Season Six: 

Don’t Fear The Reaper

Red Snow ended with not only the reveal that the Black Skull was Death himself all along but that the Black Hand Society were his Black Hand all along and that Corvus was his loyal servant.

Wrestle Heroes II ended just like the first did, with the Sandman now a three time world champion. But several stories began on those seven nights that were above even the keys.

Three newcomers, two linked by sexual freedom and one just a plucky kid obsessed with the eighties joined together in solidarity to survive and became fast friends known as the Rainbow Party. They found an antagonistic force in Vayikra. Under the wrathful gaze of Sir Vant, the once purer worshipers of Yahweh showed their true intentions when they attempted to crucify The Generation Kid and once the fallen Cael Gable joined their ranks, they sank to new depths. Brutal attacks, torture and worst of all, forced conversion therapy. But the worst for Rainbow Party would be to come.

Legion was scarred by his failure at Red Snow but he wouldn’t be ready for what came next as ghosts of his past came back to haunt him. The Harbringer of Fate set her sights upon him, bringing up Night City that sent the Impaler on a frenzied search for some power he had forgotten… but little did he know that his very presence in that graveyard would bring something back he’d rather forget. As power itself coursed through his veins and an unwitting traveler known as Nafalmgir became his first victim, Chronoas plan began to be written.

BMF’s Christmas was ruined by Simon and his pack of goons known as Jet Set Radio. Pyre was sent to prison for her “murders”, Luke Storm was poisoned by a dirty trick by Simon and although they had help from an unlikely ally in Albie Shaw, the numbers game quickly caught up to them. Luke managed to get an antidote for his poison but in the scuffle, Shaw lost his life at the hands of Tag. Simon and JSR had just fucked up massively but would the wounded Bad Mother Fuckers make them find out?

Meanwhile a twisted nightmare shown by the Dream Guardian and a problem Childe showing her face caused a change in demeanor for Kaine Knightlord, going after two problematic warriors in Banzan and his newest disciple Tenchu. Although they failed in their first encounter, Kaine sent his own disciple Lucy after the Mountain while he sewed seeds of dissent in the robot, telling him tales of Banzan’s past and the unfortunate end any who get close to him reach.

The Sandman may have survived Wrestle Heroes but the Head Snake looked to draw his fangs upon the world championship once more. Flashbacks of a particular snake Viper implanted into OSW began to show, this mysterious snake helping both Sandman and Viper and to the Head Snakes annoyance, the Sandman knew not only who this person was but Vipers past too. At Rust Out, Viper stole the world championship in the double fall match but the Sandman had true power over him…until the Head Snake managed to trick the Sandman and trap him inside a prison inside Vipers mind…with the help of Mordecai.

Death reared his ugly head once more but he couldn’t walk freely in the halls of the Slaughterhouse even with Corvus hunting Sigil. So he dispatched his loyal servant Mortimer to do two things, find his son and bring back the one person who could lead the inmates at this asylum…even if he had to do the one thing he despised in resurrecting a soul. The Butcher was brought back to the world of the living, an unwilling servant of Rain set to stop Sigil but the begrudging friendship and respect of both men may well have just given the Collector another ally.

As Invasion began, Rain was told unsettling news. His son wanted nothing to do with him, having become comfortable in OSW and no longer feared or respected his father as Death instructed Mortimer to make life difficult for his son until he had no choice but to join him.

The four way war as it was of Vayikra, JSR, BMF and Rainbow Party rained on, begrudging respect between Zero and the Kid, Storm not being able to decide who he hated more between Simon and Sir Bellator and Starboys struggle underneath the mental and physical torture from Sir Gable. Vigour managed to save Starboy before it’s too late, allowing him to punish Gable for what he did. Although Wiz emerged victorious over Zero and the Kid and Sir Bellator managed to use Simon and Storms hatred to his advantage.

Kaine Knightlord continued his manipulations as although his young childe failed against the Mountain, he managed to not only beat Tenchu but turn him against his master.

Seesaw had gone through an evolution over these past few months, the training from Phineas Moody sharpened his venomous evil but it was a return home to where he grew up that gave him something truly valuable. Knowledge and answers to questions he’d always wondered.

The ongoing nightmarish war continued, Viper Roberts having used these new powers to weaken the Crow but empowered him instead, as the Head Snake was forced to release the Sandman from his cage on the promise that he would search no longer through Roberts past.

But this added ally proved fruitless as the Crow flew high tonight and with one brutal Black Hand, laid claim to his first world championship.

The Invasion match itself was brutal and overwhelming. JSR, Rainbow Party, BMF and Vayikra alike rearing their heads for their respective friends, the Impaler showing up to try and stop Chronoa but in the end, the Queen of Flames laid claim to the Invasion briefcase once more.

But that wouldn’t be all that hung tonight. As when the smoke cleared, darkness fell and Sir Renault murdered Vigour by hanging above the ring, the show ending with his crestfallen friends cradling his lifeless body in their hands.

The mood heading into the second Triosmania was dire, Rainbow Party was distraught at the death of their best friend, allies and friends alike were at their throats and the greatest trios alive were ready to tear eachother limb from limb.

All four of the established trios emerged from the qualifiers, some with ease, some with true difficulty. JSR set fire to Vayikra and Bad Mother Fuckers beat the underdog Rainbow Party. In the end, the Bad Mother Fuckers emerged victorious, the second Triosmania champions but their night would not have a pleasant ending.

As Zero’s past came back to haunt him and the Collective with a brutal destructive beating, came to fucking collect. And with the brutal removal of his visor by the Collectives hitman, Rezin Deckard, they take their first piece from the Hacker

The Crow may have become world champion but he was still under the thumb of Death, as the Reaper made his disappointment that Sigil was still alive known. Threatening Corvus with his life if he fails, the Crow seemingly had enough and went to help the Collector. Being done with Death, he offered to help Sigil if he does what Death refuses and give him what he’s owed.

The Head Snake turned his venom to Deathnote, both suffering failures at Invasion as Viper offered a hand in friendship even showing him the Snakepit but all the Shingami wanted was answers to the mysterious Snake…and he left without his book. But did Viper take it, did the mysterious snake take it or did someone else entirely?

The war between BMF and Jet Set Radio continued, Simon and Luke Storm coming increasingly closer to murdering eachother as both Ether and Tag target the wounded tag team champions. Zero finds himself barely at half strength thanks to the Collective and Pyre is world class on her own but could this be the moment the unstoppable champions get fucked by the cocky Jet Set?

Chronoas plan became concrete here as the truth of why she sent Impaler to Night City and empowered him once more came out, she wants him to be her weapon against OSW. But can the Impaler resist with this new found power of his or is it inevitable?

Sir Bellator turned his attention to the distraught Seesaw, who seemingly found out he wasn’t the only one, a revelation Bellator first found interesting, then found revolting as nothing but an abomination under God but has he chosen a sinner even he cannot cleanse?

The Sandman was furious at Mordecais intervention, his brother being the reason he was locked away for a month so he does the exact same. Trapping Mordecai in ancient chains that blocked him from the dream realm so he could nothing but watch as the Dream Demon terrorized all of humanity. Mordecai tried to fight but with every day he grew weaker and the Sandman had destroyed the key, seemingly defeating his brother and for all.

Rainbow Party may have been mourning but for fear of what could have been as seemingly Vigours death was planned. A way for him to communicate with ancient forces and find out something he didn’t want to know. That the beings that destroyed his world had some connection to him and may well come to Earth now. Vayikra resumed their hunt against the trio, Sir Vant finding out Vigours true origins but as vengeance rears its head, Vigour got his revenge by throwing his murderer from the top of a cell straight to goddamn hell.

Pandemonium began with replays of Red Snow and something the Sandman may have possibly awoken thanks to messing with mortals and giving Luke Storm premonitions that changed his own fate.

The Sandman and Mordecai went through an absolute war, Mordecai overcoming his chains and his brother only to fall fowl to something otherworldly. The destructive force that Sandman may have awoken summoned them, a figure that both men were terrified of but Mordecai managed to sway the being as he spared them…but only if one of them took part in an upcoming tournament on behalf of humanity. A tournament known as Deathstrike.

Kaine Knightlord had a hell of a night, first going to war with the childe in his care who ran off continuing to look for her brother before falling into the ire of the Mountain once more, his warning that Banzan would destroy anyone he allied with come true as Tenchu died in the rubble of Odawara Castle.

Seesaw overcame the righteous rage of Sir Bellator but the secret he couldn’t comprehend, that he wasn’t alone was that his father didn’t just create him…he created many others. The mutagen that the good doctor used to warp and manipulate his asylum was used to create many other Seesaws and the question is, how many are there?

A hurting and frazzled Zero went through a test of true might on this night, surviving JSR once more to retain the tag titles with Pyre and overcoming the Crow to become the world champion. His night could’ve been perfect, Pyre celebrating with him after the match, before he bent the knee and asked her to marry him.

But that asshole Simon ruined it all. Reminding both that Pyre is still married to him and that if they truly want to live happily ever after, Zero may well have to sell his soul to the Taskmaster.

The Lambs of the Slaughter match was as brutal as ever, amazing competitors going to absolute war for the chance at the greatest prize in wrestling today. From the biggest boys to the kids with the greatest heart, they all gave it everything they had. The Collective made a giant splash, surprise returns in the Dead and that dastardly Chip Montana as enemies tore strips from eachother, the snake was unmasked as Wiz and friends fought valiantly against one another but it was one man…one kid who rose above all.

The Generation Kid, already worn down from winning back his Rewind Championship, entered his first Lambs at number three and not only eliminated seven people (one less then the record set by Leif Helvig) but eliminated Simon with a scintillating Excellent Adventure to become the 8th person to win Lambs of the Slaughter.

That wasn’t the end of the night however as Sigil followed Corvus to the meeting point, seemingly walking right into a Primordial Trap. Corvus trapping Sigil as the reapers came but the Collector knew what was coming as Legacy came back for their friend and leader. Jay Jeckel, Michaela Lane and Tank Kersh helping Sigil escape from the wrath of Death but even in his zealot nature, Sanctus Bellator wasn’t by their side.

Zero and Pyre weren’t up for celebrating despite all they gained as Simon dangled their happy future over their heads. Both wanting his head on a platter but knowing they need to eat shit a little longer but Simon wasn’t just going to make Zero eat shit, he was going to make him a damn slave to his every whim. Degrading and demeaning the world champion, forcing him to lose time and time again all for the hope the Taskmaster will do the right thing and sign the papers.

Meanwhile JSR may have been crumbling. Wiz was released as the Viper’s snake as Tag tried to beat some answers into his supposed friend. Wiz seemingly enamoured with the Head Snake while Tag tried to get through to his brother from another mother all the while Ether paid for her past as Luke Storm and Pyre double teamed the Hungry Girl in a little karmic retribution.

The war between Vayikra and Rainbow Party continued, Vayikra burning down a victory party for TGK before beating down and kidnapping him once again. Instead of torturing him, it seems this time Vayikra managed to convert the Kid but with the help of the Mountain, Vigour and Starboy have the location and would fight with all their might to save their friend.

Deathnote continued to search for his missing notebook, Corvus weaving a tail that Sigil had stolen it in order to stop Death but their alliance wasn’t unnoticed by the Head Snake who offered his own to the Collector, who agreed if Viper would reveal his origins in the end. But before he could, tragedy struck.

Michaela and Tank were searching for Jay, hoping that he was on one of his benders but they found his desecrated corpse instead and what looked like Deathnote and Corvus red handed. Sigil tried to find out the truth but as Lane and Kersh did the one thing they weren’t meant to, they met the very same fate as someone…or something tore them apart right after they had called someone by the name of L.

Between Fuck and You began with Simon once again asserting his dominance over Zero, telling him that he needs to watch while his best friend and the woman he loves fights all of JSR at Ring of Dreams and do one more thing tonight to gain those papers at Ring of Dreams.

Sigil finally told Sanctus what happened to Tank, Michaela and Jay admitting that whoever’s doing this is trying to hurt him and they may come after Sanctus next. And despite everything, he needs Sanctus’s help as his old friend in zealot clothing agrees…for them.

Wiz and Tag fought in a brutal war that Tag won with Wiz’s own finisher as both men looked far from answers before Ether came in as the voice of reason. Wiz revealing that he did it for his godfather Bootsy who was dying. Viper promised treatment as long as he drank the koolaid and once he did, he was like the rest of the snakes, completely overwhelmed with love for the Head Snake. Tag and Ether just hugged their friend, promising they’d help him no matter what.

Vigour and Starboy walked into Heritage Village with a solitary goal in bringing their friend back from the televangelist asshole Vayikra had turned him into. Sir Bellator managed to beat Starboy but a quick Bukkake to the face blinded him, allowing Starboy to find his friend. Vigour found his way there too but they didn’t need to save TGK

Because you can’t clip this goose. And Sir Gable paid in the end when TGK kicked his fucking ass ten ways to sunday. Vigour and Starboy embrace their friend, the kid falling apart from his mental torture as Starboy in particular had enough, burning down Heritage Village as the Rainbow Party pick themselves up and leave Vayikra in the flames, just like they had left them so many times before.

Viper Roberts had seemingly vanished, even the Snakepit had fallen to absolute ruin but the pair of Corvus and Deathnote still weren’t enough for the enraged Collector, who used the fuel of his loss to beat them both, finishing with a cap to the deceased Jeckel.

The night was capped off with Simon’s big reveal, his first condition as Simon says lay down Zero, and lose. The crowd in anger as Zero just walks away, knowing he has to do it for her.

Deathnote knew the viper had his book, he just had to find him. Searching for any clue and any remaining snakes, he finally found answers in Wiz who gave him a single note that said Viper Roberts would meet him at Ring of Dreams to end this once and for all.

The Impaler had struggled underneath the power of Night City and now the ghosts of his past began to haunt him, the victims of Night City and he knew who to blame. Chronoa denied it all, saying it was his transgressions finally catching up and the only way to stop it all was to give in and accept his place by her side.

The former Sanctus Bellator felt troubled by the loss of his friends, wondering why Sigil wasn’t there to help them, a seed of doubt that the Crow was eager to water as he asked a single question, why hadn’t Sigil told him about the phone? Sigil tried to stall but Corvus revealed that it was someone called L, the Crow believed it was Lux Bellator but given it was Michaela, it could well be Mike Lane and if it was…the Shadow was coming for fucking blood.

Chip Montana was brought back into OSW by Dave the Rabbit and by george, he was going to get the blighter. With the help of Seesaw, he was able to hunt him down but the Cackling Madcap found him first and invited Montana to the Toybox. An invitation Chip eagerly accepted, not knowing the horrors that lay before him.

The brutal war between Vayikra and Rainbow Party had gone on long enough, both teams had beaten ten shades of holy hell out of one another as Sir Vant challenged the sinners to one final war, anything goes as they suit up for one last time to destroy the other.

Zero doesn’t stay down long, furious as he vows to make Simon give the papers at Ring of Dreams, an act that pisses off the Taskmaster as he adds a few more additions to his terms. Forcing Zero to fight Pyreand in the aftermath, forces him to watch his JSR dogs beat not only Luke Storm but Pyre into unconciousness.

TGK thinks he’s going to be the big hero saving Zero from the bully but walks right into a trap, accepting a match where if he wins, Simon is forced to sign the papers but if he loses, the world title match becomes a Triple Threat. The Hacker ain’t having it, warning the Kid that if he fucks around and Simon wins, every ounce of anger is coming out on the Kids hide.

Simon has one last punishment as he forces Zero and Pyre’s tag reign to end with a whimper, telling Zero they have to lose or else, forcing them to watch as Vayikra steal their title belts but the Taskmaster doesn’t have the last laugh as the Kid manages to beat him, forcing him to give the divorce papers at Ring of Dreams.

Ring of Dreams began with a flashback of different times when the Tap Room still stood tall. A simple janitor found a cup of the virus and on the urging of his crew, drank it deep and became something more. Not Serge Roberts but Viper as the origins of the Head Snake became all too clear.

Seesaw revealed his hand, tricking Chip as he said he had Dave…not the rabbit as Seesaw had found the first of his brothers, the Fish known as Disco Dave. Chip being the first person other then Seesaw to win a Toybox match as Seesaw in his anger twisted and broke his brother into another of his toys but in his rage he lamented no one wants to play with him. Only to realise his other siblings are here and they all want to play with their little brother.

Deathnote put down Viper Roberts with an empathatic stroke of the pen but Viper looked to have the last laugh, coming within inches of turning Deathnote into one of his snakes before he exploded into fucking dust. Death was there as it was revealed not only had he taken the book, but Deathnote was his son all along.

The Impaler finally got his revenge against the Harbringer, beating her down to become the new Double Feature Champion but in his victory was clarity as he finally understood what Chronoa meant and bent the knee to become her weapon.

Rainbow Party finished this eternal war against Vayikra but their fight was far from over as Vigour was teleported to a ship from his nightmares. A ship of the same race that destroyed his home as the Ashen confirmed they were coming for Earth and there’s nothing they could do to stop their victory.

BMF had a hell of a night ahead, they’ve been the most unstoppable group in OSW history but they’ve also gotten their asses kicked since Ring King. They were ready and willing to kick some ass tonight thou, and prove that bMf was 4 lyfe and no Jet Set Simon asshats would change that. Pyre and Luke Storm proved that first as they undermined Simons plan, kicking all four of their asses and coming out ahead by brutalising Simon with a Bad Mother Fucking Superkick Party

Kaine Knightlord failed at his subterfuge, revealed not only as the killer of Tenchu but after a brutal beating from the Mountain, found himself at the end of an attack that injected him with something that may well have killed him once and for all.

Sigil finally got his hands on Corvus, beating down the Crow but the real battle was next as it was revealed that Sir Bellator was playing both men. Not only had he been behind the death of Legacy, but Vayikra had been working with Death the whole time under the guise of Sir Vant…or Solomon Rhodes. The Dragon leading the three Sirs in servitude to the reaper on the promise of Yahweh’s resurrection. Vayikra coming close to ending both men if not for the intervention of L…or Lux Bellator. Lux’s intervention being the distraction Sigil needed to escape with all three men but the war was truly on.

Dave the Rabbit sat at the graves of the Forever Friends, the rabbit sad in mourning as Chip finally catches up to him. Sitting down as the pair grieve together, Chip revealing that Miles was his nephew and Dave was meant to look after him.

Finally Zero and TGK went through a hellacious war, TGK coming agonizingly close but the Pandemonium curse remained. BMF stood in the ring, celebrating Zeros victory but Simon came down, ready to deliver the papers when the lights went out. When they came back on, Zero might have been shocked to see Luke Storm out cold and the Collective at ringside but the biggest shock of all was to come.

As Pyre low blowed her fiance, before Simon knocked him out cold with the world title and she cashed in to pin him for the world title. The night ending with Pyre and Simon embracing, the Fire Queen now world champion as she sold her very soul and broke Zero’s goddamn heart in the process.




Champions Heading Into Season Six: 

OSW World: Israel Grimwolf

VHS: Sigil

Double Feature: Voynich

Rewind: Sanctus Bellator

OSW Tag Team Champions: BMF


WrestleHeroes II:

The Sandman survives a ninteen man gauntlet to become the new OSW World Champion- The Sandman is the 31st OSW World Champion



  1. Israel Grimwolf
  2. Sigil
  3. Voynich
  4. Sir Bellator
  5. Viper Roberts
  6. Wiz
  7. Simon
  8. Banzan
  9. Seesaw
  10. Corvus
  11. Chronoa
  12. Cael Gable
  13. Deathnote
  14. Tag
  15. Starboy
  16. Vigour
  17. TGK
  18. Luke Storm
  19. Sandman



  1. Voynich is eliminated by Viper Roberts
  2. Wiz is eliminated by Sigil
  3. Simon is eliminated by Sanctus Bellator
  4. Corvus is eliminated by Sigil
  5. Viper Roberts is eliminated by Seesaw
  6. Banzan is eliminated by Israel Grimwolf
  7. Sigil is eliminated by Sanctus Bellator
  8. Sanctus Bellator is eliminated by Cael Gable
  9. Seesaw is eliminated by Israel Grimwolf
  10. Chronoa is eliminated by Tag
  11. Deathnote is eliminated by Tag and Starbioy
  12. Cael Gable is eliminated by Israel Grimwolf
  13. Starboy is eliminated by Israel Grimwolf
  14. Tag is eliminated by Sandman
  15. Vigour is eliminated by Sandman
  16. TGK is eliminated by Israel Grimwolf- TGK is the 38th Rewind Champion
  1. Israel Grimwolf is eliminated by The Sandman- Israel Grimwolf is the 34th Double Feature Champion
  2. Luke Storm is eliminated by the Sandman- Luke Storm is the 40th VHS Champion


FTW #256- Make It Hurt:

Kaine Knightlord defeated Lucy Seraphina with the Night Raid

Zero, Luke Storm and Albie Shaw defeated Simon, Phineas Moody and Banzan with the Gale Force on Simon

Jet Set Radio defeated The Impaler and Tenchu with the Three Post Massacre on Tenchu

Sir Renault defeated Starboy and Chronoa with the Last Crusade on Starboy

Mordecai defeated Rasputin with the Hypnogogia

The Sandman defeated Corvus with 40 Winks

Seesaw defeated Vigour with Pop Goes The Weasel

Deathnote defeated Cael Gable with Gather Thy Soul

Israel Grimwolf/Voynich vs. Sigil/Viper Roberts ends in a double dq

Rewind Championship Match: Sir Bellator defeated TGK with the Impertio to become the new Rewind Champion- Sir Bellator is the 39th Rewind Champion


FTW #257- The Tangled Webs We Weave:

The Sandman defeated Tenchu with To Sand

Viper Roberts defeated Kaine Knightlord with Snakebite

Israel Grimwolf defeated Rasputin with Keehauled

Corvus defeated Lucy Seraphina with the Garrote

Chronoa defeated Cael Gable with Has Allready Been Written

Albert Shaw defeated The Generation Kid with the GBH

Wiz defeated Deathnote with the Electric Freebird

Simon defeated Banzan and Luke Storm with the Magga on Luke Storm

Vigour and Starboy defeated Vayikra and Jet Set Radio with the Vim and Vigour on Ether



Lucy Seraphina defeated Rasputin with Fallen Sorrow

Banzan defeated Tenchu with the Banzan Drop

Mordecai defeated Kaine Knightlord with the Hypnogogia

Chronoa defeated The Impaler with Destiny

TGK defeated Starboy and Vigour with Transformers

Vayikra defeated Moody and Starboy with Yahwehs Crusade on Seesaw

Albert Shaw defeated Wiz with the GBH

Zero defeated Tag with the Punk City Killer

Pyre defeated Ether with Ground and Pound

VHS Championship Match: Luke Storm defeated Simon with the Awakening to retain the VHS Championship

Cael Gable, Sigil, Viper Roberts and The Sandman defeated Israel Grimwolf, VOynich, Deathnote and Corvus with a blackout knockout on Deathnote


FTW #258- Rust Out:

Rewind Championship Steel Cage Match: TGK defeated Sir Bellator with a Super Top Gun to become the new Rewind Champion- TGK becomes the 40th Rewind Champion

OSW Tag Team Championship Tag Team Match: BMF defeated JSR with an Absolute Zero from top of the ladder to retain the OSW Tag Team Championships

VHS Championship Six Pack Challenge Match: Luke Storm defeated Simon, Cael Gable, Corvus, Deathnote and Sigil with a sunset flip on Simon to retain the VHS Championship

OSW World/Double Feature Championship Two Falls Match: The Sandman defeated Israel Grimwolf and Viper Roberts with a double pinfall to become the new Double Feature Champion- The Sandman is the 35th Double Feature Champion. / Viper Roberts defeated The Sandman and Israel Grimwolf with a small package on Israel Grimwolf to become the new OSW World Champion- Viper Roberts is the 32nd OSW World Champion


FTW #259- With Attitude:

Nafalmgir defeated Lucy Seraphina with Retribution

Kaine Knightlord defeated Viper Roberts with the Night Raid

Sir Renault defeated Simon with the Pentangle

The Sandman defeated Phineas Moody with 40 Winks

Ether defeated Deathnote with Mach Five

Corvus vs. Tag ended in a countout draw

Israel Grimwolf defeated Seesaw with Dead Mans Chest

Banzan defeated Sir Gable with Magga

Sigil defeated Albert Shaw with the Planestomper

Rainbow Party defeated Chronoa/Impaler with Vim and Vigour on Chronoa



Simon defeated The Impaler with the Checkmate

VHS Championship Match: Sir Bellator defeated Luke Storm with the Holy Wish to become the new VHS Champion- Sir Bellator is the 41st VHS Champion

Vigour defeated Wiz with the Colour Blind

Inferno Match: Starboy defeated Ether after she slips on white goo into the fire

Deathnote and Corvus defeated Israel Grimwolf and Sir Gable with the Black Hands Blade on Israel Grimwolf

Chronoa defeated Nafalmgir with Has Allready Been Written

Sir Renault defeated Tenchu with the Pentangle

TGK defeated Tag with an Excellent Adventure on thumb tacks

OSW Tag Team Championship Match: BMF defeated Kaine Knightlord/Lucy Seraphina with the Punk City Killer on Kaine Knightlord to retain the OSW World Tag Team Championship


Bad Attitude:

Banzan and Tenchu defeated Kaine Knightlord and Lucy Seraphina with the Avalanche Dukka on Lucy Seraphina

Mordecai defeated Nafalmgir with Hypnogogia

The Impaler defeated Chronoa with Night City Blackout

Simon defeated Albie Shaw with the Final Word

Sigil defeated Sir Gable and Deathnote with the Planestomper on Deathnote

Wiz defeated Luke Storm with Electric Freebird

Rainbow Party defeated Vayikra with a Most Excellent Adventure on Sir Bellator

Corvus defeated Israel Grimwolf with the Garrote

OSW Tag Team Championship Match: BMF defeated JSR with the Punk City Killer on Ether

OSW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Viper Roberts defeated Sandman with the Snakebite to retain the OSW World Championship Match


FTW #261- No Weddings and a Funeral

Deathnote defeated Chronoa with Turn The Page

Pyre defeated Vigour with Dancing Flames

Banzan defeated Seesaw, Luke Storm and The Impaler with Samudaya with Impaler

Rewind Championship Match: TGK defeated Tenchu with Transformers to retain the Rewind Championship

OSW World Championship Match: Viper Roberts defeated Kaine Knightlord with the Snakebite to retain the OSW World Championship

Vayikra defeated JSR with the Pentangle on Wiz


FTW #262- You’ve Got a Friend In Me

The Impaler defeated Kaine Knightlord and Lucy Serepina with the Night City Blackout on Kaine Knightlord

Banzan defeated Mordecai with Magga

Corvus defeated Chrona with the Black Hands Blade

Sigil defeated Simon with On Wounded Legs

Deathnote defeated Zero with Turn The Page

Vigour defeated Starboy with Vim and Vigour

Sir Bellator defeated Sir Renault and Sir Gable with Impertio on Sir Gable

Tag defeated Ether and Wiz with Star Fade on Ether


FTW #263- Singed:

Corvus and Seesaw defeated Lucy Seraphina and Kaine Knightlord with the Black Hands Blade on Kaine Knightlord

Starboy defeated Tenchu with the Chocolate Starfish Destroyer

Simon and Luke Storm defeated Vayikra with the Simon Plex on Sir Bellator

Sigil defeated The Impaler with the Planeswalker

Viper ROberts defeated Mordecai with Snake Bite

TGK and Zero defeated Jet Set Radio with the Punk City Killer on Wiz

Pyre, Vigour and Ether defeated Sir Renault, Deathnote and Chronoa with a reverse Figure Four on Chronoa


Invasion VIII:

Avalon defeated Rasputin with the Trial

Kaine Knightlord defeated Tenchu with the Night Raid

Banzan defeated Lucy Seraphina with the Magga

Seesaw defeated Sigil, The Impaler and Mordecai with the Big Wheel on The Impaler to become the #1 contender to the VHS Championship

Starboy defeated Sir Gable with the Chocolate Starfish Destroyer 

Rewind Championship Match: Wiz defeated TGK, Zero and Tag with the Tapdance Funk to become the new Rewind Champion- Wiz is the 41st Rewind Champion

VHS Championship Match: Sir Bellator defeated Luke Storm and Simon with the Arm of God on Simon to retain the VHS Championship

OSW World Championship Match: Corvus defeated VIper Roberts and The Sandman with the Black Hands Blade on the Sandman to become the new OSW World Champion- Corvus is the 33rd OSW World Champion

Invasion Match: Pyre defeated Chronoa, Sir Renault, Vigour, Ether and Deathnote after Ether slipped on the ladder- Pyre is the 8th holder of the Invasion briefcase

FTW #264- Triosmania II:

Round One: Vayikra defeated High Stakes (Impaler/Knightlord/Serephina) with the Last Crusade on Impaler to advance to the Semi-Finals

Round One: Jet Set Radio defeated Grim Peaks (Israel Grimwolf, Sandman and Banzan) with the Mach Five on Grimwolf to advance to the Semi-Finals

Round One: Bad Mother Fuckers defeated The Fated (Seesaw, Corvus and Chronoa) with the Dancing Flames on Chronoa to advance to the Semi-Finals

Round One: Rainbow Party defeated End Game (Sigil, Simon and Deathnote) with Vim and Vigour on Simon to advance to the Semi-Finals

Semi Finals: Jet Set Radio defeated Vayikra with Fuck You, You Absolute Cunt on Sir Gable to advance to the Finals

Semi Finals: Bad Mother Fuckers defeated Rainbow Party with the Dancing Flames on TGK to advance to the finals

Triosmania Finals: Bad Mother Fuckers defeated Jet Set Radio with the 32 GB of Ram to Tag- Bad Mother Fuckers are the 2nd Trios Champions


FTW #265- Winner, Winner:

Seesaw defeated Tenchu with the Flight of the Ornithopter

Sir Gable defeated Impaler with the Gold Rush

Mordecai and Lucy Seraphnia defeated Avalon with Neurosis

Corvus defeated Starboy with the Black Hands Blade

Double Feature Championship Match: Chronoa defeated The Sandman with Has Allready Been Written to become the new Double Feature Champion- Chronoa is the 36th Double Feature Champion

Viper Roberts defeated Sigil with the Snakebite

Zero defeated Luke Storm and Pyre with the 32GB of Ram on Pyre to become the #1 Contender to the OSW World Champion


FTW #266- Vengeance Be Thy Name:

Chronoa and Impaler defeated Starboy and Sir Gable with the Night City Blackout on Sir Gable

Tag defeated Tenchu with the Spray Back

Sigil defeated Kaine Knightlord with the Planestomper

Ether defeated Lucy Seraphina with Mach Five

Banzan defeated Wiz with the Magga

Pyre defeated Simon with the Fire Triangle

TGK defeated Hollywood Luke Storm with the Transformers

Viper Roberts defeated Deathnote with the Snake Bite

Corvus and Zero defeated Sir Bellator and Seesaw with the Big Wheel on Sanctus

Sir Renault defeated Vigour with the Pentangle


Pandemonium VIII:

OSW Tag Team Championship Match: BMF defeated JSR with dual Anaconda Vices to retain the OSW World Tag Team Championship

Mordecai defeated The Sandman with a quartet of Wish Fulfilments

Double Feature Championship Match: Chronoa defeated The Impaler with a small package to retain the Double Feature Championship

Rewind Championship Match: TGK defeated Wiz with a Most Excellent Adventure to become the new Rewind Champion- TGK is the 42nd Rewind Champion

VHS Championship Match: Seesaw defeated Sir Bellator with the Freeman Blaster to become the new VHS Champion- Seesaw is the 42nd VHS Champion

OSW World Heavyweight Champion Match: Zero defeated Corvus with the 32 GB of Ram to become the new OSW World Champion- Zero is the 34th OSW World Champion

Lambs to the Slaughter 8: TGK defeated 19 other competitors, last eliminating Simon to win the 8th Pandemonium and gain a shot at the OSW World title at Ring of Dreams 8



  1. Banzan
  2. Goro Nakamura
  3. The Generation Kid
  4. Luke Storm
  5. Viper Roberts
  6. Sir Renault
  7. Sigil
  8. Seesaw
  9. Ether
  10. Sir Gable
  11. Vigour
  12. Kaine Knightlord
  13. Corvus
  14. Gunner Kai
  15. The Impaler
  16. The Dead
  17. Chronoa
  18. Tag
  19. Rezin Deckard
  20. Simon



  1. Seesaw is eliminated by Sir Renault
  2. Ether is eliminated by TGK
  3. Sir Gable is eliminated by Kaine Knightlord
  4. Kaine Knightlord is eliminated by Goro Nakamura
  5. Sir Renault is eliminated by TGK
  6. Chronoa is eliminated by the Impaler
  7. Corvus is eliminated by Vigour and TGK
  8. Gunner Kai is eliminated by TGK
  9. Vigour is eliminated by Viper Roberts
  10. Sigil is eliminated by Tag
  11. Goro Nakamura is eliminated by Luke Storm
  12. The Dead is eliminated by TGK
  13. Rezin Deckard is eliminated by Simon
  14. Chronoa is eliminated by Simon
  15. Luke Storm is eliminated by Simon
  16. Banzan is eliminated by TGK
  17. Tag is eliminated by Viper Roberts
  18. Viper Roberts is eliminated by TGK
  19. Simon is eliminated by TGK


FTW #267- Casualties of War:

Deathnote defeated Starboy with Turn The Page

Vigour defeated Banzan with the Pleasure Seeker

Chronoa defeated Simon with Old School Education

Vayikra defeated Jet Set Radio with Silence is Golden on Ether

Chip Montana defeated Pyre with a small package

Zero defeated Viper Roberts with the Punk City Killer


FTW #268- Raw Deal:

Kaine Knightlord defeated Sir Gable with the Night Raid

Sir Bellator defeated The Impaler with the Chosen Gift

Vigour defeated Lucy Serephina with the Vim and Vigour

Chip Montana defeated Starboy with the Dolphin Suplex

Ether defeated TGK via countout

Sigil defeated Hollywood Luke Storm with the Planeswalker

Seesaw defeated Zero after he takes a dive

Corvus defeated Deathnote with the Black Hands Blade


FTW #269- Their Legacy:

Starboy defeated Kaine Knightlord with a small package

Chronoa defeated Lucy Serephina with YFD HBW

The Impaler defeated Banzan with a leglock

Vayikra defeated JSR with the Holy Trinity on Tag

Vigour defeated Wiz with Vim and Vigour

Sir Bellator, Simon, Pyre and Luke Storm defeated Zero, Sigil, Corvus and Deathnote with the Checkmate on Sigil


Between Fuck and You:

Chip Montana defeated Kaine Knightlord and Chornoa with the Down Under Driver on Chronoa

The Impaler defeated Lucy Serephina with the Night City Blackout

Tag defeated Wiz with Electric Freebird through the table

Luke Storm and Pyre defeated Ether with the Baptism by Fire

Sir Bellator defeated Starboy with the Impertio

Vigour defeated Sir Renault with Vim and Vigour

Rewind Championship Match: TGK defeated Sir Gable with a sleeper hold to retain the Rewind Championship

VHS Championship Match: Banzan defeated Seesaw with the Magga to become the new Double Feature Champion- Banzan is the 43rd VHS Champion

Sigil defeated Corvus and Deathnote with the Raw Deal on Deathnote

Simon defeated Zero after he’s forced to lay down


FTW #270- What’s Love Got To Do With It?:

Simon defeated Wiz with the Checkmate

The Impaler defeated Corvus with an STF

Chip Montana defeated Sir Gable with a rollup

Double Feature Championship Match: Chronoa defeated Lucy Serephina with Your Fate Has Allready Been Written to retain the Double Feature Championship

VHS Championship Match: Vigour defeated Banzan with A Splash of Colour to become the new VHS Champion- Vigour is the 44th VHS Champion

Rewind Championship Match: TGK defeated Kaine Knightlord with An Excellent Adventure to retain the Rewind Championship

Pyre defeated Zero with Doc Browns Delorean


FTW #271- Three Is The Magic Number:

Sigil, Deathnote and Corvus defeated Chronoa, Impaler and Seesaw with the Dying Wish on Seesaw

Rainbow Party defeated Knightlord, Banzan and Seraphina with the Deepthroat on Banzan

BMF defeated Vayikra with the Punk City Killer on Sir Bellator

Ether defeated Tag and Wiz with Radio Silence on both men


FTW #272- Simon Says:

Sigil defeated Chronoa with the Planeswalker

Seesaw defeated The Impaler with a cutter

Banzan defeated Sir Gable with the Magga

Chip Montana defeated Luke Storm with the Down Under Driver

Wiz defeated Deathnote with the Electric Freebird

OSW Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: Vayikra defeated Rainbow Party, JSR and BMF after Sir Vant helped them to become the new OSW Tag Team Champions- Vayikra are the 39th OSW Tag Team Champions

TGK defeated Simon with a Most Excellent Adventure


Ring of Dreams VIII: 

Toybox Match: Chip Montana defeated Disco Dave with Apeshit to both Dave and Seesaw

Banzan defeated Lucy Seraphina and Kaine Knightlord with the Magga on Lucy Seraphina

Deathnote defeated Viper Roberts with the Stroke of the Pen

Double Feature Championship Match: The Impaler defeated Chronoa with the Night City Blackout to become the new Double Feature Champion- The Impaler is the 37th Double Feature Champion

Rainbow Party defeated Vayikra with the Red Light Special on Sir Renault

BMF defeated Jet Set Radio and Simon with the Bad Mother Fucking Superkick Party on Simon

Sigil defeated Corvus with Immortality

OSW World Championship Match: Zero defeated TGK with Absolute Zero to retain the OSW World Championship

OSW World Championship Match: Pyre defeated Zero after a world championship shot to the skull to become the new OSW World Champion- Pyre is the 35th OSW World Champion