When A Mummy And A Daddy And A Daddy And A Daddy…

In Aurora, Promo by Aurora

Some relics of the past should stay buried, locked away or smashed. One such abomination is the freak show. A place where the unfortunate or the different are viewed not as humans but as conditions, objects of ridicule and as commodities, dehumanised and stripped of all dignity. You could argue that the ‘freaks’ in question signed up for it, they chose this life… But often, no alternative exists. There is no other avenue to take for survival in this world, so while a gun isn’t held to their head by one man, it is instead aimed by the whole of society.

You see, this is half of the reason I approached that ungrateful shitstain Jackdaw. I do not know him, and I certainly don’t like him given recent events, but I understand people like you, Klaus. You don’t view dehumanisation as an issue as you left the human race long ago. You have elected to become part of the problem instead of part of the solution, and that really rustles my jimmies, my guy. You’ve even created this craven image for yourself, separating you from your fellow man… One that is fucking laughable.

Let me tell you about the art of bukkake. When a mummy and a daddy and a daddy and a daddy and a few more daddies love each other very much, they have happy funtime and give the mummy a mask of face cream. Klaus, you look like that mummy. I am all for taking risks in the name of living a fulfilling life, but I would never take the gamble of leaving the house looking like Stevie Wonder’s idea of a geisha. I don’t know what Pokemon region’s variant of Mr. Mime you are, but it needs a kiloton bombed dropped on it, like, yesterday.

Instead, I will have to satisfy myself with being that bomb. Whatever weapons are at ringside, and don’t get me wrong, I will delight on making you ingest them both orally and anally, I am the greatest weapon I know… And I will drop on you. Again and again and again. Every big top needs a bottom, and I will make you my bottom bitch. You call yourself a ringmaster, but I assure you you do not have enough control of your ring to stop me from widening it with a size 6 boot.

You know the kicker, my little bukkake princess? What is notorious as a sex act or genre of pornography nowadays had much darker origins. The act didn’t use to be about sexual gratification – It was about humiliation, degradation, punishment – and ultimately, death. For the crime of adultery, someone would be buried neck deep in the sand, whilst men did what they did. Afterwards, when the spirit was broken, the body was to follow. The victim would be decapitated, a corpse left as a disgusting testament to societies ills. This time, the woman is gonna fight back. Uno reverse card, homie. Life’s a beach, and you’re gonna be under six feet of sand… A freak with no show.