[This weeks Old School Wrestling has a different feel to it.] [Our cameras unusually open outside the arena, watching the fans filter inside. The crowd are raucous here tonight, cheering and chanting the names of their favourite wrestlers as they enter into The School Yard.] [The next scene we see is fireworks exploding from inside the arena, rocking the stage and lights as Paloma Ruiz introduces the show. ‘WELCOME TO THE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF OLD SCHOOL WRESTLING!’ she bellows into the microphone.] [Zap.] [The black fades to the sound of buzzing.] [We open in a gritty alleyway to a poster promoting Monday Night Showcase on a dirty brick wall of the School Yard. The logo is red neon this week and flashes until finally, the noise from the crowd drags us straight back into the arena, where Errol Flint is on the tron.]

“Tonight, Old School Wrestling celebrates one fantastic year of delivering to you some of the best wrestling in the country. We’ve had our ups and our downs but the one thing we’ve always done, is survive.”

[The fans chant ‘THANK YOU ERROL!’ at him.]

“After I was mowed down at Driven and I woke up, the doctors told me two things; the first was that the road to my recovery would be long and arduous; the second was that I survived something not everyone does.”

[He smiles to himself, knowing that he’s still here and so is Old School Wrestling.]

“Old School Wrestling has also survived. It survived Jackson Slade and RAGE, it survived my almost near demise, Desmond Cross and more. At Danger Zone, Freight Train Ferguson will step into the ring with another pawn of Jackson and do battle for the right to know my attacker.”

[The fans cheer.]

“Another battle, we will survive.”

[Suddenly the screen flickers and turns to split, where Jackson Slade faces the camera. He’s grinning despite the boo’s.]

“Survive? You barely scraped through, Flint. As for your precious Freight Train Ferguson…”

[He grabs the camera and positions it to view behind him, where a masked man is going to town on Ferguson with a steel pipe. He’s beating the holy heck out of him and that means that somewhere, inside this arena, Jackson Slade is hiding.]

“And let me assure you that this, it’s just the start. I’m not going away unless you beat me and mine at Danger Zone in a TAG TEAM MATCH!”

[Flint looks at him with a grimace as Slade bends down to show Ferguson’s busted open face. He chuckles as the scene comes to a close. Who is teaming with Slade to take on these attacks? Who’s going to be fighting his corner come Danger Zone?] [The Awakening, stood angrily outside the School Yard, each weaponized for brutality. Red River Jack stands in front of his soldiers, ready to command them with the very mention of their orders.]

“This is it, man. This is the end of the days.” [He says shaking his head.] “He’s beyond saving now, he’s beyond my reach. I tried to bring him closer, I tried to save him but he was intent on listening to those people.”

[The fans cheer at the mention of their name. Jack can hear them and scrunches up his nose.]

“So now we’ll deliver them their fallen icon, strapped to the hunters vehicle like a dear in the headlights, man. I don’t want him to make it to the ring tonight, do you understand me? I want to see him crumbled at your feet.”

[Their alliance was clearly over and Jack had put the hit out and laid the gauntlet.]

“I want him seein’ red, man. I want him seein’ red!”

[Jack nods at both Manson and Hate who nod back in agreement. He storms off into the arena and leaves them guarding the door, Manson with a baseball bat in hand and Hate, holding a steel pipe.] [Mike Lane hasn’t arrived yet but when he does, he might wish he hadn’t.] [Doctor D’Ville beings stalking his prey, and Pegasus clearly has some nerves on his first major show. D’Ville smirks and comes after Jacobs with an attempted grab after walking Jacobs back to a corner, but Jacobs is too quick and ducks out. Doc grins and follows, rushing the youngster with a running clothesline, but it’s ducked. Jacobs keeps backing away and the Doctor keeps walking him down… Doc misses again with a kick – back elbow from Pegasus catches the Doc! Pele kick! Pegasus rocks D’Ville with his quickness! Jacobs to the ropes… springboard dropkick! Doc’s busted open but still on his feet.] [Pegasus jumps up onto the top buckle – corkscrew cross body! Doc finally hits the mat but he’s up quickly, smiling as crimson blood flows down his face. That Pele kick must have split him open. One more time Jacobs is up to the top, and he waits for Doc to stand… high angle moonsault – but Doc caught him! Doc with a jumping tombstone! Pegasus’ head bounces off the mat, and Doc stares down at him with a cruel smirk before pulling him back to his feet. Whip to the corner – and Doc with a vicious running knee!] [Doc peppers Jacobs with hard shots to the body and face, and as Pegasus droops down he catches a huge knee right to the jaw! Pegasus falls out of the ring through the ropes, and Doc follows him. Doc with a whip to the ring steps… Pegasus climbs them and jumps off, hitting a hurricanrana that drives Doc right into the post! Pegasus rolls Doc into the ring, and as Doc gets up Pegasus jumps with a slingshot – Doc catches him with a stiff euro uppercut! Knife edge to the throat! LOBOTOMY! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!!] [The DEAD walks backstage with his shovel in hand. He moves with a bit of a swagger; the confidence of a man that seems to finally be getting his way. He turns a corner and nearly walks right into Lux Bellator. He pulls back the shovel, but Lux raises his hands.]

“Wait!! I need to talk to you!” [Bellator has a bit of desperation in his voice. A Vulnerability we have not seen from him. DEAD lowers the shovel a bit, but keeps it at the ready just in case.]

“What the hell do you want from me? Haven’t you had enough?” [The DEAD asks.] [Lux looks perplexed, confused, but asks anyway.] “Last week, you said that your attack was Father Pedro’s doing. What did you mean?”

[DEAD’s eyes light up, as his snare seems to be working perfectly.] “Don’t you see it, Bellator? Pedro is using you for his own agenda. He is too old and weak to carry out his insanity on his own so he has molded you to be nothing more than his henchman.”

[Bellator tilts his head a tad, considering.] “Pedro… wouldn’t do that.”

“No?” [DEAD scoffs.] “I’ve seen it in your eyes. You know his goals are different than yours. He doesn’t care about the light. He cares about conquest.”

“No… no…. Pedro cares about me; he cares about the Light.” [His words are not convincing and his expression is even less so.] [The DEAD gently, carefully puts his hand on Bellator’s shoulder. Lux looks at it, confused.] “Think about it. Search yourself.”

[The DEAD walks away smirking. Bellator stands there considering. For the first time, the exchange didn’t end in violence, but more questions are raised than answered.] [The fans looking forward to this one. The Fresh Prince of Wrestling gets the action underway and hits Axel The Shark with a huge spine buster. Axel pops straight back up ala HBK style. Back to square one we tie up again this time The Shark takes the initiative and floors Cories with a German suplex. Matthew’s turn to pop up this time and neither man wants to stay down. Sharing a smile between the two crowd favourites, the fans also applaud along. That is until the recent mean streak we have witnessed in Axel takes over and] [He charges at Cories and takes him down with a huge a running knee strike. Cories stays down this time as Axel heads up top. He signals to the crowd and SHARK DIVE!! Axel makes the cover. One…. Two… Thre.. NO! Last second kick-out. Cories digging deep. Axel brings Cories to his feet and flings him off the ropes. GTS! FROM CORIES ON HIS RETURN! Axel crumbles and One half of the tag team champions heads up top. SWANTON BOMB OF HIS OWN THIS TIME. Both men pulled it off beautifully. Matthew makes a pin this time. One…Two…. Thre…. NO!!] [The Referee notices the foot on the ropes just in time. Both men seem drained and Cories needs to use the ropes to claw himself back to his feet. As Axel crawls to the corner and uses the turnbuckle. A moment passes and both men are vertical. Back turned one each other, a slow turn around and they stare each other from across the ring. They charge at each other AND BOTH CONNECT WITH A RUNNING BOOT TO THE JAW!! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN. The Referee has no choice but to begin counting. 1.….2.…..3.…..4.….5.….6 No movement anywhere 7.…8.…9… AXEL IS UP, CORIES IS ONLY STIRRING! 10!!! AXEL WINS IN A VERY EVEN CONTEST!] [Evan Jackson has been keeping his head up. There’s no other way to put it. He’s a veteran and he’s not going to let Doubt get inside his head. He walks through the corridor, on his way to his upcoming match when the lights suddenly dim.] [The sound of a projector rolling can be heard in the background as the walls light up with his past exploits. Victories, losses, crushing defeats and emphatic highs, all displayed across the walls in front of him.] [He looks up to see the projector in question above his head and immediately surveys the hall, looking for Doubt.]

“Do you think you’re going to run me off, is that it?” [Jackson yells into the seemingly empty void of darkness around him.] “I don’t scare that easily.”

“This is your life Evan, why would it scare you? You’ve had so many moments. The ups, the downs, the trials and tribulations. I bet you have some stories to tell.”

“Show yourself!” [Jackson yells.] “Stop being a coward and fight me like a man.”

“Oh I will, when the time is right. Danger Zone is only around the corner and I won’t spare your blushes. I know that deep down in your heart of hearts, you know that you’re not built for this anymore. I know, just like you, that doubt has long crept into your mind – long before I even watered the seed.”

[The projection turns to an image of Jackson laying out cold on the canvas. That’s enough for Evan, who leaps up and punches the projector off the cieling above, cracking it into multiple pieces and ending the projection.] [He holds his hand in pain, trying to shake away the feeling.]

“At Danger Zone, that seed of doubt will blossom into a flower, only to be crushed under my weight. I’ll be seeing you, Evan.”

[Doubt chuckles as his voice vanishes into the darkness, leaving Evan stood there looking extremely frustrated.] [DING! DING! DING! Doubt starts like a firecracker charging fast out of the corner… he’s on Hangman’s shoulders in no time for a HURRICANRAN… NO! Hangman holds onto Doubt before LAUNCHING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!! Evan Jackson climbs the turnbuckle and leaps for a cross body block… Hangman catches him… HE LAUNCHES JACKSON OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! Lee Crowley is on the apron… he’s sizing up both of his opponents… Smiley charges… ROLLING SOMERSAULT… WAIT!! THEY CAUGHT HIM!! Doubt and Jackson catch Crowley and send him over the barricade into the front row with authority!!! This is INSANITY!!!!] [Doubt slides under the bottom rope and charges at Hangman… Hangman goes for a boot but Doubt ducks… SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT and Doubt is on the big man’s shoulders. Not for long, though… Doubt spins out into a TORNADO DDT! THE PESSIMIST’S END!!! Doubt goes for the cover but only gets 1 as the Manslayer powers out. Jackson gets the tag but before he exits Doubt chops Hangman to his knees with a stiff kick to the back of the leg… Jackson out of NOWHERE with a MEAN DROPKICK!!! Jackson covers Hangman but only gets 1 again. Jackson to the ropes again but Lee is on the apron and CLUBS HIM IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!! Where did he come from?] [Jackson staggers forward into an EXPLOSIVE boot to the face. Doubt joins the fray again but he’s sent flying with a back body drop. Hangman tags in Crowley and the family man wreaks havoc… SPEAR TO DOUBT!! SHOCK THERAPY!! Jackson’s up… kick to the gut… PSYCHOTHERAPY!! Did somebody call a doctor?? Crowley with the cover, 1……… 2 ………… Jackson gets a shoulder up!! Crowley’s up and heads to his corner but gets caught with a Superkick from Doubt!! Crowley spins into Jackson’s UNDERHOOK DDT!! CRANIAL IMPLANT!! Jackson with the cover, 1……… 2……… Hangman makes the save!!! All four men are in the ring and it’s CHAOS!! Hangman charges and Doubt sends him over the top rope… Jackson turns around and EATING YOURSELF ALIVE TO EVAN JACKSON!! WHAT THE FUCK? JACKSON JUST GOT NAILED BY HIS OWN PARTNER! Doubt exits the ring as Lee spring sinto the cover… ONE…. TWO… THREE! DOUBT JUST COST HIS TEAM THE WIN BUT HE’S WELL AND TRULY INSIDE THE HEAD OF EVAN JACKSON BY NOW!] [Victor walks backstage, but it is not our normal sight. Tonight, he is dressed in a powder blue suit straight out of 1982. The little hair that he has left is slicked down to his skull and he carries a dozen roses in a vase. He looks confident as he approaches Phoebe Outlaw’s locker room. He knocks. Phoebe opens the door and immediately begins laughing.]

“What the hell are you wearing, old man?” [she says between chuckles, tears of joy welling up in her eyes. Victor does not seem any less determined. All is going according to plan.] “Oh I get it, you thought you’d come by for some more action, did you?”

“I brought ya some flowers, you ungrateful harlot!” [He immediately smashes the vase over Outlaw’s head and she drops like a stone.] “That’s what ya get for makin’ me sleep on the sofa for the last week!”

[Victor turns and tries to scurry away, but he’s in his sixties, so not so quickly. Just as he rounds the corner, Outlaw is on him. Blood pours down her forehead, but it doesn’t stop her from slamming Grimes into a nearby pile of random junk. Stuff goes flying everywhere. Outlaw pulls Grimes to his feet, but Victor counters with a thumb to the eye and an axehandle to her back. She drops, but she sweeps his legs. They scuffle on the ground until security shows up and starts pulling them both in opposite directions.]

“You and me, old man! Danger Zone!” [Phoebe screams as she’s dragged away.]

“Stop your wobbler, you slapper! I’ll box your ears next week, then!”

[They continue yelling at one another as security drags them away.] [Marvolo and Raquel are walking backstage. Marvolo has his face buried in a Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine with his picture on the front. The caption reads “Marvolo: Tiger or Zebra?” Raquel is walking slightly ahead of him. Suddenly, from up ahead we hear:]

“Marvolo? Have you seen him?”

[The camera, which was facing Number One and his valet, swings around and we spot Brent Kersh asking a backstage employee about the luchador’s whereabouts. When the worker shakes his head, Kersh looks in our direction and spies his target… sorta.]

“Raquel!” [Kersh marches towards her. The camera turns back and we see Raquel standing there all alone. Marvolo has disappeared! Kersh arrives next to Raquel, who is looking around wide eyed for her ‘man.’]

“Raquel, I don’t have a problem with you, but where is Marvolo?”

“Marvolo?” [She squeaks. She’s clearly not accustomed to not being at Marvolo’s side.]

“Yes! The idiot that you’re always with. The one who sucker punched me in my junk. Where is he?”

“Numbehr wahn?” [She says even more meekly. Brent just rolls his eyes and takes a deep breath.]

“Fine, just give him a message for me. Tell him I’ve had enough. Tell him I’m not taking it anymore. And most of all, tell him Errol Flint has booked a match between Marvolo and Brent Kersh at Danger Zone.”

[Kersh turns and walks away. After a few seconds, Marvolo suddenly pops up out of a drum filled with some sort of packing. He stares after Kersh. Then he tries to get out of the barrel, and finds it difficult. Finally, he looks at Raquel.]

“Are you just gonna stand there or help me out!?”

[She looks at him.]

“Marvolo es atrapado.”

[The bell rings and this showdown between two Old School Wrestling legends has begun. Professor Bordeaux is extremely cautious of Edward and Stephen who have begun to slowly circle the ring, stalking Bordeaux and encouraging a sick smile on the face of Lord Merriweather. They size each other up and go in for a collar and elbow tie up… but Lord Merriweather stops it short with a thumb straight to the eye. Where Bordeaux collects himself, Merriweather gloats in the corner with Edward and Stephen for a moment before being slammed to the mat by a hard tackle courtesy of the professor!] [Bordeaux wastes no time with flourishes raining down with right hand after right hand. Edward and Stephen slide under the bottom rope to heavy protesting from the official and attempt to pull Bordeaux off their cohort. Professor turns and swings wildly at Edward, knocking him out cold with a stiff forearm shot. He kicks Stephen in the midsection and drives him to the mat with a thunderous DDT! The referee tries to establish order, rolling a lifeless Stephen and a stunned Edward out of the ring… but Lord Merriweather takes advantage of the official’s blind spot nailing Professor Bordeaux with a low blow from behind!!! They don’t teach that in social studies!!] [Merriweather with the roll up and the referee is back, 1……… 2…………… Bordeaux gets a shoulder up!! Merriweather makes it to his feet first, the Professor trailing behind… Richard with the hard swing for a lariat… Bordeaux ducks… kick to the mid section… EARLY DISMISS- Merriweather pulls the legs sending Bordeaux to the mat!! FIRST CLASS STA- Bordeaux SLIDES AWAY!!! Both men off the ropes… HUGE DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!! THESE MEN ARE STARING AT THE LIGHTS!! Merriweather slides his arm over first… 1………… 2……………… BORDEAUX KICKS OUT!!! Both men stagger to their feet. Bordeaux powers up and goes to charge… but EDWARD GRABS HIS LEG FROM THE OUTSIDE… BUT BORDEAUX SEND EDWARD REELING WITH A STIFF KICK TO THE JAW!!! Merriweather charges but Bordeaux has it scouted… kick to the midsection… EARLY DISMISSAL!!!! EARLY DISMISSAL!!!!!!! Bordeaux throws himself on Merriweather… 1……… 2…………… 3!!!!!!] [The following was recorded earlier.] [The day is sombre, wet and cold. It’s almost the perfect day for a funeral. Vinnie Lane is stood grave side with a single droplet of tear on his cheek – though the sincerity of it is questionable.]

“Dude, you were taken too soon.”

[It’s a mircale, his jaw appears to have healed much quicker than suspected, hm?]

“Ash and his careless metal stump did this. He took away my friend and tag team partner, all because he didn’t want to lose his tag straps to us. How in the world is this right, dude?”

[The funeral suddenly starts getting busy – women heading into the site with children a plenty, all of them for some reason wearing Gator masks. Vinnie looks sideways at them, shocked.] [There’s young children of three and four, as well as teenagers and girls. One of the mothers approaches Lane.]

“Is it true, is he dead?” [she asks in shock.] [Vinnie is for once, speechless. He just nods.]

“Thank GOD for that. I wondered if that little prick would ever die. Now my kids can take off those stupid masks.”

“Wait dude, why ARE they in masks?” [The Megastar questions.] [The mother just looks at him, bemused.]

“Hello? I thought you said you were a friend of Gator. He’d never let his children show their faces.”

[In whisper.] “Oh my God, dude! You’ve got like five hundred kids!”

[Who was he talking to?] [Lane quickly walks away, watching as these children unmask themselves and throw rocks, not stones, not gravel, but heavy rocks into his grave.]


[Vinnie looks sideways yet again before diving into a nearby limousine and speeding off. He didn’t want to be there any longer, that’s for sure.] [“Killers and Kings” by Machine Head plays through the arena as Corey Black enters the ring. His face is shrouded in confusion and sorrow. He goes across the ring and motions for a microphone which he is given. He taps his chin with the stick as he contemplates his words. Finally, he stares into the camera with his eyes piercing through the lens.]

“I requested this time for one reason. It’s not to gloat about my victory over Doubt or to prophesize my win later in the evening. I am here to apologize to Ashley Williams.”

[Corey Black sighs as he pulls the microphone away. The crowd begins to chant Black is going to kill you! Black is going to kill you! Corey shakes his head as he throws his hands up.]

“No, no! I had no intention to hurt him last week, I just… I can’t remember what happened.”

[Corey places a hand behind his head. “Carry on my Wayward Son” by Kansas blasts over the speakers as Corey’s head snaps towards the entrance ramp. Ashley Williams bursts through the curtains with a grimace upon his face. He touches his lip softly before rushing down to the ring and sliding in. A tense moment is shared as Ashley slowly circles around Black to the opposite side of the ring. He holds his hand out and a microphone is placed in his hand.]

“You’re sorry? I feel like I’ve heard this song and dance before. First it was an accident you bumped into me, now you don’t remember headbutting me into near-unconsciousness? You know what…”

[BOOMSTICK!] [Ashley Williams nearly takes his head off with a brutal Boomstick that rocks Corey and sends him falling out of the ring!]

“No more of these games! I’m done listening to your excuses. At Danger Zone, I’m settling this.”

[The King of All Wrestlers falls to the outside floor but slowly begins to get back up with a hand on the apron. His face slowly comes into vision. Corey Black’s face begins to contort as his hair shutters over his face. He leaps onto the apron with seemingly remarkable resilience as an eerie smile spreads across his face.] [BOOMSTICK! ANOTHER ONE!] [Corey Black falls from the apron but lands on his feet. His teeth are bared as he growls viciously. Ashley Williams cannot believe what he is seeing! The FLOCK, Ozric Mortimer and Ethan Bird, comes out of the crowd and stand beside Corey Black. They grab Corey and begin to pull him away from the ring as he fights against them. After a few moments, he calms down to realize that it’s happened again. The Avenger groans as he pushes Ozric and Ethan off. He lowers his head into his hands as he staggers to the back, still feeling the effect of the double Boomsticks.] [The bell sounds as Vinnie Lane and Fate circle around. Vinnie watches him carefully, unsure of what to expect from the OSW veteran. Fate smirks before charging across the ring for a stiff forearm smash. Vinnie takes it right on the chin, but doesn’t seem fazed. Vinnie reciprocates with a forearm smash of his own. Fate smiles and the two begin trading blows faster and faster until it’s a forearm per second! Vinnie staggers backwards after one and goes for a kick, but Fate catches his foot. Fate whips him around only for the dragon screw to catch him on the chin!] [Vinnie Lane grabs the legs of Fate and twists them into a sort of Indian deathlock! He rears back on the hold gripping the chin of Fate tightly. Fate struggles with the hold for a few minutes before powering up and reaching out for the ropes! He grabs it and the referee pulls Vinnie off of him. Vinnie gets to his feet with a not-so-appreciative phraseology for the official. Fate gets to his feet slowly. Vinnie approaches and places a knee upon the back of Fate’s head fo… NOTHING! Fate fights out and connects with ADVERSITY! The knees to the face rocks Vinnie.] [Fate gets back to his feet and rushes towards Vinnie before leaping into the air and GOOD FORTUNE! The double knees to the back of the head drives Vinnie’s face into the mat. Fate rolls him over and pins him to the mat! ONE…TWO…NO! Vinnie kicks out! Fate rolls Vinnie over and takes capture of his ankle with a tight squeeze. THE STRUGGLE! He wraps his legs around Vinnie’s and tugs wildly at his ankle! Vinnie cries out in pain before slowly pulling himself forward and grabbing the bottom rope. The two men get to their feet but Vinnie gets the better of it! SUPERKICK! Fate is flung into the corner where Vinnie charges for a Yakuza kick! Vinnie pulls Fate up to the top rope where he puts his legs in front of Fate’s arms and… HEARTBREAKER FROM THE SECOND ROPE! Fate looks out as Vinnie rolls him into a pinfall! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Vinnie Lane rolls outside as he grins. A big win for him over some not-so-regular competition.] [In the locker room of Brent Kersh backstage, Kersh is taping his hands ahead of his battle with the formiddible Scarecrow when the lights flicker. He immediately knows whats about to happen and puts his hands on hips, ready.] [Then he appears; The Scarecrow.]

“You know, I’ll never get used to that.” [Kersh admits, honestly.]

“We have some unfinished business, little birdie.”

[Brent turns to face him with a nod.]

“I know. We haven’t spoke since I turned on you and Old School Wrestling to become a double agent,” [he says with regret.] “And believe me, I’m not trying to open old wounds but I knew that one day, something would come of it.”

[Scarecrow’s head tilts.] “I don’t blame you for your transgressions. But you have to know that your actions have consequences and tonight, I will walk behind the rows unequivicolly to set the record right.”

[Suddenly, Ethan Bird storms into the locker room, attacking The Scarecrow from behind. He stumbles him back into the corner where Brent grabs him from behind, tossing him to one side and into some lockers. Having been defended, Scarecrow lunges forward with a Big Boot that Bird barely dodges, exiting the room in one quick motion. Kersh turns to Scarecrow, eyebrow raised.]

“I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know, but that kid, he’s coming for you.”

“I don’t need your protection, Kersh.”

[The Scarecrow nods and then in one flash of darkness, vanishes once again. Kersh stands there, shaking his head.]

“Yep, I’ll never get used to that.”

[The scene switches to the outside where Ethan Bird stands with a smile.]

“That had ought to put the cat amongst the pigeons.” [he beams with a faint chuckle.] [The opening bell rings and these three competitors circle each other in the ring. The Culture Boy is the first to strike, locking up with Bruce Van Chan and dropping him with a Gut Wrench Suplex! Baxter pops up… and he’s met with a running dropkick from Phoebe Outlaw! Chan gets to his feet and, another DDT! This time a Double Arm from Outlaw! A fast pace, right out the gate! Phoebe makes the cover but Bruce is quick to kick out. Outlaw finds her feet and begins to bring Bruce to his, but her comes Bobby! Clothesline! With Phoebe down Baxter grabs her by the legs… SHARPSHOOTER!] [As Phoebe struggles to reach the ropes Bruce Van Chan finds his feet. He witnesses what Bobby is doing to Outlaw and flips! Bruce drops an elbow on Baxter and follows up with a barrage of lefts and rights that chase the Culture Boy right out of the ring! But Bruce follows! He’s enraged, grabbing the Culture Boy by the back of the neck and running him into the announce table! And Chan drives Baxter face first into the table! Before spinning the Culture Boy around and sending him back into the ring. Bobby finds Outlaw waiting for him… THE NTO!] [No, Culture pushes out! SPIKE BRAINBUSTER! Baxter taking Outlaw out with that huge variant! And Bobby with the Cover! One… Two… Thre-NO! Outlaw kicks out! Bobby Baxter can’t believe it and he lifts Phoebe to her feet… he’s going for the CULTURE RACK! Wait, here comes Bruce Van Chan! With a chair! What is he thinking, he looks like a mad man! BVC is about to strike but the referee stops him! Bruce knocks Baxter and Outlaw to the ground and Culture Boy pops back up! Van Chaninator! And Bruce with the cover! One, two, three! He’s done it, Bruce Van Chan has won this triple threat!] [Matthew Cories is walking down the corridors opening doors and peering in. He does this a few times before clutching at his hair.]

“Doctor D’Ville! Where are you? I think it’s time for my routine check-up.”

[The lights flicker as a familiar chuckle fills the space. Doctor Louis D’Ville exits the shadows with that Cheshire grin upon his face. He extends his hand once more.]

“Hello my friend! Have you finally decided to accept your fate and allow me to fix you, Mr. Cories?”

[Cories smiles and takes the Doctor’s hand.]

“I am in need of my medication! A knuckle sandwich!”

[Cories swings for the fences but Doc merely smiles as the punch is caught. Doc’s hand suddenly begins to grow as it keeps its hold on Matty’s. Matthew’s eyes grow wide as Doc’s entire form slowly begins to grow until he hits the ceiling. A brief hesitation before breaking the ceiling! Doc continues to grow as the surroundings become black. All that Cories can see is the smile of Doc widening and widening until it opens slowly. Cories’ face is in horror as the mouth opens and Cories is deposited within!]


[Cories jolts awake. He looks around in his freshly awoken state to see the empty locker room. He clutches his head as he slowly looks up again to see Doctor D’Ville sitting on a bench with a newspaper opened. Written on the byline is Doc crushes Cories. He looks over the paper with a grin.]

“Seven days.”

[In a blink, Doc is gone leaving Cories in a sweaty state, clutching his head.] [A crumpled up note dangling from his hand, Axel the Shark is walking in the open lot outside the School Yard. He turns a corner and stops dead in his tracks. A large yellow school bus looms before him, the windows tinted out. We’ve seen fear from Axel before. But we’ve never seen unashamed terror as what seems to have taken the Kid’s Champion.]

“For the kids.” [Axel shakily states as he slowly walks to the bus.] [The bus is dark as Axel steps on board, the light from outside illuminating the driver’s seat. Axel slowly stands before it, running his hands over the large steering wheel. Almost as soon as he sits down into the seat, the door slams shut and the bus begins shaking harshly.]

“Not again!” [Axel pleads to no one in particular.] [With a violent motion, the bus stops shaking and the lights come back on. Axel turns around to almost fall back down into his seat at the sight before him. Children lay in various states of injury inside the bus, but near the back one child lays on his stomach, motionless. Axel runs with reckless abandon to the back of the bus to kneel at the side of this child, turning him over…] […to look into the masked eyes of his own mask.]

“Did you think we wouldn’t find out?” [The voice of Anonymous comments, as he now stands next to the driver’s seat.] “This is why you hide behind that mask.”

[Axel offers no response, but keeps his head low and focused on the boy.]

“What happens when an average man kills a child when he should be protecting him?” [Anonymous asks, yet leaves no room for answer.] “Disgrace. Shame. It could easily break a man, regress him to a child himself.”

[Axel runs his hands over the eye cut outs on the boy, perhaps living the past. He then stands up to face his nemesis.]

“How dare you?” [Axel asks, his voice full of emotion. Not rage, not hate, nor humor. Axel has been shaken by this, and approaches Anonymous, ready for a fight.]

“The wheels on the bus go round and round.”

[Axel turns back around and the dead boy has sat up. Except now his face is a Guy Fawkes mask. The other children have turned to face Axel, their faces covered now as well.]

“The wheels on the bus go round and round.”

[Axel whirls around to face Anonymous again, but the dark man is now gone. The lights flash on and off in the bus, and the children are gone as well. Axel the Shark, the Kid’s Champion, merely kneels down on the dirty bus floor. The past has returned, and the Shark has a fin to pick with Anonymous.] [The bell sounds as both Nigel Royal and King Konstantine act as if they’re the more proper. They each slowly approach as if dealing with someone of lesser value. Nigel raises his hand as if to strike, but Konstantine delivers a wicked headbutt! Nigel staggers back in shock as King Konstantine hits a belly-to-belly suplex! Royal gets to his feet and looks enraged at the prospect of getting hit with one of his signature moves. Royal delivers a sickening right hand before wrapping his hands around Konstantine and deliving a belly-to-belly suplex of his own… followed by a second, third, fourth, and FIFTH! THE ROYAL FLUSH!] [Nigel goes for the pinfall quickly, but Konstantine is already grasping the ropes. Nigel pulls him towards the center, but Konstantine takes out his leg with a chop block! The King crosses to the corner and preps his boot. Nigel gets to his feet but his head is nearly taken off by the vicious big boot! Konstantine lifts up Nigel and loads him onto his shoulder for… EXILEEEE! He shakes him roughly as Nigel is unable to reach out. Nigel reaches down and pulls at the face of Konstantine forcing him to relinquish the hold.] [Nigel seizes the opportunity by hitting a dropkick that dots the King right on his chin. Nigel grabs King and pulls him in before driving his face into the mat with a piledriver! The Bloodline ascends the turnbuckle before leaping off for… SPITFIRE! The top rope frog splash connects as Nigel goes for the pinfall. ONE…TWO…NO! Konstantine gets a foot on the rope! Royal looks in dismay as he begins the preparations for his finisher. Nigel pulls Konstantine to his feet, but Konstantine connects with a devastating headbutt! He pulls Nigel in and… SENTENCE TO DEATH! The running powerbomb into the corner devastates Royal! Konstantine swings for… OFF WITH HIS HEAD! The spinning lariat connects and Nigel crumples. ONE…TWO…THREE!] [King Konstantine proves tonight why it’s good to king!] [When we return to the parking lot outside The School Yard, it’s to the sound of a thud and groaning. The camera tries to get a glimpse of what’s going on as someone brawls with Manson and Hate in the nearest alley.] [Manson flies out, crashing head first onto the concrete, being knocked out. Hate then follows, slamming into the concrete next to him.] [Mike Lane must have arrived.] [Only the camera turns to the right and there he is, bag over his shoulder, looking as confused as the rest of us. The darkness of the alley only brightens as Desmond Cross steps out.]

“Oh the Lord shines his light upon thee today!” [he says with a toothy psychotic grin.] “What’s the matter, didn’t you miss me?!”

[The World Champion drops his bags and immediately steps towards him, only Cross backs away with his hands raised, waving the proverbial white flag.]

“You!” [Laner shouts.] “You have the sheer audacity to come back here and-”

[Cross interrupts.] “Ensure you make it to our Main Event? Of course, you’re right, I should be ashamed of myself. We have some unfinished business, Michael. Don’t you recall? Things may have changed since I left but the lord works in mysterious ways.”

“You needed to sacrifice Destiny to complete the plagues and you failed. She’s hundreds of miles away from here and you’re not getting anywhere near her.”

[Desmond steps closer and smiles.]

“You’re still a first born son Michael; and my mission hasn’t changed. This is why your enemies fall at my feet. I must be the one to drive the sword of redemption through your heart and tonight, I receive my last chance.”

[The Champion sneers at him as he backs away and heads towards the arena. Lane walks over to Manson and Hate, just as Hate grogily lifts his head up and is sure to angrily stomp down on him, making sure he stays unconscious.] [Chaos Theory – reunited for the first time since IWF, decide who’s going to kick this one fall to win match off. Jeckel starts with Red River Jack, tossing him into the corner and going to town with right and left hands. He nails him with a Snap Suplex and makes the quick tag to Mortimer. Mortimer scoops him up and hangs him upside down, stomping away at him in the Tree Of Woe before tagging in Corey Black. Black hits the ropes, diving ELBOW FIRST into an upside down Jack, dropping him to the canvas. Their team work remains impeccable as Black tags in Million. Million drops a Big Leg Drop and covers… One…. Two… Kick Out! Red needs to make the tag now as Million gets him back to his feet and the fight back starts. Shots to the gut send Max reeling, followed by a Big Spartan kick that drops him throat first across the bottom rope. RRJ slides immediately to the outside and APRON NECKBREAKER! He rolls back into the ring and tags in Lux Bellator.] [Bellator grabs Max and drags him into the middle of the ring, nailing him with a Snap Suplex. He floats over into the cover… One…. Two… Kick Out! That’s not going to do it. The Light Warrior helps him to his feet and whips him into the ropes, making the tag to Bird and then diving into the air with a Spinning Heel Kick. Ethan leaps low with a Basement Dropkick, catching Million as he falls. The self proclaimed God gets back to his feet and grabs Max, only Max catches him with a quick DDT. The Millionaire rolls to hs corner and makes the desperation tag to Jeckel. Jeckel rushes in and catches a getting up Bird with a knee to the forehead, dropping him back to the canvas. He isn’t there for long as Jake grabs him up and.. THE HATCHET!! HE’S… NO! ETHAN DROPS DOWN AND SPINS HIM.. KICK TO THE GUT.. WORLDS END!! NO!! JAKE BLOCKS IT! Jeckel lifts him high into the air and JUGGALO JACKJAMMER! JUGGALO JACKHAMMER! HE COVERS.. One…. Two… Kick Out!] [Jake grabs Bird and gets a right hand to the gut for his troubles, Ethan whipping him into his own corner and stumbling over, making the tag to Ash. Ash nails Jake with a right hand, taking him out of the corner and into a suplex position, dropping him with a Falcon Arrow. He looks the leg… One…. Two… Kick Out! Nope! Williams gets him up and whips him into the ropes… BOOM-NO! JAKE DUCKS AND LEAPS TO MAKE THE TAG TO BLACK! Ash backs off and smirks, tagging in Ethan Bird! The fans roar, two of The Flock now face to face in the middle of the ring. That’s when the lights go off. The sound of birds fluttering can be heard as the lights return, EVERYONE except The Flock laid out in AND AROUND the ring. The referee doesn’t know what to do, but notices that Ethan has a steel pipe in his hand! He calls for the bell, calling this one a Disqualification!] [The fans boo as THE FLOCK stand tall, not to be forgotten here tonight. Chaos Theory is a thing of the past. Long live The Flock!] [High Society sit in their posh wing, sitting around an expensive looking table, a contract laid on it.]

“You said your lawyers were looking at our contracts, where’s the loophole you promised!?” [Million yelled at Nigel.]

“Don’t ask me! They said the bloody thing was air tight! We’re stuck in this match, as far as our contracts say Errol can put us in any match and under any stipulation as long as he gets the board behind him, and unless we can bribe them before the match, he does!”

[Baxter puts a hand on either of their shoulders, signaling to calm down.]

“Calm down, we’ll keep looking. And after we win against those low society pests, we’ll continue our little plan, WITH a title shot.”

[The group get up as if to leave, the lights flickering and the whole Crowley Family standing in front of them. Hangman stands between them and the door before speaking.]

“You three will not leave Danger Zone unpunished, you have yet to receive redemption.”

[Royal sneers and stands to Hangman.]

“Why must you get in our way!? Tell us why trash likes you even cares about our plans.”

[Lee Crowley snickers, putting his hand out in front of Hangman, stopping him from swinging.]

“Simple, dear boy. You view everyone as below you, yet you don’t realize that people like us are the ones you like to speak of. We aren’t evil, call us more… Chaotic. But it’s people like you who threaten the little people my family protects. And when the tables are turned against you, you will learn how life feels when it’s not all in your corner. We will see you at danger zone, boys.”

“And we’re gonna getcha!”

[The lights flicker once more, the family disappearing as they do, leaving High $ociety to talk among themselves.] [We find Vinnie Lane backstage, apparently on the search for someone. He spots Doctor D’Ville and approaches.]


“Not now, Vinnie…” [Doc stalls long enough to look Vinnie up and down.] “…but not never…” [He smirks and walks off.]

“Dead!” [Vinnie notices The Dead down the hall and sprints to catch up to him.] “Listen…”

[The Dead cuts him off.]

“I heard…” [Dead continues down the hall and Vinnie keeps pace.] “…and no, I don’t want to be your partner at Danger Zone.”

[Vinnie stops, and Dead keeps on rolling. At this moment Jake Jeckel storms past with a group of Juggalo’s and the second Vinnie looks his direction…]

“Fuck off, Lane.”

[Vinnie looks pissed, but he’s too preoccupied to even formulate a comeback.]

“Well what do you know!?!” [LH Harrison’s voice spins Vinnie on his heels.] “This pile of negativity can’t find himself a replacement partner for the PPV.”

“Not surprising, LH.” [Reese joins in.] “You put negativity out into the world and that’s what you get back.”

“Will you two shut the fuck up! I’m a’ little busy ATM.”

[Vinnie attempts to leave but POP step in his path.]

“We just can’t help but wonder though…” [LH gets in Vinnie’s face.] “…what happens when you realize NO ONE is going to be willing to be your partner?”

[Vinnie scoffs.]

“You two are just happy as pigs in shit that Gator’s gone, aren’t you!?!”

[Now it’s Alex in Lane’s face.]

“Happy!?! I’ve wanted to get my hands on Gator for a month now! Did he deserve to get canned? Oh positively! But if you think I’m happy I don’t get a chance to get my hands on him, you’re wrong!”

“How about this then? You two have a match tonight… how about winner faces me one on one at Danger Zone?”

[POP glance at one another and nod.]

“Sorry Lane…” [LH smirks.] “…Reesey and I don’t accept your challenge.”

[You can tell Vinnie is about to explode with expletives but Alex cuts him short.]

“If you can’t find a partner by Danger Zone, prepare to face the Power of Positivity one on two!”

[Again Vinnie’s expletives are cut short, this time by LH.]

“Or should we say, prepare to lose to the Power of Positivity one on two!”

[LH and Alex slap five and walk off, leaving a very angry Vinnie Lane to spit forth a string of expletives that would make Yosemite Sam blush.] [The Power of Positivity Explodes! Harrison and Reese shake hands before the bell. They tie up—LH with a headlock—Reese sends him into the ropes – shoulder tackle by the taller, heavier Reese. Alex leaps over Harrison, who bends his knees for a monkey flip. Reese spins him round and goes for a twisting elbow, but hits the canvas when Harrison rolls away! Both men back up—Reese nursing his arm—Harrison slaps on a CROSS ARMBREAKER! Reese shoves him away – Harrison comes right back with the HOPE LANDING! REESE SHOVES HIM AWAY AGAIN! HEAD SPINNER BY REESE!? NO – HARRISON HOLDS ONTO THE ROPES!] [They get up at a stalemate, laughing nervously. Even in their short time as a team, they’ve trained together and know each other’s moves and habits. They lock hands, each man trying to outmuscle the other. Reese takes charge again, flooring Harrison. LH bridges his back, though, and fights back up! He floors Reese! Alex nips up—hands still linked—EXPLODER SUPLEX TO HARRISON! Holding his back, LH sits up – SUPERKICK! Reese nearly decapitated him! ONE… TWO… shoulder up! The fans rally behind Reese, who climbs the ropes. He pumps his fist and… DOUBLE JUMP CORKSCREW MOONSAULT – AKA TOUCH THE SKY! HARRISON DODGES AT THE LAST POSSIBLE SECOND!] [Reese hits the mat HARD, and looks like he might be out cold. LH waits for the all-clear from the ref and pins him. ONE… TWO… SHOULDER UP! LH actually nods and claps for his tag partner. He drags him centre-ring and APPLIES THE ARMBREAKER! “DON’T YOU GIVE UP!” he yells at Reese, who screams in pain. “DO! NOT! TAP!” he roars – REESE ROLLS HIM UP! ONE… TWO… THREE! NO! 2.97! HARRISON KICKS OUT! They struggle back up, exhausted. Harrison ducks another superkick and leaps into HOPE LANDING—BLOCKED BY REESE—HEAD SPINNER! Alex nails the rolling cutter! ONE… TWO… THREE! It’s over!] [Alex Reese hoists himself up using the ropes. The referee raises his arm, which he painfully pulls away. The Motivational Superstar kneels down over Harrison and checks on his partner.] [Bruce Van Chan stands in the halls of Old School Wrestling, watching the back entrance diligently, waiting for something. There is silence for a few more moments before the back door opens as expected, a rather large Juggalo member of Jake’s Posse makes his way into the hallway, a package in hand. He smirks and places it down next to Bruce on a table.]

“To you from the boss, enjoy.”

[The Juggalo tries leaving but Bruce grabs him.]

“Stay, you may need to give him a message after.”

[He glares at the member of the Juggalo’s posse, turning back to the package and opening it up. The package contains a small, ornate box. Bruce opens it up, revealing a cut off finger with Paige’s wedding ring on it! Bruce instantly lunges at the messenger.]


[The Hardcore champion grabs the larger man and with amazing strength does he throw him across the hall into a pile of steel boxes. The juggalo tries to stand only to catch a steel chair to the back of his head from Bruce. Van Chan relentlessly beats on the man, swinging the chair until it’s bent into an unrecognizable shape and covered in a combination of blood and make up. Bruce tosses it to the side before grabbing the box with the finger and stomping through the halls.]


[The camera man runs to keep up with Bruce, soon finding him nowhere in sight as he makes way through the building.] [The Grim and The Skull pace around their sandbox of sadism. Isaiah twirls a kendo stick and a fluorescent light tube in his hands. The DEAD— versed in street fighting—wields a chain. The crowd GASP as both men suddenly CLASH… DEAD WRAPS THE CHAIN AROUND THE LIGHT TUBE TO DISARM ISAIAH! He takes out the bigger threat, but leaves himself open to the kendo stick – CRACK, CRACK, CRACK – IT SNAPS OVER HIS HEAD! It may not hurt, but DEAD is on his knees as he sees stars! Walking Death grabs a chair and holds it in front of him, then CHARGES at DEAD… GRAND LEVELLER – THE DEAD DODGES IT!] [Isaiah hits the shining wizard knee INTO BARBED WIRE ROPES! He gets hung up by his already-torn jeans. DEAD grabs a nearby chair and HURLS it at Black’s SKULL! The referee begs DEAD off and—wearing gloves (and goggles)—helps Isaiah free himself. He stumbles around – SMASH! GLASS FLIES EVERYWHERE AS DEAD BRINGS A PANE OVER HIS HEAD! Black hits the mat. ONE… TWO… shoulder up! Blood pours from Isaiah’s scarred forehead; the DEAD looks at a gash in his own hand quizzically. He then grabs a CHEESE GRATER! Smiling, the DEAD grabs Isaiah’s clump of hair – BUT A FUCKING FIREBALL GOES UP IN HIS FACE!] [The fans gasp as DEAD goes down. He can’t feel the searing heat, but his vision is impaired and he doesn’t know the extent of any damage he may have suffered. SMASH! BLACK CRACKS THE LIGHT TUBE OVER HIS BACK! DEAD rolls over, and even he knows he’s in trouble! Isaiah wields the sharpened tube, intending to STICK DEAD WITH IT! The crowd beg him not to – LOW BLOW BY DEAD! Black drops the glass skewer and doubles over in agony. Dead is up – FINAL BREATH ELBOW TO THE THROAT! Black clutches his balls and windpipe as he staggers back… BUT THEN HE CHARGES FORWARDS – GRAND LEVELLER!] [BOTH MEN FLY OUT THE OPEN SIDE OF THE RING AND INTO THE BARBED-WIRE BOARDS BELOW! SPARKS SHOOT OUT AS THE BOARDS FUCKING EXPLODE! HOLY SHIT! Fire extinguishers further cloud the smoky scene as EMTs rush over. Amidst the rubble, however, THE DEAD HAS DRAPED A BLOODY ARM OVER ISAIAH BLACK! The referee slaps the ring apron to count. ONE… TWO… THREE! The DEAD has defeated The Grim – but it’s going to take some wire cutters before he can even think about standing up!] [That familiar kitchen.] [Marvelous Master Chef walks into frame to a tremendous ovation from the crowd. He’s looking rather chipper as the first ever World Champion flaunts his ‘LUNCHA UNDERGROUND’ t-shirt.]

“Mi amigo’s, it is great to return to these shores. For months I have sat at home, abandoned by America, deported for no good reason. Well, those perro’s couldn’t hold me back, mang.”

[He grabs a frying pan and starts throwing chopped up ingredients into it.]

“Now apparently some puta is running around here claiming to be marvellous, claiming to be number 1. He’s even taken to looking like your first ever World Champion. Well, listen to Master Chef, Marvolo, tonight you head into Hell’s Kitchen and…”

[Suddenly a large scoffing sound can be heard. Making no attempts to hide his displeasure is Marvolo, who steps into the kitchen with a look of disgust upon his face.]

“PUH-LEASE!” [He shouts.] “Who the hell does this guy think he is? Is he a chef? Is he a wrestler? Is he some monkey dressed in a luchdore mask?”

[MMC looks stunned.] “Who invited the special guy? Listen perro, this is my kitchen and in my kitchen, little bitches don’t belong behind the counter, alright?” [He turns to the camera and actively ignores Marvolo.] “Despite how tiny their feet are.”

“WHAT!? DID YOU JUST ACCUSE NUMBER ONE OF HAVING TINY FEET?” [Marvolo screams in paranoia. He immediately checks his feet, lifting one straight up and stumbling around as he tries to keep his balance.] “Marvolo has perfect feet; some might say the feet of a God! At least Marvolo doesn’t have tiny arms. It’s a surprise you could wield enough power to cut anything with those cheese strings.”

“CHEESE STRINGS?” [Chef cackles.] “I’m the number one chef on the planet! Gordon Ramsey learned all his moves from me! Welcome to Hell’s Kitchen, number two!”

[Chef throws a knife in Marvolo’s direction that slams through his cape, ripping it and pinning it to the wall. He looks at Master Chef in absolute stunned fear.]

“B-But.. number two is… poop!”

[He storms towards him angrily, our Hell’s Kitchen Match about to get started!] [Marvolo dives across the kitchen counter, sliding straight into Master Chef with an epic Baseball slide that sends him reeling across the kitchen. He crashes into a side, reaching for the first thing he can and picking up a toaster. Marvolo pops off the counter and walks straight INTO A SHOT TO THE HEAD! TOASTER TO THE SKULL! “How do you like your bread, asshole?” MMC yells as he tosses the toaster to one side. The fans roar but Marvolo isn’t done, not by a long shot. He reaches out and grabs Chef by the hat, pulling it off and hitting him around the chops with it. More disgusted than anything else, the former World Champion stands there in shock as Number One grabs a handful of flour and throws it in his face.] [That stumbles him, allowing Marvolo to bounce his head off a counter, dragging him away and launching him HEAD FIRST INTO AN OPEN OVEN!! Thankfully it isn’t on, well, at first. #1 rushes over and turns the dial, yelling; “I LIKE MY MEXICAN FOOD HOT!” Only Master Chef is quick to kick back out at him and pull himself out of the soon to be hot oven. He turns, grabbing a knife and running at Marvolo with it. Marv dodges to the left and watches as his opponent drives the knife straight into an electrical socket. He falls down in a heap, shaking and convulsing. #1 reaches down and grabs him, slamming him into a counter and bending him over it. With a smirk on his face he grabs a pizza tray and starts SPANKING THE FORMER WORLD CHAMPION WITH IT!] [The fans can’t help but laugh as Chef comes to and turns around, looking at him with ‘HIT ME HARDER EYES’, only to turn and rake the eyes of Marvolo. He gets up and grabs his trusty frying pan, cracking it across the skull of #1. “I bet you won’t like how this panned out!” MMC says, taking a moment to wink at the camera. Almost a cert to have shit himself, he waits as Marvolo gets back up and launches him onto the counter. He runs him across it, through pots, pans, cutlery and more, dropping him off the edge and onto the floor. Master Chef should cover but doesn’t, instead grabbing a nearby taco and throwing it into the microwave. He sets the timer and watches it, only Marvolo pops up behind him and slams him head first into the microwave door! “Ding!” he yells out, turning Chef around and WHITE TIGER DRIVER!! WTD ON THE CONCRETE KITCHEN FLOOR!! HE COVERS…. ONE….. TWO…. THREE!!! MARVOLO WINS! HE BEATS THE MASTER CHEF IN HELLS KITCHEN!] [Marvolo gets back to his feet, looking a little worse for wear after this amazing anniversary match. He reaches down and grabs the Chef hat that he took from MMC earlier and puts it on his head, pointing at the camera with one finger raised and a big grin. Marvolo is numero uno!] [Bruce Van Chan has left a war path through the building, tables upturned and two other Juggalos dropped as he seemingly destroys the building looking for Jake. his rampage is stopped by a team of security guards, the likes of which making a wall between Bruce and the entrance ramp.]

“Out of my way! I am going to end Jake Jeckel, you can’t make me stop this!”

[And he would be right, as a line of Security guards caught a few choices knees from the rampaging Bruce, Dr. Sleep making his way to the now empty ring, grabbing a microphone as he does. He stands in the middle of the ring, the box still clutched tightly in his hand.]

“Jake Jeckel is scum of the earth, he has made my life a living hell and I am done with him! I am a good man, I try to be nice, but if you cross my family, I will make you wish you never me THE REAL FREAK’N DEAL! I have to tell my kids every night that mommy won’t be home, and I refuse to wait another week. GET OUT HERE YOU COWARD!”

[There is silence, Bruce watches the ramp intently before leaving the ring, about to walk up when JAKE CRAWLS OUT FROM UNDER THE RING! BRUCE CATCHES A CHAIR TO THE SKULL AND HITS THE GROUND, THE JUGGALO RAINS CHAIR SHOTS ON THE POOR MAN. Jeckel drops the chair, leaning down to Bruce and picking up the mic.]

“Calm down, Bruce. You’ll get your chance next week when I beat you myself, until then, mommy isn’t coming home. Oh, and by the way, the finger is fake.”

[Jake stands up and laughs to the boos of the crowd, leaving Bruce in a pile on the ground.] [The bell sounds as the Enforcer explodes out of his corner,rushing forward with rights and lefts that Scarecrow gives right back, the two fierce rivals brawling back and forth before a big knee stuns Kersh. The Harvester sends him into the ropes but Kersh ducks under the attempted Big Boot as he bounces off the other side and leaps into the air with a shoulder tackle, taking Scarecrow down. Kersh drops down with Scarecrow, trying for the Lone Star but the Harvester easily kicks him away, and as both men get to their feet, Scarecrow throws a wild Haymaker that Kersh just ducks under, before both men size each other up, the crowd going wild from this opening exchange] [Kersh rushes forward, trying for a Boot of his own but Scarecrow ducks under, nailing the Enforcer with a rolling knee to the side of the head before grabbing a dazed Kersh and nearly driving him into the canvas with a massive tilt-o-whirl slam. Scarecrow goes to pull Kersh up but the Enforcer takes Scarecrow down to the canvas before mounting him, peppering him with rights and lefts. Scarecrow muscles his way out, throwing Kersh off him but Kersh lands on his feet, rushing towards Scarecrow but runs right into a big uppercut before Kersh is pulled up into the Perch position as the lights go out] [They come on as Kersh is knocked out on the canvas, Scarecrow looming over him for a few moments before dropping down for the sure cover. ONE…TWO…THRE…KERSH KICKS OUT! Somehow the Enforcer got the shoulder up and even Scarecrow looks shocked. The Harvester pulls Kersh up to his feet, trying for another Perch but Kersh manages to roll down Scarecrow’s back, kicking him in the gut as he turns before lifting him up, SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! Kersh falls to the mat, just rolling over as the referee counts. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Sitting backstage, James Hunter sits relaxed talking on his cell phone.]

“Of course William, I am sure your penthouse overlooking the beach is wonderful.” [Hunter casually states, speaking to his attorney who the Flock decided to rough up last week.] “But the important thing is that I have this little letter. I’ll teach them to try to manipulate me under duress.”

[The Question twists a manila envelope between his fingers, a grin on his face as he disconnects the phone call, pleasantries over with.]

“No reason to wait until Danger Zone. An important night makes for an important announcement!”

[Hunter gets to his feet and walks over to grab his All Star Championship, laying the envelope on a small bench.] [CRASH!] [Question turns around to see an ax through the bench and the envelope. A clean swipe if there ever was one. He doesn’t get to have a thought as Ozric Mortimer is in his face, grabbing him around the neck and pinning him backwards. Ozric’s tone doesn’t even sound bothered.]

“Were you planning to alter our agreement, Mr. Hunter?”

[Hunter doesn’t fight for the moment but instead grins.]


[No change from Ozric for the moment, instead eyeballing the title belt on Hunter’s shoulder.]

“Pride is the fall of man. Yours is the weakness dangling your feet over the abyss.”

“Yet I hold the power, Ozric.” [Hunter states, dropping the politeness that has characterized these men’s conversations.] “If you want what I have, and your precious Santelmo back, you had best release me.”

[Mortimer finally smiles, releasing Hunter, who goes down to bend over the bench to catch his breath.]

“Power only exists where man believes it exists, James. If you do not follow our terms, you will find that even a man of your stature can simply disappear.”

[CRASH!] [James Hunter has grabbed the ax in his downed state, and he swings back with the full force of his might at Ozric Mortimer, yet hits nothing but the wall. Ozric Mortimer has disappeared. James Hunter looks down at the debris around him. The envelope is missing.]

“Danger Zone, then. Well played, Sparrow.”

[The bell rings as Cross rushes forward, taking Lane by surprise with a rush of hooks, jabs and uppercuts, as one hard hook to the temple puts Lane down on one knee. Cross rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a massive spear as Lane gets to his feet, Desmond staying down as he mounts the Shadowmaker, laying into him with a series of forearm shots. Lane throws Cross off but as he gets to his feet, he’s cut off with a knee to the gut before Cross pulls him onto his shoulders for a Powerslam. Lane slides down Cross’s back and as he turns around, drills him with a rolling knee to the head. Lane quickly going for the cover, ONE..TWO..Cross manages to kick out] [Lane lands a few heavy kicks to the ribs before pulling Cross up to his feet, dropping him down on his neck with a single arm ddt. Lane lands a second one, before backing up, signalling for the end and the Shadow Kick. Cross slowly gets to his feet as Lane rushes forward, but Cross ducks under the superkick as Lane turns around into a hard knee to the ribs before he’s lifted up and driven hard into the mat with the Redeeming Cruficix Powerbomb. Cross drops down, hooking the leg. ONE…TWO…THR..Lane just gets the shoulder up] [Desmond gets to his feet, signalling for the end as he waits for Lane to get to his feet, but Lane blocks the hoist into the Amazing Grace, trying for the Degeneration instead. Cross blocks the suplex, landing a stiff series of elbows that stagger Lane back. Cross rushes forward, trying for a clothesline but Lane dodges, grabbing the back of Cross’s head and slingshotting it over the top rope before grabbing a groggy Cross and delivering a Degeneration into the turnbuckles. Lane backs up, setting up for the Shadow Kick once more. Cross slowly getting to his feet, SHADOW KICK! Cross took it all and he looks to be out as the Shadowmaker hooks the leg for the cover ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Mike Lane stumbles back to his feet, having put this feud with Desmond Cross to bed once again. The referee raises his hand in the air, but ‘To get to you’ quickly interrupts that.] [Red River Jack slowly makes his way out onto the entrance ramp and pauses, soaking up the boo’s. Mike waves him on, telling him ‘to come get some’ and he would oblige, only with a point of his bony finger, he makes Lane turn around.] [AMAZING GRACE!! F-5!! DESMOND CROSS NAILS HIM!] [Red laughs manically from the stage as his former brother bounces off the canvas with a thud. Cross stands over him with a grin, watching as Jack walks down the ramp and slides into the ring. Red asks him if he wants ‘more’ and helps Lane up, letting Cross to go work with right and left hands.]

“You know I get down, I’m a downer, heart pounder, LOLin’, smelling like Sarin!”

[The crowd are immediately on their feet as Isaiah Black comes running down the entrance ramp, making a b-line for the ring. He slides in and ducks under a Clothesline by Red River Jack, nailing Cross with a GRAND LEVELLER!! GOODNIGHT!]


[Black hops back up and turns to see Jack has high tailed it, wanting nothing of ‘Walking Death’ here tonight. Black watches as Mike Lane stumbles back to his feet and turns to see that his savior comes in an unlikely form.] [He doesn’t offer a handshake, he knows better.] [Isaiah goes to turn away and then GRAND LEVELLER TO MIKE LANE! WHAT THE HELL? ISAIAH BLACK IS TEARING DOWN THE HOUSE! The fans can’t believe it! Red River Jack laughs! Old enemies die hard here in Old School Wrestling. Mike Lane has been busted wide open as the show comes to an end.] [What a way to celebrate one year of Old School Wrestling!]