[Recorded Earlier.] [Static.] [Gasp.] [Lights suddenly brighten the area around us, attached to the sides of wooden walls. The gasp? That was Bruce Van Chan, awaking suddenly and in a state of panic. The last time he was awake, it felt like something out of a nightmare.] [This was somehow worse.] [He’s lying on his back, looking up at a wooden roof only ten inches above his face. Lifting his head up, he can see a small tablet attached to the furthest wall of his entrapment, by his feet.] [Static.] [It suddenly flicks on and comes to life.] [Much to the horror of Bruce Van Chan, Edward Newton’s face stares back at him. The horror is far from over.]

“I’m sorry Mr. Van Chan, did I startle you?” [He enquires with a false sincerity.] “I apologize if I interrupted your well-deserved nap. It’s just a shame it wasn’t permanent.”

[Newton giggles.]

“However, that wouldn’t have been as interesting, would it? I know you have questions and you know that I have answers. First and most pertinent is; why? You see, I have such a disdain for men like you, Mr. Van Chan; the quintessential hero. You make me physically sick with your morality, common decency and honesty.”

[His eyes suddenly narrow.]

“You see the world in black and white, good or evil, and it disgusts me. There’s no grey area, is there? Tonight, I’m going to introduce you to the grey. You’re stuck here inside a coffin, Mr. Van Chan. You’ve one hour to make your escape before you run out of oxygen. But you have a choice. You can choose to fight death once more and escape – so that you can live your dream of being a wrestler and see your family again. Or you can perish, like I’ve asked you to do, time and time again.”

[There’s a look of horror on the face of Bruce Van Chan as Newton pushes his glasses back up his nose and smiles.]

“However, breaking free of your tomb will set about a series of events that’ll destroy the life of someone you love.”

[Bruce grimaces.]

“The choice is yours, Mr. Van Chan.”

[There’s a pause as the tablet begins to flicker.]

“Welcome to the grey.”



[Jensen Cussen and Cael Gable are set to lock horns in the squared circle tonight. The Gold Medalist and Vengeance wait for the bell. It rings and we are under way!] [Cael Gable bounces forward towards Cussen who tries to sidestep the Gold Medalist. Gable is too fast, however, and takes Jensen down with a SINGLE LEG! He doesn’t let go, and immediately rolls Cussen over into a SINGLE LEG BOSTON CRAB!! But Cussen is too fresh and quickly scrambles to the bottom rope! The ref breaks the hold, and Gable wastes no time and begins to stomp on the downed Vengeance. Gable rips Cussen up by the hair and flings him into the ropes. Cussen returns and Gable tosses him with a POWERSLAM!! One… Two… Thr… Kickout! Gable puts up three fingers questioningly to the ref.] [Gable gets to his feet and grabs Cussen again, and goes to pull him up, but Cussen stalls him with a heavy shot to the midsection. Another! Another! Jensen gains some separation, and Gable is reeling. Cussen grabs Cael’s head and drops with a THUNDEROUS DDT! The worm has turned quickly here, as Cussen slides into a cover… One… Two… Thr… Kickout! Cussen stands and immediately drops a series of DEVASTATING KNEE DROPS to the downed Gable’s head. Cael seem’s to be out as Cussen yanks him up by the headgear. He lifts him into a powerbomb position…. FALL OF MAN! One… Two… THREE!] [No! Somehow Gable kicks out!! Cussen can’t believe it and stands up to challenge the referee. He gets in his face until… SCHOOL BOY! Gable rolls him up! One… Two… Kickout! Gable has a second wind. He pulls himself up by the ropes as Cussen springs up, angry with surprise! Cussen swings at Gable, knocking him back with a heavy shot to the head! Gable is driven back, but recovers quickly and grabs Cussen, launching him overhead with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Jensen goes down hard, and Cael is fired up! He pulls down his straps on his singlet, waiting for Cussen to gain his feet, and when he does… PUGHPL… HAIR TRIGGER! Cussen slipped out and countered with the Jawbreaker! He covers… One… Two… THREE!!!] [Cussen gets the big victory over the Olympian here tonight! Vengeance climbs to his feet and sneers at the downed Gable as the crowd rains down boos.]


[The match is over and Cussen has left the ring, leaving Gable as “Hellraiser” starts to play throughout the Tap Room…and down comes Sheriff Law! Gone is Law’s usual smirk, a cold-blooded look of murderous intent in his eyes as he slides into the ring, pointing his hand like a gun at the Olympian—STAND OFF! LAW JUST LAID GABLE OUT WITH A NASTY ELBOW SHOT! Gable is down and out as the crowd shower Law with hatred.]

“For weeks, you and I were supposed to be a team…you were supposed to be my partner. What did I get in return? A goody two-shoes with a fetish for the American flag, dragging my ass down and costing me what I deserve!”

[Law stares down at Gable, who is coming to. Gable slowly gets to his feet, much to the approval of the crowd and the amusement of a now-smirking Law.]

“What are you gonna do, Olympian? You gonna strike an officer? You really wanna put that smudge on your perfect record?”

[Cael glares at Law, before looking at the crowd who are cheering Gable on to take down Law. He looks back at the Sheriff, shaking his head before he starts to leave the ring as Law just laughs at him—CLOTHESLINE! GABLE NEARLY TOOK LAW’S HEAD OFF WITH THAT CLOTHESLINE! Gable and Law start brawling on the canvas, when Law pulls out a pair of handcuffs and locks the Olympian up! Gable is trapped in the handcuffs, allowing Law to set him up with the double underhook—JUSTICE! LAW JUST DROVE GABLE’S HEAD INTO THE CANVAS! Law picks Gable up, dragging him out of the ring with a smug look on his face. Gable fought the Law, and the Law just won!] [Cut.]


[Tonight, Captain Zappa and Sergei face off in an ambulance match! Will the win go to the fighter for Mother Russia or the fighter for the mothership?] [DING! DING! Captain Zappa runs right at Sergei hitting him with some massive rights that stun the Russian! Captain Zappa bounces off the ropes, goes for a crossbody but no, He’s caught by Sergei! FALL AWAY SLAM over the ropes and onto the floor! Captain Zappa lands with a hard thud and Sergei slides out of the ring to go after him. Sergei gets to Zappa but before he can make a move, Zappa sits straight up and laughs maniacally! Sergei is confused and Zappa kicks Sergei’s knees out from under him! Zappa gets up, grabs Sergei’s head and DDT on the floor!] [Zappa is trying to drag Sergei towards the ambulance but it’s not doing much. He realizes Sergei isn’t moving much so he tries to pick him up but Sergei grabs Zappa by the throat and SOVIET STRIKE! A chokeslam right on the knee! Sergei lifts Zappa up and puts him on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position. He is walking towards the ambulance. He has gotten to the ambulance and is going for a gorilla press but Zappa wiggles out behind Sergei and shoves his face hard into the ambulance! Zappa opens the ambulance doors and is trying to shove Sergei inside!] [Sergei fights out of it and both men are swinging lefts and rights towards each other! They fight until they are at the front of the ambulance! Thumb to the eye by Zappa, he struggles but gets Sergei on his shoulders and INTERGALACTIC INERTIA onto the hood of the ambulance! Zappa climbs onto the hood and gets Sergei up! They are fighting on the hood until Sergei tosses Zappa in the air and NUCLEAR FALLOUT! Pop-up Powerbomb into the windshield! Sergei climbs on the top of the ambulance and pulls Zappa up there with him; he puts Zappa between his legs, Zappa counters with the M.O.A.B! Crazy backdrop and Sergei falls through the ambulance!] [It’s over and what a fight! Good thing Sergei is already in an ambulance!]


[Screaming.] [Agonizing screams echo throughout what appears to be a large warehouse somewhere downtown in Miami. The building has long been abandoned – until now. As Sergei Sokolov crawls out of the ambulance and watches from outsuide the ring, a handheld camera is abruptly picked up and placed down upon a wooden surface, aimed at a bloodied man ahead.] [We watch through that lens.] [Into frame steps the hulking mass that is Piotor Svetolav. His metal hands and wrists have blood splattered up them as he reaches for a nearby towel, wiping himself down.]

“Do you recognize traitor, Sergei?” [He asks breathlessly.] “This man former General in Russian army. General Petrov.”

[The Russian Bear leans on the barricade, watching carefully.]

“He sold services to America and he fooled you into working for him. America wanted Virus, and he used you to get it.”

[Everything Mr. X once said appears to be true.]

“And now Mother Russia takes back the life it gave him.”

[Piotor walks around him, watching as he whimpers almost lifelessly below. He wraps his giant metal arm around his throat and squeezes, snapping his neck almost instantly, and with a gruesome pop.] [He lets go, allowing the body to droop down.]

“For too long you have been puppet for men like this. You do not think for yourself, Sergei. You allow Petrov to turn you into a traitor. At Death Wish, inside Steel Cell, I will do my duty and protect the Motherland.”

[Piotor sneers, picking up the handheld camera and holding it in front of his face.]

“For Mother Russia.”



[Ring of Dreams was a mixed bag for these two competitors. One let their dreams slip through their fingers and the other righted a former wrong. Will the Dragon regain momentum over a true champion or will the Sharkman leave Rhodes wanting once more?] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, drilling eachother with hard rights and lefts as the Sharkman gains the advantage with a hard headbutt, staggering Rhodes. A Snap Suplex downs Rhodes as a Running Dropkick sends him stumbling through the ropes to the outside. Rhodes staggers to his feet but dodges a baseball slide attempt before grabbing the Sharkman by the back of his head and snapping his neck over the top rope. The Sharkman is dazed as Rhodes rushes to the top rope, DIVING MOONSAULT PRESS!] [Rhodes stays down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Sharkman kicks out. Rhodes unleashes on the Shark with a series of savage kicks before leaping up with an Enziguri that puts Sharky out on his feet. Rhodes lifts The Shark up, CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB..FIRE! Rhodes doesn’t cover, heading up top as he sets The Sharkman up, BLOOD…MISSES! Rhodes rolls to his feet, SUSHI KICK!] [The Shark rolls Rhodes over, hooking the leg, ONE…TWO…Rhodes gets the shoulder up. Rhodes slowly gets to his feet into a flurry of lefts and rights from the Sharkman who grabs the arm of Rhodes, trying to set up the Reckoning. Rhodes slips out, kicking The Shark’s left leg out, DARKWIS…The Shark grabs the leg, spinning Rhodes into a massive DDT! The Shark heads up top, sizing Rhodes for a moment, FIN-IS..KIPUP CHAOS THEORY! Rhodes hit Sharkman out of midair as both men collapse onto the canvas, Rhodes flopping an arm over the Shark after a few moments as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Solomon Rhodes picks up a big victory over the Double Feature Champion tonight proving the Chaos Theory is as deadly as ever as he regains some momentum and gets back on the track to the World Championship]


[After the match draws to its conclusion, it is the voice of Solomon Rhodes that cuts through the air while Sharkman returns backstage.]

“What would you do if you were granted three wishes?” [The Dragon addresses the OSW Universe who gather around the Tap Room, still revelling in the match that they just witnessed.]

“Money… Power… Love… or something more personal? What would Solomon Rhodes do if he were granted three wishes? Well, that will have to remain to be seen. I’m talking about the opportunity of a life time – The Three Wishes Ladder Match. Four men battle for three wishes, for the chance of a lifetime. Just tonight, I have been given the authority to announce myself, Solomon Rhodes, as the first participant in the Three Wishes Match. The opportunity of a lifetime awaits and I will not let my wish slip from my grasp. The only question that remains is does anybody have the fortitude to stand against me?”

[Rhodes climbs the turnbuckle, looking back up the entrance ramp almost expectingly.]

“The Dragon will burn this place to the ground if that’s what’s needed to claim the wish that is rightfully mine. Nobody can stand in the way.”



[We have a great contest here tonight as two of Showcase’s newest stars face off. Will the Messiah make Showcase her new home or will the self proclaimed God prove why he should never be forgotten?] [The bell sounds as Calypso rushes forward, taking Bird by surprise with a series of lighting fast left and right jabs, drilling him with a hard knee to the gut before an uppercut dazes him. A leaping enziguri puts Bird down on one knee before a snap DDT drives him into the mat. Calypso immediately drops for the cover, ONE…TW…Bird gets the shoulder up. Ethan tries to get to his feet but is rocked by a leaping knee to the base of the jaw before she rushes to the ropes, bouncing off right into a massive Big Boot!] [Calypso staggers to her feet right into a trio of rights from Bird who picks her up easily, tossing her across the ring with a vicious Gutwrench Suplex. Bird walks over, lifting Calypso up as he drills her with a hard knee to the chest before lifting her up, trying for a Powerbomb. Calypso wiggles out, dropping behind Bird as she leaps up with a Superkick to the back of the head] [Bird staggers back into the corner as Calypso runs forward, crushing Bird in the corner with a hard running uppercut. Bird slumps down as Calypso backs up, SWANTON…BIRD CATCHES HER! Bird gets to his feet, Calypso in his arms as he tosses her onto his shoulders, RUNNING POWERSLAM! Bird covers, ONE..TWO…THR..Calypso gets the shoulder up! Bird calls for the end, lifting Calypso up but she drops down, sweeping Bird throat first onto the bottom rope. Calypso springboards over the top rope, ULTRA-VIOLENCE! That has to be it as Calypso covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Calypso picks up a huge victory over the former VHS Champion in her first night on the Showcase brand. Calypso was a force to be reckoned with on VHS, can she do the same on Showcase?]


[Crash!] [Crash!] [Bang!] [The sound of a ginormous thud echoes throughout what appears to be a rather large unidentified space. Suddenly, Bruce Van Chan bursts into our screen, breaking through the coffin with a desperate gasp.] [He survived.] [Bruce Van Chan chose life, but at what cost?] [Suddenly, a rather large alarm sounds, beeping away furiously across the room. Bruce falls out of the coffin and hits the floor in a rather large heap. He scrambles to his feet just as the alarm turns into a draining sound. He panics, looking left and right, before noticing a large computer attached by a wire to the coffin.] [He runs over and looks at the monitor, watching as numbers drain from in the hundreds to zero. Once it’s over, it flashes before switching to static.] [Edward Newton.] [The Riddler once again sits before his nemesis in front of a camera.]

“I see you chose life, Mr. Van Chan. I’m actually glad that you did. This wouldn’t have been a teachable moment if you were a corpse. The numbers you just saw dwindling into their zeroes belong to your Mother. Your father worked hard to provide for his family before he died, didn’t he? Well, she’s now bankrupt.”

[Bruce begins furiously hitting keys on the computer, hoping to reverse the decision.]

“Please, don’t embarrass yourself. I warned you that today your decision would have consequences. Once again, you chose to live and your choice has left your Mother with nothing. Well, except you, of course.”

[Newton laughs.]

“And if that isn’t a booby prize, I don’t know what is.”

[Bruce slams his fist down on the computer keyboard, enraged at what he’s heard.]

“You see, Mr. Van Chan, there is a grey area. Sometimes the right decision, isn’t always the best decision. Don’t you worry though, because I have many more teachable moments for you.”

[He leans in.] [Click.]


[Can this streak be beaten? DTR tries his hand at doing so tonight as he takes on The Riddler!] [The two men move towards the center of the ring as they tie it up. DTR manages to move Newton into a side headlock, but Edward quickly slips out the back. Before DTR can move, Newton kicks him right in the back of his knee. DTR falls to a knee before Edward Newton grabs him around the waist before hitting a German suplex! DTR hits the ground as Newton quickly scampers over on top of DTR and drives a knee into the lower back of him! DTR manages to roll over onto his back and kicks Newton right on the chin!] [DTR rolls to his feet, wraps up the leg of Newton, and lifts him up for a T-Bone suplex! Newton is slung over his shoulders and to the mat, but a grin comes over the face of DTR. He steps over towards him and locks in a camel clutch. He begins yanking upwards on the neck of Newton looks to be in pain, but his eyes are seen darting left and right, constantly taking in his surroundings. Newton begins to try and shift his weight, but DTR just wrenches the neck back further. Newton takes the damage, but manages to get his hand between the hands of DTR and pulls it down!] [DTR scrambles forward as Newton scrambles backwards. They both get to their feet, but it’s Newton who rushes DTR quickly with a shoulderblock! DTR is pushed backwards into the referee who hits the corner and slams to the mat! DTR looks down at the ref before coming back for a kick straight to the balls! Edward Newton holds a finger up with a grin before raking the eyes of DTR, kicks him in the shin, and leaps up before SPIKING DTR’s head into the mat! THE QUESTION IS… NEVERMIND! DTR is not moving, but Edward Newton rolls DTR onto his belly while yanking his legs back in a Boston Crab! The referee wakes up just in time to see DTR tapping out furiously!] [Edward Newton gets to his feet with a satisfactory grin upon his face.]


[Outside, the night sky. We find Captain Zappa on the ground looking up at the stars, as if dreaming with his eyes open. His daydream is interrupted by the approaching of Calypso, and she looks none too happy to see him.]

“You son of a bitch.” [Calypso begins, kicking Zappa in the ribs to catch his attention.] “You promised me the world and brought me dust.”

[Captain Zappa scrambles to his feet to look Calypso in the eye, but she doesn’t give him time to respond.]

“Do you think I’m stupid? That I would follow you blindly win, loss or draw? I called you Captain for one night only, and you failed. You failed me…”

[Captain Zappa holds his hand out to silence her, not out of spite or anger but with a odd expression on his face.]

“It is written in the stars.” [He motions towards the sky.] “The Zetas have shown me the way, it just takes a little faith to see the path. Follow me, trust me and I will enlighten you in ways you could only imagine.”

[Calypso pushes Zappa’s hand out of her path so that she can eyeball him as she comes face to face with him.]

“I promised you one thing. If you fail to prove your commitment to us, I will destroy all you hold dear… alien.”

[As she speaks, figures emerge from the darkness around them, followers of Calypso. They grab Zappa by the arms and drag him into the shadows from whence they came. Calypso shakes her head as she follows them.]

“I warned you, Captain. You failed us.”

[The scene ends with the sound of Zappa screaming in pain as Calypso’s followers begin to soften him up in the shadows surrounding the Tap Room.]


[The lights go out in the Tap Room, and Blood In The Water hits the P.A. The crowd erupts as the Sharkman steps through the doors and makes his way towards the ring. He has the Double Feature Championship over his shoulder. We can’t see the smile behind his mask, but somehow we know it’s there. He climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone.]

“I’ve been through a lot here in Old School Wrestling. I started as the Kid’s Champion, but that was never truly me. Then I was consumed by the darkness of the Asylum as the bloodthirsty Shark, but he’s dead. I’ve found my true self as the Sharkman, but the darkness still haunts me. I barely escaped the bowls of Lux Bellator, and now I stand before you as the Double Feature Champion.”

[The crowd roars in support.]

“So I’m here tonight just to thank you for standing by me through all my ups and downs. Thank you for all the support and thank you for….”

[Suddenly he’s cut off by music blaring.]

“Hail to the king, hail to the one

Kneel to the crown, stand in the sun

Hail to the king

Hail! Hail! Hail! The King…”

[A chorus of boos rings out as King Royal steps into the bar. He seems to soak up the jeers as he makes his way towards the ring, one of the Tag Team Championship belts strapped around his waist. He climbs into the ring and gets his own microphone.]

“That’s enough! Your pandering to these peasants is unbecoming of a champion.” [The crowds rains more boos down on him.] “In fact, one believes that a pathetic, delusional fool such as yourself doesn’t deserve to wear gold around your waist. Look how perfectly this Tag Team belt fits around one’s waist.’ [More boos.] “But the fact of the matter is, no one deserves to wear gold around here except one person…. Me! I wear gold around my waist, and I wear gold upon my head. Now bow before me, Sharkboy! And give one your gold!’

[But suddenly Chariots of Fire fills the arena! Brent Kersh, the other half of the Tag Team Champions steps out. The reaction from the crowd is deafening in support of the Enforcer, who wastes no time making his way to the ring and getting his own microphone. He steps in between the Sharkman and King Royal, Tag Strap draped over his shoulder.]

“Nigel, what…”


[Brent stares at him for a moment then resumes.]

“Royal… what do you think you are doing? You’ve no right to come out here and interrupt what the Sharkman has to say. We just won these belts. Aren’t they enough for you? Why do you have to be so greedy?”

[Royal looks taken aback. Shocked even. He steps up, face to face with Brent Kersh.]

“There is nothing greedy about King Royal. It is simple. No one deserves to hold gold around here, except me. Not Tommy Hawk, not Edward Newton, not Sharkman, and sure as hell not you! One carried you through Double Tap, and one deserves all the gold!”

[Kersh laughs and Sharkman stands beside the Enforcer, both looking incredulously at King Royal.]

“If you want this belt, Royal, come and get it!” [Sharkman shouts. Royal steps towards the Sharkman, but Kersh steps between them, shoving Sharkman back in the process.]

“Uh uh! You aren’t getting to that belt unless you go through me. You don’t deserve anything that I don’t, Nigel!”

[And that pushes King Royal over the edge! He swings at Kersh, nailing the Enforcer with a sucker-punch! Sharkman moves in as well, but the ref jumps in the middle of all three of them. He kicks Sharkman out of the ring and pushes King Royal back to his corner. Kersh follows suit, knowing that this fight is imminent!]


[It’s MAIN EVENT TIME! This is a battle of the OSW Tag Team Champions as it’s Brent Kersh vs. King Royal! Brent Kersh is fired up after having just been nailed by King Royal’s sucker punch!] [The bell rings through the raucous arena as these two men are sizing each other up in the center of the ring. Brent Kersh’s ire is already raised from that ambush pre-match. This is no normal match as this is a Capture The Flag match! The winner must capture the opponent’s flag on their turnbuckle and put it into their own side’s flag holder box on the outside of the ring. The two men tie it up in the center of the ring, but it’s Brent Kersh who gets the better of the exchange with his veteran knowledge. He wrenches the wrist back as King Royal taps his shoulder softly. Royal manages to lower his body and turn around to turn the hold around the back of Kersh!] [Brent Kersh reaches back for the head of Royal, but The King just shakes his hand away before wrapping his arms around the head of Brent Kersh. The side headlock is applied as he begins using his weight to drag Kersh down. However, there is still too much fight in Brent Kersh as he grabs King Royal’s hands and begins powering out of the maneuver before hitting a headlock of his own that takes Royal to the ground! King Royal leans back and manages to get his head out from underneath his arm and kips up to his feet! The two men stand off.] [Applause fills the arena as these two technical veterans seem to have plenty of experience with each other. Smiles are spread across both men’s faces as they tease another lock-up. King Royal hits the ropes and comes charging for a clothesline, but Kersh just wraps his arm for an arm drag. Royal pops back up and receives another… and another! Finally Royal backs into a corner as Kersh charges him with a European uppercut, but Royal ducks underneath as Kersh catches himself. He charges again, but now he’s on the receiving end of some arm drags! Three arm drags later and now both men are back to their feet with a little sweat beading up on their foreheads as they stand-off. The crowd is just eating this up!] [Brent Kersh reaches his hand up knowing that he’s been successful so far in their exchanges. Royal seems to realize this as well as he just kicks Kersh in the abdomen. He hooks the arm of Kersh and quickly lifts him up for a snap suplex as he slams into the mat. King Royal puts Kersh’s head between his legs and lifts him up before leaning back for a piledriver! Kersh’s head is brought forcefully into the mat before Royal just pops back up to his feet. He walks over to Kersh’s corner and reaches out for his flag.] [However, it’s Kersh who has grabbed Royal’s boot to prevent him from reaching it. Much like a leech, Kersh wraps his tree-trunk-like thighs around the leg of Royal and begins twisting on his ankle. The vice grip draws a gasp from Royal as he’s frantically trying to punch the legs away. Royal finally loses his balance and slams down to the mat just inches away from the turnbuckle. Kersh relinquishes the hold only to draw him closer to the center of the ring. He holds up the leg of Royal before dropping an elbow directly into the side of Royal’s knee!] [Expletives shout from the King’s mouth as he frantically tries to grab at Kersh’s beard, hair, arm, anything! Kersh realizes the impact of the move and does it AGAIN! King Royal has small tears about to form at the corner of his eyes from the pain. Kersh lifts up his leg again, seeming to end this match up! LOW BLOW! King Royal manages to get his other leg up and connects right with Kersh’s nether-regions! The Enforcer falls to his knees as the football punt did the damage. King Royal makes his way to the corner and begins climbing up it again. However, he gets to his feet with a little hobble from the pain.] [King Royal turns to realize he’s at the wrong corner as he begins walking towards it. Kersh staggers to his feet and charges him before tackling him right through the middle rope! Both men tumble to the floor outside before slowly getting back up. Kersh nails Royal with a forearm smash before grabbing him by his hair and whipping him into the barrier keeping the fans out of the ringside area! He takes a moment to breathe before rolling into the ring and going towards King Royal’s corner and grabbing the flag from the corner post and folding it over his waistband. He rolls out of the ring and begins moving towards his container, BUT ROYAL CHARGES HIM! LEAPING elbow drop from the apron floors both men!] [King Royal gets back to his feet and grabs Kersh and rolls him into the ring. With him in the ring, Nigel goes towards Kersh’s corner and finally manages to secure Brent’s flag which he also folds over his waistband. Royal turns around and Kersh has gotten back to his feet. The two meet-up in the center of the ring, but it’s King Royal who wraps his arms around the waist of Kersh and begins to start it up… THE ROYAL FLUSH! Royal is spent, but he smirks as he rolls out of the ring and moves towards his container. He opens the small basket and reaches into his tights. He begins searching his tights as panic comes across his face. It’s then that Kersh is shown smirking in the ring with his flag in his hand!] [The Enforcer managed to steal back his own flag during The Royal Flush! King Royal slides back into the ring and charges after Kersh! SPEAR! Kersh takes him down to the mat as he slowly rolls out of the ring. He moves towards his basket, but King Royal comes flying over the top rope with a tope con hilo! Both men hit the ground as King Royal doesn’t usually take it to the flying realm! Both men are down, but they slowly make it to their feet with their legs and arms shaking. Kersh throws a right hand which is met with one from King Royal. More sluggish blows as the crowd is on their feet.] [Brent Kersh manages to get the better of King Royal with a right hand before taking a step back. He charges for what appears to be another spear, but Royal gets an arm underneath him and hip tosses him onto THE APRON BACKFIRST! Brent Kersh cries out in pain as he slumps down to the mat. King Royal reaches into his hand and pulls up the flag before slowly making it over to his basket. He opens up the basket, raises his flag, and… Kersh begins making his way towards his own basket! Kersh leaps forward and yanks his basket to the floor. Both men reach forward with their flags… Brent Kersh’s flag hits the basket first as he closes the lid!] [Brent Kersh is laid out but the referee raises his hand. King Royal hobbles over to the stairs leading into the ring where he takes a seat. His first instinct is to be angry, but the anger seems to turn to a small smirk.]


[Cut to the backstage area, where we find Solomon Rhodes walking down a suspiciously empty looking corridor. His head is held high and confident after his earlier announcement that he would be the first competitor in the Three Wishes match – his challenge to the roster undoubtedly having been heard and noticed.] [All of a sudden, two figures emerge from the shadows behind a set of equipment boxes and jump Rhodes from behind. They catch him by surprise, tossing him into the boxes before softening him up with a double team assault consisting of a beat-down of body shots. The camera shakes as the operator hurries closer to the scene but it is not until the Dragon is thrown head first into the concrete wall that the identity of the attackers becomes known.] [DTR and Jensen Cussen.] [Standing over Rhodes as he lies barely conscious and bleeding, the pair slither into a position of power – they have Solomon how and where they want him. DTR kneels beside him.]

“Do you think you are ten foot tall and bulletproof, Rhodes? Invincible? Do you think that you are that much more superior to everybody else that you can make an announcement like that and not have a target on your back? Wishful thinking… We heard you.”

[From behind DTR’s shoulder, Cussen laughs. As The Virus stands, Cussen changes places with him.]

“Oh yes, we heard you. Consider this our official entry – The Family will be participating in this three Wishes match. Both of us, your wishes just turned to nightmares.”

[DTR doesn’t mince any more words. He hurls Solomon to his feet, looking to finish what he started by crushing the Dragon’s skull against the concrete wall and send him straight to the hospital. But before he and Cussen can pull the trigger on the killing blow, they are blindsided by a fourth party.] [Ethan Bird.] [Cussen is picked up and tossed into a nearby lighting rig, sending sparks flying as he crashes down. World’s End to DTR onto one of the equipment boxes. Ethan Bird has somewhat uncharacteristically come to the aid of Solomon Rhodes. The Firebirds remain united! He kneels beside the Dragon, checking his condition. Rhodes is in pain but still conscious enough to stare into the eyes of the man who saved him. Bird says little, only enough to make his point known before Solomon Rhodes blacks out.]

“I’m the fourth man at Death Wish, partner.”