[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [In the darkest depths of the Asylum, drips of water can be heard falling rhythmically onto the damp concrete floor. With every drip, a different creak and groan from a pipe, each rattling behind the walls and on the ceilings. Hannibal Corvin stalks these halls, inside a building most dare not set foot inside. He opens a stiff metal door, covered in gunk and dirt, only to enter a hall way that’s almost pitch black, if not for a single flickering dim bulb in the distance.] [Crunch.] [A guttural yell echoes throughout the halls as Hannibal falls to his knees in agony. Stood behind him, a sledgehammer raised above his head, is none other than the OSW World Champion; Hysteria.]

“Wait!” [Hannibal pleads, stopping momentarily the next and potentially final blow. Hysteria slowly stalks around him, coming to a stand in front of his knelt adversary.] “Mike Lane sent me,” [he says through gritted teeth of agony.] “I asked him to join the Showcase team and he said he would, upon one fulfilled condition.”

[Hysteria’s head tilts.] “And what’s that, little guy?”

“That you join too..” [He mutters back.] [Hysteria thinks about it for a minute, tilting his head back and forth as he almost comically weighs up his decision. Suddenly, abruptly, and without warning, he lifts his Sledgehammer up and gruesomely drives it through the skull of Hannibal Corvin, caving it in.]

“I already have a team, silly goose,” [he says, bending down to survey the damage. Hannibal spits blood, his eyes dangling from his skull. His entire skull has been caved into a gooey, messy, awful puddle.] “We’re called the Asylum.”

[He stands up, pulling the sledgehammer head to his own face and looking at the blood.]

“Welcome to your final resting place.”


[We have a big debut match here tonight as two young stars battle it out to see who could be possibly the next big OSW star in the future.] [The bell rings as Prince explodes from the bell, peppering Angst with a series of rights and lefts, backing Angst up against the ropes, tossing him across the ring as he tries for a clothesline. Angst ducks under, turning around in mid-step as he grabs Prince from behind, dumping him on the back of his head with a German Suplex. Prince gets up, eyes glazed over as he walks right into a massive short-arm clothesline that nearly takes his head off] [Angst drops down, locking in a sleeper hold, trying to put Prince to sleep. Prince begins to slowly fade away, but his arm barely goes down for the first time before it shoots up high, Prince fighting to his feet but as he rears back an elbow, Angst lets go of the hold, spinning Prince around before nearly breaking his jaw with a discus elbow. Prince drops down to one knee as Angst backs up, running forward and drilling Prince with a big flying knee, ANARCHY! Angst drops down, hooking the leg] [ONE…TWO…Prince just gets the shoulder up. Angst calls for the end, pulling Prince up to his feet but Prince begins to fight back with rights and lefts, rushing to the ropes but a running clothesline is met with a hard elbow to the side of the head as Angst lifts Prince up off the mat, HINRICHTUNG! Prince gets planted into the mat as Angst easily covers him, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Angel of Death gets his first victim in convincing fashion here on Monday Night Showcase, can anyone stop this menacing individual or will his quest for vengeance consume all?]


[On the reservation, Tommy Hawk looks like a defeated man.] [He’s dressed up like a council leader, but he may as well be a puppet as he chairs one of the final council meetings of his tribe. In only a few short weeks, Frank Harrison will start building on this once sacred land and there’s nothing Tommy can do about it.] [As Frank watches, Hawk is forced to play his role.]

“There’s nothing we can do,” [he abruptly starts, silencing the crowd.] “Harrison enterprises will build upon this land. We cannot stop that. If we do not leave peacefully, he will have us escorted from our homes and imprisoned.”

“You’re a fucking traitor,” [shouts one of the men, standing up.] “You did this. You sold us out, Hawk. How much is he paying you to sell out your people and your ancestors?”

[Tommy bites his tongue.] “I understand that you are upset. I am too. I’m trying to do what is best for my people.”

[Another man stands up, next to the other.]

“What is best? You are telling us to leave our homes. You are abandoning us when we need you the most.”

[Tommy finally stands up, walking around the desk to be amongst the people. He looks back at Harrison, who shoots him a look that says ‘deal with it’, forcing his hand.]

“If you want to fight them, you can try. I tried and look what happened to me. We cannot fight them, we cannot win. Just listen to me and vacate your homes peacefully. This need not become a problem.”

[One of the men spits at Hawk, catching him right in the face. He acts quickly, chopping him to the throat. The second man attempts an attack, but Tommy hip tosses him through the table, breaking it upon impact. The first man grabs him, pushing him backwards into the wall, though Hawk is quick to break the grip, snapping his arm violently in reaction.] [As both men lay unconscious on the floor, his people look on in disgust.]

“You will leave this place. You will do as you are told. I will not here any argument of it.”

[Frank Harrison smiles in the back of the room, watching as Tommy Hawk’s people look at him with such disgust and disdain.]


[Tonight Maaz Azim Salah looks to cut the heels out from under another newcomer. Can Omega Nakazo pull off the upset? Or will The Elder’s Silent Assassin silence yet another infidel?] [The match starts with The Elder sternly ordering Maaz to rip Omega’s head off! The Elder spews irate Arabic, shooting a hard glare at his Silent Assassin. Nakazo takes advantage, catching Salah off-guard with a series of unorthodox strikes! He knocks Maaz into the corner; Salah responds with a knee to the gut. He BEILS Omega head-over-heels! Nakazo bounces off the canvas! I think he liked it! POWERSLAM to the newcomer! Maaz covers! One… Two… NO! Salah then quickly looks for the Camel Clutch and– NO! Omega bites his fingers! Maaz shrieks; The Elder barks more orders…. Dropkick to The Messenger of Allah!] [Omega now catches Maaz with a pair of Japanese Arm Drags. He gets a Hiptoss and then BIG Basement Dropkick to the back of the head! The Silent Assassin bails to the apron. Omega though busts out a Headbutt…. GUILLOTINE OVER THE TOP ROPE! Salah’s left hanging by one arm. Nakazo then pulls Maaz’ neck through the ropes. He nails a few shots to the forehead, hopping onto the middle turnbuckle……. DIVING ELBOW DROP! Salah’s whole body folds in half! Omega hooks both legs! One… Two…. NO! Maaz gets the shoulder up!] [The Elder’s not pleased, eying the ring coldly as Nakazo calls for the end! He turns Salah over, looking to sit down into the Tokyo Crab…. Maaz however keeps fighting it off. He overpowers Nakazo, kicking him away. Omega then rushes back in and– TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER! Salah shoves Nakazo into the corner, stepping back……. FIDDAH! Wait, NO! Nakazo dodged it; Maaz hit the top turnbuckle! Omega bolts across the ring– FLYING DOUBLE KNEE STRIKE! He calls that “The Orient Express!” Omega hooks him high and tight! One… Two… THREE! He did it! The Elder’s beside himself and Salah’s out cold! What a debut win!] [After the match, Omega rises and the fans cheer! The Messenger of Allah struggles to rise…. The Elder just glares.]

[After finding himself on the losing end of the match with Omega Nakazo, Maaz Azim Salah seems in a very angry state as The Elder tries to lead him away from the crowds around them. These same fans seem to find the misfortune of Salah amusing, hurling various insults at him. The Elder turns to the nearest fan, and practically spits at him.]

“This is why America is doomed. You have trod on the bodies of those different from you for far too long. There will be an uprising, and Maaz Azim Salah will be the harbinger of your death.”

[Salah takes a swing at another fan, but he’s still recovering from the match he just wrestled. He doesn’t even notice another form sneaking through the crowd.] [PARALYZER!] [Cody Greer has come from nowhere to level the big man. The Elder stands back in disgust, kneeling to check on his charge.]

“I ain’t stupid, old man!” [Greer begins.] “Your boy likes to hit first, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. You want to talk about the doom of America, but I just showed you that there’s a hell of a lot of fight left in the man you ought fear.”

[With gusto, he slaps the hand of the nearest fan, and yells out to the heavens.]

“Somebody get me a fucking beer!”

[Greer walks into the throng of people, practically being showered in the drink while he just winks in the direction of his foes. Speaking of which, Salah has sat up, his eyes on the Elder.]

“Americans don’t ever think, do they?”

[With a smile, Elder leads Salah away.] [Retribution is sure to come, however!]


[Behind a locked door, Stephanie Rose paces back and forth inside her locker room, contemplating her close call last week. The door knocks, only she refuses to answer, afraid that it might be the Boogeyman who stole her title.]

“Stephanie, it’s Mike, let me in,” [shouts a voice from behind the wooden door. She walks over, carefully unlocking it to see.] “We need to talk.”

[Rose pulls the door open slowly, letting him inside. Mike shakes his head, almost ashamed of himself.]

“I’m sorry I didn’t have your back last week like you had mine against The Asylum,” [he admitted, announcing the reason for his shame.] “But I did send The Knights out there in my stead.”

[She nods.] “Well, thank you. I… I just don’t know what to do now. He almost killed me, Mike.”

“I know,” [he growls.] “And I’ll take him down for it, just you wait and see. But I need you, Stephanie. I need you to fulfil your obligations to Monday Night Showcase as its Champion and join our team for Face/Off.”

[Rose looks stunned.]

“Me?” [she begs his pardon.] “Well gee, I don’t really know what to say.”

“Before you answer, there’s something you have to know. I told Hannibal that I’d join this team on one condition – if Hysteria did too.”

[She freaks out.] “No! No way! I’m not doing it,” [she shakes her head furious.] “No way Mike!”

[He raises his arms to calm her down.]

“Wait a second, just wait a second. I know you’re scared; I would be too,” [he admits, surprising her.] “But the best way to keep an eye on him is to have him by our side in this fight. Sometimes you need to k

eep your friends close but your enemies closer.”

[That resonates with Rose a little. She understands it.]

“I told myself I wouldn’t be afraid, did you know that? I told myself that now I’m here and living my dreams, I would fight whenever I needed to fight. Last week, that man almost murdered me in cold blood. I want to sit in this room, lock that door and never come out. That’s what my mind is telling me to do, but my heart? That’s telling me to fight.”

[“Fight Rose, Fight” echoes throughout the tap room.]

“Atta girl,” [Lane says with a smile.] “I promise you justice, Steph. I promise that Hysteria will pay for what he did to you, to Alex Reese and to Ozric Mortimer. I will make him pay. I will put him in the deepest darkest hole this side of oblivion.”

[Buzz.] [Mike reaches into his pocket, pulling out his cell phone. It’s a text message. He opens it, his eyes widening upon receipt of the image in front of him.] [It’s from Hannibal Corvin.] [And it’s what’s left of Hannibal Corvin.] [Stephanie peeks over his shoulder, the image making her psychically heave as she steps away. Mike quickly puts the phone away, his face as white as a sheet, knowing Hysteria has taken yet another victim.]


[Sophistication meets Science as The Aristocrat faces The Good Doctor. Will Dr. Spencer Panax write another patented prescription? Of will Henri De Gaucourt finally bring a little class to Dr. Feel Good?] [The match starts with both men circling each other, eventually connecting in a Collar-Elbow Tieup. Panax grabs a Headlock and Henri shoves him off. Spencer jumps over a Drop-Down, quickly catching De Gaucourt in a Gedo Clutch! One… Two…. NO! Henri kicks out, grabbing a Side Headlock of his own. Panax counters into a Top Wrist Lock before Henri turns it into a Hammer Lock. BIG Snapmare sends The Aristocrat over! He doges a kick– European Uppercut staggers Spencer! De Gaucourt dishes out a few more, turning Panax inside-out with a Butterfly Suplex! Henri covers! One… Two… NO!] [Henri now grabs a Bodyscissors, yanking on Dr. Feel Good’s nose! He paintbrushes Spencer a bit, floating over and laying in some nasty forearms…. Spencer tries covering up, only opening himself for a Crossface Chickenwing! Henri’s looking to ground The Good Doctor, but Panax keeps fighting……. He steadily works back to his feet. Panax gets a knee to the gut– ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Henri’s on spaghetti-legs as Spencer peppers him with Chops! FLYING KNEE STRIKE! De Gaucourt drops to the canvas– Double-Handed Chop to the chest! Spencer then pulls The Aristocrat near to the apron. He drapes him over……. Running Knee Drop to the neck!] [NO! Henri pulled away; Spencer favors his knee. BASEBALL SLIDE! Panax took that right on the jaw…. De Gaucourt quickly tosses him back into the ring. Henri’s on the apron…. La Guillotine? NO! Spencer catches him on his shoulders, but his knee buckles— GERMAN SUPLEX! Henri holds the bridge! One… Two…. NO! Dr. Feel Good kicks out, quickly pulled back up and– NO! Panax tries to roll into the Anti-Alignment, only De Gaucourt keeps his fingers laced. Spencer kicks away at Henri’s head! KNEE STRIKES TO THE SKULL! Henri’s hurt…… ANTI-ALIGNMENT! He got it– Henri taps! HE TAPS!] [The bell rings and Spencer gingerly pulls himself up. The referee raises his arm; De Gaucourt’s still hurting on the mat and–WAIT, WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO THE LIGHTS?!? In the blink of an eye, everything went black. Then just as quickly, the light returned. But Dr. Panax, he’s………….. vanished.]


[The Tap Room’s at a loss at Dr. Panax’s sudden disappearance. Henri De Gaucourt couldn’t care less though. He wrings his fingers dry with hand sanitizer, stepping through the ropes and– Wait, what’s that music?]

♫ “I’m in Tokyo-oooo… Looking for a Ho-oooo… Tried to score some blow-oooo… But I don’t speak-a Japanese!” ♫

[Henri’s apathy is palpable; he’s obviously not a Steel Panther fan. Suddenly Omega Nakazo bounds into the area, hustling down the ramp before quickly sliding under the bottom rope.] [The Aristocrat sneers as Omega rises, coming face-to-face with Henri. Omega has a mic. It’s logged firmly in the back of his tights.]

“Heard you were looking for a fight!” [De Gaucourt steps back, flinching.] “What’s the matter? Frog in your throat?”

“Merde. No, you uncultured ignoramus! You pulled that fetid thing” [Points to the mic] “out of your ass! Get away from me!”

“Ooohh, I solly.” [Steps forward] “You gonna fight or what? Didn’t you issue an Open Challenge last week? I’m ready to do this!”

[Omega puts his dukes up; Henri looks to be suffering a migraine.]

“Where do I even begin? Un, I already wrestled my match. Deux, you already wrestled your match. And trois? If you recall, the prerequisite was anyone capable of basic hygiene…… of which you certainly are not!] [Henri chuckles arrogantly; Omega sniffs his puts and shrugs.]

“Look, I won my match and I’m answering your challenge. Are you really gonna live up to your stereotype and be a coward? That’s insulting to the French!”

[Hearing this, Henri boils over with chained foreign profanities! Nakazo drops the mic, and readies himself for the fight. Henri’s demanding the referee the ring the bell! HERE WE–] [……… Wait.] [Suddenly Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata pirouettes through the speakers. The two men turn to the entrance.] [Oliver Angst.]

“Finally, someone with a sense of class!” [Henri accosts Omega] “Fashion faux aside, at least he has good taste in music!”

“You two and I share some things in common.” [Angst calmly muses, pacing] “For one, now we’re all looking for a fight. Omega, meet your alpha…. I am answering this challenge.”

[Henri and Nakazo listen.]

“You see Henri, you are dirt and Nakazo is the sun. Henri, you are ash and he is the light. We share this duality, but I embody it. I am the fire that shapes you both…… and at Face/Off, I will be the one to deconstruct you.”

[A hush sweeps through the area as Angst studies his foes and– Oh, WAIT! Henri just BLASTED Nakazo with the mic! He’s high-tailing it out of here!] [Oliver watches in silence as De Gaucourt scurries past the bar and out of site. Omega’s been laid out!]


[It’s The Missing Link vs. The Cannibal as Thunk locks horns with David Manson! Will Thunk Smash? Or will The Street Rat bite the hand that feeds him?] [The match starts with both burly bruisers starring each other down. Manson smirks, lunging into a Greco-Roman Knuckle Lock; the bulls go head-to-head! Both men exerting all their force, Thunk gradually gains the advantage…. He begins bending down The Street Rat, bringing David to his knees….. Intensity shoots from their eyes; Manson with a Headbutted to the gut! He then comes up swinging, hammering Thunk into the ropes. His Irish Whip is reversed– HUGE Back Body Drop to Manson! He rises, getting hoisted right into a Gorilla Press! Thunk’s rolling; The Cannibal rises, ducking a Big Boot– EYE RAKE! Manson chuckles!] [Thunk’s backed into the corner now. David dishes out some GNARLY forearms right across the bridge of the nose! He blatantly Chokes The King of Jungle….. AND MANSON’S BITIG HIM! The referee counts, eventually having to pry The Cannibal off! David proudly spits out some blood; just listen to these fans BOO! Thunk’s clutching his wound….. Manson steps back, swinging wildly only for Thunk to turn the tables! He unloads with clubbing bows– RUNNING BODY AVALANCHE! David’s flattened like a pancake……. “DEAD PREY!!” Thunk calls for it, pulling Manson up and– NO! UNSPOKEN WORDS! He covers! One… Two….. NO!] [The Street Rat stands with a cagey chortle. With his hands and head lifted to the air, he calls for the end….. The fans try to will Thunk on as the man raised by wolves is pulled into position……. REIGN OF TERR– No, WAIT! Thunk flips onto his feet?!? Frog Face follows a HARD knee to the gut….. DEAD PREY! He got it! Instead of covering, Thunk bellows in a primal war cry…….. “THUNK SMAAAASSHHH!!” The fans chant along as Thunk lifts Manson to his feet. Ever defiant, David SPITS right in The Missing Link’s eye……… THUNK SMASH! He covers! One… Two…. THREE!] [After the match, Thunk rises with a stoic stare. He studies The Street Rat lying below him. Sneering and stepping over his fallen prey, Thunk lifts his arms victoriously with one last primary roar!]


[David Manson is at his feet, collecting himself after his battle with Thunk. He goes to leave the ring when the lights dim, stopping him in his tracks. The crowd is dead silent, the Tap Room growing uncomfortable as it waits.] [Then the silence is broken.] [Baahhhh!] [A herd of sheep is herded towards the ring, Manson unsure how to react as they surround him, catching him by surprise. He looks out towards the entrance only to see none other than HAtE standing tall, a smirk on his face.]

“So, the sheep has joined his herd it seems.” [HAtE pauses, watching as Manson yells for a microphone.] I wouldn’t get so worked up, David. It’s not like a sheep to speak out of line. So do what those covered in wool do best and listen.”

[Manson snatches the mic from the employee and shouts back at HAtE.] “I am no pawn for you to use, HAtE! I only wished to help further open your eyes but you denied me! I will not play along with your games, I am NO follower.”

[HAtE merely laughs, walking towards the ring.] “You were the weak link, and last weak you proved it to me. So sit among your kin and let reality sink in, David. Open your eyes and accept what you always were. A part of the flock.”

[Manson stares down his former Awakening member, then without warning HE BREAKS THE NECK OF ONE OF THE SHEEP! Manson picks it up and tosses it to ringside, the corpse landing in front of HAtE who merely shakes his head.]

“You will not try to convince me I’m something I’m not. You will not stop me from opening the eyes of society! Either learn that or join the animal at your feet.”

[HAtE frowns as he backs towards the exit, watching Manson as he kicks and beats the sheep, causing them to flee the ring in fear.]


[Frank Harrison waits in the middle of the ring, his security flanking him as they expect the arrival of Hannibal Corvin.] [Only, he never comes.] [The referee counts to ten, giving him every chance to show up before declaring Harrison the victor by Disqualification. Frank celebrates the win boisterously, being booed by the fans in attendance.]


[Doubt.] [The Masked Emotion seemed distraught last week at hearing its former name, yet it now walks with strength in step. Almost as if a huge burden had been dropped from its shoulders.] [The lights flicker.] [Well, maybe it’s not fully off…]

“Oh Douuuuuubbbbbt!”

[The voice echoes over the speaker system as Doubt peers left and right, trying to triangulate the source.]

“Well hello, brother. Why do you look so perturbed to hear my voice? Have you forgotten the good ol’ days of Knock Knock? Have you cast doubt upon our kinship? All because of some redheaded BITCH?!”

[The lights continue to flicker as Doubt straightens up and continues to walk.]


[Doubt doesn’t.]


[A brief shudder, but the emotion continues to ignore him. A laugh breaks over the intercom.]

“Do you think the SILENT treatment is going to work on me?! We’re brothers, remember? And what does one brother do to the other when they ignore them?”

[A door opens behind Doubt as it turns right into a…] [CRACK!] [Smiley Junior connects to the mask of Doubt as it slams into the wall and falls downwards. In Smiley’s hand is an extension of the intercom. He speaks into it once more as his voice echoes down the halls.]

“They beat the shit out of them. Next week, keep up with this little silent treatment, and I’m going to show the world what I already know.”

[Smiley leans down over it.]

“What lies behind that mask of yours.”

[Smiley stands to his feet with a haunting grin upon his face before throwing his head back in a twisted, maniacal gurgle of laughter.]

“Next week, brother.”


[The sound of something swaying back and forth inside a dirty boiler room is all we can hear or see at first. Slowly but surely, we’re shown the feet of a person hanging upside down. Their gasping and groaning is loud and desperate as the camera carefully measures their face.] [It’s Doctor Panax.]

“Help,” [he gasps, muffled.] “Help me!”

[His face is slowly getting redder and redder as the blood rushes to his head. He’s still swinging, swaying back and forth as he tries to escape.] [Suddenly we switch to the darkness, a voice booming from it.]

“I needed your help. I needed your help and you locked me away inside that asylum, never to be seen or heard from again. I remember what it felt like, being kept silent, dormant and docile. Why did you do it, Doctor?”

“It was the only way I could help you,” [he pleads.] “It was the only way I could help us both. Don’t you understand? I couldn’t let you hurt anyone else.”

[The Horror scoffs.] “And how has that worked out for you, huh? You tossed me aside like yesterday’s news. You didn’t care about me. You’ve never cared about me. You kept me locked away like some kind of rabid animal and all I wanted to do was take care of you.”

“Don’t act like you did this for me,” [Panax yells back, frustrated.] “You never did any of it for me.”

[The Horror’s voice once again echoes.]

“But I will,” [he barks.] “Because at Face/Off, I’m no longer playing this cat and mouse game with you, Doc. At Face/Off, it’s time to end this.”

[Panax struggles against his restraints, but can’t break free. The Horror is seemingly gone as quickly as he had arrived, leaving the Doctor there to remain upside down, swaying in the wind.]


[It’s the Spirit Warrior stepping toe-to-toe with the bald brute, Cody Greer!] [The bell rings as these two power houses lock up! Cody Greer seems to get the upper hand for the moment as he just shoulders Hawk away to get distance between them. He charges forward and digs a fist into the ribs of Hawk who winces momentarily before hooking his arm. Cody, although his arm is trapped, tries to throw a fist with his other hand which finds placement in the other side of the ribs. Hawk manages to hook this arm as well! Cody Greer seems irate at being confined as he rears back and… HEADBUTT! The strike catches clean as Hawk staggers backwards, releasing Greer’s arms.] [Tommy Hawk seems irritated by this as he charges him and rams him into the corner before taking a step back and drilling some rights and lefts into the mid-section of Cody. He takes a few steps back and charges forward with a huge clothesline that drops Cody Greer to the bottom of the turnbuckle. Tommy Hawk yanks him up quickly and kicks him in the gut. He hooks an arm and lifts him up for a… brainbuster! Greer’s hands instinctively clutch at the back of his head as Tommy Hawk is getting fired up! The Spirit Warrior lifts up Greer, but Greer manages to get out of his hands!] [Greer hits the ropes and comes back with a huge right hand! Hawk is staggered by the vicious blow before Greer climbs up to the second rope and leaps off for another vicious shot! Hawk is nailed again, but he is still standing. Greer winds up a punch and… NAILS HAWK with it! Hawk slams to the mat as Cody Greer moves to the corner of the ring and set up for something big. He begins slapping on his beard and is getting himself psyched up. Tommy Hawk slowly gets to his feet and… CODY CHARGES! Hawk kicks him right on the shoulder which turns him around into… THE RED ARROW! Hawk hooks his legs! One…Two…THREE!] [The Spirit Warrior went through a knock-out, drag-out, but he managed to outlast The Redneck tonight!]


[We cut to the backstage area and find Thunk wondering through the halls.] [THUD!] [Suddenly, a fork lift carrying a stack of wooden crates collides with the mammoth, knocking him several feet away to the concrete floor. The driver of the fork lift is unmistakable.] [The Shark!] [Thunk stirs on the ground as he tries to pull himself together, obviously effected by the impact of the crates. The Shark; however, does not stop there.]

“Duuun dun! Duuun dun! Dun dun, dun dun, dun dun, dun dun DUN!!”

[The Shark playfully taunts Thunk as he observes him struggling to his feet and in an instant, the fork lift once again takes off; speeding towards the downed victim.] [SCREEEEEEEEACH!!] [The fork lift slides across the concrete floor, eventually stopping with a jolt and tossing the stack of wooden crates down on top of Thunk. The fall smashes into his body and head with force and the giant of a man slumps back to the concrete on the brink of unconsciousness.] [The Shark lets off a small grin before climbing out of the fork lift and slowly approaching his prey.]

“When a great white finds a seal to feed on it will ATTACK, take one bite and then swim away” [The Shark says with a chuckle in his voice.] “give the seal time to bleed out before returning to finish the meal.”

[The Shark moves even closer, glancing down at Thunk who peers up through squinted eyes from underneath the pile of wooden crates.]

“I’ll see you soon, little seal. I’ll see you soon!”

[The Shark backs away several steps before turning his back to his fallen prey in a confident manner. The camera angle returns to Thunk who appears to have succumb to the attack and we zoom in as he lays motionless on the floor. But then…] [Thunk comes to in a rage, forcing the pile of crates off of him in an explosive manner and sitting up from the floor, blood trickling from his forehead. A distorted look of anger and agony covering his face as we fade to black.]


[Two of the best battle it out here tonight as one of the best of the new generation fights it out with the old guard. Can Rose continue to bloom or will Royal see to her execution here tonight?] [The bell rings as Royal and Rose lock up, Royal quickly getting the advantage due to his strength as he tries to bridge her shoulders down to the mat, but Rose breaks away, quickly taking Royal to the mat with an arm drag. Royal rolls to his feet, rushing forward with a clothesline but Rose ducks under, grabbing Royal with another arm drag as she holds on turning it into a crucifix pin, THORN TO BE WILD! The referee counts, ONE..TWO…Nigel kicks out, furious that he almost lost a mere minute into the contest. Stephanie goes for a dropkick but Royal knocks it away, backing against the ropes before nearly taking her head off with a vicious Boot!] [The King lays in heavy boots to the prone Rose, landing a hard kick to the side of the ribs before pulling her up and tossing her into the corner with a hard Belly to Belly Suplex. Nigel rushes forward but Stephanie just rolls away as Royal hits the buckles chest first. Nigel stumbles out as he’s slammed head first into the canvas with a hard running bulldog. Stephanie waits for Nigel to slowly get to his feet, running forward again as she leaps up with a crossbody but Royal catches her in mid-air, swinging her around before drilling Rose into the mat with a Brainbuster!] [Royal covers, ONE…TWO…Rose just gets the shoulder up. Royal drops down, trying to lock in the Dungeons but Rose counters, locking in the Petal to the Metal! Royal is close to the ropes thou as he quickly lunges for them, breaking the hold. Both competitors get to their feet, Royal trying for another Boot but Rose catches it, feeding through as she clips the King in the back of the head with an Enziguri. Royal goes down to one knee as Rose pulls him up from behind, ROSE GARDEN! Royal is planted into the mat as Rose hooks the leg for the victory, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Stephanie Rose continues her big winning streak here tonight, proving once again, whether it’s a King or a Mastermind, Everything’s Coming up Roses]


[The King gets back to his feet, absolutely appalled at losing that match. He immediately sequesters Rose, demanding that his guards surround her. She slowly gets back to her feet, wondering what might befall her tonight.]

“Bow before your King,” [Royal yells.] “Bow, you hag!”

[Stephanie shakes her head.]

“You dare refuse a royal order? You dare to deny your King?” [Royal spews venomously.] “Off with her head!”

[The guards try to grab at her, but before you know it, Mike Lane is making an absolute b-line towards the ring! He slides straight in, just as Stephanie starts laying into guards with right and left hands! This girl is fighting back!]

“Fight Stephie, Fight!”

[Lane demolishes guards, right hands and Shadowkicks like there’s no tomorrow. Rose meanwhile tosses the final guard out of the ring, leaving just them and Nigel Royal.] [She closes in on him, standing just inches before his face.]

“Stephanie Rose bows before none,” [she screams at him.] “Do you understand me? None! Not you and not Hysteria. At Face/Off, you’re either with us or against us, Nigel. But if you’re against us, you had better know that every rose has its thorn.”

[SHADOWKICK!] [Mike Lane nails The King with a brutal Superkick, knocking him out of the ring with a thud. He turns to Rose, raising her arm as the fans celebrate in attendance. Team Monday Night Showcase may be on the ropes, but they’re coming out swinging – it’s just a shame it’s at each other.]


[We’ve arrived here for the Main Event! This Showdown is a falls count anywhere, anything goes, battle among all four members of the Asylum. Each man, Hysteria, Doubt, Smiley and The Shark stand in their own corner. The bell rings and the match is underway.] [Doubt and Smiley immediately sprint across the ring at one another and begin hammering one another with fist after fist! Neither man gets the upper hand as they both fall through the ropes onto the ground outside. The former brothers continue with flying fist on the outside. Back in the ring, the Shark watches his Asylum mates on the outside with curiosity, but Hysteria shares no such interest. He spins the Shark around and nails him in the chest with a series of KNIFE EDGE CHOPS! Shark is forced back into the corner where Hysteria mounts the second rope and nails Shark with ten hammer fists to the head as the crowd counts along.] [The Shark stumbles from the corner as Hysteria laughs uncontrollably. Back outside, Smiley has gained the upperhand. He grabs Doubt by the hood and flings it head first into barrier, causing a patron of the Tap Room to spill his drink all over himself. He drops the glass onto the ground and wipes his face. Smiley takes no cares, yanking Doubt to its feet and throws it headfirst again, this time into the ring steps. Back in the ring Hysteria stalks the Shark, and as he closes in, Shark nails him with a low blow! Hysteria drops to the ground, laughing and holding himself. The Shark grabs the Mad Mastermind and begins to lock him in the ASYLUM SPECIAL!!] [Hysteria screams in the ring, but outside, Smiley is dragging Doubt across the floor, but is suddenly stopped as Doubt grabs ahold of a ring support. Smiley looks back just in time to see Doubt swinging the fan’s dropped tumbler at his head! The glass shatters over Smiley’s head and blood begins to pour down his face. Then, inside, the Shark senses blood and releases Hysteria just as he is about to tap. The Shark sprints towards Doubt and Smiley and flies over with a SUICIDE DIVE!!! He plows straight into both! He doesn’t even seem to feel it and immediately begins trying to bite Smiley’s face off! He has Smiley’s shoulders pinned to the to floor in the process… One… Two… Thre…..Doubt leaps off the stairs and breaks the pin with a flying elbow!!] [All three are down on the outside and Hysteria begins to stir on the inside. He climbs to his feet, sees his opponents down, and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He perches, waiting for them to climb to their feet, which they all do at about the same time… and he leaps with a FLYING CROSSBODY LEVELLING THEM ALL!! The crowd is going absolutely insane! The referees are looking around, unsure of what to do. Finally, Hysteria begins to climb to his feet and grabs Doubt by the head and pulls it up. He tries to launch the Emotion into the barrier but Doubt reverses, throwing Hysteria into it instead. It turns around just in time to see the Shark barreling down. Doubt delivers a swift kick to the midsection and MODIFIED PESSIMIST’S END! Tornado DDT drives Shark’s head into the ground! Doubt stands over its foe and turns around just in time to CATCH SMILEY, JR TO THE MASK!! The Emotion is levelled!! Smiley raises the crowbar high above his head, about to bring it down onto Doubt’s head, when he’s poked in the eyes by Hysteria!!] [Smiley doubles over and Hysteria grabs him and tosses him directly over the barrier and into the crowd! They spread out of the way, drinks spilling everywhere! He pulls Smiley through the fans and whips him directly into the bar! Smiley crashes into a stool, knocking its occupant to the ground! Hysteria grabs Smiley and rolls him up onto the bar and climbs up with him. He pulls Smiley to his feet and tucks him in for THE MOCKERY…. but it’s reversed into a BACK BODY DROP!! Hysteria arches his back in pain as Smiley tries to gain his balance on the bar. Back ringside, Shark and Doubt are stirring. Both inmates climb to their feet and begin trading punches. Shark swings at Doubt, but the Emotion drops to a knee and hammers The Predator with a shot to the midsection, doubling over Shark. Doubt grabs Shark and then spins, levelling him with a DISCUS ELBOW!! Doubt climbs to the apron and is about to fly off when Smiley screams across the bar!”

“Jonathan! What are you waiting for?! I’m right here, brother!”

[Doubt forgets all about the Shark, leaps from the apron to the barrier and barrels into the crowd. He sprints towards Smiley and steps onto a chair and launches himself at Smiley who just grins as Doubt DROPKICKS Smiley off the bar and into the mirror behind the bar! Glass falls all around Smiley as he falls into bottles of liquor. Doubt went down hard on the mahogany, and the Shark is back to his feet. He makes his way through the crowd towards the carnage. He spots Hysteria first and climbs the bar to meet him. He pulls the Mad Mastermind to his feet and BODY SLAMS HIM TO THE GROUND FROM THE BAR! He looks at the downed World Champion and takes a few steps back… SHARK DIVE!! Running Senton from the bar!] [Doubt climbs to its feet, mask bent from the Crowbar shot and leap into the glass where Smiley lies bleeding from his exposed back and the wound on his head. Smiley may not make it through the night, but Doubt doesn’t care. It picks up its former friend and throws him across its shoulder. Doubt throws Smiley back on the barm lifts him up and EATING YOURSELF ALIVE!!! One… Two… Thre…. THE SHARK BREAKS THE PIN! He spins Doubt around and SNAP SUPLEXES HIM FROM THE BAR TO THE FLOOR!! Both of them writhe in pain! All of the competitor are down!!] [Hysteria is the first to his feet. He grabs the Shark, his closest opponent, and APATHY!!! He takes out the Shark and covers! One… Two… Thre…. A BLOODIED SMILEY FLIES OFF THE BAR AND BREAKS THE PIN! Blood is smeared across all three men! Doubt is finally up. He sees the pile of inmates on the floor, and with everything he has left, he climbs back onto the bar… MISERY RAIN TO ALL THREE DOWNED OPPONENTS! It’s like the night before christmas in here: No one is stirring! After what seems like ages, all four begin to climb to their feet. They all look worse for the wear. Suddenly….] [They all start hammering one another with fists and kicks so fast that it is nearly impossible to see who is hitting whom! They are working their way back through the crowd towards the ring area again. Smiley throws the Shark over the barrier, and Doubt follows quickly being tossed by Hysteria. Smiley looks at Hysteria, covered in blood, and hammers him with a heavy right hand, knocking him over and into the ring area. Smiley leaps onto the barrier and jumps towards his opponents, but Hysteria grabs him midair and LOST HOPE!!!!!! LOST HOPE!!!! The crowd is beside themselves! One… Two… THRE….DOUBT AND SHARK BOTH KICK HYSTERIA IN OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE HEAD BREAKING THE PIN!]


[Shark and Doubt begin throwing punches at one another until the Shark gets the upper hand and throws Doubt, rolling back first and upside down into the ring steps! Shark stalks his prey, but is distracted by the sight of all Smiley’s blood and grabs for him instead, allowing Smiley to rolls him up! One… Two… Thr….Kickout! Shark fights his way to his feet and is LEVELLED BY A CHAIR SHOT FROM HYSTERIA!! Doubt gets up as well and CATCHES STEEL TO THE FACE!! Hysteria turns and SPINNING HEEL KICK KNOCKING THE CHAIR INTO HIS FACE!! Hysteria is rocked but stays on his feet… Stumbling… HIDEOUS LAUGHTER!! One… Two… THREE!!!!!!] [Smiley, beaten and bloodied, somehow climbs to his feet outside the ring, victoriously standing among the broken bodies of the Asylum. What a match!]


[Smiley can’t believe it; he’s won a huge match here tonight that will surely put him into Contendership for a title opportunity at some stage. The Double Feature Champion is handed his belt and as the referee brings in the World and Showcase Championships, he snatches them away.] [With all three belts in hand, the Lunatic freezes, eyeballing them.]

“My girls!” [Suddenly screeches the voice of Hysteria, who has risen behind Smiley.] “Get your hands of my precious girls!”

[He runs at him, full speed, only The Shark manages to get in the way. The Great White shakes his head, telling Hysteria ‘no’. The Mad Mastermind tilts his head, if only for a moment before PLANTING Shark with a Headbutt!] [Doubt witnesses this, spinning Hysteria around and nailing him with a right hand. The World Champion is rocked, stumbling backwards. He readjusts his mask and storms at The Emotion, dropping him with a thunderous clothesline. The ‘Tap Room’ absolutely erupts here tonight, watching as The Asylum disintegrates before our very eyes.] [Smiley though, he still hasn’t moved a muscle. He has all three Championships in his possession and he’s fixated.] [Hysteria turns his immediate attention to him, spinning Smiley around – only the Double Feature Champion reacts, DRILLING HIM WITH ALL THREE CHAMPIONSHIPS IN A THUNDEROUS BLOW TO THE SKULL! The World Champion hits the deck, Smiley dropping the belts almost immediately.] [Doubt is back to his feet and my God, this whole thing is about to explode. Doubt grabs Smiley, kicking him low and looking for the Double Underhook position, only The Shark is up and pushes him away once more. The Great White is trying his damndest to keep The Asylum together, but both Doubt and Smiley wallop him with a Double Clothesline!] [They turn their attention immediately to each other, swinging left and right hands, beating the holy shit out of one another.] [With punches being traded, Monday Night Showcase goes off the air, watching as these two former brothers rip each other to pieces in the middle of the ring.] [Hysteria rolls to the outside, dragging both titles with him – only one actually belonging to the Mad Mastermind who thought he had a team, and may have just caused its implosion here tonight.] [Fade.]