[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [The Underworld.] [Hellfire rages, spewing lava over the edge of a cliff into a river of flames below. Atop this cliff, The Watchmen kneel, beaten, battered and dishevelled, their arms tied behind their backs. A red hue illuminates their situation.] [They’ve gone through, for lack of a better word, hell.] [Aion, Proteus and Helios soon appear, standing before them.]

“Welcome home,” [Helios gruffly says.] “Welcome to the end of the road, Watchmen.”

[The Sharkman raises his head, his mask somewhat broken.]

“You won’t keep us down. You won’t stop us. We’re The Watchmen and we keep watch of Old School Wrestling.”

[Aion laughs.] “You don’t seem to understand, do you?” [He says, walking forward and kneeling before them.] “You’re in the Underworld now. You’re a man short and a day late of saving the world.”

[El Trébol refuses to believe that this is the end.]

“It’s you that doesn’t understand, Aion,” [he bellows back.] “None of you do. You can take our freedom, you can take our bodies, but you’ll never have our souls. They don’t belong to you and they don’t belong to The Underworld. They belong to something far greater than both.”

[The Watchmen rise from their knees in defiance, coming together with a show of such power and force, that as soon as their heads touch, a white light explodes across the Underworld.] [The power of such knocks Aion, Helios and Proteus on their asses.] [In the middle of them, a man stands, hooded. He whips his hood off and turns towards his brothers.] [Their fourth.] [Their final Watchmen.] [Betamax.] [He rushes towards them, leaping at them as they stand. Their masks unite and, in a flash, they’re gone.] [Static.] [Cut to a locker room in the Tap Room.] [Only this is no ‘normal’ locker room. Its long been discarded to history, hidden behind new walls and wooden boards. The Watchmen arrive and immediately Betamax stops, looking up at the rafters.]

“This has been a long time coming,” [he admits.] “I’m sorry it took me so long, lads, but I had to figure out what all this meant.”

[Looking up, he shakes his head.]

“This is where it all started. My father, El Rojo, died right here, [he says pointing up.] “I’ve spent my entire life convinced he hung himself from those rafters because he lost his mask. It wasn’t until recently that I came to understand the truth. I told my cousin Nigel at Red Snow that my father died for this temple in a battle of good and evil and he did.”

[The Watchmen listen intently.]

“He was a Watchmen, just like your fathers. He battled with his mask on the line to save this Temple in a match that he lost. I thought he killed himself, hung himself, out of shame. That isn’t true. He was murdered. They stole his mask and it wasn’t until years later that my Uncle recovered it and gave it to me.”

[He looks upset.]

“My father gave his life to save this temple, and your fathers carried the torch to complete that mission. He sacrificed to save the world.”

[The Watchmen come together, surrounding each other.]

“And if we must, we’ll give ours.”

[The Watchmen are finally complete.] [Cut.]


[Edward Newton is defending his title against one of his biggest adversaries in OSW. Brent Kersh is looking to capture his first championship as well as give the first loss to Edward Newton! Who will win? We find out now!] [DING!] [The sound seems to bring life to Edward Newton and Brent Kersh as they circle around the ring. Both men seem to know the severity of this match and what is on the line. They lock up in the center of the ring before Edward Newton raises a hand for Kersh to engage in a test of strength. Kersh reaches up to match it.] [Rake to the eyes and a kick to the shin!] [THE QUESTION IS…] [Edward Newton does this before Kersh can hook hands and rolls out of the ring, electing not to try for Nevermore! Kersh charges at the ropes in anger as Newton smirks outside. The referee begins his count, but Edward Newton isn’t seeing any reason to dive back in just yet. He waits until the count reaches seven before he slides into the ring. Kersh charges, but Newton just rolls back out again. Brent Kersh begins arguing with the referee to which Newton uses this moment to slink in again!] [Axe handle to the back of Kersh before he wraps his hands around his waist for a German suplex! But Kersh sinks down to keep his place. The Enforcer throws an elbow back that staggers Edward Newton, forcing him to relinquish his hold. Brent Kersh whirls around, whirls the head around with a neckbreaker to Newton! The Enforcer mounts Newton before pulling his chin back in a powerful Camel Clutch!] [Edward Newton begins to crawl towards the rope, but Kersh uses his power to pull Newton back to the center of the ring where he really yanks back on the chin trying to really work over the head and neck. Newton manages to get a hand between his face and Kersh’s hand where he’s trying to worm his way out. Kersh tries to reapply the hold, but Newton slips out the back quickly. He grabs Kersh and tries for a Russian Leg Sweep, but Kersh lowers his base once more to prevent it!] [Hip toss from Kersh as he’s continuing to prove why he’s one of the best technical fighters in Old School Wrestling! Newton gets to his feet as Kersh rushes forward to send him flying over the top rope with a big clothesline! Brent Kersh steps out of the ring, not allowing Newton a moment of reprieve. He lifts up Newton who uses his last bit of strength to ram Kersh into the apron!] [Edward Newton staggers backwards before nailing another ramming blow into the apron. Kersh begins to sink down before Newton whirls him around and SLAMS his head onto the apron!] [ONE] [ANOTHER!] [A THIRD SLAM!] [He stops before the fourth and raises a finger high into the air before grabbing a nearby microphone.]

“The one who makes me, sells me. The one who buys me, never uses me. The one that uses me never knows he’s using me. What am I?”

[He waits for a moment before SLAMMING Kersh’s head into the apron once more as Kersh falls to the hard floor. Newton leans down over him.]

“A coffin!”

[Edward Newton successfully connects with RIDDLE ME THAT as the riddle was laid out. He lifts up Brent Kersh and rolls him into the ring as the referee has made it to an eight count. Newton rolls him onto his back before going for the pinfall.] [One…] [Two…] [Kickout! It’s going to take more than that to take out The Enforcer.] [Edward Newton pulls Brent Kersh to his feet, but Kersh hits a jawbreaker! Newton clutches at his jaw before Kersh kicks him square in the midsection! He lifts up Edward Newton and hits the shoulder breaker!] [SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!] [NO!] [Edward Newton had the wherewithal to reverse the move after the shoulder breaker with a big arm drag! Kersh charges after him as Newton sidesteps his spear!] [THE REFEREE IS BLASTED BY IT!] [Like most referees, this one seems to be made of glass! Kersh looks down at the official for a moment before turning back to Edward Newton who meets his eyes.] [Before gulping.] [Newton tries to take off, but Brent Kersh grabs him by his hair and turns him around. Vicious punch to the gut followed by a rising knee strike that sends Edward Newton recoiling backwards. Brent Kersh charges towards him and clotheslines him over the top rope before sliding out of the ring. Kersh walks over to Edward Newton and lifts him up.] [LOW BLOW!] [Newton may have ensured no further children for Kersh with that one as Kersh’s face contorts in agony! Newton reaches under the ring and pulls out…] [A TABLE!?] [He kicks out the legs quickly before pulling Brent Kersh up onto the apron. He wraps his arm around the head of Brent Kersh. He adjusts his glasses as he gives Kersh a dastardly grin.] [NEVERMIND!] [NO!] [Brent Kersh hooked onto the rope to keep himself up! Edward Newton falls down onto the apron hard as he’s clutching at his neck and shoulder! He pulls himself up onto the apron as Kersh staggers back towards the corner turnbuckle, still on the apron. Newton gets to his feet as he looks towards Kersh-] [SPEAR!] [Brent Kersh just NAILED Edward Newton who seemed dazed from that slip with a big time spear sending himself through Newton through THE TABLE!] [The two men just lay in the shambles of the table as Brent Kersh rolls off. The referee finally gets up from his stupor to see both men laid out beside what used to be a table! The referee looks confused for a moment before beginning his count.] [One!] [Two!] [Three!] [Four! The men begin to stir.] [Five!] [Six!] [Seven! Newton’s head appears over the apron as does Kersh’s.] [Eight! Newton kicks the knee of Kersh as he rolls into the ring!] [Nine! Brent Kersh falls to the ground from the kick!] [TEN!] [NO! Brent Kersh LEAPT to his feet to roll into the ring just at the last moment!] [Edward Newton looks at him in disbelief for a moment before standing over Brent Kersh and yelling at him.]

“No excuses this time, Kersh! NO EXCUSES!”

[The Riddler yanks Brent Kersh to his feet before slamming him down forcefully before hitting the rope for a leaping leg drop! He yanks Kersh to his feet by his beard before raising a finger in the air signaling one of his signature moves!] [KERSH GRABS THE FINGER!] [Newton seems a bit taken aback as Kersh just pulls the hand behind Newton to work on manipulating the joints as he grabs the fingers and begins stretching them! Newton is in severe pain. Kersh whirls him around before delivering a vicious uppercut!] [SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!] [He hits it this time! The shoulderbreaker was transitioned beautifully into a piledriver as Newton slumps to the mat.] [One…] [….] [Two…] [….] [THREEE!] [NO! Newton powers out at the VERY last second!] [The crowd boos as they thought it was three despite the referee’s insistence that it wasn’t! Brent Kersh rises to his feet with a bit of a stagger, clutching the top rope to keep himself afloat. Edward Newton gets up to his feet as his resilience knows no bounds. He puts up his dukes in a mocking motion before Kersh smirks.] [Big boot!] [Newton is knocked head over heels with the big boot just damn-near taking his head off. Edward Newton is out! Brent Kersh comes over to him and rolls him over into a pin!] [But Newton catches him with a small cradle!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO…] [….] [THREE!] [NO! Brent Kersh managed to kick out at the last second!] [Kersh staggers to his feet as does Newton! HEADBUTT! Kersh nails Newton before pulling him into…] [SOUTHERN DISCOM- NEVERMIND!] [Kersh tried for his finish, but the slippery Edward Newton managed to slip that around into a DDT, spiking the head of Kersh into the mat! Newton throws himself on his challenger!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO…] […] […] […] [THREE!] [Edward Newton has… NO! Brent Kersh got his foot on the rope! Edward Newton looks irate! He gets to his feet and begins pacing! What is he plotting up this time?!] [The Riddler goes to pick up Brent Kersh, but he rolls HIM UP!] [ONE…] [Two…] [KICKOUT!] [It was close, but Newton manages to kick out of the roll-up! They scramble to their feet! Kick to the shin! FROM KERSH?! Newton looks a bit shocked! Kick to the midsection!] [SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!] [Brent Kersh… isn’t going for a pin?! He yanks Newton back to his feet and…] [A SECOND SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!] [Brent Kersh hooks both legs as he goes for the pinfall! The crowd is on THEIR FEET!] [ONE!] [….] [….] [….] [TWO!!] [….] [….] [….] [….] [….] [THREEEEEE!!!!!!!] [Brent Kersh has done it! The Enforcer has managed to defeat Edward Newton and capture his FIRST OSW World Championship belt here tonight! Tears are welling up at the sides of Brent Kersh’s eyes as he can’t believe it!] [WHAT?!] [Edward Newton has his FINGER on the bottom rope! The referee just realized it as Brent Kersh didn’t feel his body move towards the rope! Kersh damn-near has tears in his eyes as he’s finally done it yet… the referee is telling him no! He’s confused! The referee goes to tell the ring announcer that the match isn’t over.] [LOW BLOW!] [Brent Kersh turns after the impact with pain stricken over his face as Edward Newton’s face is angered. You can read his lips as he says three words.]

“No… more… excuses.”

[NEVERMIND!] [Brent Kersh’s head is spiked into the mat as Edward Newton hooks both of his legs.] [One…] [….] [Two…] [….] [THREE!!!!!!] [Finally… FINALLY, the match is complete. The bell sounds as Edward Newton collapses on the mat. The referee gives him his OSW World Championship to which he clutches tightly to his chest. His eyes close as he rolls to his feet. Brent Kersh rolls out of the ring before slumping against the ring with disappointment written all over his face. The Riddler manages to overcome the odds once again as he holds his title high!]


[A secluded location. A location of solitude. A sanctuary away from the world around. Bellator’s sanctuary, seldom trodden by any feet other than his. Here we find him, kneeling. An open scroll before him, lain out on the ground. He draws a deep breath before opening his eyes, wet with tears, for the contents of the scroll he had already read numerous times over. He casts his eyes over the words once more, stating them aloud…]

“Matthew 25… Matthew 13…”

[The entire content of the scroll – two words, two numbers; two references. He takes a candle set before him which had been illuminating the scroll itself and uses it to light ten small tealight candles placed around him. As he does so, he recites from memory.]

“Matthew 25. Ten virgins took their lamps out to meet the bridegroom. Five were foolish and five were wise. The foolish virgins did not prepare any spare oil for their lamps. When the bridegroom was delayed, the lamps of the foolish ran out, but the wise virgins had brought flasks of spare oil and were able to tend to their flames.

Keep watch, for we know not the hour the bridegroom will return.”

[As he speaks, five of the candles extinguish, having run out of oil. Five candles remain.]

“The hour comes, I know this as surely as I know my own breath.”

[Yet, there is something in Lux’s voice that wavers ever so slightly. His usual confidence and stoic belief in his mission remains, but edged with ever so slight hesitation. Something in the parable spoke to him. Something in the extinguishing of his five candles.] [He closes his eyes once more, drawing a deep breath before opening them once again. When he does, before him he places a seed. It seems to be almost the very seed that Godfrey placed before Solomon when handing him the scroll. Yet this seed is old, weathered and scratched from years of being carried on Lux’s person. He places it down on the scroll.]

“Matthew 13. The parable of the sower. A farmer went out to sow his seed. Some fell upon the path and was eaten by the birds. Some fell upon rocky ground where there was little soil – the shoots sprang up quickly but were soon scorched by the sun and had no roots. Other seed fell among the thorns which sprang up and choked the plants. And some fell on good fertile soil which produced a fruitful crop, yielding many times what was sewn.”

[At that, Lux places the seed into the palm of his hand and turns the scroll over. On the back, two phrases are scrawled.] [We do not know the hour… What return has your crop yielded, Light Bringer?] [Lux laments on the words in silence for a long moment before finally managing to choke out a thought.]

“I have always been rooted in fertile soil. But yielded no crop, no souls saved from the darkness. Am I not the fertile soil I thought I was? Have the thorns of darkness choked the word? Is this truly what God wants me to do?”

[He clenches his fist around the seed.]

“Or is this merely a test of my faith? Steadfast in the face of adversity. Narrow is the road that leads to paradise.”

[He stands, seed still clutched in his hands and five candles still burning. He speaks in confidence, but there is an air about him that suggests he thinks more than he lets on. The torment is clear in his eyes.] [As we leave the Sanctuary and leave Bellator to his thoughts, we catch the watchful eye of another figure. The one who had delivered the scroll. Solomon Rhodes. He whispers a single word.]



[Foes, or lovers, perspective depending, face one another toe to toe. Each man wears an unlocked straight jacket, their oversized sleeves almost dragging on the ground. The Rewind title is on the line as Isaac Danvers takes on Cael Gable – the winner being the first man to secure his opponents straight jacket.] [The bell sounds.] [Danvers is RABID! He lunges at Gable and the two tumble to the ground, grabbing at each others faces! Clawing at one another, slapping and punching. They fall from the ring to the ground below and Danvers finds himself on top of Cael Gable. Hard right! And another!]

“I LOVE YOU!” [he screams as he pummels away at Gable, who tries to cover up.] “I ALWAYS LOVED YOU!”

[Gable sits up, driving his head under Isaac’s armpit. He drives forward and up to his knees, quickly driving further forward, his amateur wrestling background coming in to play. Drive, drive, drive! SMACK! The back of Danvers cracks into the ring post and he collapses to the ground.] [Gable is quick to take advantage, grabbing the larger Danvers around the waist and pulling him to his feet. GERMAN SUPLEX! Onto the cold, hard ground! Danvers lands heavily on the back of his neck! Gable rolls through! GERMAN SUPLEX! GERMAN SUPLEX! GERMAN SUPLEX! GERMAN SUPLEX! GERMAN SUPLEX! GERMAN SUPLEX!] [SEVEN German Suplexes. Danvers is almost limp. Gable looks tired. The weight of the seven foot opponent taking it out of him.] [GERMAN SUPLEX! This time instead of rolling through Gable rolls to his side, still clinching Danvers at the waist. His muscles burn as lactic acid pumps through them like battery acid.] [GERMAN SUPLEX NUMBER NINE! Gable lies, his head flat against the back of Danvers. Sweating. Panting. His waislock still applied. He pulls the weakened Danvers back to his feet yet again, looking to complete 10 KARAT!] [GERMAN SUPLEX! Gable lets go of the waist lock for half a second, his sweat making his skin slippery. Danvers slumps forward and down to his knees. Gable quickly regains his grip and yanks Danvers back to his feet. GERMAN SUP–Danvers grabs the barricade! Danvers blocks the completion of 10 KARAT! He sweeps his leg back. LOW BLOW!] [Gable arches his body over, grabbing at his crotch. Danvers slips the waistlock and rushes to the back of Gable. He uses the sleeve of his straight jacket to wrap around Gable’s throat! BLACK DEATH! A violent, and under normal rules, illegal strangle hold! Danvers wraps his legs around Gable’s body and drags him down to the ground! Gable’s face reddens. His body aches, his muscles are weakened from the run of German Suplexes. Isaac Danvers has played Opossum! He has allowed Gable to run himself to the edge of his stamina, and now he is CHOKING GABLE UNCONSCIOUS!] [Gable’s lips are a deep red, blue around the edges. His face is a deep shade of red. Thick white spit is dripping from his mouth.] [Cael Gable has gone LIMP! He is OUT!] [Danvers releases his grip and rolls to his feet. He stands over Gable and kicks his limp body over so he is lying on his chest.] [Danvers reaches into his back pocket and pulls from it a padlock! He raises it in the air and looks at it longingly for a moment.] [Danvers pulls Gable’s arms across his chest, wrenching the sleeves around the back. He pulls the padlocks arm around an–GABLE IS UP! Gable hops to all fours, forward rolls, and snatches Isaac’s leg! Danvers falls to the floor. ANKLE LOCK! ANKLE LOCK!] [Gable locks in the submission hold! Danvers crawls frantically across the ground, grabbing at the ring post. He drags himself underneath the ring! Gable’s face presses against the rim of the ring apron as Isaac’s head pops out on the other side of the ring post! His body is wrapped around the ring post under the ring!] [Danvers pushes his leg straight, then PULLS with all his might! Gable’s teeth SMASH off the rim of the ring apron! He releases the hold and collapses to the floor, his mouth filling with blood!] [Danvers pulls himself back from under the ring and gets himself back to his feet. He runs around the corner of the ring. PUNT! Danvers punts Gable in the fa–NO! Gable sits back onto his feet, the foot of Danvers soaring past him!] [Waist lock!] [10 KARAT! A TENTH GERMAN SUPLEX! INTO THE BARRICADE!] [Both men are down, both men worn out. Gable’s face is bloodied from the damage to his teeth. Danvers can hear ringing in his ears. They each lie, gasping for breath.] [Danvers uses the barricade to help himself to his feet. He staggers over to the ring apron, holding it for balance, and looks to be making his way away from Gable.] [Gable is up! He hops up onto the ring apron and sprints towards Danvers! He FLIES from the apron! GOLDEN PARACHUTE! A flying European Uppercu–THE CURE! Danvers sees it coming and catches Gable mid-air with a VICIOUS elbow to the side of the head!] [Gable flips in mid-air and slaps against the ground in a heap! His forehead is BUST WIDE OPEN!] [Danvers looks down at Gable, exhausted. He scoops him up and rolls him into the ring. Danvers slides in after him. Gable is back to his feet! KICK! PUGHPLEX! A stalling suplex turned into a cutter!] [Danvers is out! WAIT — What is Gable doing?!] [Gable peels back the mask of Danvers, and presses his face into Isaac’s face! His body obstructs the view of Isaac Danvers face.] [Is Cael Gable… KISSING ISAAC DANVERS?!] [Gable snaps the mask back over Isaac’s face.] [He rolls Danvers over and pulls his arms around him. He locks the padlock shut!] [Ding, Ding, Ding!] [For the second time in a row, Cael Gable has defeated his arch-enemy, retaining his championship!]


[Ringside.] [As the match finishes the Tap Room rumbles. Quietly at first, then the sound grows and so too do the tremors. A hole opens up at ringside and from the hole come blood curdling screams. Rising from the hole a man and a woman, their faces branded with a letter ‘C’, their skin cracked and charred.]

“CAEL!” [Gable’s mother screams.] [Cael looks down from the ring, his black eyes staring a hole through his parents.] [BLINK.] [The straight jackets are gone now, the illusion of entrapment disolved into thin air.] [Gable turns to Danvers and boots him in the stomach! PUGHPLEX! Danvers is down! Gable has risen to his feet, his eyes returning to normal. Cael Gable is FREE!] [As he heads to the ring ropes Danvers gets back to his feet, seemingly unharmed. Gable sees this as he is stepping through the ropes to leave. Danvers looks over Gable’s shoulder at Gable’s parents.]

“You should not BE here!” [he screams at them.] [With that, Danvers leans his head backwards, his throat peels open as though it has been slit from ear to ear. A bright light shines from his open throat. Te blinding light shines across the rotting bodies of Cael Gable’s parents.]

“RUN CAEL!” [his mother screams from beneath the light.] “RUN!”

[Screams. Spine chilling screams, as the Gable family are BANISHED back to The Underworld FOREVER.] [Danvers snaps his head back into place, the light disappearing in an instant. But as he turns his attention back to the ring to find he finds that Cael Gable is GONE!] [BAM! From behind Gable K.O’s Danvers with a steel chair!] [Gable tosses the chair to one side and runs from the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and running up the ramp.

[Danvers is back to his feet in the ring!] [Gable rushes from the ringside area, finally, finally, a FREE MAN!]

“I love you, Cael Gable!” [Danvers shouts after Gable,] “THIS ISN’T OVER, MY LOVE!”


[Friends come and go but brothers always stay by your side and there ain’t been no brothers like Lee and Jonathon. Cured of his doubt, Jonathon looks to free his brother but will Lee take the hand of the only true friend he’s ever known or will his uncertainty be his demise?] [The camera fades in as Crowley rushes forward, venom in his eyes as he throws a massive right that Jonathon easily dodges. Heartsford dodges another left, a right, Lee letting off a flurry of punches each more furious and faster then the last but he can’t land a single blow on his former friend. Lee feints right before unleashing a lighting fast uppercut that finally hits Jonathon, staggering him back as a wide grin grows on Crowley’s face, a smile that quickly fades as he’s hit with a massive kick to the ribs from Heartsford] [Crowley staggers back, his smile fading into a sneer as Jonathon unleashes a flurry of lefts and rights that Crowley can barely see, let alone dodge as a big knee to the jaw nearly knocks Lee out cold] [ANOTHER STIFF KICK SENDS LEE FLYING INTO THE NEARBY WALL!] [Lee crashes into the brickwork shaking the room with the force as he slowly stands up, spitting out a glob of blood before rushing forward. The pair exchange heavy lefts and rights, Lee cracking Jonathon with a massive right, causing Heartsford to stagger back into the throne. Lee rushes forward, CHELSEA.…Jonathon quickly moves out of the way! Lee just stops himself from crashing into the throne, turning back around] [BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX ON THE CONCRETE!] [Lee gets slammed onto the mat, visibly wincing from the pain but Crowley just looks pissed off as he gets to his feet right into a stiff enziguri that puts his lights out before Jonathon leaps up, HURRICA…NO! Lee catches him in mid-air, running forward] [POWERBOMB ONTO THE THRONE!]

The wood splinters and cracks but doesn’t break as Lee slowly pulls Jonathon up to his feet, a small sliver of wood sticking out from underneath Jonathon’s armor. Lee sets Jonathon up, trying to fish-hook him but Heartsford has it scouted as he slips out of Lee’s grasp, grabbing him by the left arm] [AND PULLING IT OUT OF THE SOCKET!] [Crowley screams in pain as his arm lies useless alongside his body. Absolutely furious, Lee rushes forward right into another knee to the jaw before Jonathon leaps up] [MOMENT OF CLARITY! HEADSCISSOR DRIVER ONTO THE CONCRETE! Lee spiked into the stone as a pool of blood forms where he landed. Crowley looks out cold but Jonathon knows better as he flips Lee over, Crowley barely concious as Jonathon pulls him up, rearing back one last mighty right hand]

“P… Brother. I Give”

[Jonathon’s hand shakes in mid-air as he hesitates for a second, only for a moment as the haze in Lee’s eyes fades and his right arm flashes towards Jonathon’s side. Heartsford drops Lee, staggering back as blood begins to drip, then pour down his side. A silver knife in Lee’s hand as he licks the blood off with a sickening smile on his face, Jonathon dropping down to one knee from the pain as Lee slowly stalks forward, twirling the knife in his hand]

“You disappoint me Jonathon, you should really know..”

[Jonathon slaps the knife out of Lee’s hand before he can finish his sentence, the smile quickly turning into rage as Crowley responds with a massive headbutt that draws a trickle of blood to ooze down Jonathon’s forehead. Lee pulls Jonathon up to his feet, lifting him up into the air with a trio of right hands before tossing him head first into the throne. Lee grabs hold of his left arm, popping it back into place with a sickening sound before pulling his former brother up, hoisting him into the air] [ANTIDEPRESSANT ONTO THE THRONE WHICH CRACKS IN FUCKING HALF! Jonathon’s in a pile on the concrete, looking half dead as Lee slowly pulls himself up. He looks down at the fallen Jonathon, a smile crossing his face before walking over to the wooden door, but barely gets halfway there before a hand on his ankle stops him. Lee looks down and sees a furious Jonathon trying to stand and refusing to let Lee win. Crowley looks almost amused as Jonathon pulls himself up slowly using Lee before Lee kicks Jonathon away who crumples to the floor. Lee just shakes his head as Jonathon slowly pulls himself up once more, Crowley sizing him up] [SHOCK THE…JONATHON MOVES AS LEE SPEARS HIMSELF INTO THE WALL! The concrete cracks leaving a big impacted blood spot where Lee spiked himself. Crowley staggers away, completely dazed right into Jonathon…] [HEART TO HEART! Heartsford hits the Spanish Fly almost on instinct as both men collapse on the concrete, barely moving as this war has taken nearly everything out of both of them] [Both Lee and Jonathon slowly rise to their feet, and upon seeing the other, fury rises in their faces before they begin to wail on one another. Lefts, rights, knees, elbows, a furious onslaught from both men before a stiff headbutt dazes Lee. Heartsford powers Lee up onto his shoulders] [IN A HEARTBEAT! Jonathon sends Lee crashing to the concrete floor but he’s not done, mounting Lee and pounding down on him with lefts and rights, each one busting Lee more and more open as Heartsford’s fists quickly turn blood red. Half unconcious, broken and bloodied, Lee still has a massive smile on his face as Jonathon lets out a gutteral scream, lifting Crowley up to his feet and spearing him through the Wooden Door to the outside but Lee hits the floor first! Lee Crowley somehow wins this!]


[After that brutal display, both Lee Crowley and Jonathan Heartsford kneel on the cold hard floor. They each work to catch their breath, the blood and sweat puddling on the ground beneath them. Crowley sneers at Heartsford.]

“Did you do it?”

[The Knight comes to a knee, confusion on his face. The Mad King grins.]

“Did you save me? That’s what this was all about, wasn’t it?”

[Heartsford stands up, looking down on his amused former partner.]

“End this war, Lee. Yield to me. Give up your throne. Close off the Underworld.”

[He holds out a shaky hand to Crowley, who looks at it for a moment.]

“You still don’t get it, do you? There never was any saving me, Jon.”

[Crowley spits at the hand and stands up. He points behind them, through the door into King Royal’s former throne room.]

“Royal had a kingdom to protect. Terminus had a charge from a god. Even these masked Watchmen have an ancient creed to uphold. But what do you have, partner?”

[Heartsford withdraws his hand. He looks at Crowley, the only sign of emotion on his face an imperceptible look in his eyes.]

“I have hope.”

[Crowley chuckles, his pain-wracked body unable to do much more.]

“Hope? You people and your hope, it makes me sick. Look at yourself, Jonathan Heartsford, you’re a Knight without a King. A warrior with no one to point you at something. You’re bereft of title, of land, of purpose, and now you’re bereft of the only person who would ever tolerate you.”

[Crowley takes a step back.]

“You and I were once brothers. So take your hope and go in a different direction. Go fight a new war. Don’t come for me or my Throne. Or you’ll be kneeling at my feet as one of my dead. You are nothing, Jon. The emotion should have killed itself rather than let you come back. You’re not worthy of the title Knight.”

[The Mad King turns to stagger away down the hallway while Jonathan Heartsford looks on. He wipes a small bit of blood off of his face before nodding.]

“I will always fight for what I believe in.”

[He turns to walk in the opposite direction.] [Former partners, now bitter enemies. Will either pull the other to their side?]


[DTR has had his eyes set on Captain Zappa for months now, and this is finally a battle to make him realize his allegiance should be with him.] [The bell sounds as these two circle around. They lock up in the center of the ring before Zappa nails DTR with a strong right hand that rocks DTR momentarily. Zappa wraps his hands around the waist of DTR before chunking him back with a huge German suplex! All of the weight of DTR falls back on his neck as he clutches at his neck in pain.] [Zappa saunters over to DTR with an air of confidence before slowing pulling him up by his hair.] [JAWBREAKER!] [Captain Zappa takes two steps back, clutching at his jaw in pain as he nearly bites off his own tongue! DTR yanks on the beard of Zappa before punching him square in the face! Zappa falls to the mat clutching at his face in pain as he rolls around.] [DTR shakes his hand momentarily, almost feeling the impact of the punch as well, before hitting the ropes and dropping a knee onto the head of Zappa! DTR gets into the face of Captain Zappa and continues berating him with words that are inaudible. He pulls Zappa to his feet before hitting a snap suplex to his unwilling adversary.] [DTR gets to his feet and extends his arms out. He walks over to Zappa before kicking down at his face! Zappa’s hands come up to cover his face as DTR moves towards the corner as if setting up for something. Captain Zappa slowly gets to his feet before turning towards DTR.] [SPEAR!] [NO!] [Zappa drops to a knee before lifting up DTR for a backdrop! DTR is lifted high into the air before slamming down to the mat with a spinning crash!] [THE MOTHERSHIP OF ALL BACKDROPS!] [Zappa leaps into the cover!] [One…] [Two…] [….] [….] [NO!] [DTR manages to get a shoulder up. Zappa gets to his knees with a bit of a huff before slamming two hand strikes down upon the face and head of DTR who covers quickly. Zappa pulls one arm away before dropping a boot SQUARE on the back of DTR’s head, driving it into the mat!] [Captain Zappa gets to his feet and looks around the ring before dragging DTR to a corner. He pulls DTR up onto the top turnbuckle before slapping him open-handed. He climbs up onto the second turnbuckle before delivering a headbutt to keep DTR at bay. He hooks an arm of DTR before trying to suplex him off the top rope! DTR fights back with a few shots to the ribs.] [He pulls Zappa in and BITES HIS NOSE! Zappa is crying out in pain as he throws body blows at DTR, but he’s not releasing! Blood spews from the nose as DTR releases finally as Zappa falls back to the mat clutching at his nose in pain. Crimson coats the chin of DTR as he smirks. Zappa gets to his feet in a blind rage before DTR leaps!] [LIGHTS OUT LEGDROP!] [The leg guillotines the head of Zappa into the mat before DTR rolls him over and hooks a leg!] [One…] [Two…] [….] [….] [….] [THREE!] [NO! Zappa got a foot on the rope!] [DTR is irate as he gets to his feet. He leans down over Zappa and begins yelling at him profusely. DTR SPITS blood onto Zappa!] [The Virus staggers backwards as if contemplating his next action. DTR beckons for Zappa to get to his feet. Zappa does so slowly before he’s whipped around as DTR hooks the head of Zappa and drops to his knees!] [REASONABLE DOUBT!] [But Zappa hooked the rope! Zappa is still standing as DTR realizes his error. DDT from Zappa! Zappa climbs to the top rope quickly and sizes up Zappa!

[ZETAVARIUM!] [TO THE KNEES!] [Zappa’s face contorts into pain as both men are down as they seem to know each other’s actions fairly well! Slowly they get to their feet before Zappa nails a wicked headbutt! Captain Zappa pulls DTR down and drives DTR’s head into the mat with a jumping piledriver!] [LAUGHING HYPERDRIVE!] [DTR is laid out as Captain Zappa doesn’t hesitate to leap onto the top rope!] [ZETAVARIUM!] [DTR ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Zappa’s knees slam into the mat with his full-weight behind them before DTR rushes forward to hook his head and leap down onto his knees!] [REASONABLE DOUBT!] [DTR rolls him up!] [One…] […] [Two…] […] […] [THREEEEEE!] [DTR rolls off of Captain Zappa before getting to his feet slowly, showing the weight of their war on him. The referee raises his hand as he steps over to Captain Zappa and looks down at him with interest.]


[After that gruelling match, The Virus stands over Captain Zappa, having beaten him into submission. Zappa looks up at him, wide eyed, knowing that he must submit to his father or lose his life.]

“You see, son?” [The Virus says, looming.] “You can’t run away from your family.”

[Zappa lowers his head.]

“You’ve the Virus flowing through your veins. We’re connected beyond blood, beyond any measure of humanity. You and I, we are in this together. The world will fall and we’re the ark for Noah. Stand beside me, like Corey Black, like Jensen Cussen and you will survive this apocalypse.”

[He grimaces.]

“Refuse and fight my infection and you won’t survive tonight.”

[Captain Zappa looks up at him, his eyes darkened by the virus. He shakes his head, trying to refrain from giving in.] [Then he says it.]


[DTR sneers at him, grabbing him by the skull, wrapping his hands around his throat. He chokes at him, squeezing the life from within his very being. Zappa coughs and splutters, refusing to fight back. He knows this is it. This is the end.] [Flash.] [A white light pours into the arena from above, covering DTR and Captain Zappa. It’s so bright and illuminating that we can barely see their figures within.] [Zap.] [Just like that, the light is gone.] [And so is Captain Zappa.] [Static.] [We immediately transfer away from the ring to somewhere else, our surroundings unknown. There’s technology on display unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed, and from a window, you can see the abyss of space.] [Captain Zappa is tied to a large uncomfortable metal chair, as two suited beings stand over him with what look like guns.]

“Translator on,” [one says.] “Can you understand me, Captain?”

[Zappa looks confused but nods.]

“My name is Groknak and we are Zeta. Sweet Delilah has sent for you. It is time.”

[He doesn’t understand. After the betrayal of Lyra and the Valerians, he had begun to doubt they even existed.]

“This planet is doomed and your time there has come to an end. As promised, the Zeta-Horizon empire awaits.”

“Stop!” [He cries out.] “You don’t understand. I’ve been infected with a virus; I can barely control it. If you take me, I’ll destroy everything. There’s no cure.”

[Groknak injects him with the gun shaped utensil.]

“We are not humanity, Captain; our means will stretch the limits of your imagination. Come, you have been cured. Sweet Delilah awaits and soon, Earth will be but a distant memory. There’s much work to do in the universe and many planets to be saved, starting with our own. You may have destroyed the Valerians but this galaxy houses threats much greater. Follow us and you shall never return.”

[The Captain grimaces, swivelling from his uncomfortable seat to stand on his own two feet. He looks at his saviors, nodding.]

“Why me?”

[Groknak puts a hand on his shoulder.]

“Because you are The Chosen One.”

[Zappa looks out into space, spotting the Earth in the distance.]

“You are not abandoning it,” [Groknak says carefully.] “By our calculations, it simply cannot be saved.”

[He looks at him, nodding stoically, a tear beginning to trickle from the corner of his right eye.]

“Farewell dear world,” [Zappa says with a deep sadness and regret.] “Farewell.”



[Glitch.] [In a darkened room, somewhere deep below the Tap Room, a gathering of lit torches can be seen approaching from all directions. They come together, meeting abruptly in the middle.] [Where an adult Noah now stands.]

“The time for their judgement has begun,” [Noah says proudly, pacing the ground before the group.] “And you are the torchbearers of the new World.”

[He smiles.]

“It is your mission to set ablaze the path to paradise, as directed by our almighty Lord and Savior.”

[We slowly begin to see more as the flames from the torches illuminate the faces of those around him.] [DTR.] [Jensen Cussen.] [Creeping Death.] [Noah approaches The Family.]

“My father, my brothers, my family. Jensen, you must dispatch the Phoenix and ensure he does not rise from the flames once more. Death, Jake Jeckel must be consumed by our evil; infect him or decimate him. Retrieve his key.”

[He places his hands on his father’s shoulders. DTR grins.]

“Father, you have the most important task of all; you must assemble a group of our fiercest warriors to battle theirs in the ultimate showdown. Life versus death, good vs. evil. You have to take what Edward Newton holds most dear by force.”

[Noah turns his attention to D’von Chambers and Gaia.]

“You must join him in this mission.”

[They nod in agreement.] [TAM.]

“My dearest mechanical monster. Jacen Novan has the power coursing through his veins to become an obstacle in our path. I have corrupted your programming and you must repay me by harnessing the Ashla to assist with breaking through these defences. Create an ally out of the darkness within him.”

[Finally, Noah approaches the last.] [Isaac Danvers.]

“You failed to take the key from Cael Gable tonight, but your destinies are intertwined. You must consume him, Isaac. You must consume his being and take his key. You must. Do not fail me.”

[Noah pats him on the shoulder and turns around to face them all once again.]

“The Revenants will destroy The Watchmen and I have a different path. Your missions are not critical. They will not decide the ultimate judgement should you fail. However, should you succeed, with every death, every victory, every key, my power grows.”

[Everyone nods.]

“The end is nigh.”



[The endless war between two brothers has raged on for far too long and now, with the end of the world in sight, Solomon Rhodes reaches out to help his brother one last time. Will Rhodes be able to save Lux Bellator or has he fallen too far to see the light?] [The bell sounds as Lux rushes forward, taking Rhodes by surprise with a springboard elbow that clips Solomon in the jaw staggering him back into the ropes. Rhodes crashes hard backfirst into the turnbuckles as Lux rushes forward] [DRILLING RHODES FULLFORCE WITH A MASSIVE RUNNING DROPKICK!] [Rhodes stumbles away over the ropes onto the apron, just ducking under another Dropkick but he gets kicked low, slipping off the ropes as he hits the apron chin-first, crashing to the floor below. Rhodes slowly gets up to his feet as Lux runs to the ropes, bouncing off, TOPE…Rhodes braces but Lux flips back, feigning the Tope as he leaps up to the top turnbuckle] [TRIANGLE MOONSAULT! Rhodes gets floored as Lux rolls to his feet, a look of supreme confidence on his face as he’s been completely in control so far in this match] [Rhodes is tossed back inside as Lux rolls back onto the apron, climbing up onto the top turnbuckle as he waits for Rhodes to get to his feet before diving off right into a big right hand to the gut that drives all the wind out of Bellator. Bellator staggers on his feet as Solomon leaps up with an enziguri. Lux ducks under but gets swept to the mat with a low kick before Rhodes leaps up off the mat] [STANDING MOONSAULT! Rhodes stays down for the cover] [ONE….] [TWO…] [Bellator quickly gets the shoulder up, almost shocked with the speed of Rhodes as he’s pulled to his feet and peppered with lefts and rights before a big spinning back kick sends him staggering into the corner. Solomon sizes him up for a moment before speeding forward with a Flying Dropkick that Lux just manages to avoid. Bellator staggers out as Rhodes springs off the ropes] [SINGLE ARM BREAKER!] [Lux caught Rhodes with that out of nowhere as Rhodes gets to his feet quickly bumrushed by Lux who grips him by the back of the head and tossing him shoulder first into the turnbuckle post. Rhodes yells out in pain as Bellator pounds down, trying to injure the arm with a flurry of lefts, rights and vicious kicks. The referee tries to pull Bellator off but he’s relentless on the injured arm of Rhodes. Finally Bellator pulls Rhodes to his feet, hoisting him up into the arm] [BEFORE DRIVING HIM DOWN ONTO HIS KNEE WITH A STIFF SHOULDERBREAKER!] [Rhodes screams in pain as his shoulder may have been seperated from the force, Bellator forcing him down onto the mat for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [Rhodes just gets the shoulder up. Bellator looks pissed for a moment before shaking his head and backing away, waiting for Rhodes to slowly get to his feet before rushing forward] [SPINNING AROUND RHODES WITH THE TILT-A-WHIRL ARMDRAG BEFORE DROPPING DOWN INTO THE FUJIWARA ARMBAR! ARM OF GOD! Bellator has it locked on in the middle of the ring as Rhodes is wracked with tremendous pain. Bellator pulls back with all his strength as Rhodes tries to fight it, slowly pulling himself to the ropes by his fingertips] [THREE FEET….] [TWO FEET…] [RHODES IS AN INCH AWAY, HIS FINGERS SCRAPING THE BOTTOM ROPE…BELLATOR PULLS HIM BACK INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!] [Rhodes is screaming in pain but refuses to tap out, even as Bellator pulls back with both arms. Finally Lux drops the hold, fury in his eyes before locking Rhodes’s bad arm into a Hammerlock] [AND WRENCHING BACK WITH ALL HIS MIGHT! HE MAY WELL HAVE BROKEN RHODE’S ARM WITH THAT MOVE!] [A sickening smile crosses Bellator’s face as he stands back, watching Rhode’s slowly pull himself up in pain, his left arm a limp mess flopping by his side as he stumbles forward with a wild right hand that Bellator easily ducks, rearing forward with a stiff headbutt that knocks Rhode’s loopy before Bellator lifts Rhodes up into the air, rushing forward] [CATHOLIC CROSS! RUNNING CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB WITH THE BRUNT OF THE FORCE ON THE INJURED ARM! Rhodes crumples in a ball of pain as Lux looms over him, sure in his victory as he delivers a few mocking slaps to a trying to stand Solomon…] [DARKWISH! Rhodes lands the Superkick out of almost instinct but it takes what little strength he has left as both men collapse to the mat, wiped out. Bellator slowly pulls himself up first, completely dazed from the Superkick as Rhodes springs up to his feet, rushing forward] [BEFORE CLOTHESLINING BELLATOR OVER THE TOP ROPE!] [Rhodes momentum takes him over the ropes with Bellator but he barely hits the floor before lifting Bellator up to his feet, drilling him with savage rights before picking Bellator up and driving him into a nearby barricade with a massive spear. Rhodes drives a massive elbow into Bellator’s back, even with a useless arm his rage is overpowering as a right nearly breaks Lux’s jaw] [EYE POKE!] [A desperation move, very unlike Lux but it allows Bellator to get away from Rhode’s fury as he tries to get some distance, gripping the side of a nearby scaffold as he slowly begins to climb up. Rhodes is quickly on his heels as he begins to climb up, Bellator kicking him away but it barely fazes Solomon as the two race up to a small platform high above the ring. Bellator gets up first, trying to stomp down on Rhode’s hand but Rhode’s tosses him away, getting up onto the platform as well] [Both men pound away at eachother with vicious hands, Lux kicking Rhode’s low to stagger him back before backing up and rushing forward with a clothesline] [BACK BODY DROP! RHODES BACKDROPS LUX OVER THE PLATFORM AS LUX CRASHES DOWN TO THE RING TEN…FIFTEEN FEET BELOW!] [Lux looks dead as Rhodes stands tall, the crowd exploding around him before he rushes forward, diving off the platform] [BLO…CHAOS THEORY! LUX BELLATOR NAILS A DIVING RHODES WITH A CODEBREAKER IN MID-AIR! That takes everything out of Lux who just manages to throw an arm over an unconcious Rhodes] [ONE…] [TWO….] [THREE!!!] [Lux does it, The Grand Master was filled with fire, determined to put down his brother in faith tonight but instinct and a little poetic justice allows Bellator to be victorious once more over Solomon Rhodes]


[Scratch.] [Claw.] [The sound of rocks being scratched away from the ground echo throughout the cavern that serves as The Scarecrow’s tomb. Mother can be found kneeling on the rocky gravel, clawing away at the scorched earth, searching for what lies beneath.]

“Where are you, child?” [She rambles.] “You must be here, you must.”

[She continues digging, tossing rocks aside.]

“I forgive you, I forgive everything.”

[By the time she gets to the bottom, she realizes that despite her efforts, nothing is there. No Scarecrow. No nothing.] [Flutter.] [Her eyes widen and she turns around.] [The Scarecrow.] [Mother reaches out to touch him, placing her hand carefully on his chest.]

“A-Are you real?” [She asks.] “Are you really here? How?”

[The Scarecrow rips her hand away, holding onto her wrist.]

“I’m here, Mother.”

[She snatches her hand away from his grasp violently.]

“These rocks were never my tomb. When you tried to bury me under them, I went deeper into the cavern. It wasn’t entirely warded.”

[Mother seems surprised.] “Did you find what you were looking for?”

[The Scarecrow nods.]

“I did. I found the way to stop you, to end your reign of terror. I found the answers I needed.”

“What now?” [She asks bravely.] [Before he can answer, she runs at him, scratching and clawing at his face. Her guttural yelling echoes back loudly.]

“I forgave you! I forgave you!”

[The Scarecrow tosses her off, sending her into a rocky wall with a giant thud.]

“I don’t forgive you.”

[He grabs her and they teleport, appearing abruptly inside the ring.]


[The Scarecrow glares into the face of Mother as the pair stand face to face in the center of the ring.] [Scarecrow grabs Mother by the throat with both hands and the pair fall to the ground. He starts to choke her, despite the bell not having rang. Mother struggles under the weight of her larger opponent. She claws at Scarecrows arms, eventually topping him from her. Mother slides out of the ring and grasps at her reddened throat. The Scarecrow stands perfectly still in the centre of the ring, staring at her. Eventually she drags herself back to the ring apron and steps into the ring, just in time for the bell to ring.] [THE HAYMAKE–Mother ducks, she delivers a thunderous low kick to the back of Scarecrows legs, sending him down to both knees. Quickly she slides in front of him and kicks him hard in the chest!] [KICK!] [KICK!] [KI–] [Scarecrow catches Mother’s leg! He gets to his feet, holding her around the calf. Scarecrow presses his hand into Mother’s chest and raises her into the air! One-handed Spinebuster! The thin body of Mother ricochets off the mat and she rolls onto her side, winded.] [COVER!] [ONE!] [TW–KICKOUT!] [Scarecrow doesn’t hold back for a moment, choking Mother once more! Her legs kick and flail, but the hold is broken after a brief count of three from the referee.] [Mother drags herself back to her feet as Scarecrow backs off. Mother rushes him, hitting a dropkick! Scarecrow stumbles back into the corner as Mother energetically springs back to her feet. She charges at Scarecrow and springboards from the middle rope. ENZIGURI! Scarecrow falls forward, collapsing to the canvas.] [COVER! Mother rolls Scarecrow over and hooks a leg!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [KICKOUT!] [Mother rolls to her feet, but Scarecrow is slower. As he crawls towards the ring ropes Mother pounces. She lies across his back and drives a knee into his head! And again! AND AGAIN! Knee strike after knee strike to Scarecrow!] [Mother rolls off Scarecrow and heaves his body over for a pin.] [ONE!] [TW–] [KICKOUT!] [Scarecrow kicks out, bench pressing Mother into the air, over his head and over the bottom rope! She tumbles to the outside of the ring!] [The Scarecrow slides himself straight out of the ring and grabs Mother by the waistband and a handful of hair, yanking her to her feet only to toss her, back first, into the barricade! The metal barricade swings open under the force and Mother drops to the ground, grabbing at her back.] [Scarecrow is unrelenting. He grabs Mother by the hair and drags her back to her feet. He scoops her up over his shoulder into position for a running powerslam!] [NO!] [Scarecrow charges at the ringpost and drives Mother’s head into the steel ring po–NO!] [Mother slips down the back of Scarecrow and shoves him shoulder-first into the ring post! He tumbles to the floor.] [Mother rushes towards her opponent and grabs the wrist of his battered arm. She slides under the bottom rope with his wrist still gripped as he gets to his knees but she dangles her leg from the ring apron. ARM BAR!] [Mother locks in an arm bar, Scarecrow dangling from the ring apron. She lies back and his shoulder extends!] [Scarecrow manages with some difficulty to get to his feet. He drags Mother under the bottom rope and slides her out onto the ring apron.] [NO WAY!] [Scarecrow lifts Mother into the air!] [POWERBOMB ONTO THE RING APRON!] [Mother’s neck and shoulders hit the apron hard and the arm bar is released as she collapses to the outside. Scarecrow falls backwards himself, leaning against the barricade and grasping his shoulder.] [Scarecrow looks down at Mother once more, then up into the ring. He looks indecisive. Then he makes his decision. He stomps ruthlessly on Mother’s chest! Over and over! Mother is LIMP!] [Now Scarecrow STEPS ON MOTHER’S FACE! Both hands planted on the ring apron to aid his balance.] [The Scarecrow slips from her face and looks down. He grabs Mother by the hair and rolls her back into the ring, where he swiftly joins her.] [Not swiftly enough! A dropkick to the knee from Mother sees Scarecrow topple to the ground She hops to her feet. MOTHER’S EMBRACE! Mother locks in the Asuka lock! She pulls at Scarecrow’s head, desperately trying to drag him to the ground but he’s too strong!] [The Scarecrow stands up with Mother on his back! He runs backwards, crushing Mother in the corner.] [Mother relinquishes the hold and collapses. She is held to her feet by her arms draping over the top ropes.] [The Scarecrow turns around and HAYMAKE–NO! Mother dodges! As Scarecrow turns, his back to the turnbuckle, Mother HEADBUTTS The Scarecrow! Unorthodox for Mother, but effective! Scarecrow slides down the turnbuckle, sitting up at the bottom. Mother takes a few steps back. She flips herself over, into a crab position! She crab walks towards The Scarecrow.] [CRAB KICK!] [Mother is back to her feet and she charges at the corner again, looking for a running knee.] [SPEAR!] [Out of nowhere, The Scarecrow leaps to his feet and spears Mother mid-charge!] [Both competitors are down. Both worn out from the relentless action throughout the match.] [The Scarecrow is back to his feet first. He stands in the corner after having pulled himself up to his feet using the ropes and waits for Mother, who is crawling to the ropes herself. She reaches the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and drags herself to her feet, turning toward Scarecr–KICK!] [Scarecrow steps over Mother’s head. He lifts her into the air and over his shoulder!] [THE PERCH!] [A Crucifix Powerbo–] [The lights go out!] [As the lights come back on, Scarecrow is covering Mother!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THREE!] [Scarecrow is victorious here tonight, overcoming his long-term nemesis Mother! He slowly gets to his feet to have his hand raised in victory!]


[After that amazing battle, The Scarecrow stands over his fallen foe and creator. He looks at her, grabbing her by the hair so she cannot escape.]

“You cannot be killed.”

[He hisses.]

“You cannot be destroyed.”

[There’s a growl to his voice.]

“But you can be…”

[THWACK!] [A giant thud interrupts and sends him reeling backwards. He falls into the ropes, looking down at his chest. A bright green axe sits buried within him, and he feels it. The Scarecrow reaches down, trying to pull it out, but it burns his hand.] [He looks up.] [And there he is, wielding a second axe.] [Only it isn’t an axe.] [It’s a tomahawk.] [Tommy Hawk.] [With skin rotting from his flesh, Tommy Hawk stands before him, a revenant. He runs towards The Scarecrow, snatching the tomahawk from his chest and swinging the other violently. It cuts him across the abdomen and sends straw flying out onto the canvas. He immediately starts burning from within and quickly starts patting himself down.] [Tommy meanwhile pulls him away from the ropes and nails him on the forehead with his tomahawk. The Scarecrow drops, quickly deciding to escape.] [And with a flutter, he’s gone.] [Tommy walks over to Mother, helping his killer back to her feet. She smiles, looking down upon him as he kneels before her.]

“The King sent me to defend you,” [Tommy growls.] “He sends his regards.”

[Mother strokes through his hair, grinning.]

“Thank you, my child.”



[Welcome to Pandemonium!] [It’s that time of year when someone makes a name for themselves and does the unthinkable. Red River Jack, Bruce Van Chan and Solomon Rhodes have won this competition, but none have gone on to become OSW World Champion.] [Tonight, a fourth person joins that illustrious list.] [The arena darkens, near silence as “This Could Be Anywhere In The World” by Alexisonfire tears through. Stepping out into the black is The Virus as a bright white light is cast over him. Extending his arms, he walks to the ring with his head in the air.]


[Smoke begins to fill the entire entrance ramp until a circle of flame begins to show. A head comes from the flames as the body full rises from the embers.]

“I am your war!”

“I am the strong, aiding the weak!”


[Helios is standing in the flames as smoke files in around him. He points towards the ring before disappearing in an explosion of fire and reappearing inside of the ring as another eruption of flames. He whirls around, ready to engage.] [And DTR comes barrelling right for him with a thunderous Clothesline. Helios bounces back to his feet, being backed into the corner by vicious right hands that stumble him with every shot. The Virus pushes him backwards, mounting him on the turnbuckles and reigning fists down upon head. Helios though lifts him up and drops down underneath, dropping DTR with a Snake Eyes on the top turnbuckle. He rolls him up immediately!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [KICK OUT!] [They both spring back to their feet, Helios scoops him up into the Fireman’s Carry and down with a MASSIVE GUTBUSTER!] [INFERNO!] [The Flame quickly mounts him, slamming right hands down across his face until The Virus kicks him off overhead. Helios rolls through and DTR pops up.] [REASONABLE DOUBT!] [HE GOT HIM!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [KICK OUT!] [Helios barely survives!] [The Virus pulls him back to his feet, into the Death Drop position. He’s going for FILL IN THE BLACK! NO! HELIOS KICKS UP WITH A KNEE! ANOTHER! ANOTHER! ANOTHER! THE VIRUS LETS GO, STUMBLING BACKWARDS!] [HELLFIRE!] [CODEBREAKER! HE GOT ALL OF IT!] [HE COVERS!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!]


“Just… Smile.”

[Helios stops, pulling himself from the cover before the count of three and bending the knee. What the hell?] [The lights dim as “Deranged” by Coheed and Cambria plays throughout the Tap Room. Emerging from the entrance is a Palanquin made of bone, on top of it, King Crowley. Undead servants march Crowley’s throne to the ring, the King brandishing his crowbar with a sickening grin. As he reaches the ring he leaps onto the apron, smiling.] [Helios lowers his head, bowing before his King.] [What the hell is Crowley going to do? His Family member lays prone on the canvas, the virus running through their veins as kin. Helios, his loyal servant, kneels before him in an epic moment of fealty. Crowley approaches, lifting The Flame’s head with his Crowbar, looking deep into the fiery pits that are his eyes.]

“We wait,” [he says with a growl.] “Help him up.”

[The Flame nods enthusiastically, helping DTR back to his feet. The Virus shoves him away, looking at Crowley with a grimace. He nods, understanding what their plan is.] [And they wait.] [BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!]


“We… are ready for the siege.”

[Silversun Pickups’s “The Royal We” blasts out of the speakers as Johnathan Heartsford opens the doors of the tap room. He’s slightly apprehensive as he looks towards the ring. With a deep breath and a focused eye, he sprints down to the ring and slides in from the bottom rope.] [He immediately pops up, nailing DTR with a thunderous Clothesline. He turns around to Crowley who swings with the Crowbar! NO! Heartsford ducks underneath and leaps into a Crossbody that takes down Helios!] [By the time he gets back up, The King of The Underworld is waiting for him and SHOCK THERAPY!] [SPEAR!] [SPEAR!] [SPEAR!] [Crowley doesn’t cover! He pulls his former brother and best friend back to his feet, backing him into the corner. He slams him with shoulder barges, driving his shoulder deep into his ribcage as the fans look on in fear. Helios and DTR are back to their feet, clambering to join in.] [Lee pulls Jonathan out and into a DOUBLE FLAPJACK by DTR and Helios!] [The Knight rolls under the bottom rope to the outside, wisely trying to escape this onslaught, only Helios slides out to meet him, catching him with a right hand. He tries to run him into the steel steps, but Jon blocks it with a boot, THROWING HELIOS OVER THEM INSTEAD!] [He turns around to be met by DTR, but he runs him into the metal barricade, refusing to be walked all over here tonight!] [Crowley is quickly out to stop the comeback, attacking The Aerial Knight from behind with a clubbing shot to the back!] [BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!]


[The slow intro of “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” by Dropkick Murphys begin to fill the Taproom as green and black smoke rises to shroud the entrance stage in a fog. A white light explodes behind the smog and in it a small black silhouette appears for a brief moment before El Trébol steps into the clearing.] [He makes his way down the ramp, gold flashing every few moments as the two championship belts in his possession catch a stray light. Using the steel steps to climb into the apron, he tosses the belts to one side and dives into the ring.] [Trébol realizes that Heartsford is in trouble and quickly hits the ropes, running straight across the ring and TOPE SUICIDA!! TRÉBOL TAKES OUT DTR, HEARTSFORD AND CROWLEY IN ONE HIT!] [The fans roar as the little green bean gets back to his feet and side steps and incoming Helios, watching as he bounces off the ring post. El Trébol turns him around and ENZIGURI! BOOM!] [Finally, Heartsford has some help!] [The Watchmen grabs Crowley by the head and slams him across the chest with a palm before rolling him into the ring. He quickly accompanies him, storming across the ring into the ropes and as Lee gets back up, Trébol dives ¡MIS JOYAS!! HEADBUTT TO THE GROIN!] [HE COVERS!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [KICK OUT!] [DTR is late into the ring but arrives just as the King barely saves himself from elimination. He isn’t alone. Oh no. He’s wielding a steel chair! Trebol gets back to his feet, turns around and STEEL CHAIR TO THE FUCKING SKULL! GOOD NIGHT VIENNA!] [The Virus slams the steel down as Helios clambers back into the ring to join him and starts directing traffic. The Flame pulls The Green Bean up and PACKAGE PILEDRIVER!] [RIGHT ON THE STEEL CHAIR!] [UNDER FIRE TO EL TRÉBOL JUNIOR!] [BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!]


[The lights dim as “Blood on the Water” begins playing, and smoke pours into the Tap Room from the entrance as The Sharkman steps out. He slowly walks toward the ring, his focus never wavering from the ring and anyone who happens to be in it as he approaches, taking a brief pause at ringside before sliding in.] [The Watchman is about to enter the lions den. Helios, DTR and Lee Crowley stand guarding El Trébol, willing The Shark to enter.] [And he does!] [They immediately begin stomping away at him, refusing to let him get to his feet despite his valiant effort. The boots reign down upon him until a STEEL CHAIR WALLOPS HELIOS ACROSS THE SKULL!] [ONE TO DTR FOR GOOD MEASURE!] [IT’S THE MODERN DAY AERIAL KNIGHT, DAMNIT! AND THIS SON OF A BITCH HAS A STEEL FUCKING EQUALIZER!] [He backs Crowley away into the corner, who begs off, pleading with his former best friend. Jon looks at the roaring crowd, then at Lee, and SWINGS! HE DUCKS!] [HIDEOUS LAUGHTER!] [FISHOOK BACKSTABBER!] [THAT SON OF A BITCH!] [HE COVERS….] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [KICK OUT!] [WHOA! HEARTSFORD KICKS OUT!] [Lee can’t believe it. He gets back to his feet but here comes The Sharkman. He runs him into the ropes and sends him across the ring, nailing him with a FIN-ISH HIM HEADBUTT! Lee hits the canvas and rolls immediately to the outside! The Shark isn’t finished and follows, driving right hands into his skull and around the ring with every shot.] [Meanwhile, El Trébol is back up, and looking somewhat dazed. DTR uses the ropes, pulling himself back to his feet. They meet in the middle, The Virus swinging with a right hand that the Tag Team and Double Feature Champion ducks! He storms into the ropes!] [SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT!] [AL VER VERDE TO DTR! AL VER VERDE!!] [JESUS CHRIST!] [TREBOL SCRAMBLES INTO THE COVER!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [DTR has been eliminated!] [We have our first elimination, folks!] [BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!]


“You look like an angel, walk like an angel, talk like an angel, but I got wise. Oh, you’re the devil in disguise.”

[Elvis Presley’s classic blares out into the arena, causing everyone to turn their attention to the entrance. Nicholas Mammon steps out, his welcoming smile a tale of deceit. He enters through the middle rope, surveying the carnage.] [El Trébol runs towards him but is immediately dragged down into a CRIPPLER CROSSFACE!] [THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS!] [HE HAS IT SYNCHED IN!] [The Little Green Bean tries in vein to get to the ropes but even if he did, it wouldn’t matter. There’s no rope breaks. He squirms, his hand shaking – is he going to tap? Is he going to tap?] [NO! THE SHARKMAN BREAKS IT UP!] [With a stomp to the back of the head of Mammon, he breaks the hold.] [The Sharkman pulls Mammon away, only The Salesman pushes away and ducks underneath a Clothesline. He barrels into the ropes and comes storming back across the ring!] [SLINGBLADE!] [THE HARD SELL!] [THE SHARKMAN IS DOWN!] [Mammon smiles, turning around to see Jonathan Heartsford coming at him. He kicks him hard and low in the leg, dropping him down a peg and onto one knee, before DRIVING HIM DOWN INTO THE MAT WITH A KNEELING DDT!] [THE PRICE CHECK!] [The Salesman wasn’t expected to be here but by God, he has arrived!] [BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!]


[The buzzer goes, but no music hits.] [Jacen Novan saunters to the ring. Where was his entrance?] [He gets to the bottom of the ramp when suddenly, from behind comes TAM with a thunderous double axe handle. The Machine picks him up, slamming him down across the steel steps, chest first.] [Novan bounces off, turning around to face his attacker!] [MECHANICAL MAN STOPPER!! BRUTAL GORILLA PRESS SPINEBUSTER ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR!] [JACEN NOVAN MIGHT BE BROKEN IN HALF!] [TAM gets back to his feet, tilting his head. He grabs Novan, rolling him into the ring and to the wolves.] [He ends up on his knees, holding his back as Nicholas Mammon runs across the ring with a KNEE STRIKE TO THE FUCKING FACE!] [KNEEDFUL THINGS!] [HE COVERS!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Jacen Novan has been eliminated by Nicholas Mammon, but give the assist to TAM, damnit!]


“It’s the coronation of a brand new day!”

[While a jubilant voice echoes, the house lights dim down and smoke rises from the floor grates while “The Humbling River” by Puscifer begins. Initially nothing but a silhouette standing at the entrance way, a single spotlight eventually illuminates him. Another whispering voice.]

“Praise and pass the ammunition, for it’s the coronation of a brand new daaaaaay!”

[There, Eli Forever, stands with his hands clasped together, praying with his eyes closed behind his tinted glasses. He then looks up, spreads his hands out, and smiles towards the rafters before proceeding to the ring.] [Making his OSW debut, Eli carefully enters the ring and sizes up the competition. Mammon runs at him but gets caught with a DIVING INTO A SHOULDER TACKLE THAT CATCHES NICHOLAS AROUND THE NECK! FROM EAST TO WEST!] [He bounces back to his feet, blocking a right hand by Lee Crowley. He makes the sign of the Lord on his forehead, burning Lee, who stumbles in desperation. Eli quickly pulls him close and into a thunderous DDT!] [Meanwhile, The Sharkman and El Trebol are battling away with Helios outside the ring. They have him backed into the barricade, slamming him with right and left hands. Heartsford is shortly back to his feet, as is Mammon, both squaring off in the centre of the ring.] [Heartsford swings Mammon in with an Irish Whip but The Salesman turns it into a Short Arm, reversing and KNEEDFUL THINGS! OUT OF NO-WHERE! THE KNEE STRIKE TO THE SIDE OF JONATHANS HEAD!] [He’s about to cover when Eli Forever notices him back to his feet. He kicks him low and pulls him in deep, Pedigree style.]




[Darkness. A strange hush falls over the previously rabid Tap Room crowd, as they wait OSW’s faithful begin to hold lighters and phone lights aloft, giving the illusion of a starlit midnight sky.] [Stargazer by Rainbow crashes through the sound system, a single spotlight hits the entrance way, before being filled by man – if that’s what you can call him – we have not seen in this arena before. The spotlight follows him to the ring; the devourer of worlds is here, Darkstar has arrived.] [This absolute Monster enters the ring with aplomb, stepping over the top rope. Everyone looks at him with absolute awe. He’s huge.] [He pulls Eli from the canvas like a rag doll, tossing him overhead with a massive OVERHEAD SUPLEX. Forever thunders off the canvas, rolling to the outside.] [This Behemoth doesn’t stop there. Crowley runs at him, attempting a Clothesline over the top rope but Darkstar doesn’t budge. He tilts his head, grabbing him by the throat and CHOKESLAM! VIOLENT CHOKESLAM INTO THE CANVAS!] [JESUS CHRIST, THIS MONSTER IS HUGE!] [He turns around to clubbing blows by The Watchmen. Sharkman and El Trebol crash their forearms into him with everything they’ve got but he simply reaches out with a vile HEADBUTT, crumbling The Sharkman to his knees.] [El Trébol jumps up but is plucked from the air and transitioned into position for a Piledriver!] [DSD!] [DYING STAR DRIVER!] [SIT OUT PILEDRIVER!] [OH MY GOD! HE SPIKED THE GREEN BEAN HEAD FIRST INTO THE CANVAS!] [The Devourer of Worlds covers, placing his giant pale frame across the minute body of El Trébol Junior!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [El Trébol Junior has been eliminated!] [Furious, The Sharkman attacks him from behind with kicks to the back of the head. He’s dives into a flurry of right hands but Darkstar pushes him away. Helios, Mammon, Heartsford, Forever and Crowley join the assault, burying Darkstar beneath brutal right and left hands.] [SUDDENLY, THEY’RE ALL SENT FLYING!] [THE DEVOURER STANDS DEFIANTLY AND STORMS INTO THE ROPES!] [LEAPING HEADBUTT TO HEARTSFORD!] [RIGHT CLUBBING HAND TO CROWLEY!] [CAN ANYONE STOP THIS FUCKING MONSTER?] [HELIOS RUNS AT HIM, BUT HE’S SCOOPED UP INTO A GORILLA PRESS AND LITERALLY LAUNCHED AT MAMMON AND FOREVER!] [The Sharkman realizes he’s in danger, but there’s nothing he can do. Kick to the gut.] [SIT OUT POWERBOMB! BLACK HOLE BOMB!!] [FUCKING HELL!] [HE COVERS…] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [The Sharkman has been eliminated!] [BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!]


[The beat drops for Stadium Pow Wow (by A Tribe Called Red), as light flash about the stage. As the chanting beings, they flicker back towards the center more, revealing someone standing there. As the beat drops, they spotlight upon Gaia adorned in a very floral outfit of some nature] [As she approaches the stage, it goes from resplendent greens to yellows, reds, and browns, blowing to the wind as if a fall breeze hit them, revealing her normal outfit. She strides with confidence to the stage, jumping into the ring and beginning her warpath.] [Gaia immediately ducks under a Clothesline attempt by Darkstar, using her nimble and agile nature to evade him. He clutches after her but she continues to evade, delivering swift kicks to his leg with every movement.] [He finally backs her into the corner, however Crowley comes in from behind with a CROWBAR TO THE BACK OF THE SKULL! Darkstar doesn’t drop, though. He turns around, holding a hand to his head and smiles. HE FUCKING SMILES. Crowley swings again, cracking him across the jaw. Another. Another. Another. He beats him until he drops to his knees, bending the damn Crowbar in half!] [Gaia quickly swings around, accompanied by Helios. All three grab Darkstar and together, LIFT HIM OFF HIS KNEES, UP AND DOWN WITH A SNAP SUPLEX! THAT’S HOW THAT IS DONE, FOLKS!] [All three pile on for the cover.] [Surely this is it.] [Ten crowbar shots to the head and a suplex. Is it enough?] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [DARKSTAR POWERS OUT!] [HE THRUSTS ALL THREE OFF IN DIFFERENT BLOODY DIRECTIONS! HOLY CRAP!] [The Monster rolls to the outside, dropping to the floor. He’s in desperate need of some recovery. Crowley, Gaia and Helios meanwhile turn their attention to Eli Forever, Nicholas Mammon and Jonathan Heartsford. Crowley and Heartsford go toe to toe, just as you’d expect! Helios and Forever quickly come to blows as well.] [Leaving Gaia and Mammon.] [These two former team mates stare each other down in the middle of the ring.]

“I wish it didn’t have to come to this, my dear,” [Mammon says, lifting his head.] “However, our paths have crossed once again.”



[Glitch.] [Static.] [Darkness.] [The lights flicker in the tap room for a moment. Suddenly ISAAC DANVERS stands in the centre of the ring, having appeared from absolutely no-where.] [He slams Gaia with a right-handed chop to the head that drops her immediately. Mammon quickly swings with a Clothesline but Danvers is sharp to it, spinning him around and strangling him violently. THE BLACK DEATH! WILL MAMMON TAP!? He squirms to try and escape, finally dropping to his knees with a Jawbreaker!] [Danvers stumbles backwards, Heartsford there to pull down the top rope and topple him to the outside! The Aerial Knight remains on the ring apron, DIVING OFF INTO A HUGE CROSS BODY THAT CATCHES DANVERS CLEAN!] [Heartsford rolls away, mounting him with right and left hands!] [Back inside the ring and Gaia and Mammon are back to their feet. They lock up, Gaia whipping Nicholas across the ring. He comes back to a backhanded chop that drops him hard.] [Eli Forever enters the ring from behind, rolling Gaia up out of no-where.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [KICK OUT!] [They both spring away from the cover, getting back to their feet and walking into a MONSTROUS DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE BY DARKSTAR!] [Darkstar pulls Gaia back up by the hair, violently lifting her up into the Fireman’s Carry, slipping her down and DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!] [SUPERNOVA!] [Darkstar barely has a chance to move, sat there as Mammon runs in.] [KNEEDFUL THINGS! KNEE TO THE SIDE OF THE FACE!] [HE COVERS…] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [KICK OUT!] [Mammon can’t believe it!] [BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!]


[The buzzer sounds and the crowd look towards the rampway, but nobody comes down. All of a sudden, a smartly dressed gentleman with a beard and moustache jumps out of the front row. He takes off his jacket, dusts it down and climbs into the ring.] [Who the hell is this guy?] [Nicholas gets back to his feet and is dragged in close by this mysterious competitor. HAMMERLOCK SWEEP DDT!] [The man nails it, swivelling his hips back to his feet immediately after. He smiles, calling the shot.]

“The Oxford Comma, dear boy.”

[Lee Crowley quickly comes in from behind, grabbing the man by the scruff of his neck and running him into the corner, shoulder first! He stumbles backwards, but the man kicks out!] [LOW BLOW!] [The King falls to his knees, but the man helps him up, shaking his hand. What the fuck is this?]

“Nice to meet you, sir. My name is Edgar Nevermore and this, this is.. POETRY IN MOTION!”

[VERTICAL SUPLEX SIDESLAM!] [Edgar Nevermore? Who the fuck is this guy? Helios is next in, grabbing him as he gets back to his feet and delivering a big right hand. The two square off, exchanging fists.] [Meanwhile, outside the ring, Danvers has Heartsford slumped against the ringside barricade, driving his knee into his face violently. Thrust after thrust, shot after shot, until poor Jonathan is bleeding from his nose.] [Forever though comes leaping from the ring steps with a Double Axe Handle, clocking Danvers across the back of the head. He grabs him by the head straight after, nailing him with a European Uppercut.] [BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!]


[The lights go out in the tap room. A singular spotlight focuses on the stage. The starting chords for smells like teen spirit begins to play as the spotlight shifts between red, white, and blue.] [Cael is raised from under the stage via lift. Once on top of the stage, he runs down the ramp ready to clear house and compete for the sake of competition once more!] [He ducks under Danvers who awaits him at the bottom of the ramp, turning around and delivering right hands to him, stumbling him backwards. Gable is no-ones puppet tonight and he drives Danvers head first into the ring post to prove it.] [The Olympian pulls him away and into a Belly to Belly Suplex, slamming him down hard on the concrete. Knowing this match is everything, Gable goes under the ring and starts pulling out tables. This match is about to get interesting. He sets up one of the tables, laying it on the barricade and the steel steps. What does he have in mind here, I wonder?] [Danvers is slowly up and Cael slams him head first off the ring apron, rolling him onto it and following. He pulls him to his feet and punches him hard, manoeuvring him towards the corner. Oh dear God, this could be vile.] [Gable lifts Isaac up onto the top turnbuckle and scales the outside to meet him. He punches down on him, ensuring his compliance, delivering hard shot after shot to make sure he doesn’t move. Stood on the middle buckle, he pulls Isaac up into the air.] [VERTICAL SUPLEX STYLE!] [OH MY GOD!] [CAEL GABLE IS STANDING ON THE MIDDLE ROPE WITH ISAAC DANVERS IN A VERTICAL SUPLEX, OVERLOOKING A TABLE HELD UP BY NOTHING BUT RING STEP AND BARRICADE!] [THIS IS FUCKING SUICIDE!] [NO HOPE!] [WHAT!?



[“Save Me” by Shinedown hits as an entirely new face steps out into the arena. He’s smoking a cigarette as he arrives, nonchalantly making his way towards the ring. As he passes by Gable, Helios and Danvers, he shakes his head, tossing aside the cig and entering the ring.] [Cole blocks a right hand by Nevermore, nailing him with a Headbutt. He quickly storms off into the ropes, returning with a massive Crossbody. Cole hops back to his feet, ducking a Clothesline attempt by Eli Forever and dropping him with a NECKBREAKER!] [THE RUDE AWAKENING!] [Cole pops back to his feet but is met by Crowley who drops him with a DDT of his own. The King of The Underworld, like Helios and Heartsford have been in this such a long time now.] [Crowley is about to pull Cole back to his feet when Jonathan comes in from behind, dried blood on his nose! HEART TO HEART!] [STANDING SPANISH FLY!] [HOW APT!] [The Aerial Knight is going to put an end to this once and for all. He heads to the top rope!] [MY RETRIBUTION!] [SHOOTING STAR DOUBLE KNEE DROP! HE GOT ALL OF IT! HE GOT ALL OF IT! HEARTSFORD IS GOING TO ELIMINATE CROWLEY! WHAT AN UPSET!] [BUT NO! COLE GRABS HIM FROM THE GROUND!] [BURRRNNNNINNNNGGG HAMMMMEERR!!!] [WASTELAND! WASTELAND BY COLE!] [HE COVERS!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Jonathan Heartsford has been eliminated!] [Meanwhile, Cael Gable has somehow gotten himself and Isaac Danvers back up. He slides his enemy into the ring, following. He’s barely able to fucking move. With a single arm across his chest, Gable covers.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [KICK OUT!] [WHAT!? WHAT!? WHAT!?] [HOW DID DANVERS KICK OUT!?] [Gaia comes to the rescue, grabbing Gable and pulling him to his feet. She going to try and lock him up, but Cael is running on instinct! He pushers her away, straight into Eli Forever!] [KICK TO THE GUT!]


[ETERNAL RIVER PLUNGE!] [HE DRILLS HER!] [COVER!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Gaia has been eliminated!] [Gable meanwhile has returned to Danvers, pulling him to his feet.] [PUGH PLEX!] [YES! HE GOT IT!] [DANVERS IS SURELY DONE.] [GABLE COVERS, HOOKING THE LEG…] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Isaac Danvers has been eliminated!] [BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!]


[The deep Gregorian chant of Terra Tremuit rings out over the Tap Room as a light shines down from the rafters to illuminate a kneeling man. “Blood on my Name” by The Brothers Bright takes over as the Commander rises to his feet, his mission clear. Solomon Rhodes will not deviate from what must be done. The flag still flies, and he will complete his mission.] [The former Pandemonium winner enters at number 16! He won from entry number 3 last year, and this year, he’s much higher in the pecking order!] [Rhodes is met immediately by an unimpressed Eli Forever. Eli backs him into the ropes and sends him across the ring. Rhodes though slides to the outside where Crowley is getting up, catching him with both feet in the side of the head. Solomon quickly turns him, tossing him into the barricade.] [Darkstar meanwhile approaches with a smile.] [The Templar turns with a massive Snapping Kick, catching Darkstar right under the jaw. He leaps up, looking for the Codebreaker, only The Devourer catches him, running him into the RINGPOST!] [He doesn’t drop him though, turning him right over with a massive SPINEBUSTER ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR!] [How the fuck is this monster going to be beaten? Darkstar turns around to see Luke Cole barrelling through the middle rope with a TOPE SUICIDA!! ONLY HE CATCHES HIM TOO! JESUS! DYING STAR DRIVER ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR!] [They’re going to have to come together if they wish to eliminate this guy. He’s a monster!] [The Devourer heads back into the ring via the apron, but Mammon and Nevermore are waiting. The Gentlemen Duo, complete with fancy moustaches, work together to try and Suplex him over the top rope and into the ring. He’s too powerful though, and it takes Eli Forever and Lee Crowley, who slide to the outside in unison and grab at his legs!] [What are they going to do? All four of them are struggling to dislodge this absolute behemoth.] [Suddenly, Edgar NAILS HIM WITH A VISCIOUS ELBOW!] [MAMMON RUNS…] [KNEEDFUL THINGS!] [POWERBOMB FROM THE RING APRON TO THE FUCKING FLOOR BY ELI FOREVER AND LEE CROWLEY! THE MOMENTUM OF DARKSTAR FALLING COMBINED WITH THEIR EFFORTS DRILLED THE MONSTER!] [BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!]


[As “Eternity” by SayMaxwell plays, Aion appears as if from nowhere at the top of the dimly lit entranceway. His eyes set steadfastly on the ring, Aion seems to almost glide down to the apron, taking the steps quickly and springing over the top rope.] [The Master of time runs towards Mammon and Nevermore, nailing them both with a Double Clothesline. He springs back, realizing that this match isn’t quite violent enough. He slides to the outside, goes under the ring and grabs himself a ladder.] [Helios meanwhile has finally started to stir from the wreckage of before and gets back to his feet to assist. He slides in a second ladder, a table, a steel chair and some barbed wire. This is about to get ugly.] [The Revenants set up the ladders next to each other, but with a little distance between them. They walk a table to the top, resting it across like a bridge.] [What the hell are they planning?] [Solomon Rhodes is back in the ring just as they drop down, taking it to both men with kicks and right hands. He beats Aion to the ropes, Clotheslining him over the top. Helios though attacks from behind, ensuring that Rhodes’ uprising is shortlived. He lifts him up on his shoulders and begins climbing the ladder with Solomon in a seated electric chair drop position.] [Aion naturally comes back into the fray, climbing up the other side of the ladder to join them. He pulls Rhodes off of Helios’ shoulders and onto the unsteady table bridge. Jesus Christ. This is getting awfully dangerous now.] [The Revenants reach the top of the ladders as Rhodes lays there. They help him back to his feet, all three teetering on the top of these ladders with a table bridge.] [RHODES WITH A RIGHT HAND TO HELIOS.] [A LEFT HAND TO AION.] [BUT AION GRABS HIM!] [STEENALIZER FROM THE FUCKING TWELVE FOOT TABLE LADDER TO THE FUCKING CANVAS! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! AION JUST DRILLED HIM! HE FUCKING DRILLED HIM!] [Helios looks down.] [BRIIIMMMMSTONNNNNEEEE!!!!] [DIVING MOONSTOMP FROM THE TABLE BRIDGE TO SOLOMON RHODES! OH MY GOD! OH MY HOLY SHIT!] [All three men are down! Lee Crowley enters the ring, looking to pick up the pieces. He’s about to drop into a cover like a coward on Solomon Rhodes when Edgar Nevermore stops him!] [POETRY IN MOTION! HE GOT IT!] [COVER!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Lee Crowley has been eliminated!] [WOW! THAT CAME OUT OF NO-WHERE! THE RING KING HAS BEEN ELIMINATED BY.. BY… WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY!?] [Meanwhile, Nicholas Mammon is battling with Luke Cole behind the ladders. He bounces Cole off the ladder and as he turns around, LEAPS WITH THE KNEEDFUL THINGS! HE GOT HIM!] [MAMMON COVERS!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Luke Cole has been eliminated!] [BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!]


[The beginnings of “You Can’t Stop Me” by Andy Mineo begin playing as the crowd turns their attention to the entrance. As the beat silences, the voice of D’von Chambers comes blaring through the sound system…]


[As the smoke clears, “The Bishop” stands with outstretched arms mimicking the crucifixion pose before methodically making his way down the aisle with a slight grin escaping the corner of his mouth.] [D’von Chambers stops outside the ring, surveying the carnage. He’s about to enter when he changes his mind, backing up the rampway to watch instead.] [Back inside the ring and Cael Gable is back in the fight. He grabs Aion from the canvas, setting him up.] [PUGH PLEX!] [NO!] [Aion drops down from behind and runs him face first into the ladder! Gable turns around holding his face and Clothesline! Aion wills him back to his feet and it isn’t long before he stands. The Master of Time pulls him in and STEENALIZER! STEENALIZER TO CAEL GABLE!] [HE COVERS!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Cael Gable has been eliminated!] [Aion eliminates him! He gets back up, still a little groggy and heads over to Solomon Rhodes. They have unfinished business. Rhodes though somehow fights back! Right hands, right hands, he backs him into the ropes and whips him across the ring, right into both sets of ladders!] [The Templar is ready for a fight!] [Nicholas Mammon comes for him, diving with a KNEEDFUL THINGS!] [NO!] [RHODES DUCKS AND MAMMON LANDS ON THE LADDER.] [CHAOS THEORY! ELEVATED CHAOS THEORY! A CODE BREAKER BY SOLOMON RHODES!] [HE COVERS!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [KICK OUT! MAMMON KICKS OUT!] [Rhodes can’t believe it. He gets back to his feet and NO HOPE! SPEAR! SPEAR BY HELIOS! HE JUST CAUGHT HIM OUT OF NO-WHERE!] [HELIOS COVERS!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [KICK OUT!] [BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!]


[A soft piano line begins to cut through the Tap Room. The lights around the temple darken – a purplish tinge of UV light illuminates the otherwise dark entranceway.]

“I’m lost in you everywhere I run

Everywhere I turn I’m finding something new”

[The song erupts into a wall of sound, a figure emerges amidst the black light, yellow mask the only visible sign in the dark light. He steps forward into the Tap Room]

“Lost in you, something I can’t fight

I cannot escape

I could spend my life lost in you! Lost in you!”

[Lux Bellator descends upon the ring, unfaltering in his mission. Each soul before him about to step into the light and be judged.] [The first person he comes across is D’von Chambers. He looks at his fellow religious leader and nods, both men heading to the ring. Chambers grabs one of the ladders and tosses it outside the ring at a getting up Darkstar, nailing him in the head. Bellator meanwhile grabs the second ladder, running it into Solomon Rhodes, Nicholas Mammon and Eli Forever as they both get back to their feet.] [He tosses it to the outside and we finally have a clear ring.] [Helios and Aion are up, standing alongside Chambers and Bellator. This doesn’t shake out well for the rest of the Pandemonium participants. Eli Forever, Nicholas Mammon, Edgar Nevermore and Darkstar have a unified group of evil to fight and by God, everything is on the line.] [Everyone except Darkstar are back to their feet and in the middle of the ring.] [Outnumbered, Aion and Helios tackle Mammon, beating the holy hell out of him. Chambers meanwhile battles Eli Forever as Lux Bellator and Edgar Nevermore slug it out.] [DISCIPLE MAKER TO EDGAR NEVERMORE!] [PASTORS PLUNGE TO ELI FOREVER!] [HOLY SHIT!] [AION THROWS MAMMON INTO THE NO HOPE SPEAR OF HELIOUS AND THE EVIL HAVE TAKEN CONTROL HERE TONIGHT!] [THERE’S ONLY ONE ENTRANT LEFT AND EVIL HAVE THIS ONE UNDER CONTROL!] [OR DO THEY?] [BECAUSE DARKSTAR IS ON THE RING APRON AND BOY, THIS MONSTER LOOKS PISSED!] [Helios runs at him!] [BIG BOOT!] [D’von Chambers slaps him across the chest, only to be grabbed by the head and TOSSED OVER THE TOP ROPE, LANDING ON THE LADDER BELOW!] [THE SAME LADDER CHAMBERS THREW AT HIM EARLIER!] [LUX BELLATOR IS NEXT, DIVING AT HIM, ONLY TO BE CAUGHT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! DARKSTAR DRIVES HIM INTO THE CANVAS WITH A SPINEBUSTER!] [The Devourer gets back to his feet and there’s Aion, trying to deliver punches. RIGHT HANDS bounce off of Darkstar but he’s having none of it.] [DYING…] [STAR…] [DRIVER!] [HE COVERS WITH A FOREARM TO THE FACE!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Aion has been eliminated!] [BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!]


[Here we go folks! Entrant number 20 is in the house!] [The buzzer sounds bringing the Tap Room crowd to a hush. And then “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis blares through the arena prompting the fans to erupt into cheers. Brent Kersh steps out onto the wooden planks of the Tap Room entrance, an ICE COLD stare covering his face.] [Pausing for a moment, “The Enforcer” slowly glances around at the crowd before beginning his approach to the ring. Methodically marching forward, Kersh’s mannerisms display focus and collection as he makes it to ringside. A couple quick steps and he leaps onto the canvas, sliding underneath the bottom rope before coming to his feet inside the ring.] [There’s NINE competitors left in this match!] [SOLOMON RHODES] [DARKSTAR.] [ELI FOREVER.] [LUX BELLATOR.] [NICHOLAS MAMMON.] [HELIOS.] [BRENT KERSH.] [D’VON CHAMBERS.] [EDGAR NEVERMORE.] [Who’s going to pick up the huge Pandemonium victory?] [Brent Kersh goes straight after Darkstar, being nailed with a WORLD’S COLLIDE HEADBUTT ALMOST IMMEDIATELY.] [Darkstar is a fucking force.] [He turns around to see Eli Forever RUNNING at him with a STEEL CHAIR!] [HE SCOOPS HIM UP!] [DYING STAR DRIVER! DSD! DSD TO ELI FOREVER!] [DARKSTAR COVERS. COULD THIS BE HIS FOURTH ELIMINATION!?] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Eli Forever has been eliminated!] [Who can stop this monster?] [He gets back to his feet, turns around and walks straight into Brent Kersh and a steel chair! ANOTHER! ANOTHER! ANOTHER! ANOTHER! The Enforcer bends a steel chair over his skull, hits the ropes and DRIVES a knee into his skull for good measure.] [The Enforcer isn’t naive enough to think that’ll do it, though. He bends down, mounts the Monster and starts driving right hands into his skull.] [Meanwhile, Helios is setting himself up in the corner. He’s looking for the NO HOPE! THE SPEAR!] [MAMMON GETS UP!] [NO HOPE!] [SPEAR!] [NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!] [KNEEDFUL THINGS! KNEEDFUL THINGS TO THE ONRUSHING HELIOS!] [NICHOLAS GOT HIM! HE COVERS!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Helios has been eliminated!] [The eliminations are coming thick and fast here now.] [Darkstar meanwhile tosses Kersh off and gets back to his feet. The Enforcer runs at him and straight into a Big Boot for good measure. Chambers on the other hand grabs at the back of Darkstar, turning him around and WORLD’S COLLIDE HEADBUTT! DARKSTAR DRILLS HIM!] [HE COVERS!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [D’von Chambers has been eliminated!] [We’re down to the final six!] [BRENT KERSH!] [SOLOMON RHODES!] [LUX BELLATOR!] [NICHOLAS MAMMON!] [EDGAR NEVERMORE!] [DARKSTAR!] [Brent Kersh gets back to his feet to see Darkstar running at him! He swings with a Clothesline but Kersh ducks, connecting with a Neckbreaker.] [Nicholas Mammon meanwhile once again works together with Nevermore, both men attacking Lux Bellator in the corner. Darkstar and Kersh get back to their feet, the Devourer running Kersh straight into the other two men to break up their assault.] [All three crumble against the weight of it, but Kersh drills Darkstar with a LOW BLOW!] [Solomon Rhodes runs at Darkstar, leaping into action with a BACKSTABBER!] [Brent Kersh spins away and demands that he come and get some. The Devourer does, only to be scooped up in a FEAT OF STRENGTH BY BRENT KERSH!] [SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! HE GOT IT! RIGHT ON THE STEEL CHAIR!] [COULD THAT BE IT!?] [COULD BRENT KERSH ELIMINATE THE MONSTER!? SOLOMON RHODES DIVES ON TOP FOR GOOD MEASURE] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [HE DID IT! HE DID IT! BRENT KERSH ELIMINATED DARKSTAR WITH AN ASSIST BY SOLOMON RHODES!] [Darkstar has been eliminated!] [HOLY CRAP! HOLY CRAP! WE’RE DOWN TO THE FINAL FIVE!] [Everyone slowly makes their way back to their feet, separating themselves in the ring. This is beyond huge.] [One of these five men will win Pandemonium.] [Lux Bellator, Solomon Rhodes and Brent Kersh are the veterans of this match and they both go for the two newcomers. Kersh & Rhodes take after Mammon as Bellator goes for Nevermore. Lux backs Nevermore into the ropes, ripping at his white shirt until he’s bare chested. He slaps him hard across the chest. Again. Again. Again. Lux Bellator is teaching him a lesson here tonight.] [Brent Kersh meanwhile locks up with Mammon, taking him into a Side Headlock. He sends him across the ring and connects with a Clothesline on the return. Mammon gets back to his feet, being scooped up.] [SOUTHERN DISCOM-NO!! THE SALESMAN DROPS DOWN! HE SPINS KERSH AROUND AND KNEEDFUL THINGS! KNEEDFUL THINGS!] [RHODES LEAPS INTO ACTION, LOOKING FOR THE CHAOS THEORY, BUT MAMMON DUMPS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!] [Nicholas is going for the cover!] [BUT WAIT, LUX BELLATOR PULLS HIM AWAY, THROWING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE TOO!!] [Bellator snaps Kersh up to his feet.] [DISCIPLE MAKER!!] [CANADIAN DESTROYER!] [COVER.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Brent Kersh has been eliminated!] [Can you believe it? That wily bastard Lux Bellator knew exactly what he was doing. He taps his head, telling the fans that this is his moment.] [HERE COMES SOLOMON RHODES!] [RHODES TURNS BELLATOR AROUND, BUT HE GETS KICKED LOW!] [DISCIPLE MAKER!] [NO WAY! LUX BELLATOR JUST GOT IT!] [COVER.] [ONE…] [THERE’S JUST NO WAY!] [TWO…] [SURELY NOT!] [THREE!!!] [Solomon Rhodes has been eliminated!] [Holy shit! Lux Bellator not only defeated his nemesis tonight but eliminated the former Pandemonium winner too! What kind of revenge for last year is this!? Lux gets back to his feet, a smug grin on his face. The Light Warrior has already won Invasion and now he has his sights set on Pandemonium.] [ROLL UP!] [WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT COME FROM?!] [ONE…] [BELLATOR STRUGGLES!] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Lux Bellator has been eliminated!!] [WHAT!?] [WHAT!?] [WHAT!?] [WHAT!?] [WHAT!?] [WHAT!?] [WHAT!?] [EDGAR NEVERMORE JUST TOOK HIS CHANCE! BY GOD, HE JUST ELIMINATED LUX BELLATOR!] [Nicholas Mammon gets back into the ring, staring down his cohort.] [These two have worked together at times tonight but I don’t think anyone expected in a million years that they’d be the final two.] [They stand toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Mammon offers a handshake that Nevermore accepts, pulling him in for a wild Headbutt as soon as he does. That stumbles ‘The Poet’, who returns with an eye rake for good measure.] [Both men immediately lock up, twisting and turning. Nevermore takes Mammon into a Side Headlock, wrenching on it as much as he can. He transitions into a Hammerlock.] [HAMMERLOCK LEGSWEEP DDT!] [THE OXFORD COMMA!] [Nevermore covers with a hook of the leg!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [WE HAVE OUR PANDEMONIUM WINNER! OH MY GOD! EDGAR NEVERMORE HAS DONE IT!] [KICK OUT! MAMMON KICKS OUT!] [Edgar gets back to his feet, dusting himself off. He grabs Mammon by the head and nails him with an Elbow.] [VERTICAL SIDE SLAM!] [POETRY IN MOTION!] [NOO!!] [MAMMON LEAPS OUT!] [HE SCOOPS NEVERMORE UP AND SNAKE EYES! SNAKE EYES ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!] [ROLL THE DICE, PAY THE PRICE!] [EDGAR TURNS AROUND…] [KNEEDFUL THINGS!] [KNEEDFUL FUCKING THINGS!] [THAT HAS TO BE IT! HE COVERS!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [KICK OUT! NEVERMORE KICKS OUT!] [This is it! This is for Pandemonium, folks! One of these men will write their names in the history of this competition, however short lived that may be.] [Mammon gets back to his feet, disappointed that he couldn’t put him away.] [He beckons Edgar back to his feet and slowly but surely, he does so. Nicholas runs with a Dropkick, slamming his opponent back into the turnbuckles. He quickly pops back up, running across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle and steaming across at Nevermore!] [JUMPING CORNER CLOTHESLINE!] [CHA-CHING!] [NEVERMORE CAUGHT HIM!] [SIDE SLAM! THE SIDE SLAM OF POETRY IN MOTION!!] [COULD THAT BE ENOUGH!?] [NEVERMORE PINS…] [ONE…] [HAS THE POET DONE IT!?] [TWO…] [IS THIS HIS MOMENT!?] [THREE!!!] [KICK OUT! MAMMON KICKS OUT!] [Unbelievable!] [Both men are slowly back to their feet, this brutal match having taken their toll. Nicholas Mammon entered number 7 and Edgar Nevermore at number 13. They meet in the middle of the ring, slugging it out. Left and right hands are slowly exchanged as Edgar takes control. He whips Mammon across the the ring…] [THE HARD SELL!] [SLINGBLADE!!] [MAMMON CAUGHT HIM WITH THE SHORT ARM REVERSAL!] [He gets back up, watching as Edgar gets back to his knees and KNEEDFUL THINGS! KNEEFUL THINGS WITH ADDED DRIVE! WHAT A KNEE TO THE FACE!] [BLOOD SPLATTERS FROM THE NOSE OF NEVERMORE!] [HE COVERS…] [COULD THAT DO IT!?] [ONE…] [IS IT ENOUGH!?] [TWO…] [DO WE HAVE A NEW PANDEMONIUM WINNER?] [THREE!!!] [He’s done it! Nicholas Mammon has done it. The Salesman has done the unthinkable and won Pandemonium IV!] [He kneels in the middle of the ring, his hands on his knees, absolutely exhausted. Can you believe it? A surprise entry no less; a man we’ve not seen since The Longest Night. Mammon gets back to his feet and falls into the ropes, holding on with a smile. Edgar Nevermore slowly gets back to his feet, checking his bloodied nose. With a wry smile himself, he offers a handshake to the winner of Pandemonium who accepts.] [The Gentlemen Duo stand tall, having reigned over Pandemonium here tonight.]


[Static.] [One Year Ago.] [Back inside the basement of Jonah Cussen and DTR now sits on a wooden stool, listening intently as the father of Jensen continues his spiel.]

“The world must end.”

[Jonah announces.]

“The Lord wishes it to be, thus it must. His greatest creation has been corrupted by evil forces, and it is those evil forces he must rely on to cleanse this once great paradise.”

[DTR looks on.]

“You’re an integral piece to this puzzle; to his plan.”


[Jonah stands up and heads towards the basement stairs, preparing to exit.]

“She’ll tell you.”

[Static.] [Suddenly, glitching before him stands a terrifying figure. With her head lowered, she stands extremely still.] [Mother.]

“My creator has tasked me with a holy mission of such grand proportions that I cannot dare fail.”

[DTR looks terrified.] “What does this have to do with me?”

“You’re the perfect carrier, David. How long have you looked at the world and wished for it to change? How many years did you corrupt and create, trying to destroy what you despised? I can help you do that.”

[He looks interested.]

“I can give you what you need. I can give you a Family. I can make you a virus; a walking infection that facilitates the end of the world. With this disease flowing through your veins, you’ll be an unstoppable force. You will not only create the end but become the ark that sails it to a new beginning. You won’t be alone. There will be others, others who stand by your side, others who’ve been given their own missions.”

[She closes in, lifting his head with her fingers.]

“You will have everything you ever desired. Everything.”

[He nods.]

“Yes,” [he whispers.] “I’ll do it.”

[Mother smiles, pulling him in for a deep and passionate kiss. Black leaks from her mouth, down his and her chin, dribbling onto the floor as she infects him.] [Black veins take a hold immediately, causing him to cry out in pain.] [He falls to the wet and dirty floor, screaming in agony. Mother stands, wiping away her mouth.]

“Don’t worry my child, the pain will soon pass.”

[DTR cries.]

“Welcome to the family, son.”



[Shivering.] [The Dark Place.] [The Chief lays in the fetal position on the floor, shivering with fever. He’s gone pale, having lost more colour than we’ve seen previously. A voice once again booms from above.]

“Your time is nigh.”

[He doesn’t respond.]

“It doesn’t have to be this way.”

[The Chief looks up, his lips dry and chapped.]

“I-I can’t die here,” [he pleads.] “I can’t die here. Please Noah, help me.”

[He doesn’t relent. He demands answers.]

“I told you, did I not? I can save you from this place. All you have to do is give in to me and say yes.”

[The Chief pulls himself from the floor, coughing and spluttering.]

“I can’t,” [he complains.] “You’re asking me to say that God wants to end the world and kill all life on it. You’re asking me to believe that he’s a judgemental and vicious God. That isn’t my God, Noah. That isn’t who I believe in.”

[Suddenly, he coughs and blood spews out into the darkness.] [He’s immediately pulled by an invisible force to his feet, held there with his arms spread, dying imminently. He can barely speak, his body failing him in the real world and his mind failing him here. His life is all but over.] [Whispers.] [We can’t hear what Noah’s saying. Its inaudible. The whispers last only a few moments before they stop.] [Something changes. His eyes widen, as blood shot as they are, and his face contorts into that of shock and awe. He looks up, then down, contemplating what he’s just been told.] [His lips are pursed.]


[The Chief gives in.] [He finally relents.] [Flash.] [His eyes open abruptly.] [He gasps.] [The Chief is back.] [Long Live The Chief.] [Cut.]