[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Miami Dade Police.] [Inside a dirty, dingy, terrifying little room, Redmond Quinn sits handcuffed to a metal table, his black suit contributing to the awkward look on his face. The door suddenly opens and in walks a Detective, slapping a folder down on the desk and taking a seat opposite him.]

“Mr. Quinn, do you understand why we’ve brought you in for questioning? The murder of Kane Doebern inside your classroom raised many questions about your activities.”

[Redmond nods.]

“Now, we’ve a witness that says they saw you enter the Classroom with Kane Doebern at 21:00pm, arguing. Is it true that you and Kane were having issues with your friendship?”

[That shocks Quinn, who doesn’t quite know how to respond. He’s stunned to silence.]

“Your silence doesn’t help you here, kid. Where were you at 21:00pm on Monday the 27th of August?”

“I was travelling to my classroom,” [he admits.] “Alone.”

[The Detective writes something down.]

“And no-one can corroborate that?”

[Quinn leans forward.]

“You need to listen to me,” [he begs sternly.] “I’m being set up. Yes, myself and Kane had a few issues in the weeks leading up to his death. We were being harassed and attacked by a white supremacist and I refused to retaliate.”

[The cop ignores that.] “I didn’t hear that.”

[Redmond’s eyebrows raise.]

“You’re working for him, aren’t you?”

[Silence.] [The door suddenly opens and in walks Wolfgang with a smirk. Quinn stands up enraged, but his restraints force him back into his seat. If looks could kill, the Superior would be dead.] [The officer smiles and stands up, walking to the door.]

“Remember General, not a scratch.”

[Wolfgang nods.] [The door closes behind him.]

“Do you understand the position you’ve put me in, neger?” [The Superior asks, taking a seat opposite his nemesis.] “Your reluctance to simply die has forced my hand. If I can’t kill you, I’ll have to find another way to make you disappear.”

[Quinn pulls on his restraints but to no avail.]

“Once you enter prison, the brotherhood will make your life miserable before eventually, and only when I give the command, ending it.”

“You’re not going to get away with this,” [Quinn snaps.] “I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt. I tried to help you change. I tried. Against better advice and opinion, I believed in you as a human being and look at what it cost me; you killed Kane. You murdered that poor boy for no reason at all.”

[Wolfgang stands up, grinning.]

“Oh, there was a reason, neger. You’ve two choices; you can either go to jail, be raped, brutalized and eventually murdered or new evidence might just materialise and you can be free, free to be my sklave, where you belong.”

[Quinn’s face scrunches up.]

“Make your choice fast, won’t you?” [He says, heading towards the door.] “Because in just twenty-four hours, the police will find video evidence of a man that looks just like you murdering your pupil.”

[He chuckles and exits the room. Quinn immediately breaks down, tears streaming down his face. Does he even have a choice?] [Cut.]


[A newly suited and moustached Happy stands in the hallway backstage, looking extremely pleased with himself. He’s trying to contain a smile beneath a structured and focused facial expression, clearly put on in some kind of training exercise.] [In his hands, a box of delicious cakes.] [He turns and knocks a door, waiting patiently for it to open and when it does Brent Kersh answers, looking somewhat perplexed.]

“Happy?” [He asks.] “What’re you doing here?”

“Mr. Kersh!” [He says excitedly.] “I brought you something. I’ve been a fan of yours for so many years now and I thought, well, I thought I’d bring you some cakes!”

[Kersh seems surprised but smiles.]

“They’re delicious!” [Happy bellows.] “Here, take one.”

[He opens the box and allows Kersh to put his hand inside, taking one out. The Enforcer takes a bite, raising his eyebrows in disgust. He doesn’t want to hurt the poor kid’s feelings so he reluctantly swallows, before patting his tummy.]

“That’s yummy, kid. I’d love to have another but I need to watch my waistline. At my age, you can’t put a price of a healthy diet. Why don’t you have the rest? My treat.”

“Really, Mr. Kersh? Wow!”

[Happy runs away excitedly, leaving Kersh to try and get the taste out of his mouth. Suddenly, he clutches at his belly, projectile vomiting all over his locker room. He quickly needs to sit down, grabbing the nearest bin for a second bout.] [Meanwhile, Happy tucks in to his first cake down the hall, his delightful expression turning sour at the taste of a cake.]

“That’s not nice,” [he says, swallowing.] “I thought they’d taste better than that. Mr. Nevermore needs to change his baker.”

[He throws the box in the bin, about to walk away before realizing he needs to stop; only to vomit violently himself.] [Cut.]


[A revolution has arrived in OSW as Creed looks to bring about real change to the world but a man who may well oppose his views stands against him. Can Creed convince the Kingpin or will his voice be silenced before it’s ever truly heard?] [The bell sounds as Washington rushes forward, surprising Creed with a stiff series of rights and lefts before a huge knee to the jaw stuns Luther. Nate grips Creed around the chest, trying for the Takeover but Creed elbows his way out, slamming Washington to the mat with a quick Russian Legsweep. A series of jabs of his own stun Nate before he’s lifted up onto Creed’s shoulder in a Powerslam attempt. Nate slips out, bouncing off the ropes as Creed turns around, WATCH YA MOUTH!] [That massive knee sends Creed staggering into the corner but Nate barely lets him hit before delivering a punishing REAL ONE, sending Luther crashing down to the mat as Nate hooks the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…Creed manages to get the shoulder up! Nate pulls Creed up to his feet but gets a stiff knee to the chest, STO! That came out of nowhere as Luther catches his breath for a moment, ducking under a clothesline attempt as Nate gets to his feet, SILENCE EQUALS VIOLENCE! Creed drops down for the cover] [ONE…TWO…Nate gets the shoulder up! Both men get to their feet, exchanging heavy lefts and rights before a stiff DDT drops Nate to the mat as Creed scrambles up to the top rope, CROSSBODY…MISSES as Creed crashes to the canvas. Nate pulls him up to his feet, TAKEOVER! Creed looks done but Washington isn’t as he peels Creed off the mat, looking for his finishing Backbreaker but Creed slips out, landing a huge knee to the jaw that spins Nate around, GERMAN SUPLEX…ANY MEANS NECESSARY! Creed holds back for the pin, ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [The Voice of the Voiceless is heard tonight as he puts away the Kingpin in his debut, looking incredible as he begins his revolution here in OSW]


[In a laboratory not too far away, the sounds of someone hard at work can be heard. There’re drilling noises of different varieties, accompanied by the tapping of keys as data gets downloaded and input somewhere else. Finally, the camera pans out to show Mr. Knot, arms folded, looking at someone we know all too well.] [Dr. Mindfuck.] [Before him is an invention only he could design; a humanoid robot.]

“A little bit of data here, a screw tightened there and viola, we have THE WORLD’S MOST CAPABLE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MACHINE!”

[Knot looks it up and down.]

“He looks almost human,” [he says, walking around it.] “In fact, I’d be hard pressed to believe he was a robot. How’d you do it? Its skin looks and feels so real.”

[Dr. Mindfuck scoffs.]

“It is real,” [Mindfuck replies awkwardly.] “But you don’t need to know the ins and outs of such endeavours, do you Mr. Knot? Once I enter the chip and configure the machine, Vanguard will be walking and talking. That’s precisely as you requested, is it not?”

[The Chairman nods.]

“You’ve outdone yourself, Doctor. Are the specifications exactly what I asked for? Including that one very important addition?”

[The Doctor smiles.] “Of course! By Crash and Burn, Vanguard will be complete and you’ll have your protection. Old School Wrestling is a dangerous place, full of villains and nefarious nasties; you’d be best served to have him by your side. Speaking of which, my payment?”

[Knot walks away, chuckling to himself.]

“Don’t you worry Doctor, you can have your match against The Vindicators; consider it signed and sealed.”

[Mindfuck nods in appreciation.] [Cut.]


[We welcome two newcomers to OSW in a violent fashion as the Law goes toe to toe with the Narcissist in a Hardcore Rules Match] [The bell sounds as Nightstick rushes forward, drilling Valentine with a stiff knee to the gut staggering the Narcissist before he tries for a stiff right hand to the face that Valentine just ducks under, protecting his gorgeous face. Valentine tries for a few forearms that barely affect Nightstick, ducking under another right before springboarding off the middle rope with a huge roundhouse kick that floors the bigger man. Nightstick slowly gets up to his feet as Valentine rushes forward] [RIGHT INTO ODE TO BOSSMAN! A massive spinning side slam sends Valentine crashing to the mat as Nightstick hooks the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…Valentine gets the shoulder up! Nightstick pulls him up to his feet with ease, trying for a Belly to Belly but Valentine grabs hold of the ropes, flipping himself up to the top rope as he walks along the ropes, before leaping off with a huge Superkick! It hits flush on Nightstick’s jaw as he staggers out onto the apron, dazed on one knee as Valentine gets onto the apron himself, sizing up Nightstick for a moment before running forward] [VALENTINES…NIGHTSTICK CATCHES IT! Valentine is hoisted in the air up high, 911 onto the nearby steel steps! Valentine looks broken in half as Nightstick drops down for the cover on the steps, ONE…TWO…Valentine just gets the shoulder up! Nightstick looks pissed as he grabs his baton from ringside, rolling Valentine into the ring before slamming it down over and over onto the Narcissist. The Nightstick half bent, the Law tosses it aside as he sizes up Valentine for the end. The Narcissist slowly gets to his feet right into an onrushing freight train of HARD JUSTICE! Valentine flips in mid-air from impact as Nightstick drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Nightstick picks up a debut win here tonight!]


[Previously] [We find ourselves in a small room off the main Tap Room locker area, with the open door holding the name King Arthur. Going into the dark room, we find the lich king resting on a fairly plain looking throne chair. His staff remains standing, energy coursing from it into Arthur as the brightest form of light]

“Why doth I live while others hath crumbled into the wind? Why was I the one chosen to persist when all else fall to the tides of time?”

[He sighs, before slowly standing. His bones creak almost as much as his armor does, and he takes his staff back into his hands.]

“Questions without answers. Awoken to a world that I barely can understand. Not an ally left to call on, no guiding hand from God. Fate doth take me down a strange path.”

[He moves to the door, his staff being the only noise echoing out into the dimly lit room. As he nears the door though, he pauses and looks back, trying to find something in the shadows. He leaves it in the dark, left for after his match.] [From behind the throne, Knightwatch emerges from the darkness. He holds a recorder in his hand, seemingly small compared to the massive agent of the Church.]

“For what it seems, Arthur is not knowing why he is. Does God will him to continue to live? If so, this presents a breaking of the code. I must find more. Perhaps his tomb holds answers..”


[The Parking Lot.] [Wild Karrde confidentially walks through the parking lot outside the Tap Room, a swagger in his step as he goes. He’s clutching his Invasion Briefcase, an item that looks extremely odd given his style of dress. He heads towards the entrance when suddenly, a crunching of garbage stops him.] [The noise under foot? It doesn’t belong to him.] [He looks around suspiciously but he only finds silence. Unperturbed for long, Karrde grabs the handle of the door when suddenly, a loud clunk wallops him over the head.] [The Double Feature Champion falls to his knees, his hat knocked to the floor. He looks up, a man stood before him, dressed in all black.] [Black gloves, black clothes, black ski-mask; all black everything.] [And in his hand? A metal pipe.] [He slams it down across his head again, and again, busting him wide open with multiple blows to the skull. Karrde hits the deck, blood quickly pooling around his skull as his attacker swoops down, picking up the Invasion Briefcase.] [He looks at it.] [Then casually, and without concern, walks away.] [The camera closes in on Wild Karrde who has no idea that his Invasion Briefcase has been stolen out from underneath him tonight. Without that in his possession, he won’t be able to Invade.] [Who stole it?] [Cut.]


[The bell rings and we’re off! The King of England locks horns with The Cloaked Conundrum! King Arthur chucks Mysterion backwards with authority! Mysterion shakes it and circles as Arthur ignores him and grabs him by the throat! He heaves him up high in the air with a CHOKESLAM! Mysterion bounces up but Arthur grabs him driving his elbow to his skill several times! As he stumbles backwards, Arthur scoops him up over his shoulder, and drops him face first across the turnbuckle with a SNAKE-EYES! Mysterion is in a world of hurt! Arthur shows his dominance and grabs Mysterion across the waist, spins him around in circles, before planting him on the mat with a SPINNING SIDE SUPLEX! Arthur covers by Mysterion gets his foot on the ropes!] [Mysterion is slow to get up as Arthur meticulously stalks him. He attempts to put this one to bed with the KING’S CROSSING but Mysterion managed to duck underneath the high knee and has enough wherewithal to DROPKICK Arthur in the knee! The Immortal King is hunched over and before he knows it, Mysterion leaps off the top rope with a BLOCKBUSTER! Arthur stumbles in to the corner turnbuckle, as Mysterion sprints across the ring with a BACK HANDSPRING ELBOW! Arthur crumples to the ground … as Mysterion stands momentarily victorious!] [Mysterion looks over to the turnbuckle and uses the top-rope to springboard himself up. He attempts the MASTER PLAN! IMPLODING 450 SPLASH! But Arthur raises up his hand and catches Mysterion by the throat! He climbs up to his feet while maintaining a firm grasp on the neck of his opponent! He tosses him against the ropes and as Mysterion comes sprinting back, Arthur nails the KING’S CROSSING! RUNNING KNEE TO THE THROAT! Mysterion is out as Arthur grabs his arms and casually drapes them over his body and leans back for a quick three count! This one is over!] [King Arthur picks up the win!]


[Before.] [Somewhere outside the Tap Room, we find a tour bus, looking like it’s seen better days than this, the words ZANDER ZONE faded with an A spray painted over the O. We hear a faint giggling growing louder as Zander Zane and his two favorite ladies of the moment approach, a big smile on the face of the Rock God.]

“Here it is, ladies…this is where the magic happens.”

[They get to the door, which Zane happily holds open for the ladies as they enter with a giggle, and Zane is about to join them when a cold breeze sends a shiver down his spine, eventually drawing his attention to a figure in the shadows.]

“I’ll be with you ladies in just a minute!”

[Zane shuts the door to the bus before heading toward the figure, a look of anger on his face as he shouts at whatever it could be.]

“I don’t know who you are, but I’ll have you know I’m…”

“Zander fucking Zane?”

[The response catches Zane by surprise as the figure steps into the light, revealing Shadow with a smirk on his face.]

“Despite what you may tell everyone else, I am somebody you’ll want to listen to…somebody you’ll need to listen to.”

[Zane just scoffs at this, giving the Avenging Angel a look of disgust.]

“I’m here to save you from a life full of regrets, Zander. You might enjoy the party now, but let’s not forget what happened to…Samantha.”

[Zane takes just a moment to think about this, before shaking his head in confusion.]


[This wipes the smirk off Shadow’s face, replaced with a scowl as the ladies call to Zane from the bus.]

“Zander, what’s the hold up? We wanna hear your beautiful music!”

[Zane turns around with another grin on his face.]

“Just a minute, ladies! I just need to finish my chat with…what’s your name again?”

[Zane turns back to face Shadow…who has disappeared with a cold rush of wind, forcing a confused Zane to head back to the bus with more questions than answers.] [Cut.]


[Last week these three men were tag team partners, but this week they are enemies!] [The bell sounds as Zander Zane rushes forward and nails a clothesline to Jon Davenport! The large man hits the mat before rebounding right back up. Zander nails a roundhouse as Davenport slumps back down to the mat. The Knightwatch just watches this unfold before rushing into the fray with a European uppercut blasting Zander back into the corner turnbuckle. Knightwatch puts up his dukes and begins drilling rights and lefts into the midsection of Zane who can’t quite cover up! Knightwatch rushes towards the other corner before rushing back with a big dropkick! Zane slumps to the mat.] [Knightwatch goes for the cover! One…Two…TH-Broken up by Davenport. The Ol’ Huntin’ Hound Dog yanks Knightwatch up to his feet before applying a wristlock and bending the arm of Knightwatch behind himself. This hold is applied for a few moments until Zander gets back to his feet. Davenport rushes Knightwatch forward into Zane as they’re blasted into the corner. Davenport releases the hold as he takes a few steps back. He rushes towards the corner with an arm outstretched, but Knightwatch ducks underneath as Zane goes low with a dropkick making Davenport fall forward into the second turnbuckle!] [RIDE THE LIGHTNING! The bronco buster is nailed on Jon Davenport as his face is contorted in disgust as Zander is grinding against his face! Zane is interrupted by a hand yanking him off of Davenport. Zane rolls to his feet before Knightwatch catches him with a belly-to-back suplex into a bridge! One…Two..KICKOUT! Both men get to their feet as Davenport charges at them with both arms outstretched! LARIAT! Both Knightwatch and Zane are turned inside out! Davenport grabs Zander Zane who is barely moving, but Zane rolls him up with his tights hooked! One…Two…THREE!] [The Rockstar comes up with a big victory tonight over his two partners from last week!]


“And so we must repent my brothas! Pass that plate one mo’ gain, youngins!”

[The sound of D’von Chambers thunderous voice rings out through an impromptu congregation situated within the Tap Room halls. A few scattered faces, some being recognizable as gamblers from Karrde’s casino, sit on wooden pews, all passing an offering plate as they listen to the sermon.]

“Part with your material possessions, give them unto the lord so that your souls may be redeemed!”

[The plate finds its way around, passing right in front of the viewer’s eyes as the door at the back of the room is forced open, a boot-wearing foot appearing through the entrance before a sneering Wild Karrde steps inside.]

“Where is it?”

“Where is what, youngin?”

“The case. Give. Me. My. Case.”

[Chambers merely smiles, staring down at Karrde from his wooden stage.]

“The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away my brotha. He was teaching you a lesson when that case left yo hands. You are too focused on what you own, now that you are free of that briefcase’s dastardly temptation, you will be able to cleanse the evil from your soul.”

[Karrde storms towards the stage, the congregation parting like the Red Sea as the Gambler leaps onto the stage and grabs Chambers by his suspenders.]

“I ain’t playin’ no games, boy. What I own is mine. Ain’t no one gonna take my case and spew religious bullshit at me. You and I, we’re gonna have words. Tell me where my case is and you might jus’ be lucky enough to leave here without broken legs.”

[Chambers chuckles again, looking past Karrde, the gambler staring over his shoulder before Chambers pushes him into the crowd! The church members grab Karrde, allowing Chambers to walk past them.]

“The sermon is over, son. I did not steal yo case, but it was by the will of the Lord that you no longer have it in yo hands. You passed the plate. That case is in the Lord’s hands now. I know not what he does, but I do know he has a lesson to teach you.”

[He exits, Karrde fighting off his former customers to get to Chambers.]

“You gotta pass the plate, brotha. The case is gone, and soon enough, your other material goods will go to the lord too!”

[We fade out, Karrde angrily fighting off the congregation as Chambers chuckles.]


[Unknown Location within the Tap Room] [Red. Liquid dripping, pooling as it slops onto the floor. A lifeless arm, covered in blood lies on the concrete. Connected to a lifeless body, a young man wearing a tattered, ripped and blood soaked ‘OSW STAFF’ top. Footsteps are heard, coming closer until a boot steps in the pool of blood spilling from the body.]


[The voice of Berengar comes surprised, obviously not expecting nor aware of what he has just stumbled upon.]

“Blood. And you stepped in it.”

[Vigilkeeper’s voice answer’s Berengar’s surprise. The Void Knight looks down, seeing the body and staggers back in shock.]

“Who is responsible for this? There is evil at play here.”

[A second presence makes itself felt in the scene with a chuckle. David Manson enters from behind Berengar.]

“It’s incredible, isn’t it. How much blood can spill from a single body. How far the Red River flows once it is released. You have walked in the river, you are now forever linked to this poor soul.”

[Manson brandishes a large knife, which he points towards Berengar. The tip still drips with blood that falls onto Berengar’s boots.]

“Red beauty.”

[Manson inhales deeply, bringing the knife closer to his face. Berengar is enraged and slams a smiling Manson up against the concrete wall.]

“You will pay for what you have done. Your evil must be stopped. It will be your blood, not mine that will be spilled to save the lives of countless others.”

[Manson continues to smile, chuckling to himself as Berengar draws Vigilkeeper. It is only in this moment that a very faint groan is heard. The lifeless body is not dead. Berengar stops in his tracks, torn between vengeance and saving the victim. He lowers Vigilkeeper and a still chuckling Manson slips back into the shadows while Berengar kneels at the side of the victim to begin his aide.] [Cut.]


[The real-life caped crusader Redwing takes on the happiest man on Earth in Happy in a matchup of OSW’s most tactical wrestlers! Who will come out on top?] [DING! The bell rings! Happy reaches out his hand and the two engage in a pre-match handshake! They circle as Happy dips in, scooping up Redwing in a fireman’s carry and dropping him with a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! He follows it up with a quick LEGDROP! Happy stands him up, whipping him against the ropes but Redwing uses the middle rope as a springboard, leaping backwards with an elbow! NO! Happy ducks, and Redwing rolls back up but is met with a SHADOWKICK! Happy covers but Redwing shoves him up to his feet! Happy stalks and leaps with a BOOMSTICK! A SUPERMAN PUNCH! But Redwing dodges, uses Happy’s knee as a springboard, and nails an ENZUIGIRI to the back of Happy’s head!] [Happy crumples to the mat as Redwing leaps to the middle turnbuckle. He flies through the air with an ELBOW DROP! He helps up Happy by the hair and leaves him doubled-over … before bouncing off the ropes and returning with an AXE-KICK! Happy eats the mat as Redwing follows through with a CURB-STOMP! Happy makes sure all of his teeth are in place before seeing Redwing at the last second coming torpedoing in with a DIVING SHOULDERBLOCK! Redwing with a flurry of moves has Happy rolling underneath the bottom rope on to the floor!] [Redwing continues stalking Happy on the outside and the minute Happy’s back on his feet, Redwing launches off the steel steps with a diving LARIAT! But Happy catches him in, wraps his arms around Redwing’s midsection, and heaves him overhead with a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX on the concrete floor! They both get back in the ring — Happy whips Redwing in the corner but NO! Redwing reverses and Happy crashes against the turnbuckle! Redwing follows with a SPLASH but Happy drops to the ground avoiding contact! Redwing smashes the turnbuckle hard! Happy takes advantage and heaves himself forward with a BOOMSTICK! SUPERMAN PUNCH! Redwing is out as Happy covers! One… two… THREE! This one is over!] [Happy picks up the win!]


[We open on Troy Solveig.] [Behind him anyway. He’s barreling down a back hallway of The Tap Room.] [And he is not happy.]


[Following Troy’s march around the corner and as luck would have it, there he is.] [Nicholas Mammon.] [Volsungr’s movement immediately halts, not in caution or even hesitation, but rather in realization. Because while Mammon stands at the other end of the corridor, he is not alone. Between them is a specific object. One that Solveig obviously has a very keen interest in.] [His war hammer.] [The Salesman simply points at the weapon, a peaceful smile about him.]

“How DARE you steal my war hammer” [Solveig growls.] “act quickly Salesman, because death comes for us all, but much sooner for you!”

[In an instant, Volsungr lunges forward into a dead sprint and while late, Mammon mimics his action, screaming in panic as he does.]


[The two men charge at each other and at the hammer at the same time, but as Mammon moves in…] [VALKYRIE!] [Volsungr lands his powerful Superman Punch, dropping Mammon to the floor in a daze. Solveig stands over him for just a split second before reaching down to pick up the hammer and as he does, Mammon squeals.]


[Solveig pauses. Freezing almost. His war hammer held high over his head in preparation to drive it down into the skull of Mammon, bringing him to an end. Something; however, is stopping him.]

“Do you feel it Mr. Solveig?” [Mammon questions with a grin, one hand over his head in defense.] “Do you feel the power of your new and improved hammer pulsating through your veins?”

[Solveig looks wide eyed at his arm and hand and hammer within and in wander he speaks.]

“What is this magic?”

“It has been modified Mr. Solveig.” [Mammon chuckles, slowly and carefully pulling himself to his feet.] “Before you had but a war hammer. Now you have a war hammer fit for a GOD!”

[Another moment of silence occurs as Volsungr continues to stare at his new weapon in amazement, before breaking his daze. He lifts his hammer towards Mammon, pointing at him.]

“Do not cross me again Salesman, it will not be to your benefit!”

[Mammon continues to grin, lifting both hands in submission as Volsungr walks away; disappearing around the corner.]

“Enjoy your gift Mr. Solveig because you are on borrowed time” [Mammon chuckles again.] “because everything has a price.”

[Static.] [Cut.]


[Tonight the insane Dr. Mindfuck takes on the hyper sane Edward Newton.] [The bell rings and the two square off in the center of the ring, locking up. Mindfuck kicks Newton straight in the shin, and dropkicks him in the knee, sending him to the mat! Newton starts to reach his feet, and Mindfuck PUNCHES NEWTON SQUARE IN THE FACE! Newton falls to the mat and Mindfuck is on a roll! Mindfuck bounces off the ropes, but the champion takes Mindfuck and rolls him up with a small package! 1… 2… NO!! Mindfuck kicks out right in the niche of time! Mindfuck stands to his feet and he’s taken down with a snap SUPLEX!] [Mindfuck stumbles to his feet. Newton reaches out, but the insane doctor rakes his eyes! Newton grabs his face, and then rakes Mindfuck’s eyes! Mindfuck rakes Newton’s! Newton rakes Mindfuck’s! Holy shit, these two are trading eye rake after eye rake right in the center of the ring! Mindfuck kicks Newton RIGHT IN HIS NUTS!! Newton clutches his groin and Mindfuck returns to his corner and pulls out a drone with a remote control!! Newton retreats to his corner!! Mindfuck begins screaming at the remote, “WORK, DAMN YOU!! WORK!!”] [Edward Newton flashes a grin and from his own corner reveals a remote control. Mindfuck’s eyes grow wide. NEWTON HAS HIJACKED MINDFUCK’S DRONE!!! The drone is shooting BB pellets at Mindfuck, littering his body with tiny pellets!! Mindfuck is running in circles being shot!! He runs a little too close to Newton, and the Riddler quickly drops the remote control and quickly hits Mindfuck with a low blow of his own!! These two have put on a clinic in illegal maneuvers!! Newton nails Mindfuck with the Nevermind!!! He covers the fallen Mindfuck!! 1… 2… 3!!!] [Edward Newton once again avoids the taste of defeat, having his arm raised in victory!]


[An old monitor glows as Eli Forever stands, watching the aftermath of Newton verses Mindfuck. The Ascension winner seems calm and confident as he prepares for his upcoming match while his eyes seem focused on the OSW World Championship in Newton’s hands.] [Creak.] [Forever moves his gaze to the door, where a member of his congregation has noisily stepped in. The young man’s face is pale, and he is almost shaking with fear as he approaches the Heir Eternal. The young man produces a small envelope from his pocket, and we can see a green ?.]

“Mr. Newton persists in trying to play mind games with me.” [Forever muses.] “But he will not rattle me, not as I stand on the precipice of taking what matters the most to him.”

[Forever waves off the envelope, instead turning back to prepare for the upcoming trio’s match. The young man doesn’t move, taking a deep breath before speaking.]

“It’s been sealed with blood.”

[Eli takes the envelope, turning to over to see a bloody finger print where the envelope was closed. Forever opens the envelope, but quickly recoils, dropping the envelope.] [Forever holds up his hand, a small droplet of blood forming on his finger, held within the skin by a small thorn protruding from it.] [Eli shakes his head, staring at the thorn.]

“Mr. Newton desperately wishes to see me shaken. He must not see a reaction. It’s business as usual tonight. Once I’ve settled the matter in the ring, it will be time to pay the Champion a visit.”

[Newton picks the thorn out, letting it fall to the ground, as he goes about his business.] [What does all this mean?]


[This was scheduled as a tag team match, but Redmond Quinn is nowhere to be seen! Wolfgang is telling the referee to start it anyways!] [The referee obeys him and motions for the bell before Wolfgang rushes towards the other side of the ring and clobbers Gameboy with a huge spartan kick! 1488! Gameboy is blasted back into the corner before he falls to the mat clutching his back. Wolfgang isn’t finished with him as he wraps his arms around the ankle of Gameboy and begins twisting! Player One is crying out in pain as Spero is just a fingertip away! However, Wolfgang releases the hold only to pull Gameboy back to the center of the ring before stomping on his back to pin him to the mat!] [Wolfgang grabs the mask of Gameboy and begins ripping at the sides as Gameboy is just swatting his hands away. Wolfgang takes a few steps back before sizing Gameboy up for his finish! He rushes forward for the Curb Stomp! However, Gameboy rolls out of the way! He kips up to his feet and catches the chin of Wolfgang with a jawbreaker! Wolfgang is stunned as Gameboy looks over towards his partner, Spero, who is enthusiastically reaching out for the tag! Gameboy leaps towards him! BUT Wolfgang catches his leg and drags him back to the center of the ring in an ankle lock.] [The Vindicators are in trouble here as Wolfgang looks ready to snap the ankle of Gameboy at any second! Gameboy has tears coming down his face as he reaches out to Spero! Wolfgang tries to tighten the hold, but Gameboy rolls into the ropes. The referee gives Wolfgang the five count, but The Superior releases at four. Gameboy is pulled to his feet, but Player One pushes him away! LEVEL ONE! The superkick connects! Gameboy leaps to his partner and tags him! Spero climbs to the top rope and leaps! THE LAST BEACON! The corkscrew maneuver hits the mark as Wolfgang is out! Spero covers him. One…Two…THREE!] [The numbers game proved to be the downfall of Wolfgang as The Vindicators hug in celebration as they are the new #1 Contenders for the OSW Tag Team Championships!]


[The sound of Happy vomiting horrendously echoes throughout the Gentlemen Club toilet as he stains the porcelain with the contents of his stomach. Outside the door, Edgar Nevermore stands, trying to withhold his laughter.]

“So, you gave the cakes to Mr. Kersh and then what happened?”

[Happy grumbles.]

“He took a bite and then gave them to me,” [he says, throwing up again shortly after.] “And then I took a bite and now I’m sick, Mr. Nevermore.”

[Edgar chuckles quietly.]

“I see, I see. Perhaps my chef requires further training, young man. It seems you’ve been given a bad batch. I’d hate to think of how this might affect Mr. Kersh in our match tonight. I hope the poor fellow is doing better than you are.”

[Vomiting sounds.]

“I hope you don’t feel responsible in any way, Mr. Happy. This absolutely was not your fault, do you understand? I’ll fire that chef immediately.”

[Happy flushes the toilet, coming to the door.]

“Oh no, please don’t do that, Mr. Nevermore,” [he pleads.] “I don’t want anyone to get in any trouble.”

[Nevermore pats him on the shoulder.]

“Quite, quite,” [he says with a stoic nod.] “You’re a respectable young chap, Mr. Happy. To reward you for such Gentlemanly behaviour, I’d like to offer you a match at Crash and Burn. I believe I have quite the substantial expertise to offer you in the ring and you certainly deserve it.”

“Really?” [Happy’s eyes widen with joy.] “Wow, thank you so much Mr. Nevermore! This is a dream come…”

[Before he can finish that sentence, he rushes back inside the toilet.]

“Think nothing of it. Think nothing of it at all.”

[The Poet grins, chuckling to himself and walking away.] [Cut.]


[It’s a trios match as it’s Eli Forever paired up with Nicolas Mammon and David Manson to go up against Berengar, Troy Solveig, and D’Von Chambers!] [The bell sounds as it looks like Eli Forever is starting for his team against Berengar on the other side. The two lock up in the center of the ring before Berengar hits a belly-to-belly suplex! Forever slams to the mat before rolling to his feet. He staggers back into his corner where Nicolas slaps him on the shoulder to tag himself in. Eli eyes him before stepping out of the ring. Mammon wastes no time as he rushes towards Berengar with a big double axe handle to the face. Berengar staggers into the ropes before Mammon rushes him and hits a big clothesline sending him over and to the floor.] [This allows Troy Solveig to enter the ring as Mammon smirks at him. Troy rushes forward with a big boot that sends Mammon to the mat. Troy yanks Mammon back up to his feet before lifting him up and ramming him into the corner! Troy takes a step back before nailing heavy right hands in the corner. Mammon manages to dodge one of the punches by skimming to the right side of it. He reaches out to his corner and tags out! In come David Manson with a devilish grin. He rushes at Troy as they begin trading blows back and forth in a flurry!] [Manson manages to dodge a big right hand of Troy before delivering an uppercut followed by a kick to the gut. David Manson hits a suplex before nailing an elbow strike to the side of the head of Troy. In comes D’Von Chambers who clobbers Manson with a big kick to the head. Everyone else floods into the ring! Forever comes in and begins throwing hands to stop Chambers who simply headbutts him to the floor. Manson and Mammon manage to kick Chambers to a knee before hitting dual kicks to the side of the head for Chambers to slump down. Berengar rushes in to help, but Mammon catches him with a big knee strike! KNEED-FUL THINGS! Manson grabs Troy up as Mammon hits another knee strike to him as well! KNEED-FUL THINGS! Manson covers! One…Two…THREE!] [Eli Forever gets back to his feet as he celebrates his victory alongside David Manson and Nicolas Mammon!]


[A single light hangs low in a room as the edges of the walls are shrouded in darkness.] [The only face visible in the low-light is that of Nate Washington who is leaned over a desk looking over some papers with a pen in hand and a cigarette between two fingers of the other. A rap is heard on the door as the eyes of Nate don’t even flinch from his papers. He points at the door with his pen as someone steps out of the shadows and opens the door inward. Standing in the doorway are two individuals with familiar outlines.] [The pair step into the room as a stifled chuckle is heard from one.]

“Oh, Nate, I must say that your work-“

[A hand rises as if to silence him. The voice of a certain doctor stopping for a second before growing irritably louder.]

“Who do YOU th-“

“I believe it was you who called for this ‘assembly’ with Ol’ Nate, ain’t that right?” [says Nate Washington who still hasn’t looked up from his papers after cutting off Dr. Mindfuck once again.]

“Yeah, we did. Now what we wanted to talk about was-“

“The tights and underwear problem?” [says Nate, cutting off Mysterion this time.] [The two who entered the room look at one another.]

“How did you-“

“You think you’re the only one having problems with that shit? I’ve had three supply shipments intercepted by them and given over to the pigs. Plus, everyone’s been seeing those costumed clowns running all over your asses.”

[Despite this entire spiel, Washington has yet to look up from his papers as he crosses out a line and circles another. The tension on the other side of the table is growing as finally Mysterion reaches across the table and knocks the papers into the floor before grabbing Nate by his tie and yanking him close.]

“You look at me when you talk to me.”

[The sounds of guns being drawn and cocked echoes in the small room where they sit in The Taproom. Nate Washington meets the eyes of Mysterion and smirks before waving down his men. Mysterion releases him as he straightens his tie and collar.]

“I apologize! Allow me to start again. I’m Nate Washington.”

[Nate extends a hand and shakes with Dr. Mindfuck]

“I’m Doctor MINDFUCK! At your service!”

[Nate extends a hand to Mysterion before shaking his. He doesn’t release the hold as he yanks Mysterion forward towards the desk as he leans forward.]

“You ever put your damn hands on me again, boy, and I’ll make sure you’re the first costumed moron I send swimming with the fishes.”

[A moment passes as Nate releases him and they all sit back. Dr. Mindfuck looks between the two of them before twirling his thumbs.]

“Are… are we done? Can we talk about the fucking REAL ISSUES NOW?!”

[Nate Washington smirks, seemingly enjoying the awkwardness.]

“Yeah, let’s get down to business.”


[In a dark room with a single light, Edward Newton stands with his Championship shining brightly.]

“The letter was delivered. Yet Eli Forever has not come.”

[He looks down with a grin, seemingly addressing a person.]

“Perhaps your faith is misplaced?”

[Newton steps aside, and we see a person with a bag over their head tied to a chair. They are wearing the same clothes that most of Forever’s congregation often wear. The Riddler’s head jerks to the side and the grin grows larger.]

“Perhaps not.”

[Edwards slips into the darkness, disappearing from the screen, as Eli Forever strides into the room. His eyes show a vulnerability that his body never will as he runs to the side of the tied down person.]

“Rose!” [Forever calls as he begins loosening the ropes.] [As Eli throws the bag to the side, his eyes now fill with anger.] [It’s the same young man that handed him the letter just a short time ago, and he looks like he’s been through hell in the time since.]

“Were you expecting someone else?”

[Edward Newton steps into the scene, his eyes sizing up Forever.] [CRACK!] [Forever’s fist connects with the Champion’s face as Eli grabs him around the neck, pushing him to the ground.]

“Where is she?”

[The Riddle gestures to his neck, and Forever releases his grip enough for Newton to speak.]


[CRACK!] [His nose now trickling blood, Newton nevertheless grins.]

“Are you looking for your sister, Rose?”

[Eli pulls Newton up, his voice a cold and sinister monotone.]

“Where is she?”

[Newton pulls away from Forever, noting the blood on his lip while straightening out his suit.]

“She’s been plucked, Mr. Forever. As I said last week, I only wish to learn more about you. You’ll find that I always accomplish my goals. I told you that you would soon seek me out, and here you are. Your sister is safe, assuming she cooperates, but my only use for her is to find out who you were, who you are, and who you hope to be. Once I’m done with her, I’ll gladly release her back to your care. But she’ll imprisoned as long as my goal remains unfinished. So I recommend you step aside, return to your fortress, and await my call.”

[Forever has seemingly recovered his calm demeanor as he studies the Riddler.]

“You have no idea who you have crossed, Newton.”

[Newton grins as he steps past Forever to the door.]

“You are correct there. But I will soon know who you are, Eli. Then the real war begins.”

[As Edward walks off, Forever watches him coldly.] [This has gotten personal.]


[The Gentleman Poet recently declared his intention for singles gold and he may well have the Enforcer’s title in his sights. Can the Pillar of the Old Guard continue his momentum or will a simple comma be the beginning of his end? Brent Kersh looks awfully groggy in this one, his face pale after being so sick earlier.] [The bell sounds as Nevermore reaches out for a handshake that Kersh takes before quickly spinning the arm behind Nevermore’s back in a hammerlock. Nevermore spins out, trying to lock in a Cobra Clutch but Kersh manages to spin out himself, gripping Nevermore from behind before tossing him across the ring with a German Suplex. Nevermore manages to land on his feet as he rushes forward into a massive right hand from the Enforcer. Nevermore staggers back before he’s spun through the air from the force of a huge Kersh Lariat!] [Nevermore staggers up to his feet into a flurry of lefts and rights before a huge knee to the jaw nearly knocks him out cold. The Enforcer whips him towards the ropes but a Spinebuster attempt is slipped out as Nevermore lifts Kersh off his feet with a lightning fast Dragon Suplex! Kersh rolls to his feet right into a stiff European Uppercut before he finds himself spun around, POETIC JUSTICE! Kersh crashes to the mat as Nevermore drops down for the cover] [ONE…TWO…THR…Kersh just gets the shoulder up! Nevermore pulls him up to his feet, hammerlocking his arm behind his back a, OXFORD…Kersh slips out, ENFORCER SPINEBUSTER! Nevermore barely hits the mat as Kersh fires up, pulling him up to his feet as he drills Nevermore with a series of hard forearms before lifting him up onto his shoulders, SOUTHERN….Nevermore slips out, drilling a turning Kersh with a stiff elbow to the temple, shaking the dazed Kersh’s hand, POETRY IN MOTION! It hits flush as Nevermore drops down for the cover, ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [The Poet does it, lifting up Kersh’s Rewind Championship before a moment before placing it down on the unconcious Enforcer and walking to the back]


[Somehow still standing after being poisoned, Brent Kersh staggers out of the ring. He is bent over, trying to get some control over his body, when we hear the sound of dogs barking.]

“Look at ya, Enforcer!”

[The voice of Jon Davenport echoes over the speakers as he appears on the video screen. He’s standing outside somewhere, the moon high in the sky.]

“Even yer body is rejecting the filth you bring on this nation. Raised one queer daughter. Now you’ve got your little son running around, he’ll probably be a kiddie diddler when he grows up. Then your wife is raising a bastard child of a man who made you his bitch multiple times.”

[Davenport chuckles, the dogs barking occupied with something offscreen.]

“But the worst dribble a’yer sperm was that piece of shit Trevor.”

[The scene widens, and Davenport is standing in front of the tombstone of Trevor Kersh. Even through the sickness, Brent Kersh seems to be ready to blow a gasket.]

“You pretend to be the everyman that all these fine American people can worship, but like I been saying, you ain’t nothing but a traitor. Your kind betrayed their race, their gender, and this little shit here was betrayed by his daddy.”

[One of Davenport’s dogs run up, something in his mouth. Jon grabs it, and throws it away, a game of fetch occurring.]

“See, maybe Trevor thought he could be a real man. While his daddy was playing dead, Trevor thought he could handle business. But you didn’t teach him nothing. Running around on the road, all you could raise were queers, whores, and worse of all… failures. Just like you, ain’t it Brent?”

[Through his revolting body, Kersh tries to roar at the screen. Davenport only laughs.]

“Don’t worry Brent, I’m getting you in my sights real good. I ain’t gonna miss, and I ain’t gonna pussy out like you. Cause I’m a real man, a real American, and the real hero that the silent majority roots for. When I’m done, you’re gonna be just like your son.”

[The dog returns the object, and we see that it’s a bone.] [A human bone.] [The other dogs can now be seen, playing in a pile of bones.] [Trevor’s bones.]

“How’d you think they knew you so well, Brent? I got the smell of Kersh in ’em.”

[Kersh stands to his feet, the sickness seemingly being controlled through sheer will. His entire body is as red as a tomato from the agony, both physical and mental. Davenport grins.]

“Next week, Brent, I’m coming to finish this. You better heal up, boy, cause the silent majority ain’t so silent anymore. Brent Kersh betrayed them, now he pays the same price his boy did.”

[The video fades to black, and Kersh slowly makes his way backstage, each step filled with silent purpose and rage.]


[The Double Feature Championship hangs high above the ring as the champion as his challenger are set to do battle to obtain it!] [The bell sounds as Shadow and Wild Karrde both look up at the title hanging above them. Shadow sees Karrde looking up before striking out with a big superkick!] [ANGEL BEAT!] [Wild Karrde was buffeted by that strike as he’s blasted out of the ring as he slumps to the floor. The opportunistic Shadow slides out of the ring and grabs the first ladder in this match. He slides the weapon into the ring, but he turns to see Wild Karrde right there with a steel chair!] [CLANG!] [The steel chair weapon shot misses as it clobbers into the steel post. The evasive Shadow ducked the shot and then slides into the ring. Wild Karrde is fast on his trail as he slides in as well. Shadow stomps on the steel chair to prevent Karrde from picking it up! A kick from Shadow catches Wild Karrde right underneath the chin as he’s blasted backwards! Shadow kicks the chair away from Karrde before setting up the ladder in the center of the ring. He begins to climb!] [CLACK!] [This time the chair finds its mark! Shadow’s back arches in pain before a second shot cracks across his back before he falls to the mat. Wild Karrde lifts up Shadow before throwing him over the top rope. Shadow catches himself on the apron before a kick hits the gut of Shadow. Wild Karrde pulls Shadow through the ropes before draping his legs along the second rope with an arm hooked around his back.] [STRAIGHT SHOT!] [Wild Karrde has driven the head of Shadow into the mat as he stops for a second to look up at the title hanging above the ring. He quickly scales the rung of the ladder and is nearly within grasp of the title hanging above him!] [However, Shadow pushes the ladder over! Wild Karrde slams down throat-first across the top rope! He’s shot backwards clutching at his throat. Shadow takes a few moments to catch his breath before sliding out of the ring. Shadow grabs another ladder and slides it into the ring. The Fallen Angel sets the first ladder up in the center of the ring. He goes over and kicks Karrde once for good measure before wedging the second ladder between the top two turnbuckles and two rungs of the first ladder.] [Shadow begins climbing up the side opposite the wedged ladder before getting to the top of the ladder. He begins reaching upwards for the title, but Wild Karrde catches him with an axe handle to the back of the leg! Wild Karrde grabs the leg of Shadow and yanks him to the mat. Karrde hooks the leg of Shadow before hitting the fisherman suplex!] [Wild Karrde looks across the ring and grabs the steel chair from earlier. He looks down at Shadow before cracking the chair across his knee! Shadow howls in pain! Karrde raises the chair again and cracks him once more! Shadow is reeling from the shots!] [Karrde finally releases the steel chair just so he can begin his climb. He’s nearly to the top when Shadow staggers to his feet. He’s damn near on one leg after the horrendous damage inflicted by Karrde!] [CRACK!] [The steel chair finds its way across the back of Wild Karrde who continues to reach up! ANOTHER shot! Karrde loosens his grip on the ladder! A THIRD shot to the back as Karrde slumps backwards to the mat. Shadow staggers backwards, completely out of breath.] [Shadow drops the weapon as he begins to climb to the ladder. However, his bum leg is really slowing down his process. He hobbles his way up a few more rungs before Karrde staggers to his feet. He staggers towards his corner and reaches down to grab something. Shadow is nearly to the top of the ladder as he’s reaching up for the Double Feature Championship!] [But Karrde climbs up the other side! He’s already to the top rung with something in his hand.] [CHAIR SHOT TO THE HEAD!] [The last time that Wild Karrde was in a ladder match, he won it. This time, he’s using a chair to batter the skull of Shadow. He cracks it across Shadow’s head, but he loses it in the process as it falls to the mat.] [Wild Karrde grabs Shadow by the hair and SLAMS his head down into the top of the steel ladder! Shadow is spent on top of the ladder as Wild Karrde looks ready to finish this thing! Shadow nails a big uppercut as they’re both groggy.] [Shadow nails a big high kick to which Karrde is staggering! An uppercut catches Karrde as he FALLS!] [WILD KARRDE HITS THE LADDER THAT IS WEDGED! SHADOW HITS A LEAPING MOONSTOMP!] [AVENGED!] [Both men are down, but slowly Shadow begins the long climb! He reaches up and… GRABS THE CHAMPIONSHIP!] [We have a new champion in Shadow here tonight as he comes to a sitting place atop the ladder with the gold in his clutches!]


[We arrive in the backstage area, following Nightstick as he prepares to exit the building. Everyone gives him a wide birth as he exits into the Parking Lot.] [He heads towards his car, only stops half way.] [His car isn’t quite how he left it. The windows are smashed, the wing mirrors have been beaten off and the lights have been broken. On the hood, in spray paint, the words ‘PIG’ in big blue writing. Nightstick throws his bag down and walks over to investigate.] [And then a voice interrupts his disgust.]

“You don’t belong here,” [says Luther Creed, stepping out of the darkness, lurking in the shadows.] “It’s time you leave.”

[Nightstick reaches down to his weapon and pulls it, pointing it at Creed.]

“You’re going to shoot me, Offer?” [Creed asks, unafraid.] “Just another nigger shot dead in the dark by another cop breaking the law? Do it.”

[Suddenly, Nightstick is surrounded by multiple men and woman, all holding cell phones and cameras. They’re watching him intently as he wisely lowers his gun.]

“You startled me son,” [he says back.] “That’s all.”

[Creed steps forward, surveying the damage himself.]

“Is that right?” [He asks.] “You know Officer, it appears apparent to me that you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. Look at this, eh? It looks like a warning you can’t simply ignore. You don’t belong here.”

[Nightstick steps forward.]

“I see what you’re doing, kid; but this strategic war you’re planning isn’t going to end in the bloodshed you hope it will.”

[He walks away, grabbing his bag and putting on his glasses.]

“Be safe out there, you got it? These streets are a dangerous place and a man with your demeanour might just run afoul of the law.”

[Creed grins.]

“Is that a threat?” [He yells.] [The Cop ignores him, walking away.] [Cut.]