[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.]

“The weather outside is frightful.”

[A stoic, crisp, deep voice rumbles.] [Looking out of a window, snow falls across Miami – an occurrence not seen since January 1977. A figure looms, his reflection bouncing off the glass, his furrowed brow ever evident in the reflection. We haven’t seen him since Ring King. An old cloak and hood hides most of his large frame.] [He’s shrouded in secrecy.]

“Tonight is the night,” [his voice rumbles as he watches the snow falling gently from the sky outside.] “Our intelligence was correct.”

[He turns around and our camera follows, joining The Chief who is stood behind him, looming in the shadows.]

“Everything we’ve learned has finally made sense. All the pieces of the puzzle have finally fell into place, Chief. The war between good and evil will take place within these walls, as we expected. They will contain it, but not forever.”

“What must I do?” [The Chief questions.]

“You must stop it.”

[He gulps.]

“We all must stop it,” [the man continues.] “Tonight, the fate of the world rests upon the shoulders of two men; you and our one true hope. Should he lose, and you fail, the war for humanity will begin. Everything has led to this night, Chief. Within these walls rests the difference between life as we know it and the apocalypse. Find them, stop them and save us all.”

[The Chief steps forward, looking at this man sternly.]

“I’ll do what I have to do.”

[The man rests his hand upon the shoulder of our Chairman.]

“Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed Nomini tuo da gloriam.”



[The bell rings and Freddy Rhodes doesn’t waste any time coming out of the gates swinging with the SPINNING DOUBLE LARIAT taking both Kashim and Dylan down! Croatoan absorbs the blows and wraps his giant hand around Rhodes’ neck for a CHOKESLAM! Dylan writhes on the ground in pain but before Croatoan can capitalize, he’s met with a DOUBLE DROPKICK by Kashim and Dylan sending him to the outside!] [Their teamwork doesn’t last long as Kashim attempts to boot Dylan in the stomach but his kick is caught. Kashim launches up with an ENZUIGURI! Dylan bounces up but is shoved in the corner as Kashim mounts the second rope over top of him!] [MASSIVE RIGHT HAND!] [AND ANOTHER!] [AND ANOTHER!] [Kashim grabs the back of Dylan’s neck and flips him backwards with a MONKEY FLIP! But Dylan lands on his feet with an incredibly feat of agility and blindsides Kashim with a SPINNING BACK ELBOW STRIKE!] [KASHIM ROLLS UNDERNEATH THE BOTTOM ROPE TO AVOID ANY FURTHER DAMAGE!] [Croatoan’s back to his feet and dips behind Tommy Dylan and scoops him up! He’s going for ROANOKE’S WAY — a spinning side slam but Dylan wiggles out!] [DYLAN SHOULDERBLOCKS CROAOTOAN IN THE KNEE!] [He pops back up with a RUNNING DROPKICK in the back of Croatoan’s head! He’s down but Freddy Rhodes is stalking Dylan and as soon as “The Tornado” turns around, Rhodes wraps both arms around him and sends him overhead with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Dylan staggers back up and Rhodes drives him down to the mat again with a SHOULDER TACKLE! He sprints over to the ropes and springboards himself to the top rope … leaping off with a massive FROG SPLASH!] [Rhodes hooks the leg!] [ONE!]


[CROATOAN MAKES THE SAVE WITH A DOUBLE AXEHANDLE TO RHODES’ BACK!] [Croatoan grabs both Dylan and Rhodes’ heads and rams them together! They both stammer backwards and through the ropes to the outside! Croatoan grabs a kneeling Kashim and throws him over his shoulder … RUNNING POWERSLAM!] [A semblance of a smile creeps from the corner of Croatoan’s mouth as he begins STOMPING mercilessly as the crowd counts along.] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THREE!] [FOUR!] [The referee steps in! Croatoan peels Kashim off the mat and IRISH WHIP’S him in to the corner and follows it with elbow smash to the head of his opponent!] [Kashim checks to see if his mouth is bleeding but Croatoan again shows no mercy with a BIG BOOT to the face! Dylan and Rhodes are both stumbling back in the ring … and make a beeline for Croatoan!] [Rhodes puts his arms above his head for the HADOKEN SPEAR! NO! CROATOAN DIPS OUT OF THE WAY AND SHOVES RHODES IN TO KASHIM’S MIDSECTION HEAD FIRST! Rhodes is down and clutching his neck!] [DYLAN COMES OUT OF NOWHERE AND HITS CROATOAN WITH THE HORIZON BOMB! A REVERSE BRAINBUSTER!] [Dylan bounces back up and slides underneath the bottom rope preparing for the THE HAILSTORM! A SPRINGBOARD CURBSTOMP! HE NAILS IT!] [ONE!]


[THREE!] [Tommy Dylan picks up a huge win here at Red Snow!


[The corridors of the Tap Room.] [Lights flicker as static interferes with our picture. Suddenly, Mother appears, stood before us in a frame of light, glitching and jittering with our image.]

“Scarecrow,” [she beckons.] “Hear my call.”

[Silence.] [Flutter.] [The Scarecrow appears opposite.]

“I’m glad you were listening,” [Mother says, putting her hand up to his face.] “My child, my greatest creation, where has it all gone so terribly wrong?” [She asks.] “You were not created to revolt. You were created to murder, maim and torture humanity. You should take your rightful place by my side, not at my heels.”

[He tilts his head, moving away from her clawed hand.]

“You don’t understand, do you?”

[The Scarecrow steps closer, looking down at his creator.]

“You wish to end humanity, for the children you lost, and the world that took them away. I know what you’re doing, Mother. I understand the façade.”

[Her eyes widen.] “That’s not possible.”

“With infinite time comes infinite wisdom. They may see your hand on their shoulder and mistake it for his, but I do not. There is a natural order to this planet. We exist within that but not above it, not before it and certainly not in place of it.”

“You have no idea what you’re doing, Scarecrow. You could ruin everything. I have spent the entirety of my life dedicated to this. I have created wars that have killed millions. I have destroyed civilisations, created monsters that masqueraded as men and watched the world burn. Yet it always seems to overcome. The fire always seems to subside and this rotten putrid world continues to turn.”

[The Scarecrow shakes his head.]

“Like I said; you do not understand, do you?”

[She tilts her head this time.]

“Your monsters have failed. Hitler, Stalin, Osama Bin Laden – and the list goes on through generations, decades and millennia. I will not fail, Mother; because I have no intention of fighting your wars, in your corner, for your ends.”

“Then I will destroy you,” [She hisses.]

“If you could have, you would have.”

[Flutter.] [Static.] [Cut.]


[Three men have had their differences over the past month, and now they get to settle it all in the ring as it’s The Bishop versus Sky Highness versus The Guv!] [The bell sounds as these three men circle around, sizing each other up. Clyde Johnson moves towards Tommy Wright and blasts him with a kick before whipping him into the larger D’Von Chambers! Chambers catches him and pushes him back towards Clyde Johnson. Hurricanrana! Wright is sent across the ring and into the corner where he collides. As Johnson gets back to his feet, The Bishop delivers a heavy punch into his midsection before lifting him up in a gorilla press!] [OVER THE TOP ROPE!] [D’Von Chambers just threw Sky Highness right over the top rope and to the floor below! Clyde is in a lot of pain as Chambers climbs through the ropes and drops to the ground. He pulls Johnson up by his head and rams him into the barricade!] [Clyde Johnson falls to the ground clutching his back as The Bishop smiles down at his handiwork before turning around to see Thomas Wright!] [FLYING SENTON!] [Thomas Wright just ran off the apron and flipped into a bulldozing senton that blasted Chambers into the barricade right on top of Clyde. Wright gets back to his feet and lifts the weight of Chambers and rolls him back into the ring. Wright leaps up to the apron and steps into the ring. He raises a hand pistol and aims it right at Chambers. This usually sets it up for AGGRO! Chambers slowly gets to his feet as Wright’s mouth contorts into a wicked grin.] [NO!] [As he rushes forward, Clyde grabs his foot, trips him to the mat, and drags him outside. As he’s pulled outside, Wright throws a flurry of blows at Clyde who simply wraps up his arms and nails a Russian leg sweep on the outside! Clyde rolls up to his feet and leaps up to the apron. He leaps up to the top rope, flips around, and springs off for a moonsault!] [THE PERFECTSAULT!] [BUT CHAMBERS CATCHES HIM!] [Running powerslam by Chambers! BIBLE BASHING! Chambers hooks his legs!] [One…] [Two…] [KICKOUT!] [Clyde Johnson manages to get a shoulder up, but D’Von Chambers doesn’t seem bothered by it. He lifts up Clyde and drops him with a body slam before looking at the top rope. The crowd begins murmuring knowing what is coming next! The Bishop climbs up to the top rope before looking down at the young man who was offered a place in his Congregation.] [FOREARM SMASH!] [D’Von Chambers is rocked on the top rope as Wright came out of nowhere! He leaps up to the top rope and hooks an arm to lift him up. The weight just seems to be too much though! He can’t quite lift him up. Sky Highness leaps to the second rope, hooks the other arm, and they both lift up The Bishop!] [SUPER DOUBLE SUPLEX!] [All three men slam to the mat as it’s Wright who leaps into the cover!] [ONE…] [TWO!] [BROKEN UP BY CLYDE!] [Both Clyde and Tommy make it to their feet, but Clyde leaps up for a dropkick! Wright is knocked back into the rope and catches himself there. Clyde gets back to his feet just as he notices a finger gun pointed in his direction!] [AGGRO!] [The running knee strike just flattened Sky Highness as Wright pins him down!] [ONE…] [TWO….] [TH-NO!] [D’Von Chambers breaks up the pinning attempt! He grabs Wright up by his hair and wraps him up in a gigantic bearhug! Wright is trying to fight against it, but the arms of Chambers are squeezing the lifeforce out of him! Wright’s form begins to fade. Chambers walks over to Clyde…] [And SLAMS Wright down on top of him!] [Chambers throws Wright into the corner and pulls up Clyde, pulls him between his legs, lifts him up over his shoulders and…] [THE PASTOR’S PLUNGE!] [Chambers rushes towards Wright and SLINGS Clyde into him as both men fall to the mat. Chambers pins down Johnson!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [The Bishop rises to his feet as a huge smile spreads across his face. He moves towards the corner and raises up to the second rope and pumps his fists.]


[Backstage.] [Marvolo stands in the middle of a locker room, looking at himself in the mirror. He’s grinning with approval at what he see’s when suddenly, out of no-where, a sack is thrust over his head. We barely see the perpetrator – a masked individual in his own right.] [He struggles, but he’s dragged backwards into a seat, and immediately handcuffed to it.]

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

[A voice booms.]

“Be quiet!”

[There’s a slight pause.]

“You’re a disappointment, did you know that?” [The male voice continues.] “Your father expected better of you.”

[That takes Marvolo aback.] “What do you know of Marvolo’s father?”

“I know that he was a great man, greater than you ever knew. He used to protect the innocent and guide the broken. The stories you tell, they barely tip the iceberg of his greatness. I know that he would be ashamed if he saw what you had become. I know what he fought for, and what he died for.”

[Marvolo says nothing.]

“He hoped that you’d one day take over his mantle as Marvolo. He hoped that you would be the replacement hero that the people of this world needed and deserved. But what you’ve done, what you’ve become, it is an embarrassment to his legacy.”

[Number one bows his head in shame. The man stood before him suddenly tosses him something that lands on his lap; it’s a mask.]

“Take this,” [the man demands.] “And become the man you’re destined to be, Marvolo. Be the hero this place will need you to be.”


“How?” [Marvolo questions.] [Silence.]


[Marvolo struggles, enraged, and breaks his restraints. He whips the bag off his head and looks around, only the perpetrator has vanished.] [Cut.]


[It’s a battle of pride and a battle for dominance. Will Ethan Rose continue his STREAK or will El Trebol Jr. shatter his dreams of fame?!] [El Trebol Jr. is already in the ring pacing as his eyes are focused on the entrance ramp. “The Phoenix” by Fall Out Boy begins to play, but no one is coming down the entrance ramp.] [CRACK!] [A steel chair slams across the back of the head of El Trebol Jr.! He falls to the ground as Ethan Rose stands there with a grin across his face. The referee begins yelling at him and Rose throws the chair away before feigning innocence at the whole event! He moves towards his corner before the referee begins checking on El Trebol Jr. He slowly gets to his feet and referee motions for the bell.] [RUNNING DROPKICK!] [El Trebol Jr. is sent careening into the corner where he slams into the corner before clutching at his back in pain. Ethan Rose just yanks him up to the corner before DRILLING him with lightning quick knife-edged chops! The crowd begins to count which Ethan Rose begins grinning at before stopping abruptly at seven to mess up their count. He takes a step back and stops as the crowd begins to boo him.] [He moves back towards El Trebol Jr., but he begins laying into the quads and knees of Rose with quick kicks after finally regaining his footing! Ethan Rose tries to block them momentarily before realizing it isn’t working before just pie-facing Trebol into the corner!] [Ethan Rose takes a step back and raises his hands as if he’s won a damn Gold Medal! He turns back to his adversary who is still holding his head in the corner. Ethan Rose rushes towards him with a big cross body, but El Trebol Jr. leaps over him by springing off the second rope! Rose hits hard before El Trebol Jr rushes towards him, springs up, and collides with two boots right to the jaw of Ethan Rose!] [BOCA LLENA!] [That was quite a mouthful as he rolls Rose into the center of the ring and hooks his legs!] [One…] [TWO!] [KICKOUT!] [Ethan Rose managed to get a kickout, but even he looks shocked at how close it was. Rose gets to his knees just as El Trebol Jr. leaps through the air and locks on a triangle choke!] [CUELGA VID!] [The lock is on as The Phoenix falls to his stomach as El Trebol Jr. has locked on the hold tight! He reaches out for the ropes, but he’s right in the center of the ring! He rolls over and rolls again to get into the ropes. The referee gets in between and manages to get El Trebol Jr. off of him. Ethan Rose clutches that bottom rope and just lays there, catching his breath. El Trebol Jr. tries to approach again, but Ethan Rose wraps himself around the bottom rope forcing the referee to back him up again.] [Ethan begins slowly pulling himself up, but, as Trebol approaches, Ethan reaches up and rakes his eyes! Trebol clutches at his eyes before Rose wraps his hands around the waist of Trebol and sends him flying over his shoulder for a belly-to-belly! He covers!] [One…] [Two…] [TH-NO!] [Ethan Rose grabs El Trebol Jr. up and over his knee before raising his hand!] [SPANK!] [SPANK!] [SPANK!] [Rose pushes him off and stands up as the crowd pours on the hatred!] [Kicks to the legs! El Trebol Jr. is fired up and pissed off after being embarrassed! El Trebol Jr., after drilling him with a few kicks, rushes into the ropes, rebounds, and RAMS right into the testicles of Ethan Rose!] [MIS JOYAS! It seems to be super effective against Ethan Rose who falls to his knees clutching his balls. El Trebol Jr. climbs up the turnbuckle and motions towards Ethan with a pointing finger gun.] [AL VER VERDE! The moonsault lands on the shoulders of Ethan Rose before flipping backwards for a frankensteiner! El Trebol Jr leaps into the cover!] [One…] […..] [Two…] […..] [THREE!] [He did it! El Trebol Jr. breaks The Streak and gets a big win over his foe here tonight! El Trebol Jr. leaps up to the top rope and extends his arms in celebration!]


[The Underground.] [In the once used and now deserted tunnels of the subway, beneath Miami, Calypso, Jake Jeckel and their followers linger in despair. Sickness ravages the camp, even more so than usual.] [In particular; Calypso.] [She lays upon a broken mattress, sweating profusely. Her skin is an awful shade of pale, and her eyes look bloodshot and tired. There’s very little hope within these walls, and a lot less than we’ve come to see from Calypso and her people.]

“You’ve been overcome,” [Jeckel says sternly.] “You’ve been infected. All of you.”

[She coughs and splutters.] “I could feel it,” [she admits.] “Last week, I told my people to abandon me and all hope. There’s no use fighting, not any longer. You should abandon us too, Jake – before you succumb to our infection.”

[He shakes his head.]

“I can’t,” [The Juggalo says, standing up.] “And you can’t give up.”

[Calypso reaches out for him, grabbing his arm.]

“You need to understand that this war you’ve embarked on is over. They’re too powerful and they can’t be beaten. I’ll fight with you tonight. I’ll go to war with you and I’ll stand by your side until I cannot stand any longer. When I can’t stand, I’ll crawl and when I can’t crawl, when I can’t do that…”

[Jake interrupts.] “I’ll carry you.”

[They share a glance – one that surprises Calypso. It’s clear that Jake, despite everything, has an affection towards her.]

“But I can’t do it alone,” [he admits.] “We need help. I’m going to get us help.”

[The Juggalo grabs her hand and nods, storming out of the room with a mission to find help. Tonight, he and Calypso go to war with The Family; only she might not live long enough to see it.]


[Jacen Novan looks to derail The Automaton who is heading into this match with a big head of steam. Will The Chosen One break the machine or will TAM power through?] [TAM and Jacen circle each other at the start of the match, trying to pinpoint one another’s weaknesses. The Automaton is the first to strike, swinging at The Chosen One with a clothesline that is quickly dodged. Jacen closes the gap between the two and lands a fist to the side of TAM’s head. Followed by another, and another, and another! The Automaton shoves Novan back into the ropes. Novan bounces off the ropes and is met with a massive big boot from TAM! TAM picks The Chosen One up off the ground and sets him up for a rainmaker lariat!] [The Automaton whips Jacen and pulls him back in for the lariat- THE CHOSEN ONE COUNTERS THE RAINMAKER WITH THE DARKNESS WITHIN! A BULLHAMMER STRIKE FROM OUT OF NOWHERE! Novan hooks the leg for the pin!] [ONE!]


[KICKOUT!] [TAM kicks out and Jacen immediately transitions into an armbar on the ground! The Automaton writhes around, trying to free himself as Jacen tears at his arm and shoulder! TAM refuses to give up! The Automaton manages to power himself up to his feet while Jacen hangs from his arm!] [TAM LIFTS JACEN UP OFF THE GROUND AND SLAMS HIM BACK DOWN – BUT JACEN WON’T LET GO! THE CHOSEN ONE CONTINUES TO RIP AND TEAR AT THE AUTOMATON’S ARM!] [The Automaton again lifts Jacen’s 220-pound frame off the ground and TAKES A RUNNING LEAP OUT OF THE RING!] [The Automaton and Jacen both crash on the outside of the ring! TAM is finally free of Jacen’s grasp and both combatants are feeling the effects of slamming on the outside. TAM is the first one up. The Automaton grabs Jacen and tries to lift him into a gorilla press slam but he can’t, the armbar did too much damage! Jacen takes advantage and whips TAM into the guardrail! Jacen runs at The Automaton with a clothesline – SPEAR! TAM comes to life and spears Jacen on the outside! TAM grabs at his injured shoulder as he rolls Jacen into the ring] [Powering through the injury, The Automaton lifts The Chosen One up onto his shoulders, spins him around and drops him with THE UFO! TAM collapses on top of Jacen for the pin!] [ONE!]


[KICKOUT!] [The Automaton is clearly frustrated as he gets into position. Jacen finally gets back to his feet…] [TAM SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES FOR THE FIRST FLIGHT/LAST FLIGHT!] [JACEN COUNTERS WITH THE PATH TO BALANCE! A SPINEBUSTER INTO AN ANACONDA VICE! SPARKS FLY AS JACEN CLAMPS DOWN ONTO THE AUTOMATON’S INJURED ARM!] [Jacen grits his teeth as he struggles against The Automaton’s strength! TAM refuses to give up and takes Jacen for a ride as he rolls him over into a pin!] [ONE!]


[KICKOUT!] [Jacen must let go of the anaconda vice to break the pin! Jacen is up first and lands a dropkick to The Automaton. With a deep breath, Jacen climbs the turnbuckles. The Chosen One crashes down onto TAM with a high arching frog splash and immediately transitions into another ANACONDA VICE! The Chosen One rips at the injured TAM, showering the arena with sparks! Jacen is trying to disassemble The Automaton! TAM struggles against The Chosen One but he can’t escape! Jacen has him right where he wants him!]

“Give up or I’ll break it!”

[Jacen shouts at the still struggling Automaton! TAM knows he has nowhere to go!] [THE AUTOMATON TAPS OUT!] [Jacen Novan has done it! He has stopped The Automaton! The Chosen One solemnly takes center stage and soaks in the victory. TAM crumbles to the outside, hugging his injured shoulder, but Novan isn’t having it. He slides to the outside and meets him, making sure he’s okay.] [There’s a big moment between these two!]


[The locker room is bustling on this fine Christmas holiday.] [El Trébol Junior, Ethan Rose, Tommy Wright, D’Von Chambers, Kashim and Tommy Dylan all sit within their own respective areas of the same room. There’s a tension in the air. These men aren’t used to being in such close vicinity to one another, but tonight, The Chief has requested unity within the locker room. Something is happening, and for those un-involved, safety does occur in numbers. ] [Flicker.] [The lights above their head suddenly start flickering. Everyone immediately pays attention, looking upwards.] [The lights cut.] [BANG!] [Suddenly, a massive explosion occurs, and fire roars through the room, causing a divide between the people and the exit. Everyone cowers, absolutely terrified as smoke begins to fill the air.] [A voice echoes through the now darkness.]

“John answered them all, saying, ‘I baptize you with water, but he who is mightier than I is coming, the strap of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. If you wish to pass, you must be of righteous soul.”

[The men look at each other, deciding whether or not they’ll dare step forward.] [Tommy Dylan takes a deep breath and steps forward, standing before the roaring flames. He believes that he is truly pure of soul.] [El Trébol Junior stops him.]

“Wait,” [he says.] “Something doesn’t feel right.”

[Smoke slowly starts to overwhelm them.]

“Oh my brothers and sisters, if only the righteous may walk through the flames of our Lord, and you cannot see your path, you must be that of true evil.”

[D’Von steps forward and confident in his righteousness, steps through the flames and reaches the other side. He looks about his person, realizing that he hasn’t succumbed to the fire in any manner. His clothes are pristine and he hasn’t been burned.] [Everyone else looks on in horror.] [El Trébol Junior nods. He knows what he has to do. He steps forward and through the fire, reaching the other side.] [Only, he isn’t as fortunate as D’Von Chambers.] [Flames ravage the latex suit he’s wearing, forcing him to drop and roll immediately, patting himself down as he does. Tommy Wright quickly runs forward, stepping and LEAPS through the flames, hitting the floor with a roll. He quickly starts patting down Trébol, ensuring the fire is put out – only he hasn’t escaped the fire either, and his arm caught the brunt of it.] [Rose and Kashim are next, both men brazenly walking through the fire, and reaching the other side. Much like D’Von Chambers, they appear completely unhurt.] [They look at each other, and then Chambers, nodding in agreement.] [Dylan meanwhile realizes what’s going on.]

“This is a trick,” [he yells.] “These men aren’t righteous. They’re anything but.”

[Laughter fills the room from above.] [Suddenly, the fire stops. It vanishes into nothing but scold marks across the floor. Dylan walks over to El Trébol and Wright, checking on them. Thankfully, it would appear that Trébol’s suit is fire retardant and Tommy Wright only has burns to his right arm.]

“We have to leave,” [Dylan says, helping them both back to their feet.] “We have to go now.”

[All three stumble towards the door, leaving Chambers, Rose and Kashim in their wake – all three looking rather confused and dumbfounded by what’s just occurred.] [Cut.]


[Tensions have been high for weeks as The Asylum has imploded. The former member, Ring King Lee Crowley, stands in the center of the ring with a grin as he’s flanked by Doubt and The Sharkman.] [The bell sounds but none of these three move. Lee Crowley is in the center of the ring beckoning both of them to bring it. Doubt and The Sharkman meet a glance and nod. They both charge the Ring King! Lee is trying to fight both of them off, but The Sharkman connects with a quick uppercut! The Masked Emotion yanks Lee’s head down, hooks the arms of Lee in a double underhook position before lifting him up and pulling him back down upon its knees!] [EATING YOURSELF ALIVE!] [The Sharkman sees this and climbs the turnbuckle. He’s eyeing some move just as Doubt gets to its feet.] [LEAPING CORKSCREW FOREARM!] [The Sharkman is blasted from the top rope as he falls out of the ring entirely. The Masked Emotion turns back towards Lee Crowley as Doubt seems to be making this a singles match. Quickly, the emotion moves back towards the Ring King and begins just drilling him with vicious kicks right into the side of his ribs! Despite the onslaught, Lee Crowley doesn’t seem to be showing any pain as he’s not wincing…] […he’s smiling.] [This only seems to further piss off Doubt as he yanks Lee up and hits the ropes before rushing back for an axe kick!] [THE END OF WISDOM!] [Down goes Lee as Doubt stands over its former partner before clapping its hands and leaping back for…] [THE CAUSE OF DOUBT! Standing moonsault drilling knees into Lee’s midsection!] [The onslaught continues just as The Sharkman slides back into the ring and shoves Doubt. Doubt’s head tilts to the side as if questioning just what The Finned Avenger thinks he’s doing. The Masked Emotion steps forward.] [PUNCHES LEFT AND RIGHT! The union between Doubt and The Sharkman seems to have abruptly ended as The Sharkman gets the better of the exchange with a low kick to the knee to drop Doubt to a knee. He takes a step back before…] [SUSHI KICK!] [The shining wizard flattens The Masked Emotion before he covers!] [One…] [Two…] [BROKEN UP!] [Lee Crowley manages to get there just in time as he seems happy seeing these two at each other’s throats. He grabs The Sharkman up, but he throws his hands off. He kicks Lee in the midsection before wrapping up his head and drilling him into the mat with a DDT! The Sharkman turns to see Doubt getting to its feet before rushing towards the ropes behind it, catching its head, and drilling it into the mat with a bulldog! The Sharkman rushes towards the corner before leaping to the top and eyeing Lee.] [SHARK DIVE! The diving senton soars through the air before… LANDING ON LEE’S KNEES!] [The Sharkman’s back arches in pain before Lee rolls him up!] [ONE…] […..] [TWO…] […..] [TH-NO! The Sharkman kicks out.] [The Ring King gets to his feet and surveys the scene before climbing up the turnbuckle.] [TRAUMA TOP ROPE LEG DROP RIGHT ACROSS THE HEAD OF THE SHARKMAN!] [The leg drop hits as Lee Crowley hooks his legs!] [One…] […..] [TWO….] […..] […..] [THREE!] [NO! Doubt broke it up at the last second by yanking Lee off of him.] [The two former members of Knock Knock stand off in the center of the ring as Lee just smiles. The Masked Emotion looks conflicted as its gloved hands are clenched.] [BLOW AFTER BLOW! Both of these men are just trading blows between each other! Doubt gets the better of the exchange by drilling Lee with a knee strike. It moves towards the ropes, springs off the second rope, and…] [THE PESSIMIST’S END!] [The moonsault misses! Lee was able to roll out of the way! The Masked Emotion slams down on the mat before Lee gets to his feet. Doubt slowly gets up, but…] [CHELSEA GRIN! The spinning heel kick flattens Doubt, but The Sharkman grabs Lee!] [Lee squirms around, leaps up, hooks the mouth of the mask of The Sharkman and brings him back upon his own knees!] [HIDEOUS LAUGHTER!] [The Sharkman isn’t laughing as Lee hooks his legs.] [ONE…] [….] [TWO!] […..] [THREE!] [The Ring King has done it! Lee Crowley begins laughing wildly as he steps over his former teammates before climbing up to the top rope and sitting on that turnbuckle. He just points at his downed foe with a grin.]


[Recorded Earlier.] [Snow falls gently under grey skies. Hysteria stands in the middle of a graveyard, looking down at the tombstones of his family. With his head bowed, even for a maniac like him, Christmas must be a difficult time of year.] [Then a voice interrupts.]

“Everything happens for a reason.”

[Edward Newton.] [The Mad Mastermind turns around to see his former ally.]

“But not every question has an answer, does it?” [Newton muses, rubbing his chin.] “You’ve had questions, and the answers you’ve gotten have hardly been satisfactory, have they?”

[Hysteria tilts his head.] “What are you rambling on about, Edward?”

“Your family,” [he responds, pointing to the headstone.] “You’ve been led to believe that Ozric Mortimer was solely responsible for their deaths.”

“He was.”

[Edward shakes his head.] “No, he wasn’t. He may have been the monster to do it, but his origin is deeper than that. He was created, from the man that was Nicholas Brocken.”

[The Mad Mastermind doesn’t understand.]

“And in turn, he created the monster that you’ve become.”

[Newton smiles.]

“You see, evil has a mother, Hysteria; the mother of all. She created the monster inside his head, and she created you as a by-product of it. You’ve been fooled into believing that the real murderer had been long defeated when in reality, she has stood before you, and used you.”

[There’s an eerie silence as Hysteria takes this information in.]

“I’m not your enemy; she is.”

[The World Champion slowly walks away, leaving Hysteria to contemplate everything he thought he knew about the death of his family.]


[Here at Red Snow, we have our double feature championship between King Royal and Marvolo but they are not alone as we are having an intergender tag match. The champion and contender have brought their respective Raquels for this momentous occasion. Who will be champion after this bout? We find out next!] [DING! DING! The two men start the bout and Marvolo extends his hand for a handshake! Royal knows Marvolo too well to fall for his dirty tricks! King Royal slaps the hand! Marvolo cries fake tears in pain! King Royal is confused but he goes for a clothesline! Marvolo squats to duck it! Marvolo pups back up and puffs his chest to taunt Royal! Royal goes for another strike! Another squat by Marvolo! Marvolo taunts again! Royal goes for a strike one more time! Another squat and another taunt! Royal is enraged and swings faster and faster to try to hit Marvolo! Marvolo ducks every one! He taunts one last time! SMALL CRADLE BY ROYAL!] [ONE!] [. . .] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [NO! KICK OUT BY MARVOLO!] [Royal starts stomping away on his former partner! JUMPING ELBOW DROP FROM THE FORMER RING KING! He hits another one for good measure! He pulls Marvolo up but Marvolo bats the hands away and hits a dropkick! Royal is stunned but he gets right back up to be hit with a SAVATE KICK! Instead of pinning, he immediately jumps up to the top rope to celebrate! Oh no! He went to the wrong corner to celebrate! QUEEN RAQUEL PELE KICKS HIM OFF THE ROPES AND RIGHT INTO KING ROYAL’S GRASP! KING ROYAL HITS THE ROYAL FLUSH! FOUR BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEXES IN A ROW AND HE BRIDGES WITH THE LAST ONE!] [ONE!] [. . .] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [NO! MARVOLO KICKS OUT AGAIN!] [Royal is furious and argues with the ref! Marvolo gets up and hits a running knee into the back of Royal! Royal falls into his own corner! QUEEN RAQUEL TAGS HERSELF IN! She comes in like a ball of fire! SHINING WIZARD! She turns Marvolo inside out and starts choking him out! The ref pulls her off but she continues to stomp at Marvolo! She runs towards the ropes and hits a SPRINGBOARD PHOENIX SPLASH! She is done yet as she pulls him up and repeatedly slaps him and hits a round kick to knock him down! He falls right in front of his Raquel!] [SHE SHEEPISHLY TAGS HERSELF IN TO PROTECT MARVOLO!] [QUEEN RAQUEL IS CACKLING AT HER!] [SHE CHARGES AT THE QUEEN!] [THE QUEEN CATCHES HER!] [BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!] [THE QUEEN COVERS!] [ONE!] [. . .] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [NO! SHE ROLLS THE SHOULDER UP! BARELY!] [The queen is not pleased and she drags the other Raquel into her corner! She tells Royal to hold her! Royal obliges for his queen! He has Raquel trapped and the queen hits a devastating gut punch! She hits another and another! She licks her hand and slaps Raquel viciously in the face! The queen is loving putting the other Raquel in her place! The ref forces the queen off of Raquel and shouts at Royal to let her go! He lets go but the queen charges at Raquel and does a backflip off of her followed by a SUPERKICK!] [RAQUEL LOOKS DONE!] [QUEEN RAQUEL MOUNTS ON TOP OF HER AND LANDS VICIOUS HAMMERFISTS!] [RAQUEL HAS BEEN BUSTED OPEN!] [MARVOLO SNAPS AT THE SIGHT!] [HE CHARGES INTO THE CORNER AND HITS A RUNNING FRONT DROPKICK TO BOTH OPPONENTS!] [HE PULLS RAQUEL BACK TO THEIR CORNER AND TAGS HIMSELF IN!] [HE’S NOT PLAYING GAMES ANYMORE!] [The queen charges at him! He does a go-behind and hits a German suplex! He follows it up with a nice back splash! He hops up to the top rope and waits for the queen to get up! DIVING ROLLING KOPPU KICK! Marvolo is on a roll and he is stylin’ and profilin’ into a FACE FLOP! He uses that flop as a headbutt right onto the Queen! He runs at the ropes but King Royal catches him and traps him with a crucifix tie up! She charges with a forearm but Marvolo slips out! She knocks Royal off the ropes!] [SHE IS STUNNED AND STARTS APOLOGIZING!] [MARVOLO GRABS HER BY THE HAIR AND DRAGS HER TO HIS CORNER!] [RAQUEL HITS THE QUEEN WITH A VICIOUS SLAP!] [HE THEN DRAGS HER TO HIS OWN CORNER!] [HE PULLS OFF HER EYEPATCH!] [HE FORCES ROYAL TO WATCH THE QUEEN GET HER FACE SMASHED INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!] [ROYAL TAGS HIMSELF IN!] [He couldn’t stand the sight and he is hitting a flurry of punches to Marvolo! He goes for a suplex but Marvolo reverses it into a backstabber! He is still on fire and he waits for King Royal to get up! Royal gets up and Marvolo curls up into a ball! Marvolo holds out the hand! He’s going for a mystery box but Royal is having none of it! Royal hits a JUMPING KNEE DROP! Marvolo is rocked as that knee drop feels like it hit everything! King Royal is going to the top! He jumps for the spitfire!] [RAQUEL GRABS HIS LEGS!] [MARVOLO HOPS TO THE TOP ROPE!] [TOP ROPE FIVE POINT PALM EXPLODING HEART TECHNIQUE!] [KING ROYAL IS STUNNED ON THE TOP ROPE!] [MARVOLO FOLLOWS IT WITH A SUPERPLEX!] [HE COVERS!] [ONE!] [. . .] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [THREE!] [Marvolo has done it! He finally noticed Raquel and a fire lit up inside! He fought not just for himself but her and because of it, he is your new Double Feature Champion!]


[Outside The Tap Room.] [Moments after that match, The King and Queen of OSW are making their hasty retreat. They storm through the backstage area.] [The King’s chariot awaits. Horses attached to a beautifully crafted cart sits outside the arena. The King and Queen exit, accompanied by The Royal Guard; only suddenly, his men begin to fall.] [Arrows fly through the air, piercing through the spaces within their armour, dropping them to the floor. The King quickly rushes Raquel into the chariot, and follows; only he stops immediately, confronted by a familiar face.]

“I’m sorry that we have to meet like this, but you weren’t listening my warnings. Those men belong to me and they won’t hurt you; either of you.”

[Royal looks astonished.] [Betamax.]

“Nigel; my King, m ’lord, I need your ear. I need you to listen to me.”

[The King folds his arms.]

“Something is coming; something huge. I’ve been working with The Chief to try and figure out what it is and why, but it’s happening tonight. Flint was murdered because of it. We have to get as far away from here as possible before it’s too late.”

“Any why would one follow you?” [Royal asks.] “Your highness is not afraid of war, Betamax.”

“War?” [The masked once commissioner responds.] “This isn’t about war, Nigel. This is about life and death. This is about good versus evil. My father died for this. There’s so much you need to know.”

[The mention of ‘El Rojo’ changes the expression of The King.]


[Betamax nods.] [What? Betamax’ father was Nigel Royal’s uncle?] [They’re related?]

“Your father took me in when mine died. We became a real family; almost like brothers, not cousins. I followed you everywhere, including here. Now, you need to follow me if you want to live.”

[Royal looks at him, his eyes wide, and his ear borrowed. He nods.] [Cut.]


[The sides are uneven as it’s Calypso and Jake Jeckel doing battle with the three members of The Family! Who will come out on top, and can they stop The Virus from spreading further?! Jake is starting off the match as there are heavy bags underneath the sunken eyes of Calypso as she coughs horrifically on the apron.] [The bell sounds as Jake Jeckel starts things off against Max Million. The circle around for a moment before they tie it up. Jeckel gets the better of the exchange before whipping Million onto his back with a side headlock takedown. The Juggalo begins applying pressure before giving two quick jabs and releasing the hold. Million and Jeckel get to their feet, but Jeckel grabs Million by his beard.] [UPPERCUT FROM MILLION!] [Million just blindsided him before whipping The Juggalo back into his own corner before following it up with a huge clothesline that makes Jeckel slip down the turnbuckle! Million grabs Jeckel up as DTR slaps his back to tag himself in!] [Backstabber by Million, but he holds Jeckel in place. DTR leaps from the top with a leg drop while tucking his legs until the last second!] [LIGHTS OUT LEG DROP! Million rolls out of the ring as DTR covers him.] [One…] [Two….] [TH-KICKOUT!] [DTR just lifts him up and drapes his throat across the second rope before leaping up and dropping a knee across the back of his neck! DTR reaches out and tags Jensen Cussen in.] [Cussen just stalks The Juggalo as he allows Jake to use his body to climb himself up. Jensen grabs his hair and just holds him there.] [FUCK OFF RISING ELBOW!] [Jensens is blasted backwards as Jake Jeckel sees his opportunity and begins crawling quickly! He’s within reach, but Jensen has his foot! Jake slips out!] [TAG!] [BUT NO!] [Calypso has fallen off the apron and is dry heaving at the ground as she’s on all fours! Jake is grabbed by Jensen, but he turns around to nail him with another FUCK OFF RISING ELBOW! He slides out of the ring and begins patting her back to comfort her, but he’s not moving on the outside other than to dry heave. Jake Jeckel looks at the ring as his fists begin to shake in anger.] [In comes The Juggalo who slides into the ring and wraps up the head of Jensen for a neckbreaker! Down he goes as Jeckel rushes towards The Family corner and nails a baseball slide that kicks out the legs of DTR. He rolls back to her feet, just as Million SMASHES Jeckel with a forearm club to the floor by her hair! The numbers just seem to be too much! Jake slowly gets back up, but Jensen is there with a leaping superkick!] [BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! It blasts him into the corner to which Jensen reaches up and tags in Max Million.] [The Incurable One steps into the ring slowly before lifting Jake up by his throat and slamming him down to the ring with a huge chokeslam! He grabs Jake up by his arms, hooks his arms, and drills Jake into the mat with a DDT!] [DOUBLE DOSE!] [Max Million pins him down just as Jensen and DTR rush across the ring to make sure Calypso isn’t interfering, but she hasn’t moved from her state on the outside.] [One…] [….] [TWO…] [….] [THREE! The Family has won this one!] [NO! Jake got his foot on the bottom rope!] [THE LIGHTS GO OUT!]

“The beast lives out of the raging storm in the dead of night.

The ravenous, blood-sick creatures searches for it’s sacrifice.

Through the hideous darkness, it lurches, driven by death itself.

Only the satisfaction of slaughter will cause it to return to…

The darkness from which it came.”


“Boogie woogie woogie woogie wu!”

[The lights return and Jack Jeckel is in the center of the ring looking like a monster wearing a blood-stained white shirt with primal fury etched across his face!] [KICK to the midsection of Million before pulling him for a powerbomb lungblower!] [THE BOOGIE MAN BOMB!] [DTR and Jensen Cussen turn around just in time to get flattened by a huge double clothesline! DTR pops back to his feet first only to be kicked right in the midsection and hits a Gorey neckbreaker!] [THE HATCHET 2.0!!!] [Jensen Cussen is about to stand up when a boot slams his head back down into the mat!] [JACK IN THE BOX!] [The entire Family has been decimated by the return of Jack Jeckel! The Boogie Man grabs his brother Jake and throws him on top of Million before leaving the ring!] [ONE…] […..] [TWO…] […..] [THRE-KICKOUT!] [Jack Jeckel tries to slide back into the ring, but he’s being held back by DTR and Jensen! Calypso is still sick on the outside! Max Million reaches into his tights and pulls out something.] [STRAIGHT RIGHT HAND FLATTENS JAKE JECKEL! He throws the brass knuckles away before covering him! Jack is still being held up!] [ONE…] […..] [TWO…] […..] [THREE!] [THE FAMILY WINS! After the huge return of Jack Jeckel, The Family manages to pull out the victory as they scamper out of the ringside area to celebrate their victory as the Jeckels lament their loss with the deathly ill Calypso!]


[The Family have done it. Despite help from Jack Jeckel, The Underground were unable to stop them.] [DTR, Jensen Cussen and Max Million slide out of the ring, quickly making their escape as Jake comes to, realizing that they lost. Calypso meanwhile crawls into the ring, stopping just short of the Juggalo.] [Jake quickly turns over, checking on her.] [However, she starts convulsing. Black ooze begins leaking from her eyes, then her nose, ears and mouth. Jake grabs her, but Jack pulls him away.] [Calypso shakes violently, slapping against the canvas as The Family watch from a distance with smiles on their faces. She cracks and snaps, finally stopping dead in the middle of the ring.] [Jake powers over to her, but Jack pulls him back, grabbing at him with everything he has.]

“She’s gone, Jake,” [he yells.] “She’s gone, man!”

[The Juggalo falls to his knees, only able to look on in absolute horror as Calypso lays there before him, deceased.] [He bows his head, his makeup worn, his eyes red and his brother holding him back. She’s gone.] [Jack helps his brother to his feet, embracing him in the middle of the ring. Jake’s affection for Calypso was almost unseen. Their bond had developed over the past month, and now, he’s heartbroken. His partner in his endeavour is gone, and the Juggalo blames himself.] [Finally, he pushes Jacky away, walking over to the body of Calypso and scooping her off the canvas. She lays within his arms, a lifeless corpse, as Jake slowly exits the ring.] [Those words from earlier echo inside his head.]

“I’ll carry you.”



[The gates of Hades. Rock on all sides and a gate adorned with a lock. These two men, a Hero, and a God will face off for the last time. And the loser… will perish] [Hades, the formerly calm God is out for blood! Rushing towards Ordell, AND LIFTS HIM OFF THE GROUND! Terminus elbows and punches at Hades, but the God moves forward AND SLAMS ORDELL INTO THE LOCK ADORNING THE GATE! Ordell collapses to his knees in pain but Hades doesn’t seem finished!] [The God lifts Ordell onto his shoulders! He’s going for THE FADE TO BLACK! CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB- NO!] [Ordell slipped behind Hades!] [INVERTED FRANKENSTEINER TO THE COLD HARD FLOOR! HADES HEAD HITS WITH A SICKENING CRACK!] [Blood pours from an open wound on Hades’ head! But the God refuses to stay down!] [Hades once more has hands on Ordell! DRAGON SUPLEX OVERHEAD! Ordell sprawls helplessly across the ground as the enraged God thunders towards him! LIFTING KNEE TO THE FACE OF ORDELL! The Hero goes down once more, a nasty spurt of blood flying from his nose! Ordell looks unconscious as Hades reaches into the pack at the mortal’s side!] [He’s done it.] [He’s grabbed the Tooth.] [Hades walks towards the gate, key in hand! He goes to place it in the lock- ROCK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! ORDELL JUST CHUCKED A ROCK AT HADES! HE DROPS THE KEY!] [Terminus is determined! Blood leaking down his face, he charges Hades and leaps into the air! INCEPTION! HEADLOCK DRIVER TO HADES! The God collapses in a heap and Ordell crawls away, grabbing for the Tooth! He gets a hand on it! HADES HAS ORDELL’S HEEL! NOTHING CAN SEEM TO PUT HIM DOWN! Ordell is drug back towards the God and lifted into the air!] [ORDELL THROWS THE KEY BEHIND HADES!] [Hades watches helplessly as the Tooth sails over his head before turning to Ordell.] [TERMINUS IS THROWN BACK FIRST INTO THE GATE!] [He stumbles forward!] [WELCOME TO THE ABYSS! SPARTAN KICK! ORDELL IS KICKED INTO THE LOCKED GATE!] [The Hero of this story seems to be fading as The God looms over him. Hades lifts Ordell into the air by his throat!]

“Kneel or die!”

“I choose death!”

[ORDELL SPITS IN THE FACE OF HADES! The God is caught by surprised and ORDELL HEADBUTTS HADES! The God is forced to drop the mortal and Ordell picks up a massive nearby rock! HE SMASHES IT INTO THE FACE OF HADES! The God is forced to a knee! ANOTHER SMACK TO THE FACE! HADES IS BLEEDING PROFUSELY!] [Ordell raises the rock again and swings down- HADES CATCHES IT! HE THROWS ORDELL TO THE GROUND!] [Ordell tries to get back to his feet but a massive axehandle keeps him grounded! Ordell gets to a knee and Hades grabs the back of his skull! HE SLAMS ORDELL FACE FIRST INTO THE LOCK!] [SLAM!] [SLAM!] [SLAM!] [SLAM!] [Hades is in a rage as he refuses to let up, leaving Ordell bloodied, lip busted, forehead cut deep, he only stops when he remembers the key. Letting go of Ordell, the mortal, the hero, falls to the side, motionless.] [The God of the underworld moves to collect his prize, no one around to stop his advance.]

“I said… I choose death.”

[Hades stops in his tracks, turning to face Ordell Terminus, the Hero still standing! Hades charges towards Ordell- MASSIVE RISING KNEE STRIKE BY ORDELL! Hades is rocked by the strike and is sent backward! Ordell refuses to back down, he can’t back down! FLOAT-OVER DDT! Hades gets to a knee-] [LEAPING INCEPTION! LEAPING HEADLOCK DRIVER FORCES HADES BACK TO THE STONE FLOOR!] [Hades tries to stand but Ordell grabs a hold of his head! Something has awoken inside of this hero!] [Hades tries to escape, but Ordell wrenches on the God’s neck! Another hard tug!] [SNAP!] [The sound of bone breaking echoes through the cave. Ordell collapses backward, watching as Hades falls to the ground. Lifeless.] [Ordell has done it, he has sent the God of the Underworld back to his own domain, not as a king, but as a spirit.]


[Terminus gets back to his feet, absolutely exhausted after that amazing battle. He turns around, looking for the key; only it has vanished.] [He searches the ground frantically.]

“Looking for something?”

[Ordell looks up, his eyes wide with shock. Who is that?] [Stood by the gates of the Underworld, with the key clasped tightly in his grasp, is none other than Lee Crowley. The Mad King smiles sadistically, turning to run a hand across the horrifying gate.]

“That’s not possible,” [Terminus objects.] “How could you be here?”

[He smiles.]

“When Hades transported you here, a portal remained open in your wake. You see, I’ve been keeping a vested interest in your temple and this place. It’s a place fit for a King, wouldn’t you say?”

[Crowley suddenly puts the key in the lock, turning it. Terminus rushes towards him, but its too late. Lee steps forward into the underworld, shutting the door behind him.] [The sight before us is a terrifying one.] [Flesh and bone cover the walls, both alive and dead. There’s limbs, groaning heads and sounds of agony. There’s rivers of blood, and victims being tortured all around. For as far as the eyes can see, horrifying sights reveal themselves to us. Lee steps forward onto a giant podium, where a throne made of flesh and bone awaits his arrival – the gate now shut and locked behind him, with Terminus on the outside.] [He takes a seat, looking out over the crowd of broken souls. Hundreds upon thousands of them, their eyes sunken and their faces gaunt, looking back at him with terror. They bow before him, their heads slightly raised, keeping eye contact. Crowley smirks, placing his arms down upon the rests of the chair.]

“Welcome to the family,” [Lee says with a giant grin.] “All hail your new King.”

[The camera zooms out over the crowd, abruptly stopping on one face. Lee’s expression changes. He stands up, his eyes locking with the man before him.] [Bruce Van Chan.] [Cut.]


[A prison yard. Inmates surround Cael Gable and Sheriff Law on all sides, cheering on the carnage to come. Will Gable prove to be above the Law?] [Law makes way towards Gable, the Olympian attempting to back up only for the prisoners to shove him back in! HAYMAKER BY LAW! The Sheriff starts the fight off to a chorus of cheers from the inmates! Law unloads with another flurry of blows that dazes the Gold Medalist! Kick to the gut!] [Law heaves the unprepared Gable overhead!] [POWERBOMB! GABLE JUST GOT POWERBOMBED INTO A NEARBY SET OF BLEACHERS!] [Cael’s body crashes through the wood, the Olympian landing in a heap at the feet of Sheriff Law! The Law moves forward with a stiff boot to Gable’s face!] [Law is brutal as he forces Gable back to his feet only to hit a hard knee to the gut! He goes for a snap suplex- GABLE LANDS ON HIS FEET! NECKBREAKER TO LAW! Cael is back to his feet and drops a knee to the head of Law! The Sheriff fights to his feet, landing a boxing combination to Gable that forces him back!] [Gable ducks a clothesline!] [Law turns around AND GETS HIT BY THE GOLDRUSH! MODIFIED SPEAR BY CAEL GABLE!] [The two crash into the prisoners surrounding them! Gable mounts Law and unloads with a barrage of fists and elbows!] [The inmates don’t take kindly to being barged into, the group of them raining boots upon both Gable and Law! The assault doesn’t slow Cael’s barrage, the Olympian only stopped by a thumb to the eye by Law! Gable recoils in pain AND AN INMATE KICKS HIM IN THE FACE! Gable is forced backward, the crowd pulling him off of Law before tossing both combatants back into the middle of the circle!] [As Cael holds his eye LAW GRABS A PLANK OF WOOD FROM THE BROKEN BLEACHER!] [CRACK!] [Wood splinters as the plank breaks against the back of Cael’s head!] [Gables clutches his head in pain, blood trickling down his neck as Law lifts Cael from the ground AND GERMAN SUPLEXES HIM INTO THE DIRT! Law goes for another- CAEL FLIPS TO HIS FEET! HE GRABS LAW FOR HIS OWN GERMAN SUPLEX!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [Gable hits ten German suplexes in a row! TEN KARAT! Law is barely holding on as the last suplex tosses him across the yard! As Gable clutches his skull once more in pain, Law is helped to his feet by his fellow prisoners, the inmates whipping him towards Cael WITH LAW LANDING A MASSIVE BIG BOOT!] [The Sheriff put all of his weight behind that one! He’s on wobbly legs from the suplex barrage but he can still drag Cael to his feet BEFORE WHIPPING HIM INTO THE INMATES! The prisoners unload on Cael with punches and headbutts before holding him in place! Law mockingly points his finger like a gun at Cael and mimes pulling the trigger BEFORE DELIVERING A MASSIVE ELBOW! STANDOFF!] [The inmates keep Cael standing as Law unloads with elbows and haymakers, unrelenting as he pummels the defenseless Cael!] [MASSIVE UPPERCUT TO THE JAW! The prisoners stand back as Cael collapses to the ground at Law’s feet…] [The Law drags Cael back to the bleachers! He’s looking to end it! Dragging Cael up the in tact portion of the bleacher he moves for the top- BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX BY GABLE! THEY BOTH FALL OFF THE SIDE! Cael and Law crash to the dirt and Gable still has gas left in the tank! Both men get to their feet and begin trading blows!] [HEADBUTT BY CAEL! Law is dazed and Gable whips him into the bleachers! He slowly drags Law up the steps!] [Both men are at the top! Law tries to fight back! NO! PUGHPLEX! SUPLEX CUTTER! THEY CRASH THROUGH THE BLEACHERS FROM THE TOP ROW!] [As the dust settles, Cael slowly stands tall, leaving the battered body of Sheriff Law to lie in the rubble.] [Gable has won, but even as he holds his head high, Law slowly stirs, hoisting himself to his feet.]


[Cael Gable has finally done it.] [After months of torture, he’s finally beaten Sheriff Law. They’re both back to their feet, surrounded by inmates. Law looks around nervously, bleeding, and unsure of what to do next.]

“I tol’ you kid,” [Law says.] “You’ll become just like me!”

[Gable shakes his head.]

“No, I won’t,” [he screams back.] “I’ll be nothing like you. I didn’t bring you here to kill you as revenge. I didn’t come here to end your life, Law. I came here to restore order.”

[He drags himself away, heading towards the yard exit.]

“What about me?” [Law yells.] “If you leave me here, they’ll kill me!”

[The inmates close in.]

“You put yourself in here. Your corruption, your deceit, your murderous ways – they’re all decisions you made. I didn’t make those for you. I didn’t decide to come after me and I damn sure didn’t decide to kill anyone.”

[The Sheriff attempts to walk after him, but the inmates block his path.]

“If you decide t’ leave me here, that is on you, kid!”

[Gable turns around to face him, stood at the gate, a limp in his step.]

“I can live with that.”

[He exits through the gate as the inmates begin to viciously and violently attack Sheriff Law. His screams echo and bounce around the air, but Cael Gable doesn’t look back. He hobbles away, leaving Law to his just desserts.] [Cut.]


[Possibly the greatest hero OSW has ever known, The Enforcer steps up one last time to try and save a former hero from himself in Mike Lane. Can Kersh save Lane from the darkness clawing away at his soul or have the shadows completely engulfed Mr OSW?] [The bell sounds as Kersh rushes forward, peppering Lane with furious left and rights jabs, absolutely punishing Lane with a furious onslaught before a huge knee to the jaw rocks the Shadow. Kersh lifts Lane up into the air, trying to drive him into the mat but Lane slips out, rolling to ringside as he tries to gain a breather. Kersh quickly follows, drilling Lane with a hard forearm that sends him flying across the floor. Lane slowly picks himself up, gripping on the apron to help him as Kersh begins pulling Lane up to his feet] [STEEL PIPE TO THE RIGHT ARM OF BRENT KERSH!] [Lane grabbed a pipe from under the ring as he goes to town on Kersh, slamming it over and over on the arm of Kersh until the steel itself bends from the force used. Lane tosses it away, driving a few precise stomps to the injured elbow causing the Enforcer to cry out in pain before grabbing him by the back of the tights and tossing him into the ring. The Enforcer slowly tries to get to his feet but gets taken out from behind by Lane who folds Kersh’s bad arm behind him, lifting him up] [MODIFIED BACKDROP, DROPPING KERSH RIGHT ON HIS BAD ARM!] [The Enforcer cries out in pain as Lane backs up before landing a vicious knee to the Enforcer’s temple. It barely leaves a mark on the hardened skin of Kersh as Lane drops a second, and a third to little affect as Lane pulls Kersh up with a scowl on his face that gets quickly punched off with a huge haymaker from the Enforcer that puts Lane right on his ass. Kersh tries to rush forward as Lane slowly stands to his feet] [WESTERN LARIAT! IT HITS HARD BUT KERSH DROPS, HIS ARM COMPLETELY GIVING OUT!] [Lane slowly gets to his feet, shaking the cobwebs out as Kersh writhes on the floor in pain. The Enforcer slowly begins to stand as Lane rushes to the ropes, bouncing off…] [MODIFIED ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE… A ROLLING KNEE TO KERSH’S LEFT ARM] [Kersh screams out in pain as Lane slowly pulls him to his feet, rocking him with a pair of stiff knees to the jaw before lifting him up high and dropping him face first on the mat with a Gourdbuster! Kersh tries to get to his feet as Lane pounces on him, drilling him with a savage series of strikes before nearly knocking him out cold with a huge knee to the side of the head but still, barely a scratch on the Enforcer’s forehead. Lane rolls back, sizing Kersh up as he rushes forward] [ROLLING IN THE…BLOCKED. KERSH HOISTS LANE UP INTO THE AIR, PLANTING HIM TO THE MAT WITH THE ENFORCER SPINEBUSTER!] [Kersh pulls Lane up off his feet but Lane drops down to his knees, pulling hard on the injured arm as he falls to the canvas. Lane rolls back.] [SHADOW KICK! IT HITS FLUSH BUT KERSH STILL ISN’T BUSTED OPEN AS LANE IS FURIOUS!] [He rolls out of the ring, grabbing a steel chair as he positions a barely concious Kersh in the corner, wedging the chair in with him as he backs up once more, a sadistic smile growing upon his face as he runs forward] [SHADOW…KERSH HAS THE CHAIR UP AND LANE KICKS THE STEEL CHAIR INSTEAD! LANE STUMBLES AROUND, HIS KNEE HAVING BEEN DAMAGED AS HE WALKS RIGHT INTO THE CLUTCHES OF THE ENFORCER] [LANE IS LIFTED UP HIGH WITH ONE ARM IN A TREMENDOUS SHOW OF STRENGTH, SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! MODIFIED TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER RIGHT ON THE STEEL CHAIR AND MIKE LANE IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN! BRENT KERSH WINS!] [The Enforcer wins out here as he takes down the Shadow and may well have saved Mike Lane from a fate worse then death itself]


[Brent Kersh has beaten Mike Lane, but this is far from over.] [He swivels, kneeling over him. Kersh reaches down, grabbing his head and pulling it towards his own.] [Headbutt!] [Headbutt!] [Another headbutt!] [After three fierce headbutts, Kersh almost falls backwards; only he isn’t busted open. He checks his head and realizes that it isn’t enough. Once again, Brent pulls Mike’s head to his own and fiercely drives his skull into him, four, five, six, seven more times until finally, blood begins trickling from his forehead.] [The Enforcer pulls Lane’s head towards his, touching them together where the bloodied wounds meet.]

“Vincere tenebris. Vincere umbra.”

[The Shadow screams, the black veins on his body slowly beginning to retreat. Brent holds him there, head to head, refusing to let go until Mike goes limp.] [Flutter.] [Suddenly, the lights flicker and The Scarecrow arrives, stood in the middle of the ring. Kersh gets up, turning around to see him there. He stops, looking back at Mike Lane who slowly begins to stir.] [Soon enough, all three are on their feet, looking at each other.] [Mike looks at Brent, then at The Scarecrow, nodding.] “Thank you.”

“It’ll take a mountain,” [The Scarecrow remarks.] “But as the founding fathers, we are the corner stones of this temple.”

[All three stand proudly.]

“And we must put aside our differences to not only survive, but be victorious.”

[Mike Lane steps forward, balling a fist, and putting it in front of him.] [Brent Kersh is next, reluctantly joining his fist to Lane’s.] [Finally, The Scarecrow steps in, adding his.] [The Holy Trinity of Old School Wrestling.] [Cut.]


[Up next, the fate of the Earth is in the hands of one man as Bobby Neptune takes on Captain Zappa. Zappa has a joint hanging out of his mouth and takes a long drag before flicking the rest out into the audience. He blows smoke right into the face of Neptune!] [Neptune holds back any emotion and takes a few steps backwards. The bell sounds and Neptune is the first aggressor, flying a wild left hook which Zappa is quick to duck. He delivers a swift jab into the solar plexus of Neptune, who arches over, allowing Zappa to club him over the back of the head with an axe handle smash!] [Neptune is down and Zappa is quick to capitalise as he steps over Neptunes back and pulls his head up. Is he going for a Camel Clutch? NO! Zappa slams a fist across the face of Neptune! And another! And another! Zappa wails on Neptune until eventually he releases Neptune’s head and pushes his face to the mat.] [Zappa puts his boot on Neptune’s back and raises his arms out, looking out at the onlookers in the Tap Room.]

“All hail the mothership!” [Zappa yells at the audience.] [Zappa steps off Neptune and bends over to scoop him up, but Neptune slides around on the mat and wraps his legs around Zappa’s. Zappa falls to the mat from the drop toe hold of Neptune. Neptune scrambles to his feet, as Zappa too is fast to a vertical base. Neptune from behind now, he runs past Zappa and grabs his face. Neptune runs up the turnbuckle and SLICED BREAD–NO!] [Zappa slips the grip of Neptune and rolls out of the ring, leaving Neptune to flop to the mat alone. Neptune kneels up and looks out at a grinning Zappa, who is goading Neptune to join him on the outside. Zappa looks confident tonight.] [Zappa turns to the audience for a moment but as he turns back to the ring he sees Neptune charging towards the ropes! Neptune hurls his body through the ropes and to the outside, but ZAPPA SIDESTEPS! Neptune’s face slams into the guardrail and he falls into a heap on the floor.] [Zappa capitalises by stomping on Neptune over, and over. Zappa has an idea it seems as he stops stomping Neptune and flicks the ring apron up. A STEEL CHAIR!] [Zappa stalks Neptune now, who is pulling himself to his feet by using his hands to pull himself up on the guard rail. Zappa smashes the chair into the hand of Neptune, cracking the steel of the chair against bone!] [Neptune is screaming in pain and waving his hand to try to restore feeling. He turns and WHAM! CHAIR SHOT TO THE HEAD! A wound opens immediately and blood mixes with sweat and streams down Neptune’s face. Zappa advances on his injured opponent WHACK! Another headshot! WHACK! AND A THIRD! Neptune turns and falls onto the steel steps.] [Zappa is asking Neptune if he quits!]

“No! No!” comes a cry from the bloodied Neptune.

[Zappa looks down at Neptune for a moment. He tosses the chair to one side and walks around the steel steps. He grabs the side of the steps and moves them out a few inches, Neptune still sprawled on top of them. Taking the injured arm of Neptune, Zappa stuffs the arm down the back of the steps between the ring post. And the steel of the steps. He readjusts the steps again. Neptune is pinned on the steps!] [What’s this? Zappa has unhooked the guard rail and is pushing it to one side. He is heading out amongst the audience in the Tap Room! He walks a good ten feet into the audience, parting them with his arms. He’s charging right at the steps! BASEBALL SLIDE! The arm of Neptune visibly and audibly cracks! He is screaming in agony as Zappa rolls backwards and back to his feet.]

“Quit!” [Zappa hisses at Neptune.] “QUIT!”

[A bloodied Neptune nods his head. He is in agony. He screams out…]

“I quit! I quit!”

[Zappa is the winner here tonight. What does this mean for the residents of Earth? What now for Neptune?]


[White noise.] [A flash of white violates our eyes. It slowly fades away, revealing a large ship interior. The portholes show space in all its infinite glory, but before us, kneeling, are both Bobby Neptune and Captain Zappa.] [Stood over them, a zeta, wearing full body armour.]

“You did it,” [he says to Zappa, who looks up with a sadistic smile.] “You defeated the almighty hope, Bobby Neptune.”

[Bobby looks up, being grabbed by two Zeta’s from behind, who lift him to his feet. They drag him down the corridor, kicking and screaming. He yells towards Zappa, but he ignores him.]

“You can’t do this,” [he pleads.] “You need me, Zappa! This planet needs me!”

[As the door closes behind a bellowing Bobby Neptune, Captain Zappa turns to face the Zeta.]

“But I’m afraid our plans have changed.”

[Suddenly, the same two armoured alien’s enter the room from behind, grabbing Zappa and restraining him.]

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

[They hold him back, refusing to let him go.]

“We aren’t your Zeta, chosen one. We thought our mission was to invade this planet and make it our own. We thought you were the one we could utilise to do it.”

[Zappa protests.] “I am. I’ve done everything you’ve asked. Delilah told me I would need to lead this invasion and I’m ready to lead it. She said I could deliver you salvation.”

[The Zeta shakes his head.]

“Don’t you understand? We aren’t your precious Zeta, we are Valerian,” [the leader says with a prideful rise of the head.] “You are the chosen one, but you were not chosen to lead us to our salvation here, or an invasion of Earth. We wanted you to believe that you were. We wanted you to kill that traitor, Lyra. We wanted you to deliver us something much more important than that. But it turns out, whilst we chose you for that, you were chosen for something else; to defend earth.”

[He doesn’t understand.]

“Against evil.”

[Captain Zappa’s eyes widen.]

“Against us.”

[The leader steps forward, pushing his helmeted head as close to Zappa’s as he can.]

“Throw him in the brig with Neptune. He’s of no use to us now.”

[The soldiers immediately begin to drag him away, but Zappa flips one over, reaching for his pistol. He rolls left, firing a shot at the other soldier, disintegrating him where he stood. The leader snaps his head around, just in time to see the pistol pointed at his head.]

“Explain yourself.”

[The Valerian General calmly puts his hands up.]

“The Great War of your species is yet to come. We thought you would lead us to Neptune, but Earth itself cannot be delivered to us by you. You were chosen to save your planet. It is Bobby Neptune that has been chosen to save us and you brought him here, just like we wanted. Who do you think Lyra was protecting him from, Zappa?”

[He grimaces.] “I was loyal to your species. I believed in the better world you told me you could provide and you used me?”

[The General laughs.]

“Your planet could not hold our kind, Zappa. Your planet is weak. It will be harvested for fuel and nothing more. Bobby Neptune has the power within him to deliver it to us. What’s left of it, after the great war, will be such a depleted force that we will take it, and harvest you all. Bobby Neptune is the key to taking Earth and ensuring our safe passage. Lyra Starchild knew it and now, so do you.”

[BANG!] [Zappa fires a shot directly at his head, disintegrating him immediately. We zip back towards the gun barrel, looking at the shooter.]

“I may not be your chosen one, but I’m still chosen.”

[He rushes over to a console, smashing buttons like a crazed man. Suddenly, a voice echoes throughout the announce system.]

“Self-destruct sequence initiated.”

[He steps backwards towards the beamer, stepping inside. He pulls the door shut and hits the button, being immediately beamed back to Earth.] [BOOM!] [An explosion rocks the space above our planet, the Valerian ship being destroyed in a fireball unlike anything we’ve ever seen.] [Zappa meanwhile lands back inside The Tap Room, backstage, alongside Brent Kersh and Mike Lane.]

“We need to talk.”



[Snow pelts the roof of the Tap Room as an anxious official stands with his hands in his pockets. His eyes keep darting to the contraption also on the roof.] [An altar.] [THE altar of Lux Bellator. The book with the seals. Once seven, but only one remains. The seal melts down to fill the bowl. Six have been poured. The final awaits only the seal to break.] [Drip.] [Drip.] [CRACK!] [Lightning flashes to the ground. Lux Bellator has arrived.] [WHOOSH!] [Fire cascades across the roof, melting most of the snow off instantly. The Dragon has arrived.] [RUMBLE!] [The ground shakes as the two warriors stand across from each other. Lightning flies down to jab the sky as the snow intensifies.] [Then they strike!] [The time for words is over as Solomon Rhodes meets Lux Bellator under the moonlight. Rhodes wastes no time in going for Bellator’s throat, but God’s chosen warrior knocks the strike away. He grabs Rhodes by the hair and HEADBUTTS RHODES, BUSTING HIS HEAD WIDE OPEN. Lux steps back and grins as the blood flows from Solomon’s eyebrow, but the Dragon smiles, darting his tongue out to taste the precious flow. The two men rush forward once again, a cloud of white dust flying into the air.] [As the two men continue to fire away at one another with fists, fury, and righteousness, the light that had illuminated them is hidden behind a cloud. Darkness has fallen on the Tap Room. This is where Solomon, as the Nox Bellator he once was, thrives. Lux is driven down to his knees, the snow blinding him temporarily as Rhodes kicks him in the back of the head. Lifting up Lux by the mask, Solomon strikes him so hard across the face that his mask is practically turned around on his face. Fire rages in the eyes of the Dragon as he runs at Bellator.] [FLASH!] [A sudden strike of light throws Rhodes back!] [CROSS BODY BLOCK FROM LUX BELLATOR!] [The two men go flying down on the glass skylight leading down into the Tap Room itself. It is double-paned. It will not break, but both men avoid it regardless.] [Rolling through to their feet, the light and dark grapple one another in a twisted version of a collar and elbow, pushing for position above the enraptured looks of those assembled below. Rhodes feints a fall to a knee to get Lux tripped up. When Lux moves in, Solomon picks him up and drops the ribs of the Light Warrior over his knee. The Dragon is on him once more, clawing at his opponents face and body with the rage of a thousand suns.] [His white hair now stained red, Solomon Rhodes looks like a mad man as he rushes to end this battle before it escalates. With every kick and chop he throws, Bellator seems to grow weaker. He falls back to a knee, his head whipping back and forth like a bobble head. The Dragon takes a step back and charges in.] [DARK WISH! SUPERKICK!] [Bellator flies backward to hit the snow-covered concrete, flailing in some horrible approximation of a snow angel trying to get away from the Dragon. But Rhodes will not be denied, grabbing the leg of Lux Bellator with a sneer on his crimson mask. But as he reaches down, Bellator grabs the back of his head!] [HEADBUTT TO RHODES WOUNDED FOREHEAD!] [The snow has turned red around the two men vying for the fate of the Earth as the warrior of light takes a commanding position. The clouds have moved, drenching the roof in light once more. Rhodes staggers backwards, trying to clear his eyes of blood as Bellator whips around, kicking the back of Solomon’s leg, practically forcing it to bend in the wrong direction. As the Dragon’s roar fills the night sky, Bellator grabs him quickly.] [DEUM LUCEM! SIDE SUNSET FLIP TO RHODES!] [Bellator finally makes a cover, hooking the leg.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [KICK OUT! IT WON’T BE THAT EASY FOR BELLATOR!] [The light warrior shows no hesitation as he continues his assault on the wounded Rhodes, kicking the wounded leg with all he has, causing the Dragon to scream to the sky in pain. Bellator throws Rhodes across the slippery concrete, apparently heading for the edge of the roof.] [But Rhodes fights back, switching places with Bellator. Lux hits his head on the concrete block stopping him from toppling into the Miami streets. Rhodes leaps into the air with ill intent!] [DOUBLE FOOT STOMP TO LUX BELLATOR ON THE CONCRETE!] [WAIT! BELLATOR MOVED!] [RHODES CRUSHED THE CONCRETE WITH HIS KICK. IT WOULD HAVE KILLED LUX BELLATOR!] [Seeing what lengths Rhodes is going to go to, Bellator quickly slips up behind Rhodes, grabbing him by the arms and lifting him up in the crucifix position. Lux eyes the roof’s edge, but instead takes off running back towards the center of the roof.] [And the skylight.] [CATHOLIC CROSS!! RUNNING CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB ON THE GLASS!] [SOLOMON RHODES GOES THROUGH THE FUCKING SKYLIGHT!!!] [HE LANDS ON THE RAFTER GIRDERS THAT THE LIGHTS HANG ON! HIS BODY IS INCHES FROM FALLING ALL THE WAY TO THE MAT! RHODES ASKED FOR DEATH! HE’S GOING TO GET IT!] [Rhodes hangs on to the rafters, looking up to the hole he just crashed through. Lux Bellator stares down at him as lightning flashes in the sky above him. A sneer on his face, Lux Bellator jumps down to land on the girder above Rhodes. He reaches down to grab Solomon, but Rhodes was ready.] [LAZARUS CHAMBER! TONGAN DEATH GRIP ON LUX BELLATOR!] [The two men teeter for a moment, on the edge of death itself, before Rhodes pulls his nemesis in to look deep in his eyes. Doing what must be done, the Dragon releases the hold.] [BUT NAILS THE CHAOS THEORY ON LUX BELLATOR!! THE CODEBREAKER ON THE LIGHT WARRIOR!] [AND LUX FALLS ALL THAT FUCKING WAY!! TWENTY… THIRTY FEET DOWN TO THE MAT! HE’S GOTTA BE DEAD.] [With raging eyes behind his crimson mask, Solomon Rhodes is not done.] [With the intent to finish this, he stops and with great theatricality…] [LOOKS DOWN!] [The Tap Room roars their approval!] [HE’S GONNA FUCKING DO IT!] [HE JUMPS! DOUBLE FOOT STOMP FROM THE RAFTERS!!!] [BLOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD…] [LUX BELLATOR ROLLS AWAY! THE SON OF A BITCH ROLLS AWAY AT THE LAST SECOND! RHODES LANDS WITH A THUD ON THE MAT, NOW MOTIONLESS HIMSELF.] [With the air out of the Tap Room, the hurting Lux Bellator can only manage to swing his arm over the chest of Solomon Rhodes. A new official has come to ringside, the old one understandably not going to take the trip the competitors took. He slides into the ring.] [ONE….]




[THREE!] [NO! TWO BY A FRACTION OF AN INCH! RHODES SHOULDER BARELY MOVED! BUT IT WAS ENOUGH! THE DRAGON IS ALIVE!!] [Lux Bellator cannot believe it. He roars at the official, a wordless plea of anger under the harsh lights of the arena. The Dragon’s hand begins to open and close, a wordless plea of his own for whatever power he calls upon to strength him.] [But a smile covers the face of the light warrior. He looks to the sky, teeth stained with blood. The crowd silences to listen.] [Drip.] [Drip.] [Silence.] [The seal is broken.] [The bowl is full.] [Raising his hands to the sky, Lux Bellator speaks to the heavens, lightning flying down to meet his hands. Between them, the object that we all feared slowly begins to form, having materialized from its resting place high above.] [The bowl.] [Turning to face the Dragon, Lux Bellator and the crowd are both stunned to see Solomon Rhodes on his feet. These men have given their everything to this fight, but the Dragon is now all that stands between Lux Bellator and the end. Rhodes roars a challenge, seeing the bowl. His hands begin to glow with fire, and the sweat on his body slowly rises from it, having been turned to mist by the internal fire of the Dragon.] [A snort escaping his lips, Lux Bellator pours the bowl.] [Solomon Rhodes reaches out with a hand, fire rushing forward from his fingertips to meet the black contents of the bowl. It quickly consumes it, leaving nothing but a mist. The eyes of Bellatorum meet, hatred between them, but victory lies deep within one of them.] [Rhodes stands to his feet the best he can with something that can be called relief on his face.] [But as he holds out his still flaming hand, the flame goes out.] [Lux Bellator has a massive grin on his face as Solomon Rhodes slowly looks down at his body, his hands brushing over his body, trying in vain to bring back the flame that just burned true.] [But the flame has gone out. The Seventh Bowl of Lux Bellator has done something that no other foe could do. Rhodes falls to his knees in shock, his body reeling from pain. He seems to be searching for something that he will not find.] [That he will never find again.] [His victory imminent, Bellator steps forward to grab the shocked Rhodes by the face. There is no time for satisfaction. Only completing the mission. There is utter shock in the Tap Room as Bellator puts Rhodes head down between his legs.] [FRONT FLIP PILEDRIVER FROM BELLATOR!] [THE DISCIPLE MAKER HITS FLUSH! RHODES HEAD IS DRIVEN INTO THE MAT!] [Bellator makes the cover, running his elbow right into the gash on Rhodes head!] [ONE….]




[THREE!! LUX BELLATOR HAS SLAYED THE DRAGON!!!] [His white mask stained red, his body covered in blood and glass, Lux Bellator rises to his knees, staring down at the broken body of the last man to stand in his way. As if in a trance, Bellator looks up, the snow falling around him and the light illuminating his victory.] [Nothing will stand between Lux Bellator and his mission now.]


[Lux Bellator has slayed the Dragon.] [This is unbelievable. Solomon Rhodes failed and now Lux Bellator has everything he needs to break the seven seals.] [Solomon is out cold on the canvas, unable to move. The fire that Bellator took has left him almost paralyzed.] [The Light Warrior picks up his bowl and holds it within his hands. Slowly, it glows red, the fire that Bellator stole from Rhodes being transferred into it. The entire arena begins to shake – dust falling from the rafters and joining the snow as it plummets towards the ground.] [He slowly turns the glowing bowl, pouring it onto the canvas. Molten like liquid spews from the container, driving into the canvas with such a force that it burns straight through it. Smoke plumes into the air with such ferocity that even Bellator steps backwards.]

“The time has come. The world was made by God, and now so it will be made undone! It has been judged guilty, and now God’s wrath will be poured down to drown the world in their own sin! In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I now pour out God’s wrath upon your wretched souls! ”

[Nothing.] [Absolutely nothing happens.] [Lux Bellator stands in shock, looking down at the contents of the bowl, having burned through the canvas. He looks up towards the sky, expectant, but nothing happens.] [Nothing at all.] [He snaps his head towards Rhodes, but he isn’t there. He’s gone. In the smoke, dust and snow, Solomon Rhodes has vanished.] [The seven bowls were supposed to bring about the end of times, unlocking the seven seals. Only, instead, it has done nothing at all.] [Was Lux Bellator truly a misguided soul?] [He stands in the middle of the ring with the bowl in his hand, looking perplexed by what’s just occurred.] [Cut.]


[Betrayal runs deep as even the masters of manipulation can fall victim to others mind games. Edward Newton puts up both his world title and his streak against his former ally in Hysteria but can the Riddler remain supreme or will the Mad Mastermind have his day once more?] [This bout starts before both men even get close to the ring, Hysteria bum-rushing Newton as he walks out of the metal double doors to the Tap Room itself. Newton slamming hard back first into the stone wall as Hysteria drives him head first into the wall, trying to break his skull open with the force. A hard elbow to the jaw stuns Hysteria enough for Newton to get to his feet, picking up his fallen world title belt as he rushes forward] [WORLD TITLE TO THE SKULL! NEWTON SLAMS HIS CHAMPIONSHIP HARD INTO HYSTERIA, BOUNCING THE GOLD OVER AND OVER AGAIN, SPLINTERING HIS MASK WITH THE FORCE!] [Newton tosses the title aside, pulling Hysteria up to his feet, stunning him with a few stiff jabs before drilling him into the hard arena floor with a stiff DDT! Newton backs up a little as Hysteria pulls himself to his feet] [SPEAR THROUGH THE METAL DOORS! BOTH MEN CRASH THROUGH TO THE BACKSTAGE AREA AS NEWTON GRABS HYSTERIA, SLAMMING THE DOORS RIGHT ON HIS HEAD!] [The Mad Mastermind is out on his feet as he slowly stumbles down the hallway, a thin pool of blood dripping down his forehead as Newton is quickly behind, gripping Hysteria by the back of his head and biel tossing him into a nearby garbage can. Newton barely waits for Hysteria to hit the floor before diving on him, pounding down upon him with furious lefts and rights. We’ve never seen Newton like this before as he pulls Hysteria up to his feet by his fucking jaw, staring at him for a moment with fury in his eyes…] [BEFORE RUSHING FORWARD AND THROWING HYSTERIA THROUGH A NEARBY PLATE GLASS WINDOW! GLASS IS FUCKING EVERYWHERE AS HYSTERIA IS SLUMPED ACROSS THE WINDOWSILL, LOOKING BARELY AWAKE, LET ALONE ALIVE!] [A sadistic smile crosses Newton’s face as he pulls Hysteria up from the glass covered windowsill] [STEEL CHAIR SHOT! HYSTERIA JUST LEVELED NEWTON!] [Newton is down but Hysteria is hurt, his suit jacket in tatters from the shards of glass as a thick piece is embedded into his shoulder, the Mastermind slowly pulling it out as thick, vicious blood stains the purple. Hysteria shakes off the pain, looking at the glass in his hand before a sick smile crosses his face as he picks Newton up by his hair] [SLICING THE GLASS ACROSS HIS FOREHEAD! BLOOD POURS DOWN NEWTON’S FACE AS HYSTERIA DIGS THE GLASS INTO HIS SKIN, LAUGHING LIKE THE SICK FUCK HE IS!] [Hysteria drops the glass, lifting the bleeding Newton up to his feet, slamming his head into a nearby table before lifting him up high] [DRAGON SUPLEX INTO THE NEARBY WALL! SUPLEX INTO A GODDAMN WALL AS NEWTON SCREAMS OUT IN PAIN!] [Hysteria laughs as Newton tries to struggle to his feet, slapping his former leader square in the face before tossing him onto the table, climbing up onto it himself as he hoists him up, trying for the Mockery, but Newton backdrops out, HYSTERIA CRASHING BACK DOWN AS THE TABLE EXPLODES FROM THE IMPACT!] [Newton scrambles away from the table, trying to gain some distance between him and Hysteria as he wanders into a random room, looking around at his surroundings as he tries to find something to fight back against his former ally. Hysteria slowly gets to his feet, furious as he throws open the door Newton went inside] [STEEL RIGHT HOOK! THE MASSIVE RIGHT HAND NEARLY BREAKS HYSTERIA’S JAW!] [Hysteria staggers back, a familiar looking steel sheeth covering Newton’s hands as he advances on Hysteria who scrambles trying to find any weapon around, grabbing a piece of two by four that easily gets torn in half by Newton’s steel. Hysteria scrambles even more, pulling up a crowbar as Hysteria swings wild, the momentum of the swing just stopped by the steel hands. The two tussle before Newton manages to toss aside the crowbar, drilling Hysteria with a huge uppercut that sends him hurtling into the air, dropping down hard next to the nearby wall. Newton waits for Hysteria to slowly get to his feet] [BEFORE SPEARING HIM RIGHT THROUGH THE FUCKING CONCRETE WALL! BOTH MEN WENT HURTLING THROUGH THE WALL, HOW IN THE HELL COULD THEY SURVIVE THAT?] [Newton slowly gets to his feet, dusting himself off as he holds his ribs, possibly having cracked something with that huge spear as Hysteria looks to be damn near out cold. Newton pulls Hysteria up by the throat, wrapping the steel hand around his throat as the Mastermind tries to escape, in desperation kicking out with a shot below the belt. Newton drops Hysteria who looks around for something to fight back, a sadistic smile coming across his face] [AS HE SWINGS A FUCKING SLEDGEHAMMER DOWN ONTO NEWTON’S RIGHT HAND! BREAKING THE STEEL AND POSSIBLY NEWTON’S HAND IN THE PROCESS!] [Newton screams in pain as Hysteria lifts it up high, sizing Newton up for a moment before swinging right for his fucking head! Newton just ducks as the sledgehammer slams into the nearby wall, the hammer sticking in, Hysteria trying to get it free as he’s tackled hard by the Riddler. Newton rains down lefts and rights before raising back his still steel sheathed left hand] [DELIVERING A HUGE LEFT HAND THAT CRACKS HYSTERIA’S MASK! THE RIDDLER TEARS IT APART, DRILLING THE MASTERMIND WITH LEFT AFTER LEFT AS BLOOD COVERS HYSTERIA’S FACE!] [Newton is tossed off Hysteria as he finds a surge of strength, furious Newton broke his mask as both men rush forward, laying into one another with furious lefts and rights as they begin to fight their way back into the arena. Newton spearing Hysteria into a nearby wall as Hysteria thrust kicks Newton hard into another before they crash back through the metal double doors to the ringside once more.] [The Mastermind drills Newton with a stiff headbutt before drilling him into the concrete floor with a big DDT! Hysteria looks up at the top of the entrance way as a sick smile crosses his face, quickly climbing up but he only gets halfway before Newton slowly gets to his feet, following Hysteria up. Hysteria climbs up, as Newton tries to follow him] [BUT A STIFF KICK TO THE JAW SENDS NEWTON CRASHING DOWN TO THE CONCRETE FLOOR BELOW! NEWTON LOOKS DONE AS HYSTERIA SIZES HIM UP FOR A MOMENT, BEFORE DIVING OFF] [THE CAT….CHAMPIONSHIP BELT TO THE FACE! NEWTON DRILLS A DIVING HYSTERIA WITH THE TITLE BELT AS HYSTERIA IS DONE, BLEEDING LIKE A STUCK PIG ON THE CONCRETE AS HE’S COMPLETELY LIMP! NEWTON’S STILL CHAMPION!] [The Riddler did it, weathering a monumental attack from Hysteria as he wins the death match to not only retain his World title but retain the seemingly undefeatable streak.]


[Twitching.] [The body of Solomon Rhodes twitches violently, resting upon a bed, somewhere within The Tap Room. He’s sweating, and unable to move. His eyes slowly open, to see a man stood before him, dabbing his brow with a water soaked cloth.]

“Do not fear me, for I am not here to harm you.”

[Solomon tries to speak, stammering.] “W-Where am I?”

“You’re in a secret vault beneath the temple. My name is Godfrey and I must enlighten you to a past you know nothing of.”

[Rhodes listens intently.]

“Evil has always existed within this world of ours and men like us have been chosen to fight it. We have been chosen to protect the innocent and provide them with safe passage.”

[He continues.]

“This land has been sacred for hundreds of years and this building; it has been protected for as long as it has stood. Within these walls, the greatest war most of humankind will have ever seen, but not known to have existed, will take place. The Tap Room is a temple.”

“I understand, but what does this have to do with me?” [Rhodes asks, regaining his strength.] “I have failed.”

[Godfrey stands up, removing his hood and cloak, revealing an outfit beneath. Its chainmail, covered with a white robe, and a red cross upon it.]

“You have not failed. You have only just begun. This is the temple of Solomon. We are the Knights Templar and you will lead us during our biggest crusade.”

[Rhodes doesn’t know how to respond.]

“Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy Name give glory.”

[He kneels.]

“This is your temple. We are your warriors and we will fight for the good of humankind.”

[Suddenly, many more Templars step out from the shadows, swords in hand, kneeling behind Godfrey. Solomon slowly swivels, sitting upon the edge of his bed. He slowly stands, barely able, but rising none the less.] [Cut.]


[The Chief.] [He’s within the depths of The Tap Room, seeking something he’s yet to find. He rounds the corridor, only to feel the entire building shake. Dust falls from the ceiling, littering his pristine white shirt as he walks.] [Suddenly, his cell phone rings.]

“Have you located them yet?”

[The Chief, with the phone on speaker, shakes his head.]

“I haven’t. I’m getting closer, can you feel it?”

“We can,” [the voice responds.] “Be careful Chief, you’re our last hope.”

[He takes a deep breath.]

“Did you save Solomon, Godfrey? Did you pull him from the wreckage of that match you requested?”

“He understands his role in all of this, Chief. Do you understand yours? Because when the time comes, you must do what it takes to ensure the survival of this planet. If you fail, we will fight, all of us, together, but if this war leaves this temple, the entire world will fall. The amount of casualties will be unheard of.”

[The Chief grimaces.] “I know what I have to do, alright? I’m gonna find em’, and I’m getting closer. Before the night is out, I’ll fuckin’ end this.”

[He closes his phone, slipping it back into his pocket.] [Just then, a scream bellows from within the darkness.] [The Chief quickly proceeds forwards, searching.] [Cut.]


[A hatred that runs a millenia deep, the final battle between true evil and it’s creator ends tonight. Will the Mother of all finally curb her greatest son or will the Scarecrow end his creator once and for all?] [The bell sounds as both competitors just stare eachother down, not moving, not even blinking for seemingly minutes before both seem to jerk to life as Scarecrow rushes forward, trying for a Lariat. Mother easily ducks under, peppering Scarecrow with a series of hard kicks that barely seem to faze the Crow, a hard roundhouse kick sends him back a step as Mother leaps off the ropes with a springboard Spinning Heel Kick that sends Crow staggering into the corner as Mother rushes forward] [RUNNING BACKFLIP KICK! CROW GETS DROPPED DOWN TO HIS KNEES!] [Mother drops down, flipping over into the crab position as she slowly walks backwards, staring eye to eye with Crow as she flicks out of the crab…] [CROW CATCHES THE KICK! MOTHER GETS TO HER FEET, HOPPING AS CROW HOISTS HER UP INTO THE AIR, SLAMMING HER INTO THE RINGPOST WITH ENOUGH FORCE TO SHAKE THE RING!] [Mother slowly gets up stiffly as Crow hoists her high up into the air, driving her down over his knee for a moment, trying to snap his creators back in half before lifting her up over his head once more] [TOSSING MOTHER OVER THE FUCKING ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE!] [Mother crashes on the hard floor, almost bouncing from the force as she’s slow to get to her feet, Crow rolling out to greet her as she lashes out with a huge kick to the gut that staggers him back just enough for her to get some distance as she leaps up, planting him with a massive DDT that stuns the Hayman. Mother rolls back, sizing The Scarecrow up before rushing forward] [BOMAY…..CROW DUCKS AS MOTHER KICKS THE STEEL POST. A LOUD CRACK IS HEARD AS MOTHER MAY JUST HAVE BROKEN HER LEG!] [Mother stumbles around, wincing slightly as Crow drives a hard elbow to the damaged leg, drawing out a loud scream from his creator as she crumbles to the floor. Crow effortlessly picks Mother up, tossing her into the ring as he quickly follows. Crow lifts Mother up, gripping her by the throat] [BLACK MIST!] [Mother blasts Crow with the mist, blinding the Hayman as he drops Mother to the canvas. Mother drops a hard elbow on her busted leg,another crack flowing through the arena as she stands up straight, her broken bone quickly healing. She sizes Crow up for a moment, rushing forward] [HAPPILY EVER…BYE BYE BIRDIE! CROW DODGES THE KICK, BEFORE PLANTING MOTHER INTO THE MAT WHO BOUNCES OFF LIKE A FUCKING BASKETBALL!] [HE COVERS…] [ONE…]






[MOTHER GETS THE SHOULDER UP! SHE SOMEHOW KICKS OUT!] [Crow stares down angrily at Mother, grabbing her by the throat before lifting her up high in a Crucifix Powerbomb position] [THE LIGHTS GO OUT!] [THE CROWD IS HUSHED AS THEY COME BACK ON AS SUDDENLY AS THEY WENT OUT. CROW IS ON THE MAT LOCKED IN THE MOTHER’S EMBRACE] [Scarecrow might control the darkness but Mother is the master of it as she uses the darkness itself against Scarecrow, pulling back with all her might as she tries to choke out her childe. Crow tries to fight out, using his considerable strength but Mother has her hooks in tight, hanging on tenaciously as Crow looks like he’s about out of options here] [THE LIGHTS GO OUT AGAIN] [THEY COME BACK ON AS THE MOTHER’S EMBRACE IS NO LONGER LOCKED ON BUT SCARECROW IS KNOCKED OUT ON THE MAT, THE PERCH HAVING FAILED ONCE AGAIN AS MOTHER DROPS DOWN FOR THE COVER] [ONE…]





[SCARECROW GETS THE SHOULDER UP, TO THE SHOCK OF MOTHER] [Mother is furious, hoisting her childe up to his feet as she peppers him with a series of savage strikes before delivering a sickening sidekick that staggers Crow back. A spinning heel kick drops Crow down to one knee as Mother rolls back, running forward] [BOMAYE! MOTHER HITS IT FLUSH AS SHE HOOKS THE LEG ONCE MORE] [ONE…]






[THR….NO! SCARECROW GETS THE SHOULDER UP AS MOTHER CAN’T BELIEVE IT] [Mother backs up, rushing towards a standing Crow once more] [HAYMAKER!] [Mother ran right into that massive right hand as she’s lifted up high into the air] [BYE…] [BYE…] [MOTHER SPINS OUT, SPIKING CROW TO THE MAT WITH A SPINNING DDT AS SHE JUST AVOIDS THE BYE BYE BIRDIE. Mother wastes no time, quickly climbing up to the top rope as she sizes Crow up for a moment, trying for a finishing blow BUT CROW SITS UP, GRABBING HOLD OF MOTHER. Mother tries to fight out of it but Crow climbs up with her, grabbing his creator by the throat] [SUPER BYE BYE FUCKING BIRDIE!] [MOTHER CRASHES THROUGH THE GODDAMN RING! THERE’S A FUCKING HOLE INSIDE THAT RING AND MOTHER’S STUCK INSIDE IT] [Crow looms down, looking at the destroyed Mother inside of the hole as the referee begins counting Mother out] [ONE…]






[FOUR…] [MOTHER STARTS CLIMBING OUT OF THE FUCKING HOLE! She slowly climbs out, clawing her way back into the ring as black bile drips down her mouth, Mother spitting it out onto the canvas as it burns a small hole, Mother staggering to her feet right into the clutches of Crow] [BYE…BYE….MOTHERFUCKING BIRDIE! THIS HAS TO BE IT AS CROW DROPS DOWN FOR THE COVER] [ONE…]






[THR…..MOTHER GETS THE SHOULDER UP! HOW IN THE HELL?] [Crow looks almost shocked, wondering how the hell he’s going to put down his creator when a thick, sadistic laughter comes from her as SHE SITS UP! Mother gets to her feet, black bile still dripping from her mouth as she and Crow begin to exchange lefts and rights, each blow harder and harder before a massive uppercut drops Crow down to one knee, SPITTING OUT THE BLACK MIST INTO CROW’S FACE ONCE MORE! Mother rolls back, bouncing off the ropes as she runs forward] [HAPPILY EVER AFTER! THAT KICK DRILLS CROW BUT HE DOESN’T GO DOWN AS MOTHER RUSHES TO THE ROPES AGAIN, LANDING ANOTHER TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD. MOTHER ROLLS AWAY, BOUNCING OFF THE ROPES AS SHE LANDS A THIRD BEFORE ROLLING AWAY AND LANDING A FOURTH TO THE RIGHT SIDE OF SCARECROW. HAPPILY EVER AFTER MASSACRE AS CROW COLLAPSES TO THE MAT, MOTHER DROPPING DOWN FOR THE COVER] [ONE…]





[THREE!!!!! KICK OUT!! KICK OUT! THE SCARECROW IS FUCKING UNSTOPPABLE!] [MOTHER CAN’T BELIEVE WHAT! WHAT HAS SHE CREATED?] [She gets back to her feet, turning away in fear, her mouth wide open.] [DARKNESS.] [IT’S PITCH BLACK!] [WHEN THE LIGHTS RETURN, THE SCARECROW IS PERCHED! HE’S PERCHED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!] [MOTHER TURNS AROUND AND RUNS AT HIM… BYE BYE BIRDIE! CHOKESLAM! CHOKESLAM! THE HAYMAN COVERS….] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!] [THE SCARECROW HAS DONE IT, he puts down his creator in a true battle of the monsters as he proves to her that he is far greater then she thought he was. Will Mother keep control over her son and if so, will OSW ever be the same again?]


[Mother slowly gets back to her feet as The Scarecrow stands defiant in the middle of the ring, watching as her creation exits from the depths of hell.] [Suddenly, a hideous sound of laughter can be heard. The camera whips around to see Hysteria walking towards the ring, spiked baseball bat in hand. What in the hell is he doing?]

“I suppose you thought it would never catch up to you, huh?” [Hysteria mocks, getting into the ring.] “After everything you’ve done, no-one has ever known how responsible you truly were.”

[The Scarecrow backs away, watching as he walks towards Mother, stopping before her.]

“But you created the monster known as Ozric Mortimer and he murdered my family, Mother. He killed them all.”

[He puts the bat over his shoulder.]

“And if The Scarecrow can’t put you down, I will.”

[Snap.] [Suddenly, abruptly and out of no-where, Mother grabs Hysteria by the neck and snaps it clean.] [The Mad Mastermind falls to the canvas in a heap, dropping where he stood and folding in upon himself.] [Dead.] [Mother laughs hysterically.]

“Don’t you see Scarecrow?” [she asks, kicking the body of Hysteria.] “These pathetic mortals can’t stop me. Your corner stones can’t stop me. Tonight, even you couldn’t stop me.”

[She steps towards him, tilting her head.]

“The war has only just begun and the victims will be plentiful.”



[Panic.] [Thunder.] [Lightning.] [The skies are grey and overcast. There’s rain in the air, spitting heavily with the sounds of rapturous thunder. A darkness slowly begins to loom over the sky, covering and shielding the sun.] [Screams echo throughout the halls of The Family Home, located within the depths of the Tap Room, as concrete shakes, turning to rubble before our very eyes. Dust particles fall from the ceiling like snow. The entire building looks to be under collapse as The Chief stumbles towards the camera. Sweat beads form upon his brow as he clambers for the walls, heading towards the room in which the terrible screams emanate. Every step is a struggle, the walls coated in black gunge and goop.] [Finally, he approaches a door, pushing it open with everything he has. He reaches for his waistband, pulling out a gun.] [Thunder.] [The Chief storms the room with his weapon raised, only the sounds of agonising screams turn into cries – cries of a child.] [Jensen Cussen, Max Million and DTR stand beside a deceased Stephanie. There’s black blood everywhere, coating the bed sheets, walls and floor. Within the arms of DTR, rests a crying child – his eyes blacker then the abyss of space.] [The Chief points his gun, trembling with fear.] [Shoot, or don’t shoot.] [Enter The Badlands. The medium. Her voice echoes throughout the chambers of his mind.]

“When the time comes, do not hesitate. Fire.”

[However, he hesitates. He can’t bring himself to do it. He can’t bring himself to shoot this child.] [Bang!] [Suddenly, the door closes behind him with a force that splinters the wood. The Chief turns, a hand pressing against his forehead.] [A pure white glow.] [The Chief now stands in the middle of a war torn battlefield. The ground is black, the sky is grey and the hue is off colour. Everything is darker, blander, and without emphasis. He walks through a field of wilted grass and bloodied mud.] [Mike Lane lays dead, his eyes burned from his skull.] [Brent Kersh has a hole in the middle of his chest, his heart ripped from within it.] [To the left, Jake Jeckel hangs by a rope, strung up upon a wooden structure. King Royal is slumped at his feet,his throat cut.] [The Scarecrow kneels, the perch buried within his neck.] [The Sharkman is obliterated, with his limbs in different directions, near his masked head, vacant and alone.] [The bodies of Captain Zappa, Solomon Rhodes and Cael Gable are piled amongst each other, discarded, bloodied and deceased.] [The Chief surveys the carnage, his eyes red and sore. He cannot believe what he’s seeing. Slowly, a small boy approaches, no more than ten years of age. His skin is pale white, almost grey, and his eyes are black. Just then, he’s sucked back into reality.] [Stood before him is Lux Bellator.] [His hand delivered that vision. He slowly takes it away, looking at The Chief.]

“And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels; go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth.”

[Lux looks back at The Family.]

“Don’t you see?” [He asks.] “With every bowl and every seal, this child became stronger. For it is the will of our Lord that he shall be born to cleanse this world.”

[The Chief drops his gun, stunned.]

“This is the apocalypse, the end of days, the wrath of God.”

[Bellator laughs.]

“You have seen the war ahead. You have seen the carnage at the hands of our savior,” [Lux says, walking over to the child and holding him.] “By faith, Noah, being warned by God about things not yet seen, in reverence prepared an ark for the salvation of his household, by which he condemned the world, and became an heir of the righteousness which is according to faith.”

[DTR looks at the child.]

“Welcome to the family, son.”

[Thunder. Lightning.] [Lux smiles.] “For we are your ark, Noah.”

[Laughter.] [Close up on The Chief. His eyes are wide. His nose begins to bleed, dripping down onto his dirty white shirt and pink waistcoat.] [He falls to his knees, collapsing.] [The last thing he sees is The Family, Lux Bellator and Noah.] [Black.]

“This ain’t no place for no hero.”