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Bad Company Chatter

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Ho-Lee-Shit. What a show. That was a great PPV that wasn't also a live show.

First, congrats to all the champions for retaining their belts. I and every other challenger for your titles surely tried our hardest to dethrone you, but it simply wasn't meant to be.

Second, I was not expecting that beginning reveal. Tombstone was the Terminal Man? I definitely wasn't expecting him to bear the moniker. But it makes sense now, why Tombstone didn't die after getting his fucking throat slashed at Red Snow. I see this reveal is driving more of a wedge between Igor and the Ferryman's relationship, so I can't wait to see what happens in the upcoming shows.

Lastly. What a fucking depressing ending! All of the Kingdom, save for Panther and Python are dead and the Snake is seen attempting suicide at the end of the segment. Tears were nearly shed at my expense there, and I hope that TYP manages to survive his attempt and get the bastard responsible for this.

There was so much going on in this show. It's going to take a while to unpack.

I'm going to have to give it another read tomorrow I think to really digest it.

The stuff with the Elders is so intriguing, seeing how things became how they are, or at least the precursor to that... What then goes down between Zeus and his father after this?!

The visual was flipping amazing.

That beginning with the Tombstone reveal suddenly makes so much sense.

And that ending. Holy crap!!

Once I've got my brain around all that I'll be able to put some more thoughts in here

Jesus... what a show. Firstly, Tombstone is the Terminal man? Whoa! We're on the precipice of learning something major here,  aren't we? I can't wait. Then we have a huge scene with The Elders that sets the stage for The Classic this week and that ending? Don't kill The Kingdom! Will The Yellow Python kill himself? What a SEGMENT. What a character building scene!! This was a huge PPV event. I'd say it's probably the best non live PPV event we've had in quite some time. There's a lot to unpack.

I woke up and read the show and like hot fuckin damn Dean. That was a sick as fuck show, especially for a non live streamed one. The reveal of Tombstone being the Terminal Man is a fascinating twist that I didn't see coming. The intro with the horses for Apokalypsis is also just a banger, looked fantastic for such a great match. The Elders VI was a great lead up into The Classic as well. But you've had me guessing all day if my own character's still here or not thanks to that last segment, and hot diggity damn I still ain't sure. Fantastic stuff.

Hell of a show! Starting off with the big reveal behind the Terminal Man was bonkers, leading into some absolutely crackin' matches throughout the night. Anarchy in the Arena lived up to its name, and we had some wild reveals and twists throughout the night leading up to the closer!

Also really, really enjoyed the Elders segment this week as I think that helped further set the tone for what we might expect from The Classic. There's something looming on the horizon, and we're finally on the home stretch to it!