[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Recorded Earlier.]

“We have come here today for a number of reasons.”

[A single voice breaks the silence of our introduction, as we pan down from blue cloudless skies to the ground below. We’re in a cemetery, beside a grave, with mourners we recognize. The coffin rests, ready to be lowered, but we focus on the faces of those upset and distraught beside it.] [There aren’t many.] [Brent Kersh and his wife Nicole, Solomon Rhodes, Godfrey, Edward Newton and The Watchmen, dressed mostly in black attire, stand solemnly as the Reverend conducts his service.] [But more importantly, stood before Brent Kersh with her hand clasped tightly in his, is the very young daughter of Mike Lane; Michaela.]

“We are gathered here today to pay our tribute and our respect to a man of God, our brother, Mike Lane. Not only have people from his community gathered, but we are in the presence of his beloved daughter.”

[Cough.] [Someone clears their throat abruptly, interrupting the Reverend. He turns around to feel a hand upon his shoulder. The owner whispers something to him, and watches as he carefully steps away and then flees.] [D’von Chambers.] [Immediately, everyone turns their attention to Michaela. They switch between her and him, knowing that right now isn’t the time to make a scene.] [The rage on Brent Kersh’ face is palpable.]

“This man was not a man of God,” [Chambers barks proudly with his sinister pearly white smile.] “Oh no, he was but a heathen.”

[Solomon Rhodes steps forward, but Godfrey stops him.]

“He betrayed his Lord and lived selfishly with his sin. The Warrior of Light offered him a chance to find salvation and he spurned it, committing the most heinous of treachery; suicide. Mike Lane will not be offered a place in paradise, oh no, he will burn in the fiery pits of Abaddon for his sins!”

[Brent Kersh grimaces, turning his back to Chambers. He bends his knee, looking at Michaela, who barely understands what’s going on. She’s but a young babe, two at most.]

“Listen to me, darling,” [Kersh says softly, stroking her hair.] “Your father was a great man; a man of pride, of dignity, of honour. I was proud to call him a friend. I know you don’t understand what’s happening or why, but I won’t let you forget him. I won’t let you forget. He loved you more than anything in this world and what he did, he did for you, for us, for everyone.”

[Kersh looks up at Nicole and nods. She takes Michaela by the hand and walks her away, leaving The Enforcer to fume as he turns his attention back to a smiling Chambers.]

“You can fill her head with lies, but she’ll know the truth when the world burns in hell fire!”

[The Enforcer storms over to Chambers, grabbing him by the scruff of the neck. He squeezes it as tightly as possible, bringing the preacher to his knees.] [Between desperate breath, he continues.]

“Do you think your quarrel is with me, friend?” [Chambers scoffs, turning beetroot red.] “You’re mistaken. I didn’t kill your friend. He did.”

[Chambers eyes point in a different direction.] [They point towards someone else.] [Edward Newton.]

“It was all because of him. He found the book, he handed it over, he brought the darkness upon the world. Your fight isn’t with me, it’s with him.”

[Brent tosses Chambers aside and to the deck, allowing him to catch his breath. He walks with a purpose over to Newton, who shows the war wounds of his battles from last week. They stare each other, intently, for just a moment.]

“He’s right,” [Kersh says with rage.] “You did this.”

[He’s absolutely seething. Edward doesn’t say a word, he just looks at him, knowingly.]

“You made his daughter an orphan. You cost OSW a pillar of its very foundation. But just as painfully, you cost me a friend.”

[The Enforcer strikes him with a fierce right hand, with such power that Edward falls to the floor, his glasses breaking on impact. Everyone dives in, pulling Brent away as he screams with rage.]

“This isn’t over you son of a bitch!!” [He yells.] “You’re gonna pay, I swear to God, you’re gonna pay!”

[Edward looks up, for once, with sadness in his eyes.] [Cut.]


[It’s a battle between the bible thumping D’Von Chambers against The Mother Of All Evil!] [The bell sounds as Mother eerily skates across the ring before leaping onto Chambers! Chambers pushes her away before lowering his head for a charge that drives her into the corner. She gasps for a moment before bringing down elbows and strikes to the back of Chambers! Chambers drives three strikes right to the ribs of Mother before she rakes his eyes! Chambers staggers backwards as Mother climbs to the top rope and springs off with missile dropkick that sends Chambers fumbling over himself. Mother is quick to her feet as she lunges on top of the downed Chambers.] [Chambers manages to get a hand between himself and Mother before punching her right across the face. She staggers backwards before Chambers uses the ropes to pull himself up. Mother rushes back towards him with a leaping knee strike, but he dodges out of the way of the knee before headbutting her! She’s rocked as Chambers lifted her up onto his shoulder before rushing towards the middle of the ring with a PSALM 32! The running powerslam connects as Chambers rolls into a pin! One…Two…TH-NO! Mother gets a shoulder up. Chambers gets a handful of her greasy hair as he pulls her to her feet.] [D’Von Chambers whips her into the ropes before catching her rebound up with ANOTHER running powerslam! PSALM 32, VERSE 2! D’Von Chambers goes for the cover, but Mother just CLAWS HIS FACE! Chambers staggers backwards with his hands clutching at his eyes in obvious pain! Leg sweep from Mother floors Chambers as Mother creeps away into a crab position. Chambers gets to his knees and receives a flipping kick to the face! CRAB KICK! Mother leaps onto the pin! One…Two…BOOT ON THE ROPE! Mother takes a few steps back as you can literally see her mouth fill with bile. Chambers gets to his feet and DUCKS underneath the spray! Uppercut! Chambers lifts her up onto his back with… THE PASTOR’S PLUNGE! The spinning Razor’s Edge connects! Chambers covers! One…Two…THREE!] [D’Von Chambers gets to his feet as his eyes touch his clawed up face as he quickly steps out of the ring to celebrate, giving plenty of space to the probably angered Mother.]


[The dark corridors of the taproom are silent with the exception of two pairs of feet. One pair takes slow, confident strides. The other scuffs along the floor, feet slowly dragging along the ground. ISAAC DANVERS. And by his side, wearing a straight jacket, his head bald, and with a studded leather dog collar around his neck, Cael Gable. Danvers guides Gable with the dog lead attached to the collar, and the pair slowly turn a corner into an opening. There they see Lee Crowley, Helios and Proteus.]

“Ah, gentlemen. How wonderful to see you all.” [Danvers says, with an unnerving sprightliness to his voice] [Helios and Proteus nod towards Danvers, Crowley beams a smile at Gable, whose black eyes stare blankly back for a moment. Pressure on the lead gives Gable a prompt and he tilts his head to one side and smiles back at Crowley.]

“I wished to present to you, Mister Crowley, my newest patient, Cael Gable. For he was truly SICK in the mind when I happened upon him, and now he is ENLIGHTENED. Does my work bring you PLEASURE?”

[Crowley looks Gable up and down for a moment, his smile fading slowly.]

“Mister Danvers, it brings be great pleasure indeed. Excellent work.”

[Gable crouches and rubs his head against the thigh of Danvers affectionately, humming deeply as he does. Danvers places his hand gently on the head of Gable and lightly strokes his bald scalp.]

“We shall leave you to your work, Gentlemen.”

[Danvers pulls hard on the lead and Gable lets out a whimper before the two turn, Gable raising to his feet, and walk down the corridor.]


[In a sacred library, locked away deep within the Tap Room, The Watchmen sit around a large oak table with books spread across it.] [They’re reading quickly, flicking through pages and tossing books of little importance aside. They’re searching for answers, for details missing until last week.]

“I can’t find the answer anywhere,” [Trébol bemoans with frustration.] “There’s lore and rules, but no-where does it state who the Watchmen were.”

[The Sharkman shakes his head.]

“The man who approached us, the man who approached Marvolo, he’s vanished. He told me about you, about Marvolo’s father and mine but he failed to mention a fourth.”

[Suddenly, Marvolo shouts.]


[Everyone turns their attention to him. He smiles, leading the page with his finger.] [The Sharkman quickly interrupts.]

“With the power of four, the damned can be rescued from their savage husks and offered a chance of paradise.”

[El Trébol looks stunned.]

“Does that mean what I think it means?”

[They stare at each other.]

“It’s the first mention of four in any of these ancient texts. It’s the first time we’ve seen it. It has to mean that, right? The Revenants can be saved. If we can just find our fourth member, we should be able to rescue their souls.”

[Suddenly, fire erupts from the book. The Watchmen leap backwards, watching as the flames consume it. Marvolo tries to pat it out, but a voice sinisterly echoes from within the chambers of the library.]

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

[Helios.] [Aion.] [The Watchmen grab at a lever on the wall, pulling it quickly. They’re immediately whisked behind a wall as it turns, allowing them a hasty retreat. Aion and Helios look at each other, then the books. Aion growls.]

“Burn it down.”



[It’s trios action here tonight as The Boogeyman will team up with Lee Crowley and Jones The Terrible and Brave to go up against Gaia, Alibistair Montibleaux, and Jonathan Heartsford!] [The Boogeyman enters the ring and demands that Gaia join him in the ring. She does for a moment before turning around and tagging in Jonathan Heartsford. He looks confused for a moment before stepping into the ring. The Boogeyman and Heartsford circle around for a moment before Boogeyman lunges forward. Heartsford manages to dodge his first strike, but he springs off the second rope with a enzuigiri! The Boogeyman staggers into the corner as Heartsford rushes towards him with a leaping spinning elbow strike! The creature falls to the mat as Heartsford climbs to the top rope. HARBINGER OF THE APOCALYPSE! Jones the Terrible just BLASTED Heartsford from the top with a stiff clothesline!] [Under trios rules, a new person can step in if they are thrown out of the ring so in comes Gaia! She begins stomping away on The Boogeyman before wrapping up the legs of The Boogeyman into some sort of Texas Cloverleaf variant! THE GREEN EXPANSION! The Boogeyman doesn’t seem deterred by this, but he begins dragging himself towards his corner! He slips out of Gaia’s grasp! TAG! In comes King Crowley! SHOCK THERAPY! The spear just de-cleeted Gaia as she’s driven into the mat! Crowley goes for the cover! One…Two…BROKEN UP! Montibleaux wasn’t going to let that stand. King Crowley gets to his feet as the two stand off for a moment. ROLL-UP!] [ONE…TWO…NO! Crowley manages to kick out as Gaia clamors to her feet and reaches to her corner where Montibleaux is back at! TAG! Alibistair Montibleaux springboards to the top rope and into Lee with a flying knee! Crowley is staggered before Montibleaux’s hands wrap around his waist for a set of rolling German suplxes! PUBLIC INTOX! Montibleaux is going for the pin, but Jones yanks him up! HARBINGER OF THE APOCALYPSE! The clothesline connects as Montibleaux is taken right over the top rope! He sees Gaia standing on the apron and charges for another one. A stiff clothesline just floors her! Heartsford climbs to the top as he’s now the legal man! MY RETRIBUTION! Down goes Jones The Terrible by a shooting star double knee drop that lands almost like a Meteora! Heartsford staggers backwards into the loving arms of Lee who is still the legal man! THE GLASGOW SMILE! Heartsford reaches out for the rope, but he has to tap out!] [Lee Crowley rolls to his feet as The Boogeyman enters the ring. They nod at one another as Jones The Terrible and Brave moves over to Alibistair Montibleaux and PUTS A BLACK BAG over his head before dragging him up the ramp!]


[Sat alone in a dark corner, Jake Jeckel stares at the ground. His whole demeanor is charged with conflict, his body looking like a heaving time bomb ready to explode.]


[Jeckel explodes out of the steel folding chair, but there is no one there.]

“Cut the shit.” [Jeckel spits.] “I don’t play games.”

[With a whirl, Jake turns around to find himself face to face with Jacob Phoenix. Jacob has his hands up in a sign of peace.]

“I know.” [Phoenix sadly mutters.] “That’s why I’m here, Jake.”

[Jeckel looks at the Nightwatch in disgust.]

“Figures. My brother dies, and he saddles me with a big pussy.” [The Juggalo looks up at the sky.] “Thanks Jack!”

[Before Jacob can retort, Jeckel shoves a finger in his chest.]

“We both showed up around here so we can stop this Judgement Day from happening. I’ve been leaving a pile of bodies in my wake, while you’ve been waxing fucking poetic with your dead ex’s daddy. You snapped Million’s neck, so off this asshole so there’s one less of them. A man died so we could roll back some of this shit around here, and your ass wavers. Did Stephanie take your balls with her when she shit out that hellspawn?”

[Phoenix’s eyes grow wide with anger, and Jeckel finally smiles.]

“Yeah, fuck me. Kill me if you want to, I don’t care. That old man let your girl die, his own fucking daughter. Vengeance. Jensen Cussen. Creeping Death. Corey Black. Who gives a shit? All I see is the Virus. Is there anything left of the man inside? Maybe. But they killed my brother. They killed your girl. Grow your balls back, and let’s go cut their heads off.”

[Jacob Phoenix looks down at Jeckel’s finger, and slaps it away.]

“You’re right. I knew I could count on you, Jake. It’s time to finish this.”

[The two men lock eyes and clasp hands even as we zoom into Phoenix’s eyes.] [White.] [We zoom out from the eyes, except now they belong to one Jensen Cussen, who is sat in the Family home. The Phoenix emblems glow on his hands, indicating usage of their connection. He looks to his side.]

“Our enemies have united against us, it seems. They’re coming for us.”

[Creeping Death smiles in the darkness.]

“Let them come.”



[An electronic whirring. The Automaton scans its surroundings slowly, clearly searching for something. Standing just inside the entrance to the room, it has a vantage point of the entire room and the scan does not take long.]

“Negative. Continuing search.”

[It walks across the small room towards a door opposite the one it stands near. Only, something blocks the Automaton’s path.]

“Unidentified being, step aside. You halt my progress.”


[A cat, curious about the new friend that had come to play with it stands before TAM. It tilts its head slightly as the Automaton speaks, clearly not understanding a word it says.]

“State your intentions.”


[The cat moves forward, rubbing up against the Automaton’s legs and purring. TAM springs into a fighting stance.]

“Unidentified presence has attempted a hostile act. It presents an unknown danger, estimations are that it has been sent by Novan, Jacen… Force will be met with force.”

[The Automaton picks up the cat by its tail and swings it above its head. The howling of the cat is interrupted by the arrival of another presence which steps into the room, announcing itself immediately even before seeing the scene before him. Our attention is drawn to Novan’s arrival and away from the fate of the cat… Though out of shot the howling stops abruptly with a dull thud.]

“You can search this entire Tap Room from top to bottom TAM but you will not locate the chip without my hel- what have you done?!”

[The Automaton stands over the body of the cat, very much dead having been swung against a concrete wall. It addresses Novan without emotion.]

“I neutralized the spy presence that you sent after me. It was given a chance to identify itself. My protocols are clear, neutralize any threat which wishes to remain unidentified. Treat unidentified presences as hostile.”

[Novan drops to his knees over the body of the downed cat and hold his hand over it, summoning the Ashla. Try as he might, there is nothing he can do for it.]

“TAM, you need me to help you analyze these situations to see the world outside your black and white. Can you not see that this did not need to end this way?”

[The Automaton shows no emotion, it cannot.]

“Negative. A threat was neutralized. More will be unless you present me with the chip I seek. All presences within this location will be treated as hostile.”

[Novan pulls up his sleeve in response, showing his infected forearm. The infection has shrunk, back to the size of a bank note.]

“When Mike Lane sacrificed himself, it gave us hope. It also made a difference in the virus, which the Ashla has been able to fight back against. You have to let me help you. I can heal you, given time.”

[The Automaton stops for a moment but remains in a defensive position ready to strike.]

“My receptors present no health issues. I need no medical attention, again, you seek to deceive me. If you will not tell me where it is, I will find my chip, then I will silence your deceit.”

[Novan reaches out as the Automaton exits, leaving him alone.]

“No, TAM. You have it all wrong. I can save you. I will… If only you’d let me.”



[Phoenix watches from his side of the ring as Issac Danvers lets Gable out of his trench coat, the Gold Medalist looking deranged as he gets into the ring.] [Gable explodes out of his corner and Phoenix narrowly ducks a clothesline! Phoenix stumbles forward and Gable whips him around FOR AN EXPLODER INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Jacob is dazed and Cael yanks him to his feet, slamming him headfirst into the turnbuckle! Gable is ferocious, smiling as he goes for a German suplex- PHOENIX ELBOWS HIM IN THE FACE! Gable lets go of Phoenix and Jacob unloads with a superkick to the jaw that rocks him! Phoenix capitalizes with a massive STO that drops him to the ground! Phoenix gets up to create distance when Gable grabs his ankle!] [Jacob tries to pull away but a deranged Gable yanks him back towards himself and grabs him for a reverse suplex! Phoenix bounces off of the mat before slowly rising to his feet only to get caught by a Big Boot- PHOENIX DUCKS IT! LEAPING DOUBLE KNEE TO THE JAW OF GABLE! Phoenix sends him back into the turnbuckle before leaping forward WITH A CORNER CLOTHESLINE! Gable gets squashed against the turnbuckle before being yanked forward while Phoenix goes to the top! DIVING DDT- GOLD RUSH! MODIFIED SPEAR TO AN AIRBORN PHOENIX! Phoenix is trapped beneath the mental patient!] [Gable is wailing on Phoenix with massive right hands, each blow slamming The Nightwatch headfirst into the mat! Phoenix spits blood as Gable peels him up and flings him into the ropes, catching him on the return with- NECKBREAKER FROM PHOENIX! Gable tries to get to his feet but Phoenix drops him with a knee to the back! Gable slowly gets to his knees when Phoenix hits the ropes and lands A METEORA TO THE MENTAL PATIENT! Phoenix calls for the end as he heads to the top rope! DANVERS PUSHES PHOENIX OFF OF THE ROPE! GABLE CATCHES HIM WITH A CUTTER! He covers! One! Two! Three!] [Gable walks away with a massive win tonight, still smiling as Danvers shoves him back into his straightjacket.]


[Long Before.] [Deep inside the Underworld, the souls of the dead wander aimlessly through the desolate wasteland, unclear of their purpose. However, this is not our final destination…no, we travel further down until we reach Tartarus, where we find Gaia, Mother Earth herself, bound by chains to a pillar.]

“I was trapped in this prison, forced to watch horrors unfold from a distance. I was kept here while my children wasted away everything I gave them. I thought I would never be free…until something changed.”

[We flash forward through the centuries, focusing on the battle between Hades and Ordell Terminus…and the subsequent fall of the King of the Underworld.]

“The chains that held me were loosened, allowing me to escape…to plot my revenge. On the way out, I wandered through the Underworld in search of a soldier to carry out my Great War…and there I found you.”

[Amongst the wandering souls in the Underworld, one stands out as being delightfully devilish…The Boogeyman.]

“From the beginning, I could sense that you were more than fitting for what I needed to accomplish. Your ability to change shape gave you the freedom to go in and out of the Underworld as you pleased…and your penchant for instilling fear gave me the opportunity I needed to prepare for war.”

[We watch as vines grow from the ground around Boogeyman, overtaking him and holding him down as Gaia approaches him with an evil smile. Moments later, we flash forward again, this time focusing on the arrival of Gaia and The Boogeyman in OSW…and eventually, the downfall of the Great War.]

“If you’re not going to be my general in this war, I will simply have to break you like I broke the chains that bound me. I gave you a chance to have purpose, to have meaning…but you threw it away, and now I will give you destruction. Abandon all hope, Boogeyman, for Nature will reclaim what is hers.”



[Solomon Rhodes stands stoically, waiting in an unwavering pose. Two Templar knights enter his presence, crossing their arms over their chest and bowing slightly as they meet him.]

“Sir. We have brought the one who you asked. He came along willingly, there was no struggle.”

[Rhodes smiles at the words of the Templars, just as Lux Bellator enters on their request. Solomon smiles again as he repeats the word.]


[Lux steps up towards Solomon and the pair stare at each other. Neither man is willing to back down in their spirit, for each believes himself to have righteousness on his side. Solomon breaks the silence.]

“I guess you know what I am going to say, but I will say it nonetheless. Lux, I plead you… See how far you have strayed from the path of righteousness.”

[Lux smirks underneath his mask, his eyes twinkling.]

“We both knew that our paths would cross once again, frater. As soon as your Templars got involved, it was only a matter of time until you tried to twist my soul with your lies.”

[Solomon waves his hand and the duo of Templars takes their leave. He paces slowly up to where Bellator stands defiantly. He speaks in a soft, yet stern voice.]

“Lucas. We have danced this dance for years. Now, faced with what is on the horizon, it is our last chance to finally see eye to eye. Surely you can see that what you preach is leagues away from the will of your Lord.”

“The will of the Lord is just. As everything I have prophesied has come to fruition despite your efforts, those that live in the light have nothing to fear in the coming judgement. Yet, I sense fear in your eyes Solomon. Are you afraid that you are wrong? For as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For the Lord is with me.”

[Solomon clenched his fist, frustration building in his voice. No fear in his eyes.]

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. Where once you spoke the torch of light, forgiveness and grace, now your message is of darkness, eternal judgement and damnation. You are so blinded by this deceit that you cannot see how far you have fallen. Perhaps that trait is hereditary. God did not spare the angels when they sinned, just as he will judge you harshest of all. Yet, Lucas, you march us all towards this End. See the error of your ways and turn back to the light before it is too late!”

[Bellator turns his back on Solomon, walking away. After a few steps, he turns once more and practically spits the words out of his mouth.]

“Anyone who does not remain in me is thrown away like a fruitless branch and withers. Such branches are gathered into a pile to be burned. The Templars are a branch that have remained fruitless for centuries, yet you speak as thought you know the will of God. Will you not be thrown to the flames like the rest of those who have wandered away from the light?”

“You are blind to what you have become, Lucas. Soon, it will be too late to take my hand. Soon, the battle will be upon us once more. I will not hesitate to slay you should you be too stubborn to see how blind you truly are. Turn back to the truth of your mission, not this false teaching that you have been deceived with.”

[Lux does not listen, but utters a final word of retort.]

“We each utter shades of light, shades of truth. But only one can speak the truth that comes from the Lord. All other ground is sinking sand. Just pray that your foundation is strong enough to save you, frater.”

[Lux’s last word comes with an edge of anger, and at the sound the very walls surrounding them shake. Lux does not falter; neither does Solomon. The Templar leader stares at the Light Warrior, neither blinking, neither speaking, neither backing down.]


[It’s tag team action here tonight as it’s Jacen Novan and The Automaton going up against Captain Zappa and DTR!] [The bell sounds as it’s Jacen Novan starting this thing off against DTR. They lock up in the center before Novan hits a stiff right hand to the face of DTR as he staggers backwards into the corner. Novan charges towards him, but his face is rewarded with a boot! DTR wraps his arms around the waist of Novan and lifts him up for a quick German suplex bridged into a pin! One…Two…KICKOUT! Novan manages to get a shoulder up as DTR slinks to his feet. He extends his arms, seemingly waiting for Novan to get to his feet. BRAINBUSTAAAAAA!] [DTR covers him! One…Two…TH-NO! The Automaton drops a metal boot across the head of DTR before shoving him back into Zappa who tries to enter the ring. TAM drags Novan to his own corner and tags himself in. The Automaton enters the ring as DTR tags out to Captain Zappa. These two circle around for a moment before they lock up. However, TAM slips underneath his arms to blast him with a huge lariat to the back of Zappa’s head! He slams to the mat as TAM reaches down to lift Zappa up. Zappa headbutts the mechanized TAM as he recoils holding his temple as TAM seems moderately unaffected.] [TAM yanks Zappa close and lifts him up above his head in a gorilla press position! NO! Zappa slips out! TAM turns around and rushes towards him only to be elevated into the air by…. THE MOTHER OF ALL BACKDROPS! TAM is suspended momentarily before crashing to the mat! Zappa yanks him up and whips him into his own corner. Novan is getting to his feet on the apron finally. Zappa charges at him. DTR is punching away at TAM, but TAM turns around and blasts DTR off the apron with a Superman punch! Zappa gets to Novan, but he just BLASTS him with a DARKNESS WITHIN bullhammer! He staggers back as TAM grabs him and hoists him up…. MECHANICAL MAN STOPPER! Zappa crashes to the mat as TAM puts a boot over his chest. One…Two….THREE!] [The Automaton gets a big win here tonight, but not without some assistance from Jacen Novan who gets into the ring. The two stare at each other for a moment as the referee raises their hands.]


[The match is over as Captain Zappa and DTR make their way backstage with Captain Zappa in the lead. DTR catches him and turns him around.]

“My son, look how far you’ve come.”

[Captain Zappa’s face is shrouded in mystery as his eyes are pinned straight forward not giving the slightest bit of response. DTR continues as he prompts Zappa to walk alongside him.]

“Just think, only a few months ago you were fighting against me as you were too blind to see. Then you opened up your eyes to my suggestion with Lee as we forced an enlightened state upon you. Something we never WANTED to do, but we knew it was something we knew had to. Then, over the past month, you’ve passed every step and every test with flying colors.”

[Captain Zappa stops where he is and looks into the eyes of DTR with black swirling in his.]

“Every test? You wanted me to kill one of the Templars?”

[DTR strokes his beard for a moment.]

“Taking life is a necessary step on the route to enlightenment, son. We must all take it if the situation arises and we must not falter.”

[Captain Zappa looks disgusted with DTR’s answer.]

“No, life is not something you can just throw away at a whim! Life is precious.”

[DTR laughs cynically before smirking at Zappa.]

“My son, you saved me from Solomon Rhodes. Someone who was told that you should hate and destroy me, yet you saved my life. For that, I am grateful to you, my son. I just need to know if I have your allegiance?”

[Captain Zappa begins to move away as DTR looks at him curiously.]

“I think… I need to figure this out on my own.”

[With that, Captain Zappa steps away from DTR and begins to make his way further into the backstage area of the arena as DTR watches on.]

“You’ll be back soon, my son. They always comes back.”


[Gasp.] [The air is stifling. A large black hood is ripped from the face of Alibistair Montibleaux, as sweat drips in beads down his forehead. The last thing he recalls was his match, but after that, it’s all a blur.] [Then Jones appears.]

“You think you know me, don’t you?” [Jones asks, stood before his once jailer.] “When you imprisoned me, you thought you were saving my world, but you weren’t.”

[Alibistair squints.]

“I liberated my time and I ruled fairly. You accused me of destroying worlds; propaganda fed to you by the traitors who stabbed me in the back.”

[The Detective doesn’t believe it.] “You zink I’m going to listen to you? Zis world will not fall like the others you have destroyed.”

[Jones angrily punches him in the mouth, rocking his chair.]

“Idiocy!” [He shouts.] “I was a slave, torn from the arms of my mother as a babe. I overcame my captors and changed the world. I liberated millions of people in the name of Jones. You don’t understand, do you? You were used as a pawn to imprison me in a place that offered me only one route of salvation; here.”

“And why would zey do zis?” [Ali questions.] “Why would zey want you gone?”

[The Brave and Terrible steps forward, looming over him.]

“So they could rule the world.”

[He sneers.]

“You’re going to take me back to my time, Detective. If you don’t, I’m going to kill you.”



[In a fight between two men who are good, there is but one prize and that is honor. Two men fighting for the good of OSW duke it out tonight to see who is the better warrior. Who will win, the Sharkman or Solomon Rhodes? We find out next!] [DING! DING! They tie up, neither of them have a strong advantage. Sharkman gets a wrist lock and is forcing Rhodes to the mat! Kip up by Rhodes who turns it into a wristlock of his own! Sharkman cartwheels out of it and turns it into a hammerlock! Rhodes reverses that into a headlock! Sharkman shoves him into the ropes! Sharkman drops down and Rhodes runs over him! Rhodes returns and Sharkman leapfrogs over him this time! Rhodes returns again! PHENOMENAL DROPKICK from Sharkman! Rhodes rolls out of the ring! Sharkman climbs to the top rope! SHARK DIVE! No! Rhodes dodges it and Sharkman falls hard on the floor!] [Sharkman is writhing in pain and Rhodes goes to the top rope himself! BLOOD! Rhodes hits the double foot stomp all the way from the top rope to the floor! Sharkman is in sheer agony! Rhodes tosses him into the ring and makes the cover! One…Two…Three! No! Sharkman gets his foot on the rope! Solomon Rhodes drags him up to his feet! RED CROSS! No! Sharkman catches the codebreaker attempt and sets Rhodes up on the top rope! Sharkman climbs up there with him! Sharkman has a tight headlock on him! AVALANCHE BULLDOG! Rhodes is drilled into the mat!] [Sharkman covers! One…Two…Three! No! Rhodes barely gets the shoulder up! Both men are showing a lot of heart! Sharkman hops to the top rope! SHARK DIVE! That senton bomb hit Rhodes perfectly and Sharkman covers again! One…Two…No! another kickout by Rhodes! Sharkman is in shock and he quickly pulls Rhodes up! He locks in the hammerlock! He’s calling for the Reckoning! No! Rhodes charges Sharkman into the corner! He starts delivering fist after fist! He hoists Sharkman on the top rope! Rhodes jumps! AVALANCHE RED CROSS! Codebreaker from the top rope! Sharkman must be out! Rhodes covers! One…Two…Three!] [What a win by Rhodes! His heart got him through that trying match against a very game Sharkman!]


[Tick.] [Flames still cover the Sacred Library, many books and shelves engulfed in fire. And at the entrance of this room? El Trebol Jr. The small Watchman runs into the flames, hastily looking through the firey halls. His eyes lock onto a single table, a book placed upon it. He rushes forward, grabbing for it.] [Tock.] [And like that, time seems to stop, everything suspended in midair. The fire has stopped moving, smoke and ashes frozen in place. Trebol looks around in surprise, the only thing still moving in this room.]

“Hello, Trebol.”

[Trebol turns around to see a single man emerge from behind the bookshelves. Aion, Master of Time. His features seem to shift from young to old beneath his mask, the Revenant stepping towards the Watchman.]

“I knew you’d return. Looking for another sacred text to try and shed light upon the secrets of the past. However, you’re too late.”

[Tick.] [The flames come to life again, Trebol surrounded by it, smoke covering him as he coughs and wheezes. Aion rushes forwards and grabs at Trebol, the Watchman grabbing the book from the table and SLAMMING IT INTO THE SIDE OF AION’S HEAD!] [Tock.] [Everything freezes again as Trebol leaps behind Aion, backing towards the door with the book in hand.]

“Your tricks can’t stop me, Aion. You control time, but time has tested me. The Watchmen will free you, even if you refuse to allow it.”

[Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.] [The world fluctuates between frozen and unfrozen as Aion advances towards Trebol, the Watchman fleeing the room. As he escapes, Aion turns towards the library, grabbing a book from one of the shelves, barely saving it from the fire.]

“You can run from me, but in due time, you’ll come running back.”


[The Black Abyss.] [The Chief paces within the darkness, awaiting his next visit from Noah. He’s ready to escape this hell hole once and for all.] [A voice suddenly booms, mimicking that of The Chief.]

“Have you reconsidered?” [The voice asks quietly and patiently.] “Are you willing to say yes?”

[The Chief shakes his head and laughs.]

“I told you once, kid, I’m not saying yes. You can use my voice, you can use my family, you can do whatever you want to do but I’m not succumbing your falsities and lies. You won’t manipulate me!”

“I would never lie to you,” [The Chief’s own voice answers back.] “And I never have. I want you to be free and if you succumb to me, I can grant you that freedom.”

[That infuriates him.] “Why? Why should I succumb to you, huh Noah? Why should I help you destroy the world? Do you think that because you’re my only way out, I’ll take it? Do you think I’ll allow you to use me as a weapon to end the world?”

[After a brief pause, the voice continues.]

“You’re clearly not ready to do what needs to be done. But be assured, time is running out. There’s a clock on this decision and at Pandemonium, if you haven’t said yes, you will regret it.”

[The Chief scrunches up his nose.]

“Until you tell me why you need me, I’ll never say yes.”

[He yells again.]

“Do you hear me? Never.”



[The Double Feature Championship is on the line here tonight as it’s El Trebol Jr. defending against Jensen Cussen!] [The bell sounds as El Trebol Jr. rushes towards Jensen trying to catch him off guard with his speed! Springboard dropkick rocks Cussen as he staggers backwards! El Trebol leaps to the top rope and motions towards Cussen! CROSSBODY FROM THE TOP! NO! Trebol is caught in mid-air! His legs are kicking as Cussen has nothing but mal intent in his eyes. He turns it into a suplex that springs off the top rope into a twisting brainbuster! GUILT TRIP! Jensen isn’t even closed to finished here as he lifts Trebol up by his arm only to kick him brutally in the face! He does this twice more just humiliating the Double Feature Champion.] [He lifts up Trebol who seems to be deadweight at this point. He sets him up on the top rope before climbing up himself. HIGH KICK! Jensen is nailed by this kick as he falls down to the mat, still on his feet. Trebol readies himself and leaps! ANOTHER CROSSBODY! This time it hits…no! It hits, but Jensen just rolls right through with Trebol STILL in his arms! Jensen’s eyes are filled with rage as he switches Trebol around for a quick German suplex. He stands over Trebol waiting for him to get to his feet before… BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! The superkick nearly decapitates Trebol as he turns head over heels to the floor! He covers! One…Two…BOOT ON THE ROPE!] [Cussen is irate! He questions the referee before kicking the leg of Trebol off the rope in frustration. ROLL-UP! ONE…TWO…NO! Almost a three as Trebol took advantage of the opportunity! They get back to their feet as Trebol hits a basement dropkick to take out the knees of Cussen! He falls to his knees before Trebol hits a basement hurricanrana spiking his head into the mat before climbing to the top rope! He holds up three fingers! Jensen staggers to his feet. CORKSCREW CROSSBODY! IT HITS! Down goes Jensen Cussen! Trebol isn’t finished as he quickly leaps back to the top rope! Jensen staggers to his feet, but no one is home. AL VER VERDE! The top rope moonsault lands on the shoulders of Cussen before flipping him with a reverse frankensteiner spiking his head into the mat! He covers! One…Two…THREE!] [El Trebol Jr. just cannot be denied as he’s awarded his Double Feature Championship to which he clutches closely to his chest.]


[Wasted.] [The sacred library is nothing but ash and dust. The books and scrolls have been burnt to a crisp. The only indication that anything was ever there is the ash coating the bright boots of the Sharkman as he walks through the remains. Sharkman kneels down in the midst of it, picking up something that almost seemed like a fully formed page.] [But it crumbles between his fingers.]

“Are we destined to become that which we hate?”

[With a sigh he stands back to his feet.] [Helios stands behind him.]

“What do you hate?” [The fire demon asks.] [Sharkman ignores the question, showing no fear.]

“You and I used to be on the same team, didn’t we? I remember your screams in the night. Eva. Grace. Jessica. They’re why they called you Hysteria. Were you really crazy? Or did you just want your family back?”

[Fire burns in the palm of Helios.]

“I am not Proteus. You will not do as the Riddler did and manipulate me using LH Harrison’s life. There is nothing left of that man, or his family. Only Helios remains. There is no saving me.”

[Sharkman nods.]

“Probably not. Besides, I remember way back. I laid there, a steering wheel pinning me in place, and as I heard those that I lived for dying, all I wanted to do was die with them. I didn’t want a savior, I wanted to burn to a crisp like the kids behind me. So yeah, I understand how you feel.”

[Helios seems to be distracted, looking away for a moment. Sharkman takes note.]

“I believe you’ve got an important match coming up. Better get out of here.”

[Helios doesn’t even answer, vanishing in a puff of flame. The Sharkman bows his head.] [What was that about becoming what you hate?]


[January 2017.] [One month after Red Snow II and a career defining victory over mortal enemy Jimmy Sartyr, DTR sits alone in a dirty, downtrodden apartment. His eyes are weary and tired, his beard had grown long, with shades of grey and his face shows the battle scars that time forgot.] [He stands up and walks towards the window, looking out over New York. He opens it, stepping out onto the fire escape with aplomb. With no need for caution, he rushes to the very top, entering the roof.] [David steps towards the edge, looking down at the ten story drop below.] [He closes his eyes.]


[A voice urges caution from behind.]

“You don’t have to do this, David; there’s another way.”

[He turns around, his eyes empty.]

“There is no other way. I’ve lost everything. I beat Jimmy Sartyr and I thought in doing so, it would fill the hole in my heart but it hasn’t. I’m empty. I have no purpose, no place in this world.”

[Again, the voice speaks.]

“That isn’t true. You have a purpose. You have a destiny, and I will help you to fulfil it. You won’t be able to do it alone, you’ll need a Family. You’ll need what you’ve longed for.”

[David doesn’t understand. He steps back from the ledge.]

“I can give you a son.”

[Jonah.] [Jensen Cussen’s father.] [Cut.]


[The Founding Fathers stand across from the new pairing of Helios and Aion, their titles on the line tonight. Brent Kersh and Aion start things off. The bell sounds.] [The two lock horns, but Aion is quick to duck and switch himself behind Kersh, grabbing him with a waist lock. Kersh swings his elbow, but Aion ducks again, keeping hold of Kersh’s waist. Overhead Belly to Belly! Aion tosses Kersh across the ring. Kersh is quick to his feet and launches himself towards his partner, tagging in Scarecrow. Scarecrow steps through the ropes and is rushed by Aion, who steps onto the middle rope and looks for an enziguri from the middle rope! Scarecrow ducks, Aion hits the mat face first. As he quickly recovers Scarecrow boots him in the ribs, sending him tumbling to the outside!] [Scarecrow looks down to Aion who lies on the ground outside the ring holding his ribs, but with this distraction Helios runs into the ring and springboards from the middle rope! Scarecrow catches him on his shoulders but NO! Hurricainerana! Scarecrow is down after being taken by surprise. Kersh rushes to his partners aid, dropkicking Helios straight through the ropes to join his tag partner on the ground below. The team regroup on the outside as the Founding Fathers stand side-by-side looking towards their opponents. Soon enough Kersh and Helios return to the apron as Aion slides back into the ring.] [Scarecrow aims a stiff lariat at Aion, who ducks, runs across the ring, bouncing against the ropes BLIND TAG! Aion hits a Floatover DD–NO! Scarecrow grabs him by the THROAT as he floats over! HELLFIRE! Helios has entered the ring, hitting a codebreaker to Scarecrow! Aion drops to the ground, narrowly escaping a hellacious chokeslam, and rolls from the ring. Helios lies in wait! Scarecrow slowly recovers, gets to his feet, turns… NO HOPE! NO! Scarecrow dodges the spear, but Helios slides to his knees. He turns, Scarecrow BOOTS him in the gut! THE PERCH! Crucifix Powerbomb! The lights flicker off, then on, then — HELIOS! NO HOPE! Helios had slipped the grip of Scarecrow, he hits his own spear finisher! ONE! TWO THREE!] [New champions are crowned here tonight, the Founding Fathers have lost their tag team championships to two members of the Underworld!]


[Static.] [The back halls of the Tap Room.] [D’Von Chambers.] [The Bishop stands amongst a circle of his congregation just inside the exit doors of the complex. Their heads are bowed; the congregation’s hands clasped together.]

“And thank you Lord for delivering us from evil” [Chambers clamors in a deep voice.] “We pray these things in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ… Amen”


[The members of the church echo their approval as they all lift their heads. Without hesitation, D’Von nods to his Church before turning to the door.] [And we exit with them.] [The Bishop leads his congregation down the steps and into the backstreet where only a few feet away from the entrance sits… The Chiroptera.] [Chambers scoffs as he shakes his head, standing over top of them.]

“The poor bums. They might stick around this building until they rot away to hell.”

[The druids maintain a kneeling position in the shadows. Their heads bowed. They no longer see D’Von as their Bat God. The Darkness has lifted. Their minds are clear. And alone.]

“I’m sorry I stole your hope, friends” [Chambers spouts in an almost regretful tone.] “You’re not the only one who was impacted by the darkness.”

[With that Chambers turns to lead his congregation away. And then…] [The flutter of bats.] [A sudden fog develops at the end of the street.] [Screeching.] [Those sounds freeze D’Von in his tracks as his blood runs cold.] [Footsteps.] [Slow, methodical footsteps.] [With Squinted eyes Chambers glances back over his shoulder. And from beyond the thickness of the fog…] [Michael Graves.] [The Chiroptera begins to bustle, coming to their feet as the congregation exchanges gasps.]

“NO! It can’t be!”

“But D’Von” [The Bat’s Shadow smirks.] “It IS me. My Chiroptera’s hope has returned!!!”

“How?!? I….”

[Chambers is visibly shook as he stumbles backwards. Graves continuing his approach. A grin formed on his lips as his druids gather around him.] [The congregation; on the other hand, stirs in fright.]

“Who is it?”

“Michael Graves?”

“He’s dead!”

“He DIED!”

[Graves lets out a deep chuckle as D’Von swallows deep.]

“He has risen!”

[With fear coming over them, Chambers and his Church flee into the darkness, leaving Graves behind as the Chiroptera howl.]


[Static.] [Cut.]


[After a demoralizing defeat after trying to cash in, Lux Bellator must now move onwards as he takes on Jake Jeckel for the VHS Championship!] [The bell sounds as these two men know each other better than most. They collide in the center of the ring before Jake throws a right hand to which Lux ducks underneath. Lux springs off the second rope as Jeckel gets the hell out of the way of the moonsault to which Lux lands on his feet with his eyes permanently attached to The Juggalo. They meet up in the center of the ring for another tie-up, but this time it’s Lux who breaks the hold to kick Jeckel right in the knee forcing him to relinquish it. Lux hits a European uppercut before rushing towards the ropes to spring off. Jeckel catches him at the ropes before clobbering him over the back of the head with a blow!] [Lux staggers on the second rope before falling back into the ring. Jeckel grabs up the legs of Lux and pulls him into a Texas Cloverleaf! Submission isn’t usually his specialty, but he’s pulling new things out to handle Lux Bellator here tonight! Lux rolls through the submission and manages to get to the ropes. The referee pulls Jake off of Lux who slowly pulls himself up. Jake charges back, but the referee gets in between! Lux reaches over the referee and RAKES the eyes of Jeckel! The Juggalo staggers back clutching at his eyes as Lux nails him with a roundhouse kick followed quickly into a knee assisted shoulderbreaker! Lux wraps up Jake and locks in PURITY!] [The double-legged triangle choke is working over the throat and neck and of Jake Jeckel as he’s frantically reaching out for the ropes. Jeckel is a long way though! He gets his feet underneath himself and lifts up! He can’t just slam him because of the placement! HE RUSHES TOWARDS THE CORNER! Lux’s head is battering rammed right into the second turnbuckle as he loses his hold and falls to the mat! Jake Jeckel is through. He’s pissed as he rushes towards him and begins just STOMPING on him furiously! He yanks up Lux and slams his head into the turnbuckle before hoisting him up onto his shoulder… THE HATCHET! The fireman’s carry into a spinning neckbreaker hits with perfection as he rolls into the cover. One…Two…THREE!] [Jake Jeckel has managed to retain his championship here despite very game competition in Lux Bellator. Lux is clutching his face on the mat as Jake leaves him to soak it all in.]


[Knock. Knock.] [Jonathan Heartsford stands at the entrance to Temple of the Knights Templar.] [The guards are curiously missing.] [Heartsford glances over his shoulder as he takes a step back. This is not a man who is going to be taken by surprise.] [Knock. Knock.]

“Who’s there?”

[The long and drawn out response comes from behind Heartsford, who turns around to find himself face to face with the Mad King himself. Lee Crowley.]

“What’s the matter, old friend, you seem uncertain?”

[The taunt from Crowley gets no response from Heartsford. This is a man on a mission.]

“I’m more certain now than I have ever been. That’s why I’m here.”

[Crowley grins, approaching Heartsford. The Knight puts some distance between he and Crowley though.]

“I thought so. When I saw you headed down here, I thought I’d sneak in and see what you were up to. Those poor guards will look great by my throne. Speaking of which, won’t you come visit my domain, you won’t believe what I’ve done with the place. I’d love to give you an upgrade like I did that dreadful Ordell Terminus.”

[Heartsford plants his feet firm. Crowley is not surprised.]

“It’s like that then. What brings you here, old friend?”

[Jonathan looks Crowley right in the eye.]


[The Mad King laughs, but his demeanor has went from welcoming to deadly serious as he studies Jonathan.]

“Did you come here to find out how to kill me? Trust me, these guys have tried and failed.”

“Not quite. If it weren’t for you, things would have turned out differently for me. The emotion was always a target for powerful people, but you showed it what it meant to be in a family. What it meant to be betrayed, even. So now that I’m back, I’m making things right.”

[Crowley snorts.]

“Hope was returned to this place. But the rest of the work is on us. If I could be saved, then so can you, Lee. I owe it to you. It won’t be easy, but I have to save you. Because it takes a Knight to defeat a King.”

[Crowley looks Heartsford up and down with a grin.]

“You have changed, haven’t you? I liked the old you better. Everyone needs a little bit of doubt.”

[The Mad King perks his head as he hears running sounds in the distance. With a smile, he begins to walk away in the opposite direction.]

“I’m going to enjoy watching you fail.”

[Crowley vanishes around a corner as several brothers of the Knights Templar run into view, circling Jonathan Heartsford with naked steel bared.] [Cut.]


[A single flame flickers in an otherwise dark cavern. As a figure approaches, we come to realize that it’s The Scarecrow and he’s holding a lantern. He stops to search the wall, looking at scribbles and scratches, there from years ago.]

“Have you found what it is you’re looking for?”

[A feminine voice echoes throughout the chambers. The Scarecrow turns around to see Mother’s face directly before his. The lantern illuminates them both, almost terrifyingly.]

“How did you know I came?” [The Scarecrow asks.] [She scoffs.]

“You’re my creation, my child; I know everything. Just like I know that you’re searching for the way to defeat me.”

[He smiles, his jagged teeth on display.]

“I’m not trying to defeat you, Mother. I’m trying to destroy you.”

[Again, she laughs.] “Hah. You know that I cannot be destroyed, dear boy. You know that I’m immortal. You can search these caverns for your answers. You can seek the ancient texts of centuries gone by but no-where within these walls does an answer to me belong.”

“Yet you came to meet me anyway,” [he remarks.] “I can smell your fear, Mother. It radiates from you. Your hubris is but a cover for the desperate truth that lies beneath; you know your end is coming and you know I will be the one to bring it to you.”

[Mother stops, and slowly backs away. She doesn’t speak, she just clicks her fingers.] [Rubble, rocks and stones suddenly begin falling from above, shrouded in dust. The Scarecrow is quickly toppled, buried beneath an avalanche of heavy material. His lantern drops and breaks beside him, consuming the tinder around and turning to flame. Mother steps back, watching the fire roar amongst the stones.]

“It appears as if you have met your end first, my son. Goodbye Dear Scarecrow. Enjoy your tomb.”



[It’s the main event as it’s Mr. Undefeated Edward Newton squaring off with one of the most brutal competitors on the roster, Creeping Death!] [The bell sounds as Edward Newton sizes up Creeping Death accordingly. Creeping Death’s near-soulless eyes just peering through his make-up as he looks t Edward Newton expectantly. Finally, Creeping Death inches closer to Newton who offers up a hand as a test of strength. Creeping Death smiles at this before engaging in the game. Only Creeping Death hits an arm drag with the fingers interlocked before rolling back to his feet. A solid right hand from Creeping Death staggers the OSW World Champion before Creeping Death rushes towards the corner and leaps over the top rope WITH his fingers still interlocked!] [SNAP!] [Newton’s arm and head are brought down roughly across the top rope as Death just falls to the floor!] [Newton’s left arm reaches up and tries to pat down his hurt right shoulder and arm as he basically deadlifts that arm, barely usable at the moment. Creeping Death meanwhile is staring at him with a gleam in his eye from the ringside area. He slides into the ring as Newton tries to cut him off with some stomps! Newton backs up a step, still preoccupied by his shoulder. He reaches over to grab the foot of Death, but Creeping Death hooks over to connect with a kick right into the injured shoulder!] [Newton backs away to the rope in pain before Creeping Death charges him with a running elbow that sends the Champion right over the top rope and to the floor below! Creeping Death climbs to the top rope and leaps!] [450 SPLASH TO THE OUTSIDE!] [Both men are down as the entity as old as the Greek Gods themselves is slow to get to his feet. Edward Newton is in serious pain on the outside as he clutches at his own shoulder. Creeping Death looks around before reaching underneath the ring and withdrawing a whole bunch of fun. He pulls out a trash can full of goodies before setting that in the ring. He also reaches below and pulls out a table. He kicks out the legs of the table and sets it up on the outside. Creeping Death moves towards Edward Newton and lifts him up before Newton RAMS him into the apron!] [Death falls to the ground on the outside as Edward Newton slides into the ring. He instantly goes to the trash can and looks inside. He pulls out what appears to be a bag of something before throwing it aside. He reaches down and pulls out a Kendo Stick! He twirls it with his left arm as he’s still favoring his right shoulder.] [Creeping Death slowly slides into the ring as Edward Newton rushes forward and begins whacking him with the Kendo Stick!] [WHACK!] [WHACK!] [WHACK!] [Creeping Death catches the fourth shot and HEADBUTTS Newton! The Riddler staggers backwards as Creeping Death reaches down and grabs the bag before dumping the contents out onto the mat.] [TACKS.] [Creeping Death grins at Edward Newton with a sadistic grin.] [He grabs Edward Newton and turns him around into a… NO! Edward Newton stops his attempt at a move with a rake to the eyes! Completely legal in this no DQ match! Edward Newton instead lifts him up for a snap suplex! INTO THE TACKS!] [Creeping Death’s back arches upwards in pain as he gets to his feet. Edward Newton charges him and clotheslines him over the top rope onto the apron. He steps out there with him, brings his head beneath his arm and…] [NEVERMIND!] [JUMPING IMPLANT DDT FROM THE APRON THROUGH THE TABLE SET UP OUTSIDE!] [Edward Newton grabs Creeping Death and rolls him into the ring before leaping into a cover!] [One…] [Two…] [THREEEEE!] [Edward Newton has survived this No DQ match with Creeping Death and keeps his record intact!]


[Suddenly, the rather sombre celebrations are interrupted by ‘Chariots of Fire’. Brent Kersh steps out into the Tap Room looking extremely disgusted. His right hand tightly grasps a steel chair.] [He storms to the ring and enters, standing across from Newton with a grimace.]

“Wait a minute, Kersh,” [Newton pleads.] “We don’t have to do this. We’re on the same side, you and I.”

[The Enforcer shakes his head.]

“After everything you’ve done, you truly believe we’re on the same side?” [He yells.] “You led Mike Lane to his death. You brought The Darkness into our lives. You may have fooled everyone else in this war, but not me. I know you’re just looking out for yourself, Edward. I know it. I also know that the biggest obstacle in us saving the world isn’t David, Mother or Lux Bellator; it’s you.”

[Brent goes to step forward, but Edward interrupts.]

“Me?” [He scoffs with disgust.] “I’m the obstacle? I used that book and that spell to unleash The Darkness because of you, Kersh. The Family had their hooks in you like everyone else does and you were about to spill enough blood to destroy these walls. You’re the one who was going to take their offer of saving your family over everyone else. Did you care about Mike Lane then? Did you care about his daughter? Or did you care about yourself? You don’t want to fight me because you believe I’m at fault. You want to fight me because you know, deep down in your heart, that you’re the one responsible.”

[Kersh screams, running towards Newton with his steel chair. It collides violently across the head of The Riddler, dropping him to the canvas in a heap. The Enforcer is furious, turning the chair on its side and driving it into his stomach with such force, the entire ring shakes.] [With every devastating blow, a little bit of Brent Kersh relents, until finally, he stops.] [He tosses the chair down and stumbles back into the corner, dropping to his ass in shame. He runs his hands through his head, watching as Edward spits up blood.]

“I didn’t kill him,” [Kersh yells.] “It wasn’t me.”