the eyes of Thunk; momentarily blinding him as the squealing of tires is heard. A car pulls out from a parking space, lifting Thunk onto its hood by force and tossing him to the concrete ground below. The monster of a man rolls to a motionless ball as the car hits the breaks.] [With Thunk unconscious and possibly worse, Chase Hero climbs out of the car; a somewhat concerned grin covering his face.]

“Primitive creatures stand no chance against the weapons of our age.” [Hero chuckles as he approaches the fallen Thunk.] “So ends our little hunt if I do say so myself.”

[The confidence oozes from Hero as he sticks a foot on the shoulder of Thunk; kicking him over.] [But in an instant, Thunk jumps to; wrapping both hands around the throat of Hero and hoisting him into the air.]

“Thunk not so dumb he no play dead!”

[The eyes of Hero nearly pop out of his head as Thunk squeezes his throat. Suddenly, a swift kick to the groin from Hero releases the hold; dropping Thunk to his knees with an agonizing grunt.] [Hero takes off back towards the Tap Room; this time his demeanor a bit more hurried. Meanwhile Thunk looks up from his hands and knees.]

“The hunt not over yet Hero man! Not until THUNK SMASH!”

[With that, Thunk pounds the concrete with his closed fist before succumbing slightly to the effects of the low blow.]


[Who will win between The Double Feature Champion and The Most Recent Invasion Winner?!] [The bell rings and the two tie up. Tommy Hawk, being the more powerful, easily gets the better of the exchange by wringing the arm of Stephanie Rose behind her. She turns with an elbow and catches Hawk right on the chin as he staggers backwards. She goes to kick him in the midsection, but Hawk catches her foot. Rose just smiles before lunging up with her other one for an enzuigiri! The Spirit Walker staggers off before Rose charges him with a battering ram that connects to his ribs. She runs back towards the other ropes and rushes forward only for a clothesline that flattens her!] [Hawk grabs her up by her arm and quickly drops her back to the mat with a body slam. Tommy Hawk lifts her up and holds her in the air as the crowd begins to count along with the seconds that she’s up. “Nine…ten…eleven…twelve!” Finally, Tommy Hawk drops her down for a brainbuster! She slumps to the mat as the crowd has become quiet. He covers her. One…Two…TH-NO! She kicks out as the crowd comes unglued! He pulls her back to her feet, but she blasts him with a forearm blast. Tommy Hawk is staggered as Stephanie Rose hits the ropes and rushes back for a dropkick that sends him out of the ring!] [Stephanie Rose springboards up to the top rope and over to Hawk with a double moonstomp! The Spirit Walker slams to the hard floor as Rose rolls back to her feet. The crowd is going nuts as she high-fives a guy on the outside of the barrier. She grabs up Hawk and rolls him back into the ring before climbing the turnbuckle. She waits for him to get to his feet before outstretching her arms and leaping off for a… DIVING CROSSBODY! Only… Tommy Hawk rolls right back up to his feet WITH ROSE IN HIS ARMS! She’s freaking out but he hoists her up before delivering… THE RED ARROW! The Falcon Arrow is hit with perfection as he hooks a leg. One…Two…THREE!] [The Spirit Walker seems to have gotten the better of Stephanie on this night, but he gives her a nod as the referee holds his hand up high.]


[The Backstage area.] [Doctor Panax is still a little shaken up after last week’s encounter with The Horror. This month has been awful for the Doctor and he truly blames himself for what has transpired. He’s about to exit his locker room, when he nearly trips over a box left sat at his door.] [He reaches down and opens it, falling backwards in absolute shock. His glasses fly off and he scrambles for them, scooting backwards into the door.] [The camera pans down, showing the limb of what we can only assume to be that poor girl The Horror took a few weeks ago.] [Panax scrambles back inside his locker room and slams the door, leaning backwards against it. He’s sweating profusely, and then the door locks. He looks down, his eyes wide, and then it happens again.] [The lights go off.]

“Next week at Casino Royal, you will meet me in the middle of the ring, Doctor. You will fight the demons you created!” [he growls in a deep deep voice.] “She is the first in a long line of people you saved. Why couldn’t you save me?”

[Panax bursts into tears.] “I tried. I tried so hard. You just couldn’t be stopped. You had a thirst for destruction and rage. You tore apart everything you loved. I wanted to save you, I wanted to put The Horror away but you wouldn’t let me.”

“So, it’s my fault?” [The Horror responds.] [Silence.]


[A guttural scream echo’s loudly as The Horror rips apart the locker room. We remain in darkness, until Doctor Panax goes ripping through the locker room door, bouncing out the other side. He hits the floor hard and rolls as we cut to black.]


[Mike Lane looks very worse for wear. He’s somehow made it here tonight after escaping the Asylum but there’s no way he should be competing. As for Knock Knock, there’s something off about them tonight as well.] [The referee enquires as to which one wishes to start the bout, Smiley stepping into the ring joyfully. The bell sounds and they run at each other, Lane connecting with a Clobbering Clothesline that takes everyone by surprise. Smiley is straight back up and into an Overhead Drop, bouncing off the canvas. He rolls to the outside holding his back, looking up at Doubt who won’t even share eye contact with him. The Shadow rolls to the outside as well, spinning Smiley around and planting him with a right hand so hard that spit flies out of his gob and into the rowdy audience.] [Lane decks him with a second shot, helping him back to his feet and running him straight into the metal barricade. Doubt hasn’t even moved as they make their way back into the ring. The Insane One reaches out for his partner, only Lane drags him away, dropping an Elbow across his back. Mike is giving it all he’s got, spinning Smiley over and getting booted straight in the face. Mr. Happy gets back to his feet, turning around and leaping for Doubt – only The Emotion walks away! What the fuck? Doubt said it was over, but not yet. He walks down the ring steps and exits the ring, leaving his now former Tag Team Partner alone.] [Smiley can’t believe it, getting back to his feet and calling out for his friend. “Where are you going?” he yells, only Doubt isn’t interested and never once looks back. Lane is back at it, spinning him around and SHADOWKICK! NO! Smiley ducks underneath.. FINGERS IN THE MOUTH.. BACKSTABBER!! BACKSTABBER! HIDEOUS LAUGHTER!! He nails it! The Deranged covers immediately… One…. Two… Kick Out! No! It’s not enough! With Doubt gone, this whole match has changed. Smiley goes to fishhook the mouth again, looking for the GLASGOW SMILE!! NO!! Mike rolls away, both men getting back to their feet and DEGENERATION! TBONE SUPLEX! THAT’LL DO IT! The Shadow is about to cover, but here comes Hysteria, accompanied by The Shark!] [The Shark runs straight past Hysteria and slides into the ring, walking into a massive Clothesline by Mike Lane. He’s seriously outnumbered here tonight! He turns around, just about noticing Hysteria on the ring apron and ducks under a right handed Clothesline, but into Smiley who Spears him down to the canvas. Smiley and Shark start stomping away at him. Hold on though, here comes STEPHANIE ROSE! Rose slides into the ring, leaping into a Dropkick on Smiley that sends him barrelling through the middle rope and Hysteria. The Shark runs at her almost immediately, but she dives out of the way and sends him into the corner. The fans are going ballistic as gets back up and waits for Smiley. Smiley enters the ring and meets her with a Clothesline, but she ducks it… THE ROSE GARDEN-VARIATION! THE REVERSE DDT!!] [Rose rolls away to the outside, backing up the entrance ramp as Mike Lane crawls into the cover… One…… Two….. Three!! HYSTERIA BREAKS UP THE NEAR FALL! Stephanie can’t believe it. Lane crawls back to his feet and CODEBREAKER! THE LOST HOPE!! Stephanie puts her hands on her head outside the ring as Hysteria drags Smiley across Mike Lane… One….. Two…. Three! It’s over! The Asylum steals one thanks to Hysteria!] [The Asylum celebrate in the ring as Rose pulls Lane out, making sure to save him from any more violence.]


[Jon Davenport stands in the middle of the rubble of his ranch, searching for his possessions. His face is beetroot red with anger, having seen his property absolutely destroyed. Whilst he searches, a large black limousine pulls down the drive way, coming to a halt.] [The Hunting Hound grabs his rifle, walking towards the vehicle and opening the door. He steps inside, taking a seat across from an unknown figure.] [We don’t see his face.]

“Now, what are you going to do with that?”

[Jon looks down the barrel, pointing it at whoever sits opposite in a threatening manner.]

“I’m thinkin’ I might go shoot me some dark meat,” [Davenport responds, putting the weapon down.] “And there’s plenty of it at the reservation.”

[The man sighs.] “We’re close, Jon. We’re so very close. I need you to keep your head. Tommy was arrested and thanks to you, he has a date with the court that’ll see him imprisoned for the damage he did.”

“That’s the best place for that freeloadin’ injun.”

[The man agrees.] “Hmm, I agree, but you know what the plan is, don’t you? Besides, you have a match with Tommy at Casino Royal next week that’ll end this once and for all – I’ve made sure of it. You can beat the red out of him until your heart’s content. Isn’t that what you want?”

[Jon smiles, stroking his gun.]

“I want him to suffer in the dirt where his people belong,” [Davenport grimaces.] “And at Casino Royal, for the final time, the dog will hunt.”

[The Hunting Dog grabs his gun and exits the limousine, stopping to slam it shut and walk off towards his broken cabin.] [We follow Jon, watching the limousine drive off as he goes back to looking at his possessions.]