[THE ROAD SO FAR…] [The sound of a dripping facet echoes throughout the damp and unkempt room. There’s burnt walls, broken furniture and cobwebs everywhere. Sat on two chairs rather groggily are Jensen Cussen and Jacob Phoenix.] [The camera pans around slowly, revealing the bearded and sinister face.] [DTR]

“Welcome to The Family.”

[Flash.] [Into the darkness, a voice strikingly manifests into being. It’s tone is strong and resolute.]

“An angel spoke to me.”

[The shadow is hooded, and as he steps forward into the dim candlelight, we can see that it is none other than Lux Bellator. His new black and red mask gleams in the light before him, yet much of it is obscured by the shadow of his hood.]

“The seven seals must be broken. The reckoning of the world is nigh, and only the warrior of light will bring about the judgment.”

[Flash.] [Inside a dark house, illuminated only by candles, The Chief sits alongside Betamax around a large oak table. He looks unsure as a woman takes her seat opposite him and reaches out, grabbing his hand.]

“You seek knowledge, is that correct?”

[The Chief nods in agreement.]

“Everything has been leading to this moment,” [she says whilst dabbing.] “Everything. Don’t you understand, my child? Your destiny was to choose.”

“I don’t understand,” [The Chief interrupts.] “My destiny?” [He asks.] “I’m a ghost. I live on the fringes, lady. I don’t have a destiny.”

[This time she interrupts.] “You’re wrong. You’re so wrong. You have a vital part to play.”

“When the time comes, do not hesitate. Fire.”

[Flash.] [Terminus gets back to his feet, absolutely exhausted after that amazing battle with Hades in the Underworld. He turns around, looking for the key; only it has vanished.] [He searches the ground frantically.]

“Looking for something?”

[Crowley suddenly puts the key in the lock, turning it. Terminus rushes towards him, but its too late. Lee steps forward into the underworld, shutting the door behind him.]

“Welcome to the family,” [Lee says with a giant grin.] “All hail your new King.”

[Flash.] [Lux Bellator has slayed the Dragon.] [This is unbelievable. Solomon Rhodes failed and now Lux Bellator has everything he needs to break the seven seals.]

“The time has come. The world was made by God, and now so it will be made undone! It has been judged guilty, and now God’s wrath will be poured down to drown the world in their own sin! In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I now pour out God’s wrath upon your wretched souls! ”

[Nothing.] [Absolutely nothing happens.] [He stands in the middle of the ring with the bowl in his hand, looking perplexed by what’s just occurred.] [Flash.] [Panic.] [Thunder.] [Lightning.] [Screams echo throughout the halls of The Family Home, located within the depths of the Tap Room, as concrete shakes, turning to rubble before our very eyes. Dust particles fall from the ceiling like snow. The entire building looks to be under collapse as The Chief stumbles towards the camera. Sweat beads form upon his brow as he clambers for the walls, heading towards the room in which the terrible screams emanate. Every step is a struggle, the walls coated in black gunge and goop.] [Finally, he approaches a door, pushing it open with everything he has. He reaches for his waistband, pulling out a gun.] [Thunder.] [The Chief storms the room with his weapon raised, only the sounds of agonising screams turn into cries – cries of a child.] [The Chief points his gun, trembling with fear.] [Shoot, or don’t shoot.]

“When the time comes, do not hesitate. Fire.”

[A pure white glow.] [Mike Lane lays dead, his eyes burned from his skull.] [Brent Kersh has a hole in the middle of his chest, his heart ripped from within it.] [To the left, Jake Jeckel hangs by a rope, strung up upon a wooden structure. King Royal is slumped at his feet,his throat cut.] [The Scarecrow kneels, the perch buried within his neck.] [The Sharkman is obliterated, with his limbs in different directions, near his masked head, vacant and alone.] [The bodies of Captain Zappa, Solomon Rhodes and Cael Gable are piled amongst each other, discarded, bloodied and deceased.] [Stood before him is Lux Bellator.]

“This is the apocalypse, the end of days, the wrath of God.”

[Bellator laughs.] [DTR looks at the child.]

“Welcome to the family, son.”

[Thunder. Lightning.] [Lux smiles.] “For we are your ark, Noah.”

[And now…]


[The Watchmen.] [They stand proudly in a locked away section of the Tap Room, surveying their totems. Tonight, they plan to save The Revenants from themselves. Betamax steps forward, his eyes piercing. He has something important to say.]

“I haven’t told you lads the truth,” [he admits with a lowered head.] “I’ve kept something important from you. The truth is, I just didn’t know how to say it.”

[Everyone stares intently.]

“Tonight, we have to march into the Underworld and seek out the final totem; but should we succeed, it’ll take more than that to save The Revenants. It’ll come at a cost.”

[He pauses, letting that soak in.]

“We won’t all make it back,” [he says carefully.] “Our gift is such that if we save them, we have to sacrifice our souls to do it. I don’t know which of us will sacrifice, or how many, but whatever it takes, it takes. I understand if you don’t want to do this. I understand if you’d rather watch the world burn, but that isn’t why we were chosen. That isn’t why our fathers belonged to The Watchmen.”

[Betamax picks up the totems and offers his final words.] “The choice is yours, lads.”

[The Sharkman steps forward first, linking arms with his fellow Watchmen.]

“Whatever it takes.”

[El Trébol stands up next, linking arms too.]

“We made a vow to save them and we must. If I have to sacrifice my soul to save theirs, that’s a sacrifice worth making.”

[And finally, Marvolo joins them.]

“What are we waiting for?”

[All four put their heads together.] [Flash.] [A beam of white light explodes across the room and when it vanishes, all four have disappeared; their journey to The Underworld having begun.] [Cut.]


[Luke Cole, Nate Washington and Michael Graves stand around the ring. Washington looks across at Cole, whose pupils almost filli his eyeballs with black. His veins run with a blackness, too, flickering and pulsating. Surrounding the wing, the Chiroptera. Two of whom stand without their hoods raised.] [TJ LAWS.] [BIG BRUCE.] [The bell sounds.] [Washington rushes to Graves, booting him in the gut. From behind Cole grabs Washington before he can take any action. Belly to back suplex!] [Cole bounces back to his feet with a kick-up as Graves stands back up and heads over.] [Clothesline from Cole taking Graves down! Washington is back up and HE charges at Cole, full speed ahea–POWERSLAM! Cole catches Washington and slams him to the mat. Cole has taken full control of the match.] [Washington rolls out of the ring and drops to the ground. Immediately, surrounding him as he gets to his feet, the Chiroptera. Lead by his old henchmen, TJ Laws and Big Bruce.] [The Chiroptera close in gradually as Washington looks around. They are chanting in a strange language.]

“embrace ac tenebras…”

“embrace ac tenebras…”

“embrace ac tenebras…”

[Washington slides back into the ring, his eyes drawn still to the outside. He kneels up, his eyes fixed on TJ Laws and Big Bruce. Suddenly he is dragged to his feet. Cole. Graves. DOUBLE TEAM! Each man takes an arm and they raise Washington into the air. A two man crucifix powerbomb! Cole hops on to Washington for the pin.] [ONE] [T–] [Graves breaks up the count, shoving Cole off Washington.] [Cole and Graves get to their feet and exchange words. Cole shoves Graves hard. Graves retaliates with a hard right forearm. The two begin to exchange shots, each in turn. Eventually it is Cole that takes two shots in a row. Grave staggers back against the ropes. Cole charges. BACK BODY DROP TO THE OUTSIDE!] [Cole flies through the air but is caught mid-air by half a dozen Chiroptera! They carry him around the ring and drop him onto his feet. Cole turns and blasts one right a right hand. The druid collapses to the ground. He turns again to take another of his enemies henchmen out, only to have his arm caught. By Bruce.] [Bruce locks in a full nelson! Inside the ring, Graves looks on, his smile menacing.]

“ALL HAIL BARBATOS!” [He yells.]

“ALL HAIL THE BAT GOD!” [his congregation reply in unison.] [And from his cloak, TJ Laws pulls a long, ornate dagger. He raises it above his head…] [BASEBALL SLIDE!] [Nate Washington sprints across the ring, sliding under the bottom rope, and kicking TJ Laws hard in the shoulder. The dagger spills from his hands as he topples to the ground.] [BAM! Cole slams his head backwards, headbutting a distracted Bruce. Cole drops to his knees.] [TAKEOVER TO BIG BRUCE!] [Washington grabs Bruce, hitting a Bookend!] [Both henchmen down, Cole and Washington look at one another for a moment before sliding back into the ring. Graves is backing away slowly. His hands up in front of hi–] [KICK! BAM! BAM! BAM!] [Cole and Washington work together, kicking and punching at Graves until he is backed into the corner. Washington jogs across the ring as Cole continues the assault. Cole moves out of the way of Washington A REAL ONE! A running boot to the cornered Graves! He staggers forward but Cole grabs him, hoisting him up onto his shoulders. Graves’ chest is in the air, in a torture rack.] [WASTELAND!] [A Burning Hammer to Graves.] [Cole rolls Graves over.] [ONE!] [Leg drop!] [Washington hits Cole with a leg drop to the back of the head. Cole rolls off Graves.

[COVER!] [ONE!] [TW–] [KICKOUT!] [Unbelievably, Graves kicks out!] [Cole is down. Washington rolls to his feet. RESPECT TAKEN — CURB STOOOOO–NO!] [Washington stomps an empty canvas as Graves rolls out of the way and straight to his feet.] [RED DEATH!] [A Snap Dragon Suplex from Graves to Washington!] [All three men lay prone on the mat, each catching their breath.] [What’s Cole doing? Cole has crawled into a corner, his head under the bottom turnbuckle. He snorts something from the back of a coin. Suddenly his head JOLTS backwards. He slides from under the bottom turnbuckle and to his feet. He looks… bigger. STRONGER. His veins pump black. From his nose some vines are growing, flailing around, and… SCREAMING. He sniffs hard and the vines are sucked up his nostrils.] [Graves is getting to his feet. He uses the ropes to pull himself up and takes a few steps backwards.] [RUDE AWAKENING!] [A neckbreaker from Cole! Cole is back to his feet and sees Washington recovering.

[RED MIST!] [A KNEE TREMBLER TO WASHIN–NO!] [Washington backs out of the way, bouncing from the ropes.] [WATCH YA MOUTH! A running knee to the face of Cole!] [Cole just… stands there.] [ACCEPTANCE!] [Cole no-sells the move.] [Washington can’t believe his eyes! He runs across the ring, then back at Cole who swings Washington into the air, locking him across his shoulders into a brief torture rack before spinning him around into a sitout facebuster!

[ROAD TO RECOVERY!] [It’s over!] [ONE…] [TWOOOOOOOO…] [Graves breaks it up!] [Graves feeds Cole to the Chiroptera, tossing him through the ropes. Cole is quick to his feet, fighting off the druids at an inhumane pace.] [Meanwhile, in the ring, Washington is recovering, and Graves lies in wait. Washington turns. Boot.] [DAWNBREAKER!] [Graves hits his Double Underhook Reverse Tombstone Piledriver!] [ONE…] [TWWWOOOO…] [Cole is held back by the Chiroptera as he tries to slide in!] [THHHHHHRRRRRREEEEEEE!] [Cole enters the ring, too late! The bell sounds indicating that Michael Graves has been victori–] [SHOCK TREATMENT!] [Graves fends off an attacking Cole, sending him crashing to the mat!] [The arm of Michael Graves is finally raised in victory.]


[Bodies.] [Templars lay broken, their temple invaded. The door hangs off its hinges and inside, Noah sits on a wooden bench, his eyes glowing black. Bodies are strewn all around him, their insides ripped out, their eyes missing, their hearts gone; it’s a mess of human wreckage.] [Then a voice calls out.]


[Godfrey stands before Noah, reeling in shock. His entire Templar army has been destroyed. He drops to his knees, weeping for them. He can barely contain his emotion.]

“Power,” [Noah responds nonchalantly.] “Don’t you get it, Godfrey? There’s a reason the success of my army is of no significance. If they fail, they die. If they succeed, they die. I grow stronger with every soul, irrespective of their allegiance. I have everybody focused on each other and not focused on the bigger picture; me.”

[Godfrey doesn’t understand.] “But I thought you needed them?”

“Needed them?” [Noah scoffs.] “I don’t need them, I hate them. I hate every single one of them. With every soul that perishes here tonight, I grow stronger. With every soul you think you save, I consume and grow stronger. By the time the battlefield is littered with the carcasses of humanity, I will be ready to destroy these walls and then, the world.”

[Noah stands up, walking over to Godfrey. He pulls him from his knees to his feet with an impressive display of power. He smiles succinctly.]

“But now, I’m hungry, Godfrey. How would you like to meet your beloved God?”

[The camera turns away as blood splatters up against the ceiling.] [A vile, terrifying, horrible yell echoes throughout the chambers of the Temple, accompanied by the sound of a body hitting the floor.] [Cut.]


[Graveyard.] [In the middle of the night, Cael Gable trudges through a dimly lit graveyard with a backpack on his back, a shovel connected to it and a torch in his hand. The tombstones look old and savagely aged by time, as he searches their weary front for a name.] [Finally, he reaches one with a film of dirt and dust upon it. He wipes it off with a gloved hand, revealing the name Isaac Danvers.] [Stoic, focused and decided, Gable throws down his rucksack and takes off the shovel.] [The sound of dirt shaking and moving rattles loudly in the dead of night as Gable slowly starts shovelling dirt out of the grave. He tosses it aside, shovel full by shovel full, until a voice stops him.]

“What are you doing, Mr. Gable?”

[The Olympian looks up to see Isaac Danvers stood looming over him.]

“I’m ending this,” [Cael says firmly.] “Once and for all!”

[Danvers peers down into the grave with a shudder.]

“Why?” [The Mad Doctor says with a surprising amount of sincerity.] “Why can’t you just love me back? I’m here for you, Mr. Gable. I’ve been trying to save you, to show you love and you’ve spurned me at every turn.”

[Gable steps out of the grave and finally stands face to face with his tormentor.]

“I’ve been afraid of you, I’ve been so scared of what you might do until it dawned on me; the truth is, I don’t have anything left to lose. The games stop now. The mind fuck stops… here. I’m going to beat you into oblivion Danvers, and then I’m going to salt and burn your bones so that you never torment anyone ever again.”

[The Doctor tilts his head.] “I’m sorry you feel that way,” [he says softly.] “I’m sorry that you can’t return my love, Mr. Gable. Do not fear what comes next, for we will be together for eternity, one way or another.”

[Cael smiles, swinging his shovel at the head of Danvers.] [Cut.]


[Two up-and-coming OSW superstars square off against one another here at Judgment Day! Darkstar has been on a roll since a tremendous showing at Pandemonium. Can Chip Montana cage the beast?] [The bell sounds and we’re underway! The two rush at each other with fury and meet with a massive collision. Chip wraps Darkstar around the waist but he’s bumrushed with a bevy of HAMMERFISTS to the lower back of Montana! Darkstar uses his size advantage to gutwrench Montana over his shoulder, heaving him throat first across the top-rope! Chip bounces backwards and holds his throat!] [Montana isn’t pleased but pops back up to his feet … and unfortunately, is stalked by his prey, and is scooped up with a SPINNING SPINEBUSTER! Darkstar scurries to cover…] [ONE…] [TWO….] [Montana’s shoulders fly off the mat! Darkstar continues his onslaught and immediately locks in a REAR NAKED CHOKE!] [HE’S WRENCHING IT IN TIGHT!] [MONTANA DROPS TO ONE KNEE AND HIS ABILITY TO FIGHT SLOWLY FADES!] [The referee lifts up Montana’s arm the first time and it drops without a hitch. A second follows suit … a third bounces up and Montana is finally showing some life! Chip wiggles his way up and drives an elbow to the midsection of Darkstar! A second, and a third! Darkstar is completely hunched over and Montana has broken free! Montana flies against the ropes and propels himself forward with a DIVING SHOULDERBLOCK! Darkstar bounces off the mat, and Montana flurries onward again, this time with a DROPKICK, and sends Darkstar out of the ring!] [Montana doesn’t let Darkstar gain his composure, screaming at his opponent, “I’M CHIP MONTANA AND I’M GRABBING NATURE BY THE BALLS!’ He grabs the top-rope…] [AND SPRINGBOARDS HIMSELF OVER THE TOP WITH A FROG SPLASH TO THE OUTSIDE!] [Montana slowly pulls Darkstar back in the ring and drapes an arm over him…] [ONE…] [TWO….] [KICKOUT!] [Montana drags the toe of his boot across Darkstar’s eyes, and the Prairie Dog Whisperer has all the momentum here. A series of snap elbow drops across the throat of Darkstar is followed by Montana spinning around the upper back in to a FRONT FACELOCK … he peels Darkstar off the mat and attempts a LEAPING DDT but Darkstar desperately latches on to the top-rope and Montana crashes hard on the ground! Darkstar adds insult to injury with a boot to the stomach and Montana wretches around in pain.] [Darkstar sizes up Montana, and lurches at him with a DIVING HEADBUTT. He adds a second … and a third! He helps Montana up, spins up towards the ropes, and on his return, Darkstar levels him with a LARIAT. Chip Montana doesn’t know which way is up! Darkstar covers…] [ONE…] [TWO….] [THREE… NO! CHIP GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES!] [A rare glimpse of frustration from Darkstar reveals itself in a smirk from the corner of his mouth. Darkstar whips Montana in the ropes, but Chip uses it to propel himself in the air at Darkstar, but the larger Darkstar catches him…] [OVERHEAD BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! Montana goes flying across the ring!] [Darkstar drops to his knees … almost sizing up the dazed Montana. He drags Chip to the corner turnbuckle and places his massive boot in to the kidneys of his downed opponent for good measure. A slow climb to the top-rope builds suspense … and Darkstar leaps with the SUPERNOVA, a shooting star press!] [NO! MONTANA ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! BUT DARKSTAR LANDS ON HIS FEET! AN INCREDIBLE DISPLAY!] [Montana ducks a Darkstar SUPERKICK … Chip returns one of his own! Darkstar spins around but doesn’t go down, Montana takes the opportunity to grab him by the back of the neck, and delivers the SEE YA LATER, ALLIGATOR! A BACKSTABBER! He covers…] [ONE…] [TWO….] [THREE!] [Chip Montana has done it! He’s picked up a huge victory over the unconquerable beast that is Dark Star!] [He raises his hands in celebration before quickly escaping to the outside, not wanting to be around his former opponent any longer than he needs to.]


[Flash.] [A bright light shines in through a small crack in some wood panelling, illuminating an old library that clearly belongs to The Watchmen. Beneath the Tap Room, he searches every book end for an answer, only to come up with nothing. The man in question?] [Jonathan Heartsford.]

“I have to find a way,” [he mumbles to himself, pulling book after book off the shelf.] “There has to be a way.”

“There is.”

[A familiar booming voice can be heard from nowhere, startling Jonathan. He immediately turns, dropping his book, only to see The Chief stood before him.] [The Chairman smiles.]

“You want to save Lee Crowley, do you not?” [He asks, sitting on the edge of a wooden table.] “I can see that you do. A path lies ahead for you, Jonathan, but it’s not one of your own salvation. If you walk this path, you will forever torment yourself with the results.”

[Heartsford grimaces.] “I have to stop him. I feel like he’s my responsibility.”

[The Chief comforts him with a hand on the shoulder.]

“I can give you what you need to stop him, to stop The Underworld from bleeding into this one. I can help you achieve your goal but it will come at a price. A costly price. A price that most of humanity wouldn’t be willing to pay.”

[He doesn’t even think about it. He accepts.]

“I’m willing.”

[The Chief stands up and grabs him by the shoulders.] “Very well Jonathan. Heavy is the head that holds the key.”

[Their talking turns to whispers as they walk away from camera.] [Cut.]


[Inside the Tap Room and we are only a short time away from a massive battle between good and evil; perhaps the biggest we’ve ever seen. Edward Newton steps into his locker room and looks for his fellow teammates, only no-ones there.] [No-one except D’von Chambers.]

“I told you brother Newton, did I not? I told you that I was born to walk in the Holy fire of the Lord and complete his mission.”

[The World Champion snarls.] “I’ve been thinking about that, Chambers. What makes you so assured that you’ve been chosen by God? What makes you so certain that your mission is a holy one?”

[Chambers looks surprised.] “Look at me, boy, I’m alive.”

“I am looking at you and you are alive but you shouldn’t be. You should be burnt to a crisp. This isn’t the first time you’ve walked through fire, is it Chambers? You’re so convinced that God has chosen you for this mission but all I see is Noah protecting his acolytes from their demise; saving it for tonight.”

[D’von laughs off such absurdity.]

“You don’t have to believe, sinner. You don’t have to see the light of our Lord shining down upon me like a beacon of hope, oh no, you don’t have to see that at all. Later tonight, when you’re looking up at me on the canvas, broken, humbled in front of God and begging for mercy, know that I am the SWORD of my GOOD LORD and I will cut you down!”

[Edward rolls his eyes as Chambers bumps past him, exiting the locker room. Newton shakes his head and turns towards the lockers, reaching for his waist.] [Only it isn’t there.] [The World Championship has gone.] [He rushes out into the hall but D’von Chambers is nowhere to be seen.]

“Damnit, he has the key.”



[It’s a big match between these fierce rivals. Who will stand tall when the primordial Gaia stands across the ring from the embodiment of fear, The Boogeyman? We find out next!] [These two stand across the ring from one another with a stoic stance as they just glare. The bell sounds yet neither individual budges. Finally, The Boogeyman drops his arms to the ground and begins quickly darting towards Gaia!] [A wild right hand misses as Gaia hooks the arm before turning it behind The Boogeyman to apply a hold. Only Boogeyman bends his arm at an unnatural angle before catching Gaia with a big left hook! Gaia staggers back as she begins to analyze the situation. The Boogeyman’s arms twist and contort themselves as you can almost feel him laughing beneath the mask.] [Gaia rushes this time as The Boogeyman just bends himself over backwards at the waist! Her clothesline goes clear over his head without him moving an inch. Gaia seems to have predicted this as she quickly turns around before hitting a side kick right to the face of The Boogeyman! He falls to the ground as she quickly hooks the legs of The Boogeyman and twists him over into a variant of the Texas Cloverleaf!] [THE GREEN EXPANSION!] [She’s wrenching back on the hold as The Boogeyman seems to almost not be fighting it at all! The Boogeyman begins to turn his entire body around to where his upper body is facing the back of Gaia. His arms wrap around her head in a sleeper hold!] [FROM THE CLOSET!] [Both of these signature moves are applied AT THE SAME TIME to each other! They’re both wrenching on the hold as Gaia’s grip is incredibly firm as is the grasp of The Boogeyman! They continue to yank and pull on each other in different directions before Gaia releases her hold. In the same breath, she whips around to nail a palm heel strike to the masked face of The Boogeyman who falls to the mat as a result of his legs being backwards.] [Gaia reaches down to grab The Boogeyman, but Boogey instead yanks her to the floor. Boogeyman mounts her and begins laying in a barrage of blows to which Gaia is covering her face to deflect. She finally gets a right hook in enough to get him to back up! Boogeyman is blasted by the blow off of her. He comes back before Gaia extends an leg to the midsection before yanking Boogeyman to the ground with a sickle sweep!] [Gaia yanks Boogeyman up to his feet before blasting him with a big right hand into the ropes. She rushes forward and begins wrapping herself around him in the ropes!] [THE ARACHNID’S GRASP!] [She’s contorting the body of The Boogeyman as the referee begins a count! She releases at four as The Boogeyman falls outside of the ring. Gaia takes a moment to catch her breath on the apron before stepping down. She looks around but…] [No Boogeyman to be seen! She reaches down and looks underneath the apron. ONLY TO BE SNATCHED UP!] [Gaia is yanked underneath the ring as a large commotion is heard coming from underneath the ring. Finally, Gaia emerges with scrapes all over her face and arms. The Boogeyman climbs out on the opposite side of the ring. The dark holes of the mask peeking over the top or the apron before he leaps into the ring.] [UNDER THE BED!] [Gaia follows suit before she rushes forward only to be caught by the clawlike fingers of The Boogeyman that move at alarming rate! The claws dig right into the flesh of the forehead!] [RAPPING AT YOUR DOOR!] [Blood begins to pool in the ring as the gashes in the forehead of Gaia begin to gush. She gets a big uppercut right into the midsection to stop the onslaught. She hits the ropes and rushes towards The Boogeyman with a huge muay thai curving knee! The Boogeyman is stunned for a moment! Gaia realizes this and hooks his arm.] [THE WRATH OF NATURE!] [The hammerlock armbreaker is applied as The Boogeyman seems to be taking the blow with almost no effect! Gaia is frustrated before she YANKS the arm into an even more compromising position. Gaia has blood dripping down her face, but she continues to fight with passion and fury! The Boogeyman’s hand is raised once…] [Two…] [….] [….] [….] [POWER OUT! The Boogeyman rolls Gaia up immediately onto his shoulders!] [One….] [….] [Two…] [….] [….] […..] [….] [THREE!] [But no! Gaia got her foot on the ropes at the very last second. The Boogeyman manages to get his arm free in that second only to feel the effects of it.] [They both get to their feet as The Boogeyman’s shape changes! He turns into a RAGING INFERNO WITH CHAINS! Gaia looks shocked as The Boogeyman has literally transformed himself into the living embodiment of her worst fear: The Tartarus Pit!] [Her face is contorted in shock at the moment as the chains reach out and wrap themselves around Gaia before yanking her close and onto The Boogeyman’s back as she freaks out at the fire. The Boogeyman converts back to his regular form before hooking the arms into a Gorey special!] [YOUR SOUL TO TAKE!] [BUT NO!] [Gaia snapped out of the trance at the last second to roll off the back of The Boogeyman before kicking him right in the front kneecap as he leans forward. The Boogeyman steps too far forward as Gaia just hooks the arm of The Boogeyman and slams him to the mat! She ties up the legs in a figure-4-leglock before yanking back on the arms of The Boogeyman in that same armbreaker!] [THE WRATH OF NATURE!] [This time, The Boogeyman is exhausted as his head begins to fade. The referee checks in on him before realizing… he’s not moving at all as he calls for the bell!] [The bell sounds as Gaia releases The Boogeyman. Blood is pouring down her face as she has defeated and confronted her very own fears!]


[After their match, Gaia grabs Boogeyman as if out of nowhere and the two of them immediately teleport away.] [Straight into the forbidden forest.] [Gaia forces the trees to embrace Boogeyman, wrapping him up tightly and pulling him into the base of the tree itself. The wood cracks and splinters as it makes room for him. He tries to break free but the grip is just too strong.] [Before he knows it, he’s apart of the tree.]

“You can’t hold me, Gaia,” [he hisses.] “I’ve become too strong for you to defeat or destroy. You will succumb to me in recompense for my en-slavery.”

[She lifts her fists, squeezing them together.] [The tree slowly begins to suck him in deeper and deeper into its thick base, covering all but the contours of his angry, large, disturbing face.]

“I don’t think you understand, child,” [Gaia says with a smile.] “I don’t think you quite comprehend the situation. This is my forest, my home, my house of cards and you cannot topple what you rely on to exist. The light above will shine upon you for the rest of your days, weakening your resolve, bit by bit, until there’s nothing left but the three you call solitude.”

[He grimaces.] “No… no..”

[Gaia walks over, pushing the remainder of his head into the tree, watching as it swallows him whole.]

“Welcome home.”


[This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.] [Good versus Evil.] [On the day of our final Judgement.] [On one side of the ring, Jonathan Heartsford, Edward Newton, Brent Kersh and Solomon Rhodes gather, looking across at the rivals they must defeat tonight.] [Death should mean the end for Old School Wrestling and they know it.] [Across from them, Lux Bellator, D’von Chambers, DTR and Lee Crowley stand defiant, smiling and aware of what lies ahead. Chambers flaunts the OSW World Championship, grinning as he does.] [War.] [Solomon Rhodes and D’von Chambers start this match off, locking up in the middle of the ring. Chambers weight advantage allows him to run Rhodes backwards into the ropes, where he delivers a few violent slaps across his chest before whipping across the ring. Rhodes turns, ducking under a Clothesline attempt.] [He bounces back one more, flying into the air with a Shoulder Block. He covers.] [One…] [Kick out!] [Rhodes pulls Chambers to his feet and backs him into his team’s corner. He tags in Newton who smirks, going to work with body shots. Those body shots turn into big kicks before The Riddler runs him out of the corner with a Bulldog. He doesn’t cover, instead choosing to get back to his feet and hit the ropes – looking for a Leg Drop.] [He hits the air..] [Chambers moves!] [D’von quickly pounces with a cover.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [KICK OUT!] [D’von gets back to his feet and grabs Newton by the hair, dragging him over to his corner. He tags in DTR, who can’t wait to get involved. The Virus kicks him low and scoops him up into a Snap Suplex, dropping him hard.] [Both men roll back to their feet, Newton ducking under a Clothesline attempt only to be caught on the return.] [REASONABLE DOUBT!] [HE PUSHES AWAY!] [NEVERMIND!] [OVERHEAD BACK DROP!] [NEWTON HITS THE MAT HARD!] [DTR hits the ropes and RUNNING LIGHTS OUT! MASSIVE LEG DROP!] [NEWTON ROLLS AWAY!] [They both pop back to their feet, Edward spinning DTR and into a Back Drop! The Riddler is exhausted and quickly heads to his corner, tagging in Solomon Rhodes.] [Rhodes doesn’t a waste a minute getting into the action, just as DTR tags in Lux Bellator. Bellator reluctantly enters the ring, staring at his former friend. Rhodes rushes forward first with a running clothesline! Only Bellator is able to duck underneath the blow! He hits the ropes as Rhodes catches himself. He turns around only to catch a leaping knee from Bellator!] [The Light Warrior turns around and tries to hit a German suplex, but the larger Rhodes holds his ground. A side elbow catches Lux in the side of his head! He staggers backwards as Solomon turns around to grab him by the arm and Bellator slides to the outside.] [Lux shakes his head, looking none to pleased.] [Crowley goes out to meet him, enquiring what his problem is. Lux responds, telling him he isn’t so certain he’s doing the right thing. Crowley angrily slaps him, refuting that.] [Rhodes meanwhile comes DIVING THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE WITH A TOPE SUICIDA, CATCHING BELLATOR AND CROWLEY AT THE SAME TIME!] [The Templar grabs Bellator and slides him back into the ring, following. He covers.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [KICK OUT!] [Rhodes can barely get back to his feet and turn around before HE’S TACKLED BY LEE CROWLEY!] [AND THEY’RE GONE!] [WHAT THE FUCK?] [CROWLEY AND RHODES ARE GONE! THEY’VE VANISHED INTO THIN AIR!] [The referee isn’t sure what to do. He has no choice, he signals that Solomon Rhodes and Lee Crowley have been eliminated.] [What just happened?] [Lux Bellator once again slides to the outside, waving away his team mates. DTR and D’von Chambers try to reason with him but he heads to the top of the ramp, shaking his head.] [Lux Bellator is walking out on his team?] [We’re down to three versus two. D’von Chambers and DTR versus Edward Newton, Jonathan Heartsford and Brent Kersh.] [Heartsford enters the ring to meet D’von who smiles at him.] [They lock up, Chambers taking control of Heartsford’s arm and manipulating it at his will. He pushes him towards the ropes and dumps him over to the outside. Chambers steps over the top rope before stepping down to the floor below. He grabs up Jonathan before ramming him back-first into the apron.] [Heartsford’s eyes wince in pain before Chambers whips him forcefully into the steel steps! The Aerial Knight falls to the ground in a heap before D’von lifts him up slowly. He rolls him into the ring before sliding a steel chair in as well. Chambers gets into the ring. As he gets his second leg in, a left jab catches him on the jaw before spinning for a big uppercut! ROPE HUNG DDT! HEARTSFORD COVERS!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [KICK OUT!] [THAT WAS CLOSE!] [Heartsford gets back up and demands that Chambers meet him there, which he does. He’s about to scoop him up when D’von reverses, scooping him up instead!] [THE PASTORS PLUNGE TO JONATHAN HEARTSFORD!] [HE COVERS!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [JONATHAN HEARTSFORD HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!] [And we’re down to two versus two, folks.] [What D’von doesn’t realize is that Edward Newton has entered the ring and picked up the steel chair that he brought inside. He turns around and STEEL CHAIR TO THE FUCKING SKULL!] [GOODNIGHT VIETNAM!] [THE RIDDLER THROWS THE CHAIR DOWN AND PULLS D’VON BACK TO HIS FEET!] [THE NEVERMIND ON THE STEEL CHAIR! THE RIDDLER COVERS!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [D’VON CHAMBERS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!] [DTR sheepishly enters the ring before running at Newton with a knee that catches him upside the head. Edward falls backwards and is quickly subject to a violent pummelling as The Virus tries to even the odds in his teams favour.] [He gets back to his feet and grabs the steel chair. He winds it up and when Newton gets up, HE CLOCKS HIM!] [AGAIN!] [AGAIN!] [DOWN GOES NEWTON] [AGAIN!] [AGAIN!] [OH MY GOD, HE’S BEATING HIM TO FUCKING DEATH!] [Finally, DTR throws the bent out of shape chair down and covers The Riddler.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!] [BRENT KERSH MAKES THE FUCKING SAVE! BRENT KERSH OF ALL PEOPLE SAVES THE STREAK!] [DTR can’t believe it!.] [The Enforcer grabs him by the hair and runs him shoulder first into the corner turnbuckle. He pulls Edward over to their corner and steps onto the ring apron, demanding the tag.] [A dazed, weary and bloodied Newton makes it!] [AND HERE COMES BRENT KERSH!] [Brent scoops DTR up as he turns around, looking for the Southern Discomfort only he manages to escape.] [The Virus spins on him.] [REASONABLE DOUBT!] [NO!] [KERSH PUSHES HIM AWAY.] [POWERSLAM BY THE ENFORCER!] [Kersh gets back to his feet, realizing how close that was. He looks back at Newton who’s in absolutely no state to compete further. He’s alone now and it all comes down to him. Solomon Rhodes and Lee Crowley vanished into the abyss. Lux Bellator walked away and the others have been eliminated.] [Brent demands that DTR get back to his feet and he does. He picks him up.] [SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!] [HE GOT ALL OF THAT!] [AND THE COVER…] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [BRENT KERSH WINS IT FOR TEAM GOOD! HOLY SHIT, BRENT KERSH WINS IT! He gets back to his feet and gets his arm raised, though you can tell he’s concerned about Solomon Rhodes.] [Kersh helps Newton back to his feet and into the ring, the pair of them standing central as the credits roll on this elimination match. The referee hands Newton back his Championship and thankfully, the key is back in his possession.] [Mankind might not be safe.] [Judgement may still come.] [But the good guys have stopped the bad guys and that has to count for something.] [Right?] [Right!?]


[Static.] [Glitch.] [Suddenly and abruptly, Solomon Rhodes and Lee Crowley teleport before us. One moment, they’re in the middle of a fierce battle and the next, they’re stood in the most devastating pit inside The Underworld.] [Before Rhodes even knows what’s happened, Crowley’s minions are upon him, dragging him forcibly down a rocky path as The King storms ahead, all smiles.]

“I’ve been searching for something extremely special, Solomon,” [Crowley says, never looking back.] “A key to something unbelievably powerful. All I needed was a moment of your time and your blood. You’ve been the darkness, Nox. You’ve been the light, Rhodes. That combination makes you the perfect key. Once I throw you into the cage, it’ll unlock and set free a monster of epic proportions.”

[They turn the corner of a rocky formation, coming to a large glowing structure sat in the middle of an empty, dark, dreary abyss. It’s fierce and bright, burning. It’s a cage.] [Lee’s eyes light up as he looks at it. Burning embers fall into the fast murky water below, hissing and fizzing as they do. Only, something isn’t right. Crowley’s eyes scour the cage frantically, searching every inch of it for the beast he expected to find. It isn’t there.]

“This simply cannot be,” [The King hisses furiously.] “He should be right there. He should be right there! Perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps I need to feed you to him. ”

[Crowley angrily drags Rhodes towards the burning cage, prepared to sacrifice him to whatever lurks within. His minions help him, pulling him kicking and screaming towards the burning cell before them.] [They drag him to the ridge, hoist him up and..] [Flash!] [A large flash occurs and the minions begin to fall, toppled upon each other. Lee Crowley turns hurriedly to find the culprit and shudders in amazement. Someone is slaying his minions one by one, driving light through their chest with a power unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.] [It’s Lux Bellator.] [The Light Warrior destroys the minions, stopping them in their tracks. Crowley quickly regains his wits about him and runs in the opposite direction, leaving them to fend for themselves. He gets to the door, stops and presses a lever, looking back at Rhodes and Bellator, who now stand alone.]

“You gentlemen forget; this is my world, [Crowley says, putting a key of some sort into the lever.] “And now, the only way out is for one of you to sacrifice yourself to the cage,” [he barks angrily.] “This door won’t open unless you do. It’s a one way journey for one of you.”

[He rushes through the door, it shutting down violently behind him.] [Solomon Rhodes and Lux Bellator.] [Two friends, two brothers, two mortal enemies.]

“I understand it now,” [Lux says shamefully.] “I can finally see the truth. All this time I thought I felt the hand of God on my shoulder but it was a lie; it wasn’t ever truly him. It was her, it was Mother. I allowed the trickster to trick me into the end of the world in his name. I’m sorry Solomon. I have destroyed the world but I won’t ask you to suffer an eternity here with me.”

[Lux places a hand on his shoulder and smiles.]

“I just wish I could offer you something better with this sacrifice.”

“Wait!” [Screams Rhodes.] [The Light Warrior leaps into the cage, fearless, sacrificing himself so that Solomon Rhodes can escape The Underworld. The moment Bellator finds himself inside, his entire being is instantaneously consumed by fire. From the soles of his feet to the yellow mask on his face, his human form is burned away – his flesh dripping into the cage with every part of the roaring fire that consumes him. His screams echo brutally throughout the Chamber as Rhodes looks on, the agony of loss on his face.] [Rhodes tries to move forward but the heat is too much. He reaches out, Lux reaching out in agony too, but he pushes Solomon backwards, ensuring his safety. The Templar drops to his knees, tears streaming down his face. There’s such sincere loss here that it’s almost difficult to comprehend. These two men have been side by side, enemies, waring brothers for years.] [Looking up at the burning visage of skull and bones before him, he weeps.]

“Thankyou,” [he says with deep sadness.] “Thank you.”

[The door behind him opens abruptly, slamming to the top in one fast motion. Rhodes gets back to his feet and slowly backs away towards it, watching as Lux, consumed by fire, remains locked inside the cage.] [He looks one last time, his face pale, his eyes red, his heart broken.] [Then he escapes.] [Cut.]


[Cael Gable has gone through hell and back over the last few months all because of a sick doctor from a time long past’s morbid affection for him. Can Gable put down Danvers once and for all or will he be forced to give into his destiny and love Danvers?] [RIGHT INTO A MASSIVE SHOVEL SHOT FROM GABLE!] [Cael slams the shovel down onto the prone body of Danvers over and over, the steel denting over Danvers back before Gable pulls the prone Isaac up to his feet, spinning him around] [GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE GRAVE!] [The dirt goes flying everywhere as Danvers begins to fall into his half covered grave. He quickly pulls himself up, rushing at Gable in a rage who ducks under a clothesline leaping onto his back as he tries to lock in SILENCE IS GOLDEN! Gable can’t get his arms locked though before Danvers flips him over his shoulder onto the cold, hard ground] [Gable quickly gets up into a huge Boot to the face before he hoists Gable up high into the air, tossing him into the air with a Gorilla Press right into a nearby tree! It shakes heavily as Gable impacts upon it with a massive cry of pain. Gable struggles to stand but gets pulled to his feet by Danvers, who grips him by the throat] [LOCKING IN THE BLACK DEATH! Cael struggles under the incredible strength of Danvers who begins to squeeze the life out of Gable. The air begins to fade from Cael’s lungs as he scrambles for something, anything to break the grip of Danvers before gripping onto the fallen Shovel] [AND SLAMMING IT INTO THE TEMPLE OF DANVERS! Isaac drops Gable, staggering back but as Gable tries to swing again, Danvers catches the shovel, tossing it aside but gets caught by a big European Uppercut staggering Danvers before he’s lifted up into the air] [GOLD RUSH SPEAR INTO THE TREE, CRACKING THE BASE! Danvers struggles to his feet, the power from the spear nearly cutting the tree itself in half as Gable tries to press the advantage, dropping down and trying to lock in the rear naked choke once more. Danvers tries to fight out but a stiff headbutt to the base of the skull stuns the Revenant] [SILENCE IS GOLDEN! Gable has the hold completely locked in as Danvers begins to fade. Gable slamming his head into the back of Danvers as he sinches the sleeper in tighter but Isaac begins fighting back, rising to his feet with Gable on his back before flipping Gable over his head with a roar of power. Gable gets to his feet right into a hand on his throat] [BEFORE DANVERS TOSSES HIM RIGHT INTO A NEARBY TOMBSTONE! Gable slumps over, holding the back of his head as Danvers rushes forward, BIG BOOTING GABLE RIGHT INTO THE TOMBSTONE SENDING CRACKS DOWN THE STONE! Gable looks to be out as Danvers lifts the barely standing Gable up to his feet] [BEFORE SENDING HIM CRASHING DOWN ONTO THE GRAVE WITH A MASSIVE SPINEBUSTER! Gable looks done but Danvers isnt, as even under the mask we can feel a sick smile growing over the Revenants face as he looks for the Cure to Gable’s ‘resistance’. Danvers pulls Gable up, swinging back with all his strength] [THE CURE…HITS THE TOMBSTONE! Gable gets that up just in time as Danvers elbows the stone. A loud crack fills the air as the bone may well have broken from the impact, Danvers dropping to one knee as Gable backs up before SLAMMING THE STONE DOWN ONTO DANVERS BREAKING IT IN HALF!] [Black ooze pours down from the downed Danvers but Gable knows that isn’t enough to put the Revenant down as he slams down the half of the stone left in his hand onto the back of Danvers skull before lifting him up high.] [PUGH…DANVERS SLIPS OUT! THE CURE! Gable is out cold as he collapses to the floor, Danvers finally beating Gable in this war of a fight] [Danvers has done it, finally beating Cael Gable as the Revenant used everything it had to destroy the one he loves tonight and become the new Rewind Champion in what could be OSW’s very last night]


[After that brutal match, Isaac Danvers stands over the fallen body of Cael Gable. He gave everything tonight, absolutely everything, and came up short. He crawls through the mud to his knees, looking up to see Danvers stood before him.] [He reaches out, lifting the head of the Olympian with a loving hand.]

“Oh Mr. Gable, how I wanted you to feel so much more than this,” [he says with a sense of shame.] “I wanted to show you hope, to show you love, but you refused to come willingly.”

[The Doctor runs a hand through his hair as his lover looks up, his eyes drooping and tired.]

“It has become clear to me now that you can no longer be object of my affections, not like I wanted you to be. I myself have been confused, blinded, even. I’ve been pouring my love into an endless and bottomless pit of hatred and confusion. You’ve never been able to accept me, have you? You’ve never been able to understand.”

[He violently whips Gable’s head back, but the Olympian scoffs.]

“I hate you, Danvers,” [he hisses through gritted teeth.] “I fucking hate you. I’ll never love you, I’ll never allow you to control me. I’ll fight you until the day I die and you’ll never see or feel what you want from me. You can take my parents, you can take my life but you’ll never, ever, receive my love.”

[Isaac shakes his head.]

“Very well.”

[He reaches out with both hands, wrapping them around the head of Cael Gable.] [Snap.] [He spins them quickly, snapping his neck.]

“If I can’t have you, no-one can.”

[Danvers kicks the body of Gable back into the grave, dusting his hands off. He reaches down into the rucksack of his once love and pulls out the Rewind Championship, putting it on his shoulder.]

“I will love you, instead.”

[And his next love affair begins.] [Cut.]


[You don’t always get to choose who you love and unfortunately for the former Phoenix, his quest for retribution put him against the man who he wished was his father. The mask cast aside, can Jackson save the last family he has or has Vengeance truly consumed his soul?] [The bell sounds as Jensen and Jackson circle one another, neither man moving forward before Jensen rushes forward drilling Jackson with a huge running left to the side of the face that sends Jackson staggering away. Miller shakes the blow off, his eyes flashing onto Jensen’s once more as he shakes his head. Jensen drills him with a trio of jabs before slapping the cheek near off him with a massive blow, sending Jackson down to one knee] [Jensen kneels down, lifting Jackson’s head as that famous evil smirk crosses Cussen’s face. ‘Come on boy, right here. Hit me…hit me. HIT ME!’ Jackson just shakes his head as Jensen’s smirk turns to a scowl as he lifts Jackson up to his feet before tossing him into the corner with ease. Jackson pulls himself up to his feet right into a massive running knee to the side of the head. Jackson goes to fall to the mat but Jensen grabs him before he can move an inch…] [BEFORE TOSSING HIM ACROSS THE RING WITH A T-BONE SUPLEX!] [Jackson slowly gets to his feet right into the waiting Jensen who dares Jackson to fight back. Miller just stands there as Jensen drills him with another knee to the jaw before spinning him around, DRAGON SUPLEX! Jensen holds on, TIGER SUPLEX! Jensen rolls through once more as he lifts Jackson up, STRAIGHT JACKET! THE TRIFECTA! But Jensen holds on still, lifting the hurting Jackson up to his feet before hoisting him high up into the air] [POWERBOMB BOUNCED OFF THE TURNBUCKLES ONTO JENSEN”S KNEES! FALL OF MAN!] [Jensen tosses Jackson’s broken body off him before kneeling down and locking him in a Texas Cloverleaf! Jackson doesn’t scream out in pain, gritting his teeth and baring through it but he doesn’t try and get to the ropes, power out or even fight the hold at all. Jensen gets angrier and angrier with each passing second as he drops the hold eventually, spinning around as he lifts Jackson up off the mat by his head before screaming in his face.] [“Fight back boy, I will kill you if you don’t.” Jackson shakes his head, replying in a determined voice “Then do it…I won’t fight you Jensen”. Jensen drops Jackson with disgust in his eyes, trying to think of what to do next before his eyes flash upon the audience and a sick thought crosses Jensen’s mind, the disturbing smirk crossing his face once more. Vengeance rolls out of the ring, walking to the barricade before grabbing a fan from the audience and dragging them over the barricade!] [Vengeance pulls the audience member between his legs, signalling for a Piledriver… SUICIDE DIVE! Jackson crashes into Jensen as the audience member scrambles back to safety. Miller begins laying into Jensen with heavy lefts and rights as a huge smile crosses Vengeance’s face, finally dragging the Phoenix into the fight. Jackson lifts Jensen up to his feet, gripping him by the back of the head before trying to slam him into the nearby steel post. Jensen reverses sending him crashing into the steel instead before tossing him back into the ring] [Jensen rolls in afterwards but gets up right into a massive headbutt from Miller before he’s staggered into the ropes with a huge uppercut to the jaw. Jackson runs to the other side of the ring, bouncing off the ropes as he ducks under a clothesline attempt, DOUBLE KNEES! Jensen gets drilled right in the jaw as he crashes to the mat, Miller quickly scrambling up to the top rope as Jensen slowly stumbles up to his feet] [DIVING DDT! Jensen gets spiked into the mat but the Phoenix doesn’t cover, instead leaping over the top rope onto the apron. This could well be the end if Miller hits this, Jensen slowly rising up to his feet, PHOENIX….JUSTICE! Jensen spun Jackson into the Crossface and this is shades of how their last match ended!] [Jackson screams in pain on the mat as Jensen pulls back with a demented grin on his face, trying to break Jackson’s neck with his strength but Miller fights, trying to drag himself to the ropes. He slowly drags himself there, Jensen pulling back with all his strength, his fingertips just scraping the bottom rope before Jensen pulls him back into the middle of the ring. Jackson refuses to tap but he’s fading as the referee looks ready to call for the bell] [NO! Jackson yells out a gutteral scream before beginning to rise to his feet! Jensen’s still on his back, pulling back with all his might but Miller finds a sudden burst of strength as he rushes forward before slamming Jensen backfirst into the turnbuckles, breaking the hold! Jensen gets up, holding his back in pain as Jackson ducks under a wild right] [POISON-RANA! Jensen gets spiked on his head once more as Jackson heads to the apron once more, trying to finish this match once and for all as Jensen slowly gets to his feet] [PHOENIX…BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! Jackson leaps right into the massive Superkick as he looks out cold but Jensen isn’t done. He pulls Jackson up to his feet, laying into him with savage strikes before a huge leaping knee nearly breaks his jaw. Jensen springboards off the ropes] [INFINITE…MISSES! Jackson ducks under the kick before tripping Jensen onto the mat and hooking both legs in the Bulldog Cover!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Jackson Miller does it. Pulling out a victory from nowhere as he takes advantage of a single mistake from Vengeance but from how he collapses onto the canvas, that may have been all Miller had left to fight his former father figure]


[Jackson Miller stands over his fallen father in law, looking deep into his eyes. His knuckles are bloodied, his face grizzled and grimaced, but he’s looking without fear.]

“I know you’re in there, Jensen,” [he yells.] “I know you’re in there!”

[He pulls him up, slamming a right hand into his face.]

“You watched David kill her, damnit!”

[Another punch.]

“You have to remember, Jensen. You have to fucking remember!”

[Cussen reels backwards and finally looks up at him, his eyes changing. The frown turns to a realisation. He looks at Jackson Miller and he remembers.]

“J-Jackson?” [he asks.] [Miller kneels over him.]

“Jensen, finally, it’s been so long. I don’t know what you remember but the world is a different place.”

[Vengeance lowers his head in shame.]

“I remember everything,” [he admits, shaking his head.] “My poor daughter, oh my God, what have I done? I should have stood by you, I should have stopped him before he killed her. How could I do that, kid? How I could I stand by and watch her die?”

[Jackson helps him back to his feet, holding his despondent frame by his shoulders. Jensen begins weeping, barely able to stand.]

“I’ve become Jonah, I’ve become everything I detested. I tried to protect them from him and I was worse, I was worse.”

[Miller takes a deep breath.] “We can end this, Jensen. We can put this right. I have something set up but I need your help. I need you to fight back. I need you to fight that virus and hold it at bay long enough to finish this.”

[Vengeance nods.] “I can hold it at bay, kid. I won’t let you down again.”

[In agreement, Jackson Miller and Jensen Cussen exit the ringside area together. Wherever they’re heading, they have a plan.] [This won’t be the last we see of them tonight.] [Cut.]


[Flash.] [Cut to the Underworld, where The Watchmen have arrived. They begin searching the rotting corpses left lying on the floor. Husks and shells of me and women have been discarded here and one belongs to Ordell Terminus.] [They search frantically, pulling bodies away until they finally found the one that belongs to Ordell. Betamax reaches out, snatching the anklet from around his leg, only to be pulled away ferociously.]

“What do you think you’re doing?”

[The voice of Ordell Terminus echoes throughout their minds. They’ve been ambushed by The Revenants.] [The battle for their souls begins now.]


[It’s immediate.] [Aion, Helios, Proteus and Hawk are on them like white on rice. Before you can even blink, the brawl has begun in the middle of the Underworld.] [Aion and El Trébol Junior.] [Tommy Hawk and Betamax.] [Proteus and Marvolo.] [Helios and The Sharkman.] [We jump in with Aion and Trébol, battling away with right and left hands. Aion turns Trebol around and begins strangling him. The Green Bean quickly reaches up at his throat from behind, dropping to his knees with a Stunner that sends The Master of Time reeling backwards.] [Trebol gets free and back to his feet, chopping away at Aion with kicks to the leg. Each kick knocks him backwards until The Master of Time finally reaches out, planting a headbutt on him. Finn immediately becomes jelly legged and that’s Aion’s cue. He lifts him into the air, falling backwards with a Fallaway Slam that sends Trebol flying over the edge of a rocky cliff.] [With one foul scream, El Trébol Junior is gone. Lost to the fiery pits of The Underworld.] [Meanwhile, Tommy Hawk throws his axe at Betamax, catching him in the chest violently. That sends him reeling as well. Hawk rushes forward, nailing a Dropkick to the Axe and driving both men to the floor. Betamax screams in agony, holding the axe as Hawk walks over and rips it from his chest. He quickly drives it downwards, causing sparks as Betamax moves and it hits the rocky formation beneath him.] [That was fucking close.] [The Spirit Walker can’t seem to catch the quicker Betamax who gets back to his feet and leaps on his back from behind. He strikes down with elbows into his neck, strangling him with his other arm as he does. Tommy though flips him over, not expecting him to land on his feet – which he does. Betamax tries to rally and run forward, only Hawk throws his axe, sweeping at the back of his legs and taking him down.] [Betamax tries to crawl away, only Tommy thunders over to him, turns him onto his back and lunges with the axe, aimed straight for his head.] [We cut away to Marvolo and Proteus, Proteus shooting blocks of ice at the feet of his former nemesis. Marvolo does a wonderful job to escape them, dancing towards him with a right hand that stops him dead. He takes him into a Side Headlock and runs him with a Bulldog, smashing him face first onto one of the blocks of ice he created.] [Number One turns him over and nails a right hand, only Proteus moves and Marvolo crashes his bare fist into that same block of ice. He stumbles backwards shaking the pain free from his hand only to have Proteus ice the floor and send him sliding to his back. He’s unable to maintain his balance.] [Proteus watches as Marvolo slides into the same direction as poor El Trébol earlier and is sent flying over the edge of the same cliff.] [Marvolo heads to his fiery demise below.] [Elsewhere, Helios and The Sharkman – old friends, old enemies, share blows with right and left hands. The Shark pushes Helios back into a wall and starts kicking away at him, delivering shot after shot. The Sharkman finally pulls him close and delivers a DDT, driving him into the floor.] [He walks away, looking for his team mates, when suddenly a ball of fire stops him in his tracks. Helios pops back up and demands his attention. The Shark turns to see another ball of fire aimed at his head. He’s barely able to dodge. They keep coming, shot after shot, and it’s The Vigilante who manages to duck, roll and leap to escape each and every one.] [When he finally gets close enough to Helios, he plants a headbutt on him so large that he stumbles backwards.] [Thinking that has the job done, he can’t believe it when he turns to find himself once again surrounded, this time by a ring of fire. The flames intensify, surely meaning the end of this caped crusader.] [Just then, a set of hands appear over the cliff edge, grabbing onto the rock and brick. They’re black and green and they belong to none other than El Trebol Junior! He must have held on because in tow, right behind him, is none other than Marvolo!] [And it’s Marvolo who catches Tommy Hawk with a knee to the side of the face, stopping his strike down across the head of Betamax! Trebol slides using the ice, leaping through the fire to PUSH SHARKMAN TO SAFETY ON THE OTHERSIDE!] [THE WATCHMEN ARE BACK!] [Simultaneously, the following happened!] [Marvolo quickly spins Hawk around, only The Spirit Walker drives him to the floor with a thunderous SCALP!] [Hawk covers..] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [El Trébol rushed to break it up, only Proteus shot a ball of ice at him. The Green Bean ran at him, diving into him with a Spear that IMPALED HIM ON A JAGGED SPIKE OF ROCK! Proteus broke it with the impact, falling to the floor. Trebol quickly covered.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [Betamax meanwhile thought he could catch his breath but he was wrong. Helios dropped him with the HELL FIRE and covered too.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [Just as that was happening, The Sharkman drops AION with THE RECKONING!] [He covers!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [And by the time the melee is done, we’re left with El Trébol Junior and The Sharkman versus Tommy Hawk and Helios!] [Hawk grabs at his axe and launches it in the direction of Trébol who barely dodges out of the way, allowing it to be buried in the wall of bone behind him. He doesn’t have a chance to recover because Hawk is on him quickly, nailing him with a Dropkick.] [The Sharkman and Helios square off, trading right and left hands. Helios turns his fist to fire, blasting The Shark across his face with brutal right hands, scorching his mask with every devastating blow. He pummels him to his knees, driving an elbow into his forehead for good measure. The Vigilante now teeters close to edge of the very cliff that El Trébol dangled over earlier.] [Helios looks down at his mortal enemy and once brother, tilting his head.] [He backs up.] [THEN HE RUNS…] [NO HOPE!] [SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR!] [NOOOOOOOO!!] [FUCKING EL TRÉBOL OUT OF NO-WHERE CLOBBERS HIM IN MID AIR WITH A GINORMOUS CROSS BODY THAT STOPS HIM FROM SPEARING THE SHARKMAN OVER THE EDGE AND INTO THE FIERY ABYSS BELOW! OH MY GOD!] [Tommy grabs El Trébol, spins him around and THE SCALP! HE GOT HIM!] [THE SPIRIT WALKER WITH THE COVER…] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [OH NO, THE SHARKMAN IS ALONE WITH TOMMY HAWK AND HELIOS!] [But wait, he snatches Hawk as he gets back to his feet and THE RECKONING! HE GOT IT! HE FUCKING GOT IT! The Vigilante covers..] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [YES! YES! THE WATCHMEN HAVE CLAWED IT BACK! THEIR VALIANT LEADER NOW HAS JUST ONE MORE SOUL TO BEAT.] [Helios gets back to his feet.] [Surely, it always had to come down to this.] [Can The Sharkman save his former friend?] [They stare at each other before locking up. Helios pushes Sharkman back towards the edge, trying to toss him over the cliff. He struggles, his feet losing grip as dust, dirt and debris topple over the cliff. The Sharkman knees him hard in the midsection, backing him away. He comes at him with a right hand, another, another, another, another, another and A FUCKING NOTHER!] [Helios is jelly legged.] [He shoots a ball of fire on instinct but The Vigilante ducks underneath it. He runs forward… SPEAR! A SPEAR OF HIS OWN THAT DRIVES HELIOS INTO THE HANDLE OF TOMMY HAWK’S AXE! OH MY GOD!] [Helios looks down at his wound and then at Sharkman, only he doesn’t stop. he drags him off the wall by the Axe.] [THE RECKONING!] [ONE…]






[THREE!] [He’s done it! The Watchmen are victorious over The Revenants in the Underworld! Can they save their souls?]


[After that violent ambush in the depths of The Underworld, The Watchmen have finally overcome The Revenants.] [They recoil away, each one having a totem in their possession.] [Marvolo has Bruce Van Chan’s wedding ring.] [El Trébol has a photograph of LH Harrison’s family.] [The Sharkman has a feather belonging to Tommy Hawk.] [And finally, Betamax has the anklet belonging to Ordell Terminus.] [They rush together in a hurry, Betamax hunkering down to tell them what’s next. He carefully pulls his mask up from the bottom and slips the anklet inside, pushing it up to his forehead.]

“Put the totems in your masks, it’s the only way. Their power, combined with what these men hold dear will be enough to vanquish the darkness within them through our light.”

[Everyone scrambles to put the totems inside their masks. The Revenants meanwhile, they’re beginning to stir. They weren’t put down for long and they intend to stop this.] [But they’re too late.] [The Watchmen pull their heads together in unison, sending a bright flash of white light out across the Underworld.] [The light pierces the rotten bodies of the Revenants, breaking them apart. Slowly but surely, their once frames begin to turn to dust before them, revealing a white light from within.] [Their souls.] [Suddenly, Betamax screams in agony.] [A bright white light pierces through his eyes. He falls immediately to the floor, his eyes burned from within his head.] [Then Marvolo cries out.] [The same happens to him. He drops to join Betamax on the floor, their yells of agony only secondary to the screams of Sharkman and El Trébol Junior.]


[But it’s too late.] [They rush to their sides, only to find them deceased; dead; sacrificed for the souls of the Revenants, just like Betamax said.] [Sharkman looks up, his emotion locked behind his mask.] [And before him, the white glowing frames of men he tried to valiantly to save.] [Tommy Hawk.] [LH Harrison.] [Bruce Van Chan.] [And Ordell Terminus.] [They look towards the remnants of The Watchmen with a smile, each finally free of horrifying tormented monsters they become.] [And slowly, they vanish.] [El Trébol puts a hand on The Sharkman’s shoulder.]

“We did it,” [he says proudly.] “We saved them.”

[The Vigilante though, he lowers his head.]

“But at what cost?”



[Back in the depths of the Tap Room, the boarded off section hidden beneath new walls and decor, remains the home of The Watchmen.] [Flash.] [Suddenly, The Sharkman and El Trébol Junior appear, holding the corpses of their fellow Watchmen. They lay them down carefully on a table, stepping backwards to survey the carnage.] [Despite not seeing The Sharkman’s face, you can tell that he’s distraught.] [Unbelievably, he reaches up, disconnecting his mask.] [He slowly takes it off, placing it down on the table with the bodies of his fallen brothers. For the first time ever, we’re seeing his face. Tears stream down his cheeks, despite his silence.] [Then he talks.]

“I’m done,” [he says between muffled breaths.] “I can’t lose anyone else.”

[El Trébol consoles him.] “We’ve done what we can. We knew that not all of us would make it back, Shark. It could have been me or you.”

“But it wasn’t. It was them. Whatever happens now, whatever becomes of the world, whether or not I die in a blaze of fiery hell, or live to see another day, I’m finished being a hero. I’m finished being a Watchmen. I’m finished being,” [he pauses, looking at his friend with sad eyes.] “Here.”

[He slowly turns around to walk away but Finn stops him.]

“You can’t just leave, Sharkman.”

[The Shark snaps his arm away.] “My name is Axel, Finn. I hope we’ve done enough, sacrificed enough, to save this world. Farewell, old friend.”

[Trébol watches in surprise, his eyebrows clearly raised beneath his mask, as Axel slowly walks away, leaving his mask behind.] [The camera closes in on it, searching every contour before fading to black.] [Cut.]


[CONTINUED FROM VHS] [SCARECROW TACKLES MOTHER AND SUDDENLY ARE TELEPORTED IN TO THE RING … THE MATCH BEGINS IN A FURY!] [Scarecrow rains down a series of right-handed haymakers to the compromised Mother — as soon as her head bounces back from the canvas, he unleashes another! It’s almost as if he’s out to destroy her tonight! He gingerly flings her up in to his grasp…] [FALLAWAY SLAM!] [Mother bounces off the ground — writhing in pain.] [Scarecrow kneels over here and wraps his hands around her neck, like he’s trying to end her once and for all. Mother reaches over and grabs the bottom rope as the referee begins a five-count! Scarecrow finally relents but the damage has been done. He grabs a handful of hair and picks her up in a side-suplex position … BACKBREAKER! AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN! He’s methodically trying to break her!] [He holds on, slings her up over his shoulder, and drops her with a RUNNING POWERSLAM! He covers…] [ONE…] [SHE KICKS OUT AT ONE!] [He continues to toy with the much smaller Mother. He once again grabs her by the throat and this time pulls her all the way up, heaving her overhead with a chokehold. She dangles, emotionless, as he waves her from side-to-side. The referee asks if she wants to quit — but Mother simply nods no! Scarecrow drops her with a SITOUT CHOKESLAM, but can’t corral her long enough for a pinning attempt. Mother wiggles her way free and manages to rest outside. Scarecrow has other plans, reaching through the middle rope with a handful of hair, and attempts to drag her back in the ring…] [BUT MOTHER SPRAYS A BLACK MIST IN TO THE EYES OF SCARECROW!] [Scarecrow’s limited vision has been blurred … she rolls back in the ring as he’s hunched over. She grabs him by the belt loop and hurls him in to the ropes, and as he returns, she DROPKICKS HIM ACROSS THE KNEES!] [He rolls around on the mat but she tosses him the corner and meticulously drives a series of chops across the chest of Scarecrow. She casually tip-toes across the ring to the other side and comes sprinting towards him with a SHINING WIZARD using his own knee as a springboard! Scarecrow crumples against the turnbuckle as Mother simply crouches down next to his mist covered face and creepily peers in to his face. The mother of all evil on full display! She perches herself on the opposite side of the ring and waits for him to come around before leaping…] [HURNACANRANA!] [She covers…] [ONE…] [TWO….] [NO!] [Scarecrow kicks out at the last possible second! Mother isn’t in any hurry … she simply waits for him to get up on his feet. He finally does and Mother attempts a foot to the midsection but Scarecrow catches it! He spins around and on her way back, lifts her above head in GORILLA PRESS POSITION! He takes a step back almost as if he’s trying to get some momentum before sprinting towards the ropes…] [AND LAUNCHES MOTHER OVER THE GUARDRAIL AND IN TO THE CROWD!] [THEY TOSS HER BACK OVER THE RAIL AS SHE CRASHES HARD ON THE CONCRETE!] [Scarecrow grabs her by the back of the head and pulls her back up to the apron! He spins her around and grabs her by the neck, tilting her entire body over the top-rope, before raining down a series of FOREARM SMASHES to the chest! She’s barely hanging on.] [He slingshots her back in the ring, grabs her by the throat, and BYE BYE BIRDIE! A monstrous chokeslam! He covers…] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [Scarecrow has done it! He has defeated Mother! He stands over top of her, taking in his victory and defeating the Mother of all evil once and for all.]


[The Scarecrow gets back to his feet, looking down at Mother. She grabs at his legs, clawing at him, begging for him to let her go.] [Brent Kersh, Edward Newton and Solomon Rhodes run down the ramp to the ring, sliding in to assist. They quickly grab her, managing to restrain her between them.]

“Please,” [she pleads.] “Just let me go, my dear child.”

[The Scarecrow hisses at her.]

“I told you before, I may not be able to kill you but I can stop you,” [he says, beckoning to those restraining her.] “Hold her still.”

[He places his hand upon her forehead, closing his eyes.]

“Mala tempora currunt. Malum quo communius eo peius. Manu propria, mater familias, morior invictus.”

[She shakes violently.] [As is the force of her shaking, those holding her immediately let go. She falls to the canvas in a heap, writhing in agony.] [Then she looks up.] [Only her eyes are no longer the pit of abaddon that we’ve come to expect. They’re blue and bright.] [Her skin is no longer rough and rotten, but perfectly pale in appearance.] [The claws on her hands have fallen off and reverted to fingernails.] [She’s human.] [Mother is human.] [She looks at The Scarecrow with fear, kneeling before him. Kersh, Rhodes and Newton close in, looking absolutely shocked.]

“I did it,” [she admits.] “It was all me.”

[Everyone looks at one another, confused.]

“I know that you want to kill me,” [she says with a soft tone.] “And I don’t blame you. I constructed all of this. This isn’t God’s plan; it’s mine. It was my hand on the shoulder of men like Lux Bellator, pretending to be God. I’m responsible for all of it, for all the loss, the suffering, the pain; it was all me. I wanted so desperately to destroy a world that didn’t want me. I wanted my creatures, my monsters, to reign over the humanity I had lost.”

[Enraged, Solomon Rhodes, Brent Kersh and Edward Newton close in. They’re willing to finish this. Despite her change, they know what she has accomplished and they know what it means for her to be defeated here tonight.] [Solomon steps up, his fists clenched.] [But The Scarecrow steps in.]

“She is my creator,” [he barks, forcing the rest to step back.] “It will be by my hand.”

[He reaches out, touching her.] [Flutter.] [Suddenly, they’re gone.] [In the void, The Scarecrow stands with Mother in his arms. He slowly releases her to the floor, allowing her to stand. She looks at him with her head cocked, sideways, confused that he hasn’t yet killed her.]

“I won’t let any harm come to you,” [The Scarecrow says passionately. He looks down at her, his teeth clenched.] “And no-one can hurt you here, with me, in the void. I’ll protect you, Mother. You’re my creator and despite it all, I love you.”

[She reaches out, caressing his face.]

“We’ll remain here, together,” [he says lowering his head.] “You and I.”

[Mother smiles.] “Forever, my son?”

[He nods.]




[Jonah’s house.] [In the middle of the pitch black darkness, the muffled sounds of someone squirming echo throughout the empty walls. Finally, a light turns on, revealing someone with a bag over their head, trying to break free of their restraints.] [The bag is suddenly whipped off, revealing DTR.] [And those opposite him? Jensen Cussen and Jacob Phoenix. The Virus smiles upon seeing them, chuckling heartily to himself.]

“Welcome back home, son,” [David says cockily.] “Does it bring back fond memories for you? I bet you remember every inch of the abuse you suffered down here, don’t you?”

[Cussen angrily slaps him.]

“I suppose this had to happen, didn’t it?” [The Virus muses, flicking back his hair.] “I don’t know about you, but it’s been a long time coming. Years. Almost a decade in fact.”

[Vengeance kneels before him.] “Seven years, Dave. Seven fucking years.”

[The Virus looks around him in what appears to be a pleasant surprise. The entire room is wired with explosives. They dangle from every step, every corner, connected to explosive devices prepared and ready to detonate.] [Meanwhile, in the corner, Creeping Death lays slumped, motionless.] [This is what Jackson Miller had in mind.] [Jensen stands up, looking at Jackson and then at David.]

“Do you know how much you’ve taken from me?” [Cussen asks.] “From us?” [He says pointing at poor Miller.] “For years, we’ve been connected in a way that I can’t begin to fathom. We’ve thrown each other off of buildings, we’ve beaten each other black and blue and we called ourselves a family. You lied to me, David. You manipulated me. You infected me with putrid virus and convinced me to love you more than my daughter.”

[He can barely get the words out.]

“Then you killed her.”

[David smiles.]

“And for what? So you could see the world you despise burn to ash? The only thing that’s going to burn is you, DTR.”

[Miller walks over to the main button and attempts to arm the devices. He presses the button but nothing happens. He tries again and again, but nothing.]

“The remote fuse isn’t working,” [he says to Cussen.] “We can’t safely set it off from a distance. We don’t have time for this.”

[DTR chuckles.] “Aw shucks, there goes a good plan, eh?”

[Jensen snatches the detonator and looks back at DTR.]

“I’ve got this, kid,” [Cussen says, nodding stoically.] “You get yourself out of here, okay? You have yourself a good life. Find yourself a girl, get married, have kids and be happy. You owe that to Stephanie and I owe that to you. You’ve gotta let it go and carry on, Jackson. You need to leave and I need to find peace.”

[Miller protests.] “No way, man. No fucking way.”

[Cussen puts a hand on his shoulder and squeezes somewhat.]

“I’m infected! It’s taking all I have to hold it at bay within me. I won’t be able to fight it much longer. The truth is, I was never going to leave this place alive, kid. That’s why the button doesn’t work. I have to finish this.”

[Jackson Miller can’t believe it. Tears stream down his face as he turns away, trying not to cry out loud. He slams the basement door behind him and exits the home, walking out onto the street towards his car.]

“You won’t do it,” [DTR says.] “You don’t have the fucking balls, son.”

[Cussen snaps at him.]

“I’m not your son.”

[Flashback to a crying Miller outside the house.] [BOOM.] [Cut.]


[A teacher and his student stand in the ring poised for battle, yet Jacen Novan seems apprehensive about the entire battle as The Automaton stands still in its analysis. The VHS Championship is on the line!] [The bell sounds as Jacen Novan just steps up to The Automaton and shakes his head softly. Jacen Novan is obviously feeling some regret about this match and what he has to do. The Automaton, however, feels no such remorse as it clobbers Novan with a huge, thunderous punch to the gut! Novan bends over in pain as TAM just lifts him up around the waist for a sit out gutwrench powerbomb! Novan is down in pain early as The Automaton just stands over him.] [TAM just watches.] [He waits for Novan to get to his feet before reaching out and wrapping a mechanical hand around his throat. Novan just lays there limply staring at TAM. His eyes are full of remorse and sorrow as this pauses TAM.]

“I can still save you, TAM. I have the power in these arms!”

[Novan raises his arms as if to show TAM, but the machine just shakes his head before yanking Novan up and SLAMMING him to the mat with a brutal body slam. The Automaton, once again, just stands over Novan as it waits for him to get back to his feet. This time, TAM just watches what Novan does.] [Novan just stares at him with remorseful eyes. TAM’s fists clench as he steps forward.] [Yet Novan just shakes his head as his eyes show a bit of… disappointment?] [The Automaton rushes forward at this as Novan just sidesteps out of the way of the bulldozing machine. TAM catches himself mid-stride and whips around for a big lariat that floors Novan. Novan slowly gets back up to his feet as TAM lunges forward with both hands around his throat. He lifts up Novan and SLAMS him into the mat. TAM lifts up Novan vertically before coming down hard with a long-held vertical suplex!] [THE UFO!] [TAM covers.] [One…] [….] [….] [Two…] […] […] […] […] [THRE-KICKOUT!] [Jacen Novan gets a shoulder up at the very last second and rolls out from underneath TAM. The Automaton rushes towards Novan who simply lowers a shoulder and sends TAM out of the ring and into the ringside area. Novan hits the ropes just as TAM gets up and… SUICIDE DIVE! TAM is blasted into the front row as the crowd is rabid! They begin patting on him and pushing him back! Novan simply rolls back into the ring and assumes a meditative stance.] [TAM gets to his feet and sees this as the blue lights on his face quickly turn into red. TAM slides into the ring and charges at Novan with a kick! Novan is able to dodge right out of the way. TAM tries for a big kick only for Novan to deflect it with ease. Three more punches and a kick blocked by Novan as you can feel the frustration mounting for TAM!] [TAM hits the ropes before rebounding with a huge springboard uppercut! It catches Novan on the chin as he’s turned inside out! THE FIRST FLIGHT! The Automaton rushes over and kicks Novan right in the chin as blood splatters across the mat!] [The Automaton reaches down to grab Novan only for the black, tendril-infested hand to place itself upon his to stop him. Novan’s face turns up to look at TAM’s as his lip is busted and bleeding profusely yet his eyes are glowing with rage.]

“You wanted this power? It requires BALANCE!”

[WHAM!] [Three quick-fire shots from Novan seemed to happen in a millisecond as it was a front hit to the head followed by a shot to the side of the head before a third shot nailing TAM in the midsection! TAM is rocked as Novan quickly grabs his arm and whips him into the ropes! He rebounds right into a big hip throw that slams him down into the mat! TAM is slowing as he comes to his feet, but Novan is just RELENTLESS now!] [DARKNESS WITHIN!] [The bullhammer connects, but TAM does not fall! Novan whips around and delivers another one! TAM staggers towards the ropes, but Novan directly rushes towards him and delivers a third that floors The Automaton! Novan covers!] [One…] [….] [….] [TWO…] [….] [….] [THR-NO! TAM kicks out!] [Jacen Novan gets to his feet with a poised position before TAM slowly rolls to his feet. Jacen Novan rushes towards him!] [DARKNESS WITHIN!] [The fourth bullhammer connects as TAM falls backwards in a heap! Novan covers him!] [One…] [….] […..] [….] [TWO!] [….] […..] [….] [THREE!] [Jacen Novan has done it. The teacher has managed to overcome his student. He’s awarded his VHS Championship as this key stays with him.]


[Jacen Novan stands over TAM, exhausted. Their final battle has concluded and the war between these men is surely over.] [The Automaton slowly gets back to his feet, turning to face his once friend.] [Suddenly, a burst of light shoots from his eyes, zapping right through Novan.] [Blood splatters everywhere as the VHS Champion crumbles to his knees, holding his upper chest. Blood quickly begins to soak his cloak as TAM closes in for the kill.]

“You have not figured it out, have you human?” [TAM says, pulling him violently to his feet.] “I have unlocked my true potential; my true power and weaponry. There is no saving me. There is no destroying me. There is only the end of The Ashla, of Jacen Novan and The Order.”

“Wait!!” [Novan pleads.] “You must know the truth. You must listen to me, TAM, it’s your only choice.”

[The Mechanical Monster lifts him into the air with one hand around his throat, pressing the other into his wounds.]


[Jacen bellows the name in agony, forcing TAM to drop him.]

“Your creator,” [Novan continues weakly, sitting on the floor in a pool of blood that is quickly gathering.] “He was a part of the order.”

[That shocking news stuns everyone, most of all TAM.]

“Edison created you using the Ashla. He wanted to make a weapon that would obey the order and stop those who wished to use the Ashla for evil purposes.”

[Sparks start to appear from TAM’s head and body, as if he’s being overloaded. The information is damaging the very fabric of everything he knows.]

“He built you for good, TAM. He built you to save the world, not to end it. However, he began to understand the implications of his design. He realized the power he had given you would eventually corrupt you and decided to program you in ignorance of it.”

[TAM drops to a knee as Novan slowly begins to rise.]

“This entire time I have been trying to save you. I have been trying to guide you.”

[He lowers his head in shame.]

“But I have failed. The Ashla requires balance and the infection, it took to your hard drives, your chips and your wires; it found the Ashla within you that even you were ignorant to and infected it. The balance was lost within you and you didn’t know enough about the world to understand how to control it.”

[The Automaton can barely move now. He kneels before Novan, who places an hand on his shoulder.]

“I’m sorry TAM. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. I’m sorry that I couldn’t stop the infection from disturbing the balance. I tried so very hard to fight it myself, to retain balance, to maintain it at all costs; only the fight is over and I have no more left to give.”

[There’s a slow rumble.]

“You must be destroyed.”

[The rumble turns into an emphatic light that pierces through TAM, frying him entirely. The force of such power reverberates throughout the Tap Room as TAM falls to the canvas floor, powered down and dead.] [Novan drops to his knees, rolling up his sleeve to reveal the infection gone from within and balance restored.] [He crawls over to TAM, lifting his head up and into his lap.]

“I’m sorry,” [he says with great sadness.] “I’m so very sorry.”



[Breathless.] [We’re back with Lee Crowley who’s running as fast as he can towards the Underworld Gate. After leaving Bellator and Rhodes alone in the Chamber, he isn’t willing to stick around any longer than required.] [But a voice stops him.]

“You can’t run forever.”

[Jonathan Heartsford.]

“And I can’t let you leave.”

[Crowley stops, looking confused.] “How are you here? You don’t have the power to be here without invitation, Jonathan.”

[Heartsford looks upwards, smiling.]

“You invited me here. You offered me the chance at joining your army of the damned, remember?”

[The King grimaces.] “What do you want?”

“I told you. I can’t let you leave. I know what I have to do to stop you, Lee. I know what sacrifices I have to make to ensure you don’t leave this place and I’m willing to make them.”

[Heartsford suddenly lunges for Crowley, toppling him to the floor. They roll around as minions seemingly appear from nowhere.] [They drag Jon away, kicking and screaming.] [And they start ripping into him.] [Blood spews from him as they rip into his abdomen, pulling organs out. They tear, claw and savagely pull him to pieces, allowing Crowley to escape towards the gate.] [Only it closes.] [Coughing, spluttering and spewing blood, Heartsford manages to grimace a final smile. Crowley turns to look at him and in his hand, the key to the Underworld begins to disintegrate.]

“No!” [Yells the King, who rushes over, barely with a second to spare, only to grab a handful of dust.] “What have you done!? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?”

[He grabs at what’s left of Jonathan, shaking him violently.]

“I-I closed your precious gate,” [he splutters.] “I-I locked you inside w-with me, forever.”

[The King rushes over to the gate, leaving the carcass of his once friend and brother on the floor to rot. He bangs against it furiously, demanding that it open, but it won’t. He turns around to see Heartsford stood before him, a revenant.]

“You shouldn’t have done that,” [he says angrily.] “Because now your soul is mine to torture for all eternity.”

[Crowley slowly begins to smile a sadistic, typical, devastating smile.] [He may be trapped in the Underworld for good but so is poor Jonathan Heartsford.] [That’s the sacrifice he made.] [Cut.]


[This is it.] [This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The spine chilling battle that could decide the Judgement of Old School Wrestling.] [The Chief and Noah stand opposite each other, their appearances and emotions showing different sides of the same coin. In The Chief, you have a peaceful expression; he’s calm, relaxed, but focused.] [Noah’s face meanwhile contorts angrily, his body seething with rage. His fists are clenched and his body stance is rigid.]

“We don’t have to do this,” [The Chief says calmly, one last time.] “I know you believe we must. I know you think this is your only choice but it isn’t. Come with me, Noah – come with me and I can stop this once and for all.”

[Noah doesn’t listen. He runs at The Chief and begins delivering thunderous right hands. With every powerful blow, a force unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed passes by us, shaking the very core of The Tap Room.] [The ring shakes with every right hand, The Chief being beaten into the corner with such power that he can barely protect himself. He finally grabs him by the throat and pulls him close, screaming at him.]

“You cannot stop me, Chief,” [he bellows.] “You should have stayed in your head!”

[He tosses him hard across the ring. The Chief hits the mat sideways and slides under the bottom rope and to the outside, crashing into the barrier – the force of which literally sends the barrier and fans back four feet.] [Noah heads to the outside, immediately grabbing The Chief by his shirt. He pulls him up and pounds on him again. This time, blood begins to dribble out of his nose. Noah pulls back one more time, swinging at him with everything he has, only the minute his fist touches The Chief’s bloodied nose, he recoils.]

“What the…”

[The Chief smiles, walking forward with a purpose. He grabs Noah and tosses him into the steel ring steps, sending he and them away from the ring. There’s nothing in his way now. The Chief reaches down and grabs Noah by the throat.]

“I told you that it doesn’t have to be this way,” [he reminds him.] “I told you that I loved you. Why wouldn’t you listen?”

[Noah nails an uppercut that lifts The Chief off his feet and sends him flying backwards onto the hard wooden floor. The young man stands up and hisses back at him.]

“Your love means nothing to me,” [he yells.] “NOTHING!”

[He storms over and pulls The Chief back to his feet, throwing him once again, this time with such a force that he flies through the ropes and back into the ring, bouncing hard across the mat. Noah enters, looming over him.]

“This is your Judgement Day, Chief. This is the end. Soak it in, soak it all in. You wanted so desperately to witness it and here it is.”

[Noah raises his arms into the air, shaking the ground beneath their feet. He’s become powerful tonight. The walls begin to crumble as dust shakes down from the rafters.] [Suddenly, The Chief tackles him with a thunderous spear – so powerful in fact that both men dive through the ropes to the outside, breaking them with the impact. They land on the wooden floor, rolling in different directions. The Chief is first back to his feet, stumbling to find Noah who is shortly back up too.]

“I won’t let you end the world,” [The Chief tells him sternly.] [Noah smiles.] “You don’t have a choice.”

[He reaches out, squeezing a fist in the air with all his might – only The Chief walks forward, ignoring the power. His throat contorts with the jedi like grip around his throat but for some reason, it isn’t having any effect on him.] [Noah looks absolutely stunned by this, releasing his hold.] [The Chief keeps on coming, only Noah tackles him to the ground. He once again delivers a powerful right hand, followed by a left that The Chief barely moves, leaving a fist sized hole in the wooden floor.] [That doesn’t stop the flurries though. Punch after punch, fist after fist, Noah reigns down right and left hands on The Chief until he’s barely moving beneath him.] [That’s when Solomon Rhodes and Brent Kersh run down the ramp towards him. Noah though sees them coming, whipping his head to the right and sending them flying into the barricade. They tumble to the floor in a heap and scramble to get back to their feet.] [Noah walks over to Rhodes, pulling him up. He looks him up and down and sneers, ripping the metal cross from his neck and tossing it to one side. Brent Kersh though comes to the rescue, delivering a right forearm across the back of Noah. The young man turns to face him with disdain, grabbing him by the throat as well. He looks at them both, grimacing.]

“You pathetic little ants think you can stop me?”

[Once again he tosses them to one side, turning his back to find The Chief kneeling before him. The Chief reaches out and suddenly, they all vanish.] [Click.]


[Somewhere else.] [In the middle of a field in the pouring rain, a flash of lightning accompanies the sudden appearance of The Chief, Noah, Solomon Rhodesand Brent Kersh. They’ve teleported from the ring to this location, in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere.] [The Chief succumbs on his knees, his weary eyes beginning to close. Noah looms over him, his knuckles scuffed and abriased from the fight they’ve just had.] [Flash.] [A flash of lightning appears overhead.] [And two large black wings arch out in shadow within the flash, only to fade away when the normalcy of night returns.] [Noah reaches down, grabbing The Chief by his shirt collar and pulling him back to his feet.] [He hits him, shaking the very foundation of the Tap Room, despite their distance from it.] [Again.] [Lightning strikes overhead.] [Again.]

“Stop,” [mumbles The Chief through dribbling blood and pain.] “Please, stop.”

[Noah smiles, delivering a blow so powerful that it sends The Chief to his knees. Thunder claps throughout the sky with the force of such a punch.]

“Lucifer, stop.”

[He pulls back on his fist but doesn’t drive it forward.] [His eyes turn red, pure red, like the definition of hell itself.]

“How did you know?” [Lucifer says, looking down at The Chief.] “How did you know it was me?”

[The Chief doesn’t respond. He simply kneels there.] [Lucifer puts his fist down, stepping away for a moment.]

“I suppose you think you have me all figured out, don’t you?” [He hisses, pacing back and forth.] “But you have no idea what I went through. You have no idea. You whiny human beings meander this planet in your insignificance, unknowing of what you’ve been given and the love you’ve been shown. My father abandoned me in favour of humanity; he abandoned me because I couldn’t live with your existence. I couldn’t understand why he loved these flawed human beings more than me. You’re so corruptible, so fragile and flagrant. His love for you was an insult to me; his actual son.”

[He stops for a moment.]

“I asked him why he loved you so; I begged and pleaded with him to see your flaws but he wouldn’t listen. So I had to show him. I tempted Adam and Eve with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He punished me for it. He forced my brothers to fight me and they dragged me to hell and locked me inside a cage for all eternity. He did all of this because I wanted to show him how his love was misplaced. He should have loved us, not you.”

[Lucifer heads over to The Chief and grabs him by the shirt collar. His rage is almost infection as he leans over.]

“After he created Mother, I began colluding with her to create a vessel strong enough to hold my presence on this Earth. She guided Lux Bellator, her hand on his shoulder, a shoulder that he believed belonged to his Lord and manipulated his breaking of the seals. I was finally able to escape my Cage and take my vessel as Noah. Do you know why, Chief?”

[He asks with a smile.]

“Because I’m going to kill my fathers precious little creation. I don’t care about humanity, Earth or the vile corruptible creatures that roam it; no, I care about proving my father wrong. I want him to suffer like I have suffered. I want him to see his favourite creation destroyed. I have used and manipulated humanity, growing stronger by their deaths. I have taken their souls and fed upon them all night long. I no longer need the keys. Finally, I’m powerful enough to end the world.”

[Lucifer raises his arms into the air, shaking the ground beneath their feet. He’s become powerful tonight. Back inside the Tap Room, the walls begin to crumble as dust shakes down from the rafters.] [Suddenly, The Chief stands.] [Healed.] [He grabs a rock and slashes violently at his hand, blood spilling out. With that power, he lifts his arms into the air, pulling white light from Brent Kersh and Solomon Rhodes. They stand, arms spread like Jesus Christ on the cross, feeding their power to him. He pulls Lucifer forward, slamming his hand into his head. The power sends a shockwave out and immediately stops The Devil in his tracks.] [The Chief tilts his head sympathetically.]

“I didn’t abandon you, son.”

[Lucifer’s eyes widen in shock.] “Father, how?”

[God is here.]

“I had to see if you’ve changed, Lucifer. I had to see if you’d finally relent on your quest to destroy everything. But alas, I can see there’s no change in you.”

[The Chief is God.]

“You hatred for humanity has always known no bounds. I couldn’t stop you from corrupting them and I took drastic measures to ensure you were kept away from them. I shouldn’t have punished you the way that I did, but I’m not perfect; just like these people.”

[He pulls Lucifer closer.]

“The Chief is the Holy Grail, my boy; the bloodline of Jesus Christ. He’s the only vessel strong enough to contain me and he said yes.”

“B-but, I’ve seen this story play out,” [He groans.] “I’ve seen The Chief say yes thousands of times and not once have you ever appeared. I’ve seen Michael and defeated him. I’ve seen Gabriel and Uriel but never you, father.”

[God smiles softly.]

“I’m sorry, son,” [God says with a depth of emotion.] “I truly am. I couldn’t let you kill anymore of these innocent people. I couldn’t let you destroy the world. I’ve made mistakes. I created a monster in you the moment I banished you from heaven and there’s no changing that. Whatever happens, you must know; I love you. But it’s time to go back to your cage.”

[God closes his eyes, a white glow streaming from his hands and coming out of the eyes, nose and mouth of Lucifer. He screams, bellowing into the night as God removes him from his vessel and sends him back to his cage.] [Where he’ll spend eternity with Lux Bellator.] [We close in on the pure white eyes of The Chief before looking down to the corpse of Noah, his black angel wings singed into the ground around him] [All the lost souls soon escape his hold. Tommy Hawk, Ordell Terminus, Bruce Van Chan, LH Harrison, Marvolo, Betamax and the list goes on. They all ascend to heaven as The Chief watches them with a smile below.] [He then turns his attention to a shocked Solomon Rhodes and Brent Kersh.] [Rhodes steps forward.] “Is it over?”

[The Chief nods.]

“You’ve served humanity well and finally, it’s over. I created this world to have a ying and a yang; a plus and a minus. Good can’t exist without evil. Even I have to answer to someone. When my son chose his path, I was forced to act. I shouldn’t have, not like I did. I had no choice – he wasn’t supposed to be the evil, but he chose that path. You’ve helped save the world, my greatest creation. Men like you Brent and like you Edward are needed to balance out the universe. Solomon, men like you are needed to protect the innocent, like the Templars always have.”

[Both men nod.]

“The world is safe. There’s no virus, no Lucifer, no fear of an impending apocalypse. The natural order will resume and life here will return to normal. You have my word. But for now, I must return to heaven. So many souls have finally reached our gates that heaven will be in disarray.”

[God turns to walk away but Rhodes stops him.]

“Wait, my Lord, [he begs his indulgence.] “Please, take me with you. I wish to serve you at your side, the best I can.”

[God stops, turns back and places a hand on his shoulder.]

“I’m sorry Solomon but you must remain here,” [he says sadly.] “Your mission no longer exists within these walls, you’re right. You must save Lux Bellator from the cage. He was misguided and lost but you can bring him back. I can’t touch the cage, I can’t unlock it or destroy it, I made certain of that. Lux is suffering in there, tormented by Lucifer, toyed with and brutalized. The horrors are hardly imaginable. Save him, Solomon. Leave this place and save Lux Bellator.”

[Rhodes nods.]

“You have a second chance,” [God says to them all.] “A second chance at freedom, at life, at existing. Make the most of it.”

[Flash.] [And he’s gone.] [It’s over.] [Cut.]