[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [In the middle of no-where, in the pitch black, a fire damage cabin sits in the middle of the woods. It isn’t much to look at, but what lives within it holds answers to questions that must be answered. We approach carefully and up the creaky steps to the front door.] [It’s pushed open, to reveal The Lone Star stood inside, inspecting the trophies pinned to the walls, damaged as they may be.]

“Come out come out wherever you are,” [The fearless Lone Star calls.] “I know you’re here, Scarecrow. Do you know what else I know? I know this cabin didn’t always belong to you, did it?”

[He paces, stepping across the cobweb laden creaky floorboards.]

“You stole it from the Kersh family, didn’t you?”

[Suddenly, in the darkness appears The Scarecrow. He thrusts forward, grabbing The Lone Star by the throat and pinning him to the wall.]

“You’re beginning to irritate me, little birdie!” [he barks at him.] “Why are you so fearless, huh? Why aren’t you afraid of me?”

[The Lone Star scoffs.] “Why would I be?” [He asks.] “I’m not weakened by your presence, Scarecrow. I know what you’re capable of. I know what you’ve done, but you won’t be able to do that to me; I’m not a Kersh.”

“You foolish boy. Do you think my power is limited to the Kersh family?” [He tilts his head.] “It was always but a choice to destroy them. Every single generation, I have been inexplicably linked to their lineage, but that has never harnessed my power, little birdie. It doesn’t live or die with them.”


“You’re trying to hunt me down, trying to save their family and his legacy, but all you’re going to do is end up in the same place as Brent Kersh,” [The Scarecrow reminds him.] “The ground.”

[He lets him go.]

“This will be the second time I have shown you mercy, little birdie. There will not be a third. Come for me again and I will destroy you.”

[The Lone Star walks towards the door, then turns and stops, looking back at Crow.]

“Why have you spared me?”

[The Scarecrow looks at him with his head tilted.]

“I have no desire to enhance the legacy of a man I killed by laying you right beside him.”



[Jack Jeckel and Marvolo, jr. go head-to-chest in fight that’s no joke! Will Junior keep the nightlight on after facing the Boogieman? Or will the Real Number One have Jeckel’s number here tonight?] [The match starts with Junior shooting for the Boogieman’s hips. Jack blocks it, backing his opponent into the corner… OOOH! A nasty Back Elbow Smash drops the Real Number One! Jack now yanks him back up, laying into him with wicked Knife Edge Chops! A little blood trickles from Junior’s mask as he’s whipped across the hypotenuse of ring. Junior tries to catch Jack coming with a kick; Jeckel blocks it and DRILLS Junior him a Spinebuster! He covers! One… Two…. NO! Marvolo, jr. kicks out but the Boogieman is rolling! He chuckles sadistically…] [Jack not hulks Junior back up– GERMAN SUPLEX! The Real Number One gets folded in half! Ricardo watches concerned, as Jack lifts his friend back up…. ANOTHER GERMAN! The Boogieman is having his way with Junior! He covers! One… Two…. NO! How did Marvolo, jr. kick out? The fans try to will the little Luchador on as Jack steps back….. He calls for the end, aiming to stomp the never-say-die dwarf into dust! He readies himself…….. JACK IN A– NO! Junior dodges; desperation Hurricanerana! The Real Number One tries firing back with Shin Kicks but Jack catches his leg– NO! ENZIGURI! Jack’s staggered….] [No, wait! THE HATCHET?!? NO! Junior slings around him, planting him with a Yoshi Tonic! He’s got him! One… Two… NO! Jack kicks out, missing a Clothesline. The little Luchador tries springboarding back with a Flying Crossbody but he’s caught! Jeckel looks for a Sideslam; Junior counters into an Arm Drag sending him packing…… FLYING WITH AIRV– NO! Jack catches him, POWERBOMBING him into the apron! He muscles Junior back into the ring, covering! One…. Two…… NO! I don’t believe it! But Jack’s still got Junior in his crosshairs….. Ricardo covers his eyes……… JACK IN A BOX! HE GOT HIM! Jeckel covers! One… Two… THREE!] [After the match, Jack rises with a confident chuckle. Ricardo helps Junior to the floor… What an impressive victory for the Boogieman!]


[The backstage area of The Tap Room is shown as The Knights are walking towards the ring holding their Old School Wrestling Tag Team Championships around their waist.] [Their entrance is stopped as Kaito steps out in front of their way.]

“I didn’t need your help last week.” [says Kaito through nearly broken English. Bruce Van Chan groans and puts his hands on his waist as Neville Sheldon just smiles.]

“I apologize if we hurt your pride last week, but there was no way that The Knights were going to sit idly by and allow that sort of bullying to go down. We’ve sat idly by for far too long and you see what happened to The Dead as a result. I, myself, would feel personally responsible were the same brainwashing to have occurred to you.”

[Kaito grits his teeth as he looks at both of them. Finally, he sighs.]

“Thank you. Know that tonight, I will not go easy on you. Even if it means a tag team championship with that fool. I will not be denied my quest for success.” [Kaito says once more brokenly.] [Bruce Van Chan steps up and slaps Kaito on the shoulder and nods.]

“We wouldn’t want it any other way.”

[“Words of the Youth” by Coldrain begins playing as Kaito’s head turns sideways to hear it.]

“Sounds like your music. Better get out there. Good luck.”

[Bruce gives his arm another pat before Kaito turns around and begins walking towards the entrance.] [However, down the hall, three mysterious figures watch with the center wearing a cryptic smile upon his face. He shoots a small fireball as the flame lights up their darkened faces to reveal The Circus momentarily before fading to black.]


[The Old School Wrestling Tag Team Championships are on the line as it’s Big Shot and Kaito teaming up for the first time against The Knights consisting of Bruce Van Chan and Neville Sheldon!] [The bell sounds as it appears that Neville Sheldon is going to be starting for his side. Kaito looks like he’s going to start this thing off, but SLAP! Big Shot tags himself in by slapping the back of Kaito. Kaito looks disgruntled as the referee is ushering him out of the ring. Kaito smirks before turning back to Sheldon. Clothesline takes Shot right off his feet before Sheldon pulls him back up and whips him into the ropes before lifting him up on his shoulder for N.E.R- NO! Big Shot slides off his shoulders and leaps towards Kaito and tags out by slapping his hand.] [Kaito just shakes his head as he leaps over the top rope. Last week, it was The Knights who helped save Kaito, but with gold on the line, it’s a totally different situation. They go to lock up, but Kaito ducks underneath and hits a quick German suplex. He bounces off the ropes just as Sheldon gets to his feet for a slingblade! Kaito gets back to his feet as Sheldon staggers to his as he tags in Bruce. Van Chan enters the ring with a smile on his face. He seems at home inside of the ring. They tie up, but Bruce gets the better with a quick machine-gun chop to the chest. He whips Kaito into a neutral corner and charges for a huge Stinger Splash!] [Bruce Van Chan hits a big time move as he climbs up to the top rope. He begins the motions for Shot Through The Heart, but The Big Shot comes running down the apron and pushes him right off the top of the turnbuckle to the floor below! The referee begins his count as Kaito is back to his feet. Bruce slowly gets to his. “EIGHT!” cries the referee before Bruce Van Chan is able to slide himself into the ring. The Circus slide into the ringside area as Fluffy climbs onto the apron and begins distracting the referee. Alistair Huxley slides into the ring and… begins trying to shoot a fireball! Painkiller yanks Neville Sheldon off the apron as his glasses slam against the apron on the way down! Kaito sees this and nails a KTFO! Huxley is nailed as he rolls out of the ring as Kaito saves Bruce Van Chan. Bruce nods but GOODNIGHT! The cutter move is hit as Bruce charges and knocks Big Shot off the apron before rolling up Kaito! One…Two…THREE!] [The referee turned around just in time to see the pinning attempt and The Knights successfully defend their titles here tonight. Bruce jumps to ringside to help out his buddy Neville Sheldon.]


[The final bell has been rung but the fight is long from over.] [The Real Frickin’ Deal helps his partner Neville Sheldon to his feet as The Knights roll into the ring. Despite the sides of the match, Kaito sides alongside The Knights but The Big Shot rolls out of the ring. Kaito spots this and leaps out of the ring to give chase up the aisle. They disappear backstage before the action turns back towards the ring.] [It’s The Circus, Nightmare Anatomy, standing with the large Fluffy behind them as The Knights stand opposed. Tension is high as this stand-off ensues. Fluffy hands Alistair Huxley a microphone to which brings a smile to the face of Mr. Freakshow.]

“Greetings, Knights. You may be asking yourselves, why Kaito? Why would Mr. Freakshow target him? Well the matter is simple really, he is gifted in the way of the blade.”

[The Knights look at each other in confusion but continue to listen.]

“But right at his inauguration, the two of you slide into the picture. A pair of nobodies, a pair of vanillas, a pair of… ordinary individuals. The most disgusting vermin on this planet. What, might I ask, is special about Neville Sheldon and Bruce Van Chan?”

[Bruce Van Chan extends his hand for the microphone to which Alistair smiles and hands it over.]

“You want to know what makes us special, Ali? Our special ability is the ability to take anything dished out upon us and turn it into strength. We roll with the punches and deliver a hard hits of our own.”

[Neville takes the microphone.]

“Have you ever had your family targeted? Have you ever had to defend those whom you love more than anything else? It makes you men. It makes you warriors. It makes you… Knights in solemn servitude of anyone being oppressed by these bully tactics. Tonight, The Knights will draw arms to ensure that your oppressive rule is silenced. Once and for all!”

[With that, he drops the microphone as the fight is on! They push Painkiller and Alistair Huxley into Fluffy, knocking him down momentarily before laying in shots on their respective targets. Neville is pounding away on Painkiller as Huxley is taking tons of kicks in the corner from Van Chan!] [CRACK!] [A steel chair is laid out across the back of Neville Sheldon as he falls to the mat. Another wicked shot to the back of Van Chan’s head lays him out. The holder smiles as he brings Huxley to his feet. Alistair Huxley touches his mastodon on the shoulder lightly in thanks before walking over and taking a seat next to Bruce Van Chan. Painkiller staggers to his feet with fury in his eyes.]

“My, my. You two seem to surprise me every time we meet. However, at REC, it’ll be the last time we ever see The Knights because you’ll be doing war with My Circus in a Tap Room Brawl.”

[Painkiller grabs Neville Sheldon by the hair and slams him down again. He leans down and his voice is almost like a whisper.]

“Here comes the Painkiller.”


[Lone Star enters the ring to an already waiting Red Emperor. The Emperor stands smugly in his corner as the bell rings.] [The Lone Star makes quick work to knock the smug look from the TRE’s face and sprints at him, diving with a flying elbow! The Emperor drops to a knee and Star quickly goes to work with kicks to the midsection! TRE is downed in the corner. Lone Star backs up, and sprints back at TRE looking for a RUNNING BOOT! But Emperor rolls out of the way! Star racks himself on the second rope! TRE grabs LoneStar from behind… GERMAN SUPLEX! TRE rushes over and pulls Star up… GOODBYE, FRIEND! One… Two… Thre….No! Kickout! TRE can’t believe it!] [He yanks LoneStar up by his mask and lifts him for an EMPEROR’S STRI….No! LoneStar slips out and lands on his feet! Kick to TRE’s gut! DDT! One… Two… Th….KIckout! LoneStar is quick to the offensive and yanks TRE up just to Snapmare him back to the mat. He climbs to the top rope and DIVING SPLASH!! One… Two… Thre… NO! Kickout! LoneStar can’t believe it and stomps TRE into the mat. The Emperor grabs the ropes… The ref pulls LoneStar away, but then goes right back, pulls TRE up and whips him to the ropes. Emperor returns and… REVELATION!! The Slingblade levels LoneStar!] [The Emperor heads up top…. SENTON BOMB….but LoneStar rolled out of the way!! TRE lands hard on the mat and both men are down! The referee starts counting 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… LoneStar climbs up using the ropes… 7… 8… TRE gains his feet and Lone Star runs at him… but EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! ANOTHER! LoneStar is driven back, but then grabs TRE by the head…. IN THE STARS!! One… Two… THR…no! He yanks TRE up and throws him to the ropes… TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER!!! LoneStar is quick to pull TRE up and lifts him… STAR STRU…NO! Reversed with a back body drop! Star immediately to his feet… kick to the gut! THE EMPEROR’S STRIKE! One… Two… THREE!!!] [The Red Emperor climbs to his feet, just escaping the match with a victory. He slips out of the ring, hand held high, as Lone Star stirs in the ring.]


[The sound of heavy breathing. Lazarus is found chained to a chair in a non-descript room. He looks… Healthy. Not a mark on his body. A rustling from across the room gives away the presence of a second figure, the one that had dragged Lazarus away last week. The Phoenix utters but one muffled word; his mouth gagged/.]


[The reply comes promptly in a voice that is familiar.]

“You have something I need.”

[The figure steps into the shot. Jack Jeckel. He holds Lazarus’s VHS title, tossing it back to the champion. He rips the mouth gag off and crouches next to him.]

“If you want to get your hands on the title, there are easier ways of going about it.”

[Jack closes in on Lazarus.]

“You think this is about your VHS Championship? As nice as that would be in my possession, that title is merely a by-product. Oh, this goes so much deeper than that.

You have something I need.”

[Lazarus narrows his eyes, no fear within them.]

“What could I possibly possess that would be worth all of this?”

[The Boogeyman stands and turns away from Lazarus. He paces about the small room, reciting words as he does so.]

“Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.”

[Suddenly, Lazarus understands. You can see it in his eyes.]

“You don’t mean…”

[Jeckel’s recital continues.]

“They took away the stone. Jesus looked upward and he shouted in a loud voice, ‘Lazarus, come out!’ The one who had died came out.”

[Turns back toward Lazarus]

“He had the power to raise the dead. A Phoenix, risen…”

[He then closes in on Lazarus once more, face to face.]

“Just as he did with you. Raised from the dead.

You possess the power that I need.”

[Lazarus remains unafraid, defiant.]

“I don’t know what you expect. You speak of things that I myself don’t fully understand. I couldn’t help you, even if I wanted – ”

[Jeckel kicks out, knocking Lazarus’s chair over and him with it. The chains rattle as he falls. The Boogeyman snarls from above.]

“Liar! Thou shalt not give false testimony. HOW DO I GET JAKE BACK?!”

[Nothing. Silence. He slips the chain off Lazarus’s ankles, giving him a little freedom, then attempts the question again]


“I… Don’t… Know.” [Lazarus shakes his head.] “Holding me here won’t help that. He’s gone; accept that.

You got what you wanted, his spotlight shining on you. Now you need to face the consequences.”

[The Boogeyman picks Lazarus up by the throat, chair and all until they are face to face.]

“I did NOT kill my brother…”

[There is still no fear in Lazarus’s eyes.]

“Why would God help you raise the Juggalo? What possible service would that yield? I was raised to serve the will of God. That alone is why I walk this Earth to this day.

What you are asking is impossible. Let me go, holding me here is pointless.”

[A long silence. The Boogeyman lowers Lazarus, slipping the remaining chain from him. Holding his head as if to quell voices within it, he grimaces. Turns back to Lazarus before releasing him.]

“For now. But I will be watching you and you will help me, even if I have to destroy you in the process.

Sleep lightly. We’re not finished here.”


[It’s the Mother of all nightmares vs. the Head Hunter of the household. Will The Hangman leave her breathless? Or will Mother teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget?] [After both creepy combatants make their signature entrances, Mother stands in the ring, shielding her children. The Hangman eyes them… raising his noose with a sadistic chuckle. Mother snarls, ordering her brood to leave before diving into the Head Hunter with her claws extended! She scraps and kicks at the towering terror before getting LEVELD with a Lariat! The children watch nervously as The Hangman drags Mother by her hair. He drapes her neck over the bottom rope, digging his heel into the back of her head! The referee’s force to pry him off… He steps back; Mother’s hacking violently– BIG BOOT! NO, WAIT!] [On impact, Mother’s head whips to the canvas as her body contorts into a Crab Walk! She skitters around the mat, kicking at the Manslayer before arching up into a Headbutt! Oh, but it has zero effect! THE HANGMAN WITH A GOOZLE! He squeezes the macabre matriarch down to a knee, choking her violently before raising her HIGH into the air……… NO! Mother slips free, frantically trying to cinch in Mother’s Embrace! She fights to lock it in; The Hangman backs her into the corner– OOOHH! He squashes her! Mother hangs limp against the ropes….. The Manslayer charges….. SHE DUCKS! The Hangman’s all tied up!] [Mother quickly kicks at his shins. She RAKES his eyes, once again trying to subdue him with Mother’s Embrace! The children cheer; she’s trying to force him to the mat… NO! The Head Hunter shrugs her off. She comes barreling right back into another Goozle……… CHOKESLAM! CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!! Mother’s left huddled in the fetal position! He covers! One… Two…. NO! How did she kick out? The crowd’s stunned; the children are terrified. The Hangman calls for the end, effortlessly pulling her up. He’s holds her in position….. THE HUNTER’S KILL! He braces her against the canvas! One… Two…. THREE!] [The bell rings and The Hangman stands. Mother’s children look on, speechless… The Manslayer turns to them and they quickly scatter.]


[The Big Shot angrily finds himself walking around the backstage, kicking in doors and shoving personnel out of the way as he storms through the rooms.]

“Where’s that punk wannabe ninja!? Where is he!? Those glasses he broke last week were designer!”

[Upon smashing in yet another door he finds himself face to face with a room of darkness. He flicks the lights to no avail, turning around to rage more when he gets caught by a kick to the chest! Big Shot is sent stumbling backwards into the darkness, the lights coming on to reveal an empty room, Kaito standing in the doorway, staring down his tag team partner from earlier tonight.]

“Glasses? After the constant need to one up, and the leaving me in the ring alone to deal with that circus, you only care about your glasses? You are a truly conceited man.”

[Big Shot is quick to his feet, getting right in Kaito’s face and barking insults at him.]

“Listen here you scrawny twat, I’m not takin’ lip from some whiny punk about honor or any of that bullshit. What you need to honor is my broken property!”

[You can practically see the spit flying out of Big Shot’s mouth as he yells at Kaito, ending his rant and giving Kaito just enough time to respond.]

“Fine. You have been a thorn in my side, so I’ll give you your money. But first, you have to beat me in a match. If you win, I pay. If I win, you admit you aren’t as big a man as you say you are.”

[Big Shot cocks his head, still sneering as Kaito and looking to yell more.]

“I’m not taking any deal from-” [SLAM! Kaito shuts the door right in Big Shot’s face! Big Shot is too dumbfounded to respond, the scene fading out as he hears Kaito walk away from the situation.]


[One week after losing his Rewind Championship, Painkiller looks to regroup but he faces off against the monsterous Scarecrow. Can Painkiller rebound from his title loss or will he be just another soul for the Hayman to take?] [The bell sounds as both men square off, the Scarecrow rushing forward with surprising speed as he lays into Painkiller with hard rights and lefts, nearly breaking bones with the force of his blows as he throws Painkiller off the ropes who bounces off right into a massive clothesline that nearly takes his head off. Painkiller stumbles to his feet, shaking his jaw as he walks right into the clutches of Scarecrow who lifts him up, spinning him in the air before slamming him down hard to the canvas with a Body Slam] [Painkiller slowly gets pulled to his feet by Scarecrow who throws him to the ropes, ducking down just a little too soon thou as Painkiller stops himself mid-run, kicking the Haymaker in the face before spinning him to the mat with a neckbreaker. Scarecrow is quickly to his feet as he walks into a massive elbow which staggers him right into the corner. Painkiller rushes forward, landing a European Uppercut, following up with a knife edge chop with his left arm, before dealing a pair of them with his right arm, waiting for Scarecrow to stagger back out] [The Hayman does as Painkiller rushes to the ropes, bouncing off his head lowered right into a massive Big Boot that nearly knocks Painkiller out cold. He’s somehow still on his feet as Scarecrow lifts him up high into the air in an Overhead Press before spinning him around onto his shoulder and driving him to the mat with a ring-shaking Powerslam. Scarecrow calls for the end, lifting Painkiller up off the mat, grabbing him by the throat but Painkiller wiggles out, grabbing Scarecrow by the shoulder, spinning him around right into THE FINAL BREATH! Painkiller nails it as he lands right on Scarecrow who falls to the mat. The referee begins his count, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Painkiller rises to his feet, Alistair Huxley applauding his victory as he leaves the ring following his Ringmaster]


[We open somewhere along the outer perimeter of the Tap Room. The sounds of Miami city life combine with the repetitive grunt of someone, something in the near distance.] [While shadows cling to the immediate area which is only partially illuminated by available lighting in true “bar” fashion, the grunting sounds are joined by the thud of collision. Over and over again we hear it as the view pans ultimately coming rest on our subject.] [The Red Emperor.] [In the shadows exists our liege as he continuously thrusts, slams, and slices what appears to be a sword into the surface of a tall, concrete based, wooden post which displays what looks to be years of sparring scars at the hands of The Emperor.] [At his lonesome, TRE continues the practice assault on the post; however, our gut tightens when in the foreground steps a new focus.] [Viktor North.] [The Red Emperor continues his actions, unaware of his new found foes presence. It isn’t until he takes a full swing at the post that his body turns enough to notice North who simply gives off a gritty grin.]

“To what do I owe this unfortunate pleasure” [TRE quips in confidence sarcasm.] “Barbarian.”

[North sneers at the attempted insult.]

“Berserker, my liege.” [Viktor responds as he reveals a sword of his own from behind his back.] “I am a berserker.”

[With both swords drawn, The Red Emperor moves to a ready stance. We notice that The Emperor’s sword appears newer, cleaner while that of North looks jagged and chipped; weathered by what can be assumed to be years of use.]

“Calm yourself, fool.” [North lifts his sword into the air.] “I did not come to sharpen blades with you.”

[TRE does not seem too convinced.]

“Then why did you come?”

“I proved the superiority of my technical tools last week.” [North says with a smile.] “Now I prove the superiority of my physical tools.”

“No chance.” [TRE responds, his guard dropping a bit.] “No sword compares to the Spatha!”

[In an instant, North flips his sword in his hand, grabbing it by the blade and extending it towards TRE.]

“I promise you that my long sword would not bow to that pathetic twig that your Spatha wastes its time trimming.”

[A look of frustration covers the face of The Red Emperor as he almost reluctantly takes the blade, sheathing his own sword behind him. As he observes the weapon, North appears to enjoy the sight.]

“What do you think” [North chuckles.] “my liege.”

[Suddenly, TRE grabs the weapon with both hands and forcefully brings it down over his knee, breaking the blade in two. Both pieces gripped in each hand.]

“I think if you continue to pester me, you will prove yourself once and for all not a fool!”

[The Red Emperor drops the weapon to the concrete ground in pieces as North slowly becomes enraged. He is stunned as if completely unprepared for the consequences of the meeting. As if the sword meant more to him than what anyone could possibly understand. Eventually, nearly heartbroken, North kneels to gather his sword and we fade to black as he retreats back into the darkness, leaving TRE to ponder his actions in pride or is it caution?]


[Jensen Cussen may have had a rough end of last week’s show, but he’ll be looking to get on the right track against Mr. Freakshow himself.] [The bell sounds as Cussen and Huxley circle around. Both seem to be looking for an opening, yet it’s Cussen who strikes first with a huge right hand. Huxley’s hands instinctively move to his face, but Jensen ducks underneath for a strike straight to the abdomen. Huxley now bends over as Jensen hits the ropes with lightning speed before drilling him with a knee strike! Three quick blasts send The Ringleader to the floor. Jensen quickly lifts Alistair up, but Alistair chops him quickly. Mr. Freakshow seems a little groggy from the attack, but he slaps him roughly before leaping onto his back for a backstabber. THE WHIP- NO! Jensen grabs the top rope as Alistair slams back into the mat!] [Jensen’s quick to see the opportunity as he rushes him and connects with another vicious knee strike to the chin! Jensen quickly turns Alistair Huxley over and applies a crossface! DESPERATE JUSTICE! Huxley is crying out in pain as he slowly moves towards the ropes and is reaching out. Jensen realizes this, releases the hold, and pulls him close but Huxley hooks his legs and rolls him up! One…Two…TH-NO! Jensen kicks out but both get to their feet as Huxley kicks Jensen right in the knee before wrapping his head and wrapping his leg for… LEFREAK DDT! Huxley hooks a leg. One…Two…TH-NO!] [Alistair Huxley looks a little curiously before yanking Jensen back to his feet by his hair to which the referee admonishes him for. Huxley kicks Jensen in the abdomen then runs towards the ropes and rushes back before leaping up for… CIRQUE DU TORMENT! Huxley is held up in the air by Jensen who rushes forward and SLAMS Huxley into the corner turnbuckle! Cussen staggers backwards groggily as Huxley turns around and removes the turnbuckle pad behind him. Huxley turns around as Jensen is charging with a clothesline! Huxley ducks underneath as Jensen COLLIDES WITH THE EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE! He falls back to the ground as Huxley hooks him with THE CLOWN CAR! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Alistair Huxley steals this victory as he rolls out of the ring with a huge grin upon his face. Jensen looks angrily on as Huxley has successfully captured this victory.]


[Admits the eerie glow of night, a pair of dark clouds choke the breath from a sickly full moon. Sneakers dangle in the still air. An anxious creaking creeps from the frail limbs; blueish bodies hang limp from trees.] [The Hangman‘s head is lowered; his buckshot eyes focused. His busy hands wring around his hungry rope with anticipation.]

“So….. you’re here. [He turns around] Nice of you come.”

[With a knowing chuckle, The Hangman finds Marvolo, jr. and a positively petrified Ricardo waiting behind him. They’re surrounded by his decomposing decorations; Junior’s fists are clenched.]

“Don’t forget Sackhead, Big Trouble finds you.”

[The corpses hang idle.]

“Perhaps.” [He grips his rope tighter] “That all depends on how you play this game of ours. My little girl here wanted to thank you; she had a nice snack on your behave…”

[Junior finches, just a little.]

“Never mind. He meant nothing; only an appetizer, really.” [Chuckles] “But now that you’re here, we’re getting closer to main course.”

[The Hangman rises, lifting his heavy hemp high into the air and letting her noose sway like a pocket watch.]

“Time’s up. Have you guessed The Hangman yet?”

[The Real Number One almost smirks; Ricardo’s frozen in place.]

“Remember this: Marvolo, jr.’s intellect is only one his best features. You purposefully blindsided Big Trouble last week; now Junior’s gonna catch you off guard!”

[He puffs out his chest; The Hangman towers over him.]

“……. E!“

[Hearing this, The Hangman pauses before pulling out another card from his gauntlets. He scribbles something down and nods.]

“Correct. Guess again.”

[Both Junior and Ricardo are confused.]

“You said, one guess per week. This time, Marvolo, jr. beat you!” [Thinks about it] Wait, you just want……. Hold it. That’s not fair!“

“Who ever said I played fair? Guess.”

“Fine….. H!“

[Big Trouble shoots a cocky grin. Again, The Hangman writes, slowly laughing more and more before curtly flicking the card to Big Trouble’s feet… Ricardo and Junior hesitantly glance down.]

Hangman-4.png ___ ___ ___ _E_
“We’ll see you next week, boys.”


[Two of VHS’ strongest support beams are set to tear down the house! It’s Ethan Bird vs. Lazarus! It’s the Rewind Champ vs. the VHS Champ! And it’s next!] [The match starts with Bird immediately getting a cheap shot to the throat! He backs the Phoenix into the corner, lighting up his chest with a brutal Knife Edge Chop! Lazarus though turns the other cheek, blistering the Rewind Champion with a Chop of his own! He gives Bird a Short-Arm Drop-Toehold into the middle turnbuckle….. Running Dropkick into the corner! Ethan drops to his knees– Dark Wish? NO! Bird bails; the fans let him hear it as Lazarus bolts into the ropes……. SOMERSAULT PLANCHA wipes out the Kingpin! The VHS Champ is feeling it!] [Lazarus now sends Bird back into the ring, quickly scaling the ropes….. DIVING CROSSBODY! He covers! One… Two… NO! Bird kicks out; the Phoenix grabs a Side Headlock. They steadily rise before Ethan gets a desperation Belly-to-Back Suplex! Lazarus is up first; Bird SPIKES him with a DDT! He covers! One… Two… NO! The VHS Champion kicks out and the Kingpin grabs a Crossface! With his fingers laced, Ethan digs his knuckles into the Phoenix’s eyes! Eventually Lazarus starts to fight out; they end up trading blows before Bird nails a Headbutt! He whips Lazarus down with a Swinging Neckbreaker! Bird hooks both legs! One… Two…. NO!] [Bird glares at Lazarus, pulling him up by the mask before Headbutting him again! He muscles him up into the Running Spi– NO! Lazarus slips off; LEAPING ENZIGURI! He then tries to break Dawn but Bird counters into the WORLD’S END?!? NO! Lazarus slings onto his feet but misses the Lazarus Chamber! RUNNING SPIKE SLAM! Bird covers! One… Two… NO! The VHS Champion will not die! Bird now calls for the end, hooking him again for the World’s End but again Lazarus counters! DEATH INTO THE CORNER! Lazarus scrambles up the ropes…… NO! He missed Rebirth– THE WORLD’S END! Bird got it; he covers! One… Two…. THREE!] [After the match, Bird works back to feet unable to hide his cocky grin. His persistence paid off; what a win for the Kingpin!]


[The match may be over, but the issue doesn’t seem to be. Ethan Bird is ready for more action as he quickly grabs his Rewind Championship, charging at Lazarus with a gleam in his eye.] [FLASH!] [Bird practically falls backwards as a bright flash of light fills up the Tap Room. Lazarus is gone, and in his place is Lux Bellator. Last week, Bird set up Mother to assault Bellator, and the masked man hasn’t forgotten. Bird shrugs and leaps at Bellator with the belt, but the fresher man ducks the shot, and knocks Bird back into the corner. Lux throws the belt out of the ring to prevent shenanigans. As he walks towards Bird, he doesn’t seem to want to fight, just find out why Bird targeted him last week.] [Before Lux can even speak a word, the lights start to flicker. The Tap Room seems to shake as Bird quickly exits the ring, trying to walk away. Yet after a long flicker, he is stopped cold by the sight before him.] [Mother’s children.] [Bird tries to turn and head for the crowd, but Mother appears out of nowhere to throw him into the ring post. She continues to pulverize him on the outside, while Lux Bellator seems to be debating his action. His conscience seems to take over as he hits the nearest ropes and heads towards the conflict outside the ring.] [Lux Bellator flies over the top rope, landing on Mother and Bird, taking them both down. The children rush to Mother’s side, and Lux refuses to even consider pressing the attack. He came out here to talk after all. The lights flicker once more and Mother and her children have vanished from ringside.] [Yet escaping up the entrance way is Ethan Bird, who has somehow recovered his Rewind Championship. He hoists it with a grin. He has successfully stirred the pot between two targets on VHS, and escaped. Yet that tingle up his spine tells him that he will still have to face the two of them soon enough.]


[The Phoenix returned in a big way last VHS by attacking his former mentor Jensen Cussen but he has the test of a lifetime in his first match in years against the former VHS Champion Viktor North. Does the Phoenix still have it or will the Skull Splitter destroy another warrior?] [The bell sounds as The Phoenix rushes forward, laying into North with a series of hard rights and lefts that take North by surprise for a moment before North returns the flurry with hard fists of his own. Jacob takes control with a hard knee to the gut before whipping North around as he tries to Suplex him into the cage. North blocks it, nailing Jacob with a knee of his own before snapping him to the mat with a neckbreaker] [Phoenix quickly gets to his feet, right into a hard snap kick that sends him back first into the cage as North rushes forward, trying for a splash into the cage wall that Jacob manages to dodge, causing Viktor to slam himself into the cage. North slowly gets to his feet right into a hard knee to the forehead before Jacob picks him and quickly SUPLEXES HIM INTO THE STEEL CAGE!] [North slowly gets up, holding his back in pain as he’s kicked towards the turnbuckle, a hard roundhouse to the face stunning him as Jacob backs up, rushing forward with a massive springboard enziguri almost breaking North’s skull. North crashes to the canvas as Jacob begins climbing up the cage, stopping a few links up as he notices Viktor getting to his feet. He drops down, trying to pull North up but gets a sharp jab to the ribs before North lifts him up high, dropping him on the back of his head with a German Suplex] [The Phoenix slowly staggers to his feet right into a flurry of lefts and rights by North who throws him across the ring before delivering a massive Lariat that spins the Phoenix inside out. North backs up, rushing at the Phoenix slowly getting to his feet, crossing his arms above his head, GUNGIR! Phoenix looks to be out as North begins slowly climbing up the cage, one link after another as his fingers graze the top of the cage as the Phoenix kips up!] [The Phoenix rushes up the cage as fast as he can, just stopping North from climbing over the top as he pulls North down, delivering a BACK SUPLEX FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE! Both men are down from that massive bump but The Phoenix rises first, yelling out a pumped up scream as he lifts North up, stunning him with a massive European Uppercut that puts North down to one knee as The Phoenix springboards off the ropes, PHOENIX FOREARM!] [The Phoenix lifts North up, hooking both of his arms as he tries to plant him with the DDT but North powers out, nailing The Phoenix with a hard roaring elbow putting Jacob down on one knee. North spun Phoenix around, trying to lift him up for the Fall of Utgard. The Phoenix fights against it, nailing North with hard elbows that cause him to let go of the Phoenix as he spins North around, double underhooking him, FOR HER!] [North is knocked out as The Phoenix begins to climb up the corner when the titantron blares to life, the sadistic grin of Jensen Cussen filling the screen as he simply speaks ‘You didn’t think it’d be that easy, did you Jackson?”. The appearance of Jensen causes The Phoenix to pause for a moment, yelling out at his hated rival as North leaps forward, crotching Jackson on the ropes. North pulled him down as The Phoenix’s head is trapped underneath the ropes as North backs up, rushing forward, VALFATHER’S SACRIFICE! The Phoenix is down as North quickly rushes up the cage, climbing up and over just as the Phoenix stirs. Jacob Phoenix gets to his feet but it’s too late as North hits the floor. VIKTOR NORTH WINS!] [Viktor North picked up a huge victory tonight but he had a huge assist from Jensen Cussen who cost The Phoenix the match here tonight with a timely distraction]


[Static.] [The tron flickers.]


[That name echoes for a brief moment, coming to an abrupt stop. The pitter patter of rain is flowing as we arch down from the grey overcast sky to see Jensen Cussen stood outside an Asylum. His soaking wet jet black hair covers his face, and water spews from his mouth as he talks.]

“For her.”

[He sneers.]

“Do you think you’re owed something for loving her, son?” [He says, still dripping wet.] “Do you think she means that much more to you?”

[His head turns away from the camera slightly.]

“She’s my daughter.”

[That shocked everyone inside the Tap Room as Jacob Phoenix slowly comes to his senses.]

“Don’t you think I don’t know the real you, kid? I remember you. I remember the plucky rookie with a bowl haircut and ambitions. I remember you before you became something else.”

[Jensen turns to face us.]

“You say that I failed her. You say all this is because of me, but what about you? You can shed your name, you can hide in the shadows and on the roof tops but you can’t hide from what you did. You can’t hide from the truth.”

[In the ring, Phoenix has risen to a knee, watching intently.]

“She’s locked away in this Asylum because of what you did, Jacob Phoenix. When you became something else and had to save the city you love, you let her fall into the trap of having too much love for a monster like me.”

[The rain drips down his face as he lowers his head.]

“And Jonah can’t abide that.”

[Phoenix is finally back to his feet in the middle of the ring as the cage is slowly risen above his head.]

“At REC, we’ll meet again, son. At REC, there’s no shadows or overpass. There’s just you, me and the middle of that ring.”

[He grimaces.]

“For her.”

[Click.] [Static.]