[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.]


[The creaking sound of an Elder’s voice echoes throughout the pitch black. The camera finally lowers to show Tommy Hawk sat inside a Tepee. There’s thick smoke all around him, and some Elder’s sit opposite.]

“Like a bird of prey, it comes for you, Tommy Hawk.”

[Tommy nods.] “This is as I feared, Elder. I saw a vision in the fire of my death. I was helpless to stop it.”

“You are strong of mind, heart and spirit, but this evil cannot be tamed even by your mortal hands.”

[He bows his head.]

“You must make peace with this. They are not dead who live in the hearts they leave behind. You have entered the hearts of many. There is no death, only a change of worlds. It is time for you to cross over.”

“And this world?” [Tommy asks.] “What about this world?”

[The Elder pauses for a moment.]

“This world will not be saved,” [He says stoically.] “The forces of evil are far too strong. You tried to intercept them, did you not? And yet, Knock Knock stand aligned. They are but a tip of the iceberg. What is to come, will not stop or start with them.”

[Tommy nods, standing up. He doesn’t look afraid, and seems to have accepted his fate.]

“Life is not separate from death, Tommy. It only looks that way. Prepare yourself for the end. It will not be pretty, and it will be painful, but it is a must.”



[In our next match up, a duo of gifted mat technicians face off, as Cael Gable, former Olympic wrestling champion pits his wrestling acumen against newcomer and direct descendant of Ares, Acasius Sophos.] [They tie up in the centre of the ring. Sophos captures wrist control in a surprising display of strength. Sophos twists Gable’s arm and locks it behind his back. Sophos cranks the lock. Straining against the pain, Gable drives a back elbow into the side of Sophos head. Sophos releases the lock and staggers backwards. A straight right hand from Gable, followed up with a quick scoop slam. Gable drops the leg across the throat of Sophos. Gable hooks the leg…1…KICK OUT! Gable drags Sophos back to his feet and Irish whips him into the corner turnbuckles. Gable flings himself into the corner with a driving European uppercut that lifts Sophos clean off his feet.] [Gable picks a dazed Sophos back to his feet and tosses him back down to the mat with a pinpoint belly-to-belly suplex. Gable springs over and makes the pin…1…KICK OUT! Sophos gets back to his feet and walks right into a clean knife edge chop! A second knife edge chop from Gable. Gable whips Sophos into the ropes and hits a short arm clothesline. Gable bends down to pick up Sophos, but Acasius pulls Gable into a small package…1…2…KICK OUT! That was close. Both competitors are on their feet, but Sophos strikes first with a knife edge chop of his own, stinging Gable. Snap suplex by Sophos, the newcomer. Sophos forces Gable into a tight Abdominal stretch in the centre of the ring. Sophos demands the ref ask Gable if he quits.] [The Olympic champ refuses to give. With a mighty display of his own strength, Gable pulls free from the hold, but Sophos transitions perfectly into a neck breaker. Sophos is attempting to lock Gable’s legs into a sharpshooter – but Gable reverses, kicking Sophos into the ropes. Bouncing off the ropes, Gable catches Sophos with a drop kick. Gable follows with a DDT! Gable slide into the cover…1…2…KICK OUT! Gable drags Sophos to his feet and sets him up a German Suplex – but Sophos reverses and tosses Gable down to the mat with an arm drag takedown. The smiling Sophos nonchalantly steps over to a wobbled Gable. GERMAN SUPLEX! Gable was playing possum and lulled Sophos into the German. Gable locks up his finisher. PUGHPLEX! That stalling suplex attempt that transitions into a cutter! Sophos is out. Gable hooks the leg…1….2….3! Cael Gable wins!] [Tonight, Olympic performance has outshone Godly inheritance. Cael Gable gets back into his winning ways with a hard fought victory over Acasius Sophos, an exciting and talented newcomer to OSW.]


[The boots have been laced. The wrists have been taped up. Brent Kersh stands in the corner of his locker room, slowly stretching out his muscles. Tonight, he enters the ring with three men who all want the same thing.] [A shot at the biggest prize in the game.] [Yet for the Enforcer, he does not deviate. He does not change course from his usual routine. He’s been here before. He’s been to the biggest stages. He’s won. He’s lost. Yet he still keeps fighting. It’s what he does. It’s what his family does.] [It’s in his blood.]


[An ethereal voice cuts through the stretching. The ever-measured Enforcer slowly closes his eyes and reopens them with a look of sadness that defies the ages. He slowly turns to find exactly what he had expected.] [His son, Trevor.] [Or his spirit, rather.]

“Trevor.” [Brent slowly says, walking towards the apparition.] “How are you here? I saw you trapped inside him.”

[The him is Lux Bellator. Trevor is just one of many spirits that are imprisoned by Lux Bellator, waiting to be marshalled for the final war for humanity and the earth itself.]

“He sent me to you.” [Trevor says, looking confused himself.] “I don’t know why. I don’t know what his plot is. All I know is what he told us.”

[Brent raises an eyebrow, waiting for the answer.]

“You already know about the war. You already know that we’re going to lead his army. And what he said is true, Dad. We have agreed to do his bidding.”

[The Enforcer almost seems to recoil at that notion. Remembering the anger he displayed last time, he stifles his frustration to a simple word.]


[Trevor allows a grim smile at that question.]

“Lux Bellator says that he has foreseen that, in the end, he will be delivered the child. This is the chosen one that God has shown him.”

[In an instant, Brent’s hands curl into fists.]

“He wants my child.” [Cold steel cuts through the air in Brent Kersh’s voice.] “That’s why he sought me out. That’s why all of this has happened.”

[Trevor nods, but holds up a hand to silence his father.]

“He says he’s not going to harm the baby. He says that the baby must remain untouched by darkness, and that what happened when Mother infected it and healing occurred is a work of God that indicates that it is truly the child.”

[The father’s lip curls in response to the son.]

“He will not touch that baby.”

[A smile forms on Trevor’s lips.]

“I know, Dad. We all are counting on you. But Dad…”

[Trevor pauses as Brent raises an eyebrow. The son has become deadly serious.]

“He showed us visions of what is coming. We’ve seen it. The destruction. The hatred. The pain. The suffering. The Wrath he brings upon the world is unlike nothing that has ever been seen before. He calls it good, but I only see evil. All of us are in bondage, we’ve bowed to his will to give you the time you need to make this right.”

[The golden form of Trevor begins to fade in and out like mist. Great sadness appears on his face.]

“You have to stop him. Find a way. Please…”

[The last word echoes as Brent Kersh is left alone in the middle of the concrete prison he calls a locker room. With the weight of the world on his shoulders, the Enforcer sits down on a nearby bench, his hands reaching for his bag.] [Unsteady fingers grasp a cellular phone, slowly hitting a button before putting it to a haunted ear. All we hear is Brent’s side of the conversation.]

“Dani?” [He sounds surprised.] “Where is your mom?”

[At her silent answer, his face seems to tear in half. A mix between joy and abject horror forms on his face.]

“I know. They’ll take good care of her. And you’ll be there.”

[He pauses as his daughter speaks again.]

“And Dani… Don’t let anyone in that room that isn’t someone you know or someone that works at the hospital.”

[She seems to respond to that favorably, as Brent mutters his goodbyes before putting the phone down.] [In an instant, Brent becomes the Enforcer once more. He has a child very close to birth, his partner holding his family’s spirits hostage, and any other man would be backing down.] [But Brent Kersh does not back down.] [He fights.]


[It’s not Christmas, but Santa Claus is in the building with a seductive Ms. Claus standing on the outside as Adam Eve looks a little in disbelief.] [The bell sounds as Adam Eve moves towards Santa who just shakes his belly while giving out a hearty “Ho! Ho!” Adam Eve looks a little confused but just tackles Santa to the ground! Adam begins driving punches into the head of Saint Nick! Ms. Claus looks disinterested on the outside as she just files her nails. Santa manages to grab Adam by the hair and yank him to the floor. He rolls to his feet with surprising agility before hitting him with two quick jabs before kicking Adam in the gut and pulling him in for a POWERBOMB!] [Adam Eve slams into the mat as Santa goes for a cover with a jolly laugh. One…Two…NO! Santa Claus pulls Adam back to his feet, but Adam just hits an uppercut. He hooks his waist and spins before hoisting up Santa for a German suplex into a bridge! One…Two…KICKOUT! Santa gets to his feet just as Adam Eve does. He goes for a punch to which Adam just dodges out of the way! Santa tries for another that is dodged as well. EAR SLAP! Adam Eve looks as surprised as anyone. Santa charges Adam into the ropes and ties him up in the ropes!] [Santa tickles the ribs of Adam Eve who is kicking in anger. Santa runs towards the opposite ropes, bounces off, and charges forward before hitting a brutal dropkick to the head and chest! YULETIDE CHEER! Adam falls to the mat as Santa goes for the pin. One…Two…KICKOUT! Santa pulls Adam to his feet and pulls his head between his legs, but Adam locks up! Santa tries to lift him, but Adam is blocking him. Adam lifts with his legs and sends the Christmas Icon over his shoulders and to the mat with a thud! Adam hoists the big man up and… drops him into a backbreaker! OH MAN! Adam Eve hooks a leg! One…Two…THREE!] [Adam Eve gets to his feet with a smirk after looking down at the defeated Holiday Sensation.]


[Earlier Tonight.] [Backstage, a podium is set up for Jackson Grant Fitzgerald to address the nation…but the President of the United States is pacing back and forth, more than a little nervous after what he’s been through the last couple weeks. Secret Security are planted at the exit, making sure no one comes after JGF again…but it isn’t enough for the President, who stares at the exit in anticipation.]

“They’re coming for me, you know. They’re after my power, my authority…my very life! I won’t let those dirty Russians get to me, though…I can’t. I’ve handled this sort of problem before, I can do it again.”

[An agent standing by nods in agreement as the President approaches the podium, looking over a file folder filled with documents and photographs.]

“General Dzagoev wants to play games with the President, but what he doesn’t realize is that I’ve got his number. He may have info on me, but I’m holding all the cards.”

[He walks back to the agent, handing him a document with a smirk on his face.]

“I happen to know for a fact that Mr. Solokov’s papers aren’t on the up and up. I could have him deported, you know…I’ve done it before. Do me a favor, and make sure word gets out to the proper authorities.”

[The agent takes the document with a nod as he rushes to the exit, leaving the room and having another man replace him at his post. Suddenly, JGF’s cell phone rings. He answers it with a grin on his face as we hear the General on the other end.]

“Are you prepared to negotiate your surrender, Mr. President?”

[JGF responds to this with a chuckle.]

“You’ve certainly put all your cards on the table, Dzagoev. Sure, let’s talk…let’s talk about why you’re going to call off your little hound dog.”



[Steam.] [A shower. The water suddenly shuts off with a screech of the old metal handle. A hand reaches out and grabs a towel sitting on the table next to shower. A few seconds pass, and the camera changes focus but doesn’t move. The shower area becomes very blurry, but a cell phone sitting on a bench comes into focus. A blue light flashes in the corner. In the background, a blurry figure steps out of the shower with a towel drying its head. The blurriness hides the nudity, but then the figure pulls on shorts and the focus changes once again. It’s Cael Gable.] [Gable notices the blinking light and steps forward to pick up his phone. He turns and lifts the phone, and now we can see the screen. It lights up, and if you look closely, you can see the fine print:]

“1 New Video Message”

[Gable presses a few buttons and the message starts playing…] [It’s the front of a newspaper, but we can’t quite make out the words. Then a voice begins.]

“Well, hello, partner.”

[The unmistakable drawl of Sheriff Law.]

“You may be asking yourself, how did this sunnuvabitch get his hands on a cell phone, but you don’t worry your little head on that quite yet. The real question is, why didn’t you do what I asked? Now, I really wanted to have this little conversation with you directly, not over this… silly little message, but it’ll do. You were told to do one thing and you let me down, Cael. I needed you to win that belt and get me the cash so I could get by in prison, and you failed… So there’s really only one thing I could do…] [The newspaper finally focuses and the head line is legible. It reads:]


[Gable’s eyes widen, and the paper drops to the ground. The shot pans around and we see Sheriff Law standing in a lawn, the sun down. He smiles and talks.]

“You see Gable, if you couldn’t get me the money, I decided you had to pay in another way. I want to see the Golden Boy lose his shine and what you did at Badlands was clearly not enough. You will do as I ask. You will get real dirty and you’ll do it fast, and then you’re gonna get me that damn belt anyway because I want it. But I want to break every rule on the way, or else they get it.”

[He turns the camera again and it looks in through a window of a suburban house. A middle ages couple is sitting down at a table eating dinner. They laugh silently behind the glass.]

“NO!” [Gable screams to no one.]

“Don’t worry, aint nothin’ gonna happen to them unless you don’t do what I say. You have till the end of the month to get me my belt, and to break every rule along the way. Do it, and mommy and stepdad never need to know about this. Fail and…. Well you better not fail. Bye Bye Golden Boy!”

[CLICK!] [Gable frantically dials the phone and hold it to his ear. It rings once, twice, and muffled hello from the other end.]

“MARK! Is everything okay? Is mom alright?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine. She’s doing the dishes. Why? What’s going on?”

“Who is it?” [A female voice calls from somewhere.]

“It’s Cael, Kate.”

[Cael physically sighs and relaxes a bit.]

“Nothing, Don’t worry about it. Nothings going on. Tell mom I love her okay? And lock the doors. Turn on the alarm. Bye, Mark.”

[Cael hangs up and runs his hands through his hair. He looks in the mirror and then punches it, shattering the glass.] [Cut.]


[It’s a big match feel as it’s a trios match between six huge names in OSW! Lux Bellator steps into the ring for his team as Bobby Neptune and Captain Zappa with Doubt standing opposite of them with The Family on the apron.] [The bell sounds as Lux Bellator and Doubt move towards the center of the ring. Doubt is quick and spins for a discus elbow which catches Mr. Invasion on the chin. Doubt quickly rushes towards the ropes and springs off for a spinning kick! Lux is blasted backwards into the ropes where his arms are tied up. Doubt sees this and rushes forward with a series of kicks to the midsection as Lux is trapped! Dropkick rocks him enough to fall out of the ropes as The Masked Emotion drags him to its corner and tags in DTR. The Virus enters the ring and begins choking Lux immediately!] [The referee is quick to break this up, but DTR just smirks as he taunts the crowd. He grabs the leg of Lux and pulls him towards his corner, but Lux spins out to connect with a kick to the jaw! Lux Bellator slowly begins crawling towards his corner and… TAG! In comes Bobby Neptune! Starboy springs off the top rope for a flying crossbody! DTR is brought down to the mat as Neptune rushes towards the corner, springs up to the top and leaps off for… NO! He’s pushed off by Jensen Cussen! Cussen extends his hand and DTR tags him in.] [Jensen Cussen slides out of the ring and grabs Neptune only to roll him back into the ring. Neptune quickly leaps towards his team, but Cussen hooks his leg forcing him to slam down to the mat. Cussen rushes towards the ropes and springs off. CURTAIN’S CLOSED! Neptune is slammed down into the mat with the facebuster! Cussen goes for a pinfall! One…Two… PANDEMONIUM! Everyone floods into the ring as everyone is going at each other! Doubt rushes towards Captain Zappa who lifts it over the top rope to the floor. DTR turns around and it nailed by a roundhouse that floors him! Lux kicks him out of the ring. Lux is BLASTED THOUGH! BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! Lux is floored as Zappa twirls Jensen around. Right hook to the chin before lifting him up… INTERGALACTIC INERTIA! Neptune finally comes to as Zappa pulls himself over onto DTR, Doubt, and Lux! Neptune pins Jensen! One…TWO…THREE!] [Bobby Neptune raises his hand in the ring as both Zappa and Lux are arguing on the outside after Zappa sacrificed himself to take out everyone!]


[Previously Recorded] [We find Lyra Starchild deep in conversation with an unseen presence, though she appears alone in her secluded location deep within the Tap Room. She speaks in relatively hushed tones.]

“I was not followed, we are alone. This is a matter of some urgency.”

[A garbled and somewhat distorted voice returns a reply.]

“Very well. What do you need?”

[It is now that we see the figure to whom she speaks, a holographic image that seems to protrude out of a watch-like device on her wrist. His face is blurred, unclear what or who he is, but he sits with a background of screens behind him. Lyra seems to know him, but in a business-like capacity.]

“I have just beamed you a file that I have… Intercepted from its recipient. I believe it to be sent from the Zetas themselves. Playing it now.”

[She taps at her watch device for a moment before a breathy computerized voice blares out. It is hard to make out among a background of static.]

“Incoming transmission… Chosen One… war… Neptune… At all costs.”

[Static fills the air as the transmission ends. Lyra’s voice sounds cool, yet urgent.]

“The transmission is heavily encrypted. This is all I can recover myself. But for you I am sure it is no problem.”

“You flatter me needlessly. But if this transmission is accurate, what we have seems to make no sense. A war, Neptune… A planet that far out from such a small star cannot support life as we know it. I don’t understand.”

“Perhaps the Zeta are not referring so much to Neptune the planet but another Neptune.”

“Let me have a look and see if I can open the transmission fully.”

[The watch falls silent for a moment or two. Lyra remains with a deep in thought look on her face. Finally, the holographic figure reappears and speaks with the same distorted voice.]

“Who is Bobby Neptune?”

[Lyra smiles at the voice.]

“I take it you were successful?”

“Beaming it through now. But it seems you have a problem on your hands.”

[The watch crackles to life once more, the same breathy computerized voice but this time without the static.]

“Incoming transmission for your ears only Chosen One. We are at a crossroads in this war, a point where our connection with you is more important than ever. But it must grow stronger. There is another who holds the key to growing our force stronger, to allow victory in our liberation of Earth we must seek him out. Bobby Neptune is the key. At all costs you must bring him to see the value of the Zetas. Victory comes through you and Bobby Neptune, Chosen One… Not through you alone.

You must not fail. Starchild must not silence him. We must have Bobby Neptune.

Transmission end.”

[Lyra smiles at the holographic figure before her.]

“Destroy the transmission. Zappa will not receive it. For now it appears I have a new target. Neptune must be silenced.”

[The holographic figure nods, offering a sort of salute before the vision fades. Lyra balls her fist.]

“I will not make the same mistake with Neptune as I did with Zappa. Capture and silence… There is no other option.”


[The Riddler shocked the world at Enter the Badlands, becoming World Champion and standing with an unheard of 23 straight victories but the president of the United States stands in his way now. Will the seemingly unstoppable Newton continue his warpath or will it take the Potus himself to stop him in his tracks?] [The bell sounds as the President walks forward, outstretching his hand to the world champion who eyes it down with incredulity before slowly reaching out. Right before Newton grabs JGF’s hand, the Potus leaps up with a huge knee that Newton slips under, gripping Fitzgerald by the back of the head before slamming him to the canvas with a hard Russian Leg Sweep. Fitzgerald can barely hit the canvas before Newton rushes to the ropes, LEGDROP! The World Champion hooks the leg for the cover] [ONE…TWO…JGF kicks out! Newton pulls JGF up to his feet but gets a stiff elbow to the gut before a leaping knee to the jaw knocks him loopy. Fitzgerald punishes Newton with a series of hard kicks before lifting him up, SPINNING SPINEBUSTER! Arn would be proud as the Potus rolls down, hooking a leg of his own. ONE…TWO…Newton gets the shoulder up! As Newton is pulled to his feet, he gets a thumb to JGF’s eye but as he tries for a Suplex, JGF slips out, ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT!] [The Potus can’t quite get it locked in properly as Newton struggles to get to his feet, kicking out with a sharp blow to the presidential jewels that drops JGF and stops the hold. Newton calls for the end but the Secret Service jump up onto the apron, trying to distract the referee but they’re pulled off by No-Face, who absolutely destroys the half dozen guards. Newton is distracted thou as he turns around into a stiff knee to the gut, OATH OF…SMALL PACKAGE! The referee counts, ONE…TWO…NEWTON HAS THE TIGHTS…THREE!!!] [The Riddler has done it again, taking everything the Commander in Chief threw at him and still remains undefeated no matter how he may have done it, going to an unthinkable 24 and 0 with this win here tonight]


[Adam Eve walks backstage. He looks tired after that tough match with Father Christmas. He takes a deep draw from a sports drink.]

“Freaking Santa Claus… who’s next, the Tooth Fairy?” [Eve mumbles to himself as he rounds a corner. Suddenly, he catches a firm shoulder to his own shoulder. He’s pushed back and off balance. It’s Cael Gable, who doesn’t even slow. Adam calls after him.]

“Yeah, man! I’ll be sure to stay out of your way next time. Asshole.”

[Adam Eve turns his back to Gable and keeps walking, but suddenly Gable is back! He crushes Eve across the back of the head with an axehandle! Eve drops to the ground and Gable starts stomping him into the concrete! Adam is in major trouble as the Olympian drops to a knee and starts punching the now unconscious Eve directly to the head. Gable stands up and rips Eve up by the hair and then whips his limp body into a stack of folding chairs! Steel tumbles everywhere; Eve is buried in chairs, but Gable is not done. He starts to toss chairs aside to get to Eve again, but then he is shoved hard from behind, crashing into the pile of chairs.] [It’s The Sharkman! Gable is unphased and quickly jumps to his feet. He turns towards Sharkman, fists raised. Sharkman speaks.]

“What’s wrong with you, Cael? Where’s the man that saved my life? Where’s my friend?”

[Gable considers it for a moment.]

“He’s tarnished.”

[And with that, Cael turns and walks away. Sharkman kneels down to check on Adam Eve, who is just coming to beneath the chairs.]


[Ironman matches are a test of mettle and a test of endurance. Tonight we see two legends of OSW step into the ring as it’s Bruce Van Chan going one-on-one with Lux Bellator.] [The bell sounds and Lux charges forward with a running wheel kick! Bruce is floored as Lux climbs up the turnbuckle quickly and leaps off as Bruce gets back to his feet. SUPER HURRICANRANA! Lux hooks the leg. ONE…TWO…THREE! OH MAN! The leverage and impact seemed to catch Bruce off guard as Lux goes up 1-0! They stand back up as the next fall begins. Lux goes for a discus lariat, but Bruce seemed to have anticipated the quick movement, ducks underneath, and lifts him up for a belly-to-back suplex! Bruce grabs the legs of Lux and quickly turns him over into a lion tamer with his knee pressed against the temple of The Light Warrior.] [Lux is reaching out for the ropes, but they seem just out of his reach. He’s about to tap out! BUT! He rolls just enough to get onto his back and kicks out to push Bruce across the ring! Lux gets to his feet slowly as Bruce springs off the second rope and hits a dropkick to the knees of Bellator! Lux Bellator hits the ring harshly as his hands fly to his injured knees. About half the time has passed as Bruce looks up at the clock. He moves towards Lux and goes to lift him up. But Lux rolls him up! ONE…Two..THREE! Lux Bellator is up 2-0! Bruce looks shocked and angered!] [Lux gets to his feet shakily as Bruce is pulling at his hair a bit. Lux moves towards him and turns him right into A GOOD NIGHT! Bruce rolls him up quick as the referee gets down. One…Two…THREE! It’s now 2-1 in favor of Lux! Bruce smiles wickedly as he gets to his feet and begs Lux to do the same. Bruce rushes towards him as he gets to his feet, but Lux goes for a roundhouse! Bruce catches the leg and brings it down atop his shoulder! Lux cries out in pain as he locks in the STF! THE VAN CHANINATOR! Lux quickly taps out in anguish! It’s now tied up as the clock has struck one minute remaining! They both get to their feet. They charge towards the center of the ring and Bruce goes for a spinning heel kick as the first move used could be one of the last! However, Lux ducks underneath as he crashes and burns! PURITY! Lux applies the hold quickly as Bruce is being choked out! The time is ticking down and he can’t hold on! He taps out!] [Lux Bellator slowly gets to his feet on jelly legs as the time ran out right after Bruce passed out!]


“Ho! Ho! Ho!”

[The joyful, boisterous tone of what could only be one of the newest acquisition to Old School Wrestling, Santa Claus! The rotund man walks down one of the hallways in the backstage area. He stops as he comes across two tag teams that’ve been at odds between their own members.] [The Family.] [Knock Knock.] [He walks up to these four individuals who are already arguing amongst themselves.]

“Ho! Ho! Ho! Hello young men, have you both been on my nice list this year? Christmas is only a little over two months away!”

[The four immediately halt their bickering and look at each other knowingly.] [WHAM! Crowbar to the temple as Old Saint Nick hits the ground. Jensen, Doubt, Smiley, and DTR all begin giving the boots to him! Santa is not looking so nice as these four men gang up on him. DTR pushes the other three men back and gets on top of Santa before drilling him with vicious rights and lefts.] [Smiley grabs him and yanks him forcefully back!]

“No! Jolly St. Nick is mine!”

[Something vindictive seems to be going on here as he raises his crowbar high with the intent to bash in Santa’s head!] [Jensen Cussen snatches the crowbar from his hand as Smiley snarls at him.]

“Give it back before I snap your neck!”

[Both men are standing off as DTR steps into the picture with a grin. He takes the crowbar from Jensen’s hand and hands it over slowly.]

“Don’t you have a match to get ready for, Smiley? Don’t worry about this, we’ll clean up.”

[Smiley yanks the crowbar from his hand, but turns back to Santa. However, it’s Doubt who is the voice of reason as it steps into the way. Smiley looks enraged as he storms down the hall with Doubt in pursuit.] [DTR reaches down, grabs Santa by his beard as he practically spits in his face.]

“Consider this a warning. If you dare intervene in the agenda of The Family, I will bury you and all of your reindeer.”

[With these parting words, he drops him as they leave Santa to his own internal injuries.] [He gets up on his elbow as blood drips from his nose and mouth.]

“They’re definitely on the naughty list…”

[He then passes out as the Easter Bunny is nowhere to be seen…]


[Enter the Badlands was a mixed night for both competitors. The Sharkman retained his title in a hard fought contest but Rhodes may have been responsible for the ultimate downfall of OSW. Will he gain a much needed victory here tonight or will he fall to the rising Vigilante?] [The bell sounds as both men come rushing out of the corner with a flurry of lefts and rights, the Sharkman getting the advantage with a stiff headbutt before whipping Rhodes across the ring. He tries for a clothesline that Rhodes ducks under, springboarding off the middle ropes with a snap enziguri that knocks Sharky for a loop. Rhodes quickly leaps up, FRANKENSTEINER!] [The Shark stumbles to his feet into a flurry of hard kicks before a legsweep knocks him down to one knee as Rhodes rolls back, DARKWIS…SHARK DUCKS! Rhodes turns around into a hard enziguri himself, dropping him to one knee as The Sharkman backs up, SUSHI KICK! The Sharkman doesn’t cover, instead heading up to the top rope, FIN-ISH HIM! It hits flush as the Sharkman hooks the leg for the cover. ONE…TWO…Rhodes gets the shoulder up! The Sharkman pulls him to his feet, trying to finish him off but Rhodes slips out, kicking him in the gut, DAWN!] [Both men are down, slowly pulling themselves up by the ropes as Rhodes ducks a Shark Dropkick before leaping up and spiking him on the head with a Poison-Rana! The Shark sits up dazed, DARKWISH! The Shark looks to be knocked out as Rhodes covers, ONE…TWO…THRE…SHARKMAN KICKS OUT! Rhodes can’t believe it as he pulls the Sharkman to his feet, CHAOS THEORY! The Sharkman is done as Rhodes hooks the leg, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Rhodes picks up a much needed victory over an on fire Sharkman here tonight, putting Enter the Badlands behind him but will he try and stop the evil running through OSW once more?]


[Recorded Previously.] [A single burning ember is shown against the night.] [The camera slowly zooms out, revealing it to belong to a joint which sits in the mouth of Captain Zappa. He stands in an open field.] [Across from him stands a shadowy figure. It steps into the moonlight to reveal itself. The Dragon, Solomon Rhodes.]

“Why have you called me out here, Zappa?”

[Rhodes sounds weary of the Unorthodox one, keeping his distance from the apparent Chosen One. Zappa merely blows a cloud of smoke towards Solomon.]

“I called you out because of these, Solomon.”

[Zappa points his blunt at his left hand, the embers revealing the All-Star Championship. He holds it up towards Solomon.]

“What Lyra said really resonated with me. The decisions I make carry consequences, Solomon. With that in mind, I decided that I needed to make a decision once I won this belt.”

[Solomon looks almost confused as he watches Zappa blow another cloud.]

“And what does that decision have to do with me? You and I have no business with one another.”

“Exactly. We’re from two different worlds.”

[Zappa slings the belt over his shoulder before pointing at Solomon.]

“And since you have the VHS Championship, it’s time for these two worlds to collide. The invasion is coming, Solomon, I’m not going to sever my connection. And now I’m going to make sure that there’s one less champion standing in the Zetas’ way.”

[Solomon watches in awe as Zappa walks away, having forewarned him about the invasion. He goes to follow after him when a flash of light hits the field! Solomon covers his eyes, pulling his arms away in time to see an empty field, Zappa was gone.]

“There will be one less champion, Zappa. And if I can sever this connection, one less Chosen One.”

[Solomon looks up at the sky as the recording fades out.]


[Bang Bang Bang!] [The sound of someone violently knocking on a wooden door echoes throughout the halls of the Tap Room. It’s Bruce Van Chan and he isn’t pleased.] [When the door finally opens, Mike Lane stands bemused before him. Bruce pushes past into the locker room, staring down the man who plagued him with this ‘disease’.]

“I want you to reverse it,” [Van Chan demands.] “I want you to take it back.”

[Lane shakes his head.] “There is no reversing it. Why can’t you come to terms with what you’ve become?”

“That darkness isn’t healthy, Mike. Can’t you see that? It’s twisting and tormenting our souls.”

[Mike Lane walks over to the ancient rune and runs his hand across it.]

“It’s made us stronger.”

[Bruce begins to yell.] “You’re addicted to the power it gives you. It hasn’t made you stronger, it’s made you weaker.”

[The Shadow turns to look at Van Chan with a sideward eye.] [Click.] [The lights go off.] [When they return, he’s gone. The Shadow has vanished. The camera looks towards a disgruntled Van Chan, his shadow on the brick wall behind him. Just then, another appears, grabbing his from behind.] [Holy shit.] [Bruce falls backwards as his shadow is attacked, being strangled from the wall. He can’t fight it, he can’t stop it. Finally, his shadow’s struggling stops and he falls to the ground.] [Flash.] [And Mike Lane is back in the room.]

“Weak? I don’t think so. But at Genesis, we can put this to the test, Bruce Van Chan.”

[The Shadow storms off, leaving Bruce unconscious on the floor. As he exits, we notice that peering in from behind a fire exit, opposite side to that in which Lane left, is none other than Hysteria and No Face.]

“Divide and conquer,” [Hysteria mutters.] “And they all come tumbling down.”



[In our next match, Sergei Sokolov defends the Review Championship, and quite possibly his life, against No Face.] [The bell sounds and a ravenous No Face thunders across the ring and pounces on Sokolov like a rapid dog. Flurries of fists to the head by No Face force Sokolov to retreat into the corner of the ring with his hands held high, shielding his face from one bludgeoning blow after another. No Face mixes up his punches with a strong kick to the midsection. Sergei slumps over, the wind knocked out of him. No Face kicks Sokolov’s legs out from under him. Sergei collapses against the bottom turnbuckle. Using the ropes for leverage, No Face begins stomping away on the Russian. No Face slides out of the ring and wraps Sokolov’s leg around the ring post. No Face cracks the Russian’s knee bone against the bare ring post once more.] [No Face slides back into the ring and flings himself off the ropes and drives both knees into Sokolov’s head in the corner. No Face pins Sergei in the corner…1…2…NO! Sokolov reaches out to grab the bottom rope with barely a second to spare! No Face elevates the wobbly Russian back to his feet. Standing headbutt from No Face! But Sergei doesn’t drop. No Face attempts another headbutt – but Sergei catches No Face and executes a JAWBREAKER! No Face is stunned by jumps back to his feet. A Big Boot from Sokolov puts No Face back down to the mat.] [Sokolov hobbles over and makes the pin…1…KICK OUT! No Face snaps back to his feet and drops Sokolov with a drop toe hold. No Face bounces himself off to the ropes – NO! – Sergei uses No Face’s momentum against him and executes a POWERSLAM! Both exhausted and battered competitors get back to their feet. No Face with a weakened right hand. Sergei just eats it and wraps a fist around No Face’s throat – SOVIET STRIKE! That powerful chokeslam into a backbreaker. Sergei doesn’t make the pin. Sokolov whips No Face into the ropes and hits NUCLEAR FALLOUT! The pop up powerbomb. But No Face gets right back up. Sokolov throws him into the ropes once more, NUCLEAR FALLOUT- NO! No Face springs right over the top of Sokolov. LIKE ME! LIKE ME! No Face has thrust his thumbs into the eye sockets of Sokolov. No Face is pushing down as hard as he can! The hold is too much! Sokolov is out cold. The ref calls for the bell. No Face has submitted Sokolov and captured the Rewind Championship.] [No Face’s Like Me has proven mightier than the Iron Fist of Mother Russia. As OSW staff and officials try to pry No Face off of Sokolov, the ref drops the Rewind Championship at the feet of No Face and scampers out of the ring.]


[With a golden gleam in his eyes, Edward Newton walks down a hallway inside the Tap Room. That golden gleam matches the richest prize in the game that sits upon his shoulder. At this moment, he walks alone, for No Face just finished a match and Hysteria still has one to come. Yet the Riddler is not afraid. He has conquered even the mighty Scarecrow.] [Then the lights drop.]


[The inhuman voice of the Scarecrow echoes unnaturally through the halls of the Tap Room. Newton slowly turns his body to put his back up against the nearest wall. A slight move to ensure he cannot be attacked from behind.]

“You should have accepted the agreement, Scarecrow.” [Newton comments, almost in a casual fashion.] “It didn’t have to end the way it did.”

[The Scarecrow laughs in response.]

“End? Oh no, Edward Newton, this is not over. Not even close. Through combat we have come to know one another. I now am able to truly see you for what you are.”

[The World Champion takes in a deep breath before responding.]

“I am the Champion. I bested you in a match that you dictated the terms for. I offered you a deal, and you declined. I stepped into your arena. That was your right as Champion. Now I am the Champion, and as is my right, I will not do this your way. If you insist on another match, then it will only be granted on my terms.”

[The darkness seems to press in on Edward Newton, who seems to be frightened, yet he knows he holds the power in this situation.]

“What are your terms?” [The Scarecrow finally asks.]

“Next week, you will meet me at the House.” [Newton begins.] “You know the one I speak of. There, we will discuss terms for your rematch.”

[Silence reigns for just a moment.]

“Before you accept,” [Edwards says with a smile.] “I wish you to consider what can be broken without being held.”

[A snort comes from the air around the Champion.]

“You are a fool, Newton. I will meet you at the House next week. Do not attempt to betray me, or your blood will join the blood of those who have fallen inside the House. There are consequences for betrayal, ones that you know all too well.”

[The air around the Champion seems to clear up in an instant. The darkness fades, and Newton releases a breath he didn’t know he was holding. His eyes dart to the gold over his shoulder.]

“Don’t worry, you aren’t going anywhere, my friend.”

[Newton turns and walks away with a smirk on his face.] [What is his plan?] [And will it be enough to face an enraged Scarecrow?]


[This is it.] [A golden opportunity awaits whoever reaches out and takes it. All four competitors stand in a corner of the ring, their eyes on each other. They’re a three count away from headlining Ring King against the World Champion and it all comes down to this.] [The bell sounds and Mike Lane rushes for Hysteria, charging him into the corner. He unloads on him with right and left hands, sending a battery of fierce shots his way. The Mad Mastermind tries to cover up the best he could, but can only parry a few of the blows. Meanwhile, Smiley has tackled Brent Kersh in the middle of the ring, swinging wildly at him as he does. Lane turns around to see it, running across and kneeing him right in the face. There’s so much history in this ring between Mike Lane, Smiley and Hysteria that it likely cannot contain it.] [Mike turns back around to be scooped up by Hysteria, who slams him down with a fierce Spinebuster. He floats over into the cover… One… Two… Kick Out! That’s not quite gonna do it. He gets back up and pulls Lane by his hair, slapping the Shadow King in the face not once but twice to wake him up. He whips him into the ropes and nails him with a Forearm. Kersh though is back to his feet, and comes at The Mad Mastermind quickly. He ducks under a Clothesline attempt, sweeping him staight up and down with a BACK DROP! Kersh pops back to his feet as quickly as his old frame will allow and walks into Smiley, who viciously rakes his eyes, kicks him low and nails a DDT.] [Remember, pretty much anything goes in a Fatal Four Way. Brent rolls to the outside, leaving Smiley to go after Mike Lane. The Derranged Lunatic stomps down on The Shadow before helping him to his feet. He vollies a couple of right hands at him, knocking him back into the ropes. Smiley sends him across, only Mike slides to the outside, avoiding the conflict. He recouperates for a moment, and looks up to see SMILEY FLYING THROUGH THE AIR WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!! HE DRILLS HIM INTO THE BARRICADE! He gets back to his feet with a sadistic smile, only to be clobbered over the head with a right hand by Brent Kersh!] [This match has spilled onto the outside now and that was only a matter of time. Hysteria is left alone in the ring, but he doesn’t wait for long before climbing the turnbuckles. What does he have in mind here? All three stand beneath him and he DIVES! CROSSBODY TO THE OUTSIDE FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! THE MAD MASTERMIND TAKES EVERYONE OUT! They all sprawl and roll away in different directions, bouncing off the wooden floor. Unbelievably, Hysteria pops back up, grabbing Kersh by the head and rolling him back into the ring. He’s going after who he perceives to be the weakest.] [Kersh though rolls through and back to his feet. By the time Hysteria leans through the ropes, Kersh is there with a knee. The Enforcer drags him through into the ring, lifting him straight up into a Snap Suplex! The Mad Mastermind should have never underestimated Brent Kersh! Kersh gets him back up and runs him head first into the nearest turnbuckle, bouncing him off the top repeatedly, then moving to the middle and finally the bottom to a standing ovation. He trundles away, SPEAR! SHOCK THERAPY! SMILEY TACKLES HIM TO THE CANVAS BRUTALLY! Smiley pops back up, turns around T-BONE SUPLEX! DEGENERATION! THE SHADOW IS THE LAST MAN STANDING! HE COVERS SMILEY… ONE… TWO…. THREE! NO! HYSTERIA BREAKS IT UP WITH A DIVING FOREARM, SAVING THE MATCH!] [Mike Lane and Hysteria get back to their feet at the same time. Lane ducks a swinging Clothesline, but Hysteria jumps up… THE LOST HOPE! CODEBREAKER OUT OF NO-WHERE! OH MY GOD! THE FORMER WORLD CHAMPION IS GOING TO GET ANOTHER SHOT! HE’S ABOUT TO COVER WHEN BRENT KERSH TURNS HIM AROUND! HE SCOOPS HIM UP… SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT TO HYSTERIA! THAT’S THE FUCKING TOMBSTONE! KERSH COVERS… ONE…. TWO…. THREE! YES! NO!! NO!! SMILEY SAVES THE MATCH!] [So close! So very close for Brent Kersh! He gets back to his feet accompanied by Smiley, only to be leveled with a Clothesline over the top rope that sends him to the outside. Smiley turns back around and stomps Hysteria in the opposite direction, kicking him out of the ring as well. The Derranged Lunatic’s face suddenly becomes sinister. With his head lowered, he looks towards Mike Lane with a grin. Mike slowly gets back to his feet, turning to spot Smiley. Smiley darts at him, Lane ducking a Clothesline and hitting the ropes, returning with one of his own that Smiley ducks. They turn to face each other, Mike with a kick to the gut, only Smiley drops to a knee and goes behind, scooping him up and OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY! NO! THE SHADOW LANDS ON HIS FEET!] [He springs forward with a boot… SHADOWKICK!! SHADOWKICK! NO!! SMILEY CAUGHT IT! HE CAUGHT THE LEG! He spins it around and MEETS IT WITH A CHELSEA GRIN! SPINNING HEEL KICK! THAT DID IT! Mike Lane rolls immediately to his feet, being backed into the corner. The Lunatic punches him as fast as he can, hitting him in the face, chest and mid-section with powerful blows. Just then, Smiley is turned around by none other than Hysteria! The Mad Mastermind puts a hand up and seemingly pleads his case; “The Asylum reunited? One night only, brother?” he says, shrugging his shoulders. Smiley nods and both men turn to Lane, going to town with kicks and punches as The Shadow barely stands in the corner!] [Brent Kersh comes rolling into the ring, pulling Hysteria away, only Smiley turns with him and The Enforcer gets a chin full of DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! They turn their attentions back on Lane, grabbing an arm each and SNAP SUPLEX ON THE BODY OF BRENT KERSH! RIGHT ON HIS MID-SECTION! They both nod and cover… One…. Two… KICK OUT! Lane kicks out of a double cover! Unflustered, they drag him to his feet. After a short communication, it seems they have an idea of how to end this. Smiley pulls Mike in and lifts him up vertically, as if he was going to vertical Suplex him. He literally pushes forward, releasing as Hysteria JUMPS WITH THE CODEBREAKER! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! THE SHADOW THUNDERS DOWN ACROSS THE KNEES OF HYSTERIA! THAT HAS TO BE ALL!] [Hysteria pops back up, absolutely proud of himself – you can see it in his swagger. Only SMILEY LEAPS ON HIS BACK, STICKING HIS FINGERS AROUND HIS MASK AND BACKSTABBER! BACKSTABBER!! HIDEOUS LAUGHTER!! “We’re not brothers!” He yells back at Hysteria, dropping into the cover… ONE… TWO… COULD THIS BE ALL!? THREE!! NO!! BRENT KERSH BREAKS UP THE FALL! Brent Kersh barely broke that up. He pulls Smiley to his feet and sends him into the ropes, hitting and Overhead Drop on the return. Kersh then drops into the cover of Mike Lane, wondering if it’ll be enough… ONE…. TWO…. THREE! KICK OUT! KICK OUT BY THE SHADOW KING!] [Brent Kersh can’t believe it! All four men slowly begin to get back to their feet, each groggy and each having put everything on the line here tonight. One of them will face the World Champion at Ring King, but who will it be? Hysteria swings for Smiley, both men tumbling over the top rope to the outside – only they land on their feet. The brawl begins, Hysteria bouncing Smiley’s head off the ring apron. Meanwhile, Mike Lane and Brent Kersh have stepped towards one another. They nod like gentleman before locking up! Mike turns Kersh into a Side Headlock, only Brent runs him into the ropes. Lane holds on, sending The Enforcer rolling backwards. SHADOWKICK! NO! BRENT DUCKS, STANDING BACK UP AND T-BONE SUPLEX! DEGENERATION!] [Mike steps away, tapping his leg. He’s going to finish this. Kersh slowly gets back to his feet and seems helpless. He turns around… SHADOWKICK! SHADOW FUCKING KICK! THAT HAS TO BE THAT! THE SHADOW COVERS… HE’S RETURNING TO THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP PICTURE! ONE….. TWO…. THREE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! HYSTERIA PULLS HIM TO THE OUTSIDE! THE MAD MASTERMIND PULLS MIKE LANE AWAY FROM THE COVER! Mike hits the outside, and Hysteria lunges at him with a Headbutt. That sends him reeling backwards into the ring steps. The Mad Mastermind rolls back into the ring, stands over Kersh and INSIDE PACKAGE! ONE…. TWO…. KICK OUT! WOW, THAT WAS CLOSE!] [They spring away from the inside package, both getting back up, those Kersh is clearly slower after that Shadowkick. Hysteria scoops him up… APATHY!! FIREMAN GUTBUSTER! HOLY SHIT! He covers… One…. Two…. THREE! NO! MIKE LANE BREAKS IT UP! Smiley rolls back into the ring behind him and we’re about to hit a flurry to the finish, you can feel it. Smiley spins Lane around, but he FIRES OFF A SHADOWKICK OUT OF NO-WHERE, SENDING HIM BACK THROUGH THE ROPES AND TO THE OUTSIDE! JESUS! Hysteria is up, turning around to be met with a SHADOWKICK AS WELL! IT’S A FUCKING SHADOW KICK PARTY, DAMNIT! MIKE IS ON FIRE! HE WAITS FOR KERSH TO START MOVING… BUT WHAT’S THIS!? IT’S BRUCE VAN CHAN! CHAN IS ON THE APRON! HE SPINS LANE AROUND AND NAILS HIM WITH A FOREARM TO THE FACE! MIKE STUMBLES, TURNING TO FACE KERSH! HE SCOOPS LANE UP…. SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! YES! HE NAILED IT! THAT HAS TO BE IT!! THE ENFORCER COVERS THE SHADOW…. ONE….. TWO….. THREE! IT’S OVER! BRENT KERSH IS GOING TO THE RING KING MAIN EVENT AGAINST THE WORLD CHAMPION!] [Brent Kersh rolls away, absoluely shocked that he managed to pull this one off. He escapes to the outside, holding his head as he backs up the ramp, looking back in disbelief. Brent Kersh finally beat Mike Lane!]


[The frosty winter.] [Our footage opens out doors in the middle of winter, as the grey clouds cast a shadow overhead. Suddenly, it begins to lower, travelling down beneath the dirt until it stops at an underground bunker.] [Pictures of major conspiracies litter the walls. 9/11, The Kennedy Assassination and more. There’s pins with wires, connecting dots backwards and forwards and in the middle, a picture of Jackson Grant Fitzgerald.] [We pan around towards a wiry looking figure, stood looking in a mirror. His body is handsomely scarred and his face covered by a Gas Mask.] [His breathing his heavy and his voice muffled.]

“Simon says,” [he mutters.] “Everything is connected.”

[He turns around and walks over to his computer, fiddling with the keys.]

“You look at this universe in black and white, missing the shades of grey. The false flags that murder innocent civilians to further a government agenda. 9/11 and Las Vegas. All those people killed by the machine.”

[Suddenly, a pressurized sound occurs, as if a releasing of air. Above Simon, a crack of light appears. He reaches up and pulls on a chord, pulling down a ladder and revealing a tunnel that goes to the surface.]

“My name is Simon Sane, and Simon says, its time you learned the truth because the truth, it’s out there.”

[He climbs the ladder, making his way to the surface.]

“And Mr. President, I’m going to start with you.”

[The sounds of his footsteps clinking against the steel can be heard until they are no more. The camera pans back down towards the bunker, taking one last look at the picture of Jackson Grant Fitzgerald, with writing underneath that says; “Operation Eagle”.] [Cut.]


[BEEP.] [BEEP.] [The monotone consistency of those beeps greet us as we find ourselves inside of a hospital room. This room is inside of the maternity ward, with a larger size to it than a standard room. Some different equipment is on the wall as well. At the center of attention is Nicole Kersh, the wife of Brent. She is wearing a hospital gown, and has a lot of different things plugged in and beeping all around her. This isn’t her first rodeo in the hospital though, and she seems more annoyed at all of it than frightened.]

“Danielle, can you get me some water?”

[Danielle Kersh steps into frame, or Dani as most call her. She is the daughter of Nicole and Brent, and is no stranger to the astute OSW viewer. She was the one who spoke to Brent earlier tonight, in fact, telling him that they were headed here. Dani takes an empty cup off of the small stand beside Nicole and walks over to fill it up at the sink. She will not leave her mother’s side until the Enforcer himself has arrived.]

“Need anything else?” [Dani asks.]

“No.” [Nicole responds with a tight grin.] “I knew I’d be in here at some point for this pregnancy. I’m not a spring chicken anymore.”

[Both women chuckle at that. Their sweet moment is broken by a new entrant to the room. Dani steps up in a defensive stance as the doctor walks in. Wearing a loose fitting white jacket, this doctor is a young man with smooth olive skin. His bald head is accented by a pair of metal spectacles. Nicole Kersh is not impressed.]

“You know you’re getting old when the doctor could be the same age as one of your own kids.”

[The doctor only smiles at that one. He reaches out to shake Nicole’s hand, ignoring the presence of Danielle.]

“Hello, Mrs. Kersh. I assure you that I’m very good at what I do. I will make sure that no harm comes to you or your child. I will do everything in my power to make that happen.”

[His seriousness seems to both reassure and unnerve the two Kersh women before him. Yet Dani moves quickly out of the way as he begins looking at some of the equipment around her mother.]

“Unfortunately, Mrs. Kersh, as a woman grows older, she becomes more at risk for various complications during pregnancy. The fact that you have lasted almost the full term without any has been astounding.” [He smiles at her.] “That being said, we’re going to need to keep you admitted until its the baby is born. It’s a safety precaution to keep you monitored.”

[Danielle steps up and touches his arm. The doctor jerks away quickly, almost as if shocked by her. He quickly turns apologetic.]

“Doctor, is everything okay otherwise?”

[The young man clears his throat.]

“Yes. The baby is fine. Looks perfectly healthy from all of our scans and tests. The mother is also doing as well as can be expected.”

[He turns to look at Nicole.]

“This is the safest place for you and the baby.”

[Nicole only frowns, but she nods in acceptance of her confinement to this room.]

“I’ll be back to check on you from time to time. The other staff here will handle your needs otherwise. Let them know if you need anything.”

[The doctor turns around to walk away, but stops at the door to turn around and look at mother and daughter.]

“Let Mr. Kersh know when he arrives that I’m looking forward to meeting him.”

[They shake their heads, seemingly dismissing him as a nervous fan. The doctor leaves the room, walking towards the exit, but as he does so, his face seems to fill the screen, shadows obscuring his features.] [But his eyes shimmer with golden electricity.] [Cut.]