“Apocalypse II”

Season Seven
December 27th 2017 – July 18th 2018
21 Episode Season
Judgement Day Finale


Red Snow III ended with all hell breaking loose, The Family aligning themselves with Lux Bellator who revealed the final seal was that the birth of a child…the anti-christ himself.

Since he entered through the double doors of the Tap Room, The Riddler had gained the reputation of a selfish sociopath, seen through his wars against the Scarecrow, Bruce Van Chan and Brent Kersh and the seeming limitless use of mind games and unscrupulous methods to keep his undefeated streak and his World Championship, a title that would grow to mean so much more in the growing months as would Newton himself.

The Riddler began the season just like he had all the others, using his guile and wit to try and survive as he attempted to make a deal with the new King of Hell, Lee Crowley. The OSW world championship gifted on a silver platter for the fabled Book of the Dead that Newton intends to use to survive the coming Apocolypse.

A fact that Solomon Rhodes did not take kindly.

Revealing the truth on what OSW’s championships really were, keys to the Temple of the Tap Room that if held by the side of evil would lead to the damnation of the entire world..yet Newton did not care. Still thinking only of himself as he claimed this war of Rhodes stood in his way of success just as Solomon reminded Newton, the end of the world like not it or not, means this is everyone’s war including Newton’s.

Upon gaining the throne of the Underworld, Lee Crowley quickly went to work gaining true followers, corrupting the souls of Bruce Van Chan and LH Harrison into his own personal revenants and tried to barter the World Championship in favor for the Book of the Dead from Edward Newton, a deal he quickly tried to renege on, attempting to kidnap Newton and the world title but only succeeding in the championship as Zappa and Rhodes saved the Riddler.

As the only three remaining from the very beginning of OSW, Lane Kersh and Scarecrow would come to be known as the Founding Fathers, the very pillars that protected OSW from absolute destruction and as such, their polar opposites immediately came to try and destroy them. The Mother of all Evil, The Corruption of Light and the Virus were always formidable foes but together, they may seem to be unbeatable especially if the Three Pillars could not work together.

And work together they did, the three focusing and surviving against the three evils but not for long. It was only the intervention of Phoebe Outlaw that saved the Enforcer and allowed Lane and Crow to push back the rest. And while Scarecrow and Mike Lane tried to protect OSW from the infected, Mother set her sights on Brent Kersh and a question he didn’t want asked, how was Phoebe awake?

Months ago Outlaw had been put into a coma in a vicious attack by James Hunter, Kersh’s daughter Dani broken hearted by the love of her life’s death sentence but here she was, completely fine. And completely orchestrated as a fail safe by Mother. Kersh failed to set Blood Drive into motion thanks to Newton’s usage of the Book of the Dead so Mother revealed that the only reason Outlaw was awake was because Dani Kersh swapped places with her.

All thanks to the Mother of Pure Evil and come the Long Night, all of the three Pillars worst nightmares would come true.

Following the corruption and death of Calypso, the Family continued to haunt the Jeckel Brothers, taunting Jake of his fallen love as Jake loses himself in revenge, much to Jack’s worry as the younger Jeckel tries to do the right thing and cure Calypso’s people and curb his brother of the blood lust he feels for those responsible of the death of the woman he loved.

As King Crowley’s legion intensified, Solomon and Captain Zappa tried to work alongside Newton but it was not until they saved Edward from the revenants at Crowleys side that he agreed to help. Tricking Lee into stealing a fake championship, Newton arranged a solo championship fight and a chance for Zappa and Newton to save two souls Crowley had corrupted.

Or so it seemed.

Newton brought both men back to the world of the living, revealing he’d already delved into the Book of the Dead, giving himself a minor Mark of Caine to prevent any true harm towards him, revealing to both men that they not only can revert the corrupt of the Revenants but warning Rhodes of a coming River of Blood. One led by the King.

Darkness fell upon the Tap Room as the Underworld came for blood, murdering countless men and attempting to slit the Dragon’s throat until Newton and the book sent Crowley scurrying back to the underworld but the walls of the Temple had already been weakened and it all rested on the back of the Enforcer. Contemplating an offer by Noah to spill blood in exchange for paradise for the Kersh family, Newton of all people had to be the voice of reason. Telling Brent that if enough blood was spilled, the doors of the Temple may just buckle and crumple without the keys and he must not let blood spill upon the canvas.

But for a man’s pride Newton’s message goes unheeded. The Dragon and the Enforcer did see battle and Kersh’s blood spilled the canvas, momentarily driving Kersh insane as he bloodied the canvas with Rhodes blood and the Tap Room shakes in chaos.

Furious at the absolute failure that was State of Emergency, The Mad King decided he needed more power on his side, transforming Van Chan and Harrison respectively into vessels measured by their deaths, Proteus of Ice and Water and Helios of Fire and recruited the Plague Doctor to root out insurgents to his throne in Nigel Royal and Ordell Terminus while he focused on delivering death to the Tap Room. Crowley’s forces flooded the Tap Room, murdering many but his attempt at Solomon Rhode’s life was stopped by Edward Newtons use of the book.

The infection is thick and the Temple barely stands yet the Riddler has a plan to fight in a chamber where victory is only given from the shed of blood itself. Insanity at it’s finest yet as the match drew on, the Riddler seemed impervious to pain, his skin hard as steel, as he emerged victorious once more but not without consequence.

The Jeckel Brothers succeeded in some measure of revenge against the Family at State of Emergency, defeating Million and Cussen only for a ghost to come back to haunt Vengeance as the Phoenix was reborn, murdering Max Million and coming for Jensen next. For months, the former Jacob Miller would haunt Vengeance, infecting him with his clean blood and seemingly corrupting his mind, wanting to bring back the man inside the monster in order to see his grief before ending his life…but would it be that simple?

Long Night

Drip…Drip…Drip. The sound of absolute madness as the Longest Night drove Newton to breaking point and past limits he knew he would never cross. A horrified scream punctuated by the lingering flames of humanity of a soul long since passed, silenced by a sadistic, broken laugh as Newton’s insanity drove him to take innocent lives, those of Paige Van Chan and her young son…a moment that would haunt Edward Newton forever.

But not as much as what would come next.

The Scarecrow found himself haunted by victims of it’s past, victims it had murdered in the darkest days all fueled by the inferno of Helios. Mike Lane was tortured by Lux Bellator using Destiny, his greatest failure in protecting the woman he loved and forcing his daughter to grow up without a mother. Bellator broke down Lane to his very core before revealing he can take away all his pain, make things right…all he needed was the Book of the Dead.

Meanwhile Mother continued to haunt Brent Kersh with memories that never were, a happy content family if he’d only chosen the other path of retirement as all he needs is to give up the blood of his daughter and end the Kersh lineage forever. But the Enforcer had seen this all before, the mindgames were nothing new as he came back home to galvanize himself and prepare himself for a war that had been raging for years. One final battle to decide the fate of the Kersh family, either Mother would gain what she wanted all along in the pure blood of the Kersh lineage or the Enforcer would die ensuring she would never get ahold of it.

Helios failed in his attempt to tear down Scarecrow, the one creature who could thrive in the Long night. Kersh survived the war against Mother before revealing his plan, an act of pure love. Phoebe Outlaw had swapped places with Dani Kersh thanks to Mother’s manipulations and when Phoebe allowed James Hunter to end her life, death paid for life and the curse was broken. Dani Kersh was in the wind, Mother couldn’t touch Brent’s child and if Mother wanted to erase the Kersh lineage, she’d have to go through the Enforcer. For once, Brent Kersh had won but the night would not end well for the Pillars.

Lux Bellator’s manipulations had tried to funnel through Mike Lane to use the Book of the Dead to further corrupt the Tap Room but Mike Lane was never a patsy. He was the fucking warrior of light and with a flash of a blade, Mike Lane sacrificed his life to save OSW…to save us all.

Still barely holding on, the book of the damned’s hold fully entrenched into the Riddler, another seeks it. The Shadow has spent the last month reliving his worst memories and that book may have what he truly needs but Newton will never give it up willingly. Beaten down, nearly fully corrupted, the Riddler survives not only Proteus but an invading Lux Bellator beyond all odds before watching on as Mike Lane sacrifices himself to save OSW and erase the darkness, leaving The Riddler with a clear mind and knowledge that it’s all his fault.

Meanwhile the Virus focused on the absolute corruption of whatever humanity remained inside the Tap Room, aligning temporarily with the mother of all evil and the corrupted beacon of light that had enabled the birth of his son at the behest of Noah in a failed attempt at tearing apart the Three Pillars and then nearly succeed at causing the corruption and fall of the Temple through manipulation of the Enforcer if not for the intervention of Edward Newton. But then he turned his focus towards a champion from beyond the stars.

Finding a way to focus the virus through Zappa’s veins, DTR used careful manipulation to try and bring the Captain to the Family. Cause the Captain to become a liability, take away his biggest ally in Solomon Rhodes and isolate him away into madness. A plan that nearly succeeded if not for Mike Lane’s sacrifice. A small morsel for a starving man that allowed Zappa to believe he could fight this infection much to DTR’s rage. Zappa refused to the last moment, nearly passing at the Virus’s hand if not for the Zeta’s intervention. Curing Zappa and allowing him to be what he always wanted to be, the hero the galaxy needed.

And ensure DTR failed to bring him into the Family.

Blood Drive was a mixed night for the Mad King, once again he failed at taking Newton’s crown as the Riddler used the book to reverse the effects of the Blood Drive but his servants would be successful, tearing down the resistance and leaving Terminus to himself. Ordell would be the one man who could lock Crowley away for good but a singular mistake by Terminus in killing the one being who ensured his survival lead to Ordell’s death and resurrection as the revenant Aion.

Empowered once more, The Mad King was on a high until an old friend reared his head. Saved from the imprisonment of Doubt, Jonathan Heartsford wasted no time in trying to save his best friend, a task that Crowley would not make easy as Jonathon realised that Lee knew he may be able to succeed. Trapping Lee inside a warded throne room, former friends now bitter enemies battled furiously but all was for naught. Jonathan couldn’t save Lee and Lee would refuse to murder his friend for now as they parted for the briefest time, destinys still intertwined in ways they couldn’t even imagine.

The Phoenix might have been able to influence Jensen’s mind but he was in Vengeance’s world as the dark passenger of Jensen Cussen showed the Phoenix a world he always dreamed of…and how it would always end in darkness. But all was not lost as Vengeance’s hold on his host would weaken as would the Phoenix’s want to kill the man he saw as a father…instead to try and save what was left of his soul.

The #1’s return at Red Snow to put down the hated monarch King Royal signalled a change in Marvolo, the chaotic neutral goofball begin showing signs of being a hero, like his father always wanted but a bigger quest would come to Marvolo, the need to align with Sharkman to become what he needs to become but the Sharkman would not be the only ally Marvolo would need. A green luchador exploded onto the scene, quickly taking the Double Feature Championship but this key seemed purposefully made for the young man, El Trebol Jnr using it for true good as he would become the third in this trio of masked heroes as their first quest is to save Doubt.

The Emotion had been acting odd since the Virus had taken hold of the Tap Room as it would soon be shown that it was infected, slowing tearing apart at the emotion but if they work together, they can save the man underneath, as small fragments of Jonathon begin coming out from underneath Doubt and at Blood Drive, they finally came together.

Descendants of the lineage known as Watchmen who protected and fought against the forces of evil in the Temple, their combined power did the unthinkable and saved Jonathon Heartsford from Doubt itself. But they were still not at full strength. A fourth was prophesied, with four they could save this world. With four they can rescue the damned, they could free the Revenants from the damnation the Mad King inflicted upon them. The Revenants tried to stop them but not only did the Watchmen gain further keys in the tag team titles but they found their fourth…Betamax.

But in all of this, where on earth was the Chief? Having not been seen since Red Snow as he collapsed after failing in his goal to end the child Noah before it grew up.

In reality, the Chief lay comatose, completely fine but trapped inside of his body with medical professionals completely baffled at the reason why. The truth would be much more terrifying, the child, now grown up 7 years in a mere week into a cold and calculating child named Noah had trapped him inside of his own mind. For his hesitation, Noah would not allow the Chief to be harmed nor would he allow him to see the chaos that would be to come, warning the Chief that others would die for and because of him.

A fact that the Chief didn’t buy.

Refusing to see Noah as anything but a child born into something he can control, week after week he continued to try and get the kid to see the potential for good, even as Noah claimed all this was God’s plan and will.

And then The Chief was shown it first hand, an alternate reality born of a world he didn’t buy OSW, where different characters flourished, where many histories had been changed and warped but the end result was the same. The End of Days and there would never be anything the Chief could do to stop it.

Weeks later, Noah came back to the Chief expecting him pliant and broken but his will was strong, not even the terrifying heartbreak of witnessing the death of an entire world could shatter his faith but the Chief would have limits. Week after week, Noah would come back to the Chief who slowly was regaining his strength and refusing to stop fighting, much to the kid now teenager’s anger. A simple yes is all he needs to come back to the world of the living but The Chief wanted answers first that weren’t forthcoming.

A deadline of Pandemonium was threatened by Noah who warned bad things would happen if the Chief didn’t comply by then as in the real world, the Chief’s body began to fail and deteriorate, whatever protection Noah had given him began to falter as the clock was truly ticking. His body deteriorating, life hanging on the edge of existence, the Chief finally said yes and came back to the world of the living, a world that had been trapped in absolute chaos in his absence.

The Forces of Darkness had become fragmented, Mother losing herself under the weight of fear and uncertainty over her greatest creation in the Scarecrow, Lee Crowley feeling the worry of his former allies quest against him, Lux Bellator wavering in his faith under Solomon Rhodes campaign to save him from himself as even the Revenants themselves find their existence threatened by the formation of the Watchmen, but with the addition of D’Von Chambers to their ranks, the Virus seems assured of their victory on the road to Judgement Day.

Brent Kersh, Solomon Rhodes, Edward Newton and Jonathon Crowley look to defend the world from this final attack as the forces of evil try to use every trick in the book to bring them down. Brent and Solomon fail to find the source of the infection as Jonah Williams was murdered months ago, Brother Chambers tries to use Newton’s own sin against him and Jonathon and Lee’s complicated history turns more so as Crowley once again extends his hand in friendship…an offer that Jonathon may well take.

Meanwhile Lee Crowley looks to find a weapon to turn the tide of the war as he stumbles upon the cage of immense power that needs the blood of a holy man to unleash…something Crowley may well have in spades come Judgement Day.

The Vengeance in Jensen Cussen is wavering thanks to the Phoenix but Vengeance cannot defeated Vengeance as he unmasks and for the first time in years, Jackson Miller faces down Jensen Cussen, swearing that he’ll save the man who should’ve been his father or damn well die trying.

The Watchmen continue their quest to try and save the Revenants, venturing into dangerous paths to find a totem for all four as they find three, leaving the last for the God of Time…and the Underworld itself. While something had changed inside both of Lux Bellator and Mother, doubt and concern inflict them, Mother terrified of failing because of her child as Bellator tries to ignore the voice in his head that tells him he’s wrong as Rhodes and Crow alike prepare for the end.

But not before Scarecrow tells the Enforcer why he’s been hunted for so long. Because Brent Kersh is the hero of this tale, because he’s the man who’s going to stand in the way of Judgement Day and everything Mother and Scarecrow have done is to stop Brent Kersh from getting here. And now Scarecrow failed…Brent Kersh will not.

Judgement Day began with the Watchmen, Betamax revealing a truth he’d hidden from them all, that to save the revenants, they will have to sacrifice their own souls to do so. But that doesn’t even waver the four as they venture into the darkness to try and do the right thing. And they do, saving Tommy Hawk, LH Harrison, Bruce Van Chan and Ordell Terminus from their dark fates but not without loss as Marvolo and Betamax lose their lives and The Sharkman…Axel loses his hope as he takes off the mask and walks away with a broken heart.

Lee Crowley needed a special object to open up the cage and unleash the beast inside, and he found it in the Dragon. All he has to do is sacrifice Rhodes to bring forth a tremendous power but he doesn’t get a chance before Rhodes is saved by Lux Bellator. Lux’s mind finally free of manipulation, revealing Mother was the hand of god he felt for over a year as he apologises for everything he’s done before making the ultimate sacrifice and closing the cage from within, allowing Solomon to escape with his life.

Jonathan Heartsford leads the same path, willing to do anything to save his former friend as the Chief gives him a way but it’s at a heavy cost, as Jonathon closes the gate, trapping himself inside with Lee in an eternity of torture awaiting the last sacrifice of a good man.

Jackson Miller has been fighting for the soul of his would be father for months and he finally gets Jensen free of the Vengeance simmering in his soul. Jensen awake for the first time in over a year, nearly loses himself to sorrow for all that he has caused but he has one last thing left to do. In Jonah’s old home, DTR is restrained, explosives set all around as both Jensen and Miller look to end the Virus once and for all…but the remote fuse doesn’t work.

Knowing what he must do, Jensen gives a final goodbye to Jackson who flees into the night and a better life before Cussen does the first right thing in years and kills both he and DTR.

Mother and Scarecrow do battle one last time before he uses powerful old magic to reverse her evil and turn her back human. Broken and desperate, she waits for death but the Hayman does not allow it, taking her into the void as he promises to protect her forever.

Empowered by broken souls, Noah kills all he can, starting with the Templar army and Godfrey as he reveals all this was for power. He didn’t care for his followers, his army because every death means he grows in strength and soon he’ll be able to destroy the Temple and then the world. And only the Chief can stop him.

The Chief is being beaten to a pulp, as he begs for Noah to stop all this and take the better path but Noah never listens, as the world begins crumbling down around them and Noah’s rage begins to grow in fury and The Chief speaks his true name.


Raging on how his father drove him to this, that he gave God everything yet was cast aside so he did all this to make his father watch while he destroys everything he holds dear. And the Chief has heard enough…or God has at least.

Revealing that the Chief is the bloodline of Christ and a vessel for God, that’s what the Chief said yes to not Lucifer as Yahweh apologises to his son but he can’t let this continue before sending him back to the cage. Yahweh releases all the souls lost this night into heaven as he leaves a safe world and a promise that this is a second chance for the world.


Champions at the end of Season Six;
World: Edward Newton-18th Champion
VHS: Jake Jeckel-15th Champion
Double Feature: Marvolo-12th Champion
Rewind: Cael Gable-16th Champion
Tag: The Unholy Alliance-18th Champion
Ring King: Lee Crowley
Invasion: Lux Bellator

VHS #46-The End:
Imhotep defeated Oliver Angst with the Eye of Horus
Ordell Terminus defeated DTR, The Sharkman and Doubt with the FInal Conclusion on Doubt
Bruce Van Chan defeated Kashim with the Shot Through The Heart
Jacen Novan/TAM defeated The Family and Thomas Wright/Tornado with the Darkness Within on Thomas Wright
Captain Zappa defeated Jack Jeckel with the Zetavarium
Rewind Championship Ambulance Match: D’Von Chambers defeated Cael Gable after cracking him in the chin with a fire extinguisher to become the new Rewind Champion-D’Von Chambers is the 17th Rewind Champion
Double Feature Championship Match: El Trebol Jnr. defeated Marvolo with a modified Al Ver Verde to become the new Double Feature Champion- El Trebol Jnr is the 13th Double Feature Champion
Mother defeated King Royal with the Happily Ever After
Steel Cage Match: Edward Newton defeated Ethan Rose after clotheslining him off the top of the cage: 30-0
Lee Crowley defeated Hades with Happily Ever After to stay the King of the Underworld
VHS Championship Inferno Match: Jake Jeckel defeated Solomon Rhodes with the Clown Posse Plex into the fire to retain the VHS Championship
OSW Tag Team Championship Match: The Founding Fathers (Lane/Scarecrow) defeated The Unholy Alliance with the Bye Bye Birdie on Lux Bellator for the Founding Fathers to become the new Tag Team Champions- The Founding Fathers are the 19th Tag Team Champions

VHS #47-In Sickness:
Jacen Novan defeated Tommy Wright with the Path to Balance
King Royal defeated Tornado with the Dungeons of London
Ordell Terminus defeated Ethan Rose with the Final Conclusion
Captain Zappa defeated D’Von Chambers with the Zetavarium
Mother defeated TAM with Happily Ever After
The Revenants defeated Marvolo/Sharkman with Shot Through The Cataclysm on The Sharkman
Lee Crowley defeated Brent Kersh with the Glasgow Smile
The Amazing Jeckel Brothers, Mike Lane and Cael Gable defeated The Family, Lux Bellator and Doubt with the Shadow Kick on Lux Bellator
Edward Newton defeated El Trebol Jnr with the Nevermind DDT: 31-0
Iron Man Match: Solomon Rhodes defeated DTR after a last second Dark Wish to go up 3-2

VHS #48-Cain and Abel:
TAM defeated Doubt with the Mechanical Man Stopper
Tommy Wright defeated DTR with Aggro
LH Harrison defeated Ethan Rose and Marvolo with Lost Hope on Marvolo
El Trebol Jnr, The Sharkman and Jacen Novan defeated Tornado, D’Von Chambers and Lee Crowley with Al Ver Verde on D’Von Chambers
Jensen Cussen defeated Max Million with Blunt Force Trauma
Bruce Van Chan defeated Cael Gable with Goodnight
Solomon Rhodes/Captain Zappa defeated Ordell Terminus/King Royal with Zetavarium on King Royal
Mother defeated Lux Bellator with Happily Ever After on Mother
The Scarecrow defeated Mike Lane and Brent Kersh with Bye Bye Birdie on both men
Jack Jeckel defeated Jake Jeckel with Jack in the Box

State of Emergency:
Double Feature Championship Match: El Trebol Jnr. defeated Kashim and Imhotep with Al Ver Verde on Kashim to retain the Double Feature Championship
Tommy Wright defeated Ethan Rose via countout after Aggro on the outside
Rewind Championship Match: D’Von Chambers defeated Tornado with the Pastor’s Plunge to retain the Rewind Championship
Ordell Terminus defeated King Royal with the Final Conclusion
Cael Gable defeated Doubt with the Pugh Plex
TAM and Jacen Novan defeated Marvolo and The Sharkman with the Path to Balance on the Sharkman
The Amazing Jeckel Brothers defeated The Family with the Hatchet on a steel chair to Jensen Cussen
Max Million dies
Elimination Trios Match: Founding Fathers defeated Mother, Lux Bellator and DTR (DTR first eliminated via the Southern Discomfort, Brent Kersh eliminated via the Disciple Maker, Lux Bellator eliminated via the Shadow Kick, Mike Lane eliminated via the Mother’s Embrace and Mother eliminated via the Bye Bye Birdie
Solomon Rhodes/Captain Zappa defeated The Revenants after an elevated Red Cross on Bruce Van Chan
OSW World Championship Match: Edward Newton defeated Lee Crowley after a trio of Nevermind DDTs to retain the OSW World Championship: 32-0

CTR-Alt Delete: (Alt Reality Show)
Cody Greer defeated Jonathon Heartsford with the Paralyser
Professor Bordeaux defeated Axel the Shark with Class Dismissed
Sergei Sokolov defeated Crash with the Iron Curtain
James Hunter defeated Phoebe Outlaw with the Contradiction out of nowhere
Ozric Mortimer defeated Hyde with the Mirror Mirror
Robert Gordon defeated Pig with Final Justice
HatE defeated Red River Jack and David Manson with Hatred Realised on Red River Jack
LH Harrison defeated Alex Reese with Lost Hope
Anna Goodchild defeated Stephanie Rose with the Desecrator
OSW World Championship Match: Cayci Spires defeated Neville Sheldon after beating him nearly to death to become the new OSW World Champion
Judgement Day becomes reality

VHS #49-Bloody Monday:
Brent Kersh defeated Tommy Wright with Southern Discomfort
Sergei Sokolov defeated TAM with the Iron Curtain
Phoebe Outlaw defeated DTR with the Northern Cross
Jacen Novan defeated Isaac Danvers with a super Darkness Within
Cael Gable defeated King Royal with the PughPlex
Solomon Rhodes/Marvolo/The Phoenix defeated Helios/Doubt/Jensen Cussen with the Phoenix Forerarm on Helios
Ordell Terminus defeated Mike Lane with a rollup
Lux Bellator defeated Lee Crowley and Captain Zappa with the Disciple Maker on Captain Zappa
World Championship #1 Contendership Match: Proteus defeated The Scarecrow, Mother and Jake Jeckel with the Shot Through The Heart on Jake Jeckel to become the #1 contender
Edward Newton defeated D’Von Chambers with the Nevermind DDT: 33-0
Double Feature Championship 2 Out of Three Falls Match: El Trebol Jnr. defeated The Sharkman with the Culega Vid to knockout the Sharkman for the final fall to retain the Double Feature Championship

VHS #50-Rivers of Blood:
Tornado dies
Ethan Rose dies
Marvolo defeated Jeremiah Dixon with the Touch of Death
Tommy Wright defeated Michael Graves with Aggro
Jensen Cussen defeated Adriano Adagio with Infinite Chaos
Sergei Sokolov defeated D’Von Chambers with the Iron Curtain
Captain Zappa defeated Cael Gable with Zetavarium
Lee Crowley/Lux Bellator/Isaac Danvers defeated DTR/Jack Jeckel/King Royal with the Cure on DTR
Brent Kersh/Phoebe Outlaw defeated TAM and Jacen Novan with the Southern Discomfort on Jacen Novan
Double Feature Championship Steel Cage Match: El Trebol Jnr. defeated Doubt with a Senton from the top of the cage to retain the Double Feature Championship
Helios defeated Jacob Phoenix with Lost Hope
VHS Championship Match: Jake Jeckel defeated Ordell Terminus with the Hatchet to retain the VHS Championship
Solomon Rhodes defeated Mother with the Red Cross
Edward Newton defeated Mike Lane with the Nevermind DDT: 34-0

VHS #51-Bleeding Hearts:
Doubt defeated Jeremiah Dixon with Eating Yourself Alive
Cael Gable defeated Adriano Adagio with PughPlex
The Sharkman defeated Michael Graves with Reckoning
D’Von Chambers defeated Never Dead Dan with the Pastor’s Plunge
Ordell Terminus/Jake Jeckel/Jacen Novan defeated Sergei Sokolov/Phoebe Outlaw/Captain Zappa with the Flux Gate on Sergei Sokolov
Isaac Danvers defeated Marvolo with Black Death
El Trebol Jnr. defeated Proteus with Al Ver Verde
Edward Newton defeated TAM with Nevermind DDT: 35-0
Adriano Adagio dies
The Founding Fathers defeated The Family with the Bye Bye Birdie on DTR
Jack Jeckel defeated Mother with the Hatchet 2.0
Lee Crowley defeated Helios, The Phoenix and Lux Bellator with the Chelsea Grin on the Phoenix
First Blood Match: Solomon Rhodes defeated Brent Kersh with Blood on the steel steps

Blood Drive:
Michael Graves defeated Jeremiah Dixon with Dawnbreaker
Sergei Sokolov defeated Tommy Wright with Iron Curtain
The Revenants defeated The Kingdom with the Cure on King Royal
Never Dead Dan dies
Mother defeated Phoebe Outlaw with the Happily Ever After
Lux Bellator defeated The Amazing Jeckel Brothers with the Disciple Maker on Jack Jeckel
Rewind Championship Match: Cael Gable defeated D’Von Chambers with the PughPlex to become the new Rewind Champion- Cael Gable is the 18th Champion
OSW Tag Team Championship Match: The Founding Fathers defeated TAM/Jacen Novan with Bye Bye Birdie into the Shadow Kick on TAM to retain the Tag Team Championship
Double Feature Championship Match: El Trebol Jnr. defeated The Sharkman, Marvolo and Doubt with Al Ver Verde on Doubt to retain the Double Feature Championship
Jensen Cussen defeated Jacob Phoenix with Desperate Justice
OSW World Championship Elimination Chamber First Blood Match: Edward Newton defeated DTR, Captain Zappa, Lee Crowley, Brent Kersh and Solomon Rhodes to retain the OSW World Championship (DTR eliminated first by Brent Kersh stabbing him in the stomach with a shard of glass, Brent Kersh eliminated after cutting his hand on the glass, Captain Zappa eliminated after a flurry of steel chair shots from Edward Newton, Lee Crowley eliminated after Dawn on the metal floor and Solomon Rhodes eliminated after a Nevermind DDT from the top of a pod to the metal floor below: 36-0

VHS #52-Into The Black:
Creeping Death defeated Michael Graves with a pair of Ripcord Knees
The Boogeyman defeated Captain Zappa with Your Soul To Take
Isaac Danvers/Gaia defeated The Watchmen (Sharkman/Marvolo) with the Cure on the Sharkman
Mother defeated Jonathon Heartsford with Mother’s Embrace
El Trebol Jnr. defeated Sergei Sokolov with Al Ver Verde
Nicholas Mammon defeated Phoebe Outlaw with Knee-dful Things
The Family and Lux Bellator defeated The Founding Fathers with Reasonable Doubt on the Scarecrow
Ordell Terminus defeated Helios with the Final Conclusion
TAM defeated Cael Gable with the Mechanical Man Stopper
Edward Newton defeated Jacob Phoenix with a cheating schoolboy: 37-0
VHS Championship Match: Jake Jeckel defeated Jensen Cussen and Jacen Novan after Infinite Chaos on Jacen Novan to retain the VHS Championship
Inferno Match: Solomon Rhodes defeated Proteus with a clothesline into the fire

VHS #53-Dancing In The Dark:
Nicholas Mammon defeated Michael Graves with Knee-dful Things
The Sharkman defeated Creeping Death with a small package
The Boogeyman defeated Mother with Your Soul To Take
Brent Kersh/Sergei Sokolov defeated Phoebe Outlaw/Jonathon Heartsford with a massive spinebuster on Jonathon Heartsford
Gaia defeated D’Von Chambers with Wrath of Nature
Jake Jeckel defeated Jacob Phoenix with the Fuck off Elbow
Ordell Terminus defeated Proteus with the Final Conclusion
Doctor’s Chair Match: Isaac Danvers defeated El Trebol Jnr. after the Cure knocked Trebol out enough to lock him into the chair
The Van Chan Family dies

VHS #54-My Darkest Hour:
Michael Graves defeated Alibistair Montibleaux with Dawnbreaker
Jonathon Heartsford defeated Jacob Phoenix with My Retribution
Captain Zappa defeated Jacen Novan with Delilah Says Good Morning
Phoebe Outlaw defeated Cael Gable and Lux Bellator with North By Northwest on Cael Gable
Isaac Danvers defeated Sergei Sokolov, James Hunter and TAM with the Black Death on Sergei Sokolov
D’Von Chambers defeated The Sharkman with the Pastor’s Plunge
Solomon Rhodes defeated Lee Crowley with the Red Cross
OSW Tag Team Championship TLC Match: The Founding Fathers defeated The Family, Gaia/Boogeyman and The Revenants to retain the Tag Team titles
Edward Newton defeated Jake Jeckel with the Nevermind DDT: 38-0
The Scarecrow defeated Creeping Death with the Bye Bye Birdie
Jack Jeckel dies

The Long Night:
Alibistair Montibleaux defeated Christian Rivers with the Slammer 63
Jonathon Heartsford defeated Sergei Sokolov with In a Heartbeat
D’Von Chambers defeated Michael Graves with the Pastor’s Plunge
James Hunter defeated Phoebe Outlaw with the Hypocrite Vice
Phoebe Outlaw dies
Helios defeated Scarecrow after a Super No Hope Spear through fire
The Great War (Gaia/Boogeyman/Mammon) defeated The Watchmen with Your Soul To Take on El Trebol Jnr
Jacen Novan defeated TAM with the Path to Balance
Solomon Rhodes defeated DTR and Captain Zappa with the Red Cross on Captain Zappa
Jake Jeckel defeated Creeping Death after the Fuck Off Elbow
Jensen Cussen defeated Jacob Phoenix with the Blunt Force Trauma
Rewind Championship Match: Cael Gable defeated Isaac Danvers with the Olympic Slam to retain the Rewind Championship
Control Over The Underworld: Lee Crowley defeated Ordell Terminus after a huge Shield shot to the face
Ordell Terminus dies
Brent Kersh defeated Mother with a pair of Southern Discomforts
Lux Bellator defeated Mike Lane with the Arm of God
OSW World Championship Match: Edward Newton defeated Proteus with the Nevermind DDT to retain the OSW World Championship: 39-0
OSW World Championship Match: Edward Newton defeated Lux Bellator with a chair assisted Nevermind DDT to retain the OSW World Championship: 40-0
Mike Lane dies

VHS #55: In Memorium:
D’Von Chambers defeated Mother with the Pastor’s Plunge
Jones/Crowley/Boogeyman defeated Monty/Heartsford/Gaia with the Glasgow Smile on Jonathon Heartsford
Cael Gable defeated Jacob Phoenix with a cutter
Jacen Novan/TAM defeated DTR/Captain Zappa with the Mechanical Man Stopper on Captain Zappa
Solomon Rhodes defeated The Sharkman with an Avalanche Red Cross
Double Feature Championship Match: El Trebol Jnr. defeated Jensen Cussen with Al Ver Verde to retain the Double Feature Championship
OSW Tag Team Championship Match: The Revenants (Helios/Aion) defeated The Founding Fathers with No Hope on Sacrecrow to become the new Tag Team Champions- The Revenants are the 20th Tag Team Champions
VHS Championship Match: Jake Jeckel defeated Lux Bellator with the Hatchet to retain the VHS Championship
Edward Newton defeated Creeping Death with the Nevermind DDT through a table: 41-0

VHS #56: OSW Versus Evil:
Alibistair Montibleaux defeated Creeping Death with the Slammer 63
Chip Montana and Gideon Hughes defeated Nate Washington and Beast Bronson with the Tranquilizer Dart on Beast Bronson
Gaia defeated Cael Gable and Michael Graves with the Wrath of Nature on Cael Gable
Jonathon Heartsford defeated Jones the Terrible with My Retribution
Mother defeated DTR with Happily Ever After
Edward Newton defeated Jensen Cussen with the Nevermind DDT: 42-0
Survival Match: The Revenants (Crowley/Danvers/Aion/Helios) defeated OSW (Sharkman/El Trebol/Kersh/Rhodes) (Helios eliminated with the Southern Discomfort, Brent Kersh eliminated with the Hideous Laughter, The Sharkman eliminated with the Flux Gate, Aion eliminated with the Red Cross, Solomon Rhodes eliminated with the Cure, Lee Crowley eliminated with the Al Ver Verde and El Treblor Jnr eliminated with the Cure

VHS #57-Predemonium:
Chip Montana defeated Beast Bronson with the Iguana Sleeper
Nate Washington defeated Gideon Hughes with the Real Back Breaker
D’Von Chambers defeated Michael Graves with the Pastoral Plunge
The Boogeyman defeated Gaia with Your Soul to Take
Jake Jeckel/The Phoenix defeated The Family with the Hatchet on Jensen Cussen
OSW Tag Team Championship Match: The Sharkman defeated Helios with Reckoning for one half of the tag team titles
OSW Tag Team Championship Match: El Trebol Jnr. defeated Aion with a small package for one half of the tag team titles-The Watchmen become the 21st Tag Team Champions
Steel Cage Match: TAM defeated Jacen Novan with the Mechanical Man Stopper from the top of the cage

Pandemonium IV:
OSW World Championship Match: Edward Newton defeated Brent Kersh with the Nevermind DDT to retain the OSW World Championship: 43-0
Rewind Championship Match: Cael Gable defeated Isaac Danvers with the Pugh Plex to retain the Rewind Championship
Lee Crowley defeated Jonathon Heartsford after being speared through the wooden door, leaving the room first
DTR defeated Captain Zappa with Reasonable Doubt
Captain Zappa leaves earth
Lux Bellator defeated Solomon Rhodes with Chaos Theory
Scarecrow defeated Mother with the Perch
Pandemonium IV: Nicholas Mammon wins the 4th Pandemonium last eliminating Edgar Nevermore to become the 4th Pandemonium Winner

Lee Crowley
Jonathon Heartsford
El Trebol Jnr
The Sharkman
Nicholas Mammon
Jacen Novan
Eli Forever
Isaac Danvers
Edgar Nevermore
Cael Gable
Luke Cole
Solomon Rhodes
D’Von Chambers
Lux Bellator
Brent Kersh
DTR with the Al Ver Verde by El Trebol Jnr
Jacen Novan with the Knee-Dful Things from Nicholas Mammon
El Trebol Jnr with the DSD from Darkstar
The Sharkman with the Black Hole Bomb from Darkstar
Jonathon Heartsford with the Wasteland from Luke Cole
Gaia with the Eternal River Plunge from Eli Forever
Isaac Danvers with the Pugh Plex from Cael Gable
Lee Crowley with the Poetry In Motion from Edgar Nevermore
Luke Cole with the Knee-Dful Things from Nicholas Mammon
Cael Gable with the Steenalizer from Aion
Aion with the DSD from Darkstar
Eli Forever with the DSD from Darkstar
Helios with Knee-dful Things from Nicholas Mammon
D’Von Chambers with World’s Collide from Darkstar
Darkstar with the Southern Discomfort on a steel chair from Brent Kersh
Brent Kersh with the Disciple Maker from Lux Bellator
Solomon Rhodes with the Disciple Maker from Lux Bellator
Lux Bellator with a rollup from Edgar Nevermore
Edgar Nevermore with Knee-Dful Things from Nicholas Mammon

VHS #58-Corinthians 5:10:
Luke Cole defeated Nate Washington with the Road to Recovery
Chip Montana defeated Jonathon Heartsford with the Iguana Sleeper
Darkstar defeated Proteus and Berenger with the Diving Star Driver on Berenger
Brent Kersh and Betamax defeated The Family with the Southern Discomfort on Jensen Cussen
Lux Bellator defeated TAM with the DIsciple Maker
The Boogeyman defeated Mother via countout
Helios/Isaac Danvers defeated The Sharkman and Cael Gable with No Hope on Cael Gable
Edward Newton defeated Jacob Phoenix with the Nevermind DDT: 44-0
Double Feature Championship Match: El Trebol Jnr. defeated Michael Graves with Al Ver Verde to retain the Double Feature Championship
VHS Championship Match: Aion defeated Jake Jeckel, Jacen Novan and Gaia with the Final Conclusion on Jacen Novan to become the new VHS Champion- Aion is the 16th VHS Champion
Solomon Rhodes defeated D’Von Chambers with Chaos Theory
The Scarecrow defeated Tommy Hawk with a Full Strength Bye Bye Birdie

VHS #59-Deuteronomy 31:6:
Darkstar and Luke Cole defeated Nate Washington and Berenger with the DSD on Nate Washington
Buried Alive Match: Lux Bellator defeated Cael Gable with the Disciple Maker into the grave
Chip Montana defeated El Trebol Jnr. with a frog splash through the table
The Boogeyman/Jacen Novan/Solomon Rhodes defeated Gaia/D’Von Chambers and TAM with a rollup on D’Von Chambers
Marvolo defeated Proteus with the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique
Ambulance Match: Edward Newton defeated Michael Graves after the Chiroptera accidentally knock Graves into the ambulance: 45-0
Isaac Danvers defeated Aion with the Lobotomy
Jensen Cussen defeated DTR with the Desolation
The Scarecrow defeated Brent Kersh with a Full Force Bye Bye Birdie
Elimination Match: Lee Crowley defeated Jonathon Heartsford, Helios and The Sharkman last eliminating Jonathon Heartsford (Helios eliminated first with the Shark Dive, The Sharkman eliminated with the Hideous Laughter and Jonathon Heartsford eliminated with the Chelsea Grin)

VHS #60-John 5:29:
OSW World Championship Match: Edward Newton defeated The Scarecrow with the Super Nevermind to retain the OSW World Championship: 46-0
Chip Montana defeated Berenger with See Ya Later, Alligator
TAM defeated Luke Cole with the Mechanical Man Stopper
Jonathon Heartsford defeated Nate Washington with My Retribution
Darkstar defeated Cael Gable with the DSD
D’Von Chambers defeated Jacob Phoenix with the Pastor’s Plunge
Helios/Proteus defeated The Family with the Blizzard on Jensen Cussen
The Watchmen defeated Lee Crowley/Michael Graves/Gaia/Isaac Danvers with the Al Ver Verde on Isaac Danvers
VHS Championship Match: Jacen Novan defeated Aion with Darkness to become the new VHS Champion- Jacen Novan is the 17th VHS Champion
Brent Kersh/Solomon Rhodes defeated Lux Bellator with the Southern Discomfort

Judgement Day:
Michael Graves defeated Luke Cole and Nate Washington with the Dawnbreaker on Nate Washington
Chip Montana defeated Darkstar with See Ya Later, Alligator
Gaia defeated The Boogeyman with the Wrath of Nature
Elimation Tag Team Match: Brent Kersh/Edward Newton/Jonathon Heartsford/Solomon Rhodes defeated DTR/Lux Bellator/Lee Crowley/D’Von Chambers with Brent Kersh and Edward Newton surviving for the good side (Solomon Rhodes and Lee Crowley vanish, Lux Bellator walks out on the match, Jonathan Heartsford eliminated with the Pastor’s Plunge, D’Von Chambers eliminated with the Nevermind on a steel chair and DTR eliminated with the Southern Discomfort)
Lux Bellator dies
Rewind Championship Match: Isaac Danvers defeated Cael Gable with the Cure to become the new Rewind Champion- Isaac Danvers is the 19th Rewind Champion
Cael Gable dies
Jackson Miller defeated Jensen Cussen with the bulldog cover
Elimination Tag Team Match: The Watchmen defeated The Revenants with the Sharkman surviving (Marvolo eliminated with the Scalp, Proteus eliminated with a huge Spear, Betamax eliminated with HellFire, Aion eliminated with the Reckoning, El Trebol Jnr eliminated with the Scalp, Tommy Hawk eliminated with the Reckoning and Helios eliminated with the Reckoning)
Tommy Hawk, Aion, Proteus, Helio’s soul purified
Marvolo, Betamax dies
Scarecrow defeated Mother with the Bye Bye Birdie
Jensen Cussen, DTR dies
VHS Championship Match: Jacen Novan defeated TAM after four Darkness Bullhammers to retain the VHS Championship
TAM dies
Jonathon Heartsford dies
The Chief defeated Noah-The Chief is revealed to be the human host for Yaweh

Champions at the end of Season Seven:
World: Edward Newton-18th Champion
VHS: Jacen Novan-17th Champion
Double Feature: El Trebol Jnr-13th Champion
Rewind: Isaac Danvers-19th Champion
Tag: The Watchmen-21st Champions