[There’s a tingle of anticipation in the air tonight.] [You can hear the fans cheering and jeering inside The School Yard.] [The black fades to the sound of buzzing.] [We open in a gritty alleyway to a poster promoting Monday Night Showcase on a dirty brick wall of the School Yard. The camera slowly rises only to see the famous neon OSW logo before fading into the arena.] [Monday Night Showcase goes live and to start off the night we are brought to view the likes of Jake Jeckel in the ring, the newly named Jacqueline Jeckel at his side, the duo garner both the ire of the crowd and the sympathy of the Bruce Van Chan supporters. Once the crowd dies down Jeckel begins to talk.]

“Last week I gave Brucey fair warning. Guess what happened. He didn’t listen and that fucker lost MY title. Now, I am NOT a nice mother fucking man when people fuck me over. And I’m going to prove it right now…”

[The crowd gasps in horror as Jeckel reaches behind his back, pulling a large knife from a sheath on his belt loop. He grabs Jacqueline’s arm and-]



[BRUCE VAN CHAN BOLTS DOWN THE RAMP INTO THE RING! Jeckel is caught by surprise and HE SLICES AT BRUCE! Van Chan dodges by a hair and tackles Jake. Both men wrestle for the knife and as Bruce is getting the upper hand JACQUELINE KICKS HIM OFF OF JAKE! The knife goes sliding and Bruce rolls to his feet, his face an expression of confusion and anger.]

“Why, Paige!? I’m just trying to help you, why are you turning on me!?”

[Jeckel smirks and yanks Jacqueline in by the hair.]

“You should just stop fighting, Bruce. She’s mine now. By all means, you have no reason to talk to me. Unless you get that title back, then we’ll talk.”

[The crowd rains hate down on Jake as he rolls from the ring, Jacqueline walling Bruce from Jake before following her brainwasher.] [August Frost enters the ring and immediately is distracted by a couple of college-aged women in the front row. He makes the mistake of turning his back on Doubt, who immediately capitalizes with a big clothesline in Frost’s back. Frost hits the ropes chest first and stumbles away and Doubt hits a ROLLING WHEEL KICK! August drops to the mat and Doubt heads to the top. He perches on the turnbuckle and when Frost stands… MISSILE DROPKI….Frost moves and Doubt crashes hard to the mat! Frost runs to the ropes and SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT! One… Two… Th…Kickout!] [Frost looks at the ref and slaps his hands together motioning for him to count faster. He peels Doubt from the mat and whips him to the corner. Doubt doesn’t miss a beat and leaps onto the turnbuckle and jumps off. Frost catches him on his shoulder but Doubt spins… PESSIMISTS’ END! One… Two… Thr….Frost kicks out! Doubt jumps to his feet and runs to the ropes. As he returns, August is gaining his feet but JUMPING CORKSCREW FOREARM! Frost drops but pops right back up as Doubt returns again with a JUMPING HIGH KNEE!! Frost is down!] [Doubt jumps to the top turnbuckle! DIVING ELBOW DROP CONNECTS! One… Two… Thre…KICKOUT! Frost kicks out! Doubt shakes his head and pulls Frost to his feet… DESPERATION ENZIGURI! Doubt drops and Frost uses the ropes to stand up! He takes a moment to regain his balance and pulls up Doubt.BLUE THUNDER BOMB! A cocky Frost heads to the top…. FROST BIT… Doubt moved and Frost slams into the mat! Doubt is quick and locks in THE SECOND GUESS!! August reaches for the bottom rope… He almost has it…..but he TAPS OUT!! Frost taps and Doubt wins a hard fought contest!!] [Evan Jackson is in his locker room practicing leg shoots. After his extended time off, he appears to be getting back into ring shape. He stands, breathing a little heavy, and takes a drink from a water bottle. Just then, the door opens up, and Professor Bordeaux steps in.]

“Evan, my boy! So great to see you!”

[Evan does not look pleased to see Bordeaux.]

“You think you can just lay your hands on me, and then just walk into my locker room? What th hell is wrong with you?”

[Bordeaux waves a hand dismissively.]

“Not to worry, not to worry! I’m here for our first lesson. It’s time to tap into that potential we talked about last week!”

[Jackson is not amused with the Professor at all.]

“I told you, I don’t need or want your help. Get out of my locker room.”

“Now, now, Evan. Is that any way to talk to your teacher?”

[Jackson, showing his temper, launches his water bottle at Bordeaux. It was mostly empty, but water splashes all over his nice clothes. Bordeaux looks over himself, then up at Evan.]

“I guess you aren’t sure how to treat your superior? Did no one treat you any respect?”

[Suddenly Bordeaux flies across the room and hammers Jackson with right hand after right hand. Jackson falls to the ground, but shoots at Bordeaux’s legs and tries to take him down. Bordeaux punts Jackson in the forehead. Jackson seems to be out cold. Bordeaux stands there catching his breath.]

“Class dismissed.”

[He turns and walks out leaving Evan to recover on the floor.] [Bordeaux and Wingate start this one out as Wingate moves in on the Professor. They lock up and Bordeaux takes Wingate to school, backing him into the corner and firing right hands to the midsection followed by a big right hand to the head. Wingate stumbles from the corner and SNAP SUPLEX! One… Two… kickout! Bordeaux pulls Wingate up by the hair and pulls him to his corner and makes the tag to FtF. Ferguson enters the ring over the top rope and lifts Wingate up… POWERSLAM! He puts a big boot on Wingate’s chest for the pin. One… Tw… Wingate kicks out and FtF pulls him up once more, but FAMILY JEWELS! No time to pose and THROAT THRUST! FtF is still on his feet! Wingate reluctantly tags in Colombo.] [Colombo comes in hot and SHOULDER BLOCK to the back of FtF’s knee! The big man goes down. The Knife runs to the ropes and returns with a leg drop. Colombo pulls Ferguson to his feet and goes for a POWERBOM….FtF is too heavy and reverses with a BACK BODY DROP! Ferguson pulls down on the ropes with his foot on Colombo’s throat for a blatant choke! Bordeaux makes a blind tag and FtF isn’t happy. Bordeaux peels Colombo up and ATOMIC DROP! Bounces off the ropes CLOTHESLINE!] [He covers… but FtF made another blind tag when Bordeaux came off the ropes! FtF back in and lifts Colombo in a GORILLA PRESS! He holds him high! But Colombo wiggles free and DDT! Colombo hits a DDT while falling from nearly 9 feet in the air!! He drags FtF to the corner and puts his head against the bottom turnbuckle. THE HIT!! Curbstomp! One… Two… THREE! Colombo and Wingate pick up a victory over OSW veterans, but Wingate looks less than impressed with the Knife.] [Last week was a very mixed night for Ash Williams. After losing the Tag Team Championships, he’s walking through the halls towards his locker room when the faint sound of sexual noises can be heard from the other side. With an eyebrow raised and a faint smile, Ash bursts into his room.]

“Matty, I thought you were an innoce-”

[And at that very moment, he wishes he hadn’t. Sat there in a custom built Jacuzzi just so happens to be the Hardcore Champion Vinnie Lane and he’s receiving some of the best head of his life.]

“What the hell do you think you’re doing in my locker room, slimeball?” [Ash screams at him.] [That startles the woman who quickly looks up in a panic, dropping Vinnie’s censored member from her mouth. What awaits Ash is horrifying.]

“L… Linda?” [He questions, mouth agape in shock.] “Is that… it can’t…” [He mumbles.]

“Oh shit dude, my bad!” [Vinnie says sporting a black eye from their last encounter.] “I didn’t realize this locker room belongs to THAT Ash Williams. Hey honey, is this awkward, I’m sure you’ve met, right?”

[She blushes. What the hell is going on here? Ash has dropped his bags and can barely lift his jaw from the ground. That’s Linda, the very woman who died in the Evil Dead. Now it’s no mystery that Ash Williams believes himself to be the very one we’ve all seen on television, only, this woman strikes an uncanny resemblance to his girlfriend – the one he had to kill.]

“H-how can this be? I don’t.. you’re supposed to be dead. You don’t look dead, I mean, I kinda wish you were now but…”

[Vinnie hops out of the Jacuzzi and walks over to the door, carefully and slowly edging it closed, pushing his nemesis out and closing it behind him. The camera stays with Lane, who can barely keep a straight face.]

“And scene, dude. Damn. That went better than I thought it would.”

[Not if you’re Ash Williams, it didn’t.] [And unfortunately for him, his match is up next!] [Everyone looks apprehensive about this one… all except Phoebe. Ash doesn’t look to be taking his opponent lightly, but even he’s taken aback when Outlaw motions for him to BRING IT! Ash immediately cocks his fist and unloads with a BOOMSTICK—PHOEBE GRABS THE FIST—trips him up—NORTHERN CROSS! Ash powers out of the early Anaconda vice, and the crowd pop for the tenacious Outlaw. They circle each other warily… Phoebe strikes first, sending Ash into the ropes with stiff kicks across the chest. She backs up and slaps her elbow – ROARING ELBOW! ASH DUCKS IT AND DUMPS HER OVER THE ROPES! She lands hard.] [The Chosen One keeps on her but makes the mistake of letting her get up. Phoebe SLAPS him in anger, prompting Ash to THROW HER INTO THE STAIRS! The referee asks her if she quits, but she shakes her head furiously. Ash peels her off the mats and SLAMS her into the barricade. He backs all the way up, then CHARGES at her… HE SPRINGS OFF THE SEPARATED STAIRS WITH A SPEAR – PHOEBE MOVES! WILLIAMS EXPLODES THROUGH THE BARRICADE! HOLY SHIT! The referee checks on Ash, who groggily tells him to “go to hell…” rather than quit!] [Phoebe drags Ash out of the wreckage. She grabs a chair from the timekeeper and shoves it on Ash’s arm, with his metal fist threaded through the seat… Phoebe then sources a KENDO STICK! She takes aim and… CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Ash SCREAMS in pain as Phoebe looks determined to remove that buckshot-loaded fist of Ash! The referee forces a reprieve to ask Ash if he quits, but he shakes his head and yells “NO!”. Phoebe uses the kendo stick to apply a sleeper hold to Ash, but… BOOMSTICK WITH THE CHAIR STILL ATTACHED! Phoebe slumps onto Ash, who slumps himself, his brain deprived of blood.] [It’s anyone’s game now as both competitors fight to regain consciousness… NORTHERN CROSS! Phoebe slaps on the Anaconda vice once more, but this time Ash succumbs to it! “I QUIT” he yells, and the referee calls it. Phoebe Outlaw is a future InVader!] [The parking garage for the School Yard is a busy place on most nights, but it’s eerily quiet as we find Tony Colombo standing near the entrance way. He is a man with something on his mind as he paces back and forth.]

“Colombo!” [The voice of Charles Wingate calls as he walks up with purpose in his stride, police by his side.] “I got us some help to get our money back from Frost.”

“Our money?” [Colombo replies. He grins and says something barely heard to the two officers who turn pale and walk away.]

“Oh no, my friend, this is not our money. It is my money.” [He points to the officers.] “Those men know who I am, and know my family. They know what men like me do to men like Mr. Frost.”

“Now Tony,” [Wingate begins, a smile on his face.] “Let’s not be hasty here. We can all be even. You can have the $10K from the match, and I’ll just take back my Uncle’s $15. Even stevens.”

[Colombo forces a small chuckle. Then turns deadly serious.]

“You are young so I will let this one go, but you’d best remember that you never take money out of my pocket. Out of my family’s pocket. Or the sharks will get a new chew toy. Capiche?”

[Before Wingate can reply, a careening golf cart almost takes out both men. They scatter out of the way and are still down when the cart stops and reverses back to them. It has a small vanity plate saying “PUSSYWAGON.” August Frost is at the helm.]

“Didn’t see you guys! This big city life is the shit, guys! You guys need to come hang out with me!”

[Frost squeals off as Colombo stands up, Wingate walking to his side.]

“Oh, there will be some hanging.” [Colombo states as Wingate sneers.] [The bell sounds as they just stare across the ring. In other lands, Doctor D’Ville turned LH Harrison into his puppet or his Prophet as it were. Here though, that means not a thing as Harrison has found Inspiration again. Although the Doctor is up to his old tricks. All of this with an Invasion match on the line. And submission is the only way to secure your spot there.] [The two lock up as Doc flings Harrison back. Harrison comes back to his knees and Doc looks intent on getting himself into that match. He rushes Harrison and begins digging his fingernails into the eyes of LH who screams out in the pain before getting to his feet and kicking Doc in the gut. LH staggers backward and clears the cobwebs only to see a lunging clothesline connect and floor him. Doc grabs LH by the hair and pulls him to his feet again. Two lightning fast jabs are followed up by a bite to the forehead of The Inspiration!] [Blood begins to flow from the forehead as LH gets some distance. D’Ville is smiling as blood trickles down his chin. Doc raises his hand for a test of strength in which LH obliges. Then as the test of strength begins, Doc immediately takes control pushing LH Harrison back and downwards.]

“P-O-P! P-O-P!”

[The chants are heard emanating through the arena as LH begins powering up! Doc smiles at it as he slowly is being matched for strength! The struggle in the arms is evident as they reach an even base. HEADBUTT! Harrison is rocked and hits the ground. Doc smiles and laughs.] [Harrison kips up! His smile is replaced by a determined look! Doc comes charging but LH lifts him up for a Stun Gun across the ropes! Harrison grabs Doc quickly lifts him up for a suplex but turns it into a cutter! OSAKA STREET CUTTER! Doc is down and LH Harrison looks ready! He lifts him up… HOPE LANDING! LH shakes his head as he’s still not done. Once more he lifts him up and loads him onto his back for SECOND FALL STRETCH!] [Doc is struggling to get out but the flurry seems to have stunned him! Finally his strength gives out as he slowly fades away. The referee raises his hand three times to no response!] [LH drops Doc as the referee raises his hand! He smiles broadly as the blood continues to pour down his face. He climbs the turnbuckle slowly as the pain is still there.] [Backstage, Ozric Mortimer stands in an empty bricked room. Well, empty except for the two large perches before him. Dirt caking the bottoms and their haphazardly rigged holders and maggots crawling up and down them.]

“Crow, the vehicles of our imprisonments await.” [Ozric states.] [The sound of birds fluttering occurs and then with a flash of light Scarecrow stands behind the two perches.]

“Mortimer, those are not your property.” [The Hayman replies, malice behind his words.]

“Oh?” [Ozric raises an eyebrow.] “What more would an individual have to do to proclaim ownership than to submit to the torture of existing inside your nest?”

“Submit? You know nothing of submission, Sparrow. No matter how much you tell yourself that you are greater than those who came before, the truth is that I could end you at any time. Your words are but a hollow insect waiting to be crushed beneath my fingertips.”

[The two men keep the perches between then, circling. Both men want to pounce it appears.]

“In some cases the most insignificant insect can bring an end to an empire.” [Ozric replies.] “Those that ignore the insect often find that it’s touch is far more venomous than they could have ever anticipated.”

“Words are wind, Sparrow, and you desire for a cease to hostilities has already begun to bore you. It claws at you like the maggots that feasted on your rotting flesh in the Corn Field.”

[In response, Ozric sticks his hand through the two perches, at the ready to choke his enemy, but a flash of light occurs and Mortimer is left alone. Only a single maggot hanging on his arm.] [With a smirk, Mortimer crushes the maggot, the irony not lost on him.] [Evan Jackson is walking backstage when a referee comes out of nowhere with a bell and dings it. Evan looks surprised then realizes his match tonight is for a spot in the Invasion match but it will be contested in a Backstage Brawl!] [However before he comes to his senses, Jake pummels him with a leaping right fist! Jeckel laughs as he lifts Evan back to his feet and throws him face first into the vending machine which pops out a soda! Jake picks it up, pops the tab, and takes a sip. His face scrunches up and he spits the liquid all over Evan before pouring the contents onto him. Evan begins to get up, but Jake charges for a bicycle kick! Evan dodges out of the way as Jake’s foot collides with the wall!] [Jake hobbles back as his knee has been jarred. Evan hits two low kicks to the knee before continuing with a roundhouse kick! Jake staggers backwards but Evan grabs one of the loading crates and sends it sliding into the knees of Jake! The Juggalo King hits the ground as Evan smiles at his opportunity. He lifts him up before wrapping his arms and driving him into the cement floor! CRANIAL IMPLANT! Jake’s head bobs slightly indicating that he’s still in this fight.] [Evan pulls him to his feet, but Jake lashes out with vicious chops surprising him. Jake lifts Evan up and throws him onto a nearby bench where he begins laying in blows. He pulls Evan to his feet and PONY DOWN! The chokeslam backbreaker brings him to the ground hard. Jake takes a step back still feeling the effects of the Cranial Implant. Evan slowly gets to his feet and rams Jeckel into the nearby wall snapping his head back! Evan grabs the knee and forces him to the floor before stomping profusely on it! Evan yells down the hall to where he sees two Juggalos standing at the end of the hall with their arms over their chests. Evan looks questioningly at them for a moment before being hit below the belt with an elbow! JUGGA-BLOW! Jeckel loads him onto his shoulders before going for THE HATCHET!] [IT CONNECTS! Evan is sent down through the nearby catering table as food and dishes all come crashing down on Evan! The referee checks him and sees no sign of consciousness!] [Jake Jeckel smiles at the downed Evan before motioning for his boys to approach. They walk up and grab Evan by the arms as Jake picks up a tube of mustard and squirts the contents on his face with a laugh.]

“Hillary for America!”

[Phoebe Outlaw, chipper and enthusiastic, hands out Clinton campaign buttons backstage.]

“Hillary for President!” [She offers a button to one of Jeckel’s Posse, but he rolls right by like she isn’t even there.] “Jeez!”

“Don’t tell me you’re fucking surprised?”

[Outlaw recognizes Freight Train Fergusons voice immediately, turning around slowly to face the seven foot behemoth.] [FTF scoffs.] “You really think anyone wants to vote for that fucking sea donkey!?!”

[Ferguson grabs a pin out of Outlaw’s hand and smirks.]

“Ain’t nobody’d be a better first gentleman than Bill, but come on!?! A fucking woman president!?! Get real…”

“You know, it’s ignorant, male chauvinist pigs like yourself that make people like me fight even harder for…”

“Blah, blah, blah-d-fucking-blah! You bitches ever stop yapping!?!”

[Outlaw sighs.] “And Slade wonders why I’m hesitant to join New School Wrestling.”

“What, you got some kinda’ problem with the way the Freight Train thinks?”

“No…” [Phoebe smirks.] “…I’ve got a problem with the way the Freight Train DOESN’T think.”

[Phoebe turns to walk away but FTF grabs her by the shoulder and spins her back around.]

“Don’t you touch me!”

[Phoebe slaps away FTF’s mitt, leaving Ferguson looking a mix of dejected and disgusted.]

“You know what, bitch, I’m glad you don’t want to join the New School. We don’t need ya’ uptight ass anyway!”

[Phoebe takes a moment to look FTF up and down before stepping in on him; nose to… chest.]

“You’d love nothing more than for me to decline Jackson’s offer, wouldn’t you Ferguson? Let me guess, powerful woman scare the shit out of you? Well I hate to break it to you, but I’ve yet to decline.”

“Well, while you’re down there deciding…” [FTF looks down at Phoebe.] “…you’re at the perfect height to suck on FTF’s…”

“You’re disgusting!”

[Phoebe turns and walks off, leaving FTF with a slack jawed smile on his face.]

“What!?! I was ganna’ say my dick!”

[Tables surround the ring and lean against the corners. Reese offers a high five, which Nigel looks to reciprocate – BUT HE SLAPS HIM IN THE FACE INSTEAD! Instant heat on Royal as he lays into Reese with punishing shots. He wastes no time in whipping Reese to the corner, but the Motivational Superstar slams the brakes on. Nigel chases him but has to DODGE the table thrown at him by Reese – it doesn’t have to be a power move to end this thing, so long as one man goes through wood! Caught offguard by the table, Nigel is put down by a dropkick from Reese.] [The positive competitor grabs another corner table and SLAMS it down on top of Nigel – but it doesn’t break! He does the same in the 3rd corner, with the same result. As he goes to grab the 4th, however, Royal grabs his boot and pulls him into a BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX! You know what that means: ONE… TWO… THREE… can he hit the 4th!? HE AIMS FOR THE FINAL TABLE STILL PROPPED IN THE CORNER—ROYAL FLUSH—BACK ELBOW BY REESE! Alex breaks Nigel’s grip… PELE KICK! Nigel is teetering dangerously close to the table…] [Alex slaps the boot – time for the EYE OPENER! NIGEL BLOCKS IT—HE GRABS THE ARM—DUNGEONS OF LONDON! Royal acting on pure instinct, flooring Reese with a crossface in a tables match – anything to avoid going through the wood. Royal breaks the hold and grabs the table to reposition it… but stops dead. He throws the table down angrily. What the hell? PRIDE is spraypainted across it! Nigel spits on it and heads outside for a replacement. He pulls a flat table off the top of an erect one – GREED is spraypainted underneath! Furious, Nigel throws the spare table aside and turns to face the ring—SUICIDE DIVE BY REESE—CRUNCH!] [Nigel Royal lies buried under fragments of wood; Alex Reese atop the rubble. The referee raises the Motivational Superstar’s hand in victory, and he celebrates with the Positrons in the School Yard. Alex Reese will be an InVader!] [Lux Bellator walks backstage with an air of confidence, not arrogance. No, not for this new version. He has the U.S. Title belt draped over his shoulder, proudly displaying it as true American representative. Then…]

“You think you can represent America better than Number One?”

[Bellator stops and turns back to confront the voice behind him. Marvolo stands there with Raquel slightly behind him.]

“Marvolo! I forgot to thank you for interrupting my personal independence day last week.”

“Marvolo does not care if you got rid of your little man in a collar. He’s only interested in taking that.” [He taps the title belt.] “Marvolo is the greatest American of all time. It only makes sense that he would be the United States Champion.”

[Bellator gives off a slight chuckle.]

“What makes you think you have any claim to the title? You’re nothing but a joke. You’re so lost inside your own head, I’m sure you don’t even know anything about America.”

“Test Marvolo.” [He says smugly, crossing his arms and smiling.]

“Fine, Who was the first president of the United States?”

“Easy, Abraham Lincoln. Next.”

[Bellator smiles.]

“Okay… What is the national animal.”

“The Wombat. Challenge Marvolo!”

[Bellator genuinely chuckles.]

“What is so funny?” [Marvolo says, puffing himself out.]

“Nothing.” [Another laugh.] “What is the nation’s capital city?”

[Marvolo pauses in thought. Raquel looks slightly worried.] “Americatown.” [She starts nodding.] [Bellator actually bursts out laugh. This is a totally different Light Warrior. Marvolo puffs his chest again and draws himself up to full height. Bellator turns and walks away still rolling with laughter. Marvolo is left glaring after him.] [After the ringer that Ashley Williams has been in the last month, it would make sense that Cories would want a bit of revenge against his assailant. Corey Black stands in the corner appearing determined and full of anger. His Flock could not get it done in the week past and now Bird is gone. But now they have to put it out of their minds as a place in the Invasion match is on the line. And the rules are FIRST BLOOD!] [The bell sounds and they lock up. Black breaks free of this and connects with three shots to the dome with his elbow. Cories staggers back and dabs his forehead ensuring he isn’t bleeding already. After doing so, his fists are raised as a determined look crosses his face. Black connects with a lariat. Cories hits the mat just long enough for Cories to mount him for some brutal elbows. Cories is able to use his weight against him and force him backwards. Cories gets up and hits a double axe handle to the kneeling Corey Black!] [Cories pulls him to his feet and whips outside of the ring. Cories climbs the turnbuckle and leaps down onto Black on the outside for a Swanton bomb! Black is grabbing his ribs and abdomen in pain as Cories is feeling the effects of the move as well. Matty gets to his feet and goes to the apron where he withdraws a steel chair. Black gets to his feet and… CRACK! The steel chair folds around his head with the impact it delivers! Chop lights up Black’s chest forcing the chair to fall off of him. Black’s head is red but not bleeding.] [Also his teeth are gritted as an anger seems to have festered within! Superkick! Superkick! Discus lariat! Cories hits the ground and Black lifts up the bent steel chair and places it under Matty’s head before pulling another one out from the ring. CONCHAIRTO! Matty rolls away in agony as Black smiles down at him. Corey pulls him to his feet slowly, but Matty comes up with a forearm! Black comes for a lariat, but Matty dodges it and lifts him up for a spinebuster onto the outside! Cories turns around and pushes the table top stuff to the floor of the announcer table. He clears it off and sets Black across it with that dinged up steel chair across his face! He climbs into the ring, climbs the turnbuckle, and… MOONSAULT!!!] [HE MISSES! Black rolls out of the way in time! Cories crashes through the table as Corey brings him forward wraps in an abdominal stretch and begins POUNDING Cories’ face with elbows! Finally blood begins flowing from his forehead as Corey releases him.] [The referee raises Corey’s hand and he smiles at the camera before dropping it and walking out of the arena having solidified his place in the Invasion match.] [Poor Ash Williams has been going through it tonight and it isn’t getting any better. When we meet him next, he’s pacing his locker room, absolutely frantic.]

“I killed her. I mean, it wasn’t her, but I killed her.”

[He tries to remember; only something isn’t right. He suddenly swings at the camera, then at the nearest wall, some kind of mental breakdown throwing visions at him.]

“Get out of here, you ugly dead bastard!” [he yells] [BOOMSTICK TO THIN AIR!]


[Suddenly Vinnie Lane strikes as if out of no-where. That opportunistic bastard levels Ash with a giant black book, or at least what looks like one. He stands over the fallen Chosen One, smiling as he opens a page of what appears to be Necronomicon.]

“You know something dude? I don’t really read books. I’m usually too busy winning Championships and watching your girlfriend put my dick in her mouth. But this one; it looks like my kind of book, plenty of pictures.”

“No!” [Ash begs] “Don’t read it! Don’t you do it, Lane!”

[Vinnie grins, starting to read as Ash screams in agony on the floor, realizing that in his mind, he’s just released the Evil Dead from the Necronomicon once again. If Ash thought he had it under control before, he doesn’t now.] [And he may never be the same.] [The bell sounds as Van Chan rushes at Max with a clothesline, Million ducking under as he grabs the back of Bruce’s head and throws him over the top rope. Max turns, taunting the crowd with his intelligence as Bruce gets on the apron, waiting for Million to turn around and as he does, springboards into the ring with a beautiful Dropkick. Max stumbles to his feet right into a flurry of rights from Van Chan who backs him up into the ropes before backing up and clotheslining Max over the top rope. Bruce slowly climbs up to the top rope, setting up as Max slowly gets up to his feet on the outside, SUICIDE TORNADO DDT!] [The crowd begin to cheer as Bruce pulls Max up to his feet, dragging him along to where the ambulance is but Max begins to fight back, delivering a hard elbow to the gut that doubles Van Chan over before grabbing him by the head and throwing him shoulder first into the steel steps. Max taunts the crowd before pulling the hurting Van Chan up to his feet and dragging him towards the ambulance. Bruce tries to fight back but a sharp knee drives all the fight out of Bruce as Max grabs him by the head and throws him temple first right into the steel doors. Bruce goes down, trickles of blood pouring from his open forehead as Max opens up one of the doors, as he rakes the open wound on Van Chan over the exposed metal, laughing at Bruce’s screams in pain] [Max finally drops Van Chan, now a bloodied mess to the floor as he opens up the other doors, preparing to drag Bruce into the ambulance. He throws Van Chan in, closing the left door but as he goes to close the right, it’s stopped by Van Chan who forces the door open to the roar of the crowd. Bruce stumbles out, ducking under a wild right hand before driving Max down with a Nap Time on the concrete. Max seems to be out but Bruce doesn’t throw him in the ambulance, instead begins to climb it, reaching the roof as he steadies himself. SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! 450 from the top of the ambulance as Bruce lies on the concrete for a moment before slowly getting up, grabbing the unconcious Max by the back of the head and hurling him into the ambulance.] [When we return from the commercial break, it’s to the sound of booing live inside The School Yard. The camera circles the audience in surprise, returning to the ring where our new Tag Team Champions stand alongside Nigel Royal, the belts slapped over their shoulders. It’s The Culture Boy with a microphone that finally puts a slight pin in their reaction.]

“What’s the matter?” [He asks as if he truly cares.] “Why aren’t you people on your feet, celebrating a higher class of Tag Team Champions? For four tedious and droll months you had to withstand ‘Those 90’s clowns’ as your Champions. We finally put an end to your crisis.”

[The fans boo, so Max Million takes over.]

“And what’s more, you now have three of the finest athletes in this business, three of the finest minds and monetary visionaries as your Tag Team Champions. That’s right, you see, these Championships may have been won by myself and Bobby Baxter, but they belong to High Society and you simply can’t put a price on that.”

[Cue the fans chanting “Asshole!”] [So naturally, Nigel Royal takes the microphone.] “What’s the matter with you peasants? Don’t you see greatness when it stands before you and speaks. As the Tag Team Champions, we demand your silence. As business men, if we don’t get it, we’ll buy each and every single one of your voices. Everyone here has a price.”

[Suddenly “TGIF” by The Secret Handshake hits and the fans go absolutely bananas. They’re on their feet and the noise is incredible as Matthew Cories and a rather distracted Ash Williams make their way out onto the stage.] [Matthew soaks in the noise and heads towards the ring, only to turn back and give Ash a nudge, who after his torment tonight, can barely walk straight. They finally get into the ring and its Matthew who takes control of the talking.]

“This situation reminds me of the time that Will and Carlton were arrested by racist police officers. You see, they assumed that Will and Carlton stole Uncle Phil’s car because they were black. You three, you’re the cops. Us? We’re the guys in jail because you underestimate us, because you assume you know the right answers to the wrong questions.”

[Matthew nods his head in agreement as an ‘Uncle Phil’ chant breaks out. He continues.]

“And let me tell you, Those 90’s guys,” [he points to himself and Ash.] “Aren’t just going to let you buy our voices. We’re entitled to a rematch and at RetroACTIVE, we’re going to get it!”

[“Still I Rise” by Shadows Fall then interrupts and the crowd, already cheering, gives the Power of Positivity a massive round of applause. They make their way out onto the stage and head to the ring. As they enter, they shake hands with Cories – though Ash looks rather distant during the whole exchange.]

“Guys, I don’t mean to rain on your parade but aren’t you forgetting us?” [LH Harrison says with a shrug of the shoulders.] “At Danger Zone, we earned the right to fight for the Tag Team Championships and at RetroACTIVE, we intend to invoke that opportunity.”

[Reese takes the microphone.]

“We’re not trying to get in the way but we earned it, we deserve it and it’s time we took it. Stay positive though you guys, you’ll get your rematch just as soon as become Tag Team Champions of the World.”

[All three of High Society look at each other and then burst out laughing. Million by now has the microphone and through laughter, tells both teams exactly what he thinks.]

“Are you kidding me?” [Million says through chuckling.] “Neither of you deserve a shot at our titles. I’m afraid gentlemen that on behalf of High Society, I’m going to have to make an executive decision.” [Max pauses and looks at his two team mates.] “No, no dice.”

[Cories scoffs.] “Allow me to remind you that there’s only three of you and… you know, four of us.”

[Both teams surround High Society, imposing their numbers advantage on the trio. Only Max doesn’t appear to be scared.]

“Well, that may not be precisely true.”

[The entirety of High Society point to the entrance ramp as Justice by Genesis hits. The crowd murmur amongst themselves in confusion – that is until Charles Wingate steps out onto the ramp way with a smile on his face.] [Charles heads to the ring with a microphone in hand.]

“Cut my music,” [he demands.] “Cut it right now,” [Charles continues as the music comes to a halt.] “Gentlemen, if my High Society brothers didn’t make it clear enough, allow me; you’re not getting a shot at OUR Tag Team Championships. In fact, if you want a shot, you have to beat us first,” [he says as he gets into the ring.] “So next week on Monday Night Showcase, High Society will show you why we’re the elite when we defeat you four on four!”

[All eight of the men look at each other before a brawl expectedly explodes! High Society quickly storm all four men with cheap shots and this battle is underway a week before we expected. Right and left hands get thrown about all over the shop as security storm the ring in droves to break it up. The scene comes to a close, High Society fighting amongst security, with POP and Those 90’s Guys trying to get back at them in a furious flurry of in-ring brawling.] [The official signals for the start. It’s going to be one on one tonight. Champion versus champion. Lux Bellator readies himself as Vinnie Lane runs his hands through his hair, unimpressed with the Light Warrior. Bellator swings with a huge ROUNDHOUSE but Vinnie drops to the mat and slithers to the outside, evading the strike. Lane is wrecked. Loverboy SPITS on the canvas and moves to the timekeeper to retrieve his Hardcore Championship and he’s… LEAVING. The Rock-n-Roll Megastar has had enough and makes his way around the ring hurling insults at the crowd in the School Yard.] [Vinne Lane is about to leave ringside… Bellator off the ropes and leaps at Loverboy SOMERSAULT PLANCHA!!!!!! Not an ass in a single seat as both men are worse for wear but Bellator draws the light and makes it to his feet first. Vinnie rolls himself to the barricade but Bellator meets him with a HARD KICK TO THE CHEST. Lane can barely breathe. The Messiah drags Vinne by a hand full of luscious locks back under the bottom rope. Bellator goes for the first cover of the match, 1……… 2………… the Hardcore Champion gets a shoulder up.] [Lux peels Lane of the mat and into the ropes… TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER. Bellator with the cover again, 1……… 2………… Loverboy won’t give up. The Emmanuel drags Vinne to the corner and lifts him onto the top turnbuckle. Bellator climbs the ropes as well. Lux on the top rope he’s in position for a hurricanranna. The Light Warrior jumps for Vinnie’s throat… he pulls… but Vinnie catches Lux. Christ in hell- one leg… two legs… SUPER HEARTBREAKER!!! STYLES CLASH OFF THE TOP ROPE!!! But Vinnie is exhausted. He can barely move. Bellator isn’t moving. Vinnie coughs and drapes his arm on the United States Champion, 1……… 2………… BELLATOR KICKS OUT.] [Both men in a heap in the middle of the ring. Vinnie Lane makes it to his knees… Bellator out of NOWHERE… FUJIWARA ARMBAR!!!! Lane is thrashing about. He gains his bearings… KNEE TO THE RIBS and Bellator releases the hold. Vinnie pulls himself to standing and leans into the corner. Lux on his feet but Lane charges… Vinnie blocks a strong kick… BLACK LABEL DRIVER!!! BLACK LABEL DRIVER!!!! Vinnie Lane pins him, 1……… 2…………… 3!!!!!] [The sound of bells ringing is heard. Axel The Shark leaps to his feet in celebration! A big win in the main event for sure! Anonymous seems momentarily apprehensive about it, but does his duty of raising his hand. The Question is still laid out from the beating inflicted.] [Axel exits the ring to find a young boy sitting at ringside which he hugs. As he pulls away, he looks at the young child as Axel’s mouth changes from happiness to terror.] [The boy’s eyes were black as coal and seemingly non-existent. The boy’s mouth opens as he begins to laugh and point. His mouth is the same – hollow and empty. Axel backs away as he begins looking amongst the crowd to see more and more faces with the same features, or lack thereof.] [Axel staggers backwards and into the ring. As he does, he bumps into someone. He turns to see The Question with his eyes hollow. The Question grabs him in a full nelson and pulls him towards Anonymous who laughs, but the laugh is unbefitting. Anonymous slowly takes off the mask to reveal…]

“Hello, my friend!”

[…the icy gaze of Doctor D’Ville. The laughter still is heard around the arena as they mock Axel.]

“You’re not fit for the main event, Axel. Not yet. Allow me to… open up your mind and let you see what it truly means to be main event caliber.”

[That haunting laugh fills his head as Axel the Shark sits up. His eyes look panicked as he slowly comes to the realization it was a dream. He’s about to get up when he notices a clipboard sitting on his chest with what appears to be a contract on it. He reads the top.]

“From the Offices Doctor Louis D’Ville.”

[Tensions are high as two mat technicians and veterans of the ring stand in opposite corners. Bobby Baxter raises his hand signaling for a test of strength. Brave man to call out the Enforcer. Brent Kersh steps to Culture boy and gladly takes the challenge. Baxter immediately skims his leg behind Brent’s for leverage and forces him back but Kersh holds himself in a bridge. The Enforcer forces Bobby back to even ground but that damned Culture boy kicks Kersh a little low to break their hold. Baxter hooks him… OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX. Kersh crashes to the mat and Bobby makes the cover, 1……… 2………… The Enforcer kicks out!] [Culture boy steps over and tries to lock in a camel clutch but Brent makes it to his knees. Kersh pulls Baxter’s hands away and throws an elbow to the ribs for good measure. The Enforcer sends Culture boy off the ropes… Kersh goes for a clothesline but Bakter sidesteps and scoops him for a CULTURE RACK ATTEMPT but Brent wiggles OUT. Baxter spins around to WHACK. ELBOW TO THE JAW. Kersh hooks the arm and lifts… NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX and a bridge, 1……… 2………… Bobby gets a shoulder up!!] [Brent pulls Culture boy to his feet. Kersh off the ropes and Baxter bends for back body drop… the Enforcer scouts up and lights Bobby up with a kick to the chest. Baxter’s swept off his feet and slams hard to the mat. Kersh crosses the legs and connects… good God… LONESTAR. FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. Baxter moves like a bat out of hell and grabs the bottom rope in desperation to break the hold before it does too much damage. Both men hop to attention… off the ropes… COLLISION… DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE. Brent and Baxter just knocked each other’s lights out.] [These two power houses are laid out in the middle of the ring! The referee counts it, but neither man appears to be moving. He gets to the count of 9 before they both begin to stir, and then counts the 10, calling this one a draw! The fans can’t believe it as Baxter and Kersh get back to their feet, questioning the decision. They feel screwed out of a match here tonight and you can be assured that this won’t be the last we see of these two in action.]

“Doubt, what the fuck was that about?”

[The angered tone of Corey Black catches the attention of Doubt who turns away from his thoughts to entertain him.]

“May I ask what it is you’re yelling at me for in front of my friends?”

[He motions to a few employees who shake their head viciously as they begin to walk away.]

“You know damn well what I mean! How did you know about my mother’s spirit?”

[Doubt takes a step towards the furious Corey Black showing no remorse or fear.]

“Who doesn’t know about the spirits that plague you? The way you walk these halls talking to yourself when you’re thinking no one is listening. If you’re seeing your sister, it would be reasonable to assume you’re seeing your departed mother as well.”

[Doubt looks over Corey’s shoulder and his tone changes to be harsher.]

“Well speak of the devil. Hello mother.”

[Corey’s head whips around only to see an empty hallway to which Doubt chuckles to himself.]

“How foolish. Did you assume that I could now see these mental constructs of yours? I guess you could say I planted some do-”

[Black grabs Doubt by the throat and pushes him against the wall.]

“If you EVER do that again, I’ll rip that mask off and beat you to fucking death with it.”

[HEADBUTT from Doubt! The steel mask crashes against the bridge of the nose of Corey Black. Blood instantly spurts from it.]

“That’s the last time you put your hands on me. Next time, I’ll crack your skull and let all of your fantasies flow out.”

[Doubt takes a few steps back before disappearing down the hall as Corey Black is holding his bloody nose with a furious expression.] [Self-proclaimed #1, Marvolo, stares across the ring at OSW’s #1- the World Heavyweight Champion, the Shadowking, Mike Lane. The bell rings and Marvolo charges like a bull in heat at the Champion… SHADOW KIIIIIIIIIICCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!! What an IMPACT!!! But… wait- ROLL UP!!! WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL?? MARVOLO JUST ROLLED UP THE CHAMP!!!! 1……… 2………… The Shadow king kicks out and stares daggers at Marvolo. Raquel’s main squeeze loosens his mask to reveal… a sponge? Marvolo placed a SPONGE inside his mask, just at the chin to absorb the shock of the Shadowkick!!! Marvolo tosses the sponge into the crowd before Mike Lane charges and clotheslines #1 over the top rope!!!] [Lane follows and pulls Marvolo- who gets knocked upside the head with the sponge, thrown back by his “adoring fans”- to his feet. Lane locks up and whips Marvolo into the corner… but Marvolo reverses… MIKE LANE SLAMS INTO THE TURNBUCKLE. The champ is down and Marvolo runs… SPLASH!!!! The Shadowking clutches his ribs as #1 struggles to his feet. The official blasts Marvolo for the outside attack insisting the action returns to the ring. Marvolo pulls Lane to his feet and slides him under the bottom rope.] [Both men have returned to the ring and Marvolo attempts to lock in a standing headlock but Mike Lane hooks the arm and sends Marvolo reeling with a heavy arm drag. Marvolo is back on his feet quickly as Lane goes for the lariat…. Marvolo ducks and hooks Lane… TIGER DRIV—LANE COUNTERS… the champion moves to the tiger’s back… GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE FUCKING TURNBUCKLE!!!! Marvolo is in the School Yard but the lights aren’t on upstairs. Lane with the cover, 1……… 2…………… Marvolo BARELY gets a shoulder up!!!!!! The fans in the School Yard have come unglued!!! Mike Lane backs into the corner and waits for #1 to get to his feet. Marvolo staggers up… Lane goes for the kill… SHADOWKIIII- Marvolo dodges, hooks Lane’s head and pulls him in for a school boy roll up… but the Shadow king rolls through!!! Lane hooks the leg… he grabs Marvolo’s face and WRENCHES BACK!!! STF!!!! STF!!!!!!! MARVOLO CAN’T GET OUT!!!! HE TAPS!!! MARVOLO TAPS!!!!!!!!] [Mike Lane stands in the ring after his match, the invading fan, a Brent Kersh shirt worn proudly on his chest for all to see. The fan squares up to the world champion and yells at him.]


[SHADOW KICK! The rouge fan goes down in the arena, the split crowd chanting. Half supporting him the other half vilifying Lane.]



[Lane looks to turn away from the crowd and ignore it all when Chariots of Fire plays through the arena, only working to rile up the crowd. Brent Kersh makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring, motioning for a silence, Lane following suit seeing it as the only way to quiet both sides.]

“Kersh, you sent one of your little fans to interfere in my match? I knew you could be a cheap shot, but this is a new low, even for you.”

[Kersh rolls his eyes as the crowd starts getting riled up again by the insults.]

“Listen, Lane. I didn’t make any fan do anything. He worked on his own accord. As far as I’m concerned, the fans don’t influence me. You know I always do what’s right. Just ignore the fans and let’s talk this out.”

“I don’t think so, Kersh. I’m not letting another cult leader try and take control of me! Now call off your aggressive fans or there’s going to be severe trouble.”

“My fans? Your influence started this whole-”


[Kersh is interrupted by a fan who had jumped the barricade, Mike Lane shirt on as he throws a full drink at Kersh before being taken out by the security. The drink to the face is enough to set off a brawl between the two fan favorites, the crowd following suit and sending the arena into a yelling riot, a security team coming down to separate Kersh and Lane.] [The bell sounds as the Dead rushes forward with a flurry of rights and lefts that seem to barely affect Scarecrow who grabs the back of the Dead’s head, throwing him across the ring. Dead rolls onto his feet however, rushing forward again with a Big Boot to the chest that staggers the Harvester. The Dead drops down, scissoring the left leg of Scarecrow, forcing him down to one knee as the Dead backs off, sizing up Scarecrow before rushing forward and landing a devestating Argo-Knee. Scarecrow goes down as the Dead covers, ONE..TW..Scarecrow powers out, throwing the Dead half-way across the ring] [The Dead gets to his feet, right into a mammoth running knee from Scarecrow which doubles him over as The Harvester pulls him up over his shoulder, running to the centre of the ring before slamming the Dead down with a ring-shaking Powerslam. Scarecrow pulls the Dead up to his feet but is met by a sharp headbutt which stuns the Harvester for a moment, the Dead taking advantage as he locks his arms underneath Scarecrows and begins the Death Rattle. One headbutt, two, three, a fourth seems to put Scarecrow out on his feet but the Harvester retaliates with a headbutt of his own. The pair begin to trade headbutts until a massive one of Scarecrows puts the Dead on the canvas.] [The Dead scrambles up to his feet but is knocked down again by a massive Haymaker as the Harvester calls for the end, pulling the Dead up to his feet as he hoists him up high into the air. The Dead manages to wiggle out of the Perch, as he runs to the ropes, but as he bounces off, he’s caught by a kick to the gut from Scarecrow who lifts him up high into the air, BYE BYE BIRDIE! The Dead is drilled into the canvas and this could be it as Scarecrow drops down for the cover ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [In the offices backstage, Vane stands in the middle of an important phone conversation. He appears to be considering his options carefully.]

“Why don’t you just tell me what I need to know?” [He suggests.] “There’s no need for all these games. I’ll get to the bottom of this, whether you help me or not.”

[Vane pauses to listen in.]

“Wait, what?”

[Again, the conversation continues.]

“I’m on my way. Just stay on the line.] [He storms out of the office and into the halls, pacing quickly towards the exit. Vane steps into the parking lot and looks around, trying to spot this contact.] [Vroom. Squeal!] [Suddenly a car comes speeding full steam ahead, aiming right for Vane! He barely dives to escape it, commando rolling away and turning to check the registration.]

“Got it. You just slipped up.” [He remarks having taken note of the registration.] [Only the voice on the call laughs.] “Next time, Vane.”

[He gets himself back to his feet and dusts himself down, looking at the tire marks on the ground before grabbing the cell phone. Vane cancels the call and dials another number.]

“I need you to run a vehicle registration for me, Teach.” [Vane pauses.] “Yeah, I’ve got a lead. I can’t afford for this one to get cold on me, alright?”

[He heads back into the building as the scene comes to a close.] [As the cameras head back to ringside, we take a rather horrifying look at the grave site constructed atop the entrance ramp. There’s something eerie about it as Anonymous makes his way out from behind the curtain, stopping to survey the grave before heading towards the ring.] [The match started as you’d expect with James Hunter running through poor Axel the Shark with a Clothesline. He dropped him to the canvas, then again, finally dropping to his knees with a double Axe Handle that stopped his opponent from getting back to his feet. This was gearing up to be a long day at the office as James grabbed Axel by the mask and quite literally tossed him across the ring; stopping only to check on Anonymous.] [Axel bravely made his way back to his feet, turning around to a Big Boot that almost takes his head clean off! The All-Star Champion stomps down on him violently, turning back to make sure that Anonymous is getting the message. He eventually reaches down and grabs Axel by the mask, whipping him into the ropes and nailing him with a Discuss Clothesline. This is just a violent beat down, nothing more, nothing less. The poor Kid’s Champion reaches up, grabbing at the tights of Hunter, trying to valiantly pull himself back to his feet.] [That’s where The Question wants him. He clobbers him with multiple forearm shots to the back, punches to the kidneys and even a few slaps around the head for good measure. Finally he throws him through the middle rope and to the outside, getting ready to put an end to this one once and for all. He hops to the outside himself and grabs Axel, throwing him viciously into the steel ring steps; that sends him and the steps flying in one massive collision.] [The fans boo, chanting “You’re an asshole!” at James who doesn’t even respond. He simply grabs Axel again and rams him head first into the barricade. He then turns to Anonymous, who stares at him, neither man budging. James walks over and gets in his face, turning his back on the Kid’s Champion. That’s when he strikes! Axel – wobbly on his feet, comes in from behind with sharp kicks to the knees and hamstrings of Hunter. The Question turns around and palms him in the face, only THE SHARK KEEPS COMING!] [There’s no keeping Axel down! He keeps nailing him with thunderous kicks, chopping down the giant tree that is The Question! The fans rally behind him as he grabs James by the arm and tries to whip him into the ring post! NO! The All-Star Champion yanks back, stopping any and all momentum. He drags Shark forward only he ducks under the Clothesline and rolls back into the ring. The Question spins quickly and hops onto the apron, only AXEL THE SHARK DIVES LOW WITH A BASEMENT DROPKICK THAT SENDS HUNTER CRASHING FACE FIRST TO THE RING APRON!!] [That must’ve hurt! Axel takes another run up as James rolls off and stumbles outside, finally turning around to see THE SHARK DIVING THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE HEAD FIRST!! FIN-ISH HIM!! FIN-ISH HIM! DIVING HEADBUTT TO THE ALL-STAR CHAMPION! AXEL THE SHARK TAKES HIM OUT! The fans are on their feet now, cheering The Kid’s Champion as he grabs James by the head and gets him back to his feet. He drags him up the entrance ramp towards the grave, only moments away from becoming the new All-Star Champion.] [Once there, he tries to topple the monstrous frame of James Hunter into the grave but it’s not happening. Hunter falls to a knee and refuses to move, even after clubbing blows are thrown down across the back of his head. Again Axel grabs at an arm but this time, James paws away at him, pushing him backwards. The Champion gets back to his feet and clutches at Shark, lifting him up into the air and down with a GORILLA PRESS SLAM ON THE ENTRANCE RAMP! Anonymous slowly makes his way to the top, watching James as he grabs Axel the whips him into the steel girder, only The Shark leaps into the air, SPRINGBOARDING OFF IT AND INTO A CROSSBODY!! NO!! THE QUESTION GRABS HIM!] [James spins him straight around into a giant Spinning Powerslam, dropping him hard INTO THE GRAVE!! BOTH MEN LAND INSIDE THE GRAVE!! HUNTER STUMBLES BACK TO HIS FEET AND PULLS HIMSELF OUT! JESUS CHRIST! He grabs the shovel and starts shovelling dirt in, one scoop, two scoops, three and that’s it! Anonymous calls for the bell! James Hunter has buried poor Axel The Shark alive to retain his All-Star Championship!] [The Question throws the shovel down in celebration and raises his arms, only FROM BEHIND, ANONYMOUS PICKS UP SAID SHOVEL AND CRACKS JAMES ACROSS THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH IT! HOLY SHIT!! James falls straight into the same grave he was just burying Axel in and lays there, bloodied from a wound on the back of his head.] [Anonymous steps closer to the grave edge and starts shovelling the dirt into the grave and onto Hunter. In the meantime, his distorted voice can be heard echoing throughout the arena.]

“Don’t you understand James? I know what you did.” [Anonymous complains.] “Just like Axel, I know how many innocent lives were lost at your hands. I know what you did to Jonathan. I know what happened was your fault.”

[He continues to shovel the dirt, not looking at the camera or paying any attention to anything else; the voice coming from the tron.]

“You see, it was your choice to frame your competition for insider trading, James. It was your decision to bury them so deep in your own lies that when they went to prison, it was your brother Jonathan who paid the price.” [Anonymous says with a faintly disgusted tone.] “When you know just like we know, that it should have been you.”

[Finally Anonymous has finished burying Hunter and Axel, both men covered now in dirt as they lay within the grave together.]

“It should have been you they murdered. It should have been you buried up to your eyes in unfathomable mistruths and lies. It should’ve been you James Hunter and now, in front of the world, it will be.”

[The camera closes in just as Anonymous throws the shovel down.]

“We are Anonymous. We are the truth.”

[Just then, as if directly out of a horror story, James Hunter’s arm thrusts through the dirt, reaching for the sky. Anonymous stumbles backwards in shock, dirt immediately being displaced as The Question fights through it for air.] [Monday Night Showcase ends with The Question refusing to stay down.] [Refusing to quit.] [Refusing to die.] [Just outright refusing.]